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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  June 12, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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good night. >> eboni: i am eboni k. williams along with eric bolling and kat timpf. we are "the fox news specialists" ." another blockbuster day for capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions will publicly testify in front of the senate intel committee tomorrow afternoon. this is the latest twist in the russian investigation. it comes as one of president trump's biggest supporters raises questions about the integrity of the probe following jim comey's testimony last week. >> i think this is going to be a witch hunt. i think comey himself by his own testimony tainted this process. the director of the fbi
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deliberately leaking in order to create a special counsel. i think that's nonsense. i distrust independent councils. i think the people mueller is bringing in are dangerous people, and any republican who thinks this council is going to be neutral is crazy. it will be like expecting the post or "the new york times" to be accurate. >> eboni: the president's critics, such as the fired u.s. attorney, are going full speed ahead over obstruction of justice accusations. >> i think there is evidence to begin a case. i think it's very important for all sorts of armchair spectators in the law to be clear that no one knows right now whether there is a provable case of obstruction. it's also true i think based on what i see is a third party, that there is no basis to say there is no obstruction. >> eboni: is this just sour grapes? look how well i know you. >> eric: trump basically said he was going to -- what is preet
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going to do next? newt gingrich makes a good point. james comey, in the middle of the night, after he was fired, realizes he is going to somehow form the dialogue that's going to require a special counsel. in the middle of the night he gets up and leak his memo, tells his friend to leak the memo to "the new york times." at that point from his private citizen. he shouldn't be doing that. not his job to get an independent counsel appointed for the term case. it is going to be a witch hunt, i agree. >> eboni: may be jim comey thinks it's his patriotic duty to make sure we have a special counsel. >> kat: perhaps. also we are talking about newt gingrich, what he said about the special counsel when it was announced, that this guy was great. honest, integrity. the media better calm down. it's a case of deciding how you
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feel about somebody. based on what is politically convenient. >> eboni: let's meet today's specialists. she's an entrepreneur, family law attorney, and a regular on the fox news channel but she specializes in being the best mom ever, kisha hebbon is here. he's a radio talk show host trade he is also the author of the book "liars and whores" and he is the current host of his radio show. his specialty is everything tech. ethan ethan bearman is here. kat is referring to a tweet from newt gingrich. "robert mueller is as approved choice to be special counsel. reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. the media should calm down now." so which is it? >> ethan: of all things
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newt gingrich should know something about special investigators. in the 1990s, we spent a lot of time with kenneth starr because of special investigators. newt gingrich was speaker of the house one that went on. it's political expediency on the part of mr. gingrich, and i leave it at that. >> eric: newt gingrich is, things have changed since robert mueller was originally announced as a special investigator. he has decided to bring in a lot of extra firepower so may be, newt is entitled to change his opinion, is enough? >> ethan: of course he is. >> kat: and we are entitled to call it out. >> eboni: i think eric is right, but when you talk about integrity, and as attorneys we can speak about it. it's your reputation over a long period of time that one would think would create a notion of integrity in your reputation. >> kisha: i agree, and i think with the situation, wheeler has a reputation of doing the right thing and i'm sure is not going to place himself in a position
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where he is looked at as having a conflict of interest and not doing anything about it. one of the things i thought about is he also has the option to use someone else on his team to deal with the comey. he doesn't have to do everything. there's a team of people. >> eboni: eric, i'm going to take a wild guess and say i think you think comey and mueller are homeboys. >> eric: they have worked together in the past. >> eboni: it did seem like he was -- >> eric: under the clinton administrations, they worked together. >> eboni: we know that both of them, and correct me if i'm wrong, they both enjoyed bipartisan leadership. they both worked under bush and obama. >> eric: president obama appointed james comey as fbi director but they worked under bipartisan leadership, not in this capacity.
