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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 28, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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heather: it is going to be a lovely day wherever you are waking up this morning, beautiful in new york city, you are watching "fox and friends" first this wednesday. thanks for starting the day with us. rob: senate republicans delay their vote on repealing and replacing obamacare until next month. >> donald trump asking leaders for a better bill to serve the american people. good morning. >> remember when i told you republicans were planning to vote on the bill before the fourth of july recess, that is not going to happen. mitch mcconnell delaying the bill after it became clear it stood no chance of passing in their own ranks, nine gop senators saying they would not vote for the bill for a variety of reasons. after a meeting at the white house between all 52
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republicans, mitch mcconnell was optimistic. >> a very complicated subject. i remember how challenging it was for the democrats when they were enacting this in 2009-2010, a complicated subject, we had a lot of discussions going on. >> progress was made at the meeting, the president continued urging that. >> no choice but to solve the situation, obamacare is a total disaster. it is melting down as we speak, rates are going up. >> no help from democrats who oppose the bill, chuck schumer calling it rotten. >> the republican bill is rotten at the core. the american people will not give tax breaks to the wealthiest americans, nor are they for dramatically cutting
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their healthcare. rob: lawmakers leave town friday for the recess. mcconnell needs to sway at least seven of the nine holdouts. heather: the fun of debating. they could come up with their own plan. fox news contributor charles krauthammer said it is not the republicans fault they can't come to agreement, it comes down to the failures of former president obama. >> not a failure of communication, this is a failure of expectations. the country does not want to see the entitlements handed out by obamacare, it communication, lack of coordination in the house and senate. it is the fact that medicaid -- people are used to what was. they don't want to give it back.
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that is the reason obamacare is in trouble. the country is not where it was seven years ago, the left usually wins, since the new deal, it is extremely hard to bring back, that is the core issue. >> tempers flaring at the white house press briefing over fake news, sarah huckabee sanders calling out cnn and other media outlets for false reports. >> multiple incidents where the outlet you referenced has been repeatedly called a disgrace to all media, all journalism. if the media can't be trusted to report the news that is a dangerous place for america and if that is -- particularly for the purpose of spiking ratings, coming from the top, that is even more scary and more
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disgraceful. i hope that is not the direction we are headed. >> some outlets like playboy not taking criticism well. even blaming the trump administration for provoking the media. chief political analyst britt hume slamming those reporters complaint saying big news organizations should not rely on press briefings to get their questions answered and no good reporter would ever rely on them. >> no reporter of a news organization should be relying on the briefings to get news. cnn correspondent should get his or her calls returned, new york times reporter, fox news, we can get our calls returned. it is for lots of dozens of smaller news organizations that cover the white house on a daily basis, the briefing is there for
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them. nothing draconian is having in america because of the briefing policies at the white house. >> donald trump said to make good on two more campaign promises, making america safe again. answering the long-awaited call for justice. here are the details on the bills headed to the house floor. >> just hours, republican lawmakers are taking of a pair of bills the crackdown on illegal immigration, one case law increases penalties for immigrants who try to reenter the us after being deported. the proposal named after a girl murdered by a repeat felon reported 5 times. she was shot to death on a san francisco peer, the shooter, francisco sanchez who snuck in several times from mexico and was supposed to be turned over to federal immigration agents four months before the murder.
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instead he was accidentally set free. the case shocking the nation becoming a campaign talking point for donald trump and gop lawmakers about a push for tougher law enforcement is on. >> i'm also going to have congress pass kate's law named for kate steinle. you can be sure criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry receive strong, mandatory minimum sentences, strong. and then we get them out. >> people will be kept the most safe if those who commit crimes are sent out of the united states or put in jail. >> the house also on the nose into a capitals act which would hold millions of federal funds from cities that protect illegal
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immigrants, democrats including house minority whip steny hoyer argue sanctuary laws are necessary to build trust between police and the community. if the bill is passed to the house both will need to go through the senate before then heading to donald trump's desk. back to you. >> the trump administration wasting no time getting that border wall bills, the department of homeland security plans to start considering prototypes this summer, eight models will be reviewed to secure thousands of miles of mexico. some portions will be made of concrete while others make more innovative designs like solar panels. brazen attack overnight to tell you about, a stolen police helicopter flying overhead and firing grenades at venezuela. the nation's president is calling it a terror attack.
