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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 13, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and friends" first. look at that shot of the sunrise over central park. rob: thank you for starting the day with us. on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions will take the hot seat. heather: the next probe taking place in front of the cameras. >> sessions is preparing to tell his side of the story. >> reporter: another busy day in washington under oath, attorney general jeff sessions will face tough questions from the senators this afternoon, sure to come up, contact with russian officials as well as accusations from james comey's testimony, the white house says they welcome the testimony so they can move on. >> the president has been clear that he believes the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt
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with, he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and be done with it so he can continue -- >> new revelations the president may be considering firing independent counsel bob mueller. longtime friend of the president chris reddy has this to say on pbs last night. >> i think he is considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. he is weighing that option. >> he is not the first to sour mueller. newt gingrich blasting him yesterday, unfair to the people he is hiring on his team, such a move drawing swift reaction from democrats, ranking member of the house intelligence committee adam schiff, if the president fired bob mueller, congress would immediately reestablish independent counsel and appoint bob mueller, don't waste our
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time. mister redding was at the white house meeting with aids but the white house pushing back on the comments saying he never met with the president, sean spicer releasing this statement, quote, mister reddy never spoke to the president regarding this issue with respect to the subject. only the president or his attorneys are authorized to comment. get ready. definitions appears it too:30 today and it is unclear if he will testify in a closed-door briefing as comey did. >> thanks so much. >> tucker carlson challenging the collusion conspiracy theories head on. >> sessions may strike you as unlikely having spent all his 70 years living in or representing alabama. an awfully long way from moscow, doesn't matter. everyone affiliated with the administration is a potential suspect these days. session says is a member of the
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senate armed services committee he talked on two separate occasions with the russian ambassador to the united states. tied into top democrat sessions must resignedly. almost all the claims you hear about russia are general rather than specific. russia hacked the election, you hear that every day. how did russia hack our election, they just did. all 17 intelligence agencies say they did. can you be more specific? pretty serious charge, might be nice to have some details. can't provide details or they won't, characterization vision is easier when making a sensible argument which brings us back to jeff sessions who was forced to recuse himself from the justice department investigation into rush and fend off insinuations he committed treason because of those meetings, this is happening all over washington right now. guilt by association, attacked by innuendo, classic witchhunts stuff. you are to be worried about it because of jeff sessions can be denounced as a russians by
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anyone can. heather: 7 rob: a disturbing trend in the wave of global terror, it is not over and america is next. a message spreading online, telling supporters to carry out attacks during ramadan not just in europe but the united states as well, the group praising attacks in the first weeks of ramadan including london, manchester and iran, it killed dozens and wounded hundreds of people in the holy month ends on june 24th. the bodies of three fallen army rangers back on american soil, make pens on hand for the dignified transfer in delaware, the pentagon identifying those soldiers killed in combat. corporal dylan baldridge, sergeant houck and sergeant william hayes, all three served with the 101st airborne division, killed in an insider attack by an afghan soldier they were there to support and al
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qaeda has claimed responsibility. heather: massive manhunt after a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty, the police say lieutenant patrick weatherford was responding to a call near little rock arkansas last night and was ambushed. police say they are following a lead. he was a 15 year department veteran. he was just 41 years old. another desperate hunt for four inmates intensifying at this hour. the men sneaking up to the ventilation system inside the jail in oklahoma. déjà vu for authorities, two of them breaking out the same way earlier this year. police say the inmates are considered armed and dangerous are in this stolen red dodge truck. >> donald trump heading to wisconsin to meet with the victims of obamacare. >> more in stores pull the plug
