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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 13, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern time, thank you for joining us, "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert, the countdown is on to another highly anticipated hearing on capitol hill. attorney general sessions are set testify before the intelligence committee next hou hour. >> jon: we are covering all of the news "happening now." >> the fact of the matter is we have millions of people who are losing -- who essentially don't have care because their premiums are so high, the deductibles are so high. >> jon: what are the next steps for republicans to repeal and replace obamacare? president trump meets with the 13 g.o.p. senators on the issue ahead of his own health care remarks later today.
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and secretary of state rex tillerson meets with the foreign minister of saudi arabia as the u.s. tries to ease the diplomatic crisis between that diplomatic kingdom and qatar, home to a military base. we begin with the fox news alert, president trump said to leave the white house to tout jobs in wisconsin. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am jon scott. >> heather: i am heather childress, the stage set for a high-stakes showdown, attorney general jeff sessions answering questions from committee members that will ring from the russia probe to the firing of james comey. the trump administration is trying to focus on work at the president elected to begin with, job creation and repealing and
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replacing obamacare. the president will leave the white house a short time from now to head to wisconsin to tout his initiative. >> jon: live at fox news coverage, we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris. >> we are less than two hours out from the testimony of attorney general jeff sessions, he will be speaking in front of the same intelligence committee that james comey testified in front of last week. they have included a security sweep including the skybox as well as down on the floor where the senate panel will hear the questions and the answers from the attorney general and to give you a sense of how tightly packed the hearing room is, they have set up tree for the photographers to hitch their cameras to in front of the witness desk because there simply is not enough space to accommodate all the photographers at the start of the hearing. and based on the testimony this
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morning from the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, we are getting a sense of the direction the democrats will take in their questioning. they want to know about his contact with the russians during the 2016 election cycle, and whether they go beyond the meetings in september as well as july of last year. also why was at the fbi director knew in mid-february or had a sense that his boss the attorney general would eventually recuse himself from the russia case and what role did the attorney general play in the firing of james comey because he had excused himself from matters russia related and comey testified to the senate panel that he believed he was fired over his handling of the russia probe. we had a key exchange is running between the deputy attorney general and a senior republican on the committee about whether the president could fire the special counsel robert mueller. here that exchange.
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>> has the president ever discussed with you the appointment of the special counsel or discuss the special counsel in any way? >> no he has not. >> and second, if president trump ordered you to fire the special counsel, what would you do? >> senator, i am not going to follow any orders and less i believe those are lawful and appropriate orders. under the regulation, special counsel mueller may only be fired for good cause and i am required to put that cause in writing. and so that's what i would do, if there was good because i would consider, if there is not good cause, i would not. >> heather: supporters of attorney general jeff sessions are pointing out that he is testifying in front of the entire nation in open session.
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>> jon: awaiting that big hearing, thank you. >> heather: as we continue to wait for that, president trump is trying to move forward with his agenda. other things he wants to talk about, he is heading to wisconsin to talk about jobs. the president also focusing on health care. he met with republican senators a short time ago about pushing forward the repeal and replacement of obamacare. >> always nice to talk to you, and you are right, just about everybody here in washington is wondering what is going to happen on that hill later this afternoon. the president is keeping an eye on two things. the president welcomed lawmakers to continue the conversation, trying to come up with a sensible alternative to obamacare. and while, much of the rest of
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washington anticipating the hearing over on capitol hill. the president is tweeting about the former attorney general this morning, writing -- now that tweet was obviously an attempt by the president to draw a distinction between what he saw as an overly political attorney general with his current attorney general, who is gone so far as to recuse himself from the russia probe to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. >> i think the president has been clear last week in the rose garden, he believes that the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt with that there has been no collusion, he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and be done with it. >> you heard sean spicer at the very end saying that with the president really wants us to get this thing over with so he can
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get ahead with the work of the american people. i think it is somewhat ironic, the president will be aboard air force one when attorney general sessions is testifying at that hearing, en route to wisconsin where he will be talking about the importance of on-the-job training. you may know this, this is a big story, there are literally hundreds of thousands of jobs that go unfilled each and every year because there simply are not enough people properly trained. the president is going to be talking about that as he makes his way up to the badger state. i'll have details in and around that little event over there on capitol hill. >> jon: that little event, i can't even fit all the photographers that want to be there. for more on the attorney general and his testimony coming up, let's bring up the editor in chief at "the hill." this is the same committee that james comey testified to less than a week ago, i imagine we will hear a very different story from the attorney general.
