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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 11, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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were treated for smoke inhalation and later released. >> that is wonderful. neither rain, sleet, snow, gloom of night. >> even fire. that does it for us. we'll see you get a four stick around now because leland and elizabeth prann are up next. >> attorney general jeff sessions agrees to appear today before the senate intelligence committee about russian meddling. we have reacted from capitol hill and the white house. >> plus, president trump this morning calling fbi director james comey's leak cowardly. reaction from the presidents golf retreat where he is spending the weekend. >> will take a closer look at the presidents choice to replace james comey as fbi director.
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why so many from both sides of the aisle are -- >> welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington peered happy sunday. i am elizabeth prann. >> nice to have you back. i am leland vittert. a weekend surprise of sorts attorney general jeff sessions will not testify before the senate intelligence committee on tuesday. even though he recused himself from the russian investigation, democrats will likely hit the ag hard on his dealings with the russian ambassador during the campaign. and on the exact timeline of james comey's firing. garrett tenney is here with what it means and what we might learn. hi garrett. >> you will remember that jeff sessions did not look very good after james comey's testimony on thursday. when james comey suggested that after he raised concerns, jeff
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sessions did nothing to stop the president from eating alone with james comey and then he raised a lot of eyebrows with this estimation. for why he never told the attorney general about the president allegedly asking him to drop the fbi's investigation into michael flynn. >> judgment as i recall was that he was very close to and inevitably going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons.we also were aware of the fact that i cannot discuss in an open setting. that would make his continued engagement to the restaurant related investigation problematic. >> jeff sessions did not recuse himself until weeks later. over the last few days there have been sorts of speculation of what the other facts are that led the fbi to believe that jeff sessions would recuse himself. in a letter to the house and senate appropriations committee yesterday, jeff sessions said, the reports following testing of the reasons that he wants to testify before the senate
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intelligence committee. today members of the judiciary committee said that james comey's testimony also raise questions about the conduct of attorney general. >> you had james comey suggest that the congress attorney general and the former attorney general were playing politics with an investigation. it needs to be in our committee. let me tell you this to the american people, if the attorney general's office is become a political office, that is best for us all. i want to get the bond that ended should be - >> no shortage of questions for jeff sessions and no shortage of people wanting to hear from him. what has not been decided is whether or not we will be able to hear those answers on tuesday. we are told that you sent us the working out whether or not this hearing will be closed or public. >> all right. garrett tenney, thank you. >> president trump is getting an early start taking aim at the core of the undirected james comey on twitter this morning. the president is at his golf
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club in new jersey where kristin fisher is standing by with the very latest. of course, just two days before the attorney general jeff sessions will testify. hi kristin. >> hi liz, still no comment from the white house about the jeff sessions testimony next week. but the president has already started personally attacking the format the undirected james comey again this morning and in doing so on twitter this is the quote - i believe james comey leak will be more far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. totally illegal. very cowardly. now this morning, the new chairwoman of the rnc came to the president's defense. she also used james comey's own assertions that he was the one who leaked to the press. she also called for the end of the investigation into russia and the president.
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>> and i had to have a single sentiment that there is evidence that there has been any collusion between the chum campaign and the russians. that needs to stop.>> she wants an end to the congressional investigation but she did defend the sessions counsel investigation. she said that it should continue. meanwhile, the white house is pushing forward with several new policy initiatives.last week we had infrastructure week. next week is going to be workforce development week. the president will be traveling to milwaukee on tuesday to talk about vocational training and apprenticeship. he'll have the department of labor on wednesday to deliver a major policy speech about jobs. on friday he is going to miami to unveil the administration's new cuba policy. he is expected to roll back many of the changes that were put in place by the obama administration. but first tonight, president trump will be hosting his first public event of the weekend. he will be hosting a fundraiser
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at his golf club. for congressman tom macarthur who really played a pivotal role in getting the republican health care plan through the house. a fundraiser for him and then president trump will go back to the white house tonight. >> thank you kristin fisher. >> we will bring in the editor-in-chief of the washington transits we appreciate you being here as always. we've got this sort of thing going on about the sessions hearing coming up, the james comey hearing that happen. and president trump's tweet. -- he was just brought on to the molar staff as was wiseman keeping the fraud section at the criminal division. is that what we should be in attention to? what hearings and the tweet's. >> i think definitely the special counsel investigation. i think that is what the
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presidents legal team is going to be concerned about as well. plus the lawyers dementia highly regarded. another additional attorney brought on ashley to prove for the clinton i expect that the presidents team to bring that up as well. >> there could be some tweet's about that.>> maybe in the future. >> i want to bring up with you but after the hearings from james comey. it was a fairly damning indictment if you will in about what the president could be indicted. this is from the washington free beacon. this one tweet can lead to impeachment. and tweeting about this problem the so-called russia thing into an independent investigation is seriously endangering the presidency. the timeline on this would mean that the firing of james comey and talking about the tapes is what elevated james comey's leaks and then we have the special counsel.