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on the program. kelly wright joins us now with the taxpayer taking today. >> good morning to you. more in stores pulling out of obamacare because of healthcare insurance premiums continue to rise in price. donald trump will travel to wisconsin today to meet with people losing their insurance under the affordable care act and make pens will join him to get an update on the senate's new plan to replace and repeal obamacare, gop sources say they would like to get the measure passed by july 4th but a republican leader says democrats are not helping fix the mess they created. >> obamacare never lived up to what democrats promised. from rising costs to shrinking choices and collapsing markets. the problems associated with obamacare grew across the country as the years passed leaving the american people to
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pick up the pieces. >> leader chuck schumer firing back accusing republicans of lacking what he calls transparency. >> this is a party chanting read the bill, read the bill when obamacare was being debated and now they won't even show the bill. during a meeting with his cabinet at the white house donald trump blasted democrats for not helping develop a plan to improve healthcare. >> obstructionists and that is sad but we are coming up with something i believe will be very good, with 0 support from the obstructionists, sad. rob: both sides blaming each other which happens in washington and time is running short to reach consensus by july 4th, millions of americans are facing possibility of losing health care coverage or paying
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skyrocketing privilege. rob: time is of the essence, thank you. heather: the order border battle gearing up for supreme court showdown after another legal setback, federal appeals court ruling it violates the constitution by targeting muslims but the white house is optimistic the nation's top court will reinstate it. >> we are reviewing that opinion. we can all attest these are dangerous times and we need every available tool to prevent terrorists from committing acts of bloodshed and violence, the executive order to protect this country is fully lawful. any lawyer worth their salt 100 ° with the president within his rights and responsibilities to do what is necessary to protect the country. >> texas attorney general ken paxton has strong words for those against the immigration order telling the daily caller if anyone in his status harmed,
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quote, the blood is on their hands. >> immigration and customs enforcement making over 100 criminal arrests in just one week as part of a massive sweep in new jersey. the network field office locking up 113 suspect accused of committing crimes ranging from narcotics possession, homicide charges, officials say 93% of those arrested or convicted criminals, 87% have felony convictions. heather: extreme weather, twisters violently rattling multiple states. the file and force caught on camera in cheyenne, wyoming. imagine being in that. rob: 23 reported tornadoes in colorado and nebraska, jenna steen is tracking those storms. >> reporter: in carpal video and yesterday we had a particularly
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dangerous tornado watch in those areas to make sure people were aware of the situation, 3 dozen reports of tornadoes yesterday in wyoming, south dakota, nebraska. hundreds of reports of severe storms including ale, damage and wind, that is the system producing snow in higher elevations moving across the northern plains and upper midwest today. large hail, isolated tornadoes possible in the other big story is the extreme heat, you see how cold it is out west, part of the ingredients we need for tornado activity, the clash of the two air masses. we have very warm temperatures, record-setting warmth for two thirds of the country. a lot of 90s, heat index well into the 90s, 100 °, really dangerous, people need to take precautions. we will flirt with records again
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today, dozens of records said yesterday and as we head into wednesday and thursday the heat is going to break, that is the good news. you can stay indoors, air-conditioning, check on the elderly and your kids and bring pets inside. rob: we will get enough of this heat in july and august. >> the warriors refusing to repeat history. >> kevin durant helping avenge last year's loss with sweet victory in the nba finals. >> there it is, redemption for golden state. it is complete. >> durrant lifting the warriors to 129-120 victory over lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers in game 5, the second titling three years, the first for the team's newest member who is kevin durand, good for them. >> these are stacked in the nba.
