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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 23, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a package deep enga -- deal engagement. this father did the engagement with his daughter. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on capitol hill. we have just learned another republican senator says he will not vote for the new republican healthcare bill. officially that's five. unless something changes, the bill won't pass. details in just a moment. another off-camera briefing. live coverage banned. president trump did go on camera telling "fox and friends" that he has a problem with the special counsel leading the russia investigation but also praising robert mueller. he said it was not stupid to suggest that he had taped of the fired director, james comey. and the north koreans claim
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they're the real victims in the death of otto warmbier. and dennis rodman is just back from his visit is north creek. he says people don't see the good side of north korea. it involves karaoke. let's get to it. breaking news now on fox news channel. another republican has just sent word that he will vote no on the new republican healthcare bill. the senator is dean heller of nevada. he says he's out. unless compromises change things, the bill cannot pass without democratic support and it's not coming. no comment from the white house or anybody else on capitol hill. this just happened. reaction as we get it. just before we learned that, the white house for a second day in a row banned live coverage of the daily briefings. instead, another off-camera gaggle and embargoed the audio
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until the gaggle was complete, this is what we saw from the camera at the white house as sean spicer spoke to journalists. one reporter asked him, why does this have to be off camera? >> what is the reason for not answering questions on camera today? >> the president gave lengthy remarks on camera. he spoke about the v.a. bill. hope you carried it. >> you spoke on camera, too. >> see how much on-camera there is? you reference the comments i made monday. made the same thing in december and january. some days we'll do it. i think it's great for us to come out here and have a substantive discussion about policies. >> shepard: the press secretary spoke about comments president trump made on "fox and friends" this morning. the president said we'll have to see as to whether robert mueller will have to recuse himself. and he said his initial tweet about tapes may have influenced
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the testimony of james comey. yesterday the president admitted on twitter that he did not record and does not have tapes or conversations with james comey. the president today again leaving the door open as to whether anybody else may have tapes of those conversations. he said "you never know" and reference had with he called the horrible situation with surveillance all over the place. he suggested his tweet back in may claiming james comey "better hope there's no tapes" may have forced comey to be honest when he testified before congress earlier this month. >> so you never know what's out there. i didn't tape and i don't have any tape. but when he found out that i -- there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else and who knows, i think his story may have changed. you'll have to take a look at that. because then he has to tell what actually took place at the
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events. my story didn't change. my story was always straight story. my story was the truth. but you'll have to determine for yourself whether or not his story changed. i did not tape. >> shepard: actually he could find out for us because he could ask. are there any recordings in the white house. you may remember the president in a press conference in the rose garden accused comey of committing perjury. the former fbi director told the senate intelligence committee that president trump asked him to pledge his loyalty. and then asked him to stop investigating the former national security adviser, michael flynn. the president said neither of the claims was true and he was 100% willing to testify under oath that comey was lying. the president tweeted comey's testimony contained so many false statements and lies. legislators and investigators and congress are previously demanded that the white house turn over any tapes if they existed. after president tweeted he had
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no idea whether somebody else might have made some tapes, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee called on the white house to set the record straight once and for all. the democratic congressman adam schiff said in part "the president had no tapes, why did he suggest otherwise? did he seek to mislead the public? was he trying to intimidate or silence james comey?" the response from the white house in just a moment. president trump in that interview on "fox and friends" questioned the objectivity of robert mueller. here's what the president told us about the former fbi director's investigation. >> he's very, very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome. but he's also -- we'll have to see. we'll have to see in terms -- look, there's been no obstruction, there's been no collusion. there has been leaking by comey. but there's been no collusion, no obstruction. virtually everybody agrees to that. so we'll have to see. i can say that the people that
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have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. some of them worked for hillary clinton. the whole thing is ridiculous, if you want to know the truth from that standpoint. robert mueller is an honorable man. hopefully he will come up with an honorable solution. >> shepard: robert mueller and james comey worked together for years in washington when mueller was the fbi director and comey was a deputy attorney general. john roberts back live for us on the north lawn. what is the white house saying about the president's comments about robert mueller and james comey? >> first of all, let's go to the tapes with james comey. the president said earlier today to ainsley earhardt on the "fox and friends" interview that put out that wasn't a stupid thing. he believes it held him to recount the truth.
