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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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[applause] >> martha: that's otto warmbier's story come out like a 9/11 and other attacks on our nation, it's a story we must never forget, good night, everybody, . ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," they learn nothing after 2010 or after 2014 or even after this past presidential election in 2016. but now after losing four straight house special elections, just this spring, some democrats are finally realizing what has been obvious for a while. you can't win elections unless you're running on something. normal people don't seem to care for nancy pelosi. after their party's shocking defeat in tuesday's race in georgia, several prominent democrats conceded it might be time to find an actual message, maybe even a new leader in congress, one who doesn't embody
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the attitudes of the richest zip code in san francisco. >> you think nancy pelosi is more toxic than donald trump? >> you know what? the honest answer is in some areas of the country, yes she has. >> it's clear i think across the board of the democratic party, we need new leadership. it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker. she is great leader. but her time is come and gone. i believe that she is not the leader for the future of the democratic party. >> tucker: nonsense says nancy pelosi, she describes herself as a remarkably impressive leader, despite half a decade of uninterrupted defeats. >> you want me to sing my braces, is that what i'm saying? i'm a master legislator. i'm a politically astute leader. the leadership is recognized by
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many around the country, that's why i am able to attract the support that i do. >> tucker: did you hear that? it sounds like an "snl" sketch. >> i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and dog on it, people like me. >> tucker: doggone it, people like me. the question remains committed democrats need a new message and a new leader, to impact the middle of the country. former debt to mike deputy press secretary george is now. just election on tuesday, nobody on the left and a few on the right called the spirit of the polls and suggested a much closer race than the results indicated. do think there's any possibility that russia might have been involved in the race working on behalf of karen handel? >> the reality here is that georgia was supposed to be won by republicans.
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>> tucker: that's a joke, you've got to laugh. >> back to my point, georgia was supposed be won by republicans by at least 20 points, it was won by four points. why? because republicans keep losing their base, we are getting momentum. we're going to win the house in 2018. georgia wasn't supposed to be competitive and it was. this is a referendum on the president. people are retired of this nonsense. >> tucker: i guess if i were a partisan, i would be pretty happy with your response, because what you seem to be saying is everything is fine, make no changes, were doing great, were going to win. as i numbers matter, karen handel won a higher percentage of the vote than donald trump one and that district in november. you're moving in the wrong direction. but you don't see any need for a course correction at all? >> talking about change, talk about nancy pelosi, she's a great american, great democrat.
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she's not going anywhere. at the same time, let me say, democrats across the country, we are recruiting young bloods, democrats to be candidates so they can run. so they can impact solutions. look at solutions at real americans are looking for. >> tucker: what are they going to run on? i'm not here to attack nancy pelosi, i feel sorry for her. she lives in a very rarefied world, she represents a 100% urban district, one of the richest in america, that is also one of the most liberal districts. can someone who represents a place like that appeal to the voters you need who are not hard partisans but sort of on the fence. you're not going to engage in this, let me ask you a question, what should democrats run on? >> really quickly on nancy pelosi being out of touch. president donald trump is out of
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touch, you want to talk about a rich guy? donald trump. a guy who has more money than all of us put together commence a president of the united state united states. >> tucker: i'm not attacking for her for being rich, it happens that she is. if you're trying to win over, you want leaders who have those concerns. what the democrats going to run on? what does the message? >> the democrats are going to run on american values. we need to create real jobs, infrastructure, real americans, middle-class jobs. we have a current president all he is doing is trying to divide us. he is obsessed and he was to put a solar panel on the wall, give me a break. >> tucker: you're going to run against trump again? i know you don't like trump, you guys ran a bunch of campaigns against trump, didn't work.
