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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 15, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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as well to talk about that. when he called the last time around. he is going to be on tomorrow on the show. 1:00 eastern to talk about his boat. we will see you tomorrow. president trump returning now from his third trip overseas. he is facing a slew of pressing issues including the bush -- the push to repeal and replace. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. the president is taking a step back from the russia controversy rush of controversy in this weekend he is attending the u.s. women's open golf tournament is being held at his own trump national golf course and bet.
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he is life in washington dc with the battle over healthcare. greg on a nice a saturday afternoon here in the garden state. as you know the president is wrapping up a fairly busy week. looking for opposition research into hillary clinton and his campaign opponent. he wraps it all up by coming home. a little bit of golf at that u.s. women open. it's actually over there. as part of the russian story. they try to keep americans focused on his agenda. this is what is working. the stock market hit another all-time high yesterday. despite the russian hoax story. also jobs numbers are starting
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to look very good. indeed in the last weeks june job report. the non- foreign payroll by the way. it's holding at a very robust or .4 percent. it is still is still in his son's decision to have that meeting with the russian lawyer. and still been criticized because you've got it the lawyer is russian. they claim to not had been working for the kremlin. and you can see why this story is still out there. the intelligence officer was also present. if accurate as another deeply
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disturbing fact about the secret meeting. when it comes to the campaign's meetings with russian officials. don junior is not even a government employee. and the guy who set it up lied about what the lady may have have in the first place. they also point to the fact that the clinton campaign did in fact collude with ukraine to defeat donald trump. the other is a friend. no matter how you look at it. it's a weekend of golf. to get something done on healthcare. it's obviously going to dominate the headlines. for now back to you. unsuccessful collision.
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they are trying to move forward with the revised healthcare bill with present resident trump saying that it's very close to sealing the deal. but some moderates and conservatives are still at loggerhead. we have the details for us. at this point senate leadership can't afford to lose a single vote for that revised healthcare bill. for it to even be able to move ahead for debate. two republicans have already said that they will be voting against the bill a lot of others have said they are still undecided. that includes a group of five moderates who are now requesting additional changes such as an increased funding for medicaid and john hoban of north dakota made that request late yesterday with the a
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leader with majority leader mitch mcconnell. he is already made a number of changes to the belt to try to entice concerned lawmakers and he could still get more request as they continue to look over the bill and make up their minds. what the american people want right now as we are out doing our due diligence. we are reviewing the document the new bill we are working hard to get the gas. senate leadership is not alone. the white house has been heavily involved in meetings and the president himself has been making calls and using his weekly address to pressure republicans to support the bill. it drives down costs. it is going to get something and is very good.
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the big lie was obama care. one thing to keep an eye on is the report from the congressional budget office of how much the revised plan will cost and how much it will say. that could impact a number of senators who are still undecided. they always keep a close eye on that score as they can't is a conflict from the accounting office. they gathered in providence rhode island. the hot topic of distress -- discussion is that gop healthcare bill. from both parties so far they have come out against it. here is what the former arizona governor told fox news. they had been talking about it for seven and half years now. they will repeal and replace. separate the bills and do it in somewhat of a bipartisan manner and every time you move something something else shifts. it's very difficult.
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some he has to take the leadership and move it forward. democratic governors are unanimously opposed to this bill. the republican opposition is split between those who say this goes way too far and those who say it doesn't actually far enough. protests are erupting across the country today. organizers of women's march returning to march returning to washington to rally against the nra. another group organizing marches in atlanta, seattle and chicago but the trump supporters are countering those protesters holding their own rally in new jersey close to has a golf course. with the details from the newsroom. the summer a protest continues. at least 15 anti- trump protests are scheduled nationwide. they begin in atlanta at noon. it's unclear how big the rallies are.
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they are going for the trump regime. the air scheduled right there. the racist anti- immigrant environment. for the administration according to the group's website. they also believe the current healthcare proposal is a plan of starvation, disease and impoverishment and hatred of women. there are a few pro trump rallies scheduled today. they have nearly 50% participants there today. they also protest there today. there is some caution and concern some of the protests in the past have turned violent.
