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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 5, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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five." hannity up next. >> thanks to our friends on "the five." this is a fox news letter. welcome to hannity tonight. finally progress is being made on the many scandals we have been warning you about. the numerous scandals. the department of justice releases documents about the loretta lynch showing media collusion and that key talking points were in them. then after an unprecedented number of leaks, the trump administration is now vowing to crack down and punish obama holdover, deep state saboteurs
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who are trying to -- she's now defending her decision to keep on an it staffer on the payroll for months even after his denied access to the house server, fired by many other members of congress. remember the double billing? and last night, former us ambassador to the un, samantha power. this is news you will not get from the establishment to destroy trump media. that is tonight's important breaking news monologue. the american center for law and justice has obtains hundreds of pages of government documents related to loretta lynch and bill clinton which reveals several very keys pieces of stunning information. the fbi lied about the existence of these documents.
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but last year when the legal group, when they filed the request for the material after the meeting, the fbi remiplrepl "no records responsive to your request were located." so why did the fbi say there weren't any? what exactly did they not want you to american people to know? this is why we've been calling for a full investigation. you deserve to know the truth. we deserve to know exactly what happened. for the documents, here's what we do know. there's an email correspondence with the subject "flag" where they discuss how media outlets like fox news were starting to report. why is the doj and why is the
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fbi sending talking points out? are they a political association? now next an email from july 1st 2016. it show it is fbi was looking for "guidance on how to respond to media requests for information." and finally, emails appear to show that the media was concluding for president obama's department of justice on how to spin the story. here's an example. from a washington post reporter to a doj official about the tarmac meeting. "i'm hoping i can put to rest by answering just a few more questions about how the meeting came about." that's so nice of them at the washington post. would they ever do that for
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donald trump? it's shameful and corrupt. all the other examples, this mountain of evidence that we have when it comes to loretta lynch, james comey, and of course the clintons. remember comey testified under oath that lynch pressured him to call the clinton email investigation a matter publicly. that was a clinton talking point which he ended up actually doing. does that sounded like obstruction of justice? this is why we are demanding a special council be appointed to look into all of this. the law in this country needs to be applied equally no matter who you are. and just because hillary clinton lost the election, she does not get a free pass. now our second breaking news story tonight. jeff sessions declares war on the deep state on the leaking today. let's take a look at catch up. >> no one is in entitled to
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surreptitiously fight to advance battles in the media by revealing sensitive government information. no government can be effective when its leaders cannot discuss sensitive matters in confidence or talk freely in confidence with foreign leaders. we are taking a stand. this culture of leaking must stop. >> finally, this is so important. it's time the attorney general takes action against these unprecedented deep state leaks. as i was explaining last night, if you have any doubt about what we have been telling you, look at these examples. earlier this week, the washington post, which has been at the epicenter of these leaks, they actually published transcripts of president trump's
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phone conversations. has that ever happened to any other president? the leaking of these transcripts is so bad that even some obstructi obstructionist democrats are condemning what happened here. this never happened to president obama or president bush. in fact, president trump has faced leaks add a rate seven times greater than the previous two administrations. during one period, the trump administration faced 125 leaks in 126 days. it's now becoming clear, these present a danger to the president, the country, the institution constituti constitution. this is bad. now to be clear, i have been saying 99.9 percent of those in the intelligence community, they are good people.
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they work hard, they're patriotic, and their job is so imperative in an evil world that we live in. the problem we face is a small set within the intelligence community. it appears at the highest levels in the obama administration. they had president trump. they don't care about the last election. our friend sara carter reported earlier this week, ben rhodes, he is now a person of interest in the house intelligence committee investigation into what? unmasking. take a look at the headline yesterday. former un ambassador power unmasked hundreds in the final year of the obama administration. this was "unprecedented for a un ambassador to ever do that." susan rice, john brennan, about
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unmasking. former obama director of national intelligence, he made it easier for officials in the executive branch of obama to unmask members of congress and their staffers. here's the problem. these unelected deep state obama holdovers are now creating in the united states of america, a two-tier system of justice, a constitutional crisis. they're shredding our fourth amendment privacy right. this is a war now. the deep state against you and the president of the united states. serious issue. our third breaking news story tonight. schultz is defending the insane decision to keep on an it staffer on the payroll after he was fired by other members of congress.
