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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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producer. next time the ball and the glove can form a more perfect union. [laughter] they came for the appearance at the hudson valley renegades. good for michael, great to see you. i am julie banderas. shepard, is next. >> shepard: 3:00 when president trump won a partial victory for his fellow man. i had, what the decision means and where the legal battle goes from here. we are waiting for the congressional budget office. we are expected shortly. g.o.p. leaders just updated the draft after five reporters came out against it. more than enough to kill the bill. will this new version have a better chance of passing? speak i think we will get there. can't but i think we'll get there. >> shepard: will see what he tweeted right after that comment. let's get to it. ♪ >> now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> shepard: a good afternoon.
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partial victory for present trump and his controversial travel ban. the impact will be far less severe than the president's earlier version. the u.s. supreme court has now decided to allow the measure to take effect in some instances, and enough daily or broader arguments coming up in october. the president called the ruling unanimous, but we cannot confirm that comment the court did not reveal a breakdown of how the justices ruled. just minutes ago, present trump tweeted, very grateful for the 9-0 verdict. decision for the supreme court. we must keep america safe. the present also called it a clear victory for america's national security. he released a statement that reads in part, as president, i cannot allow people into our country, who want to do us harm. i want people, who can love the united states and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking and productive. the present in the statement called the measure travel suspension. you may remember he used to call it a travel ban gimmick ban even
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after they push back on the tur. his initial over back in january to effective initially causing the issue in airports where people turned away immigrants who just arrived. the supreme court ruled on the revised version that he signed in march. lastly, he said he would begin enforcing the order after 72 hours if the court allowed it to take effect. homeland security department in the statement in a row, the implementation of the executive order it will be clear insufficient public notice, particularly to potentially affected travelers in coronation with partners in the travel industry. under the supreme court ruling, the trump administration can brock gimmick block from six majority muslim countries if they don't have a bona fide relationship with any person or entity in the united states. the court ruled immigrants from those countries need to have a close family member in the
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united states. people who say they want to come to work or to study need an opportunity that is formal and documented. not for the purpose of invading the travel ban. tuesday federal appeals court gimmick courts blocked it, saying it discriminates against muslims based on their nationality. three justices did dissent, saying they would have allowed the entire ban to take effect. those justices were clarence thomas, alito, and neil gorsuch. the presence appointed. and alice say that the timing and this is interesting. the ban is for the most part supposed to last just 90 days. it could effectively be over by the time they hear full arguments in the fall. peter doocy's at the white house with reaction. was the white house ain't about today's ruling, peter? >> they are knocking to to do anything differently. officials have long argued that the president has the constitutional authority and who
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cannot. because the supreme court today says he does not have the constitutional authority, they are going to basically say, keep going forward, implementing this plan or lease planning to implement this plan. we just heard this from the press secretary, sean spicer and a briefing that was audio only. the reason i was not on digital card, because he wants president trump to be the only one at the white house who is on the evening newscasts tonight. here is a sean spicer, audio only, talking travel ban. >> with respect to the supreme court decision on the executive order, the president was honored by a 9-0 decision that allows an important tool to protect our nation homeland. his opponent demanding your there today he mentioned a 9-0 decision. even though they did not release a breakdown about all nine justices siding with this rulin
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ruling, sean spicer says the council gave him that figure, which is now been mentioned in a presidential statement. the presence of tweet, and an on record briefing. sean spicer also did give us new information about what will happen next. he said the justice department is reviewing the ruling, and will work out how to implement it. the been trying to figure out how to make this ban on paper a reality in airports, customs, and the plans are moving forward, shep. >> shepard: we are waiting to hear how much the senate republican health care plan might cause taxpayers and how many americans will lose coverage. the congressional budget office is expected to release those numbers this afternoon, and we are expecting them shortly. we'll see if that happens. republican leaders have updated their plan, and now, and includes a penalty for people who let their insurance lapse. hear how works. after 63 days in the past year, face a six-month delay before a
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new policy could take effect. the analyst say the gold there is to try to get healthy people to buy coverage, and then keep them from dropping it. they say it also helps insurance companies pay for sicker customers who are more expensive to cover. before g.o.p. leaders added this penalty, five senators came out against the plan. republicans cannot afford to lose more than two kobolds. democrats have ripped the bill. former president, obama, says there is a meanness to it, and no trump says he is the word mean to describe the bill that the house republicans had last night. >> mean. that was my turn. i went to see -- and i speak from the heart. that's what i want to see. i want to see a bill with hard. >> shepard: president trump is complaining now about democrats, even though they are not a factor in this case. the present tweety, republican senators are working very hard to get there with no help from the democrats. not easy. perhaps just let obamacare crash and burn.