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government officials say a rogue police officer was flying that chopper. violent antigovernment protests have been raging for months in a socialist country leading to dozens of deaths. >> donald trump turning up the pressure on china to deal with north korea acknowledging beijing's failure to rein in the rogue nation and its missile program. like pens calling on all allies in this effort. >> all of us must continue to step forward to work in close cooperation with one another and all our allies and partners in the region to ensure that we bring the appropriate amount of economic and diplomatic pressure until north korea permanently abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs once and for all. >> this comes as the state department issued a new report linking china as the most complicit china the best country for human trafficking. >> bernie sanders breaking his silence calling fbi investigation of his wife
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pathetic. >> when you go after your wife, people's wise, that is pretty pathetic, fairly pathetic that when people are involved in public life, one thing when they get a deck but their wives and their families. >> the fbi reportedly looking into whether jane sanders falsified some loan documents while she served as president of a small liberal arts school that went bankrupt last year. >> death threats against republicans put a man behind bars. threatened to kill a florida lawmaker on facebook writing i will kill you, he better not show up to the next meeting. he said he meant no harm and was off his medication just weeks after the shooting attacks on gop lawmakers that baseball practice that let the gop whip critically hurt.
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teenager who planned to slaughter 1000 americans will spend the rest of his life in prison. a judge calling the deadly plot cold and calculated. the isis fanatic hoped to buy an ar 15 rifle at a concert but his father ended up tipping off police. after the sentencing, rich sullivan, the dad, former marine said as parents we are not happy. sullivan accused of murdering his neighbor and stealing money to fund the terror plot, he faces the death penalty in that case. >> the 25-year-old, top-secret for october. the reality winner is accused of leaking a report about russian interference in the presidential election to an online news outlet, she was denied bail this month after prosecutors found hound written notes about joining the taliban and burn
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down the white house. rob: commuter chaos. a subway train derailed injuring dozens of people. the crash forcing hundreds of passengers to flee in the dark tunnels underground filled with smoke. dangerous stuff, the third electrified rail. official blaming this on human error saying a misplaced piece of railcars two cars packed with people to jump the tracks. some debris catching fire in the tunnel forcing people to break train windows to escape and go through the smoky tunnel, four people were hurt. what a mess that was. >> imagine walking through those tunnels and the pitch darkness.
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very scary. a beautiful day. >> good news. we will have a beautiful day in the northeast because the hot sticky stuff, minneapolis 62, kansas, new york city, dallas, 72, we have potential for severe storms across the upper midwest including large hail, damaging wind, not only today but also tomorrow, looking at a slight enhanced risk for strong severe thunderstorms tonight through tomorrow. there is the tornado threat, thursday's threat. the rest of the country looks pretty good. we are watching the threat for wildfires, 2 dozen large wildfires are a concern as well. thanks, that is okay. we need hot and sticky stuff.
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rob: fake news crackdown, anthony scaramucci responded to cnn's piece on him. you might never guess how much that report could have cost the cable network. heather: an illegal immigrant reported 15 times, kids driving drunk and driving into a 6-year-old boy and his family. he says it wasn't him but that is not what we heard. rob: cosmo magazine made a list of the first female president, a big name missing from that list. ♪
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i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪ heather: welcome back, cnn's retracted report on russian collusion involving a trump ally nearly cost the network $100 million. according to the new york post
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financier anthony scaramucci threatened a libel lawsuit over the report that claimed he was being investigated for meeting with russian investors. breaking his silence about the network's retraction, cnn did the right thing, classy move, apology accepted, everyone makes mistakes, moving on. later, this meme of donald trump and vice president pens as batman and robin saying sorry he can't talk right now, he is busy winning. he has just been named donald trump's chief strategy officer of the export import bank, tomorrow morning live on "fox and friends". >> mainstream media not hiding its obsession over the russia story. new study shows the evening newscast, 300 minutes, 353 minutes to russia over the past five weeks. fighting terrorism got 29,
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obamacare repealed at 17 minutes, economy and jobs got 5 minutes, less then a minute on tax reform. the study shows one third of the russia coverage is based on anonymous sources some of which later proved to be inaccurate. sounding off on the media saying outlets are neglecting actual news in order to further their narratives on russian collusion. >> 353 minutes on the evening newscast since may 17th committed to russia, the comey investigation. at very important topic -- 29 minutes, 353 versus 29. how about the economy, the number one issue people vote on, how donald trump probably got lobbyists considering michigan and wisconsin, economic message, five whole minutes was how about trade? five whole minutes, we are missing a number of stories, yes
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we are. >> controversial 10 commandments monument sparking outrage on arkansas capital ground, privately funded monument was originally authorized in 2015 but it was debated for nearly two years whether it was appropriate. now that lawmakers have installed at the aclu plans to file a lawsuit calling it an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by the state. >> suing the state of connecticut over gender-neutral bathrooms, the institution plans to turn them into gender-neutral, according to the newhaven register, the building inspectors office denied the school let's request for exemption. it does require certain number of bathrooms in every building be assigned by gender. heather: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. blue state is so broke it has $14 billion in unpaid bills and
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that is not all. rob: sarah palin firing back, the lawsuit she filed against the new york times. ♪ i want someone that makes it easy. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. visit booking.yeah!
