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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 30, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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at 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" is great, connect and it's great. watch. >> this is a fox news alert. i am hemmer and in for bret baier. the fourth of july weekend is off to a blood he start in this weekend, a doctor fired a gun in a hospital in the bronx. police said he killed one person before taking his life. let's go out to david lee >> the doctor has been identified as henry bello,. he entered the hospital. he was wearing a doctor style white lab coat and he was carrying with him, authorities say, an assault rifle.
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he arrived at the 17th floor that's where he opened fire. he killed a female physician. wounded six other people. they are now being treated, i'm told, in in the hospitals' vern the emergency room. new york's mayor bill de blasio is now saying they are fighting for their lives. five. reported in serious condition. another was told we do mike was shot in the leg. the gunman, he took his own life. the commissioner james on the elf held a news conference and he described the scene >> apparently two to the sub them i suspect attempt to accept himself on fire. on the 17th floor, they found the male suspect on the floor dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. the suspect was wearing a white
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coat. the fema was pronounced dead at the scene. >> of the mayor's described it as a horrific situation at a facility associated with care and comfort. those at the hospital at the time of the attack said that a coat of silver was issued, meaning to shelter in place. doctors, nurses, felt frozen, fearing for their lives. listen. >> once you hear a commotion, you lock yourself in an office. that's it. >> how long did you get locked in the office? >> 5 minutes. >> what did they tell you? >> to evacuate the building. >> what floor were you on? >> fifth floor. >> was there a code sent out? >> code silver. >> what does that mean? >> it means active shooter. >> authorities have not said anything about a motive here. we do know as i mentioned that this doctor was response before the shooting recently lost his job at the hospital.
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we are told that terrorism was not a factor. the mayor also added that today there were many, many acts of heroism. they'll? >> david lee, did they say and where they asked whether or not he was targeting certain people inside? >> at that point, it's not clear. this is still an active investigation. they are good to have more information, please stay in the. >> is there a trauma center, all the wounded being treated at that hospital, david lee? >> we do not know if there is a trauma center. i can tell you, though, this is one of the largest hospitals in the region. it has almost 1,000 beds, it treats thousands and thousands of people. but we do not know if there was a trauma center. but we do know that the colleagues of those who were hurt where providing them with medical aid. >> giving a sense of the neighborhood, it's near yankee stadium. and your family is your that
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part of new york, david lee? >> that's right. this has been south of the bronx that's an experience transition in recent years. some have referred to this in the past as the park avenue of the bronx. you take a quick look here. perhaps you can see all the emergency vehicles, the news crews, but you will also see, bill, this is a major thoroughfare. this is called the concourse or the grand concourse. because it is indeed a very grand roadway. now it is completely shut down. as many as eight lanes of traffic passed through here. now it's come to a grinding halt. this is a neighborhood that's experienced economic hardship in the last few years. but it is now making a recovery. but that is, no doubt, is going to be on the minds of so many here for the years to come. >> david lee miller, thinking on the scene there. when there are more headlines, will get back to you this hour. thank you, david lee. back in washington tonight, president trump saying republicans in the senate should repeal obamacare first and replace it later.
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it's the latest chapter in the long running and so far unsuccessful saga of g.o.p. efforts to get rid of the last president's health care overhaul. we at team fox coverage, mike emanuel is on capitol hill, but chief whites correspondent chief white house correspondent john roberts. >> after letting his legend laid of staff get of the initial proposal, president trump is invested in the senate health care bill. he made it clear today that's not the only thing he wants to change. in his first face-to-face encounter with newly elected south korean president moon jae-in, he's not comfortable with the deal. >> you know who signed it. you know who wanted it. our trade deficit with south korea has increased by more than $11 billion. not exactly a great deal.
