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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 12, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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also, either if tomorrow the attorney general jeff sessions is going to be open or close. still debatable at this point. >> how was your weekend? >> it was hot. that's how i like it. >> it was really great. have a great monday. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> the attorney general set to testify against the internal committee. good morning to you on this monday. welcome to "happening now." i am jon scott. >> jenna: and i am heather childers. it is going to be busy and a hot one. they do more ways than one. who will testify just after a day james comey public testimony. sessions recuse himself from the russian investigation back in march. he volunteered to appear before the committee, and there are saying that he is trying to testify privately. >> first, i think he should be
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sworn under oath. second, i think it should be public. there's very little that is classified. anything that is classified, they can do and separate. >> jon: meanwhile, the present is meeting with his cabinet. as they try to move his agenda forward. ivanka trump appearing on ". saying that they have job for tomorrow. >> we are experiencing one of the biggest technical schools in wisconsin, which we are excited to talk about the scales cap, and really highlight the fact that there is a viable path other than a four-year college expense. really investing in skill-based training. there are 6 million available american jobs. you and our chief white house correspondent, john roberts, here with with more. john? >> the president to be meeting with his cabinet in the next few
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minutes. second time that he has met with the cabinet. the first time he has met with the full cabinet. the last time he met was back in march. there was still up for members missing. the president making an attempt monday morning to get the agenda back on track, declaring this workplace environment week. you saw ivanka talk about that a moment ago. and he was tweeting last night, great numbers on the economy. all of our work, including the passage of many bills and regulation through executive orders now kicking in. last week, which was an infant with, was overshadowed by james comey's testimony. first to come ivanka trump, who is a big part in this week's policy proposal, said that she thought the testimony turned out well for her father. here listen now. >> he felt very vindicated. with all the statements that were making. he feels incredibly optimistic. but you know, at the white hous white house, and trust administration, we were incredibly focused on the reason we all went to washington.
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what we are fighting for. >> he did mention a second ago that the mayor of walks out with, was constant, but that is threatened like last week, it could be overshadowed by jeff sessions appearance before the senate judicial committee tomorrow. they could be a lot of questions about russia and the two meetings that sessions had with the russian abbasid or while he was a center for the of alabama. not clear yet whether that testimony as can be an private or it will be public, but earlier, the present senior counselors talk about sessions upcoming testimony and another big issue she sees looming. >> if he is willing to share what he knows -- i really, yesterday was senator ryan feinstein, a democrat, saying that they would like to investigate further the fact that james comey exceeded the wishes of lynch about was a full-blown investigation to
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matter. taking something from an investigation and saying that it matters, is no small thing. >> jon: de mexico former fbi director, james comey, said the attorney general at the time came to him and said, the hillary clinton email investigation, call it a matter. one thing that dianne feinstein says needs to take a closer look at. they can raise the whole temperature with all this, jon scott. >> jon: talk about the frustration level of the white house. they're trying to focus the nation on things like the economy and jobs. i say, those are part of his trip to waukesha. other things people talk about is just james comey in russia. >> it's frustrating for the president, but he has to admit some of this is his own making. he does to some degree continue to perpetuate it.
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tweeting about james comey. saying that his leaks are of great concern. the communications director has at the president to treat so much. he has been in the past, because if you keep taking yourself off message, between six, you have an issue with not getting your agenda. this present is under siege like no other present before. maybe back since the early 1970s. we went and how is my cats what's doing on getting the president to reduce his tweetin tweeting? bow them in the president, he clearly got a hold of his twitter device. he started tweeting. there has been nothing significant today, so that is interesting to know as well. >> jon: that twitter machine was red-hot. john roberts in the white house. >> heather: right now, we are talking about the agenda and why
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is it crunch time to repeal and replace obamacare. the senate may send its own bill to the congressional budget office this week. there is growing concerns that conservatives, like mike lee, could oppose it. >> we are trying. we are working hard. look at the end of the day. if we are asked to vote on something that repeals obamacare, and it does so in a way that brings down the cost of health care for the american people, dan data something i can vote for. every bring forward something that doesn't repeal obamacare, it doesn't bring on the cost of health care, that is something i cannot vote for. it is not yet clear what it will look like at the end of the day. >> heather: joining us now, paul, former senior advisor to george w. bush. think for joining us. >> you bet. things have me. >> heather: some sinners are deeply divided. how can they reach a consensus? >> it will be very difficult. 52 republicans in the house. they need to have 50 republican supports.