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>> i would think so without a doubt, sessions wanted this to be in a public domain, he wanted to to to publicly testify as a comey did. i think you will see a very different type of story about the interactions sessions had with comey and also probably rebutting his side of the story. he will have to answer some tough questions about how many times you met with russian diplomats in 2016 2016, differt accounts in the media on that. and why did he recuse himself from the russia investigation but then clearly had a role in the firing of james comey. it is going to be some fascinating testimony today. >> jon: are those two things mutually exclusive? he said he had decided to fire comey earlier in the administration. or the fact that he may have independently reached the decision that he needed to be fired independent of the russia
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thing. >> he could have, rod rosenstein and sessions were involved. sessions has not publicly answer that question, so how he answers that question, i think we will also get questions on discussions he has had with the president. that's when i would expect that sessions would cite executive privilege, he will not go into every discussion he has had with the president. i think it is going to be very interesting to see republican senators, are they going to defend sessions, a former colleague? it's going to be more partisan than the comey hearing last week. >> jon: comey also had that cryptic statement where he said the fbi knew of reasons that it would be problematic i think wes' term for it sessions to continue to oversee the russian investigation, and that's why they knew he was going to recuse himself. are we going to get answers to what that's all about? >> it remains to be seen but i
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can see why sessions wants to talk about that. comey had the things he said about sessions, i can't talk about this and an open session, there are things that comey said to the senator, he knew he was going to have to recuse himself but why? i would imagine that sessions wants to talk as much as he can publicly and i think he won't dodge many questions other than executive privilege and prior conversations with the president. >> jon: you mentioned the reception that he will get from the public and senators, there was a time when senators of both parties treated each other with a great deal of deference and respect. i guess those days are kind of gone, but just five months ago or so, he was still one of the club of 100. i wonder how tough even the democrats will be on the attorney general. >> they were tough on him during
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the confirmation process, most democrats have opposed most of trump stop nominees. i think he only got one democratic vote. the rest of the democrats voted against him. they did not want him to head the justice department and i think there will be some more effects of that. a really confrontational nomination and how trump nominated him going forward. i think you will see some fireworks. >> jon: it is a polarized country politically these days. thank you. >> heather: still had on "happening now" ," megyn kelly coming under fire on nbc, there are calls for her not to air an upcoming interview with alex jones. and we are waiting for attorney general jeff sessions testimony before the intelligence committee in the
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next hour. he is expected to face questions on the russia investigation and the firing of fbi director james comey who testified before the same committee less than a week ago. >> our judgment as i recall was that he was very close to and inevitably going to recuse himself. for a variety of reasons, we also were aware of the facts that i can't discuss in an open setting that would make his continued engagement in a russia related investigation . and new on. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me to know... ...clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. >> sandy hook is complex because i have debates where i have set the whole story is true, where i've said that none of it is true. >> when you say parents faked their children's death, people get very angry. >> they don't get angry about the half million dead iraqis
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from the sanctions. the media never calls the -- >> that doesn't excuse what you said and you know it. >> i did that long before the media picked up about it. >> jon: megyn kelly and nbc are under fire for giving airtime to the talk show host called the sandy hook shooting a hoax. in addition, she will no longer hook the benefit for the sandy hook foundation. >> one of the reasons this interview has become so radioactive is that alex jones has a fiercely loyal following and has embraced a number of conspiracy theories over the years. he recently apologized for pushing the theory that a pizzeria here in washington was
10:17 am
the focus of a child trafficking ring involving hillary clinton. he called the sandy hook fake and even said that some of the grieving parents were actors. megyn kelly has put out a reaction and will put it on the screen -- a couple of other points. parents in the sandy hook community are heartbroken, one that jumped out at me was the family of a teacher who was killed at the school, saying on facebook that alex and his followers have done nothing but make their lives difficult for the last four and a half years.
