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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 11, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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[cheers and applause] kat, tyrus, dr. bjorn, our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i >> president trump finishing up his weekend in new jersey with very strong words. the former fbi director, james comey. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> arthel: nice to see a great. they're criticizing mr. comey's testimony. questioning whether the leaks were legal and calling mr. comey, cowardly. president trump attacked democratic policies including obama care as he gets ready to roll out major policy initiatives this week.
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>> greg: kristin fisher is live with more. >> today but the chairwoman of the rnc and president trump called out comey again for being a leak or. the chairman of the rnc called for an end to the investigation into the trump campaign in russia. >> i do not think that should continue. we need to figure out what russia did. but not yet you have a single senator saying there is definitive evidence that there has been an occlusion between the trump campaign and russians. that needs to stop. >> at the same time she did defend the special counsel's investigation and said that investigation should continue. meanwhile, the white house continuing to push forward with new policy initiatives. last week was infrastructure week, this week is going to be
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workforce development week. on tuesday, president trump will travel to milwaukee to talk about the importance of vocational training and apprentice ship. on wednesday he will deliver what the white house is characterizing as a major policy speech about jobs. on friday he will head to miami to bail a new cuba policy. he is expected to rollback many changes first put in place by the obama administration. first, tonight, president trump holding his very first public event of the weekend. he is hosting a fundraiser for congressman tom macarthur who played a pivoted role in getting the health care plan through the house. that should be underway right now, if not it will be starting shortly. president trump will then be heading back to the white house tonight. >> gregg: kristin, swinging the golf club out there with the president bedminster, new jersey.
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good to see. >> arthel: the pentagon is investigating an insider attack at eastern afghanistan. three americans soldiers were killed. another windy. the taliban claimed responsibility senate infiltrated the afghan army to carry out the attack. we have details from the mideast bureau. >> insiders attack continue to plague the mission in afghanistan with more than 90 green on blue attacks were afghan soldiers attacked their international training partners taking place is 2008. the latest came and where u.s. troops are fighting alongside afghan soldiers battling isis. the same area where the u.s. recently dropped its largest non- nuclear bomb on a series of isis tunnels. however, the taliban claimed credit of this weekend's attack that killed three u.s. special forces soldiers. it's not clear if he was connected to a tele- banner just a disgruntled afghan soldier which has often been the case. it comes as they are contemplating sending an
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additional 5000 troops to afghanistan to help with the worsening security situation. these insider attacks undermine the training mission in afghanistan and her joint operations. the afghan military continues to need additional training. insider attacks make the training more difficult. without extensive training, afghan soldiers are not prepared enough to carry out the mission with or without its u.s. partners. with a tele- bank getting ground across the country, afghanistan, now more than ever needs additional american assistance. with more u.s. troops on the ground comes for the potential of more american casualties as well. >> gregg: thank you conor. >> gregg: new pictures from the london bridge investigation and shedding more light on the attackers. three terrors were wearing fake suicide belts as they carried out their deadly rampage. they may have been planning to take hostages.
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mike has more from the london borough. >> images of blood splattered fake a bomb belt of the latest bits of evidence release from the police in the wake of the attack one week ago. these are not sophisticated at all. disposable water bottles wrapped in duct take secured to a leather belt. each was wearing a fake suicide belt and began slashing people in the borough market area of london. they say it was to maximize fear. it may have been intended to help with hostagetaking. may have caused hesitation before attackers were shot. today they released images of bombs left in the vans. those were very real. not clear why they were not used in the attack. were hearing from one of the first police officers who responded to the scene. inspector jim tells a harrowing report of's getting people to not come into the market. >> a gentleman had been stabbed
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in the stomach was taken downstairs to see the medic. at that point shots rang out and a stream of people came out of the market running and screaming. we literally just push them into the basement. that was the safest place to put large runs of people at that time. >> three days later there is an attack in france. we have video of the hammer wielding man who attacked a police officer. the video went public and the person is in court. no indication they are in. they say he was self radicalize. charges roughly translated from french r attempted murder of a police officer in connection with the terrorist enterprise and conspiracy.