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>> eboni: fair enough. ethan, if we are looking at this well, kat actually. looking at this. you want to think a special prosecutor is the answer. many people thought this was the only way to get to the nitty-gritty. if it is not robert mueller, who is it that will satisfy both sides? >> kat: no one is going to be satisfied. however the special prosecutor is, everyone should want the truth. if there is something that goes against the outcome, they are going to blame it on the person. that is politics. >> eboni: i think we should ask lindsey graham. president trump getting some words of caution from his friend and long-running senator. >> so frustrating for republicans like me. you may be the first president in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriate he talking about an investigation that, if you were just quiet, it would clear you. frustrating for me to want to
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help the man who i think will do big things. no other republican would do. >> eboni: does this remind you of clients you have? please do me a favor and zip it. >> kisha: yes, every lawyer's nightmare, when you talk too much. it hurts you. >> eboni: eric, you've been consistent saying the president should keep tweeting and that his base and many people do want to hear from him. is there any validity to what senator graham is talking about? >> eric: never, not now, not five years ago, not five years from now. he is no friend of trump. he was anti-trump from the beginning. he and mccain are two anti-trump. john mccain said something about the foreign policy being better under president obama than president trump. i wish they would go off into the sunset and enjoy their
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retirement. 174,000 a year they make. enjoy the retirement. >> eboni: on that note, i think lindsey graham, let's say you taken at face value and you think maybe he's not a friend of trump for sure but he does want to see some -- he's a republican but he feels trump is making a difficult period >> kat: the original issue was the idea of trump and russia and collusion. that's what people were looking into and now it is trump obstruction. there would be no trump obstruction if it would not be for trump saying things. that's the fact of the matter, eric. i'm not saying it's fair or not fair. >> eric: even comey said -- >> kat: excuse me. i agree with you. >> eric: the one guy who people are saying has proof of any potential obstruction has said on the stand under oath no, i don't have any evidence of batch. >> kat: i don't think there is
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and it's very hard to prove. >> eric: why are we talking about it? >> ethan: i completely disagree. james comey said i don't make that judgment call. we have to be 17 saying we have the evidence to start charging case. furthermore, any lawyer -- >> eric: under what grounds? what did he obstruct? >> kisha: >> ethan: he attempteo obstruct the investigation. brought the fbi director in the oval office and asked everyone else to leave. it's like a mob boss thing you're going to do me this favor. >> eric: he never asked for anything. he said i hope you find it -- move on. not obstruction. let's ask the counselor. are these obstruction? >> kisha: i have to say there is no clear-cut evidence of
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obstruction of justice but it does smell of a fishy situation paraguay would president meat along with the head of the fbi and say i hope you can let this go? or we can drop this? >> eboni: the counterargument would say he wanted privacy. he wanted to be able to develop a relationship with his sitting fbi director. the point we are demonstrating, all of us, you can argue it either way. that's the point. >> eric: but the obstruction is not arguable either way. it is or it isn't, and there has to be evidence of it. so far, we have no evidence. >> kisha: that's why we have them to determine whether there is sufficient evidence. >> eboni: hopefully robert mueller will give us some facts. we also have ivanka trump, daughter and special assistant, sitting down with "fox & friends" today to provide
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analysis. >> there is a level of viciousness that i was not expecting. i was not expecting the intensity of the experience. this isn't supposed to be easy. my father and this administration intends to be transformative. i didn't expected to to be easy. i think some of the distractions and some of the ferocity, i was blindsided by it on a personal level. >> eboni: you know this family well, eric. running for the white house is no easy feat, especially with the contention in this election right here. what about it do you think was surprising for them? >> eric: she points out, ivanka trump points out, the veracity of the left. we have the liberal media holding up the blood he had of her father. >> eboni: you don't think they saw this coming? >> eric: i don't think anyone saw the trump derangement
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syndrome coming. the interview with ivanka, she is someone to keep your on because i think if donald trump for some reason decides not to run in 2020, keep your eye on ivanka trump. i think she can be a major political player. >> eboni: her likability is higher than her father's. that's why i ask that point. on favorability and on likability of hillary clinton and donald trump were at a world-class low. that's why i'm surprised at her being surprised by the treatment. >> ethan: we have three administrations of the role of derangement syndrome. bush, obama, trump. politics is beyond a blood sport. it's the full on roman colosseum. we are wanting heads and everything else, as horribly evidenced by kathy griffin. you have to know what you are getting into at this point because we are seeing these things going on. and i hope we can find our way
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forward out of this and be a better country where we are not just viciously attacking over every little thing. i think ivanka has gone more than her fair share of getting attacked for what her father has done. she is not her father. >> kat: look at what happened when mitt romney made the binders full of women comments. it was peak outrage, horribly sexist. then you have trump who has been caught saying things that are unquestionably very offensive, you can't be surprised you're going to have this backlash. >> eric: they were literally attacking barron trump, an 11-year-old. unfair, uncalled for. i don't see it getting any better, though. what's going to make it better? >> ethan: some positive conversations. if we just attack the other side instead of finding cup mice, to say, you know what, these are real issues. >> eric: you have a republican president. i am waiting for the left to have a positive conversation.
