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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 27, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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bidding has already reached $1 million for both items. the action is set to end on friday. we will see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> meghan: senate republicans facing potential roadblocks in their efforts to replace obamacare as the congressional budget office that millions of americans could lose their insurance under the gop's plan. this company big dent. this is "outnumbered," a meghan mccain. here today, melissa francis, dagen mcdowell, leslie marshall, and today's #oneluckyguy, eric bolling.
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eric's new book is on till right now welcome back. >> eric: first day the book is out. the president already tweeted about the book. >> meghan: people should know it's not a book about politicians, but it's about history. >> eric: did you know, they're pictures of d.c. being built on a literal swamp. they drained the literal swamp and left the metaphorical swamp alone. >> meghan: will be talking more about your book. went to get down to brass tacks. let's begin. it could be a make or break. the key procedural vote possibly
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in jeopardy and the make of the cbo score. the center gop's bill would cut the deficit by $321 billion but that same year. the average cost of premiums could be lower. well mitch mcconnell once a vote by the end of this week, the big question is whether he will have a vote at all. five g.o.p. senators -- code that vote could happen as early this afternoon. paul ryan is saying he would not bet against mitch mcconnell and expects the senate to get their job done. john cornyn agrees. >> i expect to have a support to it done. i'm not willing to accept that we will not be successful because the consequences are very bad. we know that obamacare insurance
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markets continue to melt down and millions of people are going to be hurt. they are being hurt right now. >> meghan: has a democratic senator such as dick durbin say, they'd be willing to work if they drop the repeal effort. >> once we put this behind us, we need a true bipartisan effort to deal with things that need to be done to strengthen the affordable care act. there things that need to be repaired. i voted for it, i'm proud to have done it. >> meghan: i want to start with you, eric. i want to ask why should i trust the cbo score when in 2013 and estimated that 24 million people would have coverage under obamacare and in 2015, it was off? >> eric: i don't know why the trust the cbo. i don't know why we trust the
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cbo with any of them because i'm still -- you and i have been on board with pushing back against this g.o.p. bill. we sat here when it was released and we pushed back on it then. i don't know that this bill is that much better. i'll tell you what i do like better about this bill, the $320 billion in savings versus the hundred billion dollars with the house bill. here's the tricky part for republicans. premiums will go up in the next year and a half. what happens the next year and a half question when you have an election. premiums will rise into the midterm elections and then they will fall. going into reelection for all these house members, how do you sell that? >> melissa: because of the way the accounting works. the federal government can spend
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forever and ballooning. the way they did their budgets, they have to balance and they can't just spend like crazy. putting so much back for them to decide how the money spent, that's a big improvement. >> eric: if you are an average american sitting in kansas or oklahoma and/or premiums continue to go up for the next year and a half in the name of the democrats, how do you say, don't worry, trust us? >> dagen: premiums are just the problem. it's the fact that you've lost your health insurer as of this year. one-third of counties in this country only have one health insurer and they continue to drop out of state by state. you saw that happen with anthem. and then your deductibles are going up annual out-of-pocket costs. >> meghan: i do want to interject.
