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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 16, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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have another big hour coming up, one hour from now. we're going to cover the president's speech live, unwinding president obama's cuba policies. >> heather: "outnumbered" starts right now. the >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. the president is set to arrive in miami, florida, soon and he will deliver a speech on his plans to rollback some of president obama's changes to a u.s. cuba policy. we understand he will once again clamped down on trade and travel to the communist nation. this marks another one of president obama's key legacy items that the current president is reversing or revising. when president trump speaks, we will of course bring it to you live right here on fox news. in this fox news alert. news on the medical condition of house majority whip steve scalise, as he fights for his life after being shot during a baseball practice on wednesday. doctors are saying that he has shown some improvement in the last day. still in critical condition
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though. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis, kennedy herself, mercedes schlapp, and today's #oneluckyguy, tom shillue. you're outnumbered, how does that feel? >> tom: it feels great. the only day of the year that dads are appreciated is coming up, father's day. i started some controversy. >> mercedes: on that happy note. >> harris: this is a development in the right
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direction. house majority whip, steve scalise is still in critical condition as he was shot in the head by a gunman targeting g.o.p. lawmakers, but we are told he is doing slightly better. doctors say he underwent a second surgery related to his internal injuries and a broken bone in his leg, but he still needs more surgery. doug mckelway is live outside the hospital in washington. >> as you said, the first and actually the only sign of encouragement that we have gotten from the hospital here came last night in their official statement which was released at about 8:00. it says he remains in critical condition, but has improved in the last 24 hours. we've got more detailed information from our capitol hill producer from good sources that are very, very close to scalise. he reports from those sources, >> heather: a1 appears to be doing slightly better, no official change in his condition yet. doctors told that they may give scalise a day or so to recover
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after two rounds of surgery, but they could go back in today. fox was told additional surgeries would be to fix other things, that's why they can wait another day. the fact that they are considering other things like broken bones proves minor improvement. meanwhile, upgrade to a serious is met micah. he is expected to undergo more surgeries today. all other victims are doing well and we certainly saw that last night at the baseball game throughout the first pitch the >> we spend every day together, working together. our families are close, staff is
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very close. he's in the hospital recovering, he's got a ways to go. we are all praying for him. >> we are all close to steve's police. this game is a game where we always come to have fun. we hope that our team wins. tonight we are all team scalise. >> you hear that again and again egg among visitors were coming here to the hospital to visit steve. among them, one of the first people to visit him was cedric richmond, a democrat of louisiana who is head of the congressional black caucus who calls scalise a true friend. he has been at the forefront of calling for better security for members of congress. back to you. >> harris: thank you very much. as lawmakers are taking the field for their annual baseball game just two days after congressman scalise was shot, this long-standing tradition with a much different feel this time around then games in the past in the wake of the shootin
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shooting. there was a record turnout for all of that. the main focus was unity. before the game, lawmakers gathered in the middle of the field. you're watching that video now. chance of usa could be heard. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with more memorable moments from that game. >> i am told the initial count is $1.5 million raised at last night congressional baseball game and they are still counting with a record of nearly 25,000 on hand at nationals park. there were countless touching moments. players from both teams lined up in a huge semi circle for the singing of our national anthem. the congressional core is delivered and enthusiastic rendition of "the star-spangled banner." then it was baseball time and the game went on with those close to steve's glaze is saying that's the way he would wanted to be. there was a scalise strong banner in the stand and people
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wearing lsu here as a tribute. there is talk of healing. >> i think we can work harder and talent on the rhetoric that we sometimes had. this game which had to be played tonight will begin that process of bipartisanship, loving our country, and agreeing to disagree in the proper ways. the >> once the game is over, the bipartisan spirit continued with mike doyle of pennsylvania handing the trophy to republican manager joe barton of texas. martin says they're going to put the trophy and squeezes office until he comes back to work. this morning, there was a still of emotion. >> steve, i love you, we miss you, we are thinking about you last night. all of america was with you and the other folks were injured and shot. america began its healing process last night and he led the way. >> the final score was 11-2, democrats. there wasn't so much more to this game.