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listen to this insanity. take a look. >> the easier thing to do for me would have been to just fire him. obviously i was the person who's had the most political challenges in the last year. it would have been much easier for me to cut him loose and say i'm going to look at for my best interest rather than stand up in what i believe in. but i have to be able to look at myself in the mirror every day. and if there's one thing i'm going to make sure that i maintain, it's my integrity. >> wow, you can read more about that story on schultz went onto say that she thinks the only reason he's being scrutinized is because of his muslim faith. let me remind her last month her former staffer, his name is i
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ran awan. there's also fears about possible email hacking, exposing information online, national security threats. and earlier this year, several democratic lawmakers fired awan and his relatives. one worked at a car dealership, one worked at mcdonald's, one apparently stayed home. they have seized two government hard drives that happened to be smashed and stored in this guy's garage. i'm not buying it. and finally for months, schultz was stone walling the investigation, kind of like hillary.
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that does not take away the facts behind the scandal. and just like everything else we've been talking about night in, night out, if you believe in the rule of law, the equal application of justice, this must be investigated. we will not stop on this program until it is. and that's with with every other scandal we talking about. here now, reaction. president trump's attorney. and he's also from the american center for law and justice. let's start -- oh, did the fbi, under james comey, did they lie when they said that they had no information when you put in a request as it relates to the tarmac meeting with bill clinton and then attorney general lynch? so it started a year ago. and we asked for a request for documentation regarding the meeting between president clinton and loretta lynch. the response was
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straightforward. it was dated october 21, 2016. no records responsive to your request were located. no records were located. then we sent the same request to the department of justice. and lo and behold, here it is. there are emails between the department of justice and the fbi. and the contents and context of those emails is an attempt to create the narrative, find the story, develop talking points. the fbi's chief of staff receives and email. by the way, the chief of staff senior counsel to comey receives an email from the department of justice saying, "we've got to figure out how we're going to respond to all of this." all of this is to produce talking points. it's unusual that you would think you would have talking points in a situation like this.
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>> isn't the fbi supposed to be nonpartisan? i thought talking points were for politicians and their campaigns. i believe that the doj and fbi should not be using talking points. is that pretty obvious? >> right. but here's the problem. we've been talking about this for a year. now we've finally got results. we had to go to federal court to get these documents. so this is litigation that's been pending a little less than a year. so we get the documents. all of this leading up to you've got reports in there with a washington post reporter saying, "hey, i need clarification on this." new york times reporter saying, "i'm being pressed into duty here." >>that's media collusion. the same people supposed to have been working with the clinton campaign and feeding questions, concluding during the campaign. >> even a step further here,
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the washington post reporter states that she modified a paragraph of the report based on additional information that the reporter was provided. and then she states, "well, next time i'll know to go directly to you for this." but here's the point. guess what is not included in the freedom of information act request. the talking points. they redacted those. here are the talking points. so let me tell you what we're doing monday. back to federal court we go, demanding the talking points, which they acknowledge exist, that they created. all of the concerns we had. >> i want the talking points. all right. on to the deep state. and we have sara carter coming up. but i just want your general feeling. can you remember anytime in your lifetime where a sitting president, not somebody like jfk 50 years after the fact, they might release a phone conversation with a foreign
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leader. do you remember a sitting president's private phone conversations with the president like like in the case of mexico, do you remember it ever being leaked at the time? and does that not define just how dangerous the deep state leaking is, a leak a day, it seems? >> i've got two levels of concern here. number one, these are conversations that the president had with the prime minister of australia, mexico. and those conversations are then put out in the public. and you've got to ask yourself this question. i am concerned about issues of deep state. in other words, people that are left over from other administrations that are determined to get information out. but i don't know how deep it is. >> all right. i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if?
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that's why at comcast we're continuing to make4/7. our services more reliable than ever. like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >>it continues tonight on this breaking news addition of hannity. sara carter, fox news anchor. your reaction? the fbi denies, "oh, we don't have any documents. now we have hundreds of pages."