10:18 am
jpmorgan pulled the advertising from nbc, the chief marketing officer saying on twitter that as an advertiser they are repulsed that megyn kelly would give a second of airtime to him. >> jon: the interview itself is not even aired yet. already, the flames are being fanned here. >> that is what is so striking here about this controversy about our former colleagues megyn kelly. nobody has seen the full interview here. what we have here is a classic collision, you cannot be moved by listening to some of these parents saying he should not get a platform. at the same time, he is somebody that president trump called after the election to thank him for his role. it is not so much that nbc is creating or elevating alex jones as it is reflecting the fact that he is an influential guy.
10:19 am
look, over the years, as you know, journalists have interviewed murderers, rapists, child molesters. the test will be, is it an interview in which the person is help back press to explain for the things they have said, or are you giving them a free pass. i don't think we can answer that question until we see the whole interview. >> jon: within the past few in minutes megyn kelly and nbc president appeared at an event where they were answering questions and said that neither one of them expected the blowback that they are getting from this interview. does that surprise you that they wouldn't be ready for some of this? >> that strikes me as a real miscalculation if that is how they felt. alex jones is a lightning rod whether you like him are just like him, just by doing the interview you had to expect there would be all kinds of controversy. maybe they didn't expect the degree to which the parents would get involved, but
10:20 am
obviously it probably drives a lot of people to tune into the show. but at the same time, it's got to be uncomfortable to be in the middle of this kind of firestor firestorm. >> jon: when the baby advertiser start pulling their ads, the networks pay attention. thank you. >> heather: still to come, in the next hour starting at 2:00 p.m., we will have live coverage as attorney general jeff sessions faces off to some questions before the senate intel committee, expected to talk about his nature of his contract with russia. also, problematic information that james comey claims to have, such as he knew that sessions would have to recuse himself from the russia investigation. we will have all of that coming up at 2:00 p.m. the session is expected to start at 2:30.
10:21 am
do senate republicans now have a plan to replace obamacare? our political panel joins us of next. >> i am very hopeful that they are going to get it done and recognize that the system that we have in place right now, may be people meant well, i don't like to sit around and denigrate people, but we have millions of people who are losing -- whoooo.
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>> heather: fox news alert for you, president trump is about to leave the white house to fly to wisconsin, he will be there focusing on job creation but he is also expected to talk about health care. earlier today he met with replicant senators to talk about their plan for repealing and replacing obamacare. g.o.p. members of the house are
10:25 am
starting to get impatient. >> now is the time to act, for the senate to move the bill and bring it back to the house. >> heather: let's bring in isaac wright, former executive director of correct the record, pro-clinton super super pac ine 2016 election, thank you both for joining us. the president met with senators for lunch this afternoon, and he is hopeful about moving forward with this plan and getting some details from the senate. how hopeful are you? >> the senate g.o.p. are going to reset the debate. the president did a good job of walking through why obamacare has failed, and we have to define what we are for as republicans. the republicans have had plans for eight years, the houses put forth a plan obviously. republicans have to define what we are for.
10:26 am
we want everyone to have great health care, but the government can't be in charge. you should be in charge. by moving towards a patient centered system, will be able to provide care for everybody the way it is much more efficient than having the government have a top-down micromanaging approach from washington. >> heather: let's take a listen as to what the president had to say about what went wrong with obamacare and then isaac, i will let you respond to it. >> obamacare has been broken, it has been a broken promise. one after another, americans were told that if you like your doctor, you'll keep your doctor. that was alive. they were told that if you like your plan, you'll keep your plan. that was a lie. americans were told the premiums would go down by $2,500 per year and but instead their premiums
10:27 am
went up to levels that nobody thought even possible. the house passed bill and now the senate is working very hard, specifically the folks in this room and i really appreciate what you are doing to come out with a bill that is going to be a phenomenal bill for the people of our country. >> heather: the first part of that, he was answering how soon it would happen, he was saying as quickly as possible. some of the premiums they talked about, i was really shocked. in alaska their premiums rose 203%. >> i think it is so scary that president trump has proposed a plan that the house has passed the bill, the senate is working in secret to draft a bill that will drive premiums up even mor more. 85% of americans that receive obamacare are receiving tax credits that offset those costs.