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whatever measure they bring forward, plus the vice president. that gives them 51 votes they meet under reconciliation to move a measure. right from the beginning, the expectations is that they're not going to get a vote from rand paul. he's like a vote for anything. that means they can only lose one more, and it might be mike lee. the third center who is up for grabs, apparently, is ted cruz, but when you're that close to 50, a lot of people start to get weak, and you have to do a lot of hand-holding to get it acros across. >> heather: that is a good word for. how do you get those centers like the three that you mention, the over conservative ones, to get on board. do you make the build more conservative or more minor? >> here's where thing. you have to do both simultaneously. remember, your sense of moderates like alaska or of
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maine or of west virginia or of ohio. all, who have states that expanded medicaid. the senders from those states want to have a longer runway to phase out that expansion. it's a balancing act. you have to find something that will allow conservatives to vote for, and something that will allow senators from one of the medicaid, bankrupt states, to vote for. at the end of the day, the glue that has to keep this together is a sense that they have to do something. they can simply walk away and do nothing. if they do, that will hurt everybody. conservative or moderate. >> heather: on that note, will that be reason enough, because there are reports that mitch mcconnell knows he will not have the votes, but he will have a vote anyway. why vote on a bill that you know what impasse? >> well, you don't know you are going to pass a bill until you actually get to the floor and bring it up. you don't want to bring up a bill and have it be defeating. it is such a critical measure.
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if the republicans are gonna walk away without a vote, it would be worse than bringing it up for vote and losing it. they are damned if they do and they are damned if they don't. here's where thing, i've been talking to some people involved in the center process, and they seem to be more optimistic over the last week. this may be something that is big enough that republicans understand, we have to get a bill that is not perfect, that is better than the current situation and moves in the direction we want to go, which is the repeal of obamacare and replaced by a better system that will have consumer choice, more options, it will put the consumer first, not the government. >> heather: have you heard any specific yourself that you can share with us? >> just the general sense that there is an effort, a real effort, to get things done. it is either by the fourth of july or maybe shortly after the fourth of july that they will be in a position to vote. they would like to do before, sibley because everybody is
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wanting to go home before. they want to not hang up before the fourth of july. >> heather: we just mentioned at the top of the hour, that is the first time that the full cabinet will be meeting. they have a lot of work to do. how are they going to do, as we were discussing, get back on track and move beyond the james comey investigation? how do you get the work done like tax reform and >> first thing, stop talking about the things you don't want to talk about. the russian investigation and so forth. you have jeff session testify. james comey, strangely and said, he was not aware of the parameters that jeff sessions' recusal. james comey's was one of the people in the fbi and i got an email from jeff sessions that he
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was recusing himself and should not be briefed on any matter having to do with any investigation, current investigation or future investigation that involves the campaigns for president of the united states. that's pretty clear to me. don't talk to me about anything that has to do with the 2016 presidential race. either about hillary clinton or tron. he wanted to set the record straight. here's the deal. stop talking about the russian investigation. some talk about things that you don't want to and talk about things i do. when he went talk about his withdrawal from paris climate accord, but he talked about it one afternoon, and put several people on the sunday morning talk that said that prison is a talk about what you want from this administration. more than one day more than one voice to sustain attention. >> heather: control the mesh message which he did. >> he controlled it at best in the last few weeks of the
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campaign, which was the critical moment. he made jokes about it and the "post." it was a campaign of discipline, not impose, and it was at the exact moment that he needed that discipline and focus again. >> heather: maybe he is listening to right now. karl rove's. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jon: and as you have been talking with carl, we got word that the intelligence committing meeting, hearing i should say, tomorrow with the former senator, attorney general, jeff sessions is going to be in open session. that will please most democrats, like charles schumer, who said he wanted an open session. there was talk of keeping it behind closed doors, because of some of the matters that they would be delving into, but that will be taking place in open
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session. the cameras will be there. you can be as well. also, a major controversy over a shakespeare play. why sponsors are backing out on this new york production of "julius caesar" ." it also, president trump has been in office since january cap, but today he will have his only second full cabinet meeting. that's in part because of the length of time it took to get his cabinet officers confirmed. that schedule for today at 2:30. e insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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>> this is a big deal and will be on tomorrow on the fox news channel. that will add to, the give-and-take on the subject. the subject is, what will jeff sessions be down i come what will exactly he say? >> jon: he is appearing a lot of former colonies in the senate. iverson, chuck schumer really
8:19 am
wanted this to be an open session. sorted the attorney general himself. which side wins today here? >> i think we'll see after testimony. who will come out on top as for how this goes. i think jeff sessions has said, he has nothing to hide. he wants to get it all out in the open. absent, it is dangerous waters when you start talking about an investigation with the special counsel. all the things that have been set already. in sessions will sit on. the other thing that is interesting. if you talk about attorney general, you have relent out lynch who's in the spotlight as the clinton email investigation. you had the previous attorney general, who was censured for fast and furious, and recently, i knew fast and furious information that he was lying to the brian terry family. this is not a great succession of attorney generals.
