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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 14, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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designed to wrangle the boat. he has had personal contact with every member of the republican caucus and is very well known. thank you for joining us today. >> this is the live look at the home of the suspect who went on the shooting rampage outside of the capital. one of the victim, the third most powerful republican in the house. federal agents are now at the home of james hodgkinson searching for evidence and emotive on the attack of scalis scalise. another person shot, a staffer and two police officers.
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>> he was in a few fights, but nothing that would demonstrate violence as far as what he did. he never backed down from anybody. in a bar fight or whatever, he stood his ground. it was something that most guys do. >> lawmakers, aides and others scrambled for their lives. >> i heard what appeared to be shots. and return fire. it was 30-50 shots that i heard. the gunmen later died. >> he was a volunteer for bernie sanders presidential kent
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campaign. >> they are still working here on the crime scene. they are trying to recreate each and every one of them. he had some kind of assault weapon with him from the third base dugout here on this community pays ball field where the congressional teams were practicing. this is where the republicans were. there is the dugout. you can see the blue backstop, that in that area we are told where hodgkinson came out and began opening fired. steve scalise was playing second base when it happened. everyone else took off for the dugout. that is when scalise security
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detail return fire. here's how one eyewitness described the shuttle. he wasn't randomly shooting civilians or other people in the neighborhood? >> he wasn't randomly shooting civilians for what i saw. he seemed to be shooting at police officers. >> this is a bedroom community for washington, d.c. at 7:00 this morning, you had parents walking kids to school. many are saying that this could have been so much worse. it was an open field of fire. it took police about 3-5 minutes for police to get here. had it not been for scalise
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security detail, this could have been a massacre. we are told majority whip is out of surgery and doing well. this is a video from earlier as is loaded onto a helicopter and airlifted out to the hospital. you can see from the video him talking. he was shot in the hip. he is out of surgery and doing well which is certainly a blessing. we are going to hear a little more from the capital police. they are being called heroes for their actions. >> melissa: yeah we are thankful for all of them. we are going to hear from paul ryan.
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>> we are united. we are united in our shock, anguish, and an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> melissa: joining me know is a member of the congressional baseball team. in democratic congressman from nevada, he was at the practice and tweeted out a photo of his colleagues gathered in prayer. thank you so much for joining u us. there is been a lot of talk about is this because of the rhetoric. is this about that or a deranged person? >> i'm glad that scalise is coming out of surgery and the capital police were there.
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from a policymakers perspective, whatever your politics are, it should never elevate to violenc violence. >> my thoughts and prayers are with scalise, my colleague. also the capital police who put their lives on the line. not necessarily republicans or democrats, but as americans. before we gather into prayer, i saw everybody there and i thought it was a very powerful moment that i needed to share with the rest of the world. >> melissa: what is it like to see someone there when he sees something like this happen to one of your colleagues. and it could have been anyone you knew in that area. what kind of impact does it have on you personally?
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>> well, you see the police car parked there and you wonder, was that for? who wouldn't get up so early to attack us? any see why the police are there and why they are so important. if he saw what congressman conn gifford and when she was shot, is not just us but those who are around us that are in harm's way. >> melissa: one of the conversations has been about why hasn't there been more security. he made the point that there's a reason you're not surrounded by security all of the time because you're supposed to be accessible people. you would give up that idea that you can be walking in a supermarket, have somebody walk up to you and talk to you and that couldn't happen if you're
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surrounded by security constantly. >> it could have been the democrats, as well this morning. we were getting ready for the baseball game. i think being accessible to my constituents, it's important this type of incident makes you think twice. it makes you want to check out your surroundings anywhere you go. we are just humans like anybody else. we are here to serve the public, to serve the country, and is unfortunate that this type of incident happened. >> melissa: is us a chance to say let's get together and turn down the volume a little bit, or even compromise a bit. is that possible because people out there wonder, is it just too
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jaded of a setting? >> is a tense time in washington, d.c., and a baseball game is always been a refuge. i was a 20-year-old when september 11th happened. congressman and i held hands and said a prayer inside this capital. so i hope it's not just today or tomorrow, but going forward. >> melissa: thank you very much. we have alive looked right now as the fbi is leading the investigation. the gunmen apparently volunteered on bernie sanders presidential campaign. we are live in washington. what are you here and?
