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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 20, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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keep hasn't had a facelift in awhile. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house where sean spicer held his first on camera briefing in eight days. he covered a lot of topics including his own job security. and senators say north korea murdered otto warmbier and john mccain says there should be consequences. how should the white house respond? could this affect the already tense ties between the two nations? in syria, rising violence and fears of a wider war. in the past few days, american jets shot down an armed iranian drone and a syrian war plane. the aircraft threatened
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coalition forces. now russia flies within feet of an american aircraft. can cooler heads prevail before it's too late? let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck this tuesday afternoon, the white house press secretary sean spicer held his first on-camera briefing in more than a week including north korea, u.s. healthcare and whether he, sean spicer, will be moving on to a new position. the press secretary refused to confirm whether that is happening. >> i'm here. you can keep taking your selfies and -- so -- but look, it's no secret we've had a couple vacancies including communications director. >> more on the press secretary's response in awhile. there was initially no briefing at all today on the white house schedule, not even a gaggle.
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news outlets began reporting on his lack of on-camera appearances and a short time later, the white house added an on-camera briefer with spicer on the schedule. this comes as john roberts reports spicer is preparing to take on a new role. according to a senior official to john roberts, it will be a promotion with spicer overseeing the white house communications team, including the press office and his replacement as press secretary. spicer faced plenty of criticism in the white house. some reportedly from the president himself. reports indicate the president has at times been unset with spicer's style and anger over melissa mccarthy's portrayal over him. mike dubke resigned last month. politco and others is reporting a larger shakeup of his communications team. the president has not yet decided who would replace sean
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spicer, but the official also says that the president is very fond of the deputy press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders at the podium. she's occasionally filled in for sean spicer. so are there any others? ed henry is live. what about that? i've heard some names. >> laura ingram, the fox news contributor, radio talk show host. her name has been bantered about. we heard she's not interested in that but maybe a more senior role in the administration. one of the problems, there's so much criticism from many, that it's hard to find somebody to take the job. spicer has been pushing back as he takes this heat and pointing out that they answer all kinds of questions, not always at the briefers, sometimes by e-mail or phone. they're doing the best they can and they're bringing in other people and maybe weigh of
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changes. >> we've been meeting with potential people. i don't think it should be a surprise. we're looking for ways to do a better job as articulating the president's message and his agenda and we'll continue to have the discussions internally. when we have an announcement, we'll let you know. >> one important notice, skepticism for weeks, maybe months, we've heard various reports, speculation about a massive shakeup at the white house. it's not happened yet. >> we remember after the healthcare bill made it through the house, the president held a celebration in the rose garden and later we learned that he called the healthcare bill mean. sean spicer responded to that. >> he did. this is one of those issues where when you don't have an on-camera briefing for a week or more, a story like this lingers without you going on camera and pushing back. it's not just about reporters
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belly-aching but an opportunity for the white house to use the briefing room as an offensive weapon and give the president's side to this. a week or so ago, the president called the house bill mean. what they're focusing instead on, there's a big debate on the senate on their version of the health bill. the president wants to make sure that one is better. listen. >> the president wants the bill to have heart in it. he believes that healthcare is something that is near and dear to so many families and individuals. he made it clear, that was one of the priorities and the senate work its way through the bill as the house did, any ideas are welcome to strengthen it, make it more affordable and successful and deliver the care it needs. this is an area that the president believes passionately about. >> spicer gave a push for something else, major tax reform and tax cuts. something speaker paul ryan is giving a big speech on today. the bottom line is, it's a very
