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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  July 23, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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call 911 while he was trapped in the trash. fire crews used a hose to pump fresh air into the chute. it took an hour to get him -- to pull him up with a harness. he's okay. i would have been freaked out being in the trash. >> see you in one hour, 6:00 p.m. eastern. back are you ready for the show? it's not like greg to take the week off. i don't know tom, let me out back is there someone in the trunk? >> let me out. tom? tom? >> good enough for me. see you out there to back tom, let me out. >> this isn't funny, tom. i will get you for this.
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this is not a joke, let me out. [cheering] >> i am tom filling in for greg who is deadly on vacation and not in a footlocker somewhere. we have an amazing show plan for you so let's get right to it. joining us on the phone is the 45th president of the united states, donald j trump. hello, mr. president. >> let me say congratulations. i hear your ratings will go through the roof plus, i fired sean spicer today and this will be the highest rated greg gutfeld episode of all time. by the way, greg has a great
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show. tom: thank you, mr. president. i hope i can do his show justice. >> i have a lot of faith in you. you're very good. tom: thank you. any tips for what i should do? >> you need to mention to me every 50-30 seconds and everything will be tremendous. i don't even need to be there. there's something about hearing my name that makes people sit up and listen and it makes him happy, i have to say. tom: mr. president, o.j. simpson dominating the news coverage and what you think about that mark. >> oj absolutely killed it on thursday. he cut through all the stories and iran away with it. i have to tell you. tom: that's an interesting
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choice of words. >> he murdered those people tom. tom: it seems like the oj story clipped your news for the week. you were promoting made in america and are you concerned about that? >> tom, not at all. if o.j. simpson wants to beat me in the ratings he'll have to climb back into that without and drive slowly along the 405 with a gun to his head and even if he does that, even if he does that, i'll fire off another that joe and mika will have a problem with. tom: thank you, so much for taking time out of your busy schedule, sir. >> tom, when they cancel the show the way they canceled redeye, i hope you don't get the
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blame. [laughter] if for some reason you are around when things get canceled. tom: thank you, mr. president. >> by the way, i still don't like. [inaudible] [laughter] tom: thank you, sir. president of the united states, ladies and gentleman. [cheering] five what a week it was the present time. i thought things were crazy before sean spencer resigned and will get to that in a bit. the week started with the republican effort to repeal obamacare which went down in flames. the media called it an epic fail, a meltdown in the trumpet shrugged it off because it was made in america week and he's trying to bring backdrops to the usa. so, the media cried failure in
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the president on a cowboy hat and get into a fire truck. how did the media react to that? screaming. really, made in america is a great thing to focus on and a lot of people think we don't make anything in america but that is not true. look at all the great stuff that we make. louisville slugger made america. the alamo, made in america. cans of what bass, made in america. magic mike, made in america. tom brady, made in america.
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o.j. simpson, made in america. videos like this, made in america. [cheering] tom: speaking of the media, they focused on russia and they discovered a no call so-called meeting between trump and putin at the g20 summit dinner. you know what happens when they repeareport about a secret meet? trump tweets. big new story of the secret dinner with putin is all set, all g20 leaders and spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. the press new and you know what the media doesn't trump tweets about big news? this.
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tom: i could watch the screaming all day. the media doesn't like the teeth and cnn posted an article called trumpet by numbers to see what he accomplished in the six months he's been in office. they're finding 1000 tweets, zero major legislation but what do trump supporters think of those numbers? [cheering] tom: that's right. trump supporters are still supporting him because they don't care about major legislation. that's not why they elected him. he's exposing the media is the liberal activist they are and that's enough. he'd be okay with him saying a fake news every day for the next four years because the word has tremendous power. watch this. fake news.
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[cheering] hold on a second. i'll take it further. i think trump could have walked into the white house on january 20th pulled on the shades in the holo oval office d watched nothing but netflix for four years and all he would have to do to keep millions of people happy is once a week, guess what, hillary still isn't president. [cheering] think about it. she's not. [cheering] let's welcome tonight. she so bright she's currently attracting moths, famous dc manager kat.