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we do have a tweet from rand paul cooley meeting with president trump this is in the vein of how you feel. >> eric: we have very smart people on this couch. how in the world are we going to take $300 billion over ten years, get premiums down over the next nine or ten years and still provide insurance for millions of americans? the math is just not adding up. the way the premiums do go down is by putting a whole bunch of tax money on the premiums. >> meghan: leslie, you're obviously a liberal. only two votes needed, what are the odds? >> leslie: idling is going to pass. one reason is what i'm hearing from republicans, this is not a partisan issue. do we want to put profit over people? a huge problem with obamacare and i will readily admit are the
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rising premiums. this doesn't address the rising premiums and originally when we need health care reform, we need a health care reform because people are going to the e.r., they had no insurance, they had no preventative care. my husband is a physician. this is a huge problem. you're going to have rural hospitals closing when you have medicaid cut over time. in addition to that, if you don't have a mandate and people don't have to buy insurance, what happens? there are less people on the insurance rules. when the premiums will go up higher. the >> melissa: it's going to happen. if they'd do the reinsurance on the risk pool, that's a way to expand that money. it's complicated, it's calculated, it's a lot of math. we won't know until then how well, it's working. you put the taxpayer money into started, but there is no private
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equity. everyone is chomping at the bit to get into the reinsurance market. that's where it all lies. >> eric: i'm doing the straight arithmetic on it. we're going to get a budget savings of $300 billion. i don't get the math. i honestly don't get it. >> meghan: if you go to people like eric and i who don't agree with this bill, it's a huge loss. >> dagen: and then rand paul being the foolhardy senator he has come he doesn't take the opportunity to use this. this reforms and budgets and cuts taxes by $700 billion. chuck schumer's road is single-payer. he's going broke in 11 years. we are going broke. seniors insurance is going to get cut. if they think that's the road to
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health insurance for the mac and people, -- >> eric: >> meghan: listen to d, broke 11 years. we have to move on. meantime, president trump is declaring a big victory to secure the nation. this report yesterday allowing key parts of the president's temporary ban on travel from six majority muslim countries to move forward. the court will hear full arguments on the order this fall, but the state department says parts of the banting effect on thursday. the president tweeting last night, great day for america's future security and safety, courtesy of the u.s. up in court. i will keep fighting for americans people and when
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judge andrew napolitano calling today's supreme court decision profoundly significant. watch. >> there are about 42 or 43 judges who looked at this and 92% of them said the president doesn't have this authority, it's a muslim ban. listen to what he said about muslims during the campaign. they looked at with the president wrote him a look of the constitution, look at what the president is authorized to do and said he can do this. >> meghan: originally people were caught up on the word ban. >> eric: there were nine supreme court justices and it's been reported by sean spicer and others that all nine were in favor of keeping the travel moratorium in place for now. it points out the activist judges that are going on in the ninth in the fourth circuit
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courts. they don't want donald trump to get his security measures through. the other one is and is profoundly important to realize that donald trump is president. he will have another judge in place and maybe a third. that means donald trump, because you elected a conservative versus hillary clinton, you move the court for many, many decades to the right. >> meghan: the justices are still going to hear this in october, . >> dagen: there's a group of more than 50 republican lawmakers who want judge ruth bader ginsburg to recuse yourself because of what she said about donald trump. >> meghan: we have that judge napolitano. >> the supreme court has addressed that a long time ago, i note it's like when your
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bosses tell you, you have to get off a case. those rules don't apply. ruth bader ginsburg wilson on the court. she was with everybody else. you don't know where she will be. that effort by those 58 people is a nonstorm. >> dagen: this decision by the justices was not only allowing the travel ban to move ahead, but it does send a message to these lower court justices that you don't get to trample on the constitution of the united states because you don't like the commander-in-chief and that's exactly what's going on. the >> meghan: where you for the travel ban? >> leslie: no. i'm not. i do call it a muslim ban. in addition to that, this does not make america safer. one of the edges we have is with isis in the way they recruit which is online.
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we have a lot of people that are coming out of belgium. we have a lot of people coming out of the u.k. those countries are not on the list. when you look at terrorist attacks in this country, they are largely americans and are not from these nations as for 90 days. >> eric: where you calling in a muslim ban? >> leslie: because luck, there are people right now in belgium belgium -- >> eric: there are 100 countries that are predominately muslim as well. >> melissa: it goes to governments that are failed. they can't verify the background of people coming over. >> leslie: have stronger
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vetting. >> meghan: i would love to keep watching this. the u.s. is gathering intel out of the middle east saying the assad regime in syria might be planning and other heinous chemical attack on its people. president trump's stern message for the syrian government. plus, democrats are unhappy with the replays and for obamacare and on the left is doing whatever i can to get in the way, but are they helping or hurting? will be right back. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> melissa: we want to alert your attention to a possible active shooter situation that's going on right now. so far there are no confirmed casualties. right now, they are still investigating what is going on. we'll bring in the latest as soon as it happens or soon as we get that information. we want to show you the pictures. this is an alabama military
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post. it's in lockdown and they are following the protocol. will bring you the news as it happens. the pentagon says it has spotted chemical weapons activity in syria and the white house has issued a warning to the assad regime. use those weapons on your own people and expect to pay dearly. that is after the administration says it's also collected potential evidence of another chemical attack like that one back in april. sean spicer with this statement saying the united states u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley also sending a message. >> the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message,
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but to send russia and iran a message. if this happens again, we are putting you on notice. my hope is that the presidents warning will certainly get russia and around to take a second look and i hope it will caution assad. we don't want to see innocent men, women, and children hurt again. >> melissa: president trump has retaliated against assad before firing off a barrage of missiles on government airbase after the attacks in april. eric, you first. >> meghan: can i ask a question? everything has shown when he initially sent those missiles into syria that it was because ivanka came to him and said look at the footage of these atrocities and then he took military action. >> eric: i'm guessing he will.