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crowded agenda and they're running out of time in the building behind me to get the president's agenda moving. so they have to pick what they're going to focus on. >> shepard: finally, north korea and the death of otto warmbier. >> yeah, a lot of pressure on the u.s. and what about the ott that warmbier was treated so badly that it led to his death. the remember had some eyebrows raised when he suggested he might be willing to meet with kim jong-un and there were a lot of questions for sean spicer about china's role in this. china can bring great economic pressure on north korea. the president said "while i greatly agree with china to help with north korea, it's not worked out. at least i know china tried." that tidbit from the president. sean spicer said this idea of president trump meeting with kim
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jong-un was raised earlier in a different context. >> the context he said that is if the conditions -- right conditions presented themselves. clearly we're moving further away, not closer to the conditions being there. so i would suggest we're not moving any closer. >> obviously what looms large in this is the continued nuclear threat from north korea as well, shep. >> shepard: ed henry on capitol hill. some top republican senators are accusing north korea of murder after the debt of otto warmbier. the regime sentenced warmbier for 15 years of hard labor after taking down a propaganda poster. he died a day after his relief. john mccain said otto warmbier, an american citizen, was murdered by kim jong-un's regime. he later added north korea has escalated to brutalizing americans, including three other
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citizens imprisoned in north korea. then there's marco rubio on the foreign affairs committee. he tweeted otto warmbier shouldn't have been in jail for tearing down a stupid banner and shouldn't have been murdered for it. the white house was asked today if north korea was responsible for his death. listen. >> i'm not going to comment on whether or not his situation, how it was handled until we have further information on it. >> shepard: the top democrat, adam schiff is pushing a bill to restrict tourist travel to north korea. he says it's to prevent the regime of treating americans as hostages to extract concessions from the united states. officials are now considering travel restrictions to north korea. president trump has called the dictatorship a brutal regime and says we'll handle it. he didn't give specifics. south korean says the u.s. military flew two supersonic
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bombers over the peninsula in a show of force against north korea. let's to the gordon chang, author of "nuclear show down, north korea takes on the world." two senators, john mccain and marco rubio saying that the north koreans murdered warmbier. as a journalist, i have to ask, where is the evidence of this. what do we know about the circumstances, the horrible circumstances surrounds his death? >> the most important thing we know is otto warmbier suffered brain damage. brain tissue died. normally that happens after a loss of blood flow to the brain. sort of cardiac arrest or something like that. could be trauma. clearly murder seems to be the number 1 situation. some people are talking about an attempted suicide. warmbier lost consciousness after his trial in march of 2016. so maybe he fell into depression or despair. whatever the cause, shep,
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whether it was murder or attempted suicide, the state put otto warmbier in such a condition where they stressed him. our policies should behe same. >> shepard: for taking down a poster. >> this is important to the north koreans. we live in a democracy. our government is legitimate whether we like our leader or not. north korea, that's not the case. so what they're concerned about is otto warmbier showing to north koreans an act of defiance. that act could spread. that's why the north koreans took this so seriously. >> shepard: is it unusual for american prisoners in north korea to be mistreated? >> yes. not to this extent. maybe something is different in the regime this time. maybe kim jong-un wanted warmbier to suffer as a lesson to the united states. we don't know his thinking on this. that is a real possibility. we saw the assassination of kim jong-un's half brother, five of his senior subordinates.
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there's something wrong in this regime and otto warmbier may be another symptom of that. >> shepard: restrictions, travel restrictions in order? >> yes. for a couple reasons. first of all, we don't want other americans to become hostages. the regime earns 100% of the dollars from tourism. your waitresses or tour guide, they get north korean wong, which are worthless. every time you see a missile arcing into the sky, it's tourist dollars at work. >> weekend travel to every country on the face of the earth except for cuba. it's unusual for the united states to restrict the movement of its own citizens. it's more normal to put out warnings about what you're about to get into. >> which is north korea's case. there's no travel ban. i look at this as an issue of trying to restrict the flow of funds to the regime.
