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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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he will have played a 33 rounds of golf versus obama 17. >> kimberly: never miss an episode of "the five," "hannity"'s up next. >> thanks to our friends at "the five," this is a fox news alert welcome to "hannity." were following five big breaking news stories tonight. president trump punches back very strong on this phony russian narrative, worker to have highlights pilots in reaction. west virginia's democratic governor jim justice joins the president on stage tonight and to announce that he is switching to the republican party. more evidence democrats are in complete disarray. clearly, conflicted, compromised special counsel expands his political witch hunt by and paneling a grand jury in an absolutely shocking report about the obama ambassador to the
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u.n., samantha power. the deep state shredding your constitution. your fourth amendment rights and unmasking the american people. the deep state targets president trump yet again by leaking transcripts of phone calls he had with world leaders. remember this happening before? that's all into nights breaking news opening monologue. earlier tonight, president trump got out of the d.c. sewer to make his message directly to you the american people by holding a huge rally in west virginia where he eviscerated to end it slammed the democrats and the media's obsession with russia end of the special counsel, watch the president. >> the reason why democrats only talk about the totally made up russia story is because they have no message, no agenda, and no vision. the russia story is a total
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fabrication. it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. what the prosecutors should be looking at our hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. and they should be looking at the page russian speeches. and the owned russian companies. or let them look at that uranium she sold that is now in the hands of very angry russians. most people know there were no russians in our campaign, there never were. we didn't win because of russia, we won because of you. that i can tell you. >> sean: the president is 100% right. before he fired up the crowd,
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the west virginia governor jim justice joins the commander-in-chief on the stage to announce he was leaving the democrats and joint of the republican party. this is more proof the democratic party is in total disarray, they have no agenda. it's so simple to understand why those on the left, they have no message, no ideas, no real plan. only hatred and animosity and resentment for president trump. that does not help one american citizen have a better life or make us a safer country. i'm going to combine the third and fourth stories of the night. the deep state strikes again and "the wall street journal" reporting robert mueller and paneling a washington grand jury into this russia probe. the deep state in america, i want you to take a look at "the washington post." they are publishing transcripts of the phone calls that president trump had with the
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president of mexico and the prime minister of australia, do you remember this ever happening before? if you ever doubted media bias in this country, you need to do what i did. read the transcripts of the phone calls, they are exactly what the president was promising all of you on the campaign trail, get the media they distorted purposefully with the president said, cherry picking his words. this type of thing never happened to president obama or president bush. as a matter of fact president trump if you really look at it, he has faced leaks at a rate of seven times the previous two administrations. we reported 125 leaks and 126 days and we've been saying it's only getting worse every day. here is the biggest danger of all of this. this is important. 99% of our intelligence community, they put their lives on the line, they protect america against real evil in our time. north korea, isis, iran, radical
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islam, china, russia. 99.9%. these unprecedented leaks, illegal unprecedented leaks about the president, including conversations now with world leaders. it is shredding the united states constitution before our very eyes. when you edit all up, but major laws are being broken by this deep state. as a result these deep state actors are now being successful in preventing the president from fulfilling his promises to you, who you voted for, what you voted for. this is the greatest challenge of our time and i don't overstate to this. what's happening now is this: the deep state that one-tenth of 1%, they have now taken these powerful tools of intelligence and they are weapon icing them. these are tools that are supposed to be used to keep you, the american people safe and to inflict as much political damage
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to stop the president. they want to remove the president from office. we are also learning more about these deep state actors as of tonight, we have been telling you "the wall street journal" reporting that mueller has impaneled a washington, d.c., grand jury. according to tonight another report to the fbi is looking into the finances of the president trump. i thought it was about russia, they're looking into his family, they're looking at the trump organization. how is this about russia? this is what i warned you about investigative creep is beyond the pale. this was supposed to be about russia election collusion. look at how far it has expanded. it is so deeply corrupt beyond anything i've seen in my lifetime. robert mueller is carrying out the political witch hunt. he's close friends with james comey, the star witness in the case which could be a violation of two laws. there's much more.