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jobs, middle-class jobs, that's one? >> we are a nation of laws but were also a nation of immigrant immigrants. we understand what the american people need which is why we're going to create -- >> tucker: i'm totally confused, you're running simultaneously on the idea you're going to create more jobs but you want more low-wage, low skilled people to move here. out of those to work in tandem. you can call it what you want but we need more immigrants is what you're saying, if we have too few jobs, why would we import more immigrants? >> immigrants pay taxes, billions of dollars being injected into our economy. illegal immigration, good immigration is only going to help us and create more jobs. look at the numbers. >> tucker: i'm familiar with the numbers, i don't think you are. how will importing millions more
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poor people create middle-class jobs? >> all immigrants are not poor people, that's not true. a lot of immigrants are hard-working -- >> tucker: the majority -- i'm not saying there are hard-working, i'm just saying the majority how will creating more of them create more jobs? where's it happened happening now how's it going to happen again? >> we know a lot of immigrants by the way who are on h1b visas which are too low of a number, their engineers, they are scientists, there coming to our country to study in the best universities, and then you have other immigrants who want to do jobs the majority of americans don't want to do in the first place. >> tucker: i was upgrading jobs? i don't think you thought this through. you may be illustrating the problem. if you're going to have a message and said to voters here's what i'm going to bring you if you elect me you have to be able to explain it. you are saying were going to bring you more jobs but were also good to bring a lot more poor people but i'm not exactly sure how and then throw it on a bumper sticker on the slogan but trust us? don't you think you should think
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through exactly how you're going to create those jobs? >> more illegal immigration into the system is going to create more jobs. more people that want to jobs americans don't want to. that is the fact, that is the truth. >> tucker: that's not creating more jobs, that's taking jobs that americans don't want i thought the idea was to quit more middle-class jobs. how does that work? have you thought this through it all? you guys keep losing, because you say dumb things that don't make any sense. i'm not against immigration i'm totally for making middle-class jobs come i don't know how they work together and neither do yo you. >> it would be better if we had a president who is willing to work with the democrats, that would be nice but that's not happening. we have a president who's been investigated time and time again, i don't know if you'll make it to 2020. what do you think? >> tucker: trumps bad, i don't
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know, at this rate, even if he doesn't, democrats will not be the beneficiary of it. trump may be bad but voters are in no mood to support democrats over him. good luck jose. after tuesday's defeat, democrats haven't been criticizing the party's message but questioning if they even have one. >> we need a message, we don't have infrastructure in our caucus that allows more voices to be heard. >> i think we've been hyper confused over the course of the past five years. >> i don't think people in the beltway are realizing just how toxic the democratic party brand is in so many of the countries. this is the party that so many of us grew up hearing, this is the party for the working class. we've gotten away from that economic message. >> tucker: the question is democrats have a message, tim ryan sounds like he may be onto something. if they don't have a message, what should their message fee.
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author and columnist charles krauthammer has thought a lot about virtually everything. which of the message be democrats should run on next time? >> the paradox here is that one wing of the party, the base has a message because it has an ideology. that's the bernie sanders wing. they actually have a coherent set of ideas. they watched create a government run health care, they want government intervention, higher taxes and open borders. they want to create a european social democracy. i think it's nuts, i think it's a terrible outcome but he hung in there for six months against hillary. it's a strong base of the party, it's not the majority. the rest of the party, the clinton wing, and two are the
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regulars do not have a message. that's the problem. by message, they appealed to blacks and hispanics. two young people, to mostly to women but it's mostly single women, to lgbt, they have constituencies. it's a stitching together of constituencies hoping that will put them over 50%. that's a strategy, it may work. it worked with obama, he put together large elements of those constituencies and he won twice. the problem is it doesn't have an ideological and intellectual coherence. when you say what do you stand for, they can't give an answer. what did they do? they invented this idea of diversity. this is a party of diversity. diversity is an adjective that describes the world as it is, it
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is not a political aspiration. it's not a goal everyone wants to head to come with not what america is. america is a lot of things, freedom you could say if you're a sanders, quality, a lot of other things. diversity is a pale and unappealing ideal if it is one at all. it's a phony because it really is an intellectual excuse for appealing one constituency at a time and that's what they've been trying to do. you can win sometimes with a charismatic candidate like obama in 2008 or even in 2012 but that's not a way for a party to survive. >> tucker: the problem also is if you organize your party around identity politics, at some point the component groups may realize they don't have anything in common. why wouldn't they go to war with each other at some point soon? >> and they do. that's the problem. when you do the identity politics, when you appeal to groups based on what is their
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characteristic, you inevitably end up with them fighting over the spoils. that's one of the problems with affirmative action. why should it be x and not why? why should it be newly arrived hispanics and not white people, say a polish immigrant whose parents might have fought in the second world war? there's no way to judge and you end up simply with scrambling for spoils. that is one of the things that the democrats suffer from. >> tucker: that was the one good thing i always thought about sanders as he did not organize his campaign around that, he had ideas. it was unifying. >> it was an anticapitalist idea, you would've thought it exists only in the english department of some elite university which explains why elizabeth warren is his acolytes. she's a perfect example of a harvard professor. it has a limited appeal, socialism is not exactly the
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most successful idea of the last two centuries. it's not a terribly good idea to run on. at least as you point out, at least it hangs together. the other democrats, the nancy pelosi democrats have no idea. >> tucker: charles krauthammer, thank you for joining us tonight. president trump gave a stem winder in iowa last night, on the other networks, he wasn't there. they were covering russia of course ended jared kushner. they are obsessed with trump, why don't they come for him when he talks? interesting question, also a professor at trinity college is claiming victim status after he abdicated the death of white people online. what is going on at trinity college, will have a report for you up next.