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they're making fast pace on missiles and nukes so we have to stop that in some way. we have south korea now, which is sort of trying to put money into the hands of the regime under the new president. china is shovelling money to the north koreans like crazy. this is an attempt to push back on that it's a small number. >> warmbier's family, hard to imagine having to go through anything like, this i understand the tour company that took him over there is no longer going to sponsor tours to north korea. >> for americans. the restriction is only for americans. chinese go to north korea. they have maybe 292,000 tourists a year. an enormous number. that is the indication of the support for pyongyang. that is the material difference. >> shepard: gordon chang, thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: tense times in syria. concerns that the cival war
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there could spread into something bigger. moscow and washington have been fighting a kind of proxy war in that country. might not take much to determine that into something much bigger, especially considering the u.s. shot down an aircraft this week and russia with some a pair -- apparent retailation. more coming up. stay with us. i know if the pain comes, i'm not gonna get my job done. pain's kind of self-defining. when it hurts, it hurts. when i can't do something, it makes me feel isolated. with aleve, you can stay strong longer because only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. i get to be present and enjoy what i love. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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>> the stand off between russia and the united states could have global implications according to analysts and tensions are heating up. another notch with syria, iran, and russia alliance in full force. just yesterday, russia threatened the united states, warning american planes or pilots, i should say, over parts of syria that their planes could now be targets or would be treated as targets in retaliation. in iran, an armed drone flying in the vicinity of u.s.-backed forces, american jets shot it down. the war in the middle east seems to be at a boiling point. analysts say the escalation is unprecedented. the defense secretary james mattis ignored shouted questions
12:17 pm
about the u.s.'s involvement. jennifer griffin has more. >> shepard, secretary of state rex tillerson was just asked about the tension with russia and said we're in discussions. the pentagon is encouraging the russians to continue to use the de-confliction hot line over in mishaps. meanwhile, one day after a u.s. navy f-18 super hornet shot down a syrian jet near raqqa and just a day after russia issued the stark warning to u.s. airplanes, a russian fighter jet armed with air to air missiles challenged a u.s. air force spy plane in the baltic sea. the russian pilot had poor control and coming in at a high rate of speed.
12:18 pm
the wings were dirty, meaning they had missiles. since june, there's been 35 interactions between u.s. jets and russian war ships. the incident monday morning is the first since june. >> shepard: u.s. officials say the coalition killed an isis leader in syria? >> that's right. the pentagon announced today that coalition forces killed turkey al-benali, the cleric in syria, not far from raqqa. he had a central role in recruiting foreign terrorist fighters. he provided propaganda and was a close confidant of al baghdaddi the head of isis in syria.
12:19 pm
this is considered a big hit by the u.s. coalition. also in syria today, the u.s. announced a drone was shot down. this is the second time in less than a month, shep, that the u.s. has shot down an iranian drone. shep? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. the bodies of seven american sailors that died when their destroyer died with a container ship are headed home. that's according to the u.s. navy. the cash happened off the coast of japan. the sailors were aboard the u.s. fitzgerald. some compartments flooded and trapped the men inside. those on board tried to use satellite phones but the associated press reports investigators are trying to figure out why it took nearly an hour for the crash to be reported. in other words, why the container ship didn't send out a call. as senate republicans try to
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>> shepard: democrats are using new tactics to try to slow down the republican push to repeal and replace obamacare. it comes as the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, says the senate could vote next week before the july 4th recess. remember, nobody knows except for 12 working on this behind closed doors what's in the bill. nobody will see it at least until the congressional budget office takes a look at it. and then supposedly they'll vote within a day. democrats ramped up their
12:24 pm
resistance giving long speeches and accusing republicans of trying to ram through a bill. now they're using a bill to limit committee hearings. will there be a hear something sounds like it will be about that long. mike emanuel live with more. republicans accused democrats of doing this, which they didn't, back during obamacare. they had multiple hearings on this. now republicans are doing what they accused the dems doing. >> that's right. mitch mcconnell said they plan to release a discussion draft thursday. that would most likely set the stage for a vote late next week. >> i have a profound positive improvement over the status quo. the status quo is unsustainable. we think we can do better than that. we fully intend to.