10:28 am
at least from what we can tell, this also does away with those premiums. >> heather: 2 million people dropped out, those of the latest numbers in terms of our care. >> in the last few weeks, the ceos of so many insurance companies are pulling out and raising these premiums because they say they are unsure and uncertain of the future of health care because of the decision of the trump administration. that's been openly commented on by health care ceos. it is essentially a sabotage of the system that president obama set up that was passed with public scrutiny to reform health care. we should be looking at how we work under the hood to tweak obamacare and make it better, that's what democrats propose. how to improve the exchanges instead of doing away with it, taking insurance away from 23 million americans and increasing premiums for seniors and working people, putting
10:29 am
lifetime caps on health care. >> heather: let me let john jump in here and answer some of that. there has been critiqued that there haven't been open and public discussions about what b is being done behind the scenes. >> three quick points, obamacare was in a death spiral before the election, that is why hillary clinton lost. premiums were going up 25%. her support with her base declined significantly because of that. in terms of cost and premiums, the president was right. obama said that if you are a family your cost will go down $2500, instead, cost went up over $4300. that is a $6800 swing, that is enough to buy a second car, cover mortgage for a middle income family. democrats have a plan, show us what your plan is. partisanship is not a plan. >> heather: the president did mention that. >> we have a plan, we passed it.
10:30 am
>> it's failing. >> that is not true. john is repeating a republican talking point that he knows good and well -- literally the associated press had a headline that said "obamacare was not in a death spiral." this has been widely debunked by every bipartisan foundation that has looked into it, it is just not true. the problems that have come up in the last few weeks have been openly admitted that ceos of these health insurance companies are saying. in the last few weeks, they are hiking these things. >> heather: we have to wrap it up. let's be honest, coming up hopefully we will hear a plan that is coming out of the house or out of the senate and moving forward, it will be a good plan for americans. thank you both for joining us. >> jon: secretary of state rex tillerson is having a busy day after a high-stakes meeting with some key allies.
10:31 am
can he solve the dipper medic crisis over the nation of qatar? plus, the secretary confirms the release of an american prisoner sentenced to 15 years of hard labor and in north korea. a lab report on the young man who was reportedly now in a coma. and we are awaiting jeff sessions testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee, the same committee that heard from james comey, the fired fbi director lapsed week. fireworks her head, about an hour from now on capitol hill. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. ageless. ykeep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> heather: a fox news alert for you, busy day on capitol hill as we await attorney general's jeff sessions who is preparing to testify before the senate intelligence committee next hour. and of course earlier today, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein testifying before a subcommittee. let's bring in our political panel. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: i'm sure you both listen to what rod rosenstein had to say earlier today, he was asked if the president had talked about a special counsel with him, he said no. he was asked if there was a secret plan to remove the special counsel, and he said no. your response to that first, lauren?
10:36 am
lawrence? >> he also said that he would be the man doing the firing. this is just media speculation, unnamed sources. this is another nothing. >> heather: the white house has said they didn't say this. >> i don't believe in trafficking in rumors, we have two traffic and facts. the difficulty is that with this president, you never know if what is and there rumor mill is actually a factor about to be revealed as a fact. just because he might be the last to know does not mean that something it is not about to happen, we have seen it too many times before. >> heather: this president was cleared by the investigation and a lot of people don't seem to be remembering that part of what james comey had to say. >> i think that is a fair point. the president was cleared three times on multiple occasions by the fbi director, he was cleared
10:37 am
in congress, congress knew all along that he did not do anything wrong. i think the president has to be cautious because he is so loyal. i have pressured many people who are advisors to tell the president -- we don't know what's there but the president needs to focus on the country. whatever happens with russia, the president should not be involved. because of optics, he should let it go. >> let's back up for a minute, i am confused by the last two statements. director comey did not testify that the president was cleared, he testified that he add three points informed the president that he was not under investigation at that time. as a former prosecutor and as a former person who worked in the attorney general's office, i can tell you that if you are investigating everyone underneath the principal, that
10:38 am
does not mean that the principal isn't going to become a part of that investigation at some point in the future. and there most certainly is an investigation into possible collusion. >> heather: can i ask you a question i have asked several other people today since you bring that up, other people brought into the investigation, do you think james comey should be brought up under investigation and that he is now publicly admitted that he leaked his memos himself in order to get a special counsel appointed? >> no, i think in order to call something a leaf, it has to be something that is classified because otherwise you are not leaking, you are sharing. >> no. >> i'm not finished. if you are going to spend time investigating, you have to investigate things that are a crime and director comey did not commit one. >> he shared a government document from a government laptop in his car, he leaked the information, he is a leaker. all along we have had questions concerning the fbi, why are