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>> the suspect is being identified as hodgkinson from illinois. the environment includes photos of bernie sanders. sanders spoke on the senate floor. >> i have just been informed that the alleged shooter at the baseball practice this morning is someone who apparently volunteered on my presidential campaign. i am sickened by this despicable act. >> a local newspaper reported that the suspect sent letters railing against republican policy. he wrote, i never said that life sucks but only the policies of
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the republicans. >> melissa: obviously those are motives, is there other things you learn about motive hashtag >> ? >> this morning we never got anything specific on motives or whether there was a threat. >> we never had any information like this to believe that this would occur. we had no threats before. it's too early to tell if they were targeted or not. >> also today, james hodgkinson was a member of their trade association, and he lived in bellevue illinois. but there is no other
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information as a member, . >> melissa: thank you for reporting. officers who put themselves in harm's way. what was the president's reaction, john? >> the president was in the room at about 11:30 this morning. his reaction was very heartfelt and concerned about the welfare of the people that were involved in what's happening in this country. the president also expressing his concern for the victims of this and terrific praise for the members of the capitol hill police and security detail for intervening. had they not been there, this could have been a absolute
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massacre and no one left alive. so the president was very complimentary and had high praise for the capitol hill police. he also reached out to the wife of scalise. >> that americans are praying for you. i pledged to her powerful and absolute support. anything she needs. we are with her and with the entire scalise family. i've also spoke with chief matthew, he's doing a fantastic job of the capital police to express our some of these for the wounded officers and my admiration for their courage. >> there's been a lot of talk
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about the current environment and political rhetoric might have led to this. the president did not address the political tone of this nation, puts it did suggest that everyone on the field were members of congress or the government. >> president trump: everyone on that field was a public servant. courageous people and police who work tirelessly on the game and with dedication of members of congress who represent the people. we may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone deserves in our nation's capital is here because above all, they love our country. >> other condolences, the first
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lady said thank you to the first responders. our thoughts and prayers to everyone. also scalise in the capital police officers, according to local reporting in michigan, his family flew hair to be with him. he suffered multiple gunshot wounds and said to be in critical condition. so i think the thoughts and prayers are with them as well. >> melissa: we are going to bring in. >> it all happened very quickly. we do not expect an attack.
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by that second shot, it was apparent it was gunfire. we started scrambling. people did the right thing, protected each other and protected themselves. we stayed out of the path of the gunmen. we were very fortunate that he cannot gain access through the chain-link fence, and the capital police are heroes that were able to take him down. >> melissa: it sounded like there was some confusion as to who was on what side. it was that true? >> all i know is that when you know how the capital police train, first thing they had to do was assess how many shooters there were, and then they had to engage very quickly and minimize
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any potential collateral damage. it is a ymca right behind they were shooting. in a dog park on the other side of the field. they were spectacular in the execution and timing of what they did. >> melissa: you are in the middle of this event. does it change the way you approach your job? does it change the way you look at your colleagues there? >> it doesn't change the way i approach my job or look at my colleagues. i approach my job very seriousl seriously. i came here to go to work. i treat all my colleagues with dignity and respect. if anything, an event like this makes us come closer, so we as the elected body of the people's house, can get the job done and cross any kind of party lines. >> melissa: a lot of people talked about the hateful
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rhetoric that's been going on. >> some of my best friends are on the other side of the aisle of this institution. it's the major issues that lead to political discourse that has in my opinion, led to such an uptick of hateful, hateful rhetoric on both sides. i stand here today and say stop. we have to stop. >> melissa: a lot of passion there. do you agree that chris ? >> i agree wholeheartedly that the hateful rhetoric does not serve a good purpose. friendships and cordial relationships don't make good news. i can tell you, we are united
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along with our democratic counterparts for civility. i think the media is complicit if they keep inciting. >> melissa: so when we report a quote hateful things that are said, we should not reported? >> i think we need to make sure we need to think twice about how words, reflections, and phrases impact other people. as leaders, we got into a lot of tough places. we choose our words carefully to make sure that people understand the mission and what the endgame is. and i think we can all learn by holding each other accountable that we can all get better. everyone included.