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>> harris: we're hoping 100% unity, we'll see what happens. mike emanuel, thank you. i was reading today that senator schumer has asked to see senator mitch mcconnell to talk about health care. there are some silver linings, there are some bubbles of hope out there. hope of her history. >> tom: it was great to see the president addressed before the game. the great american game it makes me emotional. seeing them kneel down last night was amazing. >> mercedes: the shooting happened a block away from my office. there is fear. they are very concerned about their safety and it's a very emotional time. what's happened in washington since the election, there's been
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a toxic environment and its terminal lot by the social media world. now that we've seen one of our own get hurt, whether it's a democrat or republican, tragically injured, i think it's a reality check for all of us in washington. replicants and democrats have to take inventory and say, we need to lead and ensure that the political rhetoric is not and a hateful way, that we focus on policy differences and not about attacking an individual or a party. >> harris: i've been in california the last few days and i saw so many people who feel the way you do, tom. we know that is a very liberal leaning society in that state, not entirely, but certainly where i was. people were brought to tears. they felt so much the way that you are expressing right now. it's a moment. the spirit when you look at this moment and you look on the way that others are behaving, you
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realize you can only control your own behavior. it can only control your own mouth. if you sit there and own it and you decide for yourself that in this moment, i'm not going to add to the negativity, we can still argue about policy and politics and that sort of thing and we know a lot of people who do that with dignity and respect, usually with a smile on your face. you can fight about things without attacking the other person. rather than saying, this one is doing a right, this one's not, why don't we all just take responsibility for ourselves? >> harris: i want to talk brass tacks about the politics of unity. if there is no identity in it for certain people who have re-election coming, it gets complicated. can they put that aside? >> kennedy: since the election, everyone has collectively been holding their breath, regardless of where they stand politically and with the call for unity, people kind of exhaled for a moment. that's why there was an emotional release with this
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game. people really need that and you don't realize how high strung you are personally and how high strung the nation is. we've never been more focused on politics. it's never been so all or nothing and that has such an incredible impact on people. if they can actually come together and craft better legislation and craft better policy, to the benefit of the market people, that will be a wonderful thing and then you will never remember name of that shooter, but you could remember the moment and time where politics shifted for the better. >> harris: great point. probably not the only time that we've been this focus. i'm sure when they were crafting the declaration and the constitution and all the articles, i'm sure we were very focused as a nation, but we were smarter then. >> tom: is little stuff. people are fighting over the little things. when we see some thing like
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this, it's remember what's important. >> mercedes: it becomes very quick to forget that they are there to cut deals, cut legislation. i think they should take congress over to the baseball fields and cut the deals there. >> harris: e think their memory is that short-term? that is pathetic. >> mercedes: when you have celebrities coming out like madonna, blow up the white house like kathy griffin with her image, there is a so much vitriol and i think it plays a lot into some of these deranged individuals. they decide we have or destroy trump and the g.o.p. that evilness, that darkness, that penetrates into the culture of american. this is about our country and we are patriots together. the >> harris: i mentioned schumer reaching out and i know which direction i went in, but
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schumer and mitch mcconnell have been reaching each other and coming together potentially in having a meeting on health care. it isn't just the fact that his kumbaya, but that's the number one issue that people say they care about. >> kennedy: they know people are clamoring for that right now. they know it's what looks good, now if they can actually do something before the july 4th recess. >> melissa: i think it's an opportunity. this idea that sometimes you need a reason to compromise and still save face. this is an opportunity to say i'm going to get this to come together, especially when you have other people watching you, this is a great excuse. >> harris: not everybody is feeling that way. we're going to talk a little bit about it later. i know you did an impersonation of a certain representative. >> kennedy: i'm going to save it up. >> harris: president trump is demanding to know why the clintons are not being investigated for obstruction of
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justice after hillary clinton allegedly bleached emails and bill clinton met with greta lynch. remember that on the tarmac? right in the middle of the investigation? does the president have a point? the deputy attorney general is warning americans to be skeptical of news stories based on anonymous sources, suggesting leakers likely have ulterior motives. and might even be from foreign countries. we'll talk about it. stay close there's nothing traditional about my small business. so when it comes to technology, i need someone that understands my unique needs. my dell small business advisor has gotten to know our business so well, that it feels like he's a part of our team. with one phone call, he sets me up with tailored products and services. and when my advisor is focused on my tech, i can focus on my small business. ♪