8:20 am
we'll see as jeff sessions lays it out straight with his interaction with the russian investor tomorrow. >> jon: it is fascinating that james comey, when he testify laterally, that part of the reason he released his notes of the conversations with the president to the friend of his, who released it to the media, it was because he thought it would propel the appointment of a special counsel. >> that it has become the focus of the presidents focus as far as his tweets. what he talks about it. it is not leaking. it is the administration suggesting that james comey leaking that raises question about, what else would leak. that is not the last will hear about that. over the weekend, the interesting thing was lindsey graham speaking to the television to present trump. don't go oath because you can trip yourself.
8:21 am
if you don't say anything, you will be in a better position, because there is not a lot of facts here to back out the folks that are opposed to. that was lindsay graham on "face the nation." >> jon: let me read well quickly. i believe that james comey leaks will be more prevalent than anybody thought so. very illegal, very cowardly. i was late, lots of shoes to drop. thank you bret baier. see you tonight. >> heather: coming up, american soldiers coming under attack in afghanistan. why the latest, deadly assault is under investigation. we are live at the pentagon. severe weather across the country today. more would be coming later. >> speak i been through a lot of storms, but i've never seen this much help. >> apsley nothing i've ever seen. beautiful sunshine, and then
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amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> heather: welcome back. a fox extreme weather alert. a heat wave hitting the northeast that couldn't break records going back decades. here's the thing peered while that is happening, snow is falling out west and california sierra nevada. midwives recovering after violent storms yesterday. look at damage like in minnesota and wisconsin. the threat is still there. we do see more hail and high winds later today, with possible tornadoes and flash flooding in parts of the rockies in northern plains. >> jon: right now we are learning details about deaths in afghanistan. this comes as we are waiting for
8:26 am
defense secretary recommendation from trump. nationalistic correspondent limits pentagon now. >> the white house released the names of three soldiers who were killed in operation freedom sentinel over the weekend. they were killed on saturday in eastern afghanistan of gunshot wounds. the incidents is being investigated as a green on blue assault. an insider attack, allegedly carried out by a member of the afghan security system working with u.s. troops. speak out this was think that we saw a lot of a few years ago. with the afghans tiding down screening, and these number of incidences has really declined. there might be something to be learned here. we ought to study it. >> the soldiers were assigned to the 101 air force division assault in kentucky.
8:27 am
there was 25 a baltimore, maryland, 29 of california, and corporal, 22 of north kelowna. another u.s. soldier was injured in the attack. that attacker was immediately killed by u.s. forces. it occurred near the tunnels and eastern afghanistan, used by isis fighters. the same area at that the usa got the m.o. 8b. all have been fighting have been affiliate with isis. today, american forces are coming under attack. the taliban claimed credit for a roadside bombing. no u.s. forces were killed in that. they white house is still waiting the commanders. later today, chairman will testify before the house armed
8:28 am
services committee to justify the current dissent budget request. expect them to be asked about the looming decision about whether to increase u.s. forces. >> jon: the u.s. has to really trust the afghan forces and soldiers and how they are screened, so you don't get more of these green on blue or blue and green forces. >> absolutely. this is a very, very big problem, since they are fighting side-by-side. >> jon: jennifer griffin. thank you. >> heather: 's 22, 23, and 29. so young. widespread protests in russia. tens of thousands in the street to rally against corruption.thet vladimir putin wants to see. james comey find some former critics in the liberal meeting praising his attacks on the president. our media panel will weigh in. >> we just need overall answers. if there's nothing here, whether it is anybody or anyone in that
8:29 am
administration. it's to look really bad for having called for impeachment for so long when they come out and say, there is nothing here.