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you can't even find it on some shows were purportedly republicans are around. >> eboni: for the record, i think the bush daughters, the obama daughters, and barron trump should be off-limits. we have to run, quick programming note. be sure to catch special coverage of the jeff sessions tomorrow beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern. when we come back, it's time to wake up, america. trump-inspired production of julius caesar sparked in uproar after depicting the assassination of our president, and it's got eric bolling all fired up.
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>> eric: it is time for wake up, america. just when you thought it was impossible, liberal left wing nut jobs in hollywood and broadway have reached a new low, lower than the low that was reached last week when kathy griffin simulated the beheading of president trump. now a production of julius caesar went lower with a horrifying and tasteless scene.
2:19 pm
in the shakespearean play, julius caesar is assassinated. in the shakespeare in the park adaptation, president trump is assassinated. the trump character stabbed repeatedly over and over. blood flying everywhere. multiple assassins take turns stabbing a dying president. we highlighted this disgusting scene, and the sponsors reacted swiftly. delta air lines is the largest sponsor, and they pulled out of funding for the production. bank of america followed because this isn't art. this is just disgusting. that's my opinion but apparently not the opinion of "the new york times" who vowed to remain its sponsors as well as time warner will also remain as sponsors. the cnn host called it a "masterpiece" it is not art, not free speech and not a
2:20 pm
masterpiece. just hate. i remember something less hate filled happening, a rodeo clown who wore an obama mask. the left-wing media hypocrites went apoplectic. the rodeo clown was fired over the outrage. lefties, apply the same outrage to the folks at julius caesar. i dare you. he would demanding it would be shut down. or more predictably, you will defend the play as artistic expression. the liberal media is loaded with hypocrisy and devoid of american values. i'm going to give my free-speech advocate a shot at this. am i too harsh on the liberal media for not speaking up on the play? >> kat: they lost to sponsors and it's not hard to see why
2:21 pm
when you're talking about what's going to be socially except for when start to involve something where there there is the depiction of the assassination of a president. it's going to be unpopular and you will face consulates is. the consequences have to come outside of the law. in a free society, it's free-speech. it's a fictional play. it is not a direct threat. hate speech is free-speech. it >> eric: i like to point out i'm not against free speech. i am against boycotts, but in this case -- the monologue was about the hypocrisy from the left. the rodeo clown who put an obama mask on got fired and was told he was not allowed at the rodeo again. >> eboni: i think you are hard because i think both sides are starting to get called out. there is the cnn host referred to the president as a piece of feces, old quick as the host.
2:22 pm
as kat said, the play losing delta and bank of america sponsors. free-speech, absolutely. free-speech isn't necessarily free. there is a consequence that comes along with voicing your opinion when certain people take issue. >> eric: it is free-speech, you can yell fire whenever you want unless you're going to put people in danger. some people are acting on these impulses, the depiction of a president being assassinated or beheaded. >> kisha: i think people need to lighten up again. i agree it's disrespectful, but it's a play. isn't that what acting is all about? i don't feel it should be taken to the extent of, you know, they still have tons of other sponsors. >> eric: this play has been going on for a long time, shakespeare and the president obama -- the killing of president obama's julius caesar was nothing like this.
