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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> greg: i will be walking the streets of new york, feel free to punch me. >> jesse: set yourl dvrs, "hannity" up next. >> sean: many thanks to our friends at "the five," breaking news a stunning new report from the hill tonight, that ties democrats and republicans to the same lobbyist who met with donald trump, jr., jay secular, larry elder, ari fleischer, patrick buchanan and dr. sebastian gorka all here on this a busy friday breaking news addition of "hannity," also an investigation into what is real collusion between democrats and the media that they are not telling you about, that this time it's very monologue.
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there are several reports about the meeting donald trump had with his russian lawyer in 2016, reporting the man has ties to russian intelligenct although he denies it. this comes as the hill is breaking another major story tonight about who donald trump, jr., met with and how they are tied to the democrats, that's right, the democrats. according to the hill, this russian lobbying effort has ties to three russian businessmen and the lobbying a team included a former democratic congressman and a former government officia official. the report also details how these pro-russian lobbyists including one of the people who met with donald trump, jr., also try to meet with democrat and republican members of congress. in other words a lot of people involved in this. we are also learning back in march senator chuck grassley published p a complaint where he detailed how a russian lobbyist in this story worked with that group. we've been telling you about
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fusion gps, remember they published the fake document about president trump and that goes to the ritz carlton, that for, remember all that? they were there to lobby congress on the magna ski act. several obama administration agencies allowed this russian lawyer to enter the u.s. in 2015 and stay through june 19th with donald trump, jr. it sounds like john carry, the writer lynch and jay johnson all have a lot of explain it to do tonight. if the russian lawyer was such a threat likeat the left and the w media is claiming, why was she allowed into the country, why did she get a special waiver and allowed to stay? once began as we begin to peel back the layers of this onion and learn more and more about truth and facts, this is now boomerang back onto the democratic party read plus a stunning new revelation about the clintons, their financial
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ties to russia and more potential evidence of a major pay to play it scheme with of dollars. in a leaked email from the clinton campaign, chairman john podesta's inbox a staffer actually bragged about stopping a story that tied clinton to the speech 21 act and it reads in part, trying to link hillary rodham clinton's opposition to the magnitsky built to a $5,000 speech that bill clinton gave in moscow, double his normal speaking fee. the campaign was able to kill that story but "the wall street journal" reported that back in 2010 while hillary clinton was secretary of state and oppose this particular act, bill clinton participated in a question and answer session at a renaissance capital investors conference. after the appearance, he received a personal thank you call from who?
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vladimir putin. the russian prime minister, ther russian news agency reported that. in that same article a clinton spokesman did push back against that connection but this isn't the only evidence of pay to play and wrongdoing from the clintons that they have gotten a pass on. were going to expose that in a second.. but first, the destroyed trunk media have four months breathlessly hysterically been feigning moral outrage and pushing those black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about collusion. when infections they now are the ones, they have been pollutingon the entirehe time, all in an effort to damage, to delegitimize, and ultimately overturn an election of you the american people and destroy the president. let's go back to the campaign. remember wikileaks? b they expose this unholy alliance between the clinton campaign and the press. it was a highly orchestrated plots between the clinton campaign, the media, why? they wanted w hillary elected to
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print the evidence is overwhelming, it's incontrovertible. remember cnn? fake news. they gave the clinton team debate questions ahead of time, does anyone ever a member how bernie sanders was railroaded in the fix was in and it was a rigged primary? this is why, clinton was given a free pass by the media despite a mountain of evidence of felonies, crimes, wrongdoing in the excusable behavior. it's wide now the media refuses to even cover, they don't care. that's advancing that radical out left agenda, and hurting president trump.hi earlier today, some of them, they've been doing this since p november 9th talking about the president and impeachment, watch
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this. >> so many of us are in every way we possibly can to unveil the criminal activity, the unconstitutional activity of this president and hist family. i have dubbed them the criminal clan along time ago ago. >> impeachment is something that has an impact on the country. when facts are clear, the law is clear, the law is clear when the facts are clear. >> sean: here's the thing, when it comes to democrats once again calling for impeachment it doesn't matter what does or doesn't happen. this has been a goal for a very long time. all the hysteria, all the conspiracy theories, it's really about to distracting the american people from real
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scandals that they are not reporting on that we are investigating and of course we will continue to investigate, we will continue to expose them because you deserves answers, the truth and people need to be held responsible for their actions.ry for example, back in january. we've been telling you political uncovered a massive huge scandal much bigger than trump-russia. here's the headline, ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump, tf officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-electi after quietly boost clinton. that story as we been telling you details how late paid operative, alexandra chalupa spearheaded a plan along with the ukrainian government, ukrainian ambassador to hurtdo donald trump's campaign and boost hillary clinton. they highlighted how chalupa once worked for the clinton white house, to expose former trump campaign chairman paul
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manna fortune they worked accessible. she said the ukrainian diplomats were helpful when it came to .finding information, they were researching it and disseminated that information and the bombshell quote about chalupa, she shared her findings with officials from the dnc and clinton campaign. that's called collusion. but chalupa's efforts didn't end there. she also said that she would help a lot of journalists to write stories about a about to manna fortune to try to hurt the trump campaign. we reach out again to chalupa, we haven't heard back, shocking. as we said last night, she needs to be called in by the republicans, they have the power to do this. put her under oath, make her testify to congress, what did she know, when did she know what, how did she get thisw, information? who did she share the information with and congress also needs to hear from the ukrainian ambassador that she was meeting.