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the president indicating that it may be forced comey to tell the truth. there's a hole in that thinking because, of course, the white house after comey's testimony disputed the fact that he said the president was thought he was asking him for a loyalty pledge and also asking him to drop the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the firing of lieutenant general michael flynn. now, as to the mueller issue, the president indicating potentially there was a conflict of interest that mueller had that suggested or the implication rather that mueller might have to recuse himself. as far as the president firing mueller, we were told a couple weeks ago, he had no intention of doing that. so i checked with the press secretary today whether or not that still stands. listen to this exchange. >> is he still ruling out firing the special counsel? >> nothing has changed on that.
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in term of his position -- >> his position? >> while he retains the authority, that steve and i had a healthy exchange, but he has no intention of doing that. >> does he seem so suggest there might be a circumstance under which mueller should take himself out? can you tell us -- >> that's one that i would refer to the president's legal strategy on that. i'll leave it at that. >> kasowitz is the president's outside legal counsel. i checked with the team and the source close to the team told me that as the president said, they believe that robert mueller is an honorable man and that he would "do his best" shep. i think they're sowing a narrative here that there's a lot of conflicts of interest here. his closeness with james comey and the fact that he's hiring a lot of people that have at the very least donated to democrats in the past. although one of the people that has donated to democrats has donated to one republican. that being george allen of
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virginia. shep? >> shepard: the russians meddled in the election. that's without question, except from the president. there seems to be a lack of -- i don't know. what is the position? is there something new on that? >> well, sean spicer was asked about that today. he said of course the president says any time a foreign entity would meddle in a presidential election, that's why the president has had these panels on cyber security, tasking with the department of homeland security and looking into cyber security and why he ordered through an executive order the creation of this commission to look into voter irregularities and voter fraud and tampering. here's what the press secretary said about that. >> he's concerned about any country or any actor that wants to interfere in our election. he stands by that. he's taken two very large steps. one is cyber security to make sure he signed the executive
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order, his homeland security adviser is making sure that we take steps to protect our election system and all of our other cyber defenses. secondly, he instituted an election commission that is making sure that we look at all of how we're voting and make sure that we maintain integrity in all of our voting processes. >> so the press secretary was asked, what has that commission done? doesn't look like it's done a whole lot. spicer said that next week the commission will be sending out a letter to state, county election officials asking for information back on what they saw, shep. >> shepard: thanks, john roberts. the investigation into the election has led to questions about the obama administration. members of the senate judiciary committee from both parties are asking for portion about loretta lynch's alleged interference in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. this comes as the committee
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investigates the fires of james comey whom the president says he fired partly because of his handling of the clinton e-mail investigation. catherine herridge in washington with more. >> the chairman and ranking member of the senate judiciary committee, chuck grassley and dianne feinstein asked loretta lynch for documents and whether the reported assurances were shared with dnc chair debby wasserman schultz that sent an e-mail to that effect. during his congressional testimony, comey alluded to an e-mail or record as one of the reasons he went public about the clinton e-mail case in july 2016 effectively taking lynch out of the equation. >> there were other things that contributed to that. one significant item i can't. i know the committee has been
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briefed on, some public accounts of it that are nonsense. >> after comey made his very public announcement about the clinton e-mails in july of 2016, his boss, loretta lynch testified. she declined to answer questions about the clinton e-mail case 70 times in that testimony. shep? >> shepard: there's reports that the house intelligence committee will interview hillary clinton's campaign chairman, john podesta. >> we reached out to several contacts. what we know at this hour, the house intelligence wants to hear from the former clinton campaign manager. john podesta's testimony is not firm for next week but may be by the end of today. we'll update you as we learn more about that. russian backed hackers were behind the theft of the podesta e-mails and strategically leaked. the e-mails damaged candidate clinton. robert mueller was on capitol hill meeting with the house and
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senate intelligence committees and leaders of the senate judiciary committee to ensure that the overlapping investigations into russian interference do not conflict. the house intelligence committee has set a deadline today. they documented the private conversations with the president, shep. >> shepard: what are we learning about the closed-door testimony from the nation's intelligence chief? >> the director of national intelligence, dan coats, testified behind closed doors in front of the same committee. the senior republican on the committee along with the ranking democrat said there would be no selective leaks. within hours, there was an nbc report. >> i can't tell you who it is, but i can tell you this. you're going to have a chilling effect on other witnesses who want to share classified sensitive information when it makes its way to the headlines before the transcripts even dry. >> legal sources close to the president's team told fox that the president's frustration and
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coats were assuring that the wasn't under investigation but there was a case in connections 2000 russian officials and the campaign team. >> thanks, cat. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: moments ago, we learned that dean heller, the republican of nevada will vote against the healthcare bill. we just found out why. he says that the senate republican healthcare bill has told a lie. he said there isn't anything in this bill that would lower premiums. he's given a news conference. we'll talk about the ramifications of this. time is running out to get anything done before congress goes on break. ahead, what the holdouts say it will take to get their votes and what is at stake if they fail. i am totally blind.