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>> well, for me it was the call -- the james comey testimony. these are the better hope that there were no tapes of the conversation. james comey then directed his friend, the club belonged to the tele-contents of the memos to the new york times with the purpose of initiating a special counsel investigation. so we have moved far from the russia thing. >> even the former fbi director james comey said essentially, i do not have evidence of collusion. now this is about sort of the issue of obstruction of justice and the cover rather than the crime. >> that's where all of the democrats are moving putative the president needs to be very careful as he proceeds. >> speaking of careful. this raised a lot of eyebrows when it happened in the rose garden even more eyebrows when we heard from the president's son. take a listen. >> he suggested he didn't tell
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the truth and everything he said.he did say under oath that you told him to let the plan, he said you hope the flynn investigation you could let -- >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that. >> well, i did not say that. >> did he ask you - >> there will be nothing wrong i did say that according to everything i read today. but i did not say that. >> when he tells you to do something guess what? there is no ambiguity in it. there is no hey, i am hoping. you and i are friends. i hope this happens but you have to do your job. that is what he told james comey. and for this guy's a politician to go back and write a memo, i felt threatened. but he didn't do anything!>> this brings up an important question. does the white house, the president and his legal team, do they understand the gravity of the difference between politics and the media arena and the laws as it relates to special counsel investigation? >> i think they do in the sense of the present obviously is no stranger to lawsuits. >> criminal investigations are
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different though. >> special counsel is different. i think that's we see the president really coming into washington unaware of the expectations that govern the city. kind of running like the bull in a china shop into harsh reality which is the investigation as we talked shows no signs of slowing down. you have this so-called collision with russia has not been proved and probably will not be. >> also brings up the important question terms of whether or not the president goes under oath. even if he said he would. whether or not the counsel will let him has yet to be seen. we appreciate you being here. thank you, sir. >> let's continue the discussion and bring in our pal. david the former chief of staff. hospital paul ryan and former senate majority leader -- gentlemen, thank you for joining me.i appreciate it. senator i would like to start with you. we hear from attorney general
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jeff sessions in a public setting. i'm curious as to his motivation here. is it for the administration or himself? because that could be two different scenarios we are looking at. >> it could be two different things liz. but i suspect in this case they are one and the same. the fact that the attorney general is testifying under oath in open session, presumably open session tells me that they do not think he is legal exposure. that means he's going to explain some of these insinuations coming out of the james comey testimony. whether additional meetings with russians? if so, what was it all about? he will be talking about all of that. but i suspect it really is more to try and clear himself and in so doing, also exonerate the administration.but that is kind of a sideshow to the special counsel investigation. that's where the reelection will be.>> yes we just heard that really it is very important especially with the new legal team in developing.
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david, i want to bring you in. if we talk about attorney general jeff sessions addressing some of the insinuations, then we sort of back to square one with the he said he said? >> i think the key here is that the attorney general sessions was to make sure he has responded to those insinuations that were made by the former director james comey in his testimony last week. and it is important to clear that up. as people know there was a press release put out of the justice department surely after he testified.making clear what the decision was and how the decision was made for attorney general sessions to recuse himself. that is where the former fbi director james comey was insinuating that something else was going on. something nefarious. trying to drag senator jeff sessions into this. but the real issue as the senator said is going to be the special counsel. and that is an issue that as we go forward, clearly a team is being put together.