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they sat on the embassy and we can't stop there. the dnc were briefed, debbie wasserman schultz, she needs to be put under oath and tell you the american people what she knows about the scandal. bring in john podesta, put them under oath, he needs to testify. this is a major scandal but only the tip of the iceberg of what needs to be investigated. we still have the russian dossier, c christopher steele te former intelligence agent great britain. he wrote that fake news dossier aboutd donald trump and paid for some of the information that cited russian sources and then the group connected to hillary, that's a fusion gps, remember? they were sending at the rounde of the democrats were using that phony information to attack then candidate now president trump. they all need to be brought before congress under oath and answer questions. and of course we got the former
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fbi director comey, they want to pay this guy $50,000 and his removal to the government fbi g to "the new york times" and helping to get hisng friend al. special counsel. let's put him under oath in the spirit the special counsel ended up becoming comey, buddy robert muller. it's now time to start investigated the investigator. you're not hearing about any ofn this from the mainstream media. now mueller they be breaking out the law by carrying out this investigation when james comey is the key witness. members to his team donating thousands and thousands to obama and clinton, take a look at the graphic. his investigators have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the likes of hillary and obama. what's even worse one of the lawyers to mueller's team is working for clinton and the
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clinton foundation. with also learned that the former obama attorney general loretta lynch influence the investigation into the email server scandal pressuring james comey to call it a matter instead of an investigation. inme the 40 minute tarmac meetig with bill clinton, when are we going to put these people under oath? it's got to happen sooner's than later. all of this includes re-opening -- this is the most important part -- if were going to have equal justice under the law, reopen hillary clinton's email investigation since we know in that particular case, lynch influence to that investigation. there's also hillary breaking the law, having top secret special access program, classified information on her server that's mishandling by definition and then destroying stuff, than the corrupt uranium one deal. she was serving as secretary of state, america's uranium, the foundational material nuclear weapons a real russian
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conspiracy. that goes to vladimir putin, that goes to the russians. people involved in that deal kicked back as much as $145 million into the clinton foundation emma that's called bribery where i grew up. bill clinton doubled his speaking feess in moscow, nobody else is telling you this, it's outrageous the double standard. it's beyond anything i've seen in my lifetime. joining us now former hampshire governor john sununu, and the president's attorney who is also the chief counsel for the american center for law and justice jay welcome to the program. you've been around politics. what's that? >> have a friday. it's been unhappy investigated friday. you've been around this business for a long time, you're one of the smartest people i know, abby ever seen anything like this with the mark a double standard is met >> you're right on its being a double standard but i te
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have to keep at it, a couple points you brought up are even more serious than you made them, ukrainian folks are puppets of putin and they provided a campaignlt contribution. the clintons are guilty of not reporting that campaignt if they want to play this game, we have to be specific, we have to be sharp, we have to be focused and we have to point of these things out. i'm not a lawyer, you've got two other lawyers on with me, i'm sure they can tell you how serious that is. >> sean: you go sir, i would never interrupt governor sununu, i've watched you on crossfire. >> the other thing important to
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understand here, there is also the uranium one situation i think is not been investigated properly and the contribution of $100 million to the clinton foundation should explain how clearly beneficial that deal was to him in the russians. if you want to point to the russians, there's two examples i think of illegality. >> sean: i agree with you, let me go to you. let's separate fact from fiction here. governor sununu is right. in the ukrainian deal, there was a meeting in the embassy with the ambassador, that was passed on to the hillary campaign. that didn't happen -- anybody who knows with trump and russia. then you have fusion gps and their ties to hillary clinton's campaign, this phony dossier information coming from russia. separate fact from fiction for us here. >> the first fact from fiction is what was the purpose of the meeting and russia according to
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the people from russia who were engaged, the lawyers that werewh there. what was the purpose of the meeting actually? when it actually took place? the entire lobbying activity that went right from -- >> sean: but the email suggested otherwise. >> opposition research, that sparks politicalha campaigns. what happened here and this is what's important. what actually happened, a much larger lobbying campaign on the whole issue of the magnitsky act which is based on human rights violations in russia. that's what this is about at the end of the day. the difference is what happens in this situation. >> sean: you're breaking up a little bit, let me go to gregg jarrett.