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>> shepard: breaking news on fox news channel. it's getting tough for the republicans on the healthcare plan. a fifth republican senator has come out against this proposal as it stands. as we reported, it's a nevada senator, dean heller, again, a republican. he is citing medicaid cuts as part of the reason and what he calls a lie among those that were discussing this legislation. he says there's nothing in the bill that would lower premiums and many millions of people would not be covered under medicaid expansion as that goes
12:18 pm
away in the years ahead. keep in mind, republicans cannot lose but two votes. not a single democrat is expected to support this measure. senate gop leaders have said they plan to vote sometime next week. the party's chief vote counter, the texas senator, john cornyn, earlier today told fox news it's not a perfect bill and that his colleagues need to be realistic. >> we have to deal with the art of the possible here. it's not going to be something that each one of us will like standing alone. but this is the best we've been able to do with the hand we've been dealt. we can't afford to fail. >> shepard: can't afford to fail. politically speaking, there's a lot at stake for his party. president trump put it at the forefront of his campaign promises. repeal and replace obamacare. five months in the trump presidency with a republican controlled congress, there's no healthcare effort or any healthcare effort that has failed thus far in the house. another that barely passed.
12:19 pm
now a senate plan that as it stands is dead on arrival. peter doocy has the news on capitol hill. this senator dean heller is one of the more vulnerable republican senators and he would make this turn is not that surprising. give us the details that you have. >> we just heard heller stand next to the nevada governor, brian sandoval that is counselling him about how medicaid cuts would hurt nevada. he said it's going to be difficult to get him to a yes. that makes him different than the other four senators, lee, johnson, paul and cruz who all came out and said look, right now, this bill is not perfect but we're willing to work with the white house, work with leadership to make things better. heller is not talking like that. he says basically that he's completely out. as for what the other senators might want, cruz has been saying and handing out leaflets to
12:20 pm
colleagues with his notes. he says he wants there to be more flexibility to buy and sell insurance across state lines, some more want more obamacare repeal. there's more question marks. might be higher than five in the republican party against this. portman has been on report as pushing for more money to combat the opioid epidemic. collins and murkowski say they don't want cuts to planned parenthood which this senate draft has a lot of. when people talk about tweaks to the bill to get it through, it's not just fine tuning one thing or in one area. it's a lot of different things. just got a lot harder to get it through. they can afford to lose two and have the president mike pence come down and break the tie. right now they're five down, shep. >> peter, quickly. where is the president on this? >> shep, as we just heard from the press secretary, sean spicer, president trump has been meeting with lawmakers on the
12:21 pm
fence. he has his hhs secretary, price, the cms secretary, all working with the legislative time, people on the hill trying to technically change the bill to make it as attractive as possible to pass it. again, they are moving extremely fast by senate standards hoping to get all of this done next week. again, when we heard from spicer that the president was working behind the scenes with his team, that was before the heller announcement. so the calculus may have just changed in a big way even in the last half an hour, shep. >> shepard: thanks. remember the politics here, this bill is unpopular in the population. heller is the most vulnerable republican running for re-election. the only senate republican coming up for re-election that senate carried in the 2016 election. he's on the no side. continuing coverage of the healthcare negotiations. we'll talk with a reporter from the wall street journal. he said do not under estimate
12:22 pm
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>> now on the fifth republican senator coming out against the gop healthcare bill in the senate. let's go to kirsten. she has an article posted right now on dean heller, when you read into it, not that much of a surprise. he's citing specifically cuts to medicaid, the number of children who will be left without insurance and specifically premiums. he said that it's a lie that anything here would bring down
12:26 pm
premiums. >> that's a very contention issue in the house and the senate. there's a number of conservatives including four that came out against the bill saying they need to do more to bring down costs. what they mean by that, they want to let states allow insurers to opt out of some of the affordable care act's regulations. that would let them offer a plan that would be less comprehensive, but likely cheaper. >> he says it's going to be -- he says it's going to be very difficult to get me to a yes. he says it's going to be a difficult lift to change this bill at this point. is there a belief that they will wrangle these votes? they have a good wrangler, those republicans. >> yeah, it's hard to tell right now. i would never underestimate the power of mitch mcconnell to finds the votes. he's known as a master tactician on capitol hill. he has very little room to maneuver right now. he can only lose two votes. senator heller sounds like he may not be gettable. there's a lot of doubt as to