10:39 am
there so many leaks. we know it now, because their leader is a leaker and that is a problem. >> if you are willing to spend time investigating leaks, you are to be twice as willing to spend time investigating the underlying facts and information. that's what the american people care about, that's what voters care about. they don't care more about how they found out information, they care about whether it is true. >> heather: they care about our infrastructure, our health care, our taxes, we are not getting to any of that because we are talking about this. >> tell the president. >> heather: thank you for joining us. >> jon: a fox news alert, we are getting some brand-new details on the release of an american imprisoned by north korea and what has been a very busy day, secretary of state rex tillerson not long ago wrapped up his testimony on the
10:40 am
state department budget after a meeting with the saudi foreign minister on the diplomatic crisis over qatar. live from the state department, we have the latest. >> we are learning new details on how the state department secured the release of otto warmbier. he was in a coma one week ago in conversations i had had with north korea's representatives to the united nations. state department official said that the united states decided to send a medical team yesterday, that medical team evaluated him and determined he was in a coma and then he was on a plane today back to ohio. college student from ohio was arrested for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster in january of 2016. he was sentenced to 15 years in jail. the state department has put out an official statement saying it refuses to comment on his condition.
10:41 am
rex tillerson appeared before the senate foreign relations committee were a bipartisan group of senators have also pushed a strong russia sanctions bill that aides say would severely limit the administration's ability to rollback existing sanctions against russia. rex tillerson refused to endorse that bill. >> we would like the flexibility to turn that heat up when we sense that our efforts with russia, whether it be in syria, we have engagements if they have asked for us to engage with them, we have some channels that are open where we are starting to talk and i think what i would not want to do is close the channels off. >> senators like mccain, graham, according to congressional aides all push for the stronger sanctions manager. congressional republicans are saying that they wanted to set a barrier and assert themselves in russian policy of the u.s. continue to maintain a strong policy against the regime of vladimir putin in russia.
10:42 am
here the state department, rex tillerson meeting with the saudi foreign minister, state department officials say that rex tillerson has been working on both sides of that working with dozens of officials throughout the region. it does not seem like that diplomatic crisis is any closer today to ending. >> jon: a lot more to come on what happened in north korea. that is a very sad story. thank you. >> heather: still to come, capital hill lawmakers gearing up for more dramatic testimony as attorney general jeff sessions takes questions in an open session less than an hour from now. from the same committee where former fbi director james comey appeared less than a week ago. what will sessions to say about comey's dismissal and the rush investigation. but when family members forget,
10:43 am
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>> jon: a fox news alert on attorney general jeff sessions upcoming testimony before the senate intelligence committee, coming on the same day that his deputy attorney general faced lawmakers on capitol hill. >> i think it's a reasonable question, if as the president set i was fired because of the russia investigation, why was the attorney general involved in that chain, i don't know and i don't have an answer. >> jon: joining us now, at fox news and attorney. james, he doesn't know about why sessions was involved. is that with the senators are going to be asking about. >> it is very tricky thing for sessions to answer, he probably won't talk about his conversation with the president, it is privilege.
10:47 am
sessions has to be very careful here. he probably would decline to answer. senators would have to move to compel him to answer, the president would invoke executive privilege and then it gets bogged down. i would expect sessions to walk a very narrow line and say as to the firing of comey, that it was based entirely upon his mishandling of the hillary clinton email scandal and nothing more. >> jon: when it comes to his testimony today, do you see this as a risk for him or an opportunity? >> i think it is a big opportunity to clear his name and refute the allegations that he lied to congress at his confirmation hearing. you have to remember the question that was posed in context, senator al franken was saying there's a report that trump surrogates exchange information with washington, and sessions answered this way, "i
10:48 am
have been called a surrogate in a time or two and i did not have communications with the russians." he'll argue. i was talking as a surrogate of the trump campaign, not as a u.s. senator on the armed services committee. >> jon: and what about his earlier meetings with russian officials and the ambassador? >> the same argument applies, go back to the fall meeting with the russian ambassador to the u.s., it was set up by the obama administration. there is nothing nefarious about that. a couple of staff members sat in on it. there was an april encounter, but sessions has issued a statement saying they did not speak. our meeting in which you talk is different than a chance encounter at a reception.