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>> jon: a former fbi director, james comey, getting some praise in the media after public testimony in front of the senate. liberals who harshly criticize his handling of the clinton investigation, now applaud the fired fbi director, who called the president, a liar.
8:33 am
kellyanne conway says that james comey vindicated mr. trump. >> let's talk about the things that we did learn yesterday. we didn't here. we heard nothing -- we heard that he is not under investigation. all the media who said he was, in that james comey has yet to apologize over attacks. there is no evidence of obstruction of justice or collusion. >> jon: was presented to our media planner. julia dimmick judy miller and bill mcgregor. both of them fox news contributes. so howard kurtz publish that james comey has gone from hero to zero more times that humanly possible. everybody on capitol hill, who was criticizing him, loves the guy. >> they love him because of what he has to say.
8:34 am
that is that the president is a liar, in "the new york times," they had one criticism that they got a story wrong that happened to talk about the alleged collusion between mr. trump, his aides, and russia. that was wrong. nobody came out that he was a boy scout. "the new york times" called him shakespearean. how short memories are. this is a guy, whom hillary clinton blames for losing her the election. >> jon: and he made some choices, decisions, in the hilary matter that everybody has palms. >> absolutely right. i think james comey is very aware of that. look, hillary clinton email investigation. he earned the wrath of the establishment. this is his redemption. he is anti-trump. it's also interesting, the narrative change. he met with the president, and
8:35 am
if he felt he was being pressured, dan did he have could go down. i would like to hear from the other fbi people that he shared that with, because it seems to me that it is a post firing interpretation that he said. >> jon: there is a lot of fbi agents, who were outraged that he chose -- that he essentially cleared hillary clinton of all possible charges, but saying that no prosecutor would charge her. >> he couldn't have known that. and also, while saying that she has no legal liability, he also proceeded to indict her in the public's mind by calling her increasingly careless with the handling of classified information. once again, he wanted it to have always, and he went way beyond, in my view, what prosecutors that she is not a prosecutor. he is the head of the fbi.
8:36 am
he was supposed to present the facts, and he did not do that. let's see what happens tomorrow. >> jon: what about the leaking of his own notes. >> i think this is outrageous what's considered a war product on an fbi computer can find its way to the press but not to the elected representatives of the people. congress doesn't see this. it's just outrageous. it's a very pernicious idea with james comey's. there's a civil service to have it keep an eye on the elected figure, when we elect people in a democracy to keep an eye on the permanent government. it's incredible. spill it and you have worked a washington. the idea that you release that he knew that it was can a bring on the special counsel. >> if it was the right thing the to do, why did he have to go to
8:37 am
a columbia professor? >> and on duty's point, he took the attorney general's role in saying that no prosecutor would prosecute. then he is in the room at donald trump, and now he says basically, this is abstraction. he did know. somehow, he didn't know what he was hearing? as judy says, he wants to have it always. you probably will. >> i know bill and i often times don't agree, but on this will be due. he is so slick. he is so smooth. he knows how to leak something in a way that his fingerprints aren't on it. now we has, might love that, but -- >> jon: he admits to it! >> that was interesting. i'm just a good old boy. i'm really trying to do the right thing here. look, i have seen right away prosecutors before. i know what happens when people like james comey and they have power with no checks and balances. i'm going to reserve judgment on
8:38 am
mr. james comey. >> fascinating times ahead. i am less generous. i will judge. bill mcgurk, judy miller. thank you. >> heather: happening right now. widespread and tech corruption in and moscow. announcing a national holiday. as a prominent opposite dimmick opposition leader while tens of thousands of people take to the streets. the last thing that the kremlin wants to see. amy kellogg is live with more and destroy. >> high heather. russians themselves will say they are patient people, and the government is famously tough on the opposition. by may poon has been in power now, header, for 17 years. the question always is. dude russians really want change? what will it take for them to really call for change? when will they do that? these protests today are the
8:39 am
second series of big protests in less than six months' time. that is significant, because this comes after a five-year period of quiet. as you mentioned, the authorities were very quick to arrest that protest leader, alexei navalny. he was seen in this chopper or drone shot taken in a blue shirt from his home as he was on his way to the protests in moscow. hundreds of people have also been arrested. alexei navalny was also arrested for by lay public order. the government has given him a permit to protest in one location, but all vendors he said refused to put up a stage or sound system there. he instructed his followers overnight to come out in march on the main shopping street in moscow. it goes right to red square. many of the protests were young.
