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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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by the media. they have been ignored by the consultants, washington, but these americans were not ignored by me or by you and we know who they are. and they rise to the highest level. they rise to the highest level. i promised those families the deaths of their loved ones have not been in vain. we will take strong and forceful action to fulfill our state sacd duty to protect american lives. every single day, we are finding these gang members, drug dealers, thieves, robbers, predators, criminals, killers. horrible killers. we are throwing them the the ho
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out of our country. our very strong borders will never allow them back in. we are doing a lot of things. we are very proud of what we have done. just as neil gorsuch was a big, big deal. somebody explained it to me, they said when you pick a supreme court judge, you want great intellect. but you also want youth. they will be there for 40 years. if judge neil gorsuch, but i've got to know, he is a fantastic
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human being, besides being a brilliant, brilliant person and one of the great legal writers that exists in our country -- probably in the world -- today, every time you see a decision written over the next 30 or 40 years, especially if it's a 5-4 decision like on second amendment or so many other things... you have done something you can't value. it's so important. think of it. for a 30-40 year period, you've influenced this country. i've always heard that just about the most important thing you could do -- i always say defense -- perhaps outside, because we are going to have a strong military and strong defense and we needed need it .
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i've always heard that the most important thing a president can do is pick a great supreme court justice. so i've got one. we'll probably have some more. it's really important. over years and years, those decisions that are so important. values, great values. he's already been there now for almost two months. people are saying wow, that's a tremendous person and a tremendous intellect. we are all very proud of that pick. you made it possible. i began this campaign on june june 16th, a couple of days ago. two years. my birthday was june 14th. flag day, of all things.
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we came down the escalator, that famous escalator ride. melania, myself. the place went nuts. hopefully because they like me. but i think also they like the policies. i said the truth. i talked about immigration, what was happening on the borders. i talked about our military, the drug problems, which are tremendous even in iowa. tremendous problems. be on anything we've ever seen before. i talked about all of this and you know what? we were never off center stage in the debates. we were number one all the way through. all the way through. we were number one all the way through because of people like you. never off center.
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17 people running. i kept looking up and down. boy, that's a lot of people. some were very talented. 17 people running. we were never off center stage in those debates. that's because of people like yourselves. you agree with me. we are making such incredible progress. we are making progress like nobody can believe. these people are being driven crazy. crazy. i mean, they have phony witch hunts going against me. they have everything going. all we do is win, win, win. we won last night. what is going on? we won last night. even the worst of them say that
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was a big win for trump. i couldn't believe it, thank you very much, folks. i appreciate it. we have made a journey together like no other, ever, in the history of this country. maybe beyond that. you look in the history of this country, there's never been anything like this that has happened. we are straightening out through common sense and threw a good heart. we are straightening out our country. no matter our beliefs, no matter our party, it's time for us to remember that we are all americans. and we are in this together. and it would be great if the
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republicans and the democrats could come together and get really, really great legislation passed. some of the geniuses are saying, "you know, from the time he announced on june 16th, 2 years ago, they have been hating the hell out of him. "hilary was getting all the coverage. think of it. from the time i announced, i've
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been hit, hit. and then i thought finally, we will be coming together. and they hit me harder, harder, harder. 5-0. it doesn't work. they need to be positive. they can't continue to be obstructionist. that's all they have going. so, they should come together. i don't think they will. but i will tell you, it would be a beautiful, beautiful thing if we could get together as to parties that love our country and come up with that great health care and come up with that great tax deal for our people and tax reform. and infrastructure. and so many other things. just think about what a unified
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american nation could achieve. nobody could even come close to us. even if we are not totally unified, nobody's coming close to us. don't worry about that. new roads and bridges that would inspire awe and wonder all over the world. we used to be the leader in airplanes. now we are like a third world country. laguardia, newark, lax. kennedy. they are like third world airports. take a look. we used to be the leader. now you go to saudi arabia, a monumental epic trip. because i said you can't continue to fund terrorism. you cannot continue to fund terrorism and the king of
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saudi arabia, who is really becoming a very special man. -- i mean that, he's taking it to heart and now they are fightg with other countries that have been funding terrorism. we will see. i think we had a tremendous impact. we cannot let these incredibly rich nations fund radical islamic terror or terrorism of any kind. we cannot let it happen. one of the great two days of my life, i'm sure a lot of you watched it on television. 54 muslim nations coming together. some immensely powerful, wealthy nations. everybody in that room was unified and the ones that weren't, they are trying to get
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them to be unified. and to do the right thing. i think it could have a tremendous impact. not only that, i am only going -- if you spend billions of dollars, billions of having things manufactured in our country, with our jobs and our workers, for your countries -- hundreds of billions of dollars was spent and given to american companies who are going to make american products and send them over to the wealthy countries of the middle east. i mean, hundreds of billions of dollars. and people haven't talked about that but to me, that was very important. we want those jobs. we want those jobs. they are making airplanes, all sorts of things. hundreds of billions of dollars.