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he's so sharp i use him to open my fan mail, foxnews .com peter steven muller. and her cloud nine is raining, cohost of the boxing specialist kat. he's the cause of 20% of the earth tremors, former bodyguard and greg's massive sidekick, tyrus. [cheering] sean spicer resigned on friday and he spoke with sean hannity friday night. listen. >> from what i understand in all the reports are that the president did not want to go. tell us what happened. >> he didn't. he's been very gracious about this process and he wanted to bring new folks in to help rev up the medication operations in after reflection, my decision was to recommend the president that i give anthony and sarah a clean slate to start from so that they can talk at the
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president's agenda and help move it forward. after some back and forth understood that the offer was in the best interest of this administration and i think him for the opportunity i'm looking forward to watching anthony and sarah to a two-minute stop. tom: i miss him already. at the last year of beauty is now white house medications director. catherine were you surprised when the news broke? >> can you blame him respect his resume will be perfect now and can put works well under death gripping pressure and anyone will hire him. tom: do you think trump was ever really happy with sean spicer? >> how can you not be happy with sean spicer. tom: when you talk about ratings, sean spicer's press briefings had high ratings check yet, the best ever. in history.
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i don't know who is happier to be out of jail this week, o.j. simpson or sean spicer. he'll look back at his time as a white house easter bunny in the george w. bush is a high point. tom: look, if you think the messaging will change what you saw anthoy scarramucci performance in front of the podium and he seems like a chump guy. he's loose and seems tough. >> will be the wolf of the trump administration. for all things considering he did great today. he rolled up, told the story, waving a gun in the air and answered all the questions and the press took to him. all were hoping now is that spicer doesn't end up on a meat truck to layla. tom: he did great yesterday. yesterday.
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kat, steven has to learn the details of tv. kat. >> unit wear a tie either, guys. tom: you called this. on this very show. >> yes, i did. brilliant. >> who do you think would make a breast sector smart. >> it'll be a position with a turnover. no one will last longer than a week. i think it'll have to be a team. i did it yesterday and you have to go out there and do it now. everyone laughed but that's what happening. it's anthony scarramucci but huckabee sanders out there and they are switching. spicer and her were switching. it's a tough job. i'd rather be anything in the world than president trump's
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press secretary or anybody's press secretary. i have enough trouble being my own press secretary and how do i answer for my own behavior and opinions. i can't imagine being responsible for someone else's. sean looked happy in the interview. tom: he looked relieved, didn't he was part of take a look at anthony scarramucci's outing and see how he did. >> how will you handle when a crises or big thing comes up and you put a very sophisticated message out at night and the president, in the morning, tweets something very different? >> listen, i took trial advocacy in harvard law school and i'm not going to answer that because of the hypothetical. the first thing they teach is not to answer hypothetical. tom: tyrus, what you think about his performance? >> that the page out of my book. he asked a ridiculous question and instead of trying to appease them he kept him honest. i'm not answering particles and the guy had to -- he gave him a look. you can ask me, if you're
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married, would you cheat? why would you ask me that he did a good job. spicer was a warrior. he took bullets. he pitched a lot of innings. his arm was tired and had to go to a left-hander. tom: get a reliever in there. good job, mr. spicer. tom: still to come, michael moore heads to broadway. will the show be terrible or really terrible first, owed a walk and now everyone talks. i have tips for the juice as he reenters the real world. don't go anywhere. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. i wish this would never have happened. i apologized at my sentencing and there's nothing i can do about this media circus that is going on right now but i could do something about the whole thing in the beginning. if i had made a better judgment back then, none of this would've happened. i take full responsibility. tom: by legal degree, the juice
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will go free. >> i've been good with people and i've basically spent a conflict free life. >> i know in my heart that he is very humbled to ask him, i do vote to grant parole. i thank you. tom: it was a close call. some of his answers were met with skepticism from the parole board. >> i gave them my word and i believe in the jury system and i have honored their verdict. i've not complained for nine years back i feel there's a hint of desperation about you. i've got no idea what you had encouragement whatsoever. >> america would hit you. tom: they always love the way he talks. still, the seven -year-old simpson was granted his release after he spent nearly nine years behind bars and he, of course, was convicted in 2008 for a host
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of charges including kidnapping and armed robbery stemming from the competition with sports memorabilia dealers in a las vegas hotel room. he could be out as early as october. the same day i turned 21. anyway, juice, a lot has happened since you've been in his some quick tips to help you transition back to the real world. first, bruce jenner is now caitlin jenner. you have to remember that. there is no more running in airports, it's frowned upon. social media's great way to kick it with the outside world but it can get you in trouble. we still don't know who let the dogs out but the baja men are doing great. finally, murder, still illegal. double murder -- even worse.