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in the last hour, "the american medical association" opposed the plan. the nation's largest dr. group says americans losing coverage in the deep cuts to medicaid spending among other items. the senate will decide as early as this week, and we could get a cdo's or any moment. peter doocy in the white house, do we know what hannah pressured the president is putting on these republicans to pass his bill? >> we do, shep. so far cap the president is not asking rank-and-file republicans to do anything -- or their leaders are not. the white house just said at this audio only briefing, they want the health care passed by this third of august, which is what leaders have said. they say president trump is happy with the way the senate replacement for obamacare looks for now. >> he is very pleased with the developments. he's been impressed with the
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work. as you mentioned, he wants a bill that has heart. he wants a bill that does what it is supposed to do. when you look at what happen with obamacare, he does not that she wants to make sure we think through this. >> he also just set a few minutes ago, president trump feels confident about the champions of health care passing this bill after conversations over the weekend with senators who are presently opposed, including ted cruz, ron paul, ron johnson, and some on the cabinet. the purpose was to hear senators out about what has to happen to guarantee their vote, but something else to weigh heavily on their senators is the impending congressional budget office. that will predict how many people could lose coverage or gain coverage. now come the white house he said, no matter what that congressional budget office says later on today, it will not be a deal breaker for them.
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they will still back this bill. that is almost certainly going to be a different story for senators, whose political lives depend on how they're going to vote on this. state-by-state. the congressional budget office score right now, there minus five, and they could either gain some support or lose support. this is in the next few hours, shep. >> shepard: we get this decision shortly. peter doocy at the white house. thank you. for more of the supreme court ruling that will allow a limited version on the travel ban, let's bring in law professor from university of st. louis" to the john paul stevens. thank you. >> think of have me. >> shepard: not as dramatic an effect to be had this time. can you explain to reviewers why? >> it's a mixed bag. the supreme court sort of -- did look a little bit of justice, slashing this remedy on the travel ban, which says, if you
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have a bona fide relationship, family relationship or relationship with an institution, like a employer or institution or university, cannot be applied. that provision of the effect applies to immigrants and refugees. that makes a difference. for refugees, who are driven to come here by conditions and persecutions in their country, they will be less likely to have that institutional or familiar relationship. the court has given the administration a pretty strong basis for enforcing this ban against refugees. for immigrants, the line has to be drawn more carefully and closely. homeland security is responsible for figuring out whether an immigrant has that relationship that the court talked about, so the administrative official on the immigration side have a fair amount of discretion to try to enforce the ban. >> shepard: it is a judgment call. individual cases.