10:49 am
>> jon: is he going to contradict what james comey had to say last week? >> i suspect he will. he may take the opportunity to trash comey the weight comey trashed the president. comey testified that he went to sessions and said "you can't leave me alone with the president." he said to sessions just stood there and said nothing. hours after comey testified, doj sent out a statement that set is followed. "he responded to this comment by saying the fbi and doj needed to be careful about following appropriate policies regarding contact with the white house." sessions is going to rip comey for not telling the truth in his testimony and they also suggest he was lying when he denied receiving sessions recusal by memo and the parameters of the recusal. if that is true, comey is looking at legal jeopardy.
10:50 am
>> jon: thank you. we will have full coverage of this session's testimony, which could involve comey coming up. >> heather: yes we will, and we will also have this. period of the jury deliberating for a second day in the bill cosby trial as we await the verdict, the jurors have more questions. live report from the courthouse when we return. s hybrid. lease the 2017 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. when a fire destroyedwith us everything in our living rm. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> heather: a fox news alert for you, we are awaiting a verdict in the bill cosby assault trial. jurors are deliberating for a second day after hearing experts from cosby's 2005 civil deposition. we are live at the courthouse in pennsylvania with more.
10:54 am
hi, rick. >> the jury has been deliberating about eight hours nd asking for clarification from the judge in three separate times as bill cosby's fate hangs in the balance. the comedian is facing three counts of aggravated assault. cosby admits giving her pills, he called them "his friends" and said they were three halves of benadryl. he said the relationship was consensual, but if a person is incapacitated they cannot consent to anything and that is the crux of this case. the first jury question was request for a read back of cosby's deposition when he admitted giving her the drugs and the next request was for read about how they match, and their relationship. the jury asked about count three of without her knowledge's meaning, and the judge that he
10:55 am
could not clarify beyond the document. his spokesperson said the comedian is in good spirits. here is what he said on his way out of the courthouse. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> [inaudible] >> bill cosby turns 80 in july, he faces ten years in prison. >> heather: what about the closing arguments, being only 6 minutes long? why was that? >> the closings were roughly two hours on each side, but that a the defense case was 6 minutes long, they only called one witness and barely asked questions and let him go. apparently there were other witnesses they wanted to call but the judge would not allow it. they are basically saving that for the appeal if they lose. >> heather: thank you, rick.
10:56 am
>> jon: last week, james comey raised a lot of questions in front of the senate intelligence committee. today, his former boss the attorney general jeff sessions might answer some of those questions. we are awaiting that committee hearing to begin a little over 30 minutes from now, we will have live coverage ahead on fox. you don't let anything
10:57 am
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ms. gomez computer speaker on the flexors letter. where there attorney general thomas jeff sessions will be testifying about 30 minutes from now. on the right of your sin, air force one, president trump about to board at andrews to go to wisconsin for jobs event. that's is what he would like the nation to be paying attention t to. although washington is affixed to what the attorney general's but safe >> let's talk about health care and jobs and was but we'll see if he manages to do
11:00 am
that. we'll have complete special coverage of the attorney general, jeff sessions starting right now. they should join us. >> by. >> bill: thank you. it is a white-hot spotlight will waiting the attorney general, jeff sessions. the senate intelligence committee gearing up for the first time in five days, and minutes, the top prosecutor will give is you and all things russian. how much will he cover? how much of the private conversation with the president. deny? all that awaits us. as you listen to his testimony at what he says and does not say could be highly considered significant. good afternoon today. special coverage today. i bill hemmer on the "america's newsroom hq," afternoon version. and here is also >> shannon: 87. >> shannon: this is also more explosive testimony. a lot at stake. about 30 minutes from now.


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