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back to. >> gregg: mike, thank you. >> arthel: controversy surrounding today's annual puerto rican day parade in new york city, as organizers honored a convicted terrorists. all of this is puerto rico holds a major referendum which could lead to statehood. brian has been at the parade all day but he is back now the new york city newsroom. a bit of a mixed bag out there tonight. >> it was. summer for him and some are against him. oscar lopez rivera wrote a float today. it was a stunning image for the controversial figure who is a convicted terrace. he is one of the leaders of the fla and. a paramilitary group responsible for over 120 bomb attacks in the 70s and 80s. their goal is independence for puerto rico and two establishes socialist government there. he was convicted and 81 of
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conspiracy against the u.s. government, transporting firearms and explosives. his 70 year sentence was commuted by president obama in january. he was freed after 36 years. he was never charged with a specific violent crime, he was accused of being a bomb maker. the flan deadliest bombing was in 1975 in new york city. the blast killed four people including a 33-year-old frank connor, joe connors father. >> to think that oscar lopez would be considered a hero in a hero freedom, it is insane. you cannot even get your head around it. >> the puerto rican day. lost half of its float as a result of honoring lopez rivera. major corporate sponsors pulled out of the prey. new york governor, andrew cuomo
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and chuck schumer also. organizers stood by their decision to give him a national freedoms hero award. although rivera ultimately declined the award and shows just to announce in the prey. in a statement the puerto rican organizers say some people call him a terrorist while others think of them as a freedom fighter. as was the case with nelson mandela. nevertheless, it's not an endorsement of the history that led to his arrest nor any form of violence. rather recognition of a man and a nation struggle. this is not happening in a vacuum. the territory is struggling under collapse, bankruptcy and unemployment. today they hold the fifth referendum where the island voted to become america's 51st state. this is a nonbinding vote. there is a boycott by several
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groups calling into question the validity. largely symbolic. nothing will come from this is what we understand. >> arthel: you unfolded it to all. nice work at the parade. >> gregg: kind of a mess out there. >> arthel: i went out there for a bit but the crowd had already passed. >> gregg: a professor who is a big stephen king fan getting a gift of a lifetime. just ahead, what all of this have to do with king's home state. >> arthel: senate republicans with unfinished business. attorney general, jeff sessions prepares to testify on the russian inclusion investigation. what the chairwoman of the republican national committee is an about the hold up on capitol. hill. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected.
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. >> arthel: a quick check of the headlines. a former boyfriend of whitney houston's late daughter, bobby christina brown has been arrested and photo. nick gordon is charged with domestic violence, kidnapping, false imprisonment. he was dating bobby christina when she died in 2015. a judge held him legally responsible for his death after he missed a couple of hearings. an investigation underway after new york city's police officer contracted potentially deadly
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legionnaires disease. traces of the disease turned up on a police station in east harlem. the university of maine naming the position in honor of its most famous alumni, author and maine native, stephen king. awarding him the first stephen king chair literature to a shakespeare scholar who grew up reading king's books. >> gregg: attorney general, jeff sessions is giving more closely watched testimony of the russian investigations before the senate intel commute committee, this w. amid the hearings, congress has unfinished business on the president's agenda. the republicans are working on a bill to repeal and replace obama care. facing pressure on tax and immigration reform amid deadlines. here is more from the washington borough. >> congress is trying to tackle a significant legislative to do list and time is [inaudible] their side.
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this includes items like tax reform, the debt ceiling, immigration reform, and healthcare. vice president, mike pence says democrats are blinded by partisanship when it comes to the affordable care act. >> they're the ones who gave us obama care. now is your congressman will tell you, they will not lift a finger to help us rescue the american people from this mess they created. >> reporrepublicans say they wao vote on something soon. john cornyn promised about by the end of july. democrats and republicans need their help. >> to do this in private, with hearings, without amendments, it would be one of the most outrageous examples of legislative malpractice in decades. >> some say the agenda is taking too long.