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>> it's not exactly a judgment call. it's a bright light in theory. give a close family member. do you have a employer or educational relation? when someone comes in at the border at customs, what are they can at the show? what is home and it's pretty going to demand to see is evidence of that bona fide relationship? how is homeland security going to draw the line? the courts opinion get some specific examples. if you are a speaker to come address the audience. if you're an employee to work for an american employer. there might be cases as a gray area to whether the necessary relationship. >> shepard: pulmonary ruling, this one. in october, what will be in pla play? >> in october, everything will be in play. is your summary mentioned, there will be issues if by october, the ban a legal challenge to the ban will even be relevant, depending if it is in effect or
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has changed shape. that's a threshold issue. then there are the merits questions. both constitutional and statutory. constitutionally, the big question is, does this ban amount to a muslim ban. so, it violates the preexercise clause of the first amendment, because it is religious determination. statutorily, is a question whether the executive order that the present issued exceeds the authority that congress has given the executive branch to make decisions work. >> shepard: okay, what is his preliminary ruling say about the president's ability, responsibility, to regulate national security? >> says the president has broad and strong authority to regulate national security purposes. that is a very conventional account of the law. it does not tell us much.
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if anything about how the court is inclined to rule on this particular issue. even if the court strikes down the executive order substantially or completely, it still going to have to acknowledge, the president does have significant, strong authority to regulate the national security for x, y, or z that is overcome in this case. that could still happen. >> shepard: gregory mccarron, thank you. mrs. e >> thank you. >> shepard: we're waiting for that report about how much the senate g.o.p. health care bill will cost taxpayers and how many americans stand to lose insurance coverage under this plan? it will mean a lot politically for senators on capitol hill. the moment it comes out, that is coming up on the fox news deck on a monday afternoon. ♪ if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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changes, pretty minor corrections to the original language for the one big one is a lockout provision, which essentially says, do not wait until you get sick to buy insurance. if you allow your insurance to lapse for more than two months, there will be a six month waiting period before you can buy back end. the argument being that it will keep people who maintain their insurance all along from suffering through major spikes in the premiums bottom line, try to make sure people buy insurance without finding them, but finding another way to do that. meanwhile, there's a lot of pressure building on those five senate republicans. they oppose the bill and a current form. ted ted cruz, rand paul, ron jo, michael e. they must focus on what is doable. >> you want socialized medicine? sq should get, unless you work with us and try to find some way around it.
12:18 pm
same thing with moderates. commit nobody with brains in my opinion, except socialists want socialized medicare. >> this is what they're hoping at this congressional budget office score will show. they're hoping it will say that essentially come if your people will lose their health care coverage then the 23 million debt estimated would lose it under the house bill. they're also hoping it will say that premiums would come down sooner in the process. we will see, shep. >> what are you here from democratic lawmakers on the hill? >> several of the top republica. chuck schumer of that we can say the ads could hit 50/50 in terms of passage in the senate. he says the updated version of the bill will likely pour salt in the wombs. who experience a gap in health care with no fault of their own. the number two democrat also blasted the bill. >> to think that american people
12:19 pm
in illinois will lose health insurance, because of the so-called reform and improvement is unacceptable and immoral. we owe it to the people of this country in the state, to make sure more people have health insurance. >> data sets the stage for a critical week in the united states senate to see if mitch mcconnell can round up the votes before the races. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. we will speak with a reported this as the white house and republican leaders seem to be optimistic i'm getting the senate plan through the congress. of course, they do not have the votes right now. what will take it to get it done? that is next as we await the congressional budget office score. stay with us.