12:27 pm
whether senator rand paul will come around to this bill. so that means that the majority leader will have to win back senators cruz, paul and lee and prevent any other defections. there's concerns on the centrist side of the republican party as well. so that will be very difficult. >> shepard: susan collins of maine as one example. if you are able to make a change that would get one of these more far right republicans, you might lose some of the centrists like susan collins. >> exactly. that was the difficult dynamic in the house and now it's in the senate. the bill currently defunds planned parenthood. if you ease the regulations to lower costs, the centrist are worried that means less comprehensive coverage for
12:28 pm
people that want that. that's the delicate maneuvering that mcconnell has to do and it's not clear if they can pull it off. >> shepard: what seems hard to understand, if they don't get this, how will they get a tax plan and a budget deal? this is -- one is predicated upon the other, isn't it? >> you could still do a budget and a tax overhaul. it does illustrate just the sheer difficulty of the legislative task that they have set for themselves. some people think tax reform will be easier. i think both are hard. both healthcare and taxes. on the budget, there's a big effort to avoid the government shut down. they will meet that goal because there's widespread consensus that's not something that they want to have happen and they believe they will strike a deal with democrats to keep the government funded. >> shepard: how much rush of this to get this done before the
12:29 pm
break? how much of that is about concerns once they get back to their states or their district about what their constituents will do? >> that's a piece of this. there's some senators that have said we want to make sure we have enough time to study the healthcare bill. the vote counting does not get easier after the recess necessarily because that gives groups that want to preserve the aca time to activate to go to town halls, to have constituents call their lawmakers. could be more difficult to reach 50 if you wait until after july 4. >> shepard: when do we get a cbo score? >> we hear that is likely to come on monday. cbo itself said yesterday they expect to release it early next week. we'll have that information season. >> shepard: that will be helpful for people to make their way through this. great to talk to you. thanks for talking during the breaking news. thanks. >> thank you. >> shepard: more ahead on the russia invest combination and the president's comments about
12:30 pm
the special counsel seeing the whole thing so will question robert mueller's credibility blunt the results of the investigation? or could the tactic backfire? that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. (counting for hide n' seek.) ready or not, here i come. ♪ anyone can dream. making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us.
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>> the fox report now. headlines from the fox news deck. dozens are dead and nearly 100 hurt after three bombings across pakistan is. that's according to government officials there. the first attack a suicide bombing near the office of a police chief in the southwest. officials say 11 people have died. hours later, two explosions went off minutes apart in a market in the north of pakistan. those killed at least 24. we're unclear at this moment on who is behind the attack. police in london said they're considering manslaughter charges after the high rise fire that killed 79 people.
12:33 pm
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[sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues] >> shepard: continuing coverage of the russia investigation. president trump telling "fox and friends" that the friendship of james comey and robert mueller very bothersome. he called mueller an honorable man. let's bring in allie watkins from politico. seems there's a strategy developing here on the president's part. >> yeah, we've kind of -- we were all prepared for him to go after mueller, i think. could be problematic here for him is that mueller has wide support from republicans, particularly in the senate. i think if he attacks mueller
12:36 pm
too hard -- when mueller was first announced as special counsel, a lot of us on the beat realized this is a very smart move by rosenstein and the doj. mueller is the only one that could have been picked and potentially show the rift between trump and republicans on the hill. they are so supportive of mueller. so as far as the strategy of going after mueller, that could backfire pretty easily. >> shepard: you write about how the different investigations, house and senate, are really splitting in their tactics. >> we've seen this week that the whole variety of investigations are off the ground and moving in their own direction. the week that the mueller problem, the special counsel was first announced, there was a lot of questions in those immediate days of well, how were they going to de-conflict with the
12:37 pm