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he has put together a democratic hit squad that has donated tens of thousands of dollars to democrats including hillary and barack obama. take a look at that chart on your screen. eight of the 16 members of mueller's team have made political donations to democrats while the other eight according to public records haven't made it at all. really? not one republican donor? does that sound fair and impartial to you? or does it sound like a politically motivated witch hun witch hunt? imagine if the tables had turned. a bunch of republicans had investigated democratic president. the left in this country would be in an uproar, the investigation would be stopped like this investigation should be stopped. there is only a beginning of his massive conflicts of interest. again, as my friend gregg jarrett points out, they
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are completely one-sided. heavily favor link government prosecutors, defense attorneys are not allowed in to talk to the grand jury and prosecutors can put forward any evidence they want, it's why they have the old saying you can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, this is now very serious. this can't be ignored. he can be lightly convenientlya washington, d.c., grand jury. you the people, the president of the united states, the weapons of intelligence the powerful weapons have now been turned on the president and turned on you the american people. our fourth amendment rights are being trampled upon, take a shredder. crimes are being committed. if nobody is investigating. also tonight our fifth and final important story, who are these
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deep state operatives? we have more evidence that the obama administration weapon eyes the tools of intelligence in the intelligence community to target the president and the administration. this is what we refer to when we said the deep state. that is them shredding the constitution. we don't have equal justice above the law. leaking purposefully, selectively to undo the results of an election to delegitimize the president. as i said if they can they want to take them out of office. take a look at this headline from the washington free beacon. samantha power unmasked hundreds in their final year of the obama administration. sources that spoke to the free beacon said this is unprecedented for an official in her position. why did she want this information as u.n. ambassador? this is the type of thing we have been telling you about. we've been telling you and warning you about. we also learned this week thanks to our friend at sara carter who will join us in a minute from circa news that former national
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security man bennett rhodes is now a person of interest in the house intelligence committee's investigation. congress isn't questioning other obama officials susan rice, about the unmasking. don't forget, comey could also be in trouble and a sara carter reported last week the fbi general counsel, he's under investigation for leaking and classified information the press? going on here? john sullivan is reporting former national director of intelligence james clapper made it easier for officials in the executive branch to unmask members of congress and the staffers. all of this is not happening in a bubble. all of hillary clinton's email crimes, deleting, hammering devices we have no special counsel for that. we don't have a special counsel for uranium, 20% of american uranium, $145 million in kickbacks. we don't have a special counsel
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for the ukrainian election interference. what's the difference between that and russia? we don't have a special counsel for those that are unmasking and licking intelligence. we don't have a special counsel for congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz i.t. staffer, why did he have a broken hard drives in his garage? we don't have a special counsel for comey having his friendly get information to the press, removing government property from the fbi. this is how serious this is. this is a war between the deep state and you the american people and the president of the united states. this is a war against the constitution. crimes are now being committed to. the pathetic republicans in congress have shown themselves to be impotent in a moment they are most needed. i'm going to tell you the most serious parts. tonight if i'm in the trump administration a or if i voted for him like many of you did. i'd be concerned because all that deep state noise we have
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been hearing from the left-wing media, the dust right trump media by the democrats, by week republicans have no lettuce where we are today. i have been warning you every night for months. now it's real. the deep state leaking causing hysteria is real. media-induced breathless hysteria is real. the hysteria, the noise has resulted in mueller's hiring, he's out for blood. republicans are not doing anything. you the american people are the ones that are losing as a result of this swamp of d.c. as of now, tonight, sadly i have to say the advantage goes to the deep states. the advantage goes to the corrupt line establishment media. the advantage goes to corrupt democrats. this is a huge loss for equal justice under the law. our constitutional republic, a huge loss for the americans and property on food stamps, out of work, the american people who voted for this president.
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a huge loss for the constitution that we love of the united states. here with reaction from circa news, sara carter an attorney and fox news anchor gregg jarrett. i added to my monologue i didn't steal it. i got full attribution to this show. you're the one who's warned me and said let me remind you about grand juries and the ham sandwich, why don't you tell people why this is so dangerous? >> there's only one other nation in the world who employs a grand jury, it's liberia. there's a reason why, everyone realizes grand juries are an undemocratic farce. they are one-sided, the defense is never there to cross-examine witnesses and to challenge the evidence. prosecutors spoon-feed only incriminating evidence and nothing exculpatory.