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on fox news sunday, the chair of the rnc pushback on the criticism. >> healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure, these are huge issues. they don't just happen overnight. were five and a half months in. the house is pastor repeal and replace of obama care. we will continue to work at that. this doesn't quickly happen. republicans are doing it the right way. were going toward districts and talking to constituents. where having diverse discussions and making sure that when we do, we do it right. >> on wednesday the senate move forward to place sanctions on iran. the bill is not necessarily final. senators are talking about adding an amendment to russia. >> gregg: as senate republicans turn their attention to healthcare, one challenge bridge and the divine between the moderate and conservative factions of the party. at the heart of the debate is the expansion of medicaid and federal subsidies which many say are essential for stabilizing the marketplace. >> is not clear what it will look like at the end of the day. i have some concerns about what
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were doing, concerns if are not in the right direction. >> the bottom line is the senate is divided between medicaid expenses states, non- expansion states, it's going to be tough. >> gregg: let's bring in susan, chief congressional correspondence for the washington examiner. before we get to medicaid expansion, from what i am reading republicans are working on this extraordinarily hard. very unusual. mitch mcconnell is pledging a vote before the july 4 recess. discuss unrealistic or overly optimistic wish mark. >> it might be overly optimistic for before the july 4 recess. the minority with john cornyn as noted previously, it's more likely they will try to get it done before they leave for the august recess. that's the end of july.
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it's possible they could try a july 4 vote. can they get the votes for that the when you have a two-seat majority for the republicans. the not getting any help from the democrats. they have to bridge that gap between their more moderate wing and conservatively with a two vote majority that will be tough. >> gregg: mcconnell said he will try to get a whip on it in the next couple of weeks. we'll see how that goes. i do want to get to the two principal hurdles, medicaid expansion of federal subsidies. there republican senators on both sides of that issue. where do you see that going? >> those are the two critical elements. if they push it too far to the conservative side where conservatives want to rein in the medicaid expansion under obama care. they one to end it sooner rather than later. but you have more moderate
3:20 pm
members of the party said that is not long enough, we would like to go further than that. there's a plan up to seven years. you'll get conservatives to agree with that, maybe not. they might have to bridge the difference in between. same thing with the subsidies. we will now call tax credits. who do we favor with those? do we ensure younger people are younger to sign up by making sure they're not paying a lot? that would help things in the way obama care functions. then what we do about older folks and people who want to expand tax credits who are in that 50 - 64 age window. who gets the tax credits and how much? they're talking about those differences as we speak. >> gregg: an increasing number of insurers are dropping out of the marketplace. seems like every week we hear another one. ohio, this week. if obama care at some point
3:21 pm
crashes and burns, who gets sibling as we approach the next election in 2018? will it be democrats for creating it to the first place, or republicans who failed to fix her reef place it? >> republicans are concerned though get the blame because they have taken over the problem. this is what they were predicting. once they declare they will tackle this issue it becomes their problem even if they don't put a new law into place. democrats are hard at work blaming republicans for anthem dropping out of ohio, and other insurers threatening to do so. this is not just obama care leading them to drop out, it's the federal government might not pay for them to be in the system. they're getting money from the government to make up for losses. the trump administration is not pledged to do that.
3:22 pm
that's why some are not going to stay in. so republicans will get the blame for it. that's a big political problem, perhaps the biggest problem for the party right now. what blame they will get if obama care completely collapses. it is threatening to do that right now. >> gregg: the health and human services report on obama care found that the average premiums under obama care have double. instead of dropping by $2500 as president obama had promised, they have gone up on average nationwide by almost $3000. isn't that the kind of statistical fact that should be feeling enthusiasm for change in obama care, but instead it doesn't seem to be gaining traction. >> no, it's not. i think democrats are trying to pin it on donald trump for not bailing out the insurance markets which could bring costs
3:23 pm
down a bit. the market was already in big trouble. that should feel enthusiasm for democrats. their argument is that they're not to help fix the law unless you promise you will not repeal it. don't forget, the two parties are far apart on how to fix it. democrats a we can fix it by offering more subsidies, more help for people who cannot afford it. or, go for the public option. they're not saying anything to the level that republicans are proposing which is vastly different. getting rid of the medicaid expansion and lowering cost for young people. for republicans they tell me in the halls of congress, what we want to do is lower health care premiums. we need to figure out how to do that. if we can't do that will not vote for a bill that does anything for obama care. they need to figure out how to do that. it's tough unless you do something to the medicaid expansion. and that's the crux of the fight right now.