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>> melissa: i think that's great advice for us and everyon everyone. glad to see you safe and sound. we have some more coverage on the attack, where congressman steve scalise is being treated. we have new details on how this whole thing unfold in. >> it was a very loud shot, sounded like a gun, and then more shots after that. a lot of us dove into the dugou only new tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture. to help maintain your skin's natural balance. it goes beyond triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture.
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>> i i heard the police sayinge
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gunmen, put your gun down. then i heard others saying, just shoot him. they were shooting. >> melissa: scalise was shot this morning when a gunman opened fired at a baseball practice. he was airlifted to a hospital. we are outside the hospital with a congressman is, what is the condition? >> we can now confirm and report that scalise is now out of surgery. he arrived here by helicopter. one the larger level one trauma units. they have a strong orthopedic unit, he was shot in the hip. he was in surgery for upwards of
11:25 am
six hours. he is now in good, stable condition. let me also add, there is another patient here. the capital police agent assigned to scalise police detail. she was also shot. people were able to thank her for her heroic actions. we can't confirm if she is still in surgery or out. but the big news here is that the congressman is out of surgery. congressman from louisiana, who plays on the baseball team.
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>> melissa: thank you so much for that. authorities investigating the alexandria shooter. now at the home of hodgkinson. but first, a witness described what he saw. >> no one shows up at a baseball field with an ak-47 accidental. [ america by simon and garfunkel ]
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>> melissa: new details today about the gunmen that shot scalise at eight baseball practice. hodgkinson, the suspect who volunteered for a bernie sanders campaign. we'll have more on that in a moment. >> i was the shortstop at batting practice. i heard a gunshot. and i said, that's a gunshot. i think the initial shot just
11:31 am
missed us. >> melissa: he had a history with police, right? >> he did. his hometown of belleville. a deputy answered a complete about firing weapons. hodgkinson had a valid i.d. card. essentially the deputy told him to knock it off. his most recent run and was 2006. hodgkinson went to the home twice, broken door, instruct someone in the face. he ended up with two counts of battery, domestic battery, and damage to a vehicle charge. online records show that charges
11:32 am
in that case was ultimately dismissed. he also faced resisting arrest and drunk driving charges. according to records dug up by illinois policy institute, he voted democrat in 2012 and 2016. his facebook page was very political. he was a supporter of bernie sanders. he held with campaigns. he said democrat socialism explained in three words, we the people. he had a lot of and i trump things posted on his page. he said trump is a traitor, he destroyed our democracy and it's time to destroy trump. he's seeking to impeach trump and vice president pence. state records show no history of professional problems.
11:33 am
he did let his status lapse in that particular department. he was also a member of home inspectors. no history of trouble there appeared that license expired and he did not renew. >> melissa: a show of unity in the house of representatives and lawmakers. members giving a standing ovation to speaker paul ryan when he urged his colleagues to come together. we are live on capitol hill. were these lawmakers targeted because they were republican? >> that's the way it sounds. based on the interactions the gunmen had with lawmakers. i asked if they believed they were targeted based on they were republicans. >> he asked me if this team was
11:34 am
the republican or democrat team practicing. i responded this is the republican team practicing, and he proceeded to shoot republicans. >> as the hours gone by, i'm told that a lot of people that were on the field this morning are pretty shaken up, trying to make sense of what happened. it could've been them who were severely hurt. >> melissa: how did sanders react? >> he said first and foremost, he holds that scalise and law enforcement make a quick recovery. also he took the floor to condemn the violence. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. let me be as clear as i can be. violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and
11:35 am
i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. >> no business in the house today as law enforcement professionals try to make sense of the attack on a charity baseball practice. >> melissa: thank you. we are going to bring in a republican from new york. thank you for joining us. when you hear all of that talk about the things that the shooter had written and said, all the hatefulness against president trump and his left wing ideology. is it fair to connect that with his actions, or was this just a crazy person? >> i think is probably crazy. it's not really fair to blame that on democrats at all. unfortunately psychotic people are on both sides.