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steven, what do you thank you thank you spend enough time for the memorabilia crime? >> i'm tired of o'day but i'll take a stab at thoughts here. what was interesting to me when all the networks cut over to parole hearing it took me back to the time when one singular celebrity dominated news coverage for all day, night and months on end. tom: it said something, kat, about what is it? the persona of o'day -- for you in kindergarten when the original o'day trial happened? [laughter] >> i have since watch the documentaries and i consider myself an expert which is why you watch documentaries and i think he'll go back to prison. tom: you do smart. >> yes, because when you get paroled you have to live a conflict on print conflict free life.
2:22 pm
that's what he thanks it is, he'll be right back in there. tom: maybe. catherine, are you amazed at all the coverage he got yesterday? this is like the super bowl of parole hearings. we are all longing for the '90s, right smart may be part of us is like longing for o.j. simpson coverage in a weird way. tom: it's true. we had the documentary and then there was the drama that came out so like oj is back in a big way. do you think he will reoffend or will he be playing golf? >> i like to give people the benefit of the doubt but i think murderers on another level of that but one thing is for sure, this is the first thing america can agree on and be like what the heck. you know mark. >> i agree about the '90s thing. i peeked in second grade so it's nice. tom: can you imagine social media and twitter during the oj
2:23 pm
trial mark it would have been crazy. >> we would've had a president trump years before. tom: tyrus, do you think that public perception has changed smart i felt in the '90s there was a racial component to it. >> i grew up in la so i got to enjoy that and the riots. it was fun. my issue -- and there's a lot of jokes here about what reality shows he'll be on first, keeping up with the kardashians and o oj -- to so many people that will want to pay for him to talk. he might get in this chair, we don't know. what bothers me the most is that oj's parole was not news. he went to jail nine years for trying to steal his own stuff. [bleep] that's a long time for theft. it was an newsworthy story.
2:24 pm
if the media is pushing a divided country they think oj to divide stuff. it could cause issues, riots and maybe our present say the wrong thing and maybe he'll take the wrong side and the media is trying really hard to keep pushing and when they don't get enough -- the parole hearing everyone in america was like, okay, by the way, exclusives, and now they're trying to take us back and they'll be racial epithets and some will say that's racist and then say your racist and they'll start the whole thing. oj is not news. i don't want to talk about him, he's an old man, he went to jail for stealing stuff, his acquittal and murder stuff had nothing to do with it. move on. they are trying really hard to find stuff to keep dividing this country. tom: for trying to turn on but after, tyrus. [applause] five still to come, to the man behind kermit get fired for caring too much. the big beautiful wall and the
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hospitalized. the driver under arrest. donald trump jr. and his father's former campaign chair paul manafort both agreeing to close door interviews with the senate judiciary committee. lawmakers set to grail them on their 2016 campaign meeting with a kremlin connected lawyer. committee leaders say both are still expected to testify publicly. in a purple heart that was found by an up state new york road nearly 10 years ago back in the hands of its rightful owners. and i'm back at 6:00 alongside eric shawn. tom: he says the parents, the wall will be transparent. last week president trump declared that his proposed water wall has to be see-through. just in case, someone throws a large bag of drugs over it so you don't get hit on the head. i swear, this is real.