respective probes. how would that work. mueller has met with the intelligence community, the judiciary committee on the hill. things are up and moving. we're seeing on the senate side, they scheduled several open hearings in the past few weeks. they scheduled another open hearing for next week. you're seeing the probes go off in their respective directions. as we see this shake out over the next few weeks and months, you're going to see the mueller fbi special counsel problem look at the trump-russian question and you'll see the congressional investigations, especially the senate investigation, look at the russian operation broadly and what the intelligence community knew and how to best head off those cyber attacks in the future. so you're seeing them go their respective directions, which could be a good thing here. >> shepard: what do you make of the talk of tapes? you're saying the president didn't record any. he left open the possibility
12:38 pm
that some may exist. it's curious. >> the tapes debacle is what we all saw the ending would be to this. it very much backfired again on the white house in that when trump first suggested that he had tapes, director -- former director comey testified that that's what encouraged him to share the memos that he had written. so i think we all knew when he said there were probably tapes he problem he problably didn't have any. >> they asked about mueller recusing himself. he said we'll have to see. >> i think he's testing certain attack methods when it comes to mueller. there's comey, a very politicized figure. people feel strongly about him certain ways including on the hill. so going at mueller through comey is an interesting
12:39 pm
approach. as i said, mueller's reputation stands for itself, particularly among the gop on the hill. >> shepard: the republicans pretty well in lock step on that. good for you to come thanks. >> thanks. >> allie watkins from politco. north korea claims they're the biggest victim in the death of an american it held hostage. otto warmbier's relatives say north korea tortured the student. senator john mccain said they murdered him. north korea denies any mistreatment at all and calls warmbier's death a mystery. he died just days after the north koreans sent him back to the united states. doctors said he had severe brain damage and was in a state of unresponsive wakefulness. former nba start dennis rodman is defending the north korean regime and the murderous dictator kim jong-un for reasons that are inexplicable after he came back from a trip there.
12:40 pm
listen. >> people don't see the good side about that country. i think people don't see him as a friendly eye. we sing karaoke. we ride horses. everything. >> shepard: they have a good side. horse riding and karaoke. u.s. officials say at least three other americans are in north korean prisoners right now. dennis rod man and his glasses said his visit to north korea played a part in warmbier's release. the state department, warmbier's family have flatly denied that. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon for us. jennifer? >> shepard, one thing we know, otto warmbier was not singing karaoke with kim jong-un. sean spicer said there's no mystery about how otto warmbier died. president trump has called it a disgrace. it's the first time however that we have heard north korea address the death of the uva
12:41 pm
students, otto warmbier. officials say that he was tortured in prison for taking a propaganda poster from his hotel. the north korean news agency said they provided the young american medical care and treatment with all sincerity on a humanitarian basis and denied torturing him. the fact that warmbier died suddenly in less than a week after his return to the u.s. in his normal state of health indicators is a mystery to us. to make it clear, we're the biggist victim of this incidents. hundreds of mourners celebrated the life of this college student turning out to say their farewell in his hometown of wyoming, ohio, near cincinnati thursday. ohio senator rob portman had this to say. >> north korea needs to be held accountable for what happened to otto warmbier. they have shown not only they don't have regard for the rule
12:42 pm
of law, the geneva convention, the basic freedoms that we enjoy and so many people around the world enjoy. >> the state department has warned u.s. citizens not to travel to north korea. >> shepard: this coincides with another missile launch. >> the reaction to warmbier's death seems to be making north korea more belligerent. we were among the first to report that north korea conducted the rocket engine test on wednesday that could be used on an icbm. it was the first rocket engine test since march. the pentagon is concerned the technology used for putting satellites into space is the same use for an icbm capable of reaching the west coast of the united states. this combined with more activity being seen at the site of north korea's past nuclear tests have the attention of the pentagon. there are some in the pentagon and white house that would like to move more forward aggressively to remove the north
12:43 pm
korean threat, dusting off contingency operating to neutralize kim jong-un militarily. but there's many more warnings that millions of lives could be lost if there's war on the korean peninsula. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin, thank you. just into fox news, space x has successfully launched and landed a used rocket for the first time, this is video of the launch from moments against at cape canaveral in florida. we're told the rocket sent a communications satellite into orbit. minutes later, it landed on one of space x's drone ships. the company used the same rocket to launch satellites in orbit in january. this successful re-launch is a very big deal for space x and space exploration in general. cuts the costs down. that means they can do more of it. we'll be right back.