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if you look at trump-russia as one issue and you look at issue number two, ukrainian ambassador paid dnc staffer passing on information and you look at a third issue fusion gps getting information from russia and who's ever funded them is also tight with clinton. of the three, which is the worst and then you add uranium one to mix. >> uranium one by far, it's a crime to use public office to confer a andub if it to a forein government in exchange for money. that's a real emoluments violation. the meeting with p donald trump, jr., my goodness. vladimir putin, former kgb could have sat in on that meeting and it wouldn't be a the constitution gives us the freedom to freely associate with anybody including russians and the freedom to exchange ideas and information from any source including russians.
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there is this myth somehow that every russian is the bogeyman and if you dare talk with one of them it's a heinous crime. the fact is there are no crimes here, there is no treason. g it's been on were talking to the left and right in giving information from them. >> all these democratic lawmakers including nancy pelosi seem to imply were not at war with russia, there's no deceit here. it's certainly not collusion because there is no antitrust law. it's not a violation of election laws because the lawaw specifically allows for nationals to volunteer information in their personal services. that is not a foreign donation. but the media never asks the tough questions here. >> sean: governor welcome back, we lost jay, when we come back on this busy breaking friday news night, elder, ari
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fleischer will respond to tonight's monologue and later, the original insurgent himself patrick buchanan is here and also tonight. >> you are nown in 13th place in national ratings. >> you barely scratch in hundred thousand. >> sean: a 50-year-old yogi bear reruns on 25-year-olds full house reruns do beat cnn gorker) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. binders, done. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, get this ream of paper
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say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> frankly, you know, when i was campaign manager in those >> when i was campaign manager in the last several months, when i, needed negative information about hillary clinton i didn't have to go very far. i looked atar hillary clinton. she was a treasure trove, she was a treasure box of negative hillary information with arms and legs. >> sean: that was counsel to the president kellyanne conway, that was earlier today on on "fox & friends" ," joining us n, nationally syndicated host larry elder, former white house secretary fox contributor ari fleischer. i guess from a p.r. standpoint, i will sit here all day and i
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will point out the duplicity, the double standards, not equal application of standards, i dnc operatives whose being paid by the dnc passing on information, i could talk about fusion dps and where it comes to some of the same russians. the media won't even touch it. whyi? >> i can see everything you said is true and i've also said it's so much easier to be a democrat talking to the media than it is to be republican because democrats in the media see things very much the same way and in this case they all hate donald trump for the most part they hatein trump. i still have to say that it was a mistake and donald trump, jr., almost said is himself on your show to get that email and hold the meeting. when you get an email from a foreign government particularly government saying they have dirt on your opponent and they want b to sponsor the government at this you don't
10:24 pm
take the meeting. i think donald trump, jr., would have been so much stronger if he would've just said s on your shw the critics are right, i shouldn't of had the meeting. >> sean: he kind of sad, he said in retrospect. the circumstances were different, you've been in the middle of campaigns. you know the flurry of emails and texts and meetings and everything is going on a rapid pace and i guess the only thing i would say in their defense is if you have a dnc staff member that is paid, that's passing on information that's meeting at the ukrainian embassy and dirt is disseminated by the ukrainians in that particular case against trump, that's far worse than any thing and that donald trump, jr., or anything in the trump campaign up to this point we know ever did. i guess to me it's beyond -- you accept the double standard, i'm not willing to accept'm t it. >>mp i think the other thing that's important that needs to be said is we still to this day have seen zero evidence that
10:25 pm