12:25 pm
>> as for democrats, they did speeches late night last night. today they shut down hearings two hours in the session at noon today and mocking the republicans for a lack of transparency. >> senate republicans don't dare let the people back home see this bill. they don't dare let voters see this bill. instead, they have decided to try to ram this bill through, with no hearing, no public discussion, and get it signed into law. >> chuck schumer said moments ago, the difference between the way democrats did obamacare and now is night and day, shep. >> shepard: a new push on tax reform, i understand. >> that's right. paul ryan trying to shift focus to tax reform. another major priority. ryan laid out his vision in front of the national association of manufacturers. >> we will consolidate the existing seven brackets to three, double the standard
12:26 pm
deduction and simplify things by doing taxes on a postcard, besides a 1040 form. wouldn't that be nice? >> also today first daughter ivanka trump was on capitol hill meeting with marco rubio about family issues. he said they need to do something about family leave. shep? >> shepard: thanks, mike. there is breaking news and it's coming to us out of brussels, belgium. there's been an incident at the central train station there. it has shut down all rail service to and from this large central station in brussels. it has caused the evacuation of the station. so what happened? well, here's the best we know. the local media are recording there was a small explosion inside that station. there's a large police force at the brussels, the attack a year or so ago. and they're on very high alert.
12:27 pm
the home of the european union and police patrols are very visible. the police responded, it seems shots were fired as well. we believe the authorities fired those shots. a massive police presence came to the station, lots of ambulances at the place. if you've been watching on twitter, you've probably seen fears -- the first video that we've gotten cleared. the fears of a terror strike. any time there's something unusual at a train station like this, the fears are high. our understanding of things right now is that the situation is under control. that these are live pictures coming to us. a much calmer atmosphere. maybe ambulances have come to the scene have left and everything is back under control. sounds like from the early
12:28 pm
reporting that it was one person that caused one small explosion in a way that we don't yet know how. we know there was one small explosion according to the authorities on scene and then they moved in with a lot of force, a shot at least one was fired. we believe this person who caused the explosion in some way or another was shot by authorities. now the headline here everything is under control, there's no reason for concern at central train station in bustles. it's just approaching 9:30 in brussels, six hours ahead of east coast time in the united states. tensions have been very high after all this happened in london and paris and recent days and week. the big fire there, the number of terrorist attacks. now you have a small explosion in a station. we don't have reports on what sort of damage this explosion caused, if any. we do know that there was -- they have neutralized -- this is
12:29 pm
sky news, our network in the united kingdom. police have neutralized a person with an explosive belt. sky news quoting belgium meadia reports. police have neutralized a person. fox news cannot confirm this. we can confirm only there's been a small explosion. we don't know the origin of the explosion and that police tell the news media that everything is now under control, there's no more concern. that security has been restored. ambulances are now leaving the scene. it's our understanding at least that the one person that caused any sort of problems at the central train station is no longer one that is causing problems, and everything is about to be back to normal. if these reports of a belt a
12:30 pm
suicide belt on someone in the train station are true, then of course we have something else that means that someone tried to target the central station as a rash of attacks across europe. often by one or two people has spread. we simply don't know that yet to rely on others reporting of such a thing would be out of order. i want to read to you what we just got in from the bbc, brussels central station evacuated after reports of an explosion. that's as far as the bbc is going. if you've been watching it on social media, an explosion was hurt there. security services said they neutralized any problems there. we know an explosion was heard. this is brand new video. this is just from a short time ago. we got this from twitter with the permission, upper left of the screen. this is outside that central station covering the terror
12:31 pm
attack which happened some time ago when they had the attack at the airport and at a train station. certainly tensions were high then. police presence has been high since. it's important to know context on matters like this. certainly an explosion in a train station warrants concern. if in fact a suspect was wearing a belt and police were able to neutralize the suspect before he or she was able to do any damage or cause harm to others, i'd say that's a very good thing. but getting to the bottom of what happened is another matter. reuters reporting the same thing, police have neutralized the person wearing this suicide belt. in fact, all the news media are now saying that that person has been neutralized. lots of people on twitter. in our affiliated networks
12:32 pm
across europe saying the situation appears to be under control. we'll have further update throughout afternoon and evening here on fox news channel. stay with us. -when? -friday. we gotta go. [ tires screech ] any airline. any hotel. any time. go where you want, when you want with no blackout dates. [ muffled music coming from club. "blue monday" by new order. cheers. ] ♪ how does it feel the travel rewards credit card from bank of america. it's travel, better connected.