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>> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and red flags being raised over robert mueller as republicans call for his removal from the russia investigation. why our next guest. for a prosecutor says mueller should not be fired. >> it hurts a lot. you can't cover this up. >> american pride, hear from the principal who refused to allow an army reservist receive his diploma in his military uniform. >> trump t-shirt drying major attention on twitter. we will talk about it. ♪ going to celebrate ♪ going to operate ♪ no-no ♪ that georgia brise blowing ♪ i feel it ♪
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there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah. >> fierce debate waging over special counsel robert mueller
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and whether his friendship with james comey has compromised his credibility. >> the people mueller is bringing in a dangerous people and any republican who think this counsel will be neutral is crazy. >> mueller is a man of integrity, newt gingrich attacks like that, won't do a thing to deter director mueller from finding out the truth. >> should mueller recuse himself from part of the russia investigation? is that even possible? attorney and former prosecutor elliott joins us with more. we were discussing the connection between the two, they are friends outside the court and that is indisputable. will that impact the case and should mueller recuse himself? >> a prosecutor is powerful but a prosecutor can't single-handedly convict someone or punish someone. that is left to a judge or jury
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or congress. speaking from personal experience as a former prosecutor, i did that for 13 years. there were officers, detectives i worked with over and over again so camaraderie develops, friendships develop. i had a couple colleagues who married, notwithstanding the inevitability of those friendships you count on a prosecutor to be fair, look at everyone's credibility independently and corroborating evidence before bringing a charge. rob: what about when the credit ability of the person himself being comey is called into question by his own testimony where he admitted he was the leader of these memos and he did it to influence the appointment of a special prosecutor that ended up being up being his friend. >> the standard is incredibly high, highest standard in the system beyond reasonable doubt that a charge could not arise from eyewitness testimony of one person, james comey, a prosecutor will get a form of
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independent corroboration. a charge against comey, that would be unlikely but if it came to a point where comey was a target i expect robert mueller because of that -- on that part and give that portion of the investigation to somebody else. >> is that possible? >> it is unlikely. the most powerful charge against comey's violation of administrative staff for which one could be hired but he has been fired. >> blows my mind the director of the fbi could do that. he is claiming he had a right to do what he wanted with the memos but they were on government material, don't see how that could not be followed up by a special prosecutor. >> the real power of the memos comes from the information and even if he hadn't generated these memos he would have --'s testimony would have the same
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impact in response to that wes from the president. heather: what about the other misinformation where he said he did not keep memos with president bush but we learned he did. >> to the extent his credibility is impacted by that is less likely charges could be sustained against the president allowing testimony to bring the charge. >> mueller will be looking at other information as well. >> the prosecutor is supposed to be independent and look at all forms of corroboration whether they help or hurt the witness. heather: going to be another big day today. we will see. >> a smart a political move than a legal move. appreciate it. >> time warner under pressure for sponsoring the julius caesar production which shows the brutal assassination of donald trump it appears that according to cnn who is under time
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julius caesar depicting the assassination of what appears to be donald trump. american express reportedly the latest to drop support for the theater company but the new york times and cnn's parent company time warner are still on board. cnn's anchor openly tweeting praise saying if you are in nyc, go see julius caesar free in central park brilliantly interpreted for the trump era, a masterpiece. the theater company thing the controversy was expected and the performance in no way advocates violence toward anyone. heather: outrage boiling over after may remove the president's portrait from townhall replacing it with this, a picture of a well-known native american warrior. jackson wyoming, mayor, pete mauldin defending his decision
2:25 am
saying he's not required to display signs of respect and honoring the president of the united states means the city is taking sides. the county commissioners calling the move totally disrespectful. >> foxbusiness alert, make america work again. donald trump and his daughter heading to wisconsin today in a major push for jobs. >> foxbusiness, here with the agenda. >> reporter: donald trump and his daughter hitting the road to wisconsin to meet with governor scott walker to tour technical college as the administration puts renewed focus on job creation. this trip is one event during workforce to promote technical skills training and apprenticeship, first daughter and presidential advisor ivanka taking a leading stroll in the administrivia initiative. >> best buy will let you try things out before you buy them. >> that is what they call it, dry before you buy, the new