2:30 pm
it makes sense to me. it sounds painful. he told reporters aboard air force one quotes you need transparency and you have to be able to see through it. in other words, you can see through that wall, it could be a steel wall with openings. but you have to have openings because you have to see what is on the other side of the wall. it's pretty sound logic. he continues: all give you an example, as horrible as it sounds when they throw the large stacks of drugs over and if you have people on the other side of the wall you don't see them. they will hit you with the head of 60 pounds of stuff and it's over. [laughter] he teaches us so much. that might not even be the best part. the conversation was off the record until according to the new york times the president decided his comment should be out there for everyone to see.
2:31 pm
that is a good thing. we all know what happens when you can't see through a wall. kathryn, he seems flexible on what kind of form the wall should take. speculated out right there. honestly, between the kardashians and fitted spinners i don't -- i want to spare mexico on what is going on on the side of the wall. tom: you don't want them to see in smart. >> know, and i don't think they want to see in either. tom: steven, did you know this is a problem? the exact of drugs were coming over and hitting people on the head. >> that's because i have mine flown over. i think this is interesting because what he is setting us up for is that he'll not actually build the wall but he'll tell people he built it.
2:32 pm
it'll be transported an invisible wall and her move can structure the payment down there and say reporters, look, were building the wall. he'll get kellyanne to pray when decks and sham wow see, it's there, it's built, mike pence did work as a mime. tom: kat, that he does admit that the wall won't stop drugs? >> the war on drugs has its limits. there are some people who would love to get hit with a big bag of drugs. they might consider it a nice day or perhaps a business opportunity, not me of course. i've never seen drugs. what are drugs? it's funny. i know he loves building stuff and thinking about building stuff but i didn't know and i never heard of one death where someone actually is smashed to
2:33 pm
death with a bag of drugs that some of you in the air. must be because the illuminati is coming up. it must be happening a lot. tom: tyrus, if the bag is so heavy that it will kill you by hitting you and head, how will they get it over the wall? >> death by kilo. the american tragedy. and he made money at the funeral, it covered expenses. tom: doesn't he always say that trump is the wall. >> what i'm enjoying about the story is that he doesn't drink or smoke weed and so this is him in the back with him and his boys saying watch this, guys, you have to see this. we'll have a transplant wall is to stop drugs. he'll say anything in the press are literally like we've got him. zero my god, we got him. and he's laughing his back off. it's a solar wall. it's see-through. it's glass. it starts with brick and laser beams on it. every fourth of july there will
2:34 pm
be ferris wheels and they'll put a movie on it. it'll be the greatest show on earth. people will come from all over. i'm excited. [cheering] where you going this weekend? i am going to the wall, bro. tom: just don't get hit by drugs. michael moore is coming to broadway to bash trump. i hope he's wearing a sequence. come on dad! higher! higher! parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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filmmaker michael moore will make his broadway to view the summer with his one man show the terms of my surrender. it looks like it will be a. here's the website picture. see, it's funny because it looks like trump is holding the playbill over his head. do you get it? is broadway becoming a political perspective my next guest is theater critic for the new york post once wrote that a show was over rated pain and "the elite will flock to it because of the hot ticket but will tourists who make up more of the 50% of the broadway audience? "he wrote that about hamilton. michael riddle. [applause] >> one wrong call in my entire career and he never lets me live it down. tom: your editor, you got flack for that hamilton reviewed? >> the problem that alexander
2:40 pm
hamilton was the founder of my paper, the new york post and we had a deal. ticket. here i was dashing it. it didn't go down too well. tom: are you exposing corrupti corruption. >> the post let me go after hamilton. tom: is like a citizen cane. >> it's only grossing $3 million a week. sprite is a flop. michael, what you think of michael moore on broadway? for small, you haven't seen it but could you give me your post take on it. >> i'm not a michael moore basher if you get the old michael moore. he's funny on broadway, if the jokes work and if it does not become an anti- trump rant, it could be an enjoyable evening but if it's going to be two hours of dashing donald trump, it will be tedious. tom: something tells me it will be two hours of bashing trump. [applause] you have made strange calls in your time and was at the play
2:41 pm