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12:47 pm
we're getting word of an incidents involving an air force thunderbird jet in dayton, ohio. an air show was set to start tomorrow. this is a picture of the scene. it happened during practice. sheriff officials say they received a report that a jet was off the end of the runway and on its top. so upside-down. emergency responders were reportedly working to remove two people from the plane. so far no records of any injuries. it's early going. we're told they're getting a lot of rain there in the dayton area today. a news conference scheduled to start at any moment. they're at the microphones in dayton. we'll monitor that. and there's major news in venezuela. some pictures just coming in to us. it's been another day of horrible violence there. venezuelian military police sergeant shot dead. a protester that was attacking the perimeter of an air base on thursday. yeah, just yesterday. the interior minister is giving
12:48 pm
us this word. bringing the renewed security of the force used to -- used scrutiny to control the riots. hundreds of thousands have been protesting the economic situation across venezuela. many people cannot get food. they're not allowed to enter or leave the country. very close to a martial law situation there and people are rising up in protest against the government and all that they have done to the people. these are live pictures coming in to us. anybody have any context on these pictures? we know that these are coming to us out of caracas. lawlessness abound with the government for bidding people to travel in any way. getting money out of a bank is
12:49 pm
impossible. food and essentials are hard to come by. a country that was so rich with energy wealth, so corrupt now. the people left to fend for themselves largely. this situation expected to get worse before it gets better. new pictures show a russian jet flying within a few feet of a u.s. air force plane. that's according to the u.s. european command which released these images. this happened monday over the baltic sea. we reported about the. the photographs show the russian jet near the wing of the u.s. plane. officials call the move unsafe, which seems like an understatement and said it happened in international airspace. officials in moscow say the plane was flying close to the russian border but still in international territory. the russian jet getting mighty close. the house majority whip steve scalise is out of intensive care
12:50 pm
we're happy to report. the congressman from louisiana is still in the hospital and doctors have not changed his condition. on wednesday, they upgraded him to fair. doctors say another shooting victim, matt mika is also out of intensive care. he got a visit from jason werth from the washington nationals. investigators say james hodgkinson used two guns in the latest attack last week at a baseball practice in alexandria, virginia. the fbi reported this week he had a storage locker with 200 rounds of ammunition in virginia. extreme weather across the united states. the tropical storm has become a tropical depression. there's tornadoes and a deadly heat wave in the southwest. we'll have it all for you coming up. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've -
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>> shepard: if you live along the gulf coast, neighbors are cleaning up after tropical storm cindy. the system now a tropical depression as it moves north and east through tennessee, eventually kentucky and west virginia. made landfall just yesterday. the storm surge killed a 10-year-old boy in lower alabama according to officials there. the u.s. weather service confirms an ef-2 tornado hit outside birmingham. that injured a person at a liquor store according to local media. more images in our slide show. this is what is left of an oil change business outside of birmingham there. it flattened a roof there. accuse one in mississippi. watching as the waves crash over the sea wall there. flooding in louisiana. this is break breeze road in lake charles? is that lake charles? he's on the phone. i think this is lake charles, louisiana. that's what i was told. this is a picture from a storm a year ago.
12:55 pm
what is left of cindy making its way to west virginia a year and a day after the flooding killed 23 people. this is an image from that a year ago tomorrow. a deadly head wave scorching the southwest. forecasters say it's sticking around through the weekend. there's the mess of water as well. rick reichmuth is here. >> yeah, it's hot. this is generally hot. ushers in the monsoon season. you have to go through it. this is particularly hot. tuesday was the peak in phoenix. got to 119. all-time high is 122. getting close to it. heat advisories now spreading up the 76 northwest, now in texas. here we are beginning of summer and the heat will stick around. we're going to have it through the weekend here. we'll see the temperatures slowly come down a little bit. across the east where we have not gotten much summer going on, we had the bursts of it and goes
12:56 pm
away, it's gone away again. next week, the cooler air coming down. we'll remain hot here. 123 in death valley. 116 in phoenix. >> shepard: they don't call it death valley for nothing. >> that's it. >> shepard: new york's tabloids called him the teflon don. something finally stuck and happened on this day in history. . your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most.
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1:00 pm
faced justice 25 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto coming up next. flat day on wall street. the energy sector, not so good. >> the president said the house bill was mean. the senate bill may be meaner. >> meaner, heartless. >> you can put a lace collar on a pitbull and it's still a mean dog. >> so sad, mr. president. heartless. mean and heartless. >> neil: wow. how could they? not republicans, democrats. mean and heartless? folks, i'm departing from form here to say i've had a chance to examine the latest senate healthcare proposal and the democrats proposal versus the one that is law. and i have a different definition of mean, a very, very