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he did it once. he did that with the president of china. my guess is if another attack happens on the people of syria, he will do it again. who is crazier right now? assad or kim jong-un? it's weird. this is this power thing going on between north korea, russia, assad and syria and iran. it's getting to be a very scary place. don't forget, he bombed and airbase with russian military at that exact airbase and said don't do it again or we will retaliate. they never did. i'm glad nikki haley gave them the heads up. >> melissa: disses as as he's about to go meet with president
9:22 am
putin as well. >> dagen: we learned that under the obama administration, no action means that these kinds of attacks, chemical weapon attacks will continue to occur on assad's own people. you are taking on and russia by extension of this. when you step up. president obama has said that its moral courage. it didn't work. you need to look at the five other airbases. >> leslie: i more hawkish on this as a liberal then you would think. i think if you're going to make a threat, you go for it. the problem is the tomahawk
9:23 am
missiles didn't stop him from chemical weapons. he used chemical weapons on his people in february. we did an attack then. it's not enough. we are going after isis, we're not stopping these attacks on his people and that's a huge problem. >> melissa: what more would you like to see? >> leslie: when you talk to military experts, they'll say we have the ability to take out isis. it can be us doing it, it really has to come from the resistance within syria. then what you do with assad in that fragmented nation after? >> eric: if you do that in syria, don't you due to north korea as well? the >> meghan: and will start a domino effect unfortunately. we believe a disaster could be stopped had we had a president who led and didn't let the refugee crisis rage out of control. there are no good answers on this. i will tell you, i trust
9:24 am
mcmaster wholeheartedly in ways i can't even tell you. he is an absolutely brilliant general. has full support of the military and i think we should head to his judgment. >> dagen: the idea of taking out -- i heard that from jack keane. i would never step up and act as if i know more than a commander who has been there. >> melissa: newt gingrich says congress must call former president obama to testify on what he knew about russia meddling and when. plus democrats doubling down on the so-called resistance, holding a sit in to protest the g.o.p. health care bill. does it support president trump's claim that the dems are being obstructionists? will debate.
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>> melissa: want to keep you up-to-date on a possible active shooter situation what is happening right now at the redstone arsenal which is in huntsville, alabama, . fox news is being told this time, i cannot confirm an actual active shooter, the base has been a locked on for more than an hour. we are taking this seriously. there has been a very active law enforcement response. that's what we have right now. we will bring you more as we get it. the >> meghan: senate democrats pulling out all the stops last night trying to buck the gop's health care, launching another night of sit ins, taking turns blasting the gop's plan to repeal in place obamacare. >> they can't leave one thing in this bill that will improve health care in america. that's because it's not supposed to improve health care in america. it is not a health care bill, it is a tax cut for the rich. paid for by gutting health care for millions of working americans.
9:30 am
>> meghan: chuck schumer joining a rally being held by democratic lawmakers as they continued to bang the drum against the senate gop's plan. president trump is called them obstructionists. i think that what they do well is a fearmongering. they do that very well. >> eric: hundreds of thousands are going to die. you always have access to an emergency room. mac. will integrate with the democrats, no one has addressed the cost of health care.
9:31 am
the cost of health care has to come down before the insurance can come down in the way you do that, you provide competition across state lines, and you have hospitals compete and doctors compete for your business. make sure they post what it costs for this procedure and that procedure or at home your surgeries will cost and you decide where you have it. that way you drive competition down from health care. the >> meghan: do you think this will be effective? >> dagen: they do damage in terms of the messaging because from day one, they have not been able to tell the american people why this is a good idea. why this will help create jobs.