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but the question is going to be still, has there been any collusion with russia? that is an issue, that is the base of what is going on here and what has to be looked at. you have to start there. then you start to go back down through the thick of he said he said in the situation. >> i mean we may not hear from not special counsel it could be years. we don't know how long that will take. and senator i want to bring you and because are you surprised that we have not heard from the white house? we initially had attorney general jeff sessions will be testifying. we do not know the with public or private. but we have not heard anything from the white house. we saw each week a little earlier this morning,? sorry tweet this morning about leaked memos.but nothing from attorney general jeff sessions. >> is that to me? >> yes. >> the president is i think expressing a little more discipline here. that is a good thing for him. but i think that the jeff
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sessions thing will probably be coordinated. i think is a sideshow. if i work advise the president i was a focus on the special counsel. as was just mentioned there are things that may not look at but may be somewhat embarrassing for that is why the president is so fixated on this. but do not constitute illegal behavior. i would also suggest that the real thing here, they hired the fraud unit. that suggests they may be following the money. so is there anything in the president's financial disclosure forms or possibly his tax returns? anything that might have links. there may not be. but my guess is that if he is going to have a problem, that may be where it lies. >> okay i'm going to give you the last words david. >> i think part of that is the president said that there are -- i think they would be more concerned with satellites than the president himself. >> david, senator, thank you so
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much. we appreciate it. be sure to keep it here on fox news channel all day. 2:00 p.m. eastern right after this so you can catch fox news ascending in full. -- democratic senator jack reed about the fallout from the james comey hearing. you do not want to miss it. >> a fox news alert. live overhead from los angeles good pictures from kabc where gang members are marching him with a call a resist march against president trump. this is gay pride month. you can see that there are thousands on the street. they walk began in hollywood earlier today and will end with a rally featuring house minority leader and congresswoman from california nancy pelosi as well as groups representing progressive causes including sand parenthood, and the aclu. back to los angeles as news
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warrants. meantime this just coming into the pentagon team. the pentagon saying that a us air strike has killed an estimated eight al qaeda linked us about fighters in somalia. you might remember a member of the military was killed in a raid there a little while ago. the strike was carried out this morning in a targeted shabbat command supply hub. the strike is the first by the us under new authority approved by the president back in march. that was a direct response to recent attacks on somali troops. >> a major military investigation to tell you about underway. a day after three rangers were killed in afghanistan. in afghanistan - open fire in the district. the taliban is claiming responsibility. the vice president says the
10:17 am
attack is quite a heartbreaking reminder of the rest in the defense of freedom.the names of those rangers have not been released. >> a family of a us sailor missing at sea right now says that they need a little time and space. after they suspended a 50 hour search to try and find him. the sailor was assigned to the guided missile cruiser uss shiloh which was on routine operations around the japanese island of okinawa. he has been officially missing since thursday evening and assumed overboard. so far we do not know his name, rank or where he was from. >> coming up after the break, the search is on for the person or people with the soul winning ticket to powerball. we will tell you where the lucky numbers were sold. plus, the james comey hearings have overshadowed the budget and congress could include in the effort to get more money
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elizabeth: all right. now to the major terror investigation underway in the united kingdom. british police releasing new images today of the fake bomb belts wrapped around the three islamic extremists who killed eight people and wounded dozens more. more than eight days ago. our own mike tobin is on the story from london. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. it seems with each day we learn a little bit more about the attacks and get a look at more of the evidence. london metropolitan police have released the images of those fake bomb belts in the siege, if you will, last saturday night in the pub area of town. not sophisticated at all. these are pretty much disposable water bottles wrapped up with district tape attached to a leather belt. these -- the fake belt is tactic certainly not seen in the u.k. before. police speculate that the motivation would be to create maximum fear, make someone pause before shooting the attackers. yesterday police released images