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it's going back and i'm very proud of that. that something people don't talk about because the real purpose of my being there was to make sure these countries do not fund terror any longer. so. i just want to leave iowa -- i said that i would come back. i love that -- look at coming you don't want me to leave. i don't want to leave either. i don't want to leave you there. i said i would come back. i made lots of statements to your governor and your current governor, kim is going to be a fantastic governor. she is here. she's going to be a fantastic governor. but i said that i was going to come back.
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i said i was going to protect your ethanol, for good reason. only for good reason. it was very important to me. i said i was going to do things for the people of iowa. i've really done it for the people of our country, our countries getting stronger. we are going to be setting records in so many different ways. we are going to straighten out all of the mess that's happened over the last long period of time. where we went into other nations to tell them how to run their country. we had no idea. i just want to thank all of the people that are here tonight. i want to thank the people of iowa. you are incredible people. i want to thank you for your incredible support.
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[applause] >> president trump: and i just want to let you know that god blesses you. and i want to just say you are special in every way. god bless you and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. >> jesse: that was president trump speaking for over an hour in cedar rapids, iowa. a very important state to him. kind of doing a bit of a victory lap after karen handel won in georgia. 5-0, the president feeling a little wind at his back. he hit on a lot of the high notes. infrastructure, tax reform, immigration. north korea, china.
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in some amusing anecdotes being woven into the stories, blaming the mainstream media as usual. greg, what about this in cedar rapids? >> greg: the gum chewing was a little irritating. the woman behind him was chewing a lot of gum. everything he talked about, law & order, security, he's not talking about himself. he's talking about them. i'm here for you. this is where you get this incredible distinction and why the democrats are in trouble. we know what he's about. he's about us. we know what the democrats are about. they are about him. as he focuses on america, the republicans focus on america, the democrats are mistakenly focusing on him and devoting all their energy, pouring millions -- like see in georgia.
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their entire line is hit trump. when he says they are driving themselves crazy, another nice note little touch playing the rolling stones. >> jesse: because the liver rolling stones don't really like him. >> greg: you can't really get what you want. >> jesse: trumps connection with crowds, interesting a manhattan billionaire has a great connect with regular everyday citizens in middle america. i feel like the democrats in the media have a very hard time with that. they cannot break that connection and at that connection continues to sustain this president even after all these claims and errors. >> dana: good thing -- not just for it democrats and the media but the 17 candidates he talked about, he did the whole
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gamut tonight. what's refreshing about it if you are a viewer or a fan, it's completely unfiltered. it's not scripted. this is all off the cuff. he was able to give his viewpoints, not just on the accomplishments he is made so far, he did something else that was really important tonight. like when the house was try to pass health care. he laid out the case for why we need health care reform and he said republicans are working on it. we are going to bring it to you. it doesn't matter how good the bill is, we are not going to get a single democrat for it. i think that was saying to republicans back in washington, i've got your back. i will provide some air cover. that bill will be public tomorrow. it will be -- republicans will hopefully vote on it by wednesday. he goes to iowa and makes these points. where medicare and medicaid mean a lot. they have a governor paying a lot of attention.
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i was a health care in particular. also he talked about the future of tax reform. and he talked about death taxes. for republicans tonight, if you're looking for a reason to be supportive of president trump, it was a good moment for him and for them. >> jesse: i think the president has a tendency to go off on tangents at these rallies. he also seemed very disciplined when he talked about the policy agenda. kimberly, assess how you believe the president performance was tonight. >> kimberly: i thought he did a fantastic job. he was in a very good mood. euphoric after that big win. in your face, mainstream they were all saying they were going to win. that didn't work out for them. he's able to come off of that high to say wait a second, this is supposed to be a referendum
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against me. it in fact was not. she took the lead last night and never looked back. it was gratuitous, he was able to give this great speech in iowa. you could tell that the crowd loved it. he was able to hit the high notes. he brought up otto warmbier, the wall, she said listen, i know there's a lot going on. maximum security issues, a tremendous amount of strife, i'm going to do this. i made a promise to you. i'm not going to let you down. sometimes people want to be reassured -- that he's intending to do these things. when you look at the juxtaposition, of this high coming up the big win, coming out in front of a crowd that enjoys his company, then you have the russia thing paling in comparison tonight. >> jesse: very effective performance, juan. i'm sure the democrats.