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> a giant cyber attack its computer systems in russia. hillary clinton had a great weekend at computer camp. we loved it. rob: is that mustache real? foxbusiness alert, the united states now a victim of a major cyberattack. rob: huge disruptions across the globe.
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heather: here with what you need to know, good morning. >> reporter: yesterday a similar attack, it appeared to target the ukraine where government officials and business reported interference to the power grid, government offices, banks, pharmaceutical giant merck became the first major company impacted, confirming the ip on twitter. the largest advertising company in the world confirming their system was breached, computers would receive the message that all the data was held hostage until the payment was made, $300, but coin was demanded. rob: illinois won't have any lottery winners anytime soon. >> reporter: the illinois lottery has suspended all powerball and megamillion sales because of the ongoing budget crisis and inability to pass the
2:25 am
state budget. ticket sales of powerball with a jackpot of $92 million will be suspended tonight, ticket sales of mega millions with the current jackpot will be suspended friday night, any winners exceeding $25,000 will experience delay in payments for all games, didn't say how long the delay would last, the illinois lottery said it had something to pay but they get from the state comptroller's office which cannot check without authorization in the budget. >> celebrity july 4th coming up and need to know about fireworks that are recalled. >> setting off fireworks for the fourth of july, 36,000 red, white and blue fireworks now under recall, the fireworks can explode unexpectedly after being with causing burn injury hazards, until june 2017 at major, target and other
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retailers, illinois, ohio, vermont and wisconsin. the fireworks were sold in a bag containing one, blue, white, take a look at that. rob: we had bottle rocket wars as a kid. it was fun. good news, 44 million americans planning a 4 of july road trip, gas prices hitting a 17 year low. according to gas buddy apps, drivers pay an average of $2.21 per gallon in memorial day. >> usually summertime is when they rise. 1 billion users with not enough, they now have 2 billion. founder mark zuckerberg announcing the milestone on his facebook page, making progress connecting the world, bringing
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the world closer together. the biggest social media network anywhere, has more users than the population of any single country, it has doubled in size since 2012. >> if my dad has facebook everybody has facebook. 27 minutes after the arc of the feud between the media and the trump administration hitting fever pitch. >> what you said is inflammatory to people all over the country. >> if anything has been inflamed it is the dishonesty. rob: that reporter thinks the lashing out was a longtime coming. heather: a hard lesson distanced with hard times, the democrat who registered dead people to vote. ♪ ♪
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♪ the sun comes up again ♪ ♪ parts going to be undone ♪ rob: a lot of sunshine on a beautiful wednesday in manhattan. you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: it is half past the top of the hour. rob: donald trump asking for a better bill to repeal and replace obamacare. heather: they are delaying the bill until next month. >> reporter: i can't confirm the gop senators are having wars with each other but they could reach a deal on the obamacare
2:32 am
overhaul for the fourth of july recess, mitch mcconnell delaying the vote after it became clear there is no chance of passing, nine gop senators opposing the bill for a variety of reasons, the medicaid cuts did not help but after a meeting at the white house between all 52 republican senators and the president mitch mcconnell held out hope they could get their saying progress was made at the meeting. the president continued to press the urgency. >> we have no choice but to solve the situation. obamacare is a total disaster, melting down as we speak, rates are going up. >> reporter: democrats uniformly oppose the bill, chuck schumer called it rotten and vowed to defeat it. >> we will fight the bill tooth
2:33 am
and nail and we have a good chance of defeating it. a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. >> reporter: lawmakers leaves on friday for the recess to do some soul-searching, elizabeth war needs to sway seven of the holdouts to have a shot. heather: surprised they are not working through the weekend. rob: thanks so much. reporter talks about a press secretary upset over so-called fake news. sarah huckabee sanders responding to a question about cnn editors resigning over an inaccurate story when she was interrupted. >> what you just said is inflammatory to people all over the country, the president is right and everybody else is fake news. they are only trying to do their job. >> i disagree completely. if anything has been inflamed it is the dishonesty that takes
2:34 am
place by the news media. rob: a reporter for the sentinel newspaper explained his outburst on msnbc. >> labeled dishonest and fake media wrinkles me. maybe i lost my temper in that moment but it was a longtime coming. rob: he has a healthy respect for the white house press people. laura ingram has this advice for reporters who refuse to let go of their collusion conspiracy theories. >> they ought to cover what is happening inside the government. intelligence officials leaking critical information, illegally leaking information that is either false or not advancing any whistleblower, they are not actually going to get
2:35 am