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wow. >> it happens, quite a bit. and they redact everything. and they don't give over the most significant piece of the information you're looking for, which is why he wants to see those talking points >> they denied they that existed and they do it in such a way that they can kind of weiss l their way out of it. look at what's been uncovered by judicial watch, that treasure-trove of information that they're uncovering that show that classified emails. these are things that we really need to know. and they unravel this picture, sean, of this very deep state, that i think all of us want to know more about because it's really becoming crazy. >> okay. what i love about you, greg, is that whenever the topic is, you spend hours now. >> and it was a narrow, "show
2:21 am
me a transcript of the lynch/clinton meeting." no. it was any records. 420 pages worth of documents were revealed today. so the question i have is, did comey commit perjury? a lawyer tried that with me one time. held in contempt of court and tossed in jail. >> so now a big question. and i'll ask you both the same, and i'll start with you sara. all the conflicts, media pushing it, deep state pushing it. are we going to move into
2:22 am
unmasking and intelligence leaking? are we going to now -- do we need special council, sara? >> i think so, sean. i think there either needs to be a special council. we also need to know if the fbi is still investigating the clinton foundation. i'm hoping. we may never know until they actually reveal evidence of that or whether they've shut it down. the unmask is so important here because, remember, some of those leaks coincide with information that was unmasked. they admitted in a new york times report that they were gathering as much information as they could. >> you talked about collusion,
2:23 am
no evidence. now we had a trump meeting with the russian lawyer, no evidence. is there a lot more evidence on the list of issues i bring up every night? >> with hillary clinton, absolutely. >> the list goes on and on and on. >> there's much more evidence on those issues? >> oh, absolutely. isn't it interesting that mueller immediately i mmpanellea grand jury? what does that suggest to you, that the fix was? >> one wonders. and that, according to the house judiciary committee, must be the subject of an investigation by a second special council >> we are way ahead of the media
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records from the white house. i'm robert gray. now back to hannity. >> the department of justice does not discuss ongoing investigations or confirm specific matters, it is important for the american people and those who might be thinking about leaking classified or sensitive information to know that criminals who would illegally use their access to our most sensitive information to endanger our national security are in fact being investigated and will be prosecuted. >> finally, very important, the attorney general jeff sessions making it very clear, those deep state leakers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. joining us now, more information as the council to the president, kellyanne conway. great to see you. i've been saying this has to
2:30 am
happen sooner or later. this is now a clear and present danger to stop the president's agenda and really hurt the american people on what they voted for >> you have bipartisan agreement on the very point you just said. no less than the ranking democrat on the senate and intelligence committee said it is disgrateful that the conversations our president had with heads of state has leaked and that he thinks we should get to the bottom of it as well. and we as the white house agree. this is not leaking against a colleague. we are talking about sensitive classified information that imp imperils the safety of the all of us. incredibly important for him, for cfo govern governors to spe
2:31 am
with other heads of state and not have the threat of it to leak. there's four times the number of charges in the trump administration than the previous administration. >> it's seven times the last two administrations. and the aclj and their freedom of information act request, think about how -- is the doj supposed to be writing talking points for the fbi and then when the request comes in, we get a blank sheet and we don't know what's on the talking points, we don't know what they put in there. >> i think it's very important that the american people see what's going on and that they see the attorney general, the chief law enforcement officer of our country, stand up today and
2:32 am
say, "we take this seriously." he referred to the people who are doing it as criminal. it's a cutdown on the action of leaks. so i hope it actually has a punitive and a preventive effect on those who will think twice. if they can find them, they should prosecute them. >> i don't want to put them in a tough spot because you work at the white house. but there have been in the last couple of weeks three people that have been removed. two of the three that i know have been working to expose this deep state that we talk so much about, those that are leaking at a rate that we've never seen in our history. and it's so dangerous to our rights. and i am worried, after reading sara carter's piece yesterday. how sit possible that susan rice
2:33 am
who is being investigated in an unmasking, how did she get that waiver? what happened there? that doesn't make any sense to me, kellyanne? >> so i've asked this question. the spokesman has informed me that it's common for former directors to get these clearances or to keep them, i should say. i'm told that all of them have been granted. in other words, there are many former directors who now have it. now, you're raising a separate and very important point. that does not stop those that are in challenge of investigating unmasking and anything that may have happened between president trump's surprising and historic victory over hillary clinton and anything that they did do in the time he won to the time he left the white house a month later.