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>> it's unclear who president trump was blaming for the deal. while it went in effect under the obama administration in 2012, it was negotiated and signed during the bush administration. either way, the white house announced the deal would be being negotiated. >> ambassador white house -- to start the reprocess of renegotiating and amending the deal. >> the president also upended negotiations over a senate health care in a nod to conservatives tweeting up in your proposal. "they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date." before taking office, president trump insisted repeal and replace had to happen together in order to guarantee the continuity of coverage. >> it will be repealed and replaced. it will be essentially simultaneously. >> the tweet brought applause from conservative senators who say the current senate proposal
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stomach proposal doesn't go far enough to appeal the obamacare. they deny that the president has changed his thinking. >> we are still fully committed pushing through the senate at this point, but we are, you know, looking at every possible option of repealing and replacing obamacare. >> in another tweet in policy change the president announced that he's sending federal help to prime, crime plagued chicago, quote "it's reach such epidemic proportions that i'm sending in federal help." 1,714 shootings in chicago this year. president trump is sending 20 atf agents and a mobile ballistics analysis lab. they will join up with chicago pd to create a gun crime task force. attorney general's jeff sessions says the move is sorely needed. >> politicians in chicago have not been working. murders are way, way too high. it's critical, critical for the people of chicago, public
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safety, that we begin to work together here. >> after a day of wedding criticism after his tweet of morning show host mika brzezinski, trump dismissed a claim by joe scarborough that he offered to spike a salacious story about the couple in the national enquier. the president tweeted, >> a source tells fox news that joe scarborough called jeff kushner and to ask if there was anything that could be done about the article. the source says kushner told him you have to talk to the president about that, which scarborough replied, well, he's mad at me. to which kushner said, well, maybe you should apologize. the source, bill, there was no quid pro quo involved here.
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>> thank you, john. john roberts from the white house and there. there is a serious question this evening whether congressional republicans will ever be able to agree on health care reform. the latest of many deadlines for action came and went in today without a new senate bill. cheap congressional correspondent mike emanuel on the hill tonight. about everyone has gone on vacation. mike, good evening. >> bill, good evening. with no deal on how to report so far, anxiety is starting to book over the congressional calendar. perhaps it's time for plan b on addressing obamacare. nebraska senator ben sasse is sounding the alarm, saying it majority leader mitch mcconnell cannot reach a deal on health care by july 10th, it's time for another option. he sent a letter to president trump today. in it, he expressed concern that republicans will fail to pass make any meaningful bill or will past something that propped up obamacare writing, "we can and must do better than either of these, both because the american
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people deserve better, and because we promise better." >> what i am recommending that we give comfort to the american people by repealing the maximum amount of obamacare we can but add a one-year delay before that would be effective so that there is an action forcing events so we get to work. >> g.o.p. leadership continues to see if it can get its original plan across the finish line. >> there will be various proposals, pieces submitted to the cbo to get their feedback, know what the impacts are going to be both with respect to coverages and costs and that sort of thing. >> democrats continue taking aim at the g.o.p.'s effort to scrap obamacare, suggesting it cannot be fixed. >> the idea is so backwards, so out of step with what america wants and what actually works, it can never succeed. no matter how it is tweaked. >> with congress out until july 10th, calendar pressure is building. ten republican senators have signed a letter calling on leader mcconnell to cancel
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august recess if significant progress has not been made on fixing health care, funding the government, dealing with the debt ceiling, passing a budget resolution, and improving our tax code. they write, "our current senate calendar shows only 33 potential working days remaining before the end of the fiscal year. this does not appear to give us time to adequately address the issues that demand immediate attention." >> this is not an easy process. it was never designed to be easy. but in part because it's difficult, we've got an obligation to stick it out until it's done. if we are not finished with all the things we mentioned. by the time august 1st hits, we have no busy public reason taking recess. we should cancel the recess altogether. >> that shows the growing tension as lawmakers look ahead to the possibility of facing their constituents in august with very few points on the board. >> bill: the halls are empty tonight, mike. as we approach the fourth of july, it appears as americans are evenly split on the question of pride in