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this style as opposed to doing stuff from the podium. >> juan: i think he needs to get out of d.c. i think he complained what obama would do this. he would say why does he go back and actually run the country instead of campaigning? he has reason to celebrate today. that was a big win. if he hadn't, he would have seen terrific erosion among republicans. what you saw in this speech, the spine of it was going after the media. i thought that was the whole thing. they won't show the crowds, turn the cameras around. they don't want to tell you the sound of this great place. his problem is if republicans continue, you see a slight decline, he's going to have problems. he needs to keep the conservative media on his side. >> jesse: it not too many problems undefeated and special elections. much more to come tonight. presidential rally.
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♪ >> kimberly: do it again. >> jesse: welcome back, president trump firing up a crowd in iowa.
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both georgia and south carolina had a republican last night. >> is always terrific to be able to leave that washington swamp and spend time with the truly hard working people. we call them american patriots. truly amazing people. >> jesse: he turned his sights to one of his favorite targets, the media. >> they built these studios. cnn. [boos] >> hey, the care was just went off. i can't imagine. it's covered live. the cameras just went off. i can't imagine why. this phony, nbc television network -- they actually had one
6:26 pm
of the people say you know, it was a little rainy last night. maybe that was the difference in karen's race. can you believe that? they would have been there for weeks talking about this. this would have been the greatest defeat in the history of american politics. when she won, when they said projected winner is karen handel... then they said we switch to another program. >> jesse: okay, the president feeling very good about his person in georgia, republican karen handel winning after a lot of the mainstream media said it was very tight. this was the democrats chance to win. pelosi, big bogeyman out there. i think pelosi was rejected. she's a bigger foil than president trump sometimes. >> greg: tried to flip the seat and they ended up in the toilet, ladies and gentlemen. remember, the dems made a big
6:27 pm
deal about this election. you can't let them not make it a big deal now. hold them to it. they said it was a referendum on trump. no, it's a referendum on them. you need to go back to the drawing board. even their drawing board is toxic. here is why. they did a couple things wrong. they relied on celebrities. especially annoying celebrities who are telling how to live. that's not good. your calling your adversaries names. you go on twitter, saying vote ossoff, don't be a bigot. that's also wrong. the biggest thing that the dems did, i don't even want to tell them this -- they traded life experience for identity. if you had a man with experience in the military or in the corporate world, or an undergraduate for to mecca from evergreen college, the
6:28 pm
undergraduate from evergreen college doesn't have life experience but the party that took identity and made that more important -- more important than life experience ended up with an inexperienced candidate being pushed forward by a bunch of rich liberals from the left coast and at the right coast. that's what happened. >> jesse: it's exactly what. tonight did not look like a president in his 30s. in approval ratings. he looked pretty fired up. >> dana: i thought you meant in age [laughs] he looks very happy. >> jesse: even the polls are fake or he's president pushing a popular agenda. >> dana: he takes trips out to the midwest, and they are entertained and energized. it further solidifies their support for him.
6:29 pm
that support is not going to go out everywhere. everyone in this room will remember that night for the rest of their lives. president obama had that abilit ability. bill clinton. george bush. reagan had it. hillary clinton never had that type of connection. the other thing -- she did, private internet interconnection. they took a district where trump only one by one point. they thought aha, this is what we can do. if you are a republican that did not vote for trump, that doesn't mean that four months later you are already going to switch and vote for nancy pelosi. that was a mistake they made. the democrats have been smarter in other races. they are recruiting more moderate democrats that are pro-second amendment, pro-business, promilitary, they might have better luck in
6:30 pm
districts where they might be able to win. but they wasted a lot of money. >> kimberly: the republican messaging, that's what they are going off of. they want some change. they want things to be handled in washington the right way. big mistake that the democrats made, all the money they dumped into georgia. nationalizing, making a referendum instead of making it about that district. you would think that they would learn but not so much. every time they do the same thing, they fail miserably. what we are seeing is it just strengthening the base and popularity among trump and his supporters. when you look at the polls, he is in fact very strong with the people that supported him. 97% of the people that cast a ballot, they said they would do it again with confidence. all he's got to do is get some other people over to his side. i don't think it's going to be that hard to do. strong job numbers.