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>> this phony nbc television network. they built thesis told to use, . the camera just went off, i can't imagine. >> tucker: that was president trump in cedar rapids, iowa. it was a long speech, more than an hour. a pretty interesting speech actually, unless you are watching this channel you likely didn't see it. cnn and msnbc cut away pretty quickly. they covered the speech for
5:19 pm
mirror 7 minutes then went on to discuss his security clearance, and jay johnson's claimant that vladimir putin ordered cyber attacks in this country. msnbc didn't show the speech at all and instead a dedicated more time to brace yourselves the alleged collusion between trump and putin. joe counts joe, msnbc, they knor audiences print that doesn't bother me. cnn is supposed to be a news channel. they talk about trump a lot. here they have a chance to show trump talking, what are they talking about. >> there is one snapshot back in may, a nonrecognized state. a study showed that cnn talked about trump 92% of the time, from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. if you watch the network and i watch it often because it's part of my job.
5:20 pm
probably about somewhere between 85 and 92% they are talking about trump. when you are so myopic on a particular person in this case the president, why aren't you covered him live to hear what he has to say unless that unfiltered version of trump doesn't allow for commentary, punditry, or maybe it's speculation about their latest bombshell that came via unnamed sources. then we talk about the business end of this, and was us a good editorial decision not to cover this rally live as fox did? i have the numbers in front of me. fox quadrupled cnn's off audience, cnn 821,000. msnbc 1.53 million, than people talk about the demographic, that's the younger audience that advertise covered most. cnn 260,000 bridge was us a good choice, it appears not from a
5:21 pm
business perspective or an editorial perspective. >> tucker: i wish we could take credit for those numbers, it was trump talking, not for this show. it is not really journalism what cnn is practicing anymore. it's advocacy. again, that's okay, i think there's a role for advocacy, but why does a channel continued your brand itself is a news outlet? >> i don't know how you select. 4:30 seven years, we've been in existence since 1980, you suddenly say the days of bernard shaw and erin brown, were just going to be the opposition party instead. i don't know how you necessarily come out and be transparent about that. but you're right, the number support that. a harvard study, hardly a bastion of right-leaning conservatism came out a couple weeks ago and said that more than any other broadcast outlet at least on cable, 93% of its stories are negative. that means out of 100 stories, only seven stories are positive. last night was newsworthy to
5:22 pm
cover because trump has not done an interview on cable since may 13th, hasn't done one on broadcast news since may 11th with lester holt. an unpredictable president at that sort of audience in a nonbreaking news night, i think you've got to cover that. >> tucker: you kind of would think that if you're going to call yourself a news network. i guess what bothers me is the dishonesty. i don't follow a lot of media about media, you know that's your job. isn't cnn still regarded as a news channel by other news outlets, do they cite them as a source for unbiased accounts of what happened in the world, or is it seen as an advocacy platform? >> i think there is a circle that goes between cnn, "new york times," and "washington post." they like to quote each other a lot, objective observers are not seen as objective anymore. not just cnn, by the way. we saw today on msnbc, you had
5:23 pm
an analyst on their who used to work for the bush administration said that sticking up for trump is like hugging a suicide bomber. you would think after the kathy griffin thing, you stop using ices analogies in these situations. it seems like hyperbole is going on both sides and negativity has worked to a certain extent. when the president is speaking you probably should cover that, you're going to pay for it to the ratings and we saw that last night. >> tucker: extremism in the pursuit of trump is no voice, that's their view. during a speech last night, the present called for new laws to keep immigrants off welfare. is that a divisive, radical new proposal? or is it already a law? that started under bill clinton? we'll discuss that next.