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america. the latest fox news polling indicates 51% say, yes, they are proud of their country. 45% stake no. about a half of you feel the next generation will be worse off than the generation of today. 40% disagreed with it. that's a little more pessimistic than last year, but more optimistic than three years ago. also, this holiday weekend will be the first week in president trump's immigration travel ban. correspondent doug mckelway is in washington's dulles international airport to tell us how that's going so far. >> in effect for almost 24 hours now, there have been no reports of chaos or improperly detained arrivals. law enforcement say despite being holiday crowds, protest have been near nonexistence. yesterday, protesters chanting against what they called president trump's unjust separation of families. and hawaii's attorney general doug chin who challenge the first travel ban to file a new motion in federal coat
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challenging the new one, writing that close family is many people that federal government exclude from the definition for the trump administration is confident that hawaii's standing is weak. >> it's an activist attorney general. they were slapped down by the supreme court, and i believe this argument will be heard, of course, and i don't think it will be sustained either. >> sessions' confidence is based on the ohio letter to the high court gave the administration. it's a people from the six designated countries are exempt from the band if they can show, "a bona fide relationship to someone or some entity in the u.s." the state department took that to be a spouse, child, daughter, or a sibling in the u.s. last night, the state department added fiance to the list. the administration is sure to come under fire under another component of the ban. refugees face a longer with time, 120 days, than other arrivals. >> in terms of the refugees, some of that we do have a little
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bit of extra time to do that. that is until we reach the cap of 50,000. >> that cap is nearly reached with less than 1,000 refugee spots still available. >> the travel ban is coming under fire from the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism, iran's foreign minister saying that the ban is a shameful exhibition of blind hostility to all iranians. bell, back to you. >> bill: doug mckelway watching that from dulles tonight. thank you, doug. only yesterday, the house approved two immigration bills, coming as the entire concept of statuary cities is challenged by new information for that information was seen to reject one of the foundations of the movement. national correspondent william largeness explains from los angeles. >> these two were shot on the same day. one died. >> levi bolton represents police in phoenix, a city that
3:15 pm
rescinded its policy in 2008. >> we saw a decrease in crime, it had a deterrent effect on folks because the risk of discovery went up exponentially when we actually enforced the law. >> the house g.o.p. force stomach helps other cities will pass suit, passing two bills, one that yields criminal aliens returning after being deported. the other withhold federal money from century cities that refused to cooperate with i.c.e. >> police chiefs across the nation believe that enlisting local police to enforce immigration law is a bad idea. >> century support his claim there cities are safer. they argue immigrants don't fear being deported, they will report more climes, crimes, police will catch more criminals making cities more safer. >> we depend on our communities, particularly immigrant communities to cooperate with us not to keep them safe but to
3:16 pm
keep all of you safe. >> but a six-year study by the university of california, riverside, concluded, "no statistically discernible -- across century and noncentury cities studied." >> when we limited our sanctuary city policy in 2008, we saw a crime, late coming violent climates and stolen vehicles dropped by 20%-25%. we saw a 20 year low crime rates. >> mark spencer spent 25 years as a phoenix officer patrolling the streets like this one. starting in 2008, officers were allowed to ask all arrestees about their immigration status. and they could call i.c.e. at any time. crime rates for murder, robbery, assault, burglary, and theft fell the next two years. >> when we were allowed to have the discretionary ability to contact our federal immigration partners, crime fell drasticall drastically. speak about statistics tell only
3:17 pm
part of the story. century city supporters show no signs of giving up politically or in court. they're looking make >> from los angeles tonight >> looking to opt to break the law instead of cooperating with president trump. first, this is what some of our fox affiliates are covering around the country tonight. fox 9 in the twin cities, the minneapolis city council votes to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. it will be phased in gradually. supportive saying it's a path to a living wage for all workers. critics say it will raise costs and put pressures on businesses to cut hours for its workers. fox 32 chicago opposes $36 billion state budget in illinois passes a critical test. state house members voted in favor of the plan, but it still needs final approval. lawmakers will continue working tomorrow and saturday. illinois has gone the last or go years without a state budget. this is alive look at long beach california. one of the big stories, two people hospitalized after their private plane crashed on a
3:18 pm
southern california freeway. fire officials saying the two were pulled from the fiery wreckage and sustained traumatic injuries. the plane clipped the car, but the driver in the car was not seriously injured. the faa saying the plane was short of the runway at the john wayne airport in costa mesa, california. that is alive look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried to quit cold turkey. i tried to quit with the patch; that didn't work.
