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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  July 8, 2017 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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ur id card, file a claim, or manage your policy. it's so easy it's almost scary. let's get outta here! that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. >> there were protest he is and riots. i think it's fair to say you had both on display in hamburg, germany at the g20 meeting there. our greg palkot was in the thick of things. they've calmed down a little bit now, but you never know how they can heat up again. >> you never know, david. we've been watching for the past couple of days, there could be trouble. so far there's peaceful marches and peaceful protests and we're a half mile from where the g20 summit has been held. my cameraman has given you a walking tour of the police presence here. this is the no-go zone. police in place with the
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vehicles and water cannon truck and the blue light. that's been spraying the protesters throughout the protests in the last couple of days. and that's been their weapon of choice basically for the police. let's show you the protesters, activists the marchers and we've seen 40,000 of them. they've been anti-g20, anti-capitalism and anti-fascism and anti-president donald trump. again, last night, however, it was even worse. we saw some brutal scenes and saw some of the action firsthand. there were fires, bonfires, stores and shops, ransacked, molotov cocktails thrown on one side and the police were in the thick of it, too. and water cannons and bursting into the shops and stores. the on their side, they say, their 200 or so officers were injured in the melees, arrests were up to about 114. you've got to believe there were
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protesters and civilians injured as well. tens of thousands have come out with a peaceful message. there are stronger militants here who want to cause trouble and again, as the g20 summit wraps up, the feeling here is, david, this is the last flash for these guys and we could see something in the next couple of hours as we've been watching the helicopters of the leaders leaving the site. a lot of regrets, i must say, among -- in some quarters here for the idea of of having this g20 summit right in the heart of the second biggest german city. it has been a nightmare for security officials. i think they're going to be happy when this whole thing is over. back to you. david: and angela mercklele was born there and she knew, and for whatever the reason. and president trump pressing china's president to do more on north korea.
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rebecca, the national security fellow joins us now. i know that meeting is going on now, but we just saw the pictures from hamburg. what do you think that angela merkel was up to? why was she so interested in holding this meeting in a town where she knew there would be protests that could spill over into riots? >> you know, she's got a tangled political situation there. she has to be-- she has to appear to the people who she's representing that she's tough on trump, that she understands what they're feeling that she's with them on this environmentalism. so, you know, she's trying to appear that at the same time trying to commend law and order in that kind of thing and dancing around both situations, i think. it's a strange decision. >> it's very odd. the meeting between trump and putin. the media has begun to complain that our president was not as tough as he should have been, but it's the first thing mentioned after all. the mainstream media here are still upset about the way the
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election turned out. so they're focused on this russia thing. they want the whole meeting to be about that, but, in fact, there were very more important things to talk about, like what happens in syria, like what happens with north korea. do you think that the mix, it was a two hour and 16 minute meeting. do you think they had the right mix of issues? >> i think they did. we don't know exactly what was said in that meeting, but listen, the american media is never going to be satisfied with what president trump says and does so it would be a mistake for president trump to try to game it and please the american media, but it's so interesting to me. the previous administration gave in to russia over and over again as a matter of course on actions, on policies, conceded on missile defense. didn't modernize our nuclear force, russia and ukraine with virtual impunity. if you look at the policy of the trump administration, it's pursuing an america first, not america alone, america first foreign policy. russia's welcomed to get along
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with us and cooperate when it can, but we're not going to kowtow and bow down. david: this president has proved to be a better statesman than anybody thought he would be. this is the second one. he started in saudi arabia and did a pretty good job bringing a unity among arabs who have very separate interests against terrorism and then he went to europe. this meeting he started in poeland with the terrific energy guide that would help our energy producers, help polled and other countries in eastern europe escape the sort of blackmail that they've had from russia. he has proved, i mean, people were worried that he would bring the tweet donald trump over to europe, instead. he has really brought the statesman back over there. >> you know, and he's doing-- he's fulfilling his campaign promises, which is to pursue again, an america first foreign policy. this is a president who does not want war, but he understands the best way to avoid war and
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conflict is to be clear and straight and strong and firm. and to, again, not try to capitulate and do what these other adversaries want an american president to do. and so, i think you're right. it's very statesmanship like-- statesman-like. and again on the speech. i commend the speech to americans to go back and read it and look at it, it's great. david: the polish speech. >> it's a magnificent speech of western values and should be everything that the americans should agree with. despite the media saying it's bigoted. david: they're not admitting it, they're playing to their audience which is more anti-trump than our media. the french president and he are getting along and that president trump will go over for bastille day on the 14th. it's interesting the dynamics of the relationships. >> good to see you.