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program will allow customers to do just that, teaming up with an online rental startup to launch a program that allows customers to rent items like cameras, drones and other gadgets before buying. you can get an apple watch, tested for $50 a week. the service will be offered on best buy's website starting later this month. >> he did he and taylor swift, a battle. where has he been? he is now the top burner on forbes list of 100 highest-paid celebrities burning in $130 million, forbes -- bad boy family reunion tour, and the $70 million sale is part of the clothing line contributing to the earnings. coming in second, beyoncé with $105 million followed by jk rowling and chris rinaldo. taylor swift's top burner, dropped to 49, she only brought in $44 million down from 170. she hasn't put out an album
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since 2015, that is probably why. >> she has a ton of money. it is tocco tuesday. >> taco bell is giving away free tacos, customers can get one at any of the restaurants from 2:00 to 6:00 pm, steal a game, still a tocco promotion during the nba finals only available while supplies last. they should call it the championships. >> did you win miss america? it looks fantastic. >> i sure did. miss fox news. great to have you. it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour and dennis rodman, have you heard about this, to the rescue again. the former nba star heading back to north korea as tensions reach a boiling point. what he hopes to accomplish. >> face under fire. football coach fired for praying
2:28 am
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♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard. experience amazing. >> welcome back, you're watching "fox and friends" first. heather: 7 it is half past the top of the hour. the stage is set on capitol hill, where in just hours attorney general jeff sessions will take the hot seat. >> high-stakes hearing in the next round in the russia probe taking place in full view of the cameras, jenkins in dc where sessions is preparing to tell his side of the story.
2:32 am
>> reporter: the attorney general will taste tough questions this afternoon commercial to come of his contact with the russian ambassador as well as accusations we heard from james comey last week but the white house says they welcome the testimony so they can move on. >> the president has been clear in the rose garden that he believes the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt with that there has been no collusion, he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and get done with it to continue with the american people. >> is new revelations the president may be considering firing bob mueller. here is what the ceo and friend of the president chris reddy had to say to pbs last night. >> he is considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. he is weighing that option.
2:33 am
>> reporter: mister reddy was at the white house meeting with aids but the white house is pushing back on his comments saying he never met with the president, sean speiser saying mister reddy never spoke to the president regarding this issue, with respect to the subject only the president or his attorneys are authorized to comment. such a move is strong strong reaction from democrats. ranking member of the house intelligence committee adam schiff says if the prisoner fires mother the congress will reappoint him and minor leader chuck schumer coming to mueller's defense. >> mueller is a man of integrity. that is agreed to buy just about everybody. he devoted his entire career to his country. he came out of private life to do a job on behalf of his country and be right down the middle. >> reporter: the sessions grilling begins at 2:30 today. get your popcorn, yet another breaking news day in washington. >> senate hearings are so fun.
2:34 am
>> also in the hot seat rex tillerson, the first in a series of four hearings expected to cover donald trump's did, for affairs and the alleged links between trump administration and russia. secretary to listen has not testified publicly since his confirmation hearing in january. that hearing dominated by the secretary's own potential links to russia when he was ceo of exxon mobil. >> kim jong-il and threatening to take out new york city. the intimidation tactic referring to a january tweet by our commander-in-chief calling up a communist country's bluff. north korea silent at the time but had several missile launches this year. also flexing diplomatic muscle in north korea the city are just
2:35 am
an overnight showing former nba star dennis rodman arriving in pyongyang to meet with kim jong-il, the purpose unclear. rodman telling reporters he is trying to open a door. rodman has visited that country at least four times, bringing nba players to play against north korea as a birthday gift for kim jong un. >> tiger woods going back to rehab as he faces the possibility of losing joint custody of his two young children, was reserving the entire male inpatient unit at the jupiter medical center near his florida home. as the professional golfer, remember last month was a dui after taking prescription drugs. 's ex-wife aaron is allegedly threatening to pull the plug on their children custody agreement if he does not shape up.