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>> bill: president trump voter fraud commission is putting forward with a controversial effort to deal with a problem many experts say does not exist. chief washington correspondent james rosen live tonight with a look at both sides on that issue. james, good evening.
3:22 pm
>> bill, good evening to you. the latest appointee to donald trump's integrity commission says it's bizarre that democratic secretaries of state are vowing to defy the committee's request for large volumes of state voting data. >> the information that is being asked for by the commission is public information. in fact, there is a federal provision international voter registration act that gives the public the ability to access this information. >> the commission has written to all secretaries of state requesting they turn over the full first and last names of all registrants, their addresses, dates of birth, political party, last four digits of their social security number, their voter history from 2006 onward, active, inactive status, canceled status, information regarding felony convictions, information regarding registration and other states, information regarding military status, an overseas citizen information. the vice chair running the panel is kansas public and secretary
3:23 pm
of chris kovach who maintains that the aims are purging dead people from the roles and in limiting dual registration in different states. critics see the initiative to suppress voting, including reliable liberal per box like minorities. they have a lengthy record of this invention and sing eligible voters in kansas. given their history, we find it difficult to have confidence in the work of this commission. >> there is a false notion that voter fraud is widespread across our country. but we know that it is a. and we view this as an attempt to substantiate the allegations that have been made that millions of people brought fraudulently voted in the 2016 election. >> they said the commission's work will "protect and preserve the principle of one person, one vote." bill?
3:24 pm
>> bill: james rosen in washington tonight. there is any report that fraud rate on government funded cell phone service is as high as 65%. the government accountability office says that having for-profit film companies in charge of screening applicants is a major weakness in the system. at 65% fraud right to make rates, it makes the obama phone made to make the most fraud written entitlement program they are elevating tax liens and civil disputes from the reports of 12 million americans. those changes coming after the consumer finance protection bureau said companies were not doing enough to fix the errors. estimates say that some people's score could go up by 20 points. critics of the moves say that will make good moves for scores, but it may make them lower by comparison. stocks were mixed at the end of the week, snp was up four, the nasdaq lost four points. for the week, the dow was to
3:25 pm
tense down a prevented point, the s&p fell by two percentage points. earlier this month, residents of puerto rico voted overwhelmingly to become the 51st u.s. state. but back here in washington, there is no apparent effort by congress to make that happen. that territory, meanwhile, remains an economic crisis as we speak tonight. correspondent steve harrigan now with a closer look. >> puerto rico is $120 billion in debt with the worst-case scenario some business leaders saying has already arrived. >> we are approaching the cliff and the problem is that the puerto rican people don't get it. we don't get the fact that our foundation is going to crumble. >> government spending has tripled the u.s. territory's debt in the past 17 years. effect of bankruptcy has forced desperate measures. 84 new taxes in 2017 alone, a a
3:26 pm
splash in health care, cutting education. some of the sharpest cuts are going to hit puerto rico's universities, deep enough to divide campuses. here, we've got professionals on one side of the street and across the street, students on the other side barricaded behind the gates. college tuition will increase 200%. >> they ask us to pack up everything. >> while 170 elementary schools will be closed. even special-needs students are at risk. >> the art system students, we have 24 here, they need to be to pass to his petition to my position, they have to be prepared for that. >> local government has proven so incompetent, a final board of overseers with outsiders deciding which schools to shut down. >> we are not going to get anything better if we hold this line. they have termites, they have water coming through, as best as
3:27 pm
-- as best dose. -- they need to be closed. >> those who can flee. 1 out of 7 puerto ricans moved to the mainland u.s. in the past decade. a trend which has the potential to reshape the political map in the swing state of florida. in san juan, steve harrigan, fox news. >> from europe now, garbage collectors are going back to work. trash has been piling up there for a two weeks while workers stage protests. the strike was endangering public health and hurting the tourist season amid a simmering heat wave. the workers union wants employees to be unfixed time contracts to be rather full-time jobs. an international chemical weapons watchdog group saying that sara nerve gas was used in the tax that can more than 90 people in -- that same report stopped short of saying who was responsible. remember, the u.s. blamed the