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it is as undemocratic as you can get, it is the antithesis of justice. it's even worse here because robert mueller and paneling washington, d.c., grand jury where donald trump got a mere 11,000 votes compared to hillary clinton's 260,000 votes, i daresay there is probably not a single person on that grand jury that likes donald trump. it is doubly unfair. >> sean: i would love to be before that grand jury or have a prosecutor going after me. only 4% of the people like you, the rest hate your guts and would vote against you. sara carter, before i get to the specifics of what mcmaster did, it's inexplicable to me. before i get to that, am i right about the threat this deep status post into the country, the hysteria of the media caused us to be where we are and we are now facing a clash of the deep
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state versus the american people and the president? >> there's enormous concern that the fourth amendment has been shattered with this information that's being delivered. what we know is that a lot of these leaks, a lot of the unmasking that took place of americans coincides with the leaks that are coming out in the media. that's what's being discovered by the house intelligence committee. now we see ben rhodes, it's expanded to been boats, former deputy national security advisor to president obama and susan rice. hundreds of unmasking, this was unheard of before. this never happened before in our republic. we have to ask ourselves, what were they looking at? one more point and a lot of people don't realize this. out of all of the reports that were viewed by the house intelligence and u.s. intelligence officials, they told me that according to what they've seen, only the obama
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officials wrote a very simple thing like you need to know, national security but they didn't file the paperwork that was filed by the analysts. >> sean: how does the ambassador to the u.n., samantha power, how does she unmask hundreds of trump officials? how is that possible, under what rationale could that happen and i my right when i say -- you say 320, i say 350% increase in unmasking especially spit up during the election cycle, seven times more than the last two administrations and we see the selective leaks and the impact it has had in the narrative in this country and all these other scandals with evidence are ignored. >> john solomon and i disclosed that in 2011, the obama administration loosened the rules, nobody knew about this. they loosened the rules so much that people within his administration were able to do
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this without having to file the enormous amount of paperwork that it would be required to do. people within his administration, high-level officials like susan rice, like samantha power, john brennan, former head of the cia and others were able to unmask americans. this was highly protected, these are still classified that only a handful of people were able to see them before. >> sean: this is so unprecedented, let me go back to the legal side with you. i look at uranium one, i look at debbie wasserman schultz, i look at ukrainian collusion, i look at hammering shut, destroying hard drives, i look at the unmask a good intelligence look again i'm thinking the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. i don't say special councils on these issues. why? >> the imbalance was made clear tonight by the president. what about 33,000 emails that
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were deleted and wiped clean, arguably that could be obstruction of justice because those documents were under subpoena. as for a quid pro quo pay to play, there is insufficient evidence and abundance of evidence to reopen that investigation. but you have to do it with a special counsel as the house judiciary committee is now demanding of the department of justice. go back to the testimony of jeff sessions, he recused himself from anything related to hillary clinton during his confirmation hearings. it's got to be a special counse counsel. >> sean: stay with us after the break, also tonight you don't want to miss it. president trump's attorney here with reaction to robert mueller, in paneling the grand jury and newt gingrich, stay right there. pre-owned mercedes-benz,
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>> we won because we totally outwork to the other side. we won because millions of patriotic americans voted to take back their country. have you seen any russians in west virginia or ohio or pennsylvania? are there any russians here tonight, any russians.