8:40 am
many of them chanted saint such as, putin, sees. moscow and in st. peterborough. today is russia day, national holiday, so protesters are waving russian flags, drinking their anticorruption chance, basically, heather, to say, we love mother russia. we hate corruption. now alexei navalny will be in jail again for 15 days. he really wants to run for president next year. it's unlikely that that will happen. he has suspended sentence on him for fraud. he claims that is trumped up. again, this will all be developed in the course of the next few weeks. how do? >> amy kellogg life for us. thank you amy. >> jon: we are going to take you to the white house, where the president has a meeting with his full cabinet for the first time. let's listen in. >> this is the first cabinet meeting with the entire cabinet
8:41 am
in the present. the acclamation process has been record-setting long. i mean record-setting long. with some of the finest people in our country and delayed and delayed and delayed. but that is much over. now, we are going to go through the regular process of people with other levels and government, and that is a very long process also. it includes ethics committees, which has become a very to deal with. all that being said, we now have our cabinet approved. i know when a welcome secretary of agriculture, purdue. secretary of labor, alex. national director of intelligence. u.s. trade representative, robert. is this a very incredible, talented group.
8:42 am
generals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and many others. i choose each person at this table and i chose them not only because of their remarkable experience and success, but because they all united under what they want to do. very simple, but beautiful goal. serving and defending our beloved nation. together, we are working every day and working very hard for our country to protect the safety. bringing back jobs and putting always, america first. when i ran, make america great again, and this is what we're doing. we are doing it at a much faster pace than anybody thought. i would say never has there been a president with few exceptions, fdr. he had a major depression.
8:43 am
whose passport legislation, have done more things between executive orders in the job killing regulations that have been terminated. many bills, 34 bills that congress signed, supreme court justice that it's going to be a great one. he can be a great supreme court justice, and many things that we've achieved tremendous success, and we have been about as active as you can possibly b be. at about record-setting pace. and we are achieving these goals by eliminating these job killing regulations. unlocking america energy, rebuilding our military, pursuing fair and reciprocal trade deals, achieving massive reductions in illegal immigration. transforming veteran affairs, build a new partnership among countries and nations to defeat terrorism, that you have to do. this is a great. we are doing and seen amazing
8:44 am
results. in fact, there's been a major surges in the newspaper and the miners are going back to work. a pretty big story. can you believe it? surprise. is kicking in very fast. more small businesses are planning to hire then and any point in over a decade, and last month, on employment fell and it lowest point in 16 years. i recently returned from a trip overseas that included deals for more than $350 billion worth of military and economic investment in the united states. these deals will bring many thousands of jobs to our countr country. in fact, it will bring millions of jobs ultimately and help saudi arabia take a greater role instability in that region. one of the big things that we didn't, and you are seeing it now and qatar come in all things that are happening in a positive fashion, we are stopping
8:45 am
terrorism. they will stop the funding of terrorism. that's not an easy fight, but that is a fight we will win. we are just going to starve the bases. believe me. the secretary has been working to repeal and replace obamacare. the house passed a bill. the senate has it right now. mitch mcconnell is working very, very hard, as are the republican senators. we will have zero backing from the democrats, even though they should get in and do something, but we expect to get zero. if we have the greatest bill in the history of the world on health care, we would not get one vote from the democrats, because they are obstructionist. that's what they want to do. that's their best political gai gain. so far, we've had two races, and we won both races. dave spent billions and billions of dollars. we have another one coming up,
8:46 am
and we have do been doing very well. they are obstructionist, and that is sad. we are coming up with something that i believe will be very good with zero support from the obstructionist democrats. sad. second termination is hoping to put together the biggest single tax cut in american history, and that will also be a big part of tax reform. director mulvaney is going to introduce a new budget, that cuts waits for washington's spending protects the taxpayer. that will help the people that need taking care of. that is a first step, but we will be taking care of the people that have to be taken care of. on a human basis that is very, hear fromtant. secretary rex tillotson and
8:47 am
james madison how we are combating isis. we've had tremendous success against isis and the middle east. we are doing very, very well. we're going to be having a news conference, and you will see numbers that you would not have believed. frankly, if you look at two even six months ago, you would not believe it is possible. secretary will talk water veterans. we've also been strongly pushing for the d.a. cap debility act to ensure the va will be accountable if they fail our great veterans. it's passed the senate, and the house is voting tomorrow. tomorrow, we have a big out coming, and i think will be in good shape.