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it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> melissa: president trump apparently referencing a "washington post" report claiming the special counsel in the russian probe is investigating whether he may have obstructed justice. this over the firing of fbi chief james comey, the president tweeting i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt. just in case that wasn't clear. the president also accusing the clintons and democrats of having ties to russia and asking why they are not being looked at. he writes crooked hillary destroyed phones with a hammer, bleached emails and had husband meet with attorney general days before she was cleared and they
9:18 am
talk obstruction? this as cnn reports that robert mueller is expanding his team, hiring 13 lawyers with plans to add even more, because you can never have enough lawyers. >> mercedes: of course you need more. >> kennedy: like she was in purses and jewelry. >> mercedes: not know fi matter. one of the lawyers was hillary's lawyer on the email gate scanda scandal. some of these lawyers that they are bringing in, they have maxed out to the hillary clinton campaign, the obama campaign, so it brings into question some of these lawyers, if there is political motivation were not. it's a lot of the problems with these special councils. it cannot become a witch hunt and expect every single avenue. >> melissa: when he'd stalk them of the bleaching mismatch
9:19 am
with hammers to make in fact-check that. all those things happen, they're true. doesn't it strike you, it's amazing that we are not investigating them for obstruction but we are talking about these other things. >> tom: it is, but is not the best argument to keep referring back to hillary because she is not the president, he is. if he thinks that the investigation is ridiculous, he should say it and that's what he does. >> melissa: he said witch hunt. >> tom: i don't think that's a silly term because -- the witch trials were all about that you were guilty, you admitted you are a witch and then they burned you for being a witch, or you said you weren't a witch and they burned you for lying. that's why these investigations are going. they want to catch on anything they can. i think it's a good term. >> harris: i don't think the president to talk about this at all anymore. he has his attorney, he's putting together a war room to handle these sorts of things as they come up, i think he lets that happen, he stops tweeting
9:20 am
about it, and he focuses on when he talked about in terms of unity and getting policy done. standing at the airport in the last couple of days and seen people look up at the screens and see another tweet go out about russia or about him fighting back or whatever, i heard people say, and some of them had make america great hats on, once he going focus on us? he has an opportunity with a very skilled attorney and a good team that he put together in the white house, walk away from this and do your job. >> melissa: sometimes i wonder -- the democrats are so focused on the witch hunt. >> kennedy: you bring up the best point which is his attorney did a great job of laying out the president's case were his innocence. the more the president focuses on the tasks at hand, the more
9:21 am
he looks not guilty because when he is responding to things, it's almost with the vigor of defensiveness of someone who is under investigation, so he's revealing his hand in a way that i don't think he intends to, but i agree. get back to work, have the tweets be about health care and meeting with leaders in congress and what your plan is for tax reform, and how infrastructure spending will increase jobs in this country. permit reform, and getting rid of some regulations. that's critical. hammering away at the part of dodd-frank that really erodes small businesses ability to borrow money. >> melissa: i don't know that people aren't working on that while we are talking about it. i don't know where steve mnuchin is, i don't know where mick mulvaney is. >> kennedy: everyone is focused on the president, not them. if the president focuses on the
9:22 am
stuff in twitter which is his greatest medium, then maybe that's where the press will be forced to look. >> melissa: i think you are outnumbered on this one. >> kennedy: meantime, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein warning americans to be skeptical of news stories based on anonymous sources. the statement comes just after "the washington post" reported that special counsel robert mueller is investigating whether or not president trump obstructed justice. rosenstein saying, americans should exercise caution before accepting as true and he attributed to anonymous officials. particularly, when they are not identified by country or the branch or agency of government when the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated. robert mueller's office has
9:23 am
leaked that they are doing whatever they can to make sure that they don't have leaks, but the leaks themselves do so much damage because if that's all people focus on and they're not interested in actual investigations and having the facts unfold, then it does damage to the president's legacy and reputation. >> tom: absolutely. and the legacy of the fbi and all our intelligence services. i don't trust any of them anymore because he says we have stringent measures, there is not stringent. it's full of holes. there is leaks everywhere. i don't trust the process, the special prosecutor because everyone under them is leaking. they keep saying, he's got integrity, the mueller is a straight shooter. he may be a straight shooter, but all the people working for him are obviously not because they keep leaking. >> harris: the obama administration really went after leakers and prosecuted people. i'm wondering when we will see that sort of thing with this in
9:24 am