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they can't beat us at the voting booths so they are trying to cheat you out of the future and the future that you want. they are trying to cheat you out of the leadership that you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us. >> sean: good for the president fighting back earlier tonight at this rally in west virginia, you heard the crowd reaction. we continue with sara carter, gregg jarrett. let me go back to your piece. inside the white house, why would h.r. mcmaster allow susan rice who was investigated for unmasking like samantha power, like ben rhodes, like the general counsel of the fbi, like comey and so many other deep estate people. why would he possibly grant a waiver and is it true mcmaster disagrees with the president on the issue of iran and the obama
7:24 pm
deal? does he support that? >> this is the concern. according to the sources that i've been speaking with in the west wing and the intelligence community. h.r. mcmaster is completely at odds with the president on the iran deal. this is one of the biggest issues. this concern in the intelligence community as well as the west wing that he is moving people out who would give reason or cause, people like derek harvey and others. ezra: :, people who would stand with the president's policy on iran. >> sean: aren't they also involved -- i know two of the people. i interviewed one person and talks to another. when they be helping to expose the deep state? >> you're right. you're looking into this deep state. the fear that there are people within the bureaucracy that are still pushing out these leaks,
7:25 pm
that are working against the president's policy. >> sean: is mcmaster one? it's inexplicable, that decisio decision. >> according to the sources i have been speaking with, they believe that he is allowing this to happen. that he is pushing this forward and that is a huge concern. you have to ask yourself, even if susan rice is given this -- what is a courtesy from mcmaster, she's under investigation. she can continue with classified information. >> sean: that makes zero sense, there is no justification for that is that i would like an explanation for that. let me go back to special counsel, special prosecutor gregg jarrett. my experience has been what we're saying we start with russia, now we've moved on to finances, then we move onto obstruction.
7:26 pm
then we move on to scooter libby on a perjury charge because he wouldn't say something they wanted to say, patrick fitzgerald to the vice president. is there any way to fight back against these unprecedented powers? and then you've got all of these democratic donors hired by the special counsel which makes no sense to me, seems categorically abusive and unfair to me. >> everyone wants a special prosecutor until they get one and then they hate it because of mission creep and investigation creep. it's the duty of acting attorney general of rod rosenstein. he's not doing that. one of his problems is he has a conflict of interest, he's both prosecutor and witness in the same case. he is required under the special counsel law to recuse himself and he isn't doing it.
7:27 pm
you have mueller who should recuse himself, rod rosenstein who should recuse himself and nobody is limiting either one of them. it's part of the frustration you can viscerally feel when the president addresses the issue. >> sean: were going to stay all over this. if they're going to investigate these things, they've got to investigate hillary, they've got to investigate ukraine. the leakers? one of the code to be put in jail? they are shredding the constitution, violating the law, committing felonies. when we come back, one of president trump's attorneys jay sekulow reacts to the in paneling of a grand jury, newt gingrich weighs in and much more. ♪ oc they would talk about kansas city, kansas like...
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it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings... ...far, far away. feel less hungry with the natural fiber in clinically... ...proven meta appetite control. from metamucil. >> of the russia story is a total fabrication.
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what the prosecutors should be looking at our hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. i just hope the final determination is a truly honest one which is what the millions of people who gave us our big win in november deserve. and what all americans who want a better future want and deserv deserve. >> sean: president trump on fire, joining us now with reaction, one of the president's attorneys, he is also the chief counsel for the american center law and justice, jay sekulow. general impressions about the news, help me out here about investigative creep. what was the mission of the special counsel? >> the mission of the special counsel was very specific, i'm holding the mandate in my hand.
7:33 pm
that's mandate says it's to investigate allegations regarding russia's interfering in the russia election, and also if there were any individuals associated with the campaign of the president. if, in fact, the stories that were circulated, bloomberg did this about three weeks, nothing ever know this proved not to be the case. this idea that they are investigating real estate deal from nine or ten years ago? that's not in the scope of the mandate. our view would be very clear that the special counsel's office has to stay within its mandate. if it be it goes beyond the mandate, there are methods upon which you challenge that. whether it's directly with a special counsel if necessary, there are ways to do that. if you talk about mission creep -- >> sean: do we know who was subpoenaed and on top of that, what is the announcement mean for the investigation going forward? >> we don't know who has been
7:34 pm
subpoenaed because all of this is supposed to be done, grand jury has supposed to be done in secret. good luck with that. >> yeah, right, that's the way it's supposed to be. here's what happens, the idea that this has been an impaneled grand jury, it's been set up just for this. grand jury's sit in cities like washington, d.c., in major metropolitan areas, constantly in session. all of that probably happened here, it's normal in an investigation. i think there's been a lot of media hype on this, what's normal in an investigation, a grand jury is utilized to get evidence. there may be documents and witness testimony, subpoenas are issued that way. it doesn't mean that anybody and bob mueller's office appeared before a grand jury is asked for anything. those subpoenas are issued on behalf of the grand jury who in this case special counsel's office and a clerk to the court.