6:31 pm
improving the economy. voters will care about that. >> jesse: juan. >> juan: what happened with georgia last night, the republicans turned out in astounding numbers. what you see is loyalty carryin carrying. all of a sudden, ads about kathy griffin holding up the head, all of a sudden it was like time for republicans to rally even as republican support for president trump is going down. that's why he goes out. he goes to these kind of rallies. he says cameras, show these crowds. he's really talking to republicans and saying stay with me. >> kimberly: he will succeed again. >> jesse: it's about the economy. much more to come from the president's rally tonight. ♪
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>> they are saying "president trump has not produced health care." i've been here for five months. if you remember during the clinton period, they worked for years and years and never got health care. president obama, his whole administration pushing, pushing for obamacare, which has now failed. obamacare is a disaster. it's over. if we went and got the single greatest health care plan the history of the world, we would not get one democrat vote. they are obstructionists. if we came to you and said here's your plan, is the greatest plan history. and you can play nothing, they would vote against it,
6:37 pm
folks. we have a very slim 52-48. that means we basically can't lose anybody. i hope. it can't guarantee anything but i hope we are going to surprise you with a really good plan. i've been talking about a plan with hard. i said, add some money to it. a plan with hard. but obamacare is dead. >> dana: that was the most effective part of the speech. driving the policy. tomorrow, juan, republicans on the senate side will release the bill. it will be there for all to see. they do plan to have a vote pretty quickly by next week. what do you think of that? >> juan: i am all anxious to see what's in it. basically what we have seen tonight in terms of the early release, they plan to have a slower decline in terms of federal experiences insurancese money into subsidies to help people who are poor, dealing with the high cost of premiums.
6:38 pm
does this plan provide insurance for more people than obamacare? does it deal with pre-existing conditions. does it prevent kids from being kicked off of their parents plans prematurely? i think what we saw from president trump tonight is an effort to say this is about us versus the democrats. they want approve anything we do. and the democrats took forever to whip up a plan and i've been there five months and yet, i promise i would undo it in the first 100 days and i promise this but don't worry, he's been asking people to maybe have a medical case of amnesia. it's all about us versus the democrats. not what he's actually got on the table or what republicans will be voting on next week. >> dana: the substance of the bell or the fact that there is a
6:39 pm
bill? anthem pulling out of 2 additional states, that's the lead up of this bill. >> greg: i'm having a deja vu. president obama was complaining about the same thing, wasn't he? >> dana: yeah, because no republicans voted for him. >> greg: what donald trump is trying to do, whether it's dealing with the paris accord or obamacare, he lists these things as products. he looks at countries as products. how can we make it better? he looks at obamacare like the paris accord. it's a lousy product. i will try to fix it. he's saying okay, i am working on it. let me work on it. think about this -- this did not happen with obamacare. talk about dead of night. they hammered it through. it was built on a pyramid of lies. you're going to keep your docto
6:40 pm
doctor. he does nothing in secret. we know exactly what he's doing. this is the opposite of how obamacare was rolled out. it's messy. it's going to take time. it might be a little clumsy but that's because they are human beings and we are watching it. >> juan: it's been totally in secret. >> jesse: juan, you have no credibility on health care. it bombed. we have no credibility. >> juan: hold on. i have a lot of credibility. >> greg: we saw it go down in flames, correct? >> juan: we saw what go down in flames? >> greg: no one would agree on it. >> juan: the house plan across all americans, but by 8% -- now you have them in the senate not having open negotiations, not having hearings.
6:41 pm
not having the committees. >> jesse: did they have hearings or committees when you guys came with your plans? >> dana: kimberly, you remember that whole summer of 2009. >> kimberly: what a great summer. >> dana: there was a ton of debate. we've been having this debate. the fixes are not as hard to debate. there is a big rose garden ceremony with all the house members and he said it's a beautiful bill. behind closed doors he says it's too mean, i want you to add more heart. i think that's what you're going to see tomorrow. >> kimberly: i think you're absolutely right. he just said it. because the most effective impactful moment of the night. put some more money into it. he wanted them to have some better benefits. when people come and say kimberly, what's going to happen, i'm so worried. why are you so worried? they are only trying to improve on obamacare. they are just trying to make it better. not worse. they are trying to expand on it.