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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. >> tucker: during a speech in cedar rapids last night, the president called for all immigrants coming from this country to be barred from receiving welfare benefits for five years. >> that's why i believe the time has come for new immigration rules which would say that those seeking admission to our country must be able to support themselves financially and it should not use welfare for a period mack of at least five years. >> tucker: the usual suspects were shocked by that of course. what the president called for isn't a radical innovation, it aligns perfectly with the
5:28 pm
policies of clinton, bill clinton that is. the 1996 federal law already bars them from drawing welfare for five years. it increased the number of programs exempted from the law. francisco hernandez is an immigration attorney in texas he joins us tonight. the argument in favor of immigration is that immigrants make the country better, they make it richer. they bring jobs. they can't simultaneously argue that and the united states has some obligation to give welfare to people they've never met before, can you? >> thank you for having me, quite frankly, the misconception is that undocumented immigrants are receiving welfare, they are not. that's just not true. president clinton did in a hypocritical move to get himself reelected past as 1996 statute. the month after it was passed by executive order, he reversed it.
5:29 pm
there have been two presidents republican and obama who have not reversed the executive order but that's the law. president trump is not doing anything -- >> tucker: let's back up a tiny bit. immigrants, legal and illegal receive a whole host of welfare benefits. >> undocumented do not. >> tucker: you're wrong, it pays for almost 100% of emergency. >> it's true. >> tucker: i'm not going to debate effect, that i know when you don't know. there's a special federal fund that pays those bills and they go almost exclusively to illegal aliens. >> that's not what were talking
5:30 pm
about, you're right. >> tucker: the president said the immigrants should be getting federal benefits for five years. i'm wondering how is there an argument against that? how can you say it to people around the world, come here and will pay you welfare benefits that the opposite of what we would want, isn't it? >> if they are paying taxes, there's a lot of u.s. citizens that don't pay any taxes. are they paying the ticket on the bus? if they are paying their fair share, there's nothing wrong with that, that's what we sign up for. >> tucker: you don't know what you're talking about. there's a fund called emergency medicaid it's $2 billion a year. that goes exclusively to illegal aliens is not an argument, it's established but you're making me frustrated because i know what i'm talking about and you don't. that's at the point of this conversation. the point is why would you invite people to this country and put them on welcome there.
5:31 pm
isn't the whole idea is people come here and they add to the society, people who are really depended, why would you do that question work >> >> undocumented immigrants do not receive medicaid, if it is life-threatening, that is what emergency government hospitals are supposed to >> what after, one last time a philosophical question i think an important one. why would you want to bring people voluntarily to your country, we don't owe them anything. it's a favor were doing them to allow them to come here. why would you want to bring people who are immediately dependent on welfare when they get here, don't you want people who add something immediately to your country? economically. >> you're determined to argue with me, i'm not disagreeing with you until you that's that's
5:32 pm
the law already. there is no argument but you want to disagree with me on something nick to prove you that undocumented immigrants receive medicaid. >> tucker: undocumented aliens, illegal aliens to receive benefits i just described. legal immigrants receive a panoply of welfare benefits including food stamps, child care, there's a whole bunch of different things exempted from this law. the president is saying it let's take those exemptions away and say if you come here as an immigrant, thrived on your own. i don't know why you would argue against that and i doubt you do either. >> 21 years have passed and all of these illegal benefits have been paid out and nobody has trumped out the warning signs? come on. this is a distraction from what we really should be talk about his immigration reform. what president trump -- >> tucker: let's put you in charge of it.
5:33 pm
>> mr. hannity and i both agreed to start building on the wall on the border, let's go, you can come with us. >> tucker: thank you, i appreciate it. china's annual document festival begins in the southern city of yulee and, more than 10,000 dogs are told there they believe that doug made some meat somehow enhances potency. the most painful to dogs' death the more powerful the meat is considered so torturing the docs is common. some unknown number were stolen to be part of the festival. the chinese government has responded with a massive police presence there designed to shield the dog eating from public view. reprehensible you say, of course it's reprehensible. but it's also clarifying. our ruling class have embraced the idea of cultural relativism, you can't really say one civilization is better or worse than any other civilization, that's false as this illustrates. some cultures are impressive, others are backward.