anybody in the trump campaign was involved in a fundamental issue here which was the russian hacking of the democratic national committee and the dissemination of -- the two were unrelated. the entire controversy really does hinge on the latter, not the former. it was bad judgment, it does not happen. the crime which would be a crime, an attack on one political party should be attack on all political parties, there still no evidence that anybody from trump's world was involved there. a >> sean: none whatsoever, julia massage talk to him and had him on radio and he vehemently denies, larry elder about the double standard. i think democrats have gone so on this, there is zero coverage of that. what do you think what the market >> i would also say this in addition to the double
10:26 pm
standard, politics is not beanbag. it's rough and tumble and i find it very difficult to believe that if those circumstances were reversed,um the clintons would t have taken this meeting. i've got her to myir opponent, dirt that may hurt my opponents campaign in a very tough campaign. spin on the ukrainian ambassador was working with them.h >> i wind up taken that meeting, are youou kidding me question martha clintons would not of taken that meeting? t personal and ethical and sexual transgressions starting with the most recent ones, the crittenden server, give me a break. >> sean: let me ask this then. maybe ari is right, there's a double standard and it's really flagrant. there shouldn'tt be a two justie
10:27 pm
system there needs to be equal justice under the law. if mueller isn't going to investigate all this, shouldn't we bring in john podesta and robbie moved and hillary clinton, don't all those people need to be put under oath? the justice system needs to be separate from politics. >> i couldn't agree with you more but you heard that old line inin washington, d.c., if you wt a brand and get a dog. it is a double standard, republicans are difficult to win because he believes the media are against them. that's the case, so were going to have to deal with it. >> sean: thank you both for being with us, appreciate it. up next, pat buchanan is here to respond to all of this hysteric and also tonight. it >> sean: and last nine months, i'm going to finish. >> sean: g dr. gorka's takedown
10:28 pm
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(bell ringing) (audience cheering) >> lie from america's news headquarters, the governor of illinois declares three counties north of chicago disaster areas, this allows state to coordinate any request for assistance. more flood damage is expected as rivers will continue to rise in the coming days. the governor says about 6800 buildings in the area has been hit by unprecedented flooding. a fast growing -- sinkhole, it started out the size of a small swimming pool but just kept growing about 250 feet by 50 feet. it quickly engulfed one house, damaged about 80% of another and then set its sights on a third
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house. no one has been hurt yet, firefighters also managed to save two dogs. for all your headlines, log on to, have a great weekend. >> i think we get along very well and i think that's a good thing, that's not a bad thing. people said they shouldn't get along, for the people that are saying that? i think we got along very, very well. we are a tremendously powerful nuclear power and so are they. it doesn't make sense not to have some kind of relationship. >> sean: that was president trump this week defending his attempts to normalize relations with russia, joining us now author of nixon's white house wars our friend patrick buchanan. there is a great irony here this week, the russians are so bad, you can't talk to them, but as soon as two russians startt saying anything bad about trump, they are the most credible people on earth and we need to
10:34 pm
listen. that was before tonight when we learned the democrats were also targeted by them, what are your thoughts on all this? >> my thoughts are the president of the united states is correct and wanting to deal with russia and effective rapprochement with russia, they got six or 7,000 nuclear weapons, he's a tough customer. he's an autocratic, he's not pope francis but he's not joseph stalin and he's not brezhnev, he hasn't done massive crimes of soviet union did. american presidents have tried ever since trumansi to get alonh with soviet leaders and know we have a russian leader who's not a communist and i think we have to try to get along with him. i commend the presidents. >> sean: he's former kgb, nobody likes what he didn't ukraine or crimea or these other instances but at the end of the day, trump isn't exactly being his best friend. he's trying to setse up a system
10:35 pm