3:28 pm
syrian government and assad and lodged a cruise missile attack days later. syria says the report is part of a campaign of political exploitation against the country and its leadership. also in the middle east and iraq, declaring victory, u.s. backed iraqi troops are clearing a key neighborhood in mosul. saying the full liberation of the city is near and the isi s caliphate has come to an end. tonight, we conclude our weeklong series focusing on american troops in the front lines overseas. remember, the u.s. military is operating hundreds of bases around the world. this evening, national security correspondent jennifer griffin in u.s. off comic effort in somalia and the philippines. >> six weeks after hundreds of isis fighters seized the southern town of mawari,
3:29 pm
fighting still rages with the philippine army. president rodrigo duterte enacted martial law to weed out the extremist. philippine special forces are advising on the ground and u.s. aircraft is flying overhead. >> isis is trying to gain a foot hole don't make them a foothold in the asian pacific. -- >> the u.s. held their forces out of the southern philippines in 2015, a hotbed of islamic extremism after u.s. green berets, navy seals, and the philippine military crushed abu sayaf, the local branch. it's coincided with its losses in syria and iraq. criticism by u.s. officials for human rights abuses last december nearly led him to expel all u.s. troops.
3:30 pm
>> the u.s. currently has 800 military bases overseas. a new book argues such a large military presence may fuel anti-american sentiment. quote, "i think it's worth thinking for american audiences to think how it would feel to have foreign troops living next door, occupying your land with tanks." yes, countries keep asking u.s. forces to help. in somalia, american troops have returned for the first time since pulling out in 1994 after 19 american troops were killed in the battle for mogadishu. in may, enable seal was killed fighting alongside similar forces during an operation against the al qaeda affiliate al shabbab, which nearly down the civilian airliner last year and continued the dhs ban on laptops on some flights coming in the u.s. former u.s. army ranger matt evers mintz's effort in somalia 24 years ago were documented in black hawk down. u.s. forces were forced to
3:31 pm
withdraw after the first battle which began in october 3rd, 1993. >> for our strategy to change overnight on october 3rd and 4th, that leaves a horrific, horrible, bitter make to my taste in my mouth. it makes the bile in my stomach rise. and you cannot help but reasonably ask why we didn't do it in the first place? >> the pentagon expects to have troops deployed in these trouble spots for decades to come as defense attorney james mathis has warned, we've seen the results of leaving ungoverned areas too soon. bill? >> bill: thank you, jennifer griffin, here in washington. if you miss any of her recordings on the front lines this week, you can see them all online on president trump telling congress, repeal obamacare now, replace it later. we will get reaction from the panel on all of that and a lot more when we return. e a safe sleep aid
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>> strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. the united states calls on other regional powers and all responsible nations to join us in implementing sanctions and demanding that the north korean regime choose a better path and do it quickly. >> it was a major event at the white house, the president hosting the president from south korea. want to bring in our panel and talk about that very phrase. tim farley, olivier knox, yahoo! , and charles krauthammer. four nights this week. are you tired of me yet? >> no, but i'm getting there. [laughter] >> gave me 25 minutes, all right? olivia, strategic patience is
3:36 pm
over. we heard this repeatedly. what does it mean? >> the line there, the important line is the other regional powers he referenced. he did not call out china by name, but that's clearly who he meant. the administration has been piling the pressure on beijing to rein in north korea's missile programs and its nuclear programs. imposed sanctions on a chinese bank accused of laundering north korean money. they improved the makeup of an package for taiwan. this is happening when the president is heading to europe on the sidelines of a summit in hamburg, germany, he's going to meet with the most important people in this process. there has been a dance between president trump and president xi-jin ping, he pointed out that he failed to lead more progress in this diplomatic spat. we aren't pressuring china, we want to see them cr a way which sounds like one of the same thing from what the immigration