2:23 pm
this is a completely different depiction. >> kisha: the production feels this is an artistic expression. a >> eric: of what? disdain and hate for president trump. >> kisha: we had it with president obama. our politics is at such an all-time low and disrespectful all around, but i think in these situations, you can't necessarily say it's outright trying to make a threat to the president. >> eric: let me ask you, ethan. my calling out of the left, i am pointing out they were apoplectic about the rodeo clown and all he did was wear an obama mask. he wasn't killed. nothing bad happened to him. he wore the mask. meanwhile, president trump here in this depiction is destroyed, mauled, pulled apart. >> ethan: i am not pleased with the adaptation. art is in the eye of the beholder so they have the free
2:24 pm
right to do that. the advertisers have a right to pull out as well. i am not a fan of boycotts of anybody who is expressing their free speech. i'm a fan of the individual to use their wallet is the number one way to vote beyond the voting booth. it's even more powerful. i want the violence to end and violent back. this is back to what we were talking about. we have commonalities as americans and we need to work together and be friends with one another and talk to each other, not just attacking the other side. i think we can do that. >> kat: the idea of the tolerant left is a myth. i don't think there is tolerance anywhere. you've got to say free-speech. you said it didn't fall under free-speech. >> eric: they are being tolerant to this when it was -- but when it was present obama, they weren't so tolerant. >> eboni: i didn't hear any outrage from the right one president obama was depicted repeatedly in a noose, hanging.
2:25 pm
consistency is important. >> eric: that's what i am looking for. both are wrong and i recall that out. >> kisha: i agree with eboni, when president obama was in office, he was disrespected on so many levels. he stood there and took it. all he had to do is do his job. we are in such an adversarial climate. the >> eric: in five months of a presidency, we have had his head being severed by kathy griffin, madonna calling out and saying we need to blow up the white house. snoop dogg pointing a gun at the presidents head and now we have this mauling of a president in shakespeare in the park. in eight years of president obama's term, i don't think i recall it. >> eboni: i think that's personal, eric. i recall. we saw a dummies of on fire. >> eric: house of thrones had bush's head on the stake.
2:26 pm
"game of thrones." >> eboni: that is different from the racial tones. >> eric: democrat calling for an investigation into loretta lynch and her alleged meddling into the hillary clinton email probe. later, you've got to see this. "the fox news specialists" took yankee stadium by storm for fox fan weekend. don't go away. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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cancers to worsen. do not use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs. most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. don't wait. ask your veterinarian about apoquel today. apoquel. it's itch relief worth barking about. bark >> kat: new aftershocks from james comey's bombshell claim last week that last year then attorney general loretta lynch told comey to refer to the hillary clinton email probe as a matter instead of an investigation. the revelation is so stunning
2:31 pm
that now one of the most powerful democrats in congress is demanding answers. >> i would have a queasy feeling too, to be candid. i think we need to know more about that. there's only one way to know about it, and that's to have the judiciary committee take a look at it. >> kat: i lately agree. -- i completely agree. >> kisha: comey said, i got fired. i have bringing everyone down. all the things coming out of the testimony. the president being accused of obstruction of justice. loretta lynch and sessions. it's crazy. >> eboni: plenty of comey ammunition to go around. i have to say, eric, i've pretty much been supportive of loretta lynch but i have a problem with this because you can't be taking your talking points from a
2:32 pm
presidential campaign. that's what this amounts to essentially. that language comes straight from the clinton campaign. >> eric: would this rise to the level of obstruction, donald trump saying i hope the flynn thing goes away, if that rises to that level, wouldn't this? >> ethan: absolutely. i fully support an investigation into attorney general lynch. this needs to be investigated. i don't care of the political party. if you are not looking out for the best interests of the country as a whole, it should be investigated. >> kisha: one of the problems that i see in these events is how do you prove it? >> eboni: that's what the memos are for. >> kisha: but she can say no i didn't.
2:33 pm
is it recorded? >> eric: have you guys lost credibility in james comey because i certainly have. if this alleged obstruction of justice or this occurrence was happening over a period of time andd in front of congress with his hands up under oath and said no, i've never experienced anything like that. to leak a memo after saying that under oath, he has lost all credibility on my side. has he lost it on the left? >> kisha: to play devil's advocate, i think he may have leaked the memo because he had no faith in the justice department. maybe he felt if he went to whoever he was supposed to go to, nothing would have been done. >> eric: he testified under oath, he was asked, have you ever experienced obstruction of justice by the department of justice. he said no, not only of my never experienced that at the doj. i have never experienced it period. because that would be wrong, illegal.