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>> shepard: an explosion in central station in brussels. reporter ed brown is live and reporting for sky news. let's listen. >> we believe according to belgian media the reports are that there was an individual with an explosive belt of some sorts who was down in central station and seems to have been neutralized. at the moment, there's no further details. the whole area is cordoned off. there are people being pushed back. but there's a lot of restaurants around here, a lot of people enjoying the kind of evening and they're still out and about.
12:35 pm
so there's a strong cordon. not an atmosphere of panic yet. we understand the belgian police are saying the situation is now under control. >> ed, thank you. so to recap there, an incident being reported at brussels central station. the situation is under control. the latest line on that is that the soldiers guarding central station neutralized that person after a small explosion with no other casualties. we'll bring you more when we get it. >> shepard: ed brown was the reporter on scene. the producer on scene for sky news just moments ago. these are the latest live pictures at fox news from brussels. the latest we have from authorities is confirmation of a small explosion. it's local media that are reporting there may have been -- there was someone with a suicide
12:36 pm
belt. all train activity has been suspended for now. authorities are on large numbers. the ambulance services have left the scene and police have now confirmed that they have neutralized the person wearing an explosive belt, and we're waiting to find out anything more on that. at some times, the first reports are wrong in the early going. the reason for that is you're in the middle of a situation that is very familiar. if you're a commuter or an urban dweller, on and off trains all the time. a certain routine to it all. you hardly pay attention, where to stand, how many steps you'll take. walking and all of a sudden weird something happens. a thing that is so mundane becomes this matter that you never thought about before and
12:37 pm
your vision of things is clouded and your memory of just happened, the understanding of what you're seeing and the way your mind -- psychologists have gone through it a millions of times. we know the drill here. that's why first reports are often wrong and they sort things out later. we do know if confirmed, there was an explosion on scene. the trains are shut down. the station was evacuated, a suspect was neutralized. catherine herridge is watching all of this along with us. catherine, a tough few weeks in europe. >> what has my attention so far, shep, the target, which is one of the central transit hubs for all of europe, not just belgium. for that reason, it's heavily policed, heavily secured. has what amounts to a physical security ring around the train
12:38 pm
station. not only people armed but barriers. based on the initial reporting, sounds like somebody approached the guards with some kind of explosion. it's not clear whether that is because the individual was fired on or whether the explosives they had with them went off prematurely. if it's confirmed to be a suicide belt, this goes more to premeditation what we've seen the last few weeks is low tech crude attacks using vehicles as weapons. i'd say as a foot note, if you recall the recent attack in london, the individuals in the attack wore what appeared to be suicide vests. countser terrorism analysts say this was an effort to intimidate people on london bridge at that time and two, to guarantee
12:39 pm
marterdom. police just fire, they don't wait. and the main point is, this is one of the main transit hubs in europe, always a very busy train station. heavily secured, heavily policed. like a ring of steel around the station. the thing to watch out for, whether the individual was approaching the perimeter and if it was at that point the explosion was reported or explosion happened when the individual was cited by security and if there was an explosive belt or whether it was a fake. >> shepard: that's something that we don't know. we can tell you the fire brigade has confirmed to the fixer, the locals with who we work, journalists that we employ and work for fox news at different locations, our man tells us that the fire brigade says there's no
12:40 pm
victims. in the course of this explosion, whatever it was, nobody was injured, there's no structural damage. there was a loud noise. there's no victims here. talked about the level of security. if this was someone trying to wreak havoc, trying to cause terror, looked like the system worked in this instance. >> we'll see as the details develop. the way the security systems are set up, shep, you have several layers of security. it's not just the obvious physical security that would surround a train station like the hub in brussels where you see armed guards. there's these concrete barriers that line the area. it has the effect of channelling people as that it come into streams in the station. i would be surprised if brussels police didn't have a sophisticated camera system to see suspicious people coming from a distance.