7:35 pm
there is no evidence as it exists right now, we don't know of any evidence of robert mueller or people within his office going before a grand jury with anything right now. >> sean: we start out with a russia collusion story, will it ignore it ukraine, uranium one, will ignore deleting of emails, smashing devices and obstruction of justice and unmasking come of the is so long. let me guess, now they've moved to possible obstruction of justice, even though rod rosenstein sent a letter even though the president had a right to fire homey. >> i want to be clear on this because it's an important legal issue. the right to james comey himself -- that's not something james comey created.
7:36 pm
>> sean: here's my question, and other going to go into finances and the fact that donald trump sold a property to some russian oligarch in 2008 and made a profit because the russians knew then even though it democrats the media didn't know on november 7th that he'd run for president and win. >> that is so beyond the mandate that is in existence for the special counsel that our position would be they cannot reach any of those issues. what you just said, think about that for a moment. they bought a piece of property from real estate developer donald trump. carnac the magnificent, they think of the future he might become president of the united states. if that's where this would go which i don't believe it will, that's so far out of the mandate
7:37 pm
that cannot happen. you cannot allow that to happen. >> sean: we've already seen investigative creep. we've already seen conflicted special counsel. if it's not something you can comment on, i'm sure. i've watched these things go on and on, have they contacted the white house and look for information? is that something you could talk about? >> ty cobb has addressed that and said the white house willfully cooperate. with a grand jury information today, we have no reason to believe the president is under investigation, we haven't received anything, that's where it is right now. >> sean: how long does it go on? >> how long the ultimate investigation goes on? only in the investigators know. you look at the two issues surrounding the president, james comey acknowledged it.
7:38 pm
i don't think it goes on that long, it sure shouldn't. >> sean: i want to see the leakers exposed and those that violated the law and the leaking intelligence, jay sekulow, thank you. when we come back to my former speaker of the house newt gingrich weighs in straight ahead mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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>> i am thrilled to be back in the very, very beautiful state of west virginia.
7:42 pm
[cheers and applause] >> and i am proud to stand before you and celebrate the hard-working people who are the absolute backbone of america, thank you. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," that was president trump firing up the crowded west virginia, here with reaction the author of nine, ten weeks on "the new york times" bestseller list, newt gingrich. all of the noise, all of the deep estate leaks, when would we ever see a presidents conversation become public like this. all of that noise has created what mueller did today, in spite of hiring all democrats. i am saying the goal to stop the president's agenda is working.
7:43 pm
this is a real threat. i think everything now has become real, thoughts. >> it's a very real, i think it has been all along. the mueller threat has probably been the most deadly, he has the power of the law, he has the ability to indict people, the ability to negotiate and let some people off if they'll testify against other people. i regard the mueller example at the deep state at this very worst and it worries me. it fits the whole case that we've seen the justice department at times being out of control. that worries me a lot. on the other hand, you watch the governor of west virginia and you suddenly think trump somehow just keeps grinding forward. he's making progress every week, he's getting things done. he's beginning to move toward a tax cut bill that will be historic. he's gotten more judges approved than obama had at this point,
7:44 pm
obama and a democratic congress. despite everything, i think they trump system is beginning to work. >> sean: the forces that i've talked about, you mention the deep state i've talked about at length in my opening monologue. the republicans being so pathetic in my opinion and not offensive the republican's agenda. then you've got the leaking, and unmasking. you've got real corruption, debbie wasserman schultz and hillary clinton. all of those things get ignored. the noise creates where we are tonight and i cannot believe the double standard. i know i should be used to it but this is beyond the pale of anything i've seen. >> the fact is dennis prager's essay on a second american civil war is right, it's not a double standard, it's a simple standard. if you're the left, you hate donald trump. if you're the left, anything you can do to undermine him it's okay. you'll automatically ignore
7:45 pm
scandals no matter how big. take debbie wasserman schultz that involves some pakistanis who were involved in information technology in the house over a period period of 13 years, they stole from the house we have no idea how much information they got. this involves 37 different democrats it doesn't just involve one. in a world where the news media was serious and covering scandals, this would be a page one story every day because it reads like a novel it's so unbelievable. >> sean: would like a voice in the wilderness. >> i think where the voices that are necessary to rally the country. i think the reason we sometimes get attacked is from the standpoint of the left is when you and i and others like us and rush for example, celebrating his 30th anniversary, think about the impact you and rush have had on radio and how much you changed america by telling
7:46 pm
the truth, by following the narrative and understanding what's going on. >> sean: more with newt gingrich straight ahead.