2:34 pm
he gave donald trump a wide, clear paths. it >> eboni: i am going to disagree a little bit with my friend kisha. everybody should be questioning jim comey's credibility. the left and right and everybody in between. i think many people, the democrats and things like this, are supporting comey because he has positioned himself as an adversary to donald trump. >> kat: everyone makes decisions based on political convenience and they will change their minds again. >> eric: if you give credence to this memo, where is the memo after loretta lynch told him to call an investigation a matter. >> eboni: important points. the memo probably doesn't exist. this is not about making james comey a hero. the democrats were upset with jim comey and wanted his resignation when he reopened the heller investigation, that's what this is spirit he is positioning himself as the
2:35 pm
anti-trump. >> kat: political convenience. the threat from isis and radical islamic terror is spreading across the globe, so why are anti-sharia law protests becoming the target of the left?
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>> eric: welcome back to "the fox news specialists." our specialists are ethan bearman and kisha hebbon. anti-sharia law protests taking place across the weekend. focusing on highlighting the threat of spreading radical islam and terror but the protesters were met with left-wing counter demonstrators.
2:40 pm
[chanting] >> eric: why is the left focusing this rage at anti-sharia protests. by the way, today is the one year since the most deadly terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11, one year ago today, 49 men and women were murdered at the polls nightclub in orlando. the perpetrator was nice is sympathetic. -- was in isis sympathizer. >> eboni: here is the issue. i don't think anyone was more underserved by that reaction than moderate muslims.
2:41 pm
the inability to make distinctions between law-abiding moderate faithful muslims and radical islamic terror is part of the problem. i give people credit that they can understand the distinction. we are safer when that happens. >> eric: this afternoon, i am preparing for this segment and thinking, where is the moderate muslim voice? the council on american islamic relations put out an email, a statement. the website put out the statement. i am thinking they are going to mark 49 people dead one year ago at the hand of a radical islamic extremist. i went through this thing and looking for a link to anything regarding paul's nightclub in orlando, nothing. they are talking about civil rights, anti-sharia protests. and talking about everything except the terror attacks.
2:42 pm
i find it scary. your thoughts, kat. >> kat: i agree with where you stand, eboni. it is important to be tolerant and open with moderate muslims. but when we talk about female genital utilization, which is still going on. it's not getting better. we can't be afraid to talk about those things for the sake of political correctness because it's a sick, evil thing happening. but it's important to make the distinction. >> eric: one of the links, anti-islam rallies intended to manufacture fear of the muslim community. >> kisha: i think there is some truth in that statement. very few people i interact with -- the difference between islam and what they are talking about with sharia law, they see
2:43 pm
some of the barbaric processes of female genital mutilation, as eboni pointed out. isis wants to kill all of the muslims that don't want to subjugate themselves to their twisted interpretation of islam. >> eric: these protests aren't anti-muslim. they are anti-sharia law. they want to make sure it doesn't creep into our society. >> kisha: i don't think it's possible, first of all. this is the united states. you can't impose a law on a whole country. but i agree that you can't categorize one religion. the focus should be on every group that exercises these barbaric, torturous acts against people and humanity. >> eric: once a year or so, there is a protest on sixth avenue. it is april muslim protest. everyone is very respectful.
2:44 pm
there wasn't a day throwing things. >> eboni: that's ignorant. these are people refusing to make the distinction and they are doing so at the expense of the people they say they are trying to help and protect. >> kat: if you get upset as an anti-sharia protests, then you are looping in all of the other muslims. if you can't make the distinction, then you are doing more harm than good. >> eric: ethan and kisha, am i being overly optimistic hoping that the council on american relations would go so far as to denounce radical islam. >> ethan: i would love for
2:45 pm
them to separate themselves from hamas and hezbollah as well. if we have dialogue and continue to point out what's made this country great and stopping people who want to commit terror from coming into this country, if we engage and communicate, that's how we can get to the place where we meet. >> kisha: i think you are optimistic. groups like this have their loyalty to their religion, some of them hate americans new matter how much it makes sense to unite and do the right thing, so unfortunately, i don't have any faith in it. >> eric: we are going to leave it there. democrats proving they will go to any lengths to undermine president trump. attorneys general of maryland and d.c. are suing him over foreign payments to his businesses. ♪
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>> kat: democratic attorneys general of maryland and d.c. are filing suit against
2:50 pm
president trump. they allege he has violated the constitution over foreign payments to his businesses. is it a frantic legal shot from the left to try to undercut the administration? eboni, we haven't seen a situation like this with the president in office who has this kind of business empires towards uncharted territory. >> eboni: here is where i want to go. they are talking about the emoluments clause. article 1 of the constitution. to prevent our government and leadership from being influenced by foreign governments. here is the issue, and i want to turn to eric as well. we don't want to penalize business people from going into political leadership. a lot of people in this country voted for exactly that. they are tired of status quo politicians and they want someone with business acumen and the white house. for me, it looks like a premature lawsuit because i'm not sure exactly what they are alleging.