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david: the mainstream media is focusing on who is standing where in the g20 photos. we should be focusing on the important issues they're talking about like north korea and former congressman and retired colonel allen west joins us. thank you for being here. clearly, america is not leading from behind anymore, right? >> no, you're absolutely right. it's good to be with you, and semper fi as always. david: semper fi. >> you're seeing a complete difference and a change in that first european trip of president barack obama when it was really more about, you know, bringing america down a notch, as opposed to, as your previous guest talked about and you've talked about already, that polish speech which talked about the resurgence of western civilization and values and we also see someone that's taken a proper stance, a resolute stance that says that america will take a leadership role on the global stage and that's so important. this is an incredible bolster for our men and women in uniform as well. david: well, no wonder, also,
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that the europeans like at first, anyway, liked president obama so much better. they'd given him a nobel peace prize before he'd done anything because he was willing to give over so much of world leadership to the bureaucrats. let's face it, europe is controlled in large measure-- we have many bureaucrats here, but look at brussels, the center of the european parliament, europe is more controlled by bureaucrats than anyplace in the world. that's the kind of system that the president wanted us to emulate. >> yes, you have the control of the bureaucrats that have more progressive socialist view and they also don't respect national sovereignty. they put the european union over everything else. i think what we've seen in this g20 trip and this polish trip is an incredible contrast between the old europe, western europe and the new europe, eastern europe. you look at the response that president trump got because you see people that understand what it means to live under the yolk
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of tyranny, communism and socialism. you've seen the collapse of the social welfare system in western europe and protests out there. i find it funny, david, that we have young people that are complaining about capitalism and the free market, but yet, they're holding up smartphones. david: that's right, that's right. how do they get that extra? i never understood how they get all that time off to go to the protests. let me say one thing about the president, despite the fact that he stood firm. he doesn't give any quarter on our values and our principles and our leadership role in the world, at the same time, he has gotten concessions from the europeans, as much as they would hate to admit it. here he is, i believe we've got a sound bite of him talking about this earlier. take a listen. >> my administration has demanded that all members of n.a.t.o. finally meet their full and fair financial obligation.
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the united states has demonstrated not nearly with words, but with its actions that we stand firmly behind article 5, the mutual defense commitment. david: so we will stand behind our allies fully, but our allies have to step up to the plate as well. >> no, he's absolutely right. my first tour of duty 1984 to '87 was part of a rapid reaction force. we need to go back to them understanding they have a part to play that the united states of america cannot continue to be their defense shield that they need to step up to the plate as well and invest in their militaries. we see in afghanistan, and other places, that we need to have those alliances. and those alliances are very important and it's a message to convey to vladimir putin that we will stand against him in the ukraine, and in the baltic states and other places. so that's a very important thing and to restore that missile
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defense shield in poland, something that president obama took away. that sends a message. david: again, they are stepping up to the plate. surprise, surprise, they're ponying up more. not all of them, but some of the numbers of those who have agreed to step up their military spending has increased. colonel west always a pleasure to see you, sir. thank you for being here. have a great weekend. >> my pleasure. david: president trump getting slammed in the media for not putting enough pressure on president putin on the election. and they did talk about it first, so what are they complaining about?
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>> just in. russian president vladimir putin just saying that president trump asked a lot of questions about russian meddling in the u.s. election and they had a long discussion on the topic. still, some democratic leaders and some in the mainstream media say the president didn't go far enough. steve forbes joins me now.
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they were never going to -- they have invested so much in the story of russian meddling and the unproven part of it despite that trump is doing so much to get under the skin of the russians receipt now.-- right now. if he was a bought president he's not acting like it. >> no, there's nothing strong the strangling putin in public that would satisfy them. david: and he's a black belt. >> trump has magic with him. it's a side show and everybody knows it's a sideshow. what we have to go from here is focused on getting the economy moving again. david: we'll talk about that, but i just, before we finish on russia, what appealed to me so much. there were two businessmen will, it was rex tillerson, big oil guy and donald trump, big real estate guy who know how to do
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negotiations from a practical standpoint instead of fooling around diplomatic-- i was going to use another expression, what it is that politicians usually do. they got right to the point yet, they spent two and a half hours doing it. >> well, tillerson had dealt with putin and dealt with a lot of leaders around the world from some unsavore nations. he knows how to get to the point and how to get something done with these people and how you cut to the chase. so he is not a state department creation, you might say, which is a good thing. and so, something might get done and what trump said in poland about energy has got to send shivers up the kremlin's spine. their hold on eastern and western europe is going to be loosened as our liquefied gas exports improve. david: politically and economically was a bombshell by the president and gives the president more negotiating power over the russians.
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let's talk about the europeans. over the past year, two, three, four years as president obama put us under more, not necessarily control, but gave the europeans more authority to deal with u.s. businesses that have businesses over there, they've imposed huge fines, million billions of dollars in fines on u.s. companies as these bureaucrats in europe have run amok. the president wants to kind of stop that. will he be able to? >> gradually, yes. by the way, the europeans were simply following the example of regulators over here, treating banks as piggy banks, tens and tens of billions in fines. and the european union is now anti-growth. anti-innovation and this is where our example in the next five to ten years, like ronald reagan did in the 1980's would be a very, very positive thing. >> there's one example that bothers me and bothers free traders, when the president insists that our trade deficit with europe somehow indicates a bad thing for our economy.