8:48 am
that is something that is going to be great for our veterans. we are also going to hear from secretary costa that will happen today, expanding apprenticeships and getting people back to work. we had the lowest number in terms of unemployment and many, many years. at the same time, i always argued with that number, because it doesn't take into account millions of millions of people that have given up looking for jobs. we are going to be doing something about that, and we are going to get the people back to work. you see that in ohio, and it has started in pennsylvania, north carolina, south carolina, florida. you see the numbers. i called them the forgetting men and women, but they will not be forgotten. believe me. there are many jobs that do not require a four-year degree. the and the massive debt that also often comes with those
8:49 am
degrees and even two years degrees. these jobs require advanced skills and technical skills. apprenticeships are very good from a trump standpoint. apprenticeships. there can be a big factor in our country. people with tremendous talent, maybe up mechanical talent, fixing an engine or a motor, that a lot of people that graduated high in the class at the best colleges in the world have no clue or would never be good at. it's a different kind of ability, but is a great ability nonetheless. we can help get our young people protected in the technical training they need to pursue really exciting careers and careers that they can make good money. they can really earn a great, great salary and help in small businesses. if everybody in this room continues to do their jobs, then we can restore american prosperity and make millions of
8:50 am
millions of dollars, and we can make more these people and make the american dream come true. make the american dream come true. there's a lot of people that will not have had that experience without the election results that we have in novembe november. so we're here to change washington, return power to the people. we are here to give people a great shot at a great, great job, and even opening small businesses for other people. i look forward to hearing all of the reports of the different people in the room today. we have now, as i said, as much as anybody ever should in a period of time. that's despite a tremendous opposition from the other side we have done something that is very special. you see it in economics, because the economic numbers have been incredible. when just came out almost
8:51 am
$4 trillion in work has been created in the stock markets of our country. just take a look at that. 700,000 jobs have been created in a very short time. since election. 700,000 jobs for it if we would've had said that in november 8th, nobody would have believed in the numbers. almost $4 trillion in the stock market have been created, everybody would've laughed laughed at you. it would have, that's ridiculou ridiculous. that's what it is. we are very proud of it. we have a phenomenal team of people, a great of talent, we are really now seen the early fruits of their labor. some of them will be able to kick in statutorily. you have to wait some time before you're allowed to do that. we'll be having some major legislation very soon on the
8:52 am
dumping in our country. it is absolutely killing our workers and are still industry. where can be having some legislation into the dumping of aluminum and other things into our country. it is killing our workers. we'll be announcing that very soon. so, what we will do, most of you know. most the people around the room no, but i will pass on to our vice president peer where our vice president? >> darius. mabel start with them. name your position, it will as these folks have a good day. mike? >> thank you mr. president. the greatest privilege of my life. vice president is keeping his word to the american people. assembling in a team that is bringing real change. real prosperity.