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>> shepard: more now on the g.o.p. push to pass the health care bill. they can afford to lose to. already five senators have come out against the current bill, but anything can happen big to me now in the vote. "wall street journal" writer is with us. she joins us live from washington. i believe. she wrote an article today about opposition to the bill good to see it. >> good to see it. i am in washington. >> shepard: they were asking how do we get a "yes." these republicans that are in the know collin, what do we know? >> there are more republicans than five. there are five on the conservative and that signaled to various degrees ways they could calve a gas over provisions that would lower premiums and consumer protections. nevada, the most centralist republican to be a "no." he'd seen right now as being pretty hard to win over, because his governor is backing in. there is a couple other people who potentially could be harder
12:24 pm
knows, including susan collins of maine. >> shepard: wears a centrist opposition? part of it has to do with a number of people losing coverage, and another part has to be with federal spending on medicaid. anything else? >> medicaid is a sticking point. republican states flip even down the line. you have 16 g.o.p. led states and 17 and the other. that's a hard circle to square. >> >> shepard: this is not just about the medicaid expansion. it's medicaid in general under the senate bill, right? >> this bill for the first time cap medical spending paid that's a big shift for every state. for the states to suspend, death to deal with the rollback of some federal funding. by contrast, the 17 other states they want a deal to make a deal they make. >> shepard: for the more conservative members, is it more about their fundamental beliefs that governments use data
12:25 pm
health care, or how would you describe that? >> wanting to look for is the congressional budget office score, is the premium. right now, they really frame their objections and term of the bills driving a premiums. they ran on a platform of lowering premiums, going back much of the aca, they'll do it. >> shepard: regarding those who are sick before they buy health care, people with pre-existing conditions will be able to get insurance, but there is a rub about what kind of services and medical treatment is offered under it. >> this bill would keep the requirements that they provide coverage to everyone at the same price, regardless of medical history. at the same time, it would lift the requirement that most people buy insurance or pay a penalty. the technical correction that we saw today would try to lease page the gap as far as the insurers are concerned, which is a tell people they should buy insurance, whether they are sick
12:26 pm
or healthy. if they don't when they are relatively healthy, if they want to suddenly buy, they will pay the lockup. >> shepard: from your reporting, you see they can get this thing passes we? >> there is optimism right now. you see people in the white house and the senate talking about a specific timetable, which is usually assigned that this was coming through, even though you don't have yesterday first from the senate, they still want to go ahead and have the timeline voted on at the end of this week. we've also heard from the white house, they want and expect to see a bill by august. that's about as gone to both the senate and back to the house to secure their approval. it's a big unknown right now. >> shepard: is a largely rests with the freedom caucus in the house? the more conservative members? >> could be. we saw a couple sections that still had their objections. the freedom caucus for the end were certainly the most vocal. you also have to look at the house republicans there. and the role that they play and getting a comp rise. >> shepard: it will be an
12:27 pm
interesting blog here. for my cousins at "the wall street journal" ." find work. we appreciate it. present trump with some of his strongest word yet on russian hacking during the election. he is not lasting out advisement. period said he is targeting president obama. details from the former member of the obama administration as we approach the bottom of the hour in the top of the news. we wait that congressional budget office score that we are waiting any moment. ♪ if you have medicare
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12:30 pm
wall and right into a motel. eight people injured including children. the assembled yesterday in los angeles. they're investigating why the driver lost control. officials say everyone is going to be okay. take a look at this. a teenage girl ended up dangling from a ride in an amusement park in upstate new york. people on the ground reported yelled for her to wiggle loose. they took in the hospital with minor injuries. it pass a recent expection. more after shep.