3:37 pm
hopes for is that china will put a lot of pressure on its other businesses to curtail trade and finance in north korea. >> do we have any indication, tim, whether or not china is willing to do that? >> i was surprised by president moon, he seemed more consolatory toward the north when running, and he was very effusive in his praise of president trump. trump has taken the more hardline with the sanctions and some of the deals he's made. president trump, i think, has played a sharp game with north korea thus far. with china, the question is what china will do. they are as an enigmatic as ever. >> what do you think of that phrase, charles? >> its repudiation of the idea behind the obama administration which was basically that a euphemism for not doing anything. for not to make thinking that somehow, which is the obama policy, which is that the north
3:38 pm
karen regime is so efficient and so much starvation that it cannot survive in the long run, it will collapse. not going to happen. the main reason it's not going to happen is because it sustained by china economically and politically and diplomatically. look, i think the administration made the right choice to try to go through china, to threaten, to cajole, to see whether china will do it. i think in the and, china is not going to do it. i think it thinks what the americans are doing is a bluff. the bluff being china, we are going to take this in our own hands, strategic patience is over, it was announced earlier in the week that the president is looking at military options. well, those are pretty serious. that's all-out war on the korean peninsula. which we tried 60 years ago, or the north koreans tried it and initiated it and we suffered a lot. we don't have a lot of options here. we have to play the china card, which is what the administration is doing.
3:39 pm
but we have to understand that it is a long shot choice. >> i want to turn back to domestic politics, because it was a big week here for health care. you could argue that it was empty in the end, but we will see where it goes. i want to take you back to january, the president is going to tweak what he prefers as for a sec strategy going forward. >> it will be repealed and replaced. it would be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments, you understand, but it will most likely be on the same day or the same week, but probably the same day. it could be the same hour. >> that was from six months ago to this morning, we have this tweet. "if republican senators are unable to pass where they are working on them, they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date because corporate water cycle, olivier? >> it makes it harder for them to lock up support for the
3:40 pm
existing republican legislation. the president has had a couple of different scenarios over the past six months, including the one you showed but another one in which he said we can watch obamacare collapse, maybe nudge it along as well, that will force democrats to come to the table. that's still an option as well. i think we have to watch and see what mitch mcconnell a senate majority leader decides to do. >> this idea has been floated by others. >> i don't think senator mcconnell is going to wait for the president. he's going to do what he wants to do. i think talking to republicans and democrats, what's working here is they are going to try to get anything past that they can get. if they can get something done. then they will worry about fixing it later. it's not so much about repeal and replace. down the road, they are going to have to replace it on the margins with some democrats eventually. at some point, they will try to figure out a way to claim victory. if they do not pass anything, that's a loser. this bill was a loser from the beginning, but they will try to work on something so they can get a pass to the senate so it passes the byrd rule. after that, they will fix it.
3:41 pm
>> that's a lot of hoops. >> that's what mitch mcconnell is looking for, i think. i don't think he's worried about what the president and his payment >> quickly, ben sass, the republican senator from nebraska said this. what he would do or not do in the schedule, which is coming up. >> if we do not get this resolved on the monday by next week, july 10th, if there isn't a combined repeal and replace plan, i'm writing a letter to the president this morning urging us to call enough to separate them. if we cannot do them together, let's do it as much appeal as we can and let's have the president asked us to cancel out of state work and stay here and a place that breaks. >> that may be the case. it's really a guessing game right now, charles. but that point he makes at the end of the august recess, there is talk in this town about blowing that off. >> that's the back down of the idea, to cancel the senators' recess, they haven't quite earned it yet. look, in theory, the repeal first idea is good. but there is a reason why it was abandoned. it's not going to pass.