6:42 pm
make it more comprehensive. do a better job. you might get good health care in new york under this current system, you are not getting that throughout the rest of the united states. one choice, paying an insane amount of money. that's not fair. you should care about it. it's more equitable. >> juan: you sabotage obamacare and say oh, oh -- >> kimberly: obamacare cyanide pill. good-bye. >> jesse: why did they exempt themselves from it? >> dana: you say better care, part of the hashtag campaign tomorrow when the republicans introduce it will be better care. >> kimberly: a little bird told you that. >> dana: more, when we come back. you didn't know we had over 26,000
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>> the truth is, people love us. all of us. they love us. they don't get it. they haven't figured it out yet. you know, they are still trying to figure out where all of those voters came from. those voters came out of the hills, these are hard-working -- we have the hardest working, the smartest people. the toughest people. they are very lucky that our people don't protest. believe me. >> kimberly: believe me. it's kind of uplifting. the best, smartest, toughest. you are lucky they don't protest. >> greg: yeah, kind of right in that -- i've never seen this kind of phenomenon in my life. where republicans were never out outwardly political. saying suck it in, when liberals were protesting, you just went to class. you never said a thing.
6:48 pm
when you are at work, people would talk about their liberal politics. i had to swallow it all. now you are seeing -- this is a phenomenon. people are getting up and going outside and expressing their belief. they are no longer scared of doing it because there's somebody who speaks of real estate mogul from queens. who's talking to you like an equal even though he's a billionaire. not like a manchurian candidate. >> kimberly: and they love it. dana. >> dana: he didn't spend any time talking about a russia tonight. he doesn't need to talk about i it. i do think, however, as occurred from some young people in the job market -- it's being used against some of them still. you can be more open about your views, left or right. right, you have more of a chance of being dinged.
6:49 pm
>> jesse: back to the deplorables. i will take the deplorables over the resistance any day of the week. and also, the resistance is futile. the only thing that's being visited are democrats. when they go to the polls. the deplorables go to work. they don't protest. they love the flag, they don't burn the flag. they respect law enforcement, they don't try to fight law enforcement. i think he would rather have the people on his side. >> juan: wow. wow. let me get this straight. if you are hard-working person called patriots, who not hard-working? >> jesse: if you are burning a flag you probably don't have a job. >> juan: picking the crops and cleaning the hospitals, no, not at all. this is so ridiculous. you are so divisive. it's intended to be divisive. who held back health care back
6:50 pm
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speak of the paris agreement would have cost americans millions of lost jobs and billions and billions of lost
6:54 pm
dollars. and put us at a permanent economic disadvantage. it's a catastrophe if we would have agreed. they all say it's nonbinding. like hell it's nonbinding. when we get sued by everybody because we thought it was nonbinding, then you can tell me it's nonbinding. i was elected to serve the citizens of iowa, and pennsylvania, and ohio. and michigan. and wisconsin. and florida. and all 50 states. all 320 million american citizens. >> juan: president trump at the rally out in iowa, going after climate change. gregory. >> greg: that was the best part of the night. he did not say climate change was a hoax. he said it was a bad deal. that's what he does for a living. there's nobody on this earth that can refute that it is a bad deal. >> juan: the american people didn't seem to...
6:55 pm
>> greg: he read the deal. he read it. >> dana: the epa administrator, scott pruitt, former attorney general of oklahoma. what president trump said that when he shows his side of what would happen, that was the winning argument for president trump. scott pruitt is probably mvp at the moment. >> juan: what about the ethanol argument, since we are in iowa? >> jesse: it's smart politics. >> juan: a conservative for pro ethanol now? >> kimberly: this is a very powerful moment. another campaign promise, he's not going to be bullied by europeans when he stands for americans. i like it. >> juan: you do? >> kimberly: don't stick to a bad deal. don't throw our money around europe. >> juan: so what if we all
6:56 pm
melt, it doesn't matter? >> greg: so we should be against ethanol, because it's a bad deal? >> juan: we are all going to melt. it doesn't matter. crowe trump. >> kimberly: ea, juan >> kimberly: yay, juan!
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
>> mcnuggets. >> love. >> that was weird. >> it's up! >> this is a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." we're broadcasting from sin city. president trump just finished his rally in iowa. democrats are in total disarray after last night's major within for president run the and for republicans in the georgia sixth district. the left has no idea. they're out of touch with you, the american people, as we have been telling you. we'll also expose the biggest conspiracy theorist in the media. that's tonight in the


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