wheree energy wise which is the lifeblood of the o economy of everybody that western europe has an option beyond russia in case he goes nuts and wants to turn off the spigot from there. >> take syria, there are the russians and the iranians and like it or not the syrians they won the civil war.i they helped us to a degree kill isis in rocca and it syria, and of the united states wants to work with the russians, probably one of the worst civil war since the spanish civil war in the 30s.s il commend the president for trying to deal with it. >> sean: there's been one narrative but there is a far more evidence of y real collusi, the dnc paid operatives passing on information, meeting with the ukrainian ambassador at the embassy, then you've got gps,
10:36 pm
fusion gps, false information gotten from russia regurgitated by democrats. the mediat. doesn't even touch t and it's far worse. if you're the trump white house, how do you deal with it? you've lived under fire your entire life. >> you touch in a very valid point here, they're not going after hillary clinton for a variety of reasons. one of them, she's irrelevant, she'ssh gone. secondly, the media in this town and the deep estate are determined to bring down donald trump. they smelled blood in the water, there are pulitzers all around. this is their watergate time, this is their hour. the obsession, morning, news and night. five newspapers, i don't see when this ends or how this ends right now, but i don't think
10:37 pm
it's going to end well. when things come along like what happened up there in new york donald trump junior at that meeting, not given the whole truth i think this battle is a fight to the finish for control the destiny of the united states politically. a >> sean: that is really chilly, i don't disagree but i will make it my business to c me sure the duplicity, the hypocrisy, that lying is exposed because they're not doing it it's sad. thank you, up next at night on this is he breaking news night on "hannity" ." speaking of do you know? >> sean: dr. gorka, his beat down the liberal media went to their faces all week. that's straight ahead
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>> welcome back to "hannity." so this week, one brave member of the trump administration >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," this week one brave member of the trump administration went into the lion's den over and over again to do battle with the destroy trump media. whether he was appearing on cnn or msnbc, dr. sebastian gorka took the president's message to some pretty dark corners of the fakee news sphere, he came out n top, this is entertaining. >> more people watch nick at night cartoons than cnn. >> our ratings are doing just fine. if you want to go there. >> you are now 13 to and
10:42 pm
national ratings come up behind nick at night which is at 11. >> you use that line on monday and it was mildly amusing. >> 4 million viewers, you barely broke 800,000. >> unless nine months, you and your colleagues on cnn, msnbc. >> no, sir. >> i'm going to finish, you know who leaked the information, do you know who have the identities? >> i'm asking you. >> note to my messenger. >> you've seen that leadership from the s southern border, to nato, to warsaw, to the stock market, where crushing it and he can do that from anywhere. >> sean: the white house doesn't crash the stock market but i appreciate your time. >> that's a common phrase, it means winning. >> sean: gorka beat down, joining is now the man himself a consistent the deputy assistant, to the
10:43 pm
president dr. sebastian gorka. 25-year-old reruns of full house art what's on nick at night beating cnn, you are factually correct. you took it to them and i'm glad you did. why did you decide to do it?. >> sooner or later somebody has to poke back. we have beautiful intelligent women like kelly enke but we have ralph professionals like sean spicer, somebody has to be the president's pit bull, i'm ready i'm going to take it to them. they had a reputation, cnn and the war zone, msnbc, it's gone like a puff of smoke. they have a credibility crisis. think about what they are c doi. they've been on this collusion delusion for nine months, not one piece of any illegal activity and they spin and they spend. they are tanking, somebody has to make him wake up and i'm glad to help. >> sean: it's something we do on this program almost every night and we are giving news and
10:44 pm
information that i argue you really can't get anywhere else. i even watched 8 minutes of a cnn program, it was so shallow, so bitterly partisan, so factually inaccurate that i couldn't take it anymore and i tweeted out and people wrote to me why did you waste 8 minutes of your life? we know it's fake news. here's the issue, now we know there was collusion, there were meetings, with pay dnc operatives and the ambassador of ukraine and information is passed on and the hillary clinton campaign in the dnc, money paid out come out russian information given in that particular case, comey wanted to hire the guy. there's so much more evidence of collusion on the other side and nobody else is talking about it. this isn't funny at this point. >> they've made a decision. my white house colleague coined the phrase last week, the fake news industrial complex.