11:36 am
it's important for all of us to lower the rhetoric a bit and try to calm things down because when rhetoric does get out of contro control, psychotic and mentally disturbed people can respond to that. i don't want to in any way blame this on the democrats. i think center sanders did exactly the right thing. he condemned it unequivocally. disruptive behavior, i like a good political fight just like the next person, but there are certain lines you just do not cross. >> melissa: you wonder, when you get lost in battle or negotiation, you can give in. do something like this give everyone an opportunity to soften it a little and come to the table and still save face because you are doing it in the name of calm things down or not.
11:37 am
what do you think? >> if you can take something good out of it, to me, that it's something good. you can get caught up and that's true in both sides. with the party and opposing party, and maybe this will be a way to move us along. there was a bipartisan spirit on the floor today. i saw that on 9/11, and i think it's hopeful and trying to get things done. >> melissa: there are people there that are visibly shaken. here's what he had to say about the discourse and some of the rhetoric. >> we are all responsible for the discourse in the merrick and government. we have the right to be free, elect leaders, vote against them
11:38 am
if we disagree with policies. but we have to ratchet down rhetoric, not only with social media, but these are things that have to stop. these are the result of political rhetorical terrorism. that has to stop. >> melissa: i'm not sure i heard that before. >> i understand what he was saying there. it's important to bring the rhetoric down. whether or not you agree with us or not, you have to assume consequences of what folks have to say. i'm not going to be drawn into a partisan fight, but all of us need a wake-up call. i thought he was brilliant. he showed god guts coming to te camera and speaking out.
11:39 am
>> melissa: a lot of president trump's policies prove an excellent an a threat to the democrats. what do you think of that perspective chris mark >> melissa: we in a democratic society have an obligation, and if bernie sanders was elected president, you have people on the right reacting in a psychotic way as well. i think donald trump is a transformational president. he's going to set off reactions. i don't want to blame people on the left for what this person did today. he was acting on his own. these types of people are on both sides. >> melissa: hopefully the moment will last a little bit longer this time. thank you so much.
11:40 am
the armed assault on members of congress is called upon some members to rethink the way things are done, especially on town hall's back home. this shooting is really a game changer. but first, we have a description of the ordeal. >> it looked like only one shooter, so you have to assume he knew what he was doing. it was at least 10 minutes. one person shot in the leg, and i believe he was the one who brought the shooter down.
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>> much more ahead on the gunmen who injured the republican lawmaker outside of washington. we will speak with lawmakers who
11:44 am
were there, including one who said the suspect spoke to him before the shooting began. we'll get to that in about 17 minutes. we'll see you then at the top of the hour. >> he positioned himself in the visitors dugout which is across the field from where the capital police generally said. it's fortunate because scalise is a member of leadership and he has security detail there. otherwise it would be some guys out there just practicing. it's a group of congressmen and people together sometimes as many as 25 people. it may have been something that somebody could have anticipated us being vulnerable.
11:45 am
>> melissa: he is raising new concerns about the safety of politicians. our next guests saying our hospital environment may force lawmakers to ramp up security to a new level for large events like town hall. a republican on the budget committee and member of the freedom caucus, when you look at the town halls, you can see more concerns. >> yeah, we have more concerns, but this makes you anticipate every even now in a new way. these guys this morning were excited. they were going to go out and play baseball. some guys are biking there through the neighborhood alone. 40 guys getting together at the same time. that would be a major security event normally, but i think we got a little overly excited and
11:46 am
didn't think things through like we should. >> melissa: part of the condition is that it's the idea that you are walking around going to supermarkets, on a bik bike, and make yourself accessible to people who you represent. how do you balance that with obviously justifiable security concerns? >> you're right on the money. you just has to be street smart. we have to be paying attention while we're out and about. we meet staff with us, have a few eyes on the field, and anticipating the environments where harm's way. that's the challenge. on the policy front, i taught ethics for 20 years. i just challenged everybody today, we need to ramp down the language. it does pay to fight on policy but the line should be no attacks on people.