10:24 am
of bombs left in the attackers' van. those were very real, and it's not clear why those were not used in the attack. and we're hearing from one of the first officers who responded to the scene. inspector jim cole said one of the first things he did was send a medic down to the basement of a pub and set up triage. >> a gentleman had been stab inside the stomach. he was taken downstairs to see the medic, and at that point there was still shots ringing out, and then a stream of people came out the market running and screaming. so we literally just pushed them into the basement of the pub, and it was quite a big venue. it seemed like the safest place to put a large volume of people at that time out of harm's way. >> reporter: moving on to the attack in france from last tuesday, we've got video now of the hammer-wielding man who attacked a french police officer outside the notre dame cathedral can. the video went public as the
10:25 am
case is now in court. this 40 fielder student from algeria was -- 40-year-old student was from algeria and he was self-radicalized. attempted murder of a police officer in connection with a terrorist enterprise and conspiracy. elizabeth? elizabeth: all right. mike tobin reporting live, thank you so much. >> reporter: you got it. elizabeth: two of the u.k. terror victims who died in the attacks were from australia. australia is responding to islamic extremism terrorists by building its own version of a supermax prison. the $35 million dollar facility in the house of new south wales will be run by specially-trained prison officers. >> we are in new territory. the incidence of terrorism activity we've seen around the world has been unprecedented in modern times, and we need to react in the most comprehensive way possible, and i'm pleased to say that we have both the resources, the intelligence and the know to-how to do that.
10:26 am
elizabeth: australia's also trying to reform its parole laws trying to include a ban for violent offenders linked to extremism. leland: former fbi director james comey stole the spotlight this week, but what do we know about the man president trump has tapped to replace him? we're going to get the inside scoop on christopher wray, folks who know him best. and up next, the president wants more money for our military. congress gets a crack at his budget this week. what to look for and a very important question: is it enough? ♪ ♪ >> the supplemental budget that congress just put on the president's desk had the largest increase in military spend anything the last ten years. our armed forces are in the fight. they're taking the fight to terrorists on our terms, on their soil, and isis is on the run. and under this commander in chief, we will hunt down and dry isis at its source. ♪ ♪ don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: well, much of the focus has been on former fbi director james comey's testimony. congress' top agenda items have been overshadowed. they have a long list of to-do items before august recess. allison barber has a look at what's on the docket. hi, allison. will they get to all this? >> reporter: they're trying to, and like you said, the difficulty is that they're trying to get through this big legislative to-do list in between hearings that keep grabbing all of the headlines. some of the things that are on their list, tax reform, the debt ceiling, immigration reform and then one of biggest items for the gop, health care. vice president mike pence says democrats are, quote, blinded by partisanship when it comes to obamacare. >> they're the ones who gave us obamacare, and now as your congressmen will tell you, they won't lift a finger to help us rescue the american people from this mess that they created. >> reporter: republicans say
10:32 am
they want to vote on something soon when it comes to health care. on a radio show, senate majority whip john cornyn be promised a vote by the end of july are. democrats say republicans need their help. >> to do this in private without hearings, without amendments, it would be one of the most outrageous examples of legislative malpractice in decades. [applause] >> reporter: some say the president's agenda is simply taking too long to get through, but on fox news sunday the chair of the rnc pushed back on that type of criticism. >> health care, tax reform, infrastructure. these are huge issues. they don't just happen overnight. we're five and a half months in, the house has already passed a repeal and replace of obamacare. we're going to continue to work at that. but this just doesn't quickly happen, and republicans are doing it the right way. we're going back into our districts, we're talking to our constituents, we're having a diverse discussion.