2:51 pm
they say something about trump tower getting a bunch of money but where is he bought and paid for influence? >> kisha: one of the biggest issues here, differentiates president trump from former presidents is that he didn't put it in a neutral trust. allowing his son to control the businesses. the public is going to feel he is still controlling it. he still has say in what goes on with the business entities and canpresident to influence. >> eric: a lot of "could"s. if you work in the white house, if you work for the administration, you have to divest. like what rex tillerson did. rex tillerson had something like $400 million in exxon stock. he had to put into blind trust. the vice president and the president are excused from that ruling, the emoluments clause does not apply to those too. would people like president trump to say i'm going
2:52 pm
to put this into a blind trust and not touch it? they would like it. i personally don't have a problem with that but here's the point. the reason why they are excluded as president and vice president, because you want the best people to be your president and if the best person is a businessman who can't divest, then he should be. therefore they are exempt from the emoluments clause. >> eboni: that's what we have, but i see you smirking. >> ethan: we haven't litigated this before. >> eric: not even up for debate. the president and vice president are excused. they are not under the emoluments clause. >> ethan: the minute president trump was elected, i said we will finally get an answer to the question of what it means to have a business person become president. that's what he's done. he doesn't have a background in politics. he wasn't part of the party
2:53 pm
system. now we will get absolute answers to these questions. >> kat: when we return, eboni and i crashed the fox sports broadcast of a new york yankees game this weekend. this is a big deal. i've never been on anything sports. >> eboni: we come bearing gifts. >> kat: yankee stadium will never be the same. we will show you next. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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>> eboni: time to circle back. starting with the great experience we had at yankee stadium. fox sports let out into their broadcasting booth. the yankees match up against the baltimore orioles. >> tell us about the show on fox news. >> eboni: every day monday through friday. cohosted by myself, kat, and eric bolling. he is fantastic. not here with us today. the really cool part, two news specialists every day. new voices for our viewers. >> kat: people can hear what we have to think. they don't know what the other two are going to think and how we will interact.
2:58 pm
it is new, exciting and fresh every day. >> when people get tired of what john and i say, they can add to our ranks. >> eboni: how fun was that? we had a blast. everyone's spirits were helped by the yankees crushing the orioles on saturday and sunday. special thanks to all of you fans who showed up, especially those who had such nice things to say about our show. there was one question, eric bolling, where were you? >> eric: you guys were amazing. if this specialists thing doesn't work out, you can fill in for fox sports. you knew what you were talking about. i was in a dentists chair. >> eboni: you are the real baseball experts. kisha, you are self-proclaimed mother of the year. i've seen you in action. you are a wonderful mother.
2:59 pm
>> kisha: she is going to high school in september. the proud author of a book about to be published. "anything but ordinary." >> eric: i want to ask this guy, how do you defend yourself -- define yourself? what is your political leaning? >> ethan: i call myself "no party preference." i look at the country as a whole, at the law, each topic individually. >> eric: thank you, ethan. >> eboni: thank you to our fox news specialists today, ethan bearman and kisha hebbon. follow us on social media at specialistsfnc on twitter and facebook. remember, 5:00 will never be the same. be sure to catch fox's special coverage of the jeff sessions
3:00 pm
hearing tomorrow starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. "special report" is next. >> bret: while president trump pushes his plans to try to move forward, the president's attorney general plans to testify in open session about the ag's past meetings with the russian ambassador and his ties to the russian investigation. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. tonight president trump would like you to be thinking about the u.s. economy. he has stats suggesting things are getting better, but the main focus of much of washington continues to be the russia probe. jeff sessions preparing to testify tomorrow.


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