2:34 am
we know all these people are in the news now as folks who -- and we are obviously monitoring that closely. but i have to tell you that i know this is of interest to many people and to the extent that people are investigating. we know people are talking about it. i still believe that most americans are very focused on who has jobs across this country. when we come back, more on our investigation. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. >>welcome back to hannity. as we showed you tonight, disgraced chair wassermann schul schultz. joining us with reaction, their chairman and senior writer for the washington beacon. let's start with that. matt, we have another democrat and we've got, let's see, smashed up hard drives in a garage. then we've got relatives that
2:39 am
worked at mcdonald's and a car dealership and some that stayed home being paid. and she is justifying keeping this guy on. why? something to hide? >> yeah, two issues here. the first issue is that the amazing lack of management and discretion with the american taxpayers' money is just a typical issue with a democrat. why are the republicans so careful and gun shy to go after democrat malfeasance and so timid about defending their own people when they're being improperly investigated? >> maybe weak and inefficient and incapable of using the subpoena powers and the power over the committees they have. >> that's right >> meanwhile, the democrats take a nonissue, blow it up into a big issue. >> and we're in charge.
2:40 am
we run the house >> really, the power to subpoena, the power to investigate. they're not legislating. it's not like they're repealing obamacare or replacing it. all right, let me ask you, adam, if i can, you wrote this piece yesterday about samantha powers. how many people did she unmask or ask to have unmasked? and why would show ever have that authority? >> it's truly unprecedented. it's certainly odd. and i think the house and intelligence committee has subpoenaed her to find out what is going on here. it's hundreds of unmask requests in just the final year of the obama administration, during a contested election. the united nations ambassador has a reason to request the
2:41 am
names of trump associates, to request their names from raw data, classified reports. how would she use such information and what would she use it for? the fact that this information was subsequently leaked to the -- >>i just find for the life of me, and this goes back to republicans. if they're not legislating and they're not keeping their promises and not using the power and the authority we have, they're not going to win. if you see the reaction of the president, it's so different to what people are calling into my radio show and telling me about republicans. their high level of anger and disappointment and frustration at their impotence, if you will >> and i want to reiterate this point about the un ambassador.
2:42 am
there is absolutely no reason in this job as the un ambassador that she has to comb through intelligence reports in any way. basically that job is a rhetorical job to push american diplomacy on that platform. and what happened to devon nunez as soon as he got aggressive? they filed an ethics complaint against him immediately. the left know how to play the game. we better get serious or we'll never win these political fights. >> i agree. if you have one piece of the advice, adam -- let me ask the question differently. if the deep state didn't exist, the unmask ing didn't place, do you think we would be in the
2:43 am
place that we are with i think a very abusively biased, corrupt, and unbalanced robert mueller team going after the president? >> no, we wouldn't be in this situation at all. in fact, it would be a completely different white house, a white house that is free to pursue the policies that the electors wanted when it comes to foreign policy, particularly iran, scrapping that deal, all of those other issues, rebuilding the relationship with allies like israel. we wouldn't have to deal with a story a day in the washington post or new york times. it's not just trump officials that have been targeted. it's interfered with national security operations. >> when we come back, friday night at the fights. we're going to have a one-on-one. and the best thing, diamond and silk in (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof.
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>>welcome back to hannity. so democrats are not after justice. all they care about is destroying, delegitimizing the president. don't believe me? here are a few examples. >> everything that i have learned about the president, starting with the campaign itself, that people should have
2:48 am
understood that it was something terribly wrong with him. as a matter of fact, i've said over and over again i think he's the most deplorable person i've ever met in my life. i am not running for anything except the impeachment of trump. lock him up! lock him up! >> when we have a president who trys to make national security policy or f foreign policy through tweeting we have a problem. >> you mean you believe it is a possibility that for an indictment of the president of the united states. >> it is certainly a possibility. >> look at this smile. all right, this is our hannity shoot out. i have some simple questions. do you find the democratic party is in disarray in the sense they
2:49 am
don't have any ideas. they're not offering solutions to help the american people. do you think their rhetoric about this president is over the top? >> well, there's two different things. first, they just released a whole program, "the better deal," they called it. they do have ideas. >> what is the better deal? what is it? >> it has numerous components, but it's education and training. >> no, it's not. all it is is a bumper sticker. >> it's not a bumper sticker. it actually had details. >> is the rhetoric over the top? >> some of it's over the top. and it's not good for america, is it? >> when they're catching him lying, where he's saying one thing and then we come to find out the exact opposite was true, that is infuriating. >> you mean like keep your