2:36 am
>> firefighter lucky to be alive after being engulfed in flames. go! go! go! get your tag off. >> body camera footage there capturing the moment the propane tank exploded. it happened in maine. the volunteer firefighter caught in the flames, you continue to see them shoot out. heather: 7 the firefighter treated for first and 2nd ° burns to his face but thankfully he is still alive. >> quick thinking, janice dean standing by in the weather center with more potential severe weather to talk about and heat. >> reporter: both big story today, potential for strong severe storms across the high
2:37 am
plains today where we have clashes of two air masses, warm weather ahead of the front and very cold, cold enough for snow across higher elevations. that system is moving eastward bringing threats for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes across the upper midwest down through portions of texas blues not the threat we saw yesterday in terms of tornadoes but we see hail and damaging winds, 3 dozen reports of tornadoes yesterday. the other story is the extreme heat on the west coast as far west as east of the rockies and that is ongoing through wednesday. front will move through bringing temperatures down especially for dc and new york city, columbus and chicago will remain hot but the northeast will get down towards seasonal averages was a quick shot of heat and then back
2:38 am
to regular temperatures. heather: back to regular temperatures, thanks. rob: top democrat admitting her concerns after james comey revealed attorney general loretta lynch asked him to call the clinton email investigation a matter. >> i would have a queasy feeling to be candid with you. >> the sexist congressman louis gohmert weighing in. >> of photoshop fail coming with the consequences they are facing for removing student support for the president. rob: baron trump's t-shirts drawing major attention making a lot of money for that company on twitter. [vo] what made secretariat the greatest racehorse
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>> a top democrat admitting her concerns after james comey revealed that obama's attorney general, loretta lynch, asked him to call the clinton email investigation not an investigation but a matter instead. >> i would have a queasy feeling to be candid with you. we need to know more about that and only one way to know about it not to have the judiciary committee take a look at that. >> will there be an investigation? let's ask a member of the house judiciary committee carter texas congresswoman louis gohmert. thanks for joining us this morning. does it also give you a queasy feeling? >> the thing that gave me a queasy feeling was the last eight years under the obama
2:43 am
administration trying to figure out a way we could get to the truth on fast and furious and so many other scandals where people lost their lives like brian terry. i have great respect for adam schiff but i heard them play the tape earlier where he said of the president fired bob mueller, congress would come back and the.him as an independent counsel, don't waste our time. i don't know what he has been reading but over the last eight years we have looked desperately for a way to try to get a fair and independent counsel because we desperately need one. all the scandals the obama administration and the courts made very clear congress does not have the authority to appoint a special counsel independent counsel, that is an executive function congress does not have. we can re-create the special prosecutor statute which doesn't
2:44 am
exist right now but i was shocked to read yesterday, molly hemingway article, i didn't realize patrick fitzgerald, the most abusive special counsel ever appointed, he knew the answer from the day he took over or richard armitage, information about being cia, not only did he not drop it, he expanded, comey pressured john ashcroft to recuse himself when i don't think he should've so comey could get his godfather fitzgerald ines special counsel, comey is dirty, mueller is dirty, the two of them what they did. rob: let's get back on topic.
2:45 am
everything is so political, nancy pelosi said there is nothing, can you give dianne feinstein credit for doing the right thing in the situation saying there needs to be an investigation? >> i hope there would be, there should be, she is exactly right about that but there needs to be more than an investigation. there is no collusion with this administration and russia, so we can drop the independent counsel, special counsel, there is no further need and now that we have collusion between comey and mueller, before he testified, also ran things by other people in the justice department when they did their memo. so much collusion.