administration. >> kennedy: at started with the doj and reality winter. i think you'll see more of that coming from the doj. rosenstein is correct and the fact that this compromise the investigation. what it does, they put this to trial in the court of public opinion as opposed to letting a process happen from a judicial standpoint. also, there are several stories that have been wrong. for example, you have comey asking for additional resources, that rosenstein would resign. that's important to bring this up and say be skeptical. >> kennedy: people are not skeptical enough because that's where we tend to seen a bulk of these stories. the post has done an amazing job of gathering enough people who want to leaked details about this. the comey investigation or anything else. >> melissa: when you're putting a story together and you're trying to break news, generally want the person out there who is seeing it to own up to it and have their name and your story. if you rely on someone that
9:25 am
you're going to call anonymous or whatever, then that's your integrity on the line, if the story ends up not being true. we all know that. you would be shamed in a newsroom if you wrote a story that was breaking news and you did not name your sources and then later it wasn't true. people should look at you like who did you talk to? >> harris: you would be worse than shamed, especially for men a habit out of it. >> kennedy: what if there people that are just making stuff up? >> harris: that's what i'm saying. why -- i look at the sarah palin situation right now in "the new york times" and wintered out to be true and what didn't. if we are not coming forth with the facts, there needs to be a policy. there always was, i don't know what happened, it's like penalty late. we are no longer in the age where we are one sourcing things. there are so many leaks that we have to be able to triangulate around that factoid until it's
9:26 am
proven to be fact. that takes more time which is what i always say, that we do have fox news, don't be first, be right. that's what counts at the end of the day. everybody's jumping in the water to be first, but what if your first and you are wrong? you can ever take that back. >> kennedy: it takes patience and delayed gratification. >> harris: society is not into that. >> kennedy: despite solidarity and unity on display at the congressional baseball game, house minority leader nancy pelosi appeared to talk out of both sides of her well-groomed mouth. she called for toning down the negativity, but then ripped into republicans. whether she needs to watch her own words, and should she be forced to apologize question rick we will discuss from the couch and moments. this is "outnumbered" " tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. >> harris: president trump has arrived in miami, florida.
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the plane just touched on seconds ago, so it's potentially now pulling into place. this is the head of the on rolling back some of president obama's cuban policy. president trump. up to the lectern and speak about this and when he does, will bring it to you live. just want to show you like pictures because this is coming up in the next 30-40 minutes, see want to keep it right here on fox to hear this history making moment when the president begins to roll back. one of the biggest legacy points by the former president, keep watching. >> melissa: on a day that was supposed to be all about unity ahead of the congressional baseball game, house minority leader nancy pelosi just couldn't hold back. first she called for curtailing activities saying she would wait to comment on republicans who blame the left for the shooter's actions, but then she went off
9:32 am
on those lawmakers anyway. >> i think the comments made by my republican colleagues are outrageous. the dignity of the job that they hold, and negates the dignity of the respect that we would like congress to command. how dare they say such a thing. how dare they. for them to all of a sudden be sanctimonious, as if they've never seen such a thing before. i don't even want to go into the president the president of the united states, but in terms of some of the language he has used. >> melissa: kellyanne conway reacting this morning on "fox & friends." >> i think the unity lasted a hot minute for some people. nancy pelosi already pointing the finger. two days ago, she said she prays for and hopes for the success of donald trump's presidency and yesterday, she was pointy fingers again.
9:33 am
i think some people are unloading their shame and guilt for toning down the toxicity and the rhetoric. >> melissa: i think it's a stream of consciousness. i feel like it's, whatever is happening flows out. >> tom: she goes to the word outrageous a lot. during the video, she said who are you talking about? i was thinking, i don't know what she's talking about. which colleagues are being shameful question rick i didn't see it. she is a first when i saw come out and start swinging. >> harris: we see the door to air force one has swung open. would on to us that moment when president trump begins to descend the stairs. the former president obama, one of his legacy points was normalizing relations with cuba. he did the wave of the baseball game and he went there. the president now getting ready to roll back some of the policies put into place by obama
9:34 am
travel and trade. as he defends the stairs, we are watching together. >> melissa: if you see someone go off book, we are going to go for unity and then all of a sudden, we are taking shots of the other side, then what's the response? you then criticize the person who is criticizing the other side, your contributing to the back and forth, so what do you do? >> mercedes: republicans in congress need to be think about their colleague who is in the hospital fighting for his life. the mere fact that nancy pelosi started attacking republicans in this moment of tragedy, to use her word, it's outrageous. she should take the lead of speaker ryan. it's very important at this time that it remains -- they remain somber, this is a moment in time where they need to lead and not attack republicans.