whistleblower protection, they don't like trump and want to take him out. that is not journalism. that is something different and if the shoe were on the other foot they would be wailing about it. rob: the mainstream media's coverage, what is the biggest story you think the press has been ignoring to talk more about russia? log on to "fox and friends" first facebook page for a live debate. >> brian kill me to get exclusive access in daily house leadership meeting, the first journalist ever to be allowed to ask a question. >> very few viewers at home get to see this. this is what you normally wear, where you normally set. you are not doing this for us. >> the beginning of the week, we
2:36 am
start the week this way, you will see our agenda. >> is it possible to have a normal everyday meeting, knowing it is steve's battle like this. keeping the seat right here until he returns. >> one of the strongest men you will ever meet, a difficult obstacle. even doctors will tell you how strong he has been. >> don't miss part 2 of brian's interview with paul ryan on "fox and friends" at 6:45. in a few hours the house armed services committee will meet to talk about transgender soldiers in the us military and members will decide whether to do transgender candidates at the cost of taxpayers. military -- accepting recruits on saturday but james matus
2:37 am
could delay that decision. >> the supreme court ruling on the president's traveler will open the legal floodgates. the court ruled the administration can restrict travel by people from six mostly muslim countries if they don't have a bona fide tied to the united states. immigration attorneys say refugees could develop relationships with people in the united states creating a legal -- >> brand-new disturbing details about illegal immigrants accused of beating a 17-year-old to death in a road rage incident. authorities in virginia said this person sexually assaulted a woman the year before. charged in the murder of a muslim. authorities do not believe it was a hate crime. he says it wasn't him. witnesses identified an illegal immigrant as a driver, acosta
2:38 am
has been deported 15 times in 15 years was drunk when he slammed into a family coming from disneyland, sitting in his car seat, suffered a major head injury. doctors are cautiously optimistic that he will make a full recovery. >> college student heading to prison after registering dead people to vote. andrew steele admits to submitting the names of 18 deceased and made up individuals to a virginia registrar's office, he was working for and getting paid by an organization affiliated with the democrats, spiel's will spend 120 days behind bars. >> do you want to lose weight? pour yourself another cup of coffee. >> how many cups of you had this morning? >> five but yours is better.
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>> you have a problem. >> yes i do. rob: the caffeine and coffee helps suppress appetites and give the body more energy to be active and earn calories. heather: shouldn't put artificial sugar in. the time is 3 minutes until the top of the hour. major victory for the trump administration. now if you ask the mainstream media not according to them. >> 22 million more people being left uninsured. >> i don't believe in targeting muslims. heather: why aren't they covering any of the positives, next guest says the american people are not stupid and they see what is going on. rob: rick perry for press secretary. >> no idea what you just asked.
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>> sarah palin is firing back at the new york times for trying her campaign ad, tying it to a mass shooting. the lawsuit that she filed. >> sarah palin versus the new york times, the former alaska governor suing the times over an article that linked her to the horrific shooting of congressman gabby giffords in 2011. this editorial wrongfully claimed an ad put out by the political action committee of sarah palin unintentionally inspired the shooter. at the time they issued a correction a day after posting
2:44 am
the editorial saying no such link exists. shortly after the article was printed, the possibility of suing, comments and suggestions by a journalist, and exploring options. wonder why someone would no longer be in the public eye? constant libel and slander has anything to do with? she is fed up and finally taking action. you are only sorry you were called out on the lie and you knew it wasn't true when it was printed. another tweet from robert says this was in innocent mistake, how many reviewed before publication with all of them believing it to be true. it looks like sarah palin saying
2:45 am
too little too late. heather: if you look at the list of women for potential presidential candidates, cosmopolitan never released a list of women who might break the glass ceiling. and and amy clovis are, tammy duckworth, sheryl sandberg, anything missing from the list? what about a conservative female option took notice. i don't see nikki haley, she could have been an option. no gop woman is more pro-democrats and pro-women. are you the official magazine of the dnc? >> the assumption is donald trump might --
2:46 am
>> 2017. >> hillary clinton is not on that list. rick perry had a funny day. >> looks like rick perry was having a great time at a white house press briefing. he didn't seem to want to leave. he was up there for over half an hour and a lot of people on social media thought this was a lot of fun and sweeting about it, rick perry holding onto the side of the podium like he doesn't want to leave but sarah huckabee sanders trying to get in his way. he was having a lot of fun, the only person in the room that was. she deserved 30 minutes. thanks. >> time to check what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> in chester county, south carolina, i was born right near there. >> this is an amazing place,
2:47 am
rocking and rolling already, barely 5:45 or 5:50, a country omelette lining up and this right here is the country omelette filled with hashbrowns and all sorts of good stuff and pancakes. let's talk to you about how the president is doing and what you would like to see done differently, improved or stay the same, an area went for donald trump after not going for a republican definitively since 1988. a fairly democratic area, interested to see why these people went for donald trump, we have those answers at the top of the hour. hi you know what's awesome?