wicked -- what did you tell mark i have told you too much about my career. i have a very good friend who is the producer of wicked and i went out to see it in san francisco where they try shows out of town and the show was in trouble. the craters were fighting with everybody and didn't get good reviews. i went out with my friend afterward and he was in the dumps he had $14 million on the line and he said what i do i said listen, your great producer but sometimes you get flop. close it in san francisco, return as much money to your investors as you can and be there for the next one. fourteen years later, which is how long wicked husband going on broadway, he invited me up to see 10000 square foot country house in connecticut and we got back to the kitchen and he said this is the house i would not had have had i listen to you. tom: you given a bad review and
2:42 pm
put your money on it. >> it's true, i said the little puppet show q would last for a few shows and it lasted for four years. tom: will michael moore be a hit? >> i think we've seen the show before and we know that in it and inevitably ends with michael moore on the empire state building fighting off planes. tom: on the trump tower fighting off planes. is it getting too political out there smart back king kong was a victim. i have a special place in my heart for king kong. michael moore, the first ten minutes will be complaining about how broadway is sexist. broadway is sexist. it's a slow burn. we've seen in documentaries in the world is still here. he's so angry and i'm pretty sure it will be and then trump
2:43 pm
did this -- micro, we talked to him everyday and we don't need to know what he is doing because we see it every day. it's literally going to be a michael moore just complaining for two hours. i do that at home. i don't need to go pay to see that. tom: i think that any broadway show can become conservative with a few changes. for example, michael moore the terms my surrender change the leading man and you got to noris rejecting the terms of your surrender. how about this mark a chorus line, change that assembly-line. pick lines don't lied anything to the gdp. 1984, the george orwell classic is now on broadway but the conservative version, 1984, reagan defeats mondale. [applause] lion king, lion ten. and finally, cats, no, dogs.
2:44 pm
it just seems more conservative. kat, we see the michael moore show? >> i will not fear. because i don't want to. tom: coming up should kermit the frog be allowed to tell a lie is the debate and all fictional frog debates. next. diabetes can be a daily struggle, even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ baby, slice it right. from the makers of lantus®,
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tom: the internet is agog over a guy who played a frog. i speak of actor steve whitmire whose voice kermit the frog for the past 27 years. he says he was fired by dizzy because he spoke up about changes being made to the character. that in a union disagreement. whitmire says one incident happened during the short live a tv series and had adjusted to a scene where kermit was going to lie to his nephew, robin about breaking up with ms. piggy. he explained "kermit wouldn't lie to him.
2:49 pm
carmen is too compassionate to lie to him to spare his feelings". disney and the muppet studio say they can't whitmire over unacceptable business contact. as for kermit, maybe it's been a long time coming. >> ms. piggy, i will fire you. you are fired. you are fired. tom: like trump. kat, do feel bad for this guy? >> i do. he's been playing kermit for 27 years. that's a long time. that pretty much only prepares you to play kermit. those are not skills you can use in another job. those are kermit only skills and now he can't be kermit. i'm guessing he's the guy that does playing kermit on his own time. [laughter] tom: if i'm correct, he's also the puppeteer as well. he's pretty talented. tyrus? >> it's a tough time for the muppet right now.
2:50 pm
cookie monster just got caught with cocaine in his system. elmo is out there panhandling on ten square. it's a bad time to be a muppet. no one has seen gonzo since the bird flu stuff went down. let's be real, kermit the frog is 62 years old. he'll be a little jagged. he's grouchy. he's 62 years old. i read the thing like they fired him because kermit doesn't get grouchy. he's a plea map pocket. he can lie, cheat, steal, can be racist and i he heard he doesn't respect and deviance. he's an old man born in the 50s and he'll act a fool. plus, he married a pic to make money. tom: well, that is putting a sinister spin on it suspect muppets are sick, man. tom: kathryn, are you on team disney or team kermit? >> i read his statement and he seems sincere. who said that he just started
2:51 pm
becoming depressed. have you heard him for the last 27 years? he's basically like you're in frog version five it's not easy being green. he was always depressed. >> i be depressed too if i was a puppet. tom: steven, do you think this guy let playing kermit go to his head: >> maybe. he was with him for a while but it was reported in the new york times story that he supposedly filmed office contract and filled the video with kermit, ms. piggy and fuzzy bear in an undisclosed company and he wouldn't disclose it. i think we all kind of know what that means. you know. >> russian. [laughter] >> to profits and one puppet. tom: what about, tyrus, what about on the show? do you confront your bosses? >> all the time.