3:42 pm
you cannot have a clean, naked repeal because it means there are millions of americans who are going to be out of health care insurance, out of coverage almost overnight, and that will be utterly intolerable. it will got home i cannot get a majority. the reason that sasse wants to advocate it because he knows it so intolerable that that will force the senate into doing a repair, replacement quickly. but that may not work. i think that's going to be seen as a bluff. the only way to go, i think right now, is mcconnell tries to piece together a replacement. and if you can do it, you do it. if you can't, you can't do repeal alone. >> it would make for a very long, hot august. >> it could. it definitely could. though as you know there have been some calls to do away with what i think they call their district work. one of the options early on, it's passing repeal immediately,
3:43 pm
one of the original ideas is to have the repeal takes effect after the 2018 midterms, for example. that would give them a longer window. one of the problems is that what hemorrhage conserves a support, because a lot of conservatives want up and down repealed. how do you get them back on the table? >> they did that. that repeal would be repealed in the future. it doesn't have a hope. it's like the fix. you say we will repeal integral years? congress will be around integral years and it will still be an accessible idea and in and of itself be repealed. it cannot be done alone. they have to recognize that. >> charles, i want you to reflect on something a bed. we did a foxhole, we put the -- we ask question, what the founding fathers, would they be proud of our country today? charles, 79 of those we surveyed said no.
3:44 pm
why is that? >> if i had to give a -- this is a reflection of reality, which i'm not sure it is, i would say that the deepest problem is civic education. we are raising generations of kids who have no idea what their history is. they have no reason to be proud of our history. they are being taught paso history, pathology, all the things we've done wrong, all the sins, injuries, crimes, none of the glory of it. you raise a generation like that. you and macduff not exceptionally proud of your country. that's probably the most important reason. >> do you know who the founding fathers are? >> those polls are on the trumped week, travel ban, winners and the losers from the past seven days. that's next.
3:45 pm
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3:48 pm
>> we are upset when he doesn't tell the truth and bullies people. that is true. we sometimes mock him and have fun. >> a lot of these people on tv do not criticize his publicized. they criticize him. all of a sudden, feigning shock when he wants to fight back and defend himself. and hopefully, change the conversation. >> thank you, everybody. >> [indistinct question] >> that's a little bit how things went on that story on day two. earlier at 9:00 a.m. this morning, the president tweeted this.
3:49 pm
i think the question now is whether there is any lasting effects from this today. >> mean-spirited, small, nonproductive, they don't help in anyway whatsoever whatsoever to forward his agenda. having said that, i'm sure if he is hurt me now, like the light falling on the road to damascus, will he be converted? no, of course not. i don't think it lasts beyond the next bad tweet. >> the aggregate affect living away from his agenda, which infuriates congressional republicans for they see this as a nonstop parade of distractions that does not help them get work done on anything in congress. >> scott walker was the contrary and in all of this. you talk to every politician, they had disparaging words to say about the about the back and forth for it he thinks it's the president should tweet more and facebook more suggesting sticking to a policy,
3:50 pm
obamacare, tax reform, et cetera. charles, is there a lasting impact? >> i think there is a corrosive effect. tweeting is a window in the character and when people saw through the window this week was ugly and i think that remains. >> does he tweet again? >> of course. >> certainly. >> he will tweet about this print why would you doubt? >> the travel ban was a victory? >> is how he tweets the matters the most. look at scott walker's comments. what he says is focused on health care, about immigration, talk about tax reform. it's what he's saying print one of the things of striking, and i'm going to get into this in mind losers segment of the show, it's what he does. it's not the fact he's on twitter. it's a regular means to communicate. it's the what and why. >> don't you think it's unreasonable to expect that his deepest feelings, which he would express on twitter, are about health care, and not about mika?