10:45 pm
there's two ways to be successful inin your business. one way is to go after the s ratings with sensationalism, with lies, lies about what mueller is going to testify, spin, spin, spin so you make more money. it >> sean: everybody has been lied about, they've gone after you, that going after the first lady, the first daughter, they've gone after an 11-year-old0 kid, ten of the time. they've gone after brothers, they've gone after kelly an end steve miller. there's nobody that gets a pass here, they want to kill anybody associated with this president speaking.y >> it is a psychological issue. they cannot believe that the american people chose donald trump to be president. as a result, they are in this bubble, there in this psychological crisis, they spin, they spin, they want to make more money on ratings, so that
10:46 pm
corporate owners are happy. the only way to bee successful n the long-term is to do what you do, it's about truth. you say that you are conservative but you're interested in the truth whether it's about benghazi, the irs scandal, fast and furious, they don't care about theaz truth. think about professionalism or the lack of it. can you imagine walter cronkite or edward r. murrow have a guest on their show and then after the interview ends in the next panel, they insult a guest when he can't defend himself. that's what anderson cooper did this week. it was unprofessional. >> sean: he used to get that recently died to do it. great job this week. that was important to line in the sand and it's time people start calling them out. good job dr. gorka, thanks for being with us. up next on this busy breaking friday news night on "hannity" " >> we have one of the most
10:47 pm
bureaucratic confusing litigious societies on the planet. it's an embarrassment. >> sean: jamie dimon unloads on the inefficient washington bureaucrats, the swamp. i've got another message tonight for washington republicans in particular. that's our mini monologue and also tonight. >> there's two things in this world i cannot stand. liberals are always crying and melting every time you disagree with them. >> sean: conservative social media twitter sensation and terrence williams, he gets a last word of the week tonight on "hannity" ." bass pro shops for freedom days. with clearance savings of 33 to 50% on select men's and ladies' sandals. and save 30% on select towables, wakeboards and skis.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." bureaucracy, red >> sean: will come back to "hannity," bureaucracy, red tape, taxes or, ravaging american businesses, stifling entrepreneurs and stunting the growth of wages all across the country, it's time for the government to get off all of our backs, that's why we're putting washington on notice in a very important mini monologue tonigh tonight. >> sean: the federal government is spending $400 billion of your hard earned
10:52 pm
money for the first time in american history, so what are you getting for your hard earned dollars? a huge controlling inefficient bloated bureaucracy that just nd and more and during a quarterly conference call, jamie dimon, he went off on the confusing red tape that all of us as americans have to jump over just to earn a simple living and provide for our families, listen to what he sai said. >> we have become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing, litigious societies on the planet. it's almost an w embarrassment o being an american citizen around the world and listening to the stupid [bleep] we have to deal with that run this country. at one point we'll have to get our act together, unfortunately people writing about this it's corporations, it's not for corporations. competitive taxes are important forin business in the business growth which is important for jobs and wage growth. spoon jobs for us the american
10:53 pm
people he's right. thankfully president trump is taking action. in his first few months in office, the president has signed over a dozen laws rolling back, stifling obama era regulations. implementing a new rule requiring these bureaucrats to eliminate two regulations for every new regulation they impose on l us. there is one piece of obama era legislation that some can argue is more harmful to american businesses, the american people than any other regulation or law on the books and that of course is obamacare. earlier today the presidents twittered out republican senators are working hard to get there obamacare replacement approved, i will be at my desk pen in hand. under the leadership of senate majority leader mcconnell, get health care plan approved after seven years of obamacare disaster, this must happen. after all these years of suffering through obamacare,
10:54 pm
republican senators must come through as they have promised. guess what? all of you in the senate, it's time for you to keep that promise and start working for the american people. this is hard, you've been promising us seven years. repeal can replace obamacare, it's not only necessary for the health and the well-being of our citizens but also for the health of the health and well-being of this economy. we give the government hundreds of billions of dollars every month, it's time for you in congress in this particular case the senate, put your money where your mouth is. get your job done. we are getting tired of waiting. up next on this busy breaking news night on hannity. >> there's two things in this world i cannot stand liberals. there always crying and melting every time you disagree with them. >> sean: conservative twitter social media sensation terrence williams he gets the last word this week as he has every night
10:55 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," all weeks are friend terrence williams has had the last word on the program, here's the final word for the week. >> there's two things in this in this world i cannot stand, blondes and liberals. they always crying and melting every time you disagree with them. every time they open their mouths, they run to mama's basement to cry and complain about life. you can't even have a real debate with w a liberal, they don't care about that. they don't know why they won't drop, you know what? you asked them about why they are mad and trump there like cnn told us to be mad. they need to go to bed. you've got to love that left him a thank you so much you've been great all week
11:00 pm
we appreciate of spirit that's all the time we have left this evening, thank you for being with us. this show will always be fair and balanced, have a great weekend we'll see you back here onl monday. ♪ ♪ tuc >> tucker: well, good evening, and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. michael, one the president's campaign aides, who spoke to the press after coming out of the briefing. >> whatever it takes to help him clear up this russian collusion delusion. >> tucker: michael with l. join news a few moments what he saw in congress today. first attorney general jeff sessions gave a speech this week to a group of christian lawyers the group called alliance