3:24 pm
>> gregg: i want to see if you take issue of the cbo report that says people with pre-existing conditions would lose coverage under the house bill which has passed. now senators are looking at it. i looked at that bill, does not say that at all. people with pre-existing conditions would be covered, but only those who allow their coverage to lapse would have to pay a higher premium, but only for a short period of time. >> that is the case. they're also talking about creating risk pools for those who have a difficult time obtaining insurance because of illness or pre-existing conditions. the republicans have ways to deal with the issue. the pre-existing conditions is one of the reasons why premiums were so high for everybody. it is a great talking point for democrats though, they are sticking with it.
3:25 pm
i think it has been successful. if you look at the polls people say they don't like the republican solution. the democrats are good at making the case, true or not that people with pre-existing conditions would be left. that is not the case, it would just change from obama care where you would be treated the same as everybody else. >> gregg: the fact that the cbo could get such a fundamental fact of erroneous does not instill confidence in the cbo which nobody has confidence in. >> don't forget, the cbo has never been right in judging obama care from the beginning. it turned out a lot different. they have a hard time making predictions with big legislation. >> they have a long history of getting it wrong. >> gregg and susan, french president manwell macron is keeping a close eye on the parliamentary elections. how the landscape could change the france's government. republicans are pushing back on
3:26 pm
rush investigation saying there's no evidence that russia colluded with any presidential election. up next we will weigh in on that. sarah is a fifth-grade teacher. when it comes to molding young minds, nobody does it better. she also builds her own fighting robots. destroy.
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>> arthel: french president declared victory at today's first round of parliamentary elections. his new centrist party is expected to grab a large majority of france's lower chamber after the second round of voting later this month. >> gregg: the senate intelligence community putting jeff sessions in the hot seat this week. they're going to answer questions about russia's rule and the election just days after
3:31 pm
james comey testimony. in the meantime, the house committee is requesting information from the white house. as it tries to figure out whether come his conversations with the president were recorded on tapes. maybe digital. garrett is life in washington with more. >> jeff sessions was originally scheduled to testify before the house and senate appropriations committee on the budget. but james comey testimony raised red flags about the attorney general's behavior. after reports came out suggested sessions may have withheld details about a previously undisclosed meeting with russian ambassador, he decided to go before the committee to set the record straight. democrats on the appropriations committee were not happy. they already had questions of their own for sessions to answer about the russian investigations and about the firing of james comey. >> he had already recused himself in the suddenly he is the one recommending to the
3:32 pm
president that comey be five and as the president indicated declared it was all about the russian investigation. there's a question about the propriety of the attorney general participating in the. >> lawmakers which oversee the department of justice are also calling to testify before them to answer questions why coming to not feel like he could trust the attorney general with details of the president asking him to drop the investigation into michael flynn. >> is it true what comey said, did you create an atmosphere there that people believed you cannot fairly render judgment on the actions. >> rod rosenstein is expected to face tough questions on tuesday when he fills in for jeff sessions with the house and senate appropriations committee. that's expected to be open to the public. the senate intelligence
3:33 pm
committee is still very now whether it's hearing will be public as well. >> gregg: that will be interesting to watch. they queue. >> arthel: james, testified a few days ago about the russian investigations and he has no doubt moscow tried to interfere with u.s. it elections. some members of congress say there's no proof that russia cooperated with a specific campaign. >> one thing where certain there's no evidence between collusion in any presidential campaign. if robert mueller anybody else uncovers evidence suggesting something else, that will be pursued. we have to deal with the facts now. with evidence that have been brought forward. i don't see it. >> arthel: joining me now steve rogers, former member of the joint task force and lieutenant commander. it's good to have you here.