12:41 pm
at the time they approach the station, they've been on the radar for some period allowing to assess if the person is a problem or if they can let them pass. it appears the system that they had in place worked in this instance. we don't know the motivation of the individual, again, or whether this was indeed a sophisticated suicide belt or if it was a fake like we saw in london and to also intimidate the crowds. >> on the matter of brussels, the home of the european union and the train station, catherine, has tentacles of certain tracks that lead all over europe. it's a central place where a lot of europeans end up at one point or another. >> this is one of the main train hubs for all of europe. not just for belgium. and i don't have the numbers, but you're looking at thousands of people coming through that train station on any given week. i'm sort of struck by the timing. it's quite late in the evening at the train station.
12:42 pm
it wouldn't traditionally be sort of a peak commuter period because that would have long passed. it's quite late in the evening there. another six hours plus where we are on the east coast. so you're approaching about 10:00 p.m. you have a number of overnight trains that run throughout europe, so you can get from brussels to eastern europe as well as other parts in western europe. if you're looking at the profile for a terrorist group, they remain focused on soft targets, civilian targets and transit hubs. i don't think we want to get too far ahead of ourselves because we don't know who the suspect is on their motivation is. >> shepard: correct. the grand place, a major tourist site. evacuated with the train station. so about 650 feet away or so. you probably know, belgium has
12:43 pm
remained on high alert since march 22 last year. suicide bombers killed 32 people on the brussels's subway and at the airport on march 22 of last year. a horrifying scene it was. i remember in the days after, people coming out by the hundreds to different memorials and trying to come to terms with what happened. the european union rocked by such a thing. it was so close to european union headquarters there. one of the locations were the memorials were set up. for the first time, catherine, in recent history in brussels, there had been visible security at train stations and areas where they hadn't expected it rather than people being in the subways. you'd have to be frisked before you walked down towards the subway tracks, which was something of a relief, i suppose, for people trying to get around for a couple days. it wasn't long, catherine,
12:44 pm
before people were frustrated with daily commutes. you had to wait in lines to get down to the subway stations and some of that backed off to some degree. from our fixer in brussels, the suspect is heavily injured. the early report was that the suspect in this case, the person that had believed -- was believed to have caused the explosion in one way or another, we can't confirm in what way. we know there's multiple reports of a suicide belt, the brussels suspect is heavily injured. the early reports were, this suspect had been shot by security services in the moments after this loud explosion was heard. think of this station as a towering ceilings and an older towering building with hundreds if not thousands of people milling about and lots of tile and stone and any loud noise in such a place will reverberate and be quite shocking. think of a very large building
12:45 pm
without sound barriers. even a small explosion would be horribly unnerving to anyone around. security forces would have to be on guard. there might have been a follow up or somebody else involved. if this person had a suicide belt, you'd have to worry about a follow up attacks as we witnessed so many times. once there's one attack, the first thing authorities want to do is make sure there's not another attacker. so often they want to mame or injury authorities. we have nothing to indicate that there's any follow-on from all of this. again, bomb belt and backpack. this is from our source in brussels. a journalist with whom we work, not a fox news employee, a bomb belt and backpack. he let the bomb belt go on.