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the protest from the so-called anti- fascist group that look to start violence. we will be monitoring all of these protest nationwide all day. thank you very much. and in turkey today. tens of thousands of marking marking a one-year anniversary since last year's failed coup. coming up next will discuss how this key native ally is doing in the wake of all of this turmoil. it is a deadly fire and it rips through the high-rise apartment building. stick with us. even the firemen once we got back even the firemen got down on his hands and knees and was huffing and puffing.
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get your favorites on top of your favorites. that's why at comcast we're continuing to make4/7. our services more reliable than ever. like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. the high-rise apartment fire killing at least three people in honolulu hawaii. that buyer breaking out in the unit on the 26th floor not clear what caused the fire. authorities say it does have a sprinkler system.
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if it did firefighters said the damage would not had been nearly as extensive. the fire broke out at about 215 in the afternoon. almost immediately residents could see flames shooting out of the apartment complex. plumes of thick dark smoke poured out of the building. that fire went so fast. it was just amazing. and the smoke i heard three or four women's voices screaming. two women and one man were injured in the fire.
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they quickly found out they have to hook it up. it doesn't require sprinkler systems but the mayor of honolulu said it needs to change for the entire city. i think they need legislation to do exactly that. that review. it is unclear what started the fire but authorities say if there had been sprinkler's the fires would not had spread past the unit where it started. a prominent russian-american lobbyist was saying he was also at that meeting.
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in his participation wasn't previously disclosed. they said the russian lawyer was supposed to have a damaging information about hillary clinton but he did ultimately receive that. that regional field director. the political editor of the fox news contributor. he is also the author of end of discussion. the first thing i want to talk to both of you about details matter a great deal. and put a fine point on details on the court of public opinion they are ultimately held to a higher standard for better or worse. not just that the administration invited by the letter of the law that they were holding those
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preeminently at all times. where is the american public on what is happening lately. i'm innocent here and pretend that there isn't a serious credibility problem we can say here in debate should donald junior have taken the meeting. it was at the fact that it was new to politics. what was the timeframe was there a set up. there is a lot of moving parts to this. the problem is from a pr standpoint from the very beginning we got one story which was no contact with russian nationals. and we are a long way from that now. with even the specific details about what happened in june at this encounter changing every day. it makes the previous explanation in operative.
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it is the problem in terms of optics. i think it is too early that. the shifting narrative is what you are hitting on there. i could not agree more. you just hit the nail on the head. and i admit that i keep hearing is that they were basically too incompetent i spoke to an expert with psychological warfare. he was able to identify at least 20 identity markers where this meets the criteria of psychological warfare. i want to consider for the fact that russia is an adversary. they baited him with this meeting. he agreed to take this meeting
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is the moment that donald trump junior agreed to take this meeting. they accomplished their mission but don't they were able to leak out the fact that it happened to begin with. and i were here having this discussion. i'm not sure we know all of that yet. i don't think we can confirm that it was the russians debated trump junior into that meeting. we don't know what those woman's goals were. the fact that they have a former intelligence guy with her. thinking that this was the russians who baited him. got him on the hook and then licked it. well had that evidence yet. i think we have to be careful. her background not really clear at this point but something we do know by the time air force one touched
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down on u.s. soil last night fox news confirmed that at least at least eight people were present in the meeting. understandable why from a congressional investigative standpoint this matters. but should the american people care about this. where is it just color. we know the top three trump campaign officials were there. >> there is two sides to this. is this the number one issue in america that most people care about with jobs and the economy and healthcare are more health care far more than they do about russia and the medias feeding frenzy on this even though it's an important issue. an adversary for an government interfering in our election which we know for a fact they did whether or not we want to call it collusion with the trump people or however you want to describe it. they had been trying to impact their election.