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>> shepard: president trump finally admitted that russia did interfere in the 2006 election. he's now accusing president obama about not doing anything about it. president trump treated the reason present obama did nothing about russia after being notified by the cia of meddling, he expected clinton would win. he did not want to rock the book. he did not show, he colluded or obstructed, and it did the dems
12:33 pm
and the crooked hilary, no goods. president trump referring to last week's report in "the washington post" said the obama administration truck. today, ray harp explained why the obama it administration did not take some sort of other action against russia. >> the administration thought, if we did act more aggressively, the russians would respond and try to tamper with boats. we did not want to be bipartisan. we wanted to make sure we protected the integrity of our voting system here in the u.s. >> shepard: the obama administration did not do nothing. it did release a report before the election in october, accusing russia of interfering with the election. afterwards, there were sanctions. intelligent officials say there is no evidence that russia changed any locale. the associated press, trump is pushing with a meeting with president valid near
12:34 pm
prudent according to the press, they support that income, but others say that the president should keep distance from putin. catherine from washington, what is the top democrat saying about all this? >> some are saying did administration is has failed to act in the russian administration. here's the ranking democrat on the intelligent committee, and adam schiff. but i think obama administration should have done a lot more when it came clear, not only was russia intervening, but it was being directed at the highest level of the kremlin. i was asking then to sanction russia. the administration talking more forcefully about what the russians had done. i think it was a mistake. >> this week, the senate intelligence committee is holding another public meeting. this time into the european election. shep? a >> shepard: during today's
12:35 pm
news briefing, someone asked the press secretary, sean spicer, with the trump administration is doing differently. >> the white house spokesman said there administration had acted by issuing a cyber security executive order in may, but i've gone through in a couple different times, and it makes no direct reference to russia president -- the press, they or the data from a lease to state election boards. this afternoon, sean spicer also emphasized that there is no evidence. the trunk campaign was working with moscow. >> there was no collusion. that is very helpful for the president. as to the point of what he was doing, that continues to be what i mentioned the other day. he signed an executive order in cybersecurity, to strengthen our ability to combat anybody from interfering, not just in our elections, but in a lot of our key infrastructure. secondly, he has a commission that will continue to more activities this month, looking holistically at the election process to make sure we are taking all the steps to protect the integrity of our voting system. >> on the sunday show, another
12:36 pm
senior democrat said the trump administration has failed to get tough with russia and accuse the administration of throwing up roadblocks. >> is from the state department. they do not want us to do. now has to go to the house voted to happen, and data taken up either. there is blame to go around. this administration did not cease his opportunity to impose sanctions. tell bud where prudent, keep your russian fingers off our election campaign. >> will hear more from us in the coming days. there'll be some closed-door private testimony with that house intelligence meeting. >> shepard: thank you. let's turn to the political reporter for political, josh could see. the former president did send out a warning in october before the election in november, and sanctions were placed on russia. is that seymore could have been done. do we have a sense for the real reason that administration did not do more? >> i think the real reason was
12:37 pm
they were concerned that anything they did in that climate would be seen as political. it is interesting to hear marie's suggest there might be some retaliation directly interfering in the election results. i'm not sure how that would've worked. the administration, the obama administration did make some knows about it, but it was sort of a comedy of errors in the way it was done. it came out on the same day as that famous access hollywood tape about candidate trump another high newsworthy things. he got pulled under the waves of other news a few weeks before. >> shepard: the folks trump administration, they say it was trump and his team that said the election were wrecked, and they were concerned -- whatever they do might add to that working fear? >> their concern was, they would be bolstering claims that there was something wrong with the electoral system. something that the obama/clinton
12:38 pm
had somehow rigged it. that is one of the arguments you here put forward by obama folks. that said, even if they did make a bigger deal about it at the time, i'm not sure for example imposing the sanctions they did later in the year, doing those in october, would have caused a huge stir from the media the way it has the last few months. >> shepard: what is your supporting suggest that the white house is doing now? we are told by everybody involved in this process, the russians are coming. they're already working on 2018, 2,020. as a white house working effectively to stop this? >> is not clear to me at they are. they seem kind of paralyzed by his allegations that their being too soft with russia. too hard on russia. should the president have a full meeting with the russians, should he not? for sean spicer to suggest that some kind of electoral parity commission is going to be the mechanism to keep the meddling of russia out of our election, i don't think that really is possible. it has to be something much,
12:39 pm
much more forceful than that. >> shepard: in the white house, what is the thinking on whether president trump should have this meeting in germany with vladimir putin, either two camp camps? >> there are two camps. our people as you say, very concerned that the president would be seen too much in the pocket of russians. remember, but two months ago, that is meeting with the russian foreign minister, and russian investor was trashing james combing and making strange comments about working more closely with the russians. we would just see that all dredged up again in an extended diplomatic exchange with the russians at this point. >> shepard: is it your sense that some of this discussion about who knew what when on russian interference is over, because the president appears to be same, if it is obama's fault, he did not do enough. the president's income i'm just finding out that a obama foundt about it then. that's not true though.