9:32 am
elizabeth warren and her allies where she says the bill kicks 22 million people off insurance, that's a blatant untruth. people will choose not to buy insurance, but beyond that, because you alleviate these taxes on businesses, on medical devices, which 29,000 jobs destroyed in three years because you alleviate the employer mandate which encourages individual businesses to hire part-time people, so they didn't hit that threshold under obamacare. that's what they need to be talking about. if you create jobs and prosperity, then they can afford to buy health insurance. >> melissa: when they talk about how they're cutting how much they're going to spend on medicaid, it's not a cut if you slow growth. for summary some reason, it's o
9:33 am
frustrating the >> dagen: granny gets medice medicare. she's not going to lose her health insurance because of the g.o.p. health care bill. >> eric: they did remove the mandate. if you miss the 60 day window of paying your insurance premium, you have to stay for six months. it's an incentive to continue to pay your health care bills. all these initiatives, there messing around with money. they're not addressing the commodity price of health care.
9:34 am
if trump was smart, he would say let's put this aside, let's do tax reform for the right, list to infrastructure for the left and then let's relook at this. >> dagen: trumps fda could drive down the costs of drugs. >> eric: you and i both know, driving on the cost of a drug is not going to revamp a trillion dollar -- >> dagen: drums are a huge part of it. meantime, president trump slamming former president obama saying he did nothing to stop russia's election meddling. the president appearing to reference a "washington post" story that says then president obama was informed of russia's actions last august. sean spicer backing up president trump's remarks when asked to clarify what the president meant when he also accused mr. obama of obstructing the russian investigation.
9:35 am
here he is. >> according to this report, they knew back in august. why didn't they stop it? the question is, if they didn't take any action, does that make them complicit? i think there are a lot of questions that have to get answered. >> dagen: this comes as newt gingrich is now calling on mr. obama to testify before congress on why he sat on information about russia's election meddling. watch this. >> the house and senators will have to call obama in and say who told you, when did you have the meetings, who advised you, why did you decide not to do anything, and why did you keep quiet for 6 months while everybody looked at the russians in trump when you have this information last august? he has to come in and testify. >> dagen: where the republicans still talking about this?
9:36 am
the timeline is laid out. if you listen to jay johnson, he lays out this timeline. >> meghan: people are sick of this rhetoric. they want to talk about jobs, they want to talk about the economy. unless democrats come to the table with some actual evidence, i am someone who wants to know and for more information the ultimate hypocrisy of democrats on the left that makes me absolutely insane is the idea that there are so many of us who care. democrats didn't care. president obama -- today they care because of the hypothetical
9:37 am
russia collusion, whatever they haven't been able to prove yet. >> eric: i will take it one step further. president obama is perpetrating the ultimate hypocrisy with that comment by saying that they should have taken from her action. and then they apply sanctions to russia. now he's saying -- >> leslie: insufficient. to me that is not obstruction. that's a word that has been thrown around over the place. we'll find out if there's any collusion, but we have a president who called russia a hoax, call it fake news, now he's putting the emphasis back on this. let's try to move forward. >> meghan: president obama was caught telling officials -- he
9:38 am
never took pollutant seriously. president bush didn't either. this is something -- the idea that democrats now care after the expansion into crimea, everything that's gone on, i hate it so much! >> dagen: if the democrats give a flying flip about the hack on the dnc server, they would have handed over to the fbi which they refuse to do. the white house and the mainstream media, now a cnn anchor is encouraging the media to disobey the white house the next time they are asked to keep their cameras off during a press briefing. crossing the line? we debate.
9:39 am
>> someone has to take a stand and turn the cameras on and see what the ramifications are because they can kick everybody out.
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(dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> meghan: that was jim acosta acosta. >> it has been going on for some time. he may have taken a question here or there.