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one of the biggest trade deficits that the united states had ever run historically was back in 1984. the new york times had the scare headlines about what a disaster it was going to be because we had a big trade deficit. in the same year, 1984, we knew, our economy grew 7.3%. you can have a trade deficit and a booming economy. >> that was as a result of capital coming to the united statesment right now capital comes here more as default position because everywhere else is worse. we're like a .250 batter. if we get a 1980's kind of economy, you would see capital coming in not just as a safe haven, but by golly, this is a place to agree. since the 1970's, the economy even though we're the largest in the world has grown at a 50% faster weight than europe. >> we grow fastest when we get the tax cuts in and that coincided with that growth. steve, we've got to leave it at
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>> former president obama taking a swipe at president trump on climate policy, the paris agreement even without a temporary absence of u.s. leadership will still be a critical factor in helping our children solve this enormous challenge to humanity. end quote. so should lawmakers and former presidents be bashing the current president while he's overseas? democratic strategist, and ashley pratt join us now. jessica, it's a little unseemly for a former president to do that, to go bashing a president while he's on a foreign trip,
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no? >> it definitely breaks with tradition. this is something that's gone on since i remember you're not supposed to do that. david: others do, i should say, but people in the press and-- >> a former president. david: former presidents, that's a different level. >> bush didn't go after obama. i think what's gone on between president obama and president trump is different than we've seen as well before and what trump says while he's abroad is also different. you wouldn't hear president obama or president bush, clinton, reagan, bashing the intelligen intelligence, and going after fake news and-- >> the polish president did, too. >> he made a joke about it and president putin said are these the ones unsetting you. david: isn't there something unseemly about a former president going after a president while he's overseas? that does break precedent. >> it does break tradition. president bush throughout eight years rarely criticized
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president obama and president obama rarely criticized president bush outright. there were talks about economic policy, but it was a little less personal, but i do think that the 2016 election got divisive and volatile and partisan, which has now led to the climate we're know now, whatever the media frenzy is around this trip, but president trump does tend to, whether fairly or unfairly, open himself up to criticism by things he says, what jessica alluded to. saying that president obama choked opens himself up to that criticism. david: this has been, as i think the first trip, very successful in so many ways. you look at the speech that president trump made in poland. you look at his suggestion that we really engage our energy, industry like we have never before to sell oil and gas over to europe. it would help our industry and help the europeans heretofore had to rely on russia, a very
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unsteady ally in that regard. >> there is merit to what he says, but the way he says that, saying that president obama choked when it came to the russian interference and hacking and blaming the intelligence community and going after the iraq war and then therefore president bush was problematic. you don't want to airing your dirty laundry out while you're travelling overseas. david: these are new times. >> new times for everybody. david: jessica, let me switch course a little bit. president obama is clearly trying to establish himself as the leader, if not of the democratic party, at least a strong movement within the democratic party. do you think he'll succeed? >> i certainly do think he'll succeed. he's hugely popular-- >> by the way, democrats were asked this week who the leader is. >> i know. david: they hemmed and hawed and didn't give an answer. >> didn't you hear it. david: i would say president obama, wouldn't you say. >> i would say president obama over bernie sanders, that division needs to go and bernie
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sanders cannot be our candidate in 2020, i'm saying now. i think that president obama has a ton to offer in terms of fund raising and talking to candidates how to better communicate with everyday americans, he'll go down history as one of our greatest presidential ortors. everybody on the left and right feels that way. david: not everybody on the right, i can testify to that. >> a lot that-- >> ashley, the point is that president trump steered us to the left further than any president in my lifetime. i " would argue any president ever urick about to the left of the political spectrum and this president is doing everything he can to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction. >> but, you know, in president trump's defense here, i think that he does have some things he needs to definitely fix in regards to his base. repealing and replacing obamacare is one big thing he go the elected on and that needs to start happening soon.
8:27 am
with the tensions in congress and in-fighting in the republican party there are issues there legislatively he needs to accomplish something because his base will not be happy and i don't know that he would be elect today a second term if things such as repeal and replace are not accomplished. david: the market is happy they have a president who is a former business person, not a former bureaucrat or political maker. and it's been going sky high as a result of that, at least people in business know that day-to-day they won't be faced with new regular laces and new taxes that-- >> if they don't get tax reform. david: we have breaking news in germany. air force one is about to take off with the president. this is, i believe, this is in hamburg. we have a lot of air force bases around germany, but this one is in hamburg. that is where the president is due to depart within the hour. may plead a little over because his meeting with president xi from china took longer than
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