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it is unacceptable. if you had top level people in the trump campaign not telling the truth about what happened when were very quickly and we want too. that's what we support the special counsel investigation. they have some of that to deal with themselves. there are other questions that need to be pursued this female russian lawyer who is portrayed as a government lawyer with the information supposedly she has a bona fide connection with fusion gps. with the opposition research firm here in dc that was responsible for asking for and commissioning that anti- trump dossier.
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it seems like a pretty curious thing that we are to ask questions about. is not just a trump. if the foreign adversary appeared in general elections that is a national security issue. it something that is still unclear. hopefully we will get more clarity going forward. what do you make of the fact that the president president just returned from overseas. do you think the russia stuff is drowning out that president trump is trumpeting u.s. interests abroad. what do you make of this. protecting our way of democracy is a nonpartisan issue in the former army
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ranger. when we got information that was from an illegal source we turn it over to the fbi we did not take the debate and go to a meeting like this. the single most important issue right now. >> thank you so much for joining us. a quick check of the headlines now. illinois officials say nearly 7,000 buildings just north of chicago had been badly damaged from this week's heavy flooding. the forecasters expect the flooding to worsen this weekend. on that recalls just over 2 million vehicles worldwide to replace battery sensors due to the risk of fire. the voluntary recall affects their battery center -- sensor. the company said those batteries are not properly sealed -- sealed against moisture.
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o.j. simpson is back in the spotlight. he could be out on parole later this year. i hearing for the former nfl start will be held next week it could result in his release from a nevada prison as early as october 1. it has been one year since the coup in turkey was foiled. today there was a unity march and estimable. all of those who have taken to the streets to preserve the rights and freedom of their democratic society. their actions continue to remind us that the preservation of democracy requires perseverance, tolerance and safeguards for fundamental freedoms. turkey is an important member of the nato alliance. it tries to keep the turmoil in syria from spilling across the borders. in light of the meeting with president putin last week. we wanted to take a close look
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at the state of turkey and the role in nato it today. joining us for this is a u.s. ambassador for nato and executive director at the mccain institute. thank you for having me. i wanted to dig down a little bit into what happened in turkey just as a first question here. what transpired that night. we understand it to be a failed military tomb. they tried to overtake the turkish government. they have purse -- pushed pursed -- pushed back against that narrative. 2000 were injured. this is a terrorist attack. it was very big. i understand what they're saying. it's not just a small inside some rooms somewhere event. there had been tensions inside a turkey prior to that he have
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to have a sense of tough crackdown on the media and opposition in so there was tension in society. they didn't want to that failed and then there has been a tremendous crackdown since then. the educators. there's been a massive crackdown as a result of that he don't to see a nonconstitutional process. they are spot on and they want to support turkish democracy. at the same time this crackdown has been very expensive. today is a chance to celebrate the turkish development still there.
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the crackdown you mentioned in includes some 50,000 plus citizens detained and arrested over the course of the last year. 7500 more dyslexic. it is a lot. in light of this it seems that the turkish bilateral relationship over the course of the last year has really been more strained than ever before. with them taking place. or is there another element a play. can you break that down a little bit for us. the key to understanding a lot of it. it has really broken down over several years going back five or eight or ten years the issue is that they live in a very dangerous neighborhood. yet the certain kurdish groups that conduct terrorist attacks
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regularly against turkey. there are other groups that are able to work together. they had been singularly focused on dealing with isis and not engaging them very effectively. and hopefully that will give us more of a chance to work with turkey that in turn might feel like he is less isolated. as you mentioned can you tell us this very quickly about president trump dynamic. we know they have engaged with one another several times. what is their dynamic like it should that give us hope are cause for confirmation looking forward. turkey doesn't want a productive strong relationship with the united states.
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they benefit from that kind of relationship with turkey. turkey also wants strong support from nato collective defense. those are all there. even if we have differences over some things if they focus on a court strategic national interest i think we can make progress. you can help ease the situation domestically in turkey. it will help them move into the 21st century. thank you so much for joining us. we hope to see you again soon. a high-stakes showdown is brewing right now on capitol hill between one party's own members. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell can only afford to leave -- lose to republican senators. what are the options. we will examine it next. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving.