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>> major victory for the trump
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administration as the supreme court reinstates part of the travel ban and republicans work on health care bill that would cut the deficit and lower premiums. that is not the message mainstream media would give you. >> 22 million more people will be left uninsured by 2026. >> there are promises and there is math. a far cry -- >> i don't believe in targeting muslims but that is what this does. >> some people suggested this may become chaotic again. heather: why aren't they highlighting any of the positives? the author of governing gone wild, good morning to you. what is the deal with the mainstream media? >> they are increasingly flagrant in their anti-trump
2:52 am
buyers and they are proud of it. these recent stories and coverage of these stories highlights how extreme their political agenda is. you mentioned the cbo report on the senate health care bill including television, numerous headlines using fear mongering the 22 million americans will lose their healthcare coverage, the cbo did predict that. what media outlets never mentioned as many of these people would not be insured because they don't want to be insured. heather: the current law includes the individual mandate. >> the cbo report included positive predictions including that it would lower premiums but the media never highlights of those. and the other story highlighting bias, the travel ban, reinstated
2:53 am
at least part of the ban, the media losing their mind over this. i looked online and couldn't find any headlines for major outlets that stressed how this travel ban will increase national security. it is all about fear mongering. heather: the ceo, the senate, 22 million reasons to reject the health care bill, cuts our punch to the guts. la times, partial reinstatement of the travel ban will cause hardship. >> the majority of americans believe this band will make us safer, poll after poll found that but this shows how out of touch mainstream media outlets are, but none of this comes as a surprise to most people, most people know these media outlets are against trump, 90% of cnn coverage has been negative, the new york times, washington post. >> the majority of their stories
2:54 am
come from anonymous sources. >> can't even verify a lot of the information. they have to apologize for a lot of their stories but the american people aren't stupid, they see what is going on, 32% of americans trust the mainstream media. that is a sad fact, but they are so liberal, they are pandering to the far left. >> when will people start tuning out? >> i think they already have. most of the people who watch cnn or read the new york times are in the far left, thankfully for those of us who are conservative or more independent, the internet has allowed us to find other sources, fox news has been very fair and balanced, the media allowed other voices to come to the table. heather: not just the media they are turning away from, people turn away from the democratic party and the middle class
2:55 am
specifically turning away because they can't relate anymore. >> the democratic party, the mainstream media, really become all about obstruction, they -- resistance. almost seems they would rather see america failed in have trump have a legislative win and it is sad because most americans, middle america want to see the country move forward and work together. i hope the mainstream media will cover fairly. heather: appreciate you joining us. >> it is a good thing cats have nine lives especially when lightning strikes. close call caught on camera. a bride and groom on the big day, the ultimate country music star who crashed their wedding, stay tuned.
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♪ i want to ride it all night long ♪ where are we?
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about to see progressive's new home quote explorer. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops. tapioca. racquetball.
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staccato. me llamo jamie. pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." . . heather: time now forth good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. rascal flatts crashes a wedding giving the wisconsin couple the surprise of a lifetime. >> hi, everybody, we were in the neighborhood so we thought we would swing over. heather: the bride and groom's first dance broken road. rob: drug bust in san diego
3:00 am
finding coke and meth inside a bus' gas tank. the driver a mexican citizen was arrested. heather: finally the ugly, this cat just lost one of its nine lives, lightning striking the glass door of a home in jacksonville, florida. hopefully he is okay. rob: whoa, he jumped all the way to the ceiling. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. >> if the media can't be trusted to report the news, then that's a dangerous place for america. i think it's a disgrace. >> what you just did is inflammatory. >> it is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a story when i was simply trying to respond to his question. >> these briefings have become a certain kind of tv drama day by day. no good reporter worth his or her salt. >> giving you the old can i see new my office after his side fails to come up with the numbers that they need. >> for the country we have to have healthcare. it can't be obamacare which is melting down. >> the country does not want


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