10:33 am
we're making sure that when we do it, we do it right. >> reporter: on wednesday the senate moved forward with legislation to place new sanctions on iran, but the bill isn't necessarily finalized. senators are also talking about adding an amendment to sanction russia. so, liz, that's another thing we'll want to keep an eye on this week. elizabeth: elizabeth allison barber, thank you so much for that preview. leland: add this this week, the house appropriations committee begins debating president trump's proposed 10% increase in military spending. to say it faces skepticism would be an understatement. mckenzie eglin, national security analyst at the american enterprise institute, great to see you. >> thank you. leland: all right. we heard the vice president earlier saying, essentially, this is the biggest military spending increase in ten years. give us this increase, the u.s. military is back in the game. is 10% enough to do that? >> it's 10% of budget caps but 3% above obama, so this is a
10:34 am
more miss lahr status quo -- muscular status quo budget. it's certainly not historic. leland: interesting. this is what john mccain, an advocate for the military regardless of what you think of him, had to say about the budget. >> it's probably dead on arrival. it doesn't rebuild the military. it doesn't give us the ships and the numbers of personnel we need, the capabilities we need. leland: so where is the disconnect between the administration's talking points and senator mccain? >> the disconnect is that president trump's budget is a repair effort to start to rebuild the military's foundation after the budget control act -- leland: budget control act is the sequester. >> yes, basically. leland: okay. >> but what it is not is a rebuild budget. leland: does the u.s. military need to be rebuilt? >> it does. we've billion on -- 9/11, the post-9/11 buildup was i in many ways a hollow buildup, specifically funded for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. but with no longevity or modernization for the future force. so that money keeps getting deferred.
10:35 am
the longer you defer, the higher the bills go up. leland: the more you sort of have to retrofit. our jennifer griffin has done great reporting about how bad things are; 50% of planes not able to fly, tanks not ready, divisions not being able to be airlifted. this brings up the issue of procurement. former general bob scales in written testimony to the senate armed services committee, an expert he is in warfare, wrote this: my grandson is 10, and i'm very proud of him. he tells me he wants to be a soldier someday. if we leave the army acquisition bureaucracy in charge of developing our next generation of small arms, i'm fearful that he will be walking point someday with the same weapon that failed my soldiers so tragically 50 years ago in vietnam. and we still can't do any better than that? >> it's exceedingly us fromming. congress -- frustrating. congress seems to reform the -- relatively speaking, the
10:36 am
pentagon does better than any other federal agency at buying stuff, however, they're buying $350-$400 billion a year in goods and services, so it's a pretty dense bureaucracy, and they need help. leland: is it incompetence or -- we in the public learn about $43 million gas stations that don't have gas, $600 toilet seats, and you go, well, if it was on my credit card, i wouldn't pay that bill. what's the problem here? where's the disconnect? >> there are m. part of the challenge is that we have a soviet-style management and system in bureaucracy -- leland: that sounds promising. [laughter] >> that is our purchasing process at the defense department. so it's very risk-averse. when you have all these layers and checkers c it adds time and money, frankly. you have one customer in many cases the companies who are supplying the defense department don't have any ore customers, to -- other customers, so there's less competition. there's oversight by others, to
10:37 am
be debated by capitol hill which way that needs to go. leland: do they need more money or spend the money they have better? something to talk about next time you're here. mckenzie, appreciate you being here. >> my pleasure. leland: thanks so much. all right, the fbi is without a top leader for right now as we've been reporting for a while, but many on both sides of the aisle say christopher wray is the right man for the job. we're going to talk with a former colleague about the man who may soon lead the world's most powerful law enforcement agency. plus, thousands of people jam the streets of new york city for the annual puerto rican day parade on the same day that island territory holds a vote on statehood. live from the big apple with the celebrations and the very serious implications. ♪ ♪
10:38 am
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"america" by simon and garfun [ snoring ]ental) [ deep sleep snoring ] the all-new volkswagen atlas. seats seven, sleeps six. life's as big as you make it. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: well, we don't have
10:42 am
to tell you that james comey dominated headlines this week after testifying before the senate intelligence committee. but also in the headlines, a name to replace him. president trump tapping christopher wray, a former doj official, to lead the bureau. here with some insight is john malcolm, vice president of the heritage foundation. he also served as one of wray's deputies at the doj criminal unit, and the history goes back even before that. first of all, john, thank you so much for joining us. so i think so many people are curious, who is this man? and you have a special insight into him. can you tell us a little bit about him and your history working with him? >> sure. well, he's an incredibly intelligent guy, yale undergraduate, yale law school. he clerked for a judge on the fourth circuit court of appeals, highly regarded. he's now general counsel at boeing. after that his wife is from atlanta, he moved to atlanta. i was a prosecutor in the u.s. attorney's office at the time when he moved to atlanta. he went to the firm of cain and spaulding where he became a protege of griffin bell and larry thompson.