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>> washington is full of people who are only looking out for themselves. you know this, you know what's better than most. i didn't come to washington for me. i came to washington for all of you, that i can tell you. >> sean: earlier tonight, a rally in west virginia. welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with former speaker of the house, ten weeks now understanding trump, newt gingrich. i tried to break it down very simply, how did we get here? if it weren't for the deep state to my 125 leaks, 126 days, seven times, the past two administrations.
7:51 pm
if it wasn't for the media echo chamber, if it wasn't for week republicans sitting on their hands and they want to use their subpoena powers, they're not legislating. we don't get here, susan rice, ben rhodes, now the general counsel of the fbi. all these people involved in leaking and unmasking people. have you enter the anything like it? have you ever seen a leak like this? >> what you have, you're exactly right. the administrative deep state its news media allies are all determined to destroy donald j. trump. it's a very straightforward fight, i remic i recommend to everybody sidney powell's book license to lie about the justice department which goes through in
7:52 pm
detail both with the u.s. senator stevens how deeply corrupt parts of the justice department are. the fact is the susan rice case unbelievable. the ambassador to the united nations is even worse to susan rice. more of whom aberdeen's emails came out and there are direct quotes of this person gave a million dollars to the clinton foundation, we need to take care of them. how can you not be indicting these people for playing out corruption? >> sean: wears robert mueller on this. if he's hired all of his obama clinton democratic donors and even hillary clinton's attorney. where are the investigations into these matters that i keep talking about every night? >> some movement on the house and senate judiciary committees,
7:53 pm
i think the republicans should be dramatically more aggressive in taking all of this on. for one thing, there ought to be subpoenas that expose all of financing of the clinton foundation back to its beginning that allow us to find the floor for money and will be stunned as to how much foreign money will be financing the clintons and their activities. i look at the effort to distort what the family has done. and then i look at the open and public record of what has been done by bill clinton, by hillary clinton, by their allie allies. i think it's an astonishing double standard. >> sean: how concerned are you that we get to the president? >> i'm concerned that sooner or later he'll get somebody because he's brought in so many headhunters who are so vicious and so dedicated and so left wing that they're going to find somebody for something.
7:54 pm
i don't think they get to the president, i think this is going to be a running brawl for a while. i do think the congress is asking what's the basis for what he's doing? the pure power of the government can crush anybody if it works at it. there's something sick about the system as it works. >> sean: thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. our conservative duo, our friends at diamond and silk back to give the final word, straight ahead. ♪ insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. rethink your allergy pills.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." my friends are back, diamond and silk have the final word on president trump and his rallies. >> hey, here's our final word.
7:59 pm
we absolutely love how our president is bypassing the media in these organizations and taking his message directly to the people. that's we the american people. he's done a phenomenal job, stock market boom. the economy is growing. we absolutely love it. we know these snowflakes and the left, they try to sneak into the rally to disrupt in order to obstruct the president's messag message. the more they hate, the more our president will educate. so that we can all elevate and all of us can make this country great. again. now, sean, that's our final word for tonight. back to you, sean. >> sean: wouldn't it be great to make america great? all of this, we will have more
8:00 pm
on this tomorrow. thanks for being with us. we will always be fair and balanced. we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." surprise. i am a ed henry. he tossed me the keys and went home. we are coming to you live because it's a busy news nice. trump administration had a tough day in washington but you wouldn't be able to tell that in west virginia. people were lining up seven hours early to get into the arena. the president is so popular there the democratic governor announced he's joining the republican party. we learned robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury and is already issuing subpoenas. the president fed off an energetic crown in huntington, west virginia, and went right at his critics.