9:44 am
that would not have happened in previous administrations. the >> meghan: he began on media to disobey the white house. watch. >> why are the cameras on? why don't you just turn the cameras on? >> the question is, i don't know what they would do. with a kick me out of the white house if i were to start rolling with my phone? i don't know. >> meghan: at so dramatic. what do you make of all that? the >> eric: we know it happened over weekend with cnn
9:45 am
and how they tied anthony scaramucci to russian collusion. three people resigned. you would think at that point, let's rethink this whole strategy. it's not a good idea. what they should start to do is say, we'll work with you, we want to get more on camera briefings, how to make this happen? guess what, if they stop publishing the fake news article that they have to retract, maybe they would get more access. the >> melissa: this is a dominant strategy for them that's working. they're getting press, there getting ratings. you have to look at it through the lens of the fact that it's a business.
9:46 am
>> leslie: we owe it, all of us in the media to the american people who are reporting on the white house to show them what is going on in the briefing. i understand it's a closed-door meeting and there are secret until individuals present or perhaps diplomats from other countries request to the cameras be off, but i think, in regards to the elephant, this is wrong. this infringes on the first amendment right, not just of the press, but of the american public. >> dagen: i'm all for freedom of the press, but the first amendment and the constitution was written before the dawn of television. there are more journalists out there than tv journalists. maybe acosta was mad that he had gone through the effort of putting his makeup on.
9:47 am
it shows that they are open to the press. i do think the trump administration plays into cnn's hands a little bit. >> meghan: the problem right now is that a lot of people say their journalists, but we all know they are not. they go on tv wanting to have their twitter moment, wanting to be famous. a lot of people, april ryan being one of them. she has a deal with cnn. because of a lot of her reactions which has turned -- >> dagen: i never get invited to any of those parties. >> leslie: i don't get invited and i'm a liberal.
9:48 am
>> meghan: on the campaign trail, you're in the same hotel and there's one bar. speaking of draining the swamp, our #oneluckyguy has a new bug hitting stores today and says president trump has read it. when we come back, we'll talk to eric about what we can expect to learn about his latest read titled "the swamp." ♪
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due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> meghan: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. but first, jon scott will that's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> jon: in our next door, we're getting word of a rapidly spreading cyber attack. could it be heading to the united states next? plus the very latest. the middle class >> meghan: thank you.
9:53 am
the >> melissa: #oneluckyguy has a new book. it is hitting shelves today. i have to say, look at how flagged mine is. you start with, you could very rapidly through a bunch of fascinating stories, just a history of all the deals. there is a lot of and money. the analysis is fantastic in the end, you analyze why you think president trump can put an end to a lot of this, how he can drain the swamp. so much of it is so good. you talk about -- why being a business person could really work. you talk about weighing costs.
9:54 am
as of that equals the total amount of good done. you really break down the appeal and the opportunity. great job. >> eric: can you come promote the book in the next few weeks? we opened up talking about the book and they -- you have a very engaged audience. thank you all of you for picking up the book. very quick story. i want to talk about the scandals in the swamp when donald trump was having a visceral connection with his audiences on the campaign trail. i put this thing together and we got some really cool stories, but then i'm looking for a cover and i'm trying to figure out where we are going to find a cover photo. i'm looking for something on google. i find out that the d.c. swamp was real.
9:55 am
it was a literal swamp. this is the capital building in the mid-1860s. this is from the national archives. there you go. they build the capital building on a swamp and they drained it literally. >> melissa: this is why the other rich dudes and ladies in new york to like him. the fear that he might be the guy who ends subsidies and special favors for the elite. i hope he really will be that guy. the >> eric: that guy is a businessman. turn the country into a busines business. the economic numbers -- >> dagen: tax reform will still be full of special favors.
9:56 am
>> melissa: you've got the president already tweeting about it. can you get him to tweet about -- that was egregious. i can't help it. it is such a good book. our offices are next to each other. i'm so jealous of your success. it is truly fantastic. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. (man vo) dad forgot how to brush his teeth.
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>> thank you so much for being here today, best of luck with your book. but you don't need it. we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" starts right now. >> heather: a fox news alert for you, a widespread cyber attack impacting governments and companies all around the world. ukraine's prime minister called the attack on his country unprecedented. still in the department of homeland security says it is monitoring the situation and coordinating with domestic and international partners. we are covering all the news happening now. >> senator mcconnell has a stack of chips and front of him that he is going to be playing from each. >> you start taking some of the money and savings and buying off votes and that's exactly what got us obamacare. >> jon: more cracks in mitch mcconnell's effort to gather enough republican support to


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