9:35 am
>> kennedy: she's analog, she is not digital. she doesn't realize that in this moment, the calls were positivity and unity are very serious and solemn indeed, as mercedes points out. she's a political vampire. positivity is a combination of crucifix and garland to her. she cannot operate, speaking positively about her republican colleagues. she has to be divisive. it is her go to static, outdated point of view. it's the only position she knows from which to operate and it's really sad. you would think someone who has been in congress since the constitutional convention would actually be able to compose themselves a little bit better. >> harris: quickly on a word that you used to approach this with sobriety. i'm going to cut myself off because as the president of the
9:36 am
united states coming off of air force one, designing the stairs. this is in miami, florida. he'll be talking about turning back some of the policies regarding the united states and cuba and the relationship. what we expect is that trade will be part of that, that travel will be part of that, and in this nation, we saw the past president normalize relations with cuba, it took a lot of criticism for the baseball game where he was doing the wave and all sorts of things that he did well on cuban soil. now this president on american soil, getting ready to roll some of that back. a legacy point. remember there were certain things that helped define towards the end of president obama's presidency. i want to talk with you, mercedes. a lot of credit was given to obama because he was able to get so many things done right at the end and he was determined to leave with that cloak of legacy and place. now we are starting to see some chipping away of that by this
9:37 am
president. >> mercedes: rightfully so. the deal that president obama made with the cuban dictatorship was a disgrace. when he looked at the fact that we decided to relieve restrictions on travel and trade and yet they were released in exchange for prisoners who are then detained by president obama is traveling. as a cuban-americans, as the daughter of a former political prisoner, my father was tortured under the capture regime. they sold our properties so the united states to give into this dictatorship is not acceptable. when president trump to keep his campaign promise, to say we are not going to reward the cuban state military conglomerate that basically control the economy, we want to empower the cuban people. we want to build on their private sector and if you want to negotiate with us, you come with meaningful changes.
9:38 am
it is a win for the united states and for the cuban people. >> kennedy: i share your contempt for commies. i hate them. like you, my mom and her family had their lives destroyed in romania and fortunately were able to come to this country and embrace freedom. the thing i will say is capitalism trumps communism. i would like to see americans go to cuba. i would like americans -- just a second. i would love for journalists to go over there and tell the truth and spread sunlight and hopefully, that will lead to regime change and ultimately, the freedom of people deserve. >> mercedes: we have tried to spread the sunlight to cuba, until the castro regime is gone, there'll be no significant change and that is the reality. the cuban people will continue to be oppressed. >> harris: the president in miami, florida. you saw his motorcade being out of the picture.
9:39 am
we have shunning his arrival, talking cuban policy just as we are on the couch. mercedes, thank you for sharing your personal story. real quickly, about sobriety and democrats and republicans after scalise, i use another word, i use humility. sobriety is fine, but with regard to nancy pelosi and others, it would be interesting to see that humility come together. we will be right back
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>> harris: we are coming right back into miami, florida. president trump said to speak very soon at the lectern you see there. moments ago, he touched down. where he will roll back some of president obama's major changes. something widely concerned a key part of the legacy were president obama.
9:44 am
this is just one of several legacy points. the president has undone at this point. he is working with g.o.p. lawmakers to repeal obamacare as we speak. he withdrew the united states from joining the trans pacific partnership. and he cut off federal funding to fund abortions and those are just a few on a now growing list. >> tom: they need to improve the communication on this. we used the words a couple of times, rollback, undone. these are the words your hearing all over the media and team trump has to start using words like better deal. marco rubio tweeted outcome a better deal.
9:45 am
that's what you have to stress, that he's trying to get better deals. if he keeps saying rollback a month that's what they'll use against republicans, they're turning back the clock. >> melissa: when they're talking about what's happening with this cuban policy, it has to do with not doing views and is directly and not doing commerce with the cuban government. they're talking about restricting deals and doing money into the pockets of the castro regime. that was the point that marco rubio is making and tweeting about. the better deal for cuba in terms of where the money is going. >> mercedes: in the cuban constitution, you directly have to deal with the cuban government. in this case, there are military intelligence officials.