2:46 am
>> are you saying mueller should recuse himself completely? to be under investigation to leak those memos with a lot of other issues. >> apologize -- for destroying his life. and recuse himself from this matter. we don't need a special counsel. that was a ruse from the dishonest comey. with his 101 meeting with bush he lied about that too. this thing stinks to high heaven. rob: let's assume even though the president is denied get that he did tell director comey that i hope you can get past the flynn investigation with russia and i want to ask what is a greater offense, thank i hope you can get past this or loretta lynch telling him you need to call this the matter, not an
2:47 am
investigation. >> there is no offense for saying i hope you can get beyond, that is not an offense, the president has the power to direct this is over, i am pardoning this come in the end, obama legally obstructed justice over and over, there is a crime against attorney general to instruct fbi director to live. no offense by donald trump and a crime to instruct an fbi director to live. that is where the offense lies with the former attorney general. >> you question how comey really truly felt, how it made him feel uneasy at the time why did he wait until after he was fired. >> if others traveled like there had been obstruction of justice,
2:48 am
they conspire to violate the law by together holding a setback so they could blackmail him later. obviously they didn't think there was obstruction after reading a memo and colluding with comey. where they try to smear the president later. rob: thank you for coming on. heather: come back tomorrow. eve. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> a federal appeals court hearing the case for a high school football coach fired for praying with his team after the games. school in washington state as
2:52 am
coach joe kennedy to stop and he refused and they fired him. no complaints, nobody was ever forced or coerced to participate and they said what coach does is a good thing, they don't want anybody to be able to see it. rob: the coach doing claiming they violated his first amendment right, he says he doesn't want anybody, he just wants his job back. >> and army reserve medic days after a uniform dispute kept him from walking with his classmates, hundreds showing up to the ceremony, held just for private press class harlan fletcher. principal apologizing, handing him his diploma. >> can't cover this up. >> they plan to revise the dress
2:53 am
code policy. the yearbook advisor suspended indefinitely after three pro trump shirts and a quote from trump were photoshop right out of the the yearbook. >> carly is here with the latest outrage and an update. >> reporter: big time fallout from the story we talked about yesterday, wall township school district conducting an investigation into why two students have the pro trump slogan, and photoshop from the yearbook picture, and the photo she wanted under her photo removed from the yearbook, now that yearbook advisor has been placed on unpaid suspension while the investigation is taking place. in an interview with the new york post she said, quote, we never made any action against
2:54 am
any political party. social media has something to say about this, this is wrong, violating a student's free speech, reprints of the yearbook should be paid for by the editor and another tweet from robin says where is the outrage? don't normalize this or we will lose our country please. the worst part is one of these pro trump students is receiving hate mail because he is sticking up for the president. rob: the climate of this country, chuck schumer and donald trump -- >> reporter: the president had a cabinet meeting, cabinet members went around the room saying to him had the opportunity to serve his agenda peppered him with some compliments, he is the boss. chuck schumer parodied that meeting in a twitter video. take a listen. >> i think you for coming. how did we do on a sunday show it? >> your tone was perfect, you
2:55 am
are right on message. >> how does my hair look coming out of the gym? >> you have great hair, nobody has better hair. >> i want to say thank you. heather: the president have supported are fired up over this video, he can't handle a pro-american cabinet, don't worry, schumer jokes on you, another tweet said the skit is supposed to be funny, i forgot to laugh, so disrespectful. can't be outrage about everything. the expert and trump. >> everyone watching what melania is wearing but their son baron is the fashion icon, he was photographed in this expert shirt. shelley says to buy one, and the number of people, that power, what he knew he had a good for
2:56 am
him. >> we will be right back.
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♪ >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good fighters saving the day for nolle weds. the trolley catching on fire so they got a ride on a fire truck instead to the reception. rob: up next the bad. cab completely ebb gulfed in flames. the driver quickly pulling the
3:00 am
passengers out to safety. heather: finally the ugly, a bear runs across the street in front of road rage. put more pep in their step but eventually the bear ran off. rob: "fox & friends" starts now. heather: bye. >> never has there been a president with few exceptions of course more things than what we have done. >> another profile hearing on capitol hill. attorney general jeff sessions preparing to testify. >> if he had asked my advice, i would say it is not wise for you to do this. >> why are we going through this charade of an investigation when there is no evidence that donald trump had anything to do with the russians. what the hell are we investigating? >> the real collusion going on the clinton campaign, the obama administration e loretta lynch and james comey. >> lawmakers were briefed on a meeting that former directed had with lorta


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