12:40 pm
the president-elect was briefed on all this. >> right. clearly he was aware of it. i don't think the question of whether obama did or did not do anything at the time, less the trump administration can claim somehow that this was a one incident and will never be repeated is good to be credible going forward indefinitely. its policy for how the u.s. is going to address this problem. with the white house ain't coming there concern about other countries other than russia possibly having interfered in the last election were to come in the u.s. >> shepard: just from "politco." good to see. prime minister of india. there awaiting his arrival. the president and lady outside. it seems like the limousine has arrived, there is fear let's listen.
12:41 pm
>> shepard: we cannot hear him obviously. pleasant street is being exchanged. the first lady at the present side. something more formal in the 5:00 hour sometime this afternoon. about an hour and a half from now. we'll have coverage of that here on fox news channel. for many of you on your local fox nation's. is a fairly big news. the indian leader will be asking about visas, which is our big deal for them. the present with a long list on his agenda as well. reasonable security to be high
12:42 pm
on that agenda as washington considers the point about 5,000 extra troops to afghanistan. a busy day with india's prime minister, narendra modi, at the white house. gearing up to send thousands of troops to afghanistan. the top genera, joseph dunford, is there right now with afghan leaders about a new military strategy. earlier this month, the secretary of defense told conference, we are not winning in afghanistan. we will correct this as soon as possible. fox news has confirmed that the pentagon is considering sending between three and 5,000 troops to afghanistan. jennifer griffin works the pentagon force. she was there today. >> shepard: generals between six with her this morning. they visited helmand province last week to make his assessment had. officials say the new strategy will look like the current fight against isis and syria. more trips closer to the fight
12:43 pm
to call in air strikes, and embed them with local fighters. this new plan carries risks. earlier this month, three u.s. soldiers were killed by an afghan soldier and what the military said an insider attack. seven other american soldiers were shot and wounded in a similar incident a week later. i just interviewed leon panetta, who had this warning about any new strategy. >> at the same time, you have to worry about the safe haven in pakistan. which, terrorists go back and forth across the border. they're able to attack afghanistan, and then retreat back to pakistan. that has to end. that has to be stopped. >> some who have had multiple tours and of gas and are wondering, what the goal in afghanistan is after nearly 16 years of war. when they heard mattis admit to senator john mccain that the u.s. military is not winning enough gas in, i for some, what
12:44 pm
is there to end? they tell me, the pentagon doesn't just keep moving the goalpost for them, they have eliminated the goalpost, giving them the ball and telling them to keep running. that has them worried as they hear it the defense secretary send and 4,000 more american troops. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. pray. that is what the pilot told passengers is the plane shook in the air. you saw the video, they were afraid for their very lives. coming up. v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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>> shepard: now to that flight from hell. the pilot told them to pray, when their plane started shaking violently in the middle of a fight. happened yesterday on airasia flight from australia to malaysia. cell phone video shows the seats at vibrating widely. the plane landing safely in australia.