9:46 am
a former son-in-law of castro is in charge and they dominate over 60% of the economy in cuba. what they do as they're getting about 9% of money coming in, not giving the cuban people an opportunity to build up any capitalism. >> kennedy: that's why there's such a huge black market in cuba. that's the only way people can afford things because of those price controls in place. >> harris: this story was breaking with the president landing and air force one just moments ago and now we are waiting for him to arrive at the destination you see left of your screen. mercedes, i want to revisit a little bit how you know about the cuban constitution, not that you are not read up on a whole lot of things, but your personal connection that the president is going to talk about.
9:47 am
>> mercedes: my father was born in cuba, successful businessman. at one point, they come in, take his businesses, take his home, and my father basically fights back and at that point, he gets caught, is thrown into jail for 6 years. his friends are executed. this is about trying to silence and destroy the resistance. my father was able to come to the united states, my mother was here. i have to say that if you ask my father today, would you go back to cuba? he says no. he says i am an american first and he's very proud of this country because they welcomed him with open arms and he was able to build his family here. >> harris: now we are watching potentially history being made. you can go back in time, so now we go forward. as we watched this story, we're going to stay on it right now. i want to point out that you had
9:48 am
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>> harris: we are told that the president will be stepping up to make a speech on the u.s.
9:52 am
cuba policy in the next 15 or 2r than that, but that's what we are poised for right now. he didn't touch down almost 10 minutes ago in miami ahead of that announcement on rolling back policies which regard to our relationships trade and travel. we see speakers stepping up as well. this is going to potentially happen before we've been told, but i want to drill down with you a little bit on why this is so important. i know it's a legacy point of president obama's, normalizing the conversation, but what else makes what's happening today high-stakes maneuver? >> tom: it's getting america and a better position. i always look to cuban people. with policy towards cuba, if it works -- i remember when obama
9:53 am
was loosening up the cuban relationship. at first, i said if it's good for the cuban people, but them with talking with people like yourself, i starting to see it in a different light. >> melissa: remember on election night when president trump is doing so much better in florida than people thought of in the next day, one of the miscalculations that people had made was that hispanics in south florida didn't like what had happened with president obama and the cuban policy. this is him making good once again on something that he ran. >> kennedy: he could hear them chanting. the thing about this and you're talking about renegotiating the deal, after two years in this policy, the president's angry going to yank it all back, this is when you might see more concessions from cuba because they may realize how these interests are in the country.
9:54 am
>> mercedes: we've seen more political dissidents being beaten. i think the bigger picture here is when you look at the community is, it's divided in terms of lifting the embargo or not. there is something to be said that there needs to be change and cuba with a different type of government. as well as a market for cuba to flourish. >> harris: i'm so curious to know your idea about this. they need to shore up their hispanic base, what does this d do? >> mercedes: it's specifically for the cuban community in miam miami. cubans who voted for trump, he played his card right. >> harris: father's day on sunday and just in time for
9:55 am
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>> all all right, father's days coming up this sunday.
9:59 am
are one lucky guy has a book coming out, "mean dads for a better america" ." >> i was going to call it "mean dads and cheap moms." she was a money saver, she stretched my dad's paycheck. my dad was mean, my mother and i joked and called him darth vader with a boston accent. [laughter] we jumped. i think you guys got it. he would reach for the belt but never pulled it out. >> i love your book, it is so funny. you make the point, kids need parents, not friends. your book, we will pick it up. happy father's day to you, we
10:00 am
are watching that box on the right-hand corner because president trump is getting ready to step up to the lectern in miami, florida, and talk about rolling back the travel and trade and making a better deal for america. have a great weekend, "happening now" now. >> heather: more on that, with this fox news alert president trump has landed in miami for his big speech. >> jon: the president is expected to fulfill up campaign promise and the key state of florida, covering all of that, all the news "happening now." >> the next president to reverse them, that i will do. >> the president set to fulfill a major campaign promise and rollback president obama's cuba policies. plus, president trump claiming that a man overseeing the special counsel investigation was the very one who told h


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