2:50 am
doctor and keep your plan? >> you don't think that infur -- infuriated you? you still owe me money. you said obamacare was going to cost 100 million people their insurance. >> next issue. >> okay, fine. >> do you think that when hillary signs off on giving 20% uranium to vladmir, would there be a bigger reaction? >> you told me that before. i went and looked it up. what i read described that those were not the facts about hillary
2:51 am
clinton. if donald trump did things that were bordering on the edge of illegal, people would upset. you can't pretend -- they've impanelled a grand jury. >> next question. >> this is beyond just wild rumor. >> if donald trump and his campaign deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails, if they bleach bit the hard drives, if they smashed blackberries around iphones with hammers, and they gave the fbi phones without sim cards, don't you think that would be a bit -- question. this is a question. don't you think if donald trump did that, would that be a big scandal? come on. of course it would be. >> not if he wasn't breaking the law. i mean, you're trying to distract from the facts. >> oh. so because i believe in equal
2:52 am
justice under the law. last question. >> you asked me a hypothetical. if donald trump broke the law, they should investigate him. you could name some other thing that was suspicious. >> if the rnc had a paid rep meet with the ukrainian ambassador and it was reported that this information was passed on to the rnc and the trump campaign, wouldn't you and your liberal cohorts be saying, "that's collusion"? >> i probably would because i try to be as consistent as possible. i don't like leaks against the trump administration. i don't like illegal leaks against the dnc. you know i've been consistent on that. >> there's hope for you. >> my point is just because you see something else that's
2:53 am
suspicious, fine, we should look at those things, but that doesn't mean let's turn a blind eye if somebody in the trump administration is breaking the law. >> austin, thank you. i think it was a very informative segment. thanks so much. when we come back, diamond and silk. silk. they've been having the l [radio alarm] ♪ silk. they've been having the l julie is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor,
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2:56 am
the final word all week. the twist here in new york city. welcome to new york city. how are you doing? >> oh. so wonderful. wonderful. yes. >> what was the reaction of the final word for you geese? >> you know amazing? >> people are oh, my god. i waited for you. my mother wait up. >> what they didn't want to watch me. >> some people are older, so they wait up just to see. >> your sisters in real life. >> we're sisters. >> have you always been this funny? >> well. >> we didn't know it is funny. >> we just. >> why do you like, donald trump so much? >> we love donald trump. >> we love him, because he puts america and americans first. and that's what we want. >> that's right. >> a president like that. >> what do you think of the attacks against him? >> i don't like it. i think it is sick and sad and undermine the administration and undermines the people. it plays with our democracy and
2:57 am
must stop. >> it has to stop. >> i remember when i first met you. i can't believe you are here. i'm so proud of both of you. your videos are viral. ready for the "final word? >> ready for the final word. >> all right. diamond and silk take it away. >> sean. >> be safe. >> here's tonight's final word, where we heard about these leaks. all right? >> all right. >> we didn't like that. >> we're not talking about no leaky toilet. we're talking about someone leaking out classified information. >> against the law? >> against the law. >> yeah. >> now, we heard that the president phone conversation got put out in the tripped. >> that's what we heard. >> we started doing the investigation in our mind. >> here's the deal. >> if the transcript was detailed. >> yes? >> check intelligence. >> if it was sketchy, check the pem around him. >> that's right. even check the cook. here's the deal. when they find out who it is. >> yes. >> they don't need to pass go s they don't need to collect $200.
2:58 am
>> around the worried. they don't need to find a house or hotel. they need to go straight to jail. >> to jail. >> and let the law take its course. >> swing, swing. that's our final word for tonight back to you sean. >> i am going on tour. would you come with me? >> we will come with me. >> will you promise? >> yes. >> i have an announcement coming soon. stay tuned. i love you both. >> we love you. >> thank you for being here. that's all the time we have left this evening. always fair and balanced on this program. not those establishment guys. we're not destroy trump media you'll get information you won't get elsewhere. have a ♪ [national anthem] ♪
2:59 am
[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
3:00 am
♪ [national anthem] >> the trump administration is going to war with leakers. the attorney general vowed to bring criminal charges against the leakers who are successfully identified. >> this nation must end this culture of leaks. we will not allow rogue, anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. >> we will find you. we will investigate you. we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> we are talking about sensitive classified information that impayrolls the safety of all of us. >> they want to jury the injuree president that's very clear. >> the big day for the economy