3:51 pm
i don't think so. >> in the mean time, you had a travel ban victory this week and that was overshadowed in large part by what was the dominant conversation from yesterday. jeff sessions was out earlier and had said this to say. >> slapped down by supreme court, and additional victory before a judge in hawaii, they issued an order that bound the whole united states, which is really an overreach, in my opinion, except in the most extreme circumstances. and i believe that this argument will be heard, of course, and i don't think it will be sustained either. >> tim, so far it appears to have run rather smoothly. >> like the person jumping on top of a 100 100 floor buildin, how's it going on the 50th floor? pretty good. the real game begins when the court here is the case and that may be moot at that point. there have already been some filings and if there has been some demonstration. i don't think july 4th is going
3:52 pm
to be the time you see a lot of america out there. >> olivier? >> i think that's about right. they are talking about this is a big victory for the white house. gets a chance to fight for that big victory, the supreme court decision for the invitation stuff, one of the things that was so notable about the in fermentation the first time around how chaotic and sloppy it was. they seem to have learned lessons from that now and they try to roll it in a much more orderly way. >> are you going to give them a nod of approval with travel two-point oh? >> yes, absolutely. it was a victory for trump. it's a victory for the integrity of the presidential powers. the court has not ruled unless they declare it moved in october, if it rules on end, the trump administration will be upheld on this, then it will be a significant victory. >> as you read between the lines of the supreme court order this week, you would tend to think it stands? >> right. in the house... no, i bet the second house. not the prime house. >> for those lucky enough, let's go winners and losers.
3:53 pm
>> i think the winner in this sounds corny, but the united states of america. we've got a fourth of july weekend. i remember 1976 when one of my first jobs in south brunswick, new jersey, was to paint bridges and barrels and buildings red, white, and blue with stars. and i can go back to 1976 and today and say our country is in a better place than it was in '76. maybe not in ten years later, but it was better than it was in 1976. my loser is actually in some ways the d.c. media in part because i have a lot of friends around the country who are not in the bubble and the mispronunciation of medical brezinski were so numerous that it struck me, you know, a lot of people do not pay attention to what we are talking about around here. and so maybe we are not quite as important. >> in our own echo chamber. >> winners and losers, olivier? >> winners is anyone who wants congress to debate and vote on the war against the so-called islamic state and other extremist groups.
3:54 pm
a little noticed development of how committees added a commandment to make an amendment that would repeal the 2001 authorization for the war in afghanistan that's been used by president bushes and obama to expand the war on terrorism. it's not a done deal, that it's going to pass, the argument we are stripping it of legislation. >> anyone who can impose message disciplining on the white house. last week was infrastructure week. this week was energy week. they had legislation on immigration past. all we ended up talking about foremost we ended up talking about -- >> at least on cable. >> charles? >> the winner is canada. tomorrow, it turns 150. having been raised there, i can tell you, having saying "god save the queen" every day of my youth, it's one of the most blessed, decent countries we americans are extremely lucky to have them as a neighbor. with the slight exception of the war of 1812. that was a misstep on both side
3:55 pm
sides. it's about to be expelled from mosul, about to be expelled from raqqa. >> thank you all. charles, olivier, tim, good to be with you. when we come back and maturing america and helping the dickens. one small town at a time.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
>> as we close out on this fourth of july weekend, how one man is paying tribute to america's heroes. that story from oregon illinois. >> a dream is like an engine. it just needs a spark. 7-year-old ivan got that spark from his father. >> if you have a dream, don't wait until you're too old, just do it. >> a farmer for nearly 30 years
3:59 pm
near lancaster pennsylvania always wanted to drive across the u.s. he felt a calling to somehow support u.s. veterans, saying he took freedom for granted. >> got a point where i couldn't even sleep at night. >> he decided to combine dreams and drive across the country in this modified tractor, raising money and awareness for wounded heroes. running into people like mike who is 23-year-old son died in the iraq war. >> somebody from above the decided i needed to come through oregon today and here i am. when people see him, they pay for his gas, they fight back tears, and one veteran even gave him his purple heart which has attached to the deaths of his tractor to bite him across the country. you can check out his web site. bill? >> well done. thank you. wonderful story. hope you have a great fourth of july holiday with your family and your friends to celebrate the great red, white,
4:00 pm
and blue. thanks for watching special report. good night from washington. "the story with martha maccallum " starts right now. >> martha: good evening, everybody. this is "the story with martha maccallum." it is summer, and it is hot, and as you noticed tempers are rising and the swamp is monkey and it is gross. but before we get to that, could it be that while the media and the water cooler is full of celebrity smack downs in the twitter verse, there is an actual draining going on in the swamp? note this piece in "the wall street journal" today. rex toiler says entrenched bureaucrats are packing their boxes and going home. they are actually happy to see some corporate theories applied to their workplaces.