11:47 am
you can always divorce the personality from the policy come about ramp down on the attacks on parties and people. every person has a family back home. these guys have families back home. it's a sad day. >> melissa: so that is the language. i think everybody can agree with that. a lot of the policies that president trump's talking about really do threaten some different political groups. the idea and then he's not going to pay for big government anymore. he wants to drain the swamp. he doesn't like the policies of the extreme left. it is a truly legitimate threat to a group of people. how do you balance that? >> that's a threat to power of
11:48 am
groups. the electorate can either decide one way or the other. those guys need to rise up to that standard. he's free to attack policy, in their free to attack his policy, but they should not be attacking him personally or as a party. we've had articles on using the f-bomb in public by senators. this is a new day. people need to hold us accountable to certain ethical standards and we need to put that ethical standard out front and challenge both sides to the same standard. >> melissa: you're talking about that among politicians. it is been so much conversation this week in new york, where they are physically attacking people who look like the present. in the issue with kathy griffin, as well.
11:49 am
do you link that too chris mark >> you have the judeo-christian tradition. would you do that to a friend? you wouldn't want anybody doing that to you, so don't do that to them. that's nonsensical and of course we want first amendment protection on that. and freedom of language always intended on being rational political discourse. everybody wants 30 seconds of fame right now, so doing these vulgar things, it does get you money and fame, but it doesn't get you ethics. that's what we have to work on. >> melissa: that's a great point, the attention factor. thanks for joining us.
11:50 am
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>> four people are now dead at a ups facility in san francisco, including the gunmen. the shooter opening fire inside the building sending terrified employees escaping to the roof. police say he was wearing a ups uniform. we are live in san francisco. what have you learned chris mark >> .
11:54 am
dozens of investigators are combing through his building. they're looking for evidence in talking with eyewitnesses who were there this morning when the strategy happened. please say the government was wearing a ups uniform, the uniforms we've seen on drivers, those brown uniforms. it is unclear if he was an employee. shots came around 9:00 this morning. when they arrived, they determined the shooter was still inside. they quickly confront him, and that's when he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. at this time, emotive is not known. the investigation is really just getting started here. they were also at the hospital where a number of victims were transported, and we are waiting for updates on their conditions as well. >> melissa: what can you tell us about the police response? >> there was a large police
11:55 am
response, firefighters, and a number of ambulances were on the scene, as well. a number of streets in this neighborhood are still blocked off. and they are still here. so it's a major investigation and we are going to keep you posted on what happens next. >> melissa: thank you. we are just getting new video at the time of the shooting in the baseballll practice of congressional lawmakers. we will have at next. a prescription medication for depression. trintellix may help you take a step forward in improving your depression. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens and young adults. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications, including migraine,
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thank you. [ upbeat music playing ] you can't quit, neither should your pain reliever. stay all day strong with 12 hour aleve. check this sunday's paper for extra savings on products from aleve. >> we're getting new sounds of dozens of gun shots at the gop baseball practice just outside our nation's capitol. as many as 30 shots can be heard in the recording taken from a house not far from the field where gop lawmakers and aides were practicing.
11:59 am
[gun shots]. >> that's the cops now. >> yeah. >> "who are they shooting" she asked. steve scalise is in critical condition after being shot. he's among four that were shot. we're learning new information about capitol officers injured in the shooting. they're being hailed as heros. lawmakers say if not for the presence of special agent crystal greiner and david bailey, the toll could have been much worse. the gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice
12:00 pm
in virginia. their actions getting a lot of praise. the two were treated at a local hospital. they're expected to be okay. here's bill hemmer in for shep. >> melissa, thank you. tracking developments in the attack on u.s. lawmakers from earlier today. >> heard a bunch of what appeared to be shots. pow, pow, pow! >> about 50 shots. >> the officers were receiving fire from the suspect. they returned fire. >> i heard the police saying to the gunman, it was like get down, put your gun down. >> a lot of us dove into the dugout. >> so the republican whip, steve scalise, dozens others wounded. the gunman is dead. in a moment, the investigation and a race to figure out the motive. you'll hear from those that were there in a


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