10:43 am
i left the u.s. attorney's office, we just missed overlapping at the beginning of '97 when chris wray went into that office, he was there for four years. he worked on a number of high profile cases, worked with a lot of fbi agents, closely with sally yates and then when george w. bush won the election, we both moved to washington and worked at the justice department. chris wray was a principal deputy to larry thompson who was the deputy attorney general, i was a depp pity under mike chertoff at the department of justice. go ahead -- and when he became head of the criminal division, i was one of his deputies. elizabeth: i don't want to interrupt you, but it sounds like there's so many pieces of that puzzle that make him equipped to lead the fbi. anything that stands out in particular where you feel like that history will just fit in very nicely? >> oh, sure. elizabeth: it's a big deal. >> in addition to the fact that he was a prosecutor at four years, he worked very closely with fbi agents. he was at department of justice
10:44 am
during the enron time, post-9/11 time. he worked on a daily basis, he had briefings every morning with bob mueller when he was fbi director. when jim comey became deputy attorney general, he dealt with jim comey every day. when chris was head of the criminal division and comey was the deputy. he knows the ins and outs of the fbi from the ground level, from, you know, the regular investigator all the way up through every facet of the fbi. superbly qualified. elizabeth: regardless of your resumé, still have the confirmation hearings, what could be a sticking point? what in his history do you feel like is going to come up and be contentious regardless of whether or not he's qualified? >> the only thing i've heard anybody mention is that he represented chris christie with respect to this bridgegate scandal. and, of course, there are some people who don't like governor christie. all i can say, of course, is that chris did a superb job because governor christie didn't get charged with anything. i suppose people will seek
10:45 am
assurances that he's going to be independent of the president -- elizabeth: that's what i was going to ask you, is there any history between christopher wray and the president? will we see that come up? will that be a contentious issue? >> no. so far as i know, the first time they met was when the president interviewed him. chris wray is not going to be an fbi director for conservatives or liberal, republicans or democrats. he's going to be the fbi director for the nation, and he will conduct himself with professionalism, dedication and a completely apolitical, nonpartisan a manner. elizabeth: i want to ask you my last question looking forward is what type of environment is he getting into it right now? this is, it's hard, a hard job to begin with and a hard job right now. >> well, he's up to the task. he's been given a little bit of breathing room because bob mueller has been appointed as special prosecutor with respect to the russian investigation. so chris wray can go about the task of, you know, being the head of the nation's top investigative law enforcement
10:46 am
agency and take care of the rest of the problems that exist in our nation including counterterrorism and, boy, do we need somebody of the caliber of chris wray. elizabeth: when -- i know i said that was my last question, but when you worked for him, because a lot of people are saying this is my new boss, what is he like to work under? oh, incredibly ethical, hard working, a very pleasant guy. he's got a lovely family and dedicated to the task. elizabeth: thank you for that perspective. john malcolm, we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. leland: still ahead, as puerto rico faces a big choice about statehood, there's a lot of folks out celebrating the the puerto rican day parade in new york city. bryan llenas on on the ground. hi, bryan. >> reporter: hi, leland. oscar lopez back in the '70s and '90s rode down a float, some were stunned, some say the freedom fighter, others a terrorist. we'll have reaction from the 60th annual puerto rican day parade next.