12:46 pm
so according to the scene, the soldiers have taken notice of someone, looks like a suspicious person. he had a backpack. he had a suicide belt as well. let the bomb go off in the backpack, a small bomb go off. after that, as the story goes at this moment, we're told authorities shot the man. he was found to have this suicide belt. so the thinking would be, catherine, let the bomb go off and then let them come near you and let the suicide bomb go off. >> they try to create an initial event which brings the emergency services to the area. once they're in the area, they let off what i would call the primary explosion. so that's another indicator that it was -- at least another indicator suggesting it was a suicide attack and not meant to be a situation where they took hostages. what is puzzling to me, the
12:47 pm
initial explosion was so weak, if i can't use a better term. because typically would be an explosion to allow the person have more control. like they're controlling the explosion, pulling people in. for example, leaving a backpack, allowing the explosives to go off. pulling emergency crews in and going in after emergency services and detonating the belt, if you can follow my logic. it's not clear what was intended by the individual but it does appear their target was first responders and the belgian police and military guarding that train station. >> certainly a possibility. also possible that this person could have been trying to get on a train. but we just don't know. i can tell you on march 22 last year, this suicide attackers killed 32 people. really rattled brussels and much of europe. the headquarters of the european
12:48 pm
union. made travel very difficult in and around the area. the country was really just forelorne over the losses. the goal was to not have no one injured that is the case today. the person who is said to be responsible for whatever this explosion was has been, according to our fixture there -- what was the word he used? heavily injured, badly injured in the shooting there and had what appears to be at least two explosive devices. nobody of any kind hurt in any way. you get eyed closely when you come. in once you're in there, men and women with long guns eyeing you again. often people pulled aside for secondary screening. that normally happens when
12:49 pm
you're not dressed normally. tomorrow is the first day of summer. i'm confident it's fairly warm in belgium. i'm looking at the police officers. they're in short sleeves. saw some tourists. probably a warm day there. we'll check the temperature. somebody in a big coat would be very suspicious. anybody with a backpack, they're keeping an eye on any time you're in europe you have a backpack. authorities are trained to watch your movement, check your body language, the movement of your eyes and the rest. somehow this person who we now believe had one or two explosive devices became noticed by security personnel and once he or she was noticed, that's when the person set off this bomb or some sort of explosive device. later, according to reports that we've gotten from scene, they found he had a suicide belt. our chief national correspondent
12:50 pm
ed henry is watching with us. security in the united states is something that we've had questions about, especially in the northeast corridor on rail services. >> no doubt about it. i was on amtrak this morning. there were dogs going through the train. that happens routinely. i was at a charity event in new york near where you are right now and going through times square yesterday. i did notice on a lot of corners around times square you have a different posture of the tents set up, two police cars at every corner. always been a strong police presence in times square of course. especially post 9-11. there's adjustments being made in this country. i notice at the white house, when i spend a lot of time there here in washington where in recent days as we've seen these attacks around the u.k., now this attempted attack in belgium, the white house, the
12:51 pm
homeland security department at large is paying close attention to this to how they can adjust their posture. this is clearly not happening in a vacuum in europe. these are attacks on the west. u.s. officials and the trump administration are watching them closely. >> shepard: there was a state department warning on european travel last month and still in effect today. i won't read all of it to you. to read part of it, extremists continue to focus on tourist locations, transportation hubs, government facilities as viable targets. clubs, educational institutions, goes on and on. the state department warns if you're in a place where there's a lot of other people, u.s. citizens should exercise vigilance and in particular during the upcoming travel season. if those that want to change our way of life get their way, we
12:52 pm
won't travel out and about. i was watching the other night a very powerful piece out of the state of ohio. 1/5 of ohio, they expect 2,000 deaths from opioid overdoses. if the statistics hold across that one state, 10,000 people will die of overdose in just the state of ohio. 10,000. yet one person with one bomb believes he or she can change our way of life. keep us from moving freely about the world. exercising our freedoms. that's how they win. you have to be vigilant. you can't stop your movement. this morning, you know, take the subway to work every day. this morning on the b, d and f, it's a complete disaster as there's signal problems and the train is backed up and everybody spends 20 minutes in a station. it's 81, by the way, in brussels. swelters hot day in new york city after a storm came through,
12:53 pm
not as humid. thousands of people stuck on trains. what do people do? they remain calm. some people walk on the tracks. new yorkers have a bit of a vocabulary about them. there's a bit of that going on. there's f bombs in new york city. so to have a thing happen in the subway is not that built of a day. what i'm trying to say, nobody freaked out. everybody waited. if you're stuck 20, 30 minutes, it's not fun, but there's nothing you can do about it. you won't let terrorists who want to change our way of life destroy things. so if you look at this in the main, if what happens today is somebody with a bomb tried to blow something up and kill a bunch of people in a train station, the headline is whoever that is failed and whoever that is just got shot by authorities. whoever that is done. that's it. nobody got hurt. not a single person. security services in brussels are tight. you can see the military out and about with long guns at the
12:54 pm
ready. as the cars go by, everybody's eyed and everybody gets checked. today it appears from the early reporting, it appears somebody tried to maim and kill for reasons we don't yet know. whoever that somebody was shot and not a single person was hurt in any way. nobody killed. no damage of significance reported. i bet anything, it's approaching 10:00 p.m. in brussels and i bet anything in a matter of a couple hours, trains will be back up and running, people will be milling about. tomorrow morning when people go to work, they'll get on the same trains and move about and life goes on. stay calm and carry on. ed henry is with us. it is remarkable the resilience of the people of london and the people of paris and manchester and now brussels. remarkable the resilience. it's inspiring. it's a lesson for all of us. >> you're right, shep. i was at a tunnel event yesterday. tunnel to towers.