5:34 pm
if the chinese eat dogs, we let them sleep on the bed. only one of these customs is discussed again barbaric, it's not ours. remember that the next time someone tells you where all the same because were not. trinity college in connecticut shut down its entire campus for a day after one of the professors called white people in human and advocated for their violent demise. what is going on as trinity? students there joins us next and the wolf huffed and puffed...
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>> tucker: several days ago, shortly after house majority whip steve scalise were shot down the baseball field outside of d.c., a sociology professor on trinity college in hartford, connecticut, applauded the violence paired his name is johnny williams, he linked to an article on facebook that argued he should have been left to bleed to death on the field.
5:39 pm
here's part of what he wrote. it is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be white will not do. put an end to the vectors of their destructive methodology of whiteness in their white supremacy system. let them thing died. he still works there. forced by news reports to respond to all this, the present of the college issued a statement saying the school will look into his post, not saying he'll be fired for attacking an entire race or lunacy in general but the dean of the faculty will assess the situation and then something will happen. at some point. it's an unbelievable story especially for me, since i want to trinity along with jesse watters, and george will, a lot of other reason the peopl
5:40 pm
people. i talked to a couple of current students who have taken classes from this professor, professor johnny williams. they confirmed exactly what you suspect from the facebook post, he is an open bigot, who torments kids based on their race. how could he not be? if you let a klansman teach a college course, how would he take rate treat the black kids? i called the vice president at trinity, angela shaver. he knows of no review of his behavior in the class presumably because the college doesn't want to hear the details of how he behaved in class, when asked about the let them die line, she immediately defended williams. it was a hashtag, not the courts. it's used to be part of the conversation online. what conversation would that be about letting them die, she didn't explain. for the record, they used to be
5:41 pm
a pretty good school, never great but there were solid history and english departments and some pretty smart kids who for whatever reason didn't get into dartmouth and so they went there. then the left wrecked it, not in any especially inventive way but with the usual combination of lower standards, frivolous classes, low-grade authoritarianism and not to mention the addition of semi literate buffoons like professor johnny williams. forgot what made it impressive in the first place ended 20 years it was over. would you send your kids? maybe it happened to the school you went to. and if so our condolences to yo you. just import here is a student at trinity who george is now. the school didn't exactly apologize for what this professor wrote, let them die, they seem to be defending a spirit that appears to be an appeal to violence and what you think of that? >> i think the school didn't do
5:42 pm
enough to address this and professor williams and joanne berger's we need both should have come out with a little bit more of an apology to make this issue right. his hashtag was had definitely inflammatory, unacceptable and doesn't represent a lot of the dialogue that goes on at trinit trinity. >> tucker: what do you think would have happened -- yeah, what do you think would have happened if a white professor would have written let them effing die about a black lawmaker who got shot. with the school say he's got a right to free speech, were going to think about it, do you think? >> i think president berger sweeney has taken the time with a lot of issues. i don't think she would be very quick to act on that. i think she was too slow to act on this. just condemning the behavior, we have to wait a full day to hear from that. we also waited too long to hear from professor williams to
5:43 pm
correct the issue and get the right details out. i've heard from a lot of students that professor williams paints with broad strokes in his class, it would be really nice to get some details behind this and to understand what he was saying. right now, the broad strokes are not making a good picture. >> tucker: painting with broad strokes means attacking an entire groups of people. i've talked to kids in his class and they say he attacks groups of people based on skin color, income and where they live, have you heard that? >> i've heard that from my peer peers, he makes assumptions based on what students are wearing and things like that. i think that's part of his clas class. some students have told me they've come to learn from that experience, but they've also -- some students have found it difficult to try to learn in an experience where it's somewhat hostile. >> tucker: why would trinity
5:44 pm
have a professor like this? >> i think trinity is focused on trying to maintain a -- what a real liberal arts education should be. one group on campus the churchill institute is trying to make sure that both sides of the dialogue is hurt and i think it's important to have academic freedom and for professors to be able to say things. one of professor comes across with this inflammatory, i don't think that's acceptable and it certainly deserves an apology. it >> tucker: let them effing die? let them bleed out? thanks for on tonight. kemal harris the latest california democrat held up as the victim of sexism, she didn't seem to be concerned about women and radical islam. the muslim activists that she decided to ignore, stay tuned for that i was having a good rou,