8:53 am
>> mr. president. i would like to be here and celebrate this group we are receiving, as you know, i don't know if the press knows, but the support of the law enforcement all over america. they are very, very frustrated. they are so thrilled, that we have a new idea. we are going to support them and work with them properly, lawfully fight the rising crime that we see. it is an honor to serve you in that regard and set the right message, and it it is being responded to the country. >> president trump: great success. including and 13. they've been throwing out in record numbers. there being depleted. you're right. thank you. >> mr. president. i have a privilege and am deeply honored and your commitment to the american workers.
8:54 am
this week is a full schedule review, focusing on the american worker. we are very sad at the department of labor and the apprenticeship program. ill make a difference. >> president trump: thank you. congratulations. >> mr. president. it is an honor to be on the team. lastly, i had the privilege of representing america and china at the green energy ministry. good times. they needed to hear why america was stepping away from the paris accord, and they did. america is not stepping back, but we are stepping in the fight and sending messages. we are still going to be leaders in the world when it comes to the climate. we are knocking to be held hostage to some executive order that was the old fallout. my hats off to you for taking a stand and presenting a clear message to the world, that america is going to continue to lead in this area of energy.
8:55 am
>> thank you mr. president. it is a new day at the united nations. we now have a very small voice heard people know what date united states are for. they know we are against, and they see as leading across the board. i think the international committee is going to know that. >> kind words about the budget. you're absolutely right. we are to be able to take care of the people who need it. at the same time in your direction, we are also able to focus on the forgotten men and women who are paying those taxes. i appreciate your support. >> president trump: thank you. >> good morning mr. prison. it's nice to be back in united states i was back at 1:00 in italy. at the g7, focus on the environment. the message was that united states is focused on growth and protect indian government back environment. >> good morning mr. prison. the community has never faced the diversity that attacks our country in our lifetimes. when men and women who are
8:56 am
working 24/7, seven days a week to make sure that we are on top of all these things. it is a joy to be working with people that i have inherited, we will provide debts continue to provide you with this part so you can form policies do a tackle issues. >> mr. president, it is an honor to serve the students of the country and to work to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to get a great education. therefore, a great future. >> president trump: thank you. >> mr. president. what an incredible honor it is to lead. i can't thank you enough to give that you've given me privilege. it seems like there's international flair to the messages that are being delivered. i have the opportunity to represent the u.s. at the g20 in berlin. can't tell you how honored i am
8:57 am
to speak about the united states leadership and the global health security. >> mr. president, as your seal on your staff. it is an honor to be your steward and public plan, the generator of energy. i am deeply honored. i am committed and optimistic that we can both be great stewards be the world's largest reducer of energy. it's >> president trump: we can do both. thank you. >> mr. president, it is an honor to serve the country. it is an honor you've given me. we are engaged with our allies to ensure that they know where our common interest lie, our expectations are, and that america will continue. they must do more. they must meet their obligations both from a national security standpoint but also creating divisions of stability prosperity, and for our adversaries, we are engaging and will engage. they know we'll be engaging from a position of strength to
8:58 am
protect america's national interest, and we expect to tackle some these differences. >> there is an to represent. his gray folk at the sacrifices that people are making, in order to strengthen the military and always to negotiate from the position of strength. >> thank you for the opportunity to help cycle the trade deficit. the other countries are begrudgingly getting used to the free rides. they are not happy with the growing recognition and they will a chance to help you move up your campaign promises. >> mr. president, last week was great with infrastructure week. thank you so much for coming over. hundreds of hundreds of people were just so thrilled, watching
8:59 am
your ceremony. i want to thank you for getting this country moving again. also, communicated that. >> mr. president, thank you for being here. for the millions of women that serve your country and dhs. the people who enjoy and facilitate to improve the legal movement of people and commerce across our borders. at the same time, we've a long way to safeguard in the southern border. we are working with all of our partners. 70% drop in illegal immigration. we still welcome illegal immigrants to illegal immigrants. >> i apologize for being late to work. [laughter] i got bogged down in the swamp.
9:00 am
i also traveled. i got back from paris, where he met with the ocd and gol vote. the message was the matter of coming down. >> think a present. i can tell you that as i've been traveling internationally. optimism, from small businesses. continuing to the workforce to help small businesses are creating new jobs. while they are up, mentoring and outreach is being sensitive. we are on a good project sherry is a lot of work to do.


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