3:34 pm
first, as an investigator your reaction to senator lee's pro proclamation? >> he's right. we have to look at facts and robert mueller needs to look at backs. number one, there's no evidence there was collusion with the trump administration with regard to russia and the investigation. fact two, james comey admitted he leaked information especially to a friend who is a reporter and the most important damning fact is the loretta lynch telling james comey to change the word investigation to the word matter. looking into a matter. to me that is tantamount into interfering with an investigation. robert mueller looking at the facts will have to shift his investigation from the president of the united states to james comey and loretta lynch. the former attorney general who is looking into the hillary clinton private server e-mails situation and saying according to former director come his
3:35 pm
testimony miss lynch suggested to refer to it as a matter not investigation. she went on to say that she chose to say a bland terminology because that is standard procedure. you're saying that we should hear from this lynch. >> those are facts he just articulated. there's no information leading anyone to believe there's collusion between russia and the trump administration. james comey tried to come off as captain america. he tried to convince america that he did what he did on behalf of the people and the fbi, dead wrong. >> to feel at this point in the investigation that it can become political. when you hear the analysis and it depends on who is talking and how they see it? >> it has but political are ready. with my years in law-enforcement
3:36 pm
i've never seen law-enforcement practitioner likes comey and others come before the american people and say they have leaked stuff or shared information with unauthorized people. this is been bad from day one. i would suggest you and it now. >> arthel: should we hear from the president? the president said he has tapes. should we hear from him under a he says listen, i will testify under oath because i have nothing to hide. >> he said he would, i believe him. everything he said so far was the truth. if you want to come forward let him have his day in court. >> arthel: getting to the russian involvement, how dangerous is this? >> is very dangerous. vladimir putin hinted that it could have been someone outside the russian government. >> arthel: do you believe that?
3:37 pm
>> i don't trust vladimir putin at all. however, saying that, there is not one shred of evidence that he gave the order -- you're smiling. there's no evidence he gave the order to interfere with your election. did he probably do that? may be. >> we get it. you can sale you want, but i think most people intelligence committee, the various agencies have said that they did interfere. we know not much happens in russia without the president knowing about it. that aside, talk about it, is serious even former director comey testified there's a saying there is no doubt that they interfered and will continue to do so. shouldn't that be the focus? let's make sure it doesn't happen again. >> you're right. it's serious as we move forward with our elections. we need to refocus the attentions away from the president and the idea that there was collusion between him and russia a focus on the point that it did happen.
3:38 pm
>> why doesn't the president say just that? why don't we focus on how it happened and why it happened. >> i believe he has to some degree. i believe he has been so busy trying to convince people he's telling the truth that you do get distracted. the whole country is to distracted on what is witchhunt. >> arthel: hopefully there are tapes the president will provide them. >> he is told the truth all along. there are people who doubt him because of his style. but he has told the truth. not one shred of evidence there was collusion. >> arthel: for sure we need to calm down and wait till the evidence is presented and see how it turns out. >> let's wait for the evidence and then the jury makes its decisions. >> that's right. it's nice to see you. >> gregg: president trump signing 110 billion-dollar arms
3:39 pm
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step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. >> arthel: the senate is set to vote the porsche president trumps 110 billion-dollar arms still with the saudi's. this of outcomes among growing concerns of dozens of humanitarian groups a bipartisan effort to block that sale. the fear that those weapons will be used against innocent civilians in yemen civil war. joining me now scott paul, advisor for -- america. thank you for being with me. let's start here. can you tell me more about what concerns you most about the new arms deal with saudi arabia? >> thank you for having me on. what concerns us most our
3:44 pm
perspective is as humanitarian organization working on the ground, we are reaching more than a million people with life-saving humanitarian aid. the crisis is massive. about 19 million people in yemen that need aid to survive. more than any other country in the world. about seven out of ten people in yemen. it's not getting better. the arms that congress is currently considering, if they sold they signal an unconditional, ongoing unconditional support from the u.s. to saudi arabia for this war. what is worse, these are the weapons being used to hit critical pieces of infrastructure that would normally make food affordable. >> arthel: about a week ago united arab emirates unexpectedly cut economic into poetic ties with qatar to which the president tweeted, perhaps this will be the beginning of the end of the horror of
3:45 pm
terrorism. but the president has said walked back his support for isolating qatar which is a u.s. ally that host a military base. does this latest rift bolster the senator's efforts in yours to block the arms sales are part of it? >> i think what it does is earlier this year last year senator saw this issue as the u.s. relationships as a question of who is with us. there is an assumption the gulf countries are unified and saudi arabia was the leader they look to. now, with a break in that coalition has force them to do is to re-examine what are you interested in the relationships with each of these countries. senators will need to look at the u.s. saudi relationship and figure out which parts are
3:46 pm
serving th are interested whiche not. when looking at the situation in yemen where one child under five years old dying of preventable disease every ten minutes, senators are sent that is never going to be in our interest to feel that suffering. >> arthel: why do you think the trump administration waived humanitarian concerns in lieu of this recent arm deal? how does a trumped administration adjuster correct these perplexities? is it too late to put these on the side is? >> it's not too late. when the intervention written started the obama administration went all in. it took them until the end of the administration to figure out this is not the right way to continue doing this. we want to be close to the saudi's but we cannot be writing them a blank check to fuel a war effort that is not in our interest or in the interest of the yemen people.