12:55 pm
a charity put together after 9-11. a name for a fire department official who sadly died on 9-11. rudy guliani, the former mayor, was at the event. he said look, folks, we're still at war. it was london yesterday. it can be washington tomorrow. it could be brussels the week after now this happening in brussels. thankfully as you so report, it appears this is something that did not inflict a lot of damage. obviously what officials are doing on the ground is checking to make sure there's not another terrorist somewhere else in the city or somewhere else near that train station trying to wreak havoc. that's why you're making a very important point a moment ago about new york city subways, transportation systems anywhere in the world. if everybody starts changing their routines and getting worried, changing summer travel plans, in your word, the
12:56 pm
terrorists win. why heard that after 9-11. you have to be careful. you have to make wise choices. doesn't mean you carry on as if this is not happening. but you're right. people realize you can't let the terrorists drive all of this. you have to be smart about your travel plans, you have to listen to officials who say see something, say something, which is still one of the best pieces of advice. if there's anything out of the ordinary a backpack on a subway, tell somebody. at the end of the day, you can't completely change your life and let this dictate what you do. >> it's pervasive throughout the european society the way they handle this is with great calm and not a lot of bombast. you don't hear loud voices riling people up and getting people scared. can we look at the sky news
12:57 pm
feed? sky news did some sports. then they did a little commercial break. right now they're doing weather. every hour at 4 minutes to the top of the hour on sky news, they show weather all across europe. show where the systems and going and the times and the degrees. now they're going to an airlines commercial. they move along. the montra is be calm, carry on and go about your way. if you see something, say something. be on guard. you know, don't teach your kids these sorts of things. when something happens, you can't freak out and change your way of life. when good things happen, when bad people try to do bad things and the good guys win, celebrate that. if this person went into the central train station carrying a bomb in a backpack, they were trying to do something very different than what happened today. the men and women out with long guns that have been protecting and the psychological counselors
12:58 pm
and the psychologists coming in to train them on how to spot suspicious people, all of this work and all of this money spent and all of these man hours and all of the training that these men and woman have gone through as paid off. clearly paid off today. you can see emergency services speaking with young people on the street. others answering questions. people moving across the cordon. some people carrying bags. purses and talking on phones. the good news out of this is there was apparently a bomb, there was some sort of explosion. nobody, not a single person was injured in any way expect the person that has been labeled the suspect. we have remy on the phone with us. he says he took the photo we've been showing you. flames in the station, this photo right here. go back, please. tell me, if you could, remy, what you saw and what you were
12:59 pm
doing. >> i was heading from work on my way home. i was waiting in the central hall when i can hear very loud explosion. it was at that point that i start to look around. then i saw something burning just in front of me. then people started to run away. shortly after, a second explosion. and then people really started to run away more in panic and was then that i also heard very rapid bangs. not sure what it was. it sounds like gun shots. i ran away because i thought that was the safest place to be. >> thanks, remy. we appreciate it. glad you're well. so what he said match what's we've heard. a suicide belt, a backpack with a bomb, one explosion and then
1:00 pm
another. nobody hurt. nobody massive damage. i guess as they say, if you see something, say something. until then, stay calm and carry on. neil cavuto is next on fox news. >> neil: all right. we will continue to monitor these developments in brussels as well. as you indicated, seems like everything is okay there. unless we get news otherwise. we will bring you right back there. meantime, closer to home, what is happening in the peach state that has reverberations across the country. here's an example. >> everybody should watch me putting on my "i voted" sticker isn't my opponent can't do that today. >> this race is about what is important. access to healthcare.