12:48 pm
no reports of injuries. chase gallagher with the video. what causes, trace? >> there waiting for rolls-royce before giving a cause. passengers saw chunks of metal coming from one of the engines, and there that one of the fan blades broke up. aviation experts say, if you lose a fan blade, the balance can lead to severe shaking. the passenger say, when the airbus a330 back to the air plate, it was like sitting on top of the washing machine. along with asking the passengers to play, the pilot said, listen to everything. our survival rest on you. they told passengers to get into brace. there was smooth landing, people roared in applause, and everyone shook the captain's hand. >> shepard: the date have
12:49 pm
anything to say afterwards? >> by all accounts, there was a lot of crying on board. a lot of people visibly upset. no reports of anyone being hysterical. in fact, these two guys decided to take themselves along the flight, they seemed relatively calm. some of the passenger say that because they were heading into open water, they thought it was a good idea to pull out the life that's in case the plane lost altitude. he is a woman that was trying to stay cool for the sake of her kids. >> one second you can't breathe, we can't say anything with the kids. thank god. the pilot was really good. he did a really, really great job. i'm really thankful for that. >> 44 years experience that pilot. aside from the midflight scare, the passengers also had to endure significant delay. most of the 359 people did not get back in the air for at least 12 hours. by then, most missed their
12:50 pm
connection. >> shepard: trace gallagher. thank you. a wildfire in california getting too close to people's houses. they're using water to try and put it up. here's a handful of fires burning in the southwest right now. forecasters say, hot, hot weather could make it much worse. that is coming up. ♪ new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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♪ >> shepard: the record-breaking heat wave in the southwest fueling wildfires. this one started just north of l.a. after a car. you can see there. it was burning along the freeway, before got a lot bigger and went up to people's homes. look at some of the damage from that massive fire in southwest utah. the largest and all the country now. it's burned almost 70 square miles, 1500 people to evacuate.
12:54 pm
forecasters are whiny, high winds, low humidity. you can make a lot harder for crews to fight these fires. our meteorologists at the fox weather center. dry and hot. >> that really sums it up, check. you're looking i'm credibly warm to butchers today again. humidity only getting lower prayer that's when you start to see some fire activity. high today, up to 113. look up to 113 and death valley. it's not going anywhere. it has been a couple couple ofe can see it right there is a high on monday. the heat extend to other areas. climbing up to the lower 90s. sane into triple digits easy in the phoenix area. really staying that way cost southwest. wednesday as well. the heat stays commit the lack of humidity stays. unfortunately, deeds wednesday. that will continue to let these fires grow. we can't get a handle on peer a lot of activity happening in the areas on area. we have a lot of fires of over hundred acres or more expending far north into the areas of washington, including washington. this could only spread the next
12:55 pm
couple days as we are looking yes dangerous by the weather. across a good portion of the southwest. everything you're looking at in the pink area, the reason for it is at low humidity is that win. that is going to be something we are looking for the next couple days. >> shepard: the midwest and the planes, different problems on the way? >> we really need the rain. across the southwest, unfortunately, staying completely dry. if you're shifting that direction, it starts to sweep across the country. we are talking about at least a possibility of severe weather later today. i'm really highlighting an area to my getting up into the upper plane states, where we can see some weather, really targeting right in the center of the country. what we talk about, large hail. possibly isolated tornadoes are too. that is where the storms are to be coming that will linger into the middle of the week as well. i found my leave you with one last thing. this is our first hurricane here in the eastern pacific. just off the coast of mexico. this is door upcoming 89 miles
12:56 pm
an hour winds. is tracking to the northwest, which means, it will be lifting off the coast of mexico. no worries for american landfall. >> shepard: extreme weather today. the news continue bear top of that our headlines, on its way. when i can't do something, it makes me feel isolated. with aleve, you can stay strong longer because only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. i get to be present and enjoy what i love. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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when a fire destroyedwith us everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> shepard: on this day in 1870, the very first section of the boardwalk in atlantic city opened on the jersey shore. according to the city, a railroad conductor actually came up at the idea. the reason was to keep sand out of hotels and train cars. the rockway was temporary at first. the only vehicles allowed were rolling chairs. they built a permanent promenade and added entertainment peers. the boardwalk has scaled down some bit, but so popular after summer tradition took shape. 147 years ago.
1:00 pm
today. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. we are still waiting for that congressional budget office score on the republican plan in the united states senate for health care. neil cavuto should get that, starting now. ♪ >> we do know many more people, hundreds of thousands of people will die if this bill passes. thousands of people will die. i wish i did not have to say it. this is not me. this is study after study making this point. >> neil: hundreds of thousands, thousands upon thousands, studies anonymously sourced. it doesn't stop there. look who the left just brought back? member this one? >> if president trump keeps listening to paul ryan, we'll all be on the street. or something even