3:47 pm
they started to work on a different approach. the trump administration has come in and need to answer the same question. it's understandable they would default to a position of let's support our closest ally, they need to figure out quickly that u.s. interests are more nuanced and i'm hopeful they will. >> arthel: we just showed pictures of senators were very much behind these arms sales. if the intent of the arms sales is to better on the saudi military in the fight against al shabab, the what cyst strategy without them? >> you need to bear in mind the weapons the senate is considering the sale of, it's a tiny portion of the $110 billion that president trump announced selling in arms. one half of 1%. it's only the weapons being used
3:48 pm
against things like the port in yemen which is most important to bring in yemen food. schools, hospitals, bridges, roads, the pieces of infrastructure that yemen people the to afford to eat. all of the rest of the weaponry from i know will continue to go forward. it's a small slice senators are pushing a sin we cannot have it u.s. stamp of famine and another country. >> arthel: in a nutshell you're saying the civil war in yemen and the famine that is the result of the, the famine of the human rights violations will continue if the trump administration doesn't do something about it to call cut saudi arabia on the carpet and move on with the sale without condition. >> exactly right. there is a peace agreement to be had in yemen. i think all of the parties
3:49 pm
recognize that ultimately the only way out of this is a political solution. the problem is they all think they can with the long game. saudi leave readers were say this last month that along wars and their interests. partly because they say we have a steady arm supply, financing, and we can outlast our enemies in yemen. what needs to change to key people is all of these people have to understand the international support they're getting is not going to continue. with the trump administration posture that messages nothing place. >> arthel: we need to leave it there. thank you. >> gregg: tomorrow marks one year since a deadly shooting that true the entire country together. there you can see people individual outside the orlando nightclub where the horrific shooting took place at the polls like low. forty-nine people there were
3:50 pm
murdered. more than 50 others were injured. people are wandering around the memorial that has been set up by many different people in orlando. and those who have come to visit pay their respects. that is bringing greater significance to an annual parade across the country. we will explain all of that in the lab report comes straight ahead. she is much more aware. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. essential for him, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr.
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>> gregg: tens of thousands of people turning out for pride parades across the country today. the annual celebration give supporters said chance to celebrate gays who are the lgbt community. this year organizers say they are addressing some concerns the community has about the current political climate. will is live from our los angeles borough with more. >> this is part of the so-called resist march, gay pride parades that have morphed into political protest in los angeles, an estimated 100,000 people showed up where gays and minorities the voice their disapproval with the trump administration. many in the crown could be seen wearing make america gay again
3:55 pm
shirts, a play on the president's campaign slogan. other showed up because they believes gays, blacks, immigrants and women are under attack. maxine waters call to impeach president trump when she got on stage. there are some members of the gay community questioning the injection of politics into a day they believe is meant to celebrate who they are what they stand for. any protesting took time to remember the victims of the polls nightclub shooting which took place one year ago tomorrow. that took place inside a gay nightclub in orlando. represents from planned parenthood, black lives matter in aclu took part in rallies across the country. >> gregg: willis dennis live from our los angeles barrel, thank you. we'll be right back with don't go away. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom?
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poco ♪ ♪ >> there is a nice shot of six avenue. >> i can't wait to check it ev . >> it's a warm evening. >> nasa is introducing the universe to its newest astronauts. the 12 men and women picked out of more than 18000 applicants. >> napa says they will begin two years of training this summer for a wide range of missions
4:00 pm
including a possible deep space journey to mars. wouldn't that be fascinating. >> congratulations. nice to be with you again. >> that will do it for us. >> stick around, kelly wright is up next with the fax report. >> a new day of blockbuster testimony ahead on capitol hill. the attorney general agreed to answer questions. the senate minority leader, it gets even higher stakes. i am kelly wright, this is the fox report. >> the white house is gearing up for what could be a huge week thursday. the supreme court seeks its newest member. the president could attend a chance to remind the public


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