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walk him back as the battle over replacing and repealing obamacare drags on and the u.s. senate republicans are looking at some other options here like repealing first and replacing later. they very interested in what he considers himself to be from the conservative reagan party and he truly wants what most of us want which is repeal of obamacare if it doesn't happen in the senate leadership can't put it together my hope is that he steps into the fray and he indicates that he is open to my idea which is separated into a clean repeal. and puts them on a belt that they can work with democrats on. chris, good to see you.
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the score is can come out and your pride in your pie can have a couple more republicans like you. that mitch mcconnell may not be able to cuddled together the necessary 50 votes. how viable is his idea which is repeal it and because we will have the repeal in place that might actually force forced some democrats to our side. >> e of two republican senators who say they won't vote on this. and to your point if the score doesn't look right and one more republican the flex you'll probably see ten jump on the bandwagon. the repeal first thing that the present has bushed president has bushed a little bit was originally written off is not likely and not possible. to your point it might bring endemic crap to the table. we are sunsetting this.
11:36 am
it ends in two years we need to come together and figure a system. in two years this is gone and that is not incredibly unlikely of a scenario now. why not just repeal it and then take all of the billions that is can be billions given to medicaid and give it to the states state and say look, you figure out what's best for the people that live in your state is something governor mike huckabee has floated. what's wrong with that idea. is there any appetite for that. as a kind of great idea that they run on but they don't govern on that. they can try to do anything they want to change the policies he created a new entitlement and then they ran
11:37 am
against it over and over again thing you took their healthcare. now they own it. the republicans have to play in the playground that they created and it's a nightmare but more sleep states have become addicted to the medicaid expansion. or if you do whatever you want. why not just simply let the states running and maybe pass a bill that says from now on you can buy and sell insurance policies across state lines. the republican governors are entirely complicit in how difficult this is. they said they are going to get this massive medicaid expansion. the money wasn't there. it was completely unfounded. as a kind of idea that you are
11:38 am
pushing forward though. a lot of conservatives and libertarians have put forward. at this repeal plan says as much as they possibly can to the states listen you deal with this. we break it down. we don't take regular -- regulations. america has a great health care system. it's the insurance companies that are broken and the fact that they cost so much more than they do in other countries. the insurance companies are complicit in this. they push for it to be passed another pushing for it to be to state because they're making a fortune. they had doubled now under obamacare instead of going down they've gone up on average $3,000. they're continuing to go up. in one of the reasons is because obamacare has the one-size-fits-all mentality. if older americans having to
11:39 am
paper maternity care and a whole bunch of other things they don't need. part of the bill is a stripped down some of the insurance coverage and allow people to actually buy what they want when at that be more desirable to more people it seems like that would be a basic truth that could be accepted by everyone we had two of the biggest insurance companies that came out against ted cruz's plan that would give people the freedom to buy plants that they don't need. that should be basic but we've lost our idea of what insurance is. it should be protection against future problems. we lost all of that. we are talking about the elderly having to pay for maternal care. none of that makes sense and it is a severely distorted market. actually got rid of all the taxes.
11:40 am
it's completely unrelated to healthcare. and that was attractive to a great many people and it might actually spur increased economic growth. but now this revised version of the bill strips strip set out what is the impact. with all of these republicans you would think that they ran against taxes but there is a lot of moderates now that are actually insistent that if you make over $200,000 yourself you own more to uncle sam. and a lot of this money is going towards bribe the more liberal members of the republican party to bring money back to their states we haven't got rid of sending millions of dollars to alaska for example and not as can be there. they are gonna push back against. they are trying to pull everyone together and make it. if they do repeals first the
11:41 am
chances you have to do all of these kind of horsetrading that's going on right now would decrease dramatically. every week we continue to hear about more people going out of the marketplace. one third of the counties across the country only had one insurer left. something needs to be done. will wait and see. chris, thank you. the justice department is asking that the supreme court to take action after a federal judge altered the executive order on the travel man. the details on this and the departments appeal are coming up. they make a decision on the criminal case against the u.s. olympic swimmer. it's all coming up next. stick with us. at me...look at .