10:47 am
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♪ ♪ leland: new york city today, no one's going anywhere fast as they are on the streets celebrating the 60th an your puerto rican -- annual puerto rican day parade. but the nominee for the national
10:51 am
freedom hero award has, at best, a checkered past and many are outraged at the possible honor for a convicted terrorist. bryan llenas on the streets right now as this man just went by in a float, bryan? >> reporter: that's right. despite how you feel about oscar lopez, he did ride down a float in the 60th annual puerto rican day parade. mayor bill de blasio shortly after, following oscar lopez rivera. he was pressured to drop out of this parade but still continued to be in it. now, lopez rivera is one of the leaders of the faln or the national liberation of armed forces. it's a paramilitary or group that was responsible for over 120 woman attacks -- bomb attacks throughout the united states in the '70s and '80s. their goal was to gain independence for puerto rico and establish a socialist government. in 1981 oscar lopez rivera was
10:52 am
convicted of seditious conspiracy against the u.s. government, transporting firearms and explosives. he was sentenced to 70 years in prison, and he served 36 of those years. president obama commuted lopez rivera's sentence in january, but he was never charged with any specific violent crime. he was, though, a leader of the faln, and he was accused of being a bombmaker. the group's deadliest attack was a 1975 blast in new york city which killed four people including frank connor who was 33 at the time when he died in that last. his son, joe connor, spoke to us about how outraged he is. >> is he a hero? >> he's a hero to nobody. >> is he for freedom? >>. no oscar lopez wanted to enslave the puerto rican people into another cuba. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: now, the puerto rican day parade lost half of its corporate sponsors as a result of this decision. governor andrew cuomo of new
10:53 am
york is not in this parade this year. the nypd police commissioner, james to o'neill, also boycotting this parade as well as hispanic police groups who are no longer here at this parade as a resulted of oscar lopez rivera marching. now, the parade organizers are standing by the award that they gave him, the national freedom hero award. it was the first time they've ever begin anybody this award. but because of the pressure, oscar lopez rivera didn't receive it, he gave it to the people of puerto rico and decided to march himself. still, puerto rican day parade organizers said this in a release: some people call him a terrorist while others think of to him as a freedom fighter. as was the case with nelson mandela. never theless, oscar's participation is not an endorsement of the history that led to his arrest, but rather, recognition of a man and a nation's struggle for sovereignty. and, leland, this is a u.s. territory. these people are american citizens, and they are
10:54 am
struggling in the midst of a recession, bankruptcy. many of the critics of oscar lopez rivera being here today are also pointing out that it's taking away attention from a u.s. territory that is struggling like it has never seen before, and they say that's not helping anybody. so that's also part of the criticism today, and you had also mentioned today a vote, people in puerto rico casting a symbolic vote as to whether or not they want to remain a u.s. territory, a state or become independent, something that oscar lopez rivera has been fighting for his entire life. leland: yeah. that vote non-binding though within, essentially, sort of a preference vote that goes to the u.s. congress. bryan, i'm interested in this last part of, essentially, the financial abyss that puerto rico is in. is there any talk among the folks who are out there of the need for real reform on the island and being willing to the make the tough choices? and, for that matter, help thein puerto rico pull themselves up by their boot straps? >> reporter: you know, there
10:55 am
are some people who thought that this puerto rican day parade should not have happened in the first place to send a message to the u.s. congress and to the american people on the mainland that puerto rico is in dire straits, and they believe that they needed that. so it is mixed on both sides, a very contentious issue as to how there should be a solution to this issue. leland: yeah. contentious with a lot of good folks caught in the middle. bryan llenas on the streets, thank you. liz? elizabeth: all right. coming up, the lights will shine bright on the stars of broadway as the tony awards take center stage. we'll have a preview coming up. ♪ my regards to broadway -- [applause]agent, ♪ tell all the gang -- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone.
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until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. leland: we heard them say the name so we know how to say it final leg of the horse racing triple leg. pulled away of favorite irish war cry. five to one odds in yesterday's stakes. finished sixth in the kentucky derby. in case you are keeping track the winners of the kentucky derby and preakness each skipped the belmont. >> 16 tony award nominations, we are coming to you live from the paramount hotel diamond horseshoe in new york city to announce the nominees for the 70th annual. >> by the way big night tonight with some of the brightest stars in the shows coming out for the 71st tony awards.
11:00 am
among the heavy hitters bette midler, of course, for hello dolly is up for 10 tonies. other oscar winners will also be up. so, of course, this is something you do not want to miss. leland: no. there you go. have a great week. >> thanks for watching. chris: i'm chris wallace. now that former fbi director james comey has told his story. where do the investigations and the trump agenda go from here? ♪ >> i don't think it's for me to say whether the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he is a leaker. but we want to get back to running our great country. > chris: we'll discuss comey's damaging testimony with rahm immanuel and ask how the white house and the g.o.p. can rebound. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, questions still linger


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