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♪ >> tucker: california senator kemal harris became persisting in questioning attorney general jeff sessions bridge had an actual chance to p actual women and she took a big pass on that. they appear before the homeland security committee to testify about the dangers of islamic extremism to cleanly for women, they have experience those dangers. she didn't have a single question for them, nor did senders heidi heitkamp and claire mccaskill, the other democratic women on the committee. why the silence? she joined us tonight. thank you for coming on, you wrote a powerful piece in "the new york times" in which you said that not only do these
5:50 pm
purported feminists in the senate ignore you, an actual woman who has suffered under sharia law, one of them, claire mccaskill questioned the reason for the hearing in the first place and ineffective school to do by implication for complaining about it. >> we were shocked. , we have lived experience in the phenomenon of an ideology of extremism within islam. it is a spilling blood throughout the world and it's causing too many casualties among women especially. we thought we would have an engagement with women and senders in particular. we sat there as i sit before you right now and they completely ignored us. i looked them in the eye and they never would even look us in the eye. this is a failure on the part of too many progressives in
5:51 pm
tackling the very serious issue of islamic extremism. if it's a crisis today and that's what we went there to testify about. >> tucker: if you care about women, i've got three daughters. anyone who loves women, anyone who believes in human rights are to be upset about what's going on in a lot of these countries. why are feminist groups not focused on this? >> you're absolutely right. your daughters probably listen to our rio grande. she's been on this tour called a dangerous women. the problem is, it's the ideology of islam thinks that young girls like your daughter, your daughters, women, are dangerous women for freedom as we have. why don't feminists in america want to help us? there this propaganda network that hasn't taught them and tells them every day that they are going to be bigots, racists, islam of popes if they dare to
5:52 pm
talk about the issues within islam. what we ask them to do is apply to islam and muslim societies the same standards, the same expectations that they do to our own society. we shouldn't have a double standard. we have women forced into so many awful conditions of second-class citizenship through an ideology that we can defeat if we simply identify it, name it, and destroy it just as we did the ideology of communism and fascism. we can destroy this ideology. >> tucker: that's beautifully put. i'm sorry, were out of time. god bless you for everything that you're doing and for calling them to account. >> thank you so much and i hope everyone stands with moral courage. >> tucker: amen. fox and friends will be airing an exclusive interview with the president of the united states and the first lady tomorrow, here's part of it.
5:53 pm
>> republicans have a house in the senate but you have these senators that are not on board. >> they are also for good guys and for friends of mine. i think they will probably get there, we'll have to see. health care is a very difficult situation. the clintons tried to get it, and after years and years they couldn't do it. obamacare was murder for them to get. and now it's failed, it's virtually out of business. obamacare is a disaster. we are trying to do something on a very short period of time. >> tucker: president trump in the first lady on "fox & friends" starting tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., don't miss it. up next, president abraham lincoln made a surprise appearance at a small town baseball game this week, we'll tell you what that looks like, we've got pictures. everything you buy, not just airline purchases.
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it's ok that everybody ignoit's fine.n i drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. >> tucker: well, another celebrity fetishizing violence. a description about donald trum
5:58 pm
donald trump, actor johnny depp -- the movie is apparently tanked but instead of focusing on the film, he joked about murdering the president. here's part of what he said. >> them with the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> tucker: come on. sad. speaking of presidents killed by actors, abraham lincoln has not held office for 152 years. the 16th president made an unexpected appearance at a minor league ball game in new york. he throughout the first first pitch for the hudson valley team. >> no one better than abe lincoln. honest abe. he is wearing his original sunglasses.
5:59 pm
>> tucker: that is not the actual president lincoln. lincoln sunglasses were far more impressive than not. it comes pretty close, she's a director of this show. the great mike macedonia. our friend and coworker. president of the lincoln society in new york. at the society mission is to perpetuate the name, ideals, and distinctive appearance of our nations 16th president. that's exactly the kind of politics that everybody benefits from. thank you, mike macedonia. that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night at 8:00 for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. don't forget the dvr if you haven't already. have a wonderful night. and more than anything, stay
6:00 pm
tuned for our friends in new york city, "the five." they are up next. ♪ >> kimberly: >> dana: , hello ei am dana perino. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." the democrats are on a losing streak to fight the near incessant accusations of presidential obstruction of justice and unconstitutional actions. they are now 0 for 4 and special elections. the democrats issues were on full display after the g.o.p. netted to go wins in georgia and south carolina. this is despite unprecedented spending by


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