2:52 pm
tom: he's open to your artistic vision for the show. >> set up, and do it tyrus. greg is mean and i'm glad he's gone. thank god you are here. in lieu of pay, there is a chain underneath this and when everyone leaves i have to stay here. tom: i didn't know that disney owns the muppets. >> they own everything. tom: they have star wars now, right this mark next universal has marvel. >> the moon, stars,. >> wait for kermit to beat darth vader. >> disney will come in and take over. tom: i wouldn't mind. they're doing wonders with the star wars franchise. >> they also have pirate of the caribbean. >> i'm not going down that road again. tom: i like what is going on with rogue one. that girl. >> she died. there is nothing going on there.
2:53 pm
tom: more after this. if you leave now, i'm calling you when you get done here. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it. on a hotel just go to priceline. they add thousands of new deals every day at up to 60% off. that's how kaley and i got to share this trip together at this amazing hotel. yeah ash and i share everything - dresses, makeup, water bottles... we do? mmhmm. we share secrets, shoes, toothbrushes... what? yeah i forgot mine so i've been using yours.
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and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain, and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> a couple reminders, first, i have a new book. it's called mean dads for a better america, a perfect summer book to read when you're lying on the beach or maybe poolside. second, don't forget to tune into my new radio show. it airs monday through friday at 3 p.m. eastern on fox news radio. we are running out of show, so -- >> what you wanted to say all show but haven't had the chance to to say, so here's your chance to say it. right now. [laughter] katherine, you're a regular, i love your segments. >> you're just going of to have to tune in and find out on a weekly basis. >> it's right. turn into tucker every night -- >> every night. >> every oncing in a while, you'll see katherine's fantastic
2:58 pm
face. steven, what's the deal? go ahead, what have you got for us. >> oh, i don't know. >> i was going to the ask you about wonder woman. did you ever go see it? >> i got in there. they let me in. it was great, alamo was great -- >> you bought a ticket to an all-female screaming, but they let you in, and he were nice to you. >> yeah, the theater was great. >> did you even shave? it proves women are nice. >> that was you? >> that was me. >> oh, man. >> yeah. [laughter] >> see? >> it's all coming together right now. >> kat? >> greg is gone, he's on vacation, which means i am the only member of this show to never miss a show. yea for me. [cheers and applause] pressure. >> perfect attendance. >> yeah, perfect attendance. [laughter] [applause] tyrus? >> huh? >> you're relaxing over there? >> yeah. i was just thinking i'm excited
2:59 pm
because i'm on preacher on amc. not like here where i'm a heavily positive guy. [laughter] i don't like jon see that. think i want -- john see that. i asked him, hey, jon, how's your week? like every week. great. i hate you, jon cena. [laughter] >> with you don't like those sun shining personalities? >> no. i'm winning, always. have a bad day, bro. try it. [laughter] >> kat, i'm going to get you a medal for your pert record. steven, watch it with those private screenings, and katherine, i love you. very special thanks -- [cheers and applause] president trump, president trump and our studio audience, i love you guys! [cheers and applause] i'm fading away! pleasure. ♪ ♪
3:00 pm
arthel: high-stakes hearing to get underway this week in the investigation of russia's interference in our election and allegations of collusion. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and donald trump jr. both agreeing to interviews behind closed doors with the senate judiciary committee and to hand over documents. this after lawmakers threatened them with subpoenas if they refused to cooperate. hello everyone. welcome back to "america's news headquarters". a brand new hour starts right now. i'm arthel neville. eric: hello. i'm eric shawn. jared kushner the president's


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