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trump administration now appealing a ruling from a federal judge in hawaii that would allow more people into the united states and the department of justice now asking the supreme court to block his decision which would expand the list of relatives who could visit families here in the u.s. allison barber has more. the trump administration is making another appeal to the supreme court over the controversial travel ban. last month the nation's highest court handed a partial wind really the people the bona fide relationship already in the u.s. what did the supreme court do. adequately defined close family relations. thursday the judge derek watson expanded the list of
11:47 am
the relationship and what they can use to get into the u.s. if they are from one of the six muslim majority countries listed in the executive order. the family based visa constitutes cherry picking. the unduly restricted reading of close relationship. other equally relevant relationships define a close family and a much broader manner. jeff sessions said the decision undermines national security and shows a lack of respect for the separation of powers. some say the supreme court ruling was narrow but unclear and because of that the administration nearly defined close family. that same day that evening they changed and allowed fiancés to be included. there has been a lot of confusion of who is in and who is not but it seems like there is a strong argument to say how do you say a grandparent
11:48 am
is not close family member. they would likely deal with an emergency filing like this sooner rather than later. allison thinks. and an appeal court in brazil has said that the case against ryan likely should be dismissed. he later told the court they concluded that he didn't break brazilian law. he vandalized a gas station during the 2014 games but later told authorities he had been robbed at gunpoint. he returns to the u.s. swimming, you might want to check your groceries before firing up the old barbecue tonight. a popular band of hot dogs has been recalled more than 7 million pounds of meat and some of it could be in your fridge right now.
11:49 am
we will tell you about it. and the last chance at life. he can treat charlie and is preparing to visit him in the uk before his doctors there pull the plug. >> the establishment here has put up a shot that says turn off the life support machine. what this is all about for the last chance
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they are some of the most popular things in new jersey. the marathon enterprises issued the recall 7 million pounds worth that is a lot of franks. it was meat that was produced if you want to write this down here is some of the brands. stew leonard's. an american dr. is preparing to travel to the uk to see
11:54 am
whether he can save young charlie guards precious life. it can be another trial treatment. it could improve the muscle strength and his brain function. it is holding charlie hostage. they will allow the parents to decide the fate. recently a judges said their opening to review new evidence. that has given the parents another chance to keep their baby alive an earlier court decision it won't be
11:55 am
worthwhile. to try the new treatment. other children with a similar condition to that disease. as you say they've a rare dramatic -- genetic illness. they say there is no chance that charlie can recover at all or survive outside of intensive care. his parents insist that he is not suffering and they refuse to give up hope. they had been fighting of course in court to take charlie to the u.s. pretreatment and as doctors here say they will survive the journey and they don't believe the treatment will be affected. they have argued that he has -- should be able to die with dignity. we say that those courts have backed the argument of the doctors undo to issue a new a
11:56 am
decision on this case by july 25. >> it is just a heart wrenching story from every angle. people on both sides of the atlantic. back on u.s. soil. this is they are continuing to deal with follow-up. we will have the latest in a moment. ite, alice. it's like labor day weekend on top of the fourth of july. hotdogs. get your favorites on top of your favorites. only at applebee's.
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>> that does it for us. we will be back here one hour from now. hope you will join us. >> journal editorial -- ♪ >> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. senate republicans released a revised version of their healthcare bill this week, hoping to jump-start their stalled effort to repeal and replace obama care. president trump urging members of his party to get it done, saying the time to act is now. >> i'm sitting in the oval office, with a pen in hand, waiting for our senators to give it to me. for years they have been talking about repeal, replace, repeal replace. now we have a president that's waiting to sign it. i have pen in hand.


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