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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 5, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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testy. >> you don't know what they said about their brother. we are trying to find that video and bring it to you tomorrow. ♪ >> russia investigation apparently heating up. robert mueller issuing subpoenas asking for documents on trump's national security adviser michael flynn. welcome to a new our inside america's news headquarters. heather: to as mueller digs into election meddling we are hearing two grand juries have been impaneled, one in washington and the other outside dc in virginia. kristen fisher's live in new jersey where the president is having a work vacation for 17 days.
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>> reporter: new reporting over the last 24 hours, a big deal because it is the first known instance of a special counsel requesting documents from the white house and shows special counsel's probe has expanded to include examination of former national figure advisor general michael flynn's financial deals. this is coming from a report late last night in the new york times, investigators working for special counsel started questioning witnesses about whether flynn was paid by the turkish government during the final months of the campaign. in his report coming a day after the wall street journal reported account that special counsel in washington issued subpoenas, a sign the investigation is entering a new phase. all of these reports coming from leaks, within the special counsel's office, maybe even the administration itself, these are
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the same leaks attorney general jeff sessions railed against yesterday and so did republican senator lindsey graham. >> i will hold mueller accountable for this, running the grand jury process, i will respect it, do your work behind closed doors, professionally. if we get constant leaks out of the grand jury he needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: senator graham said it would be incumbent upon congress to hold donald trump accountable if he decides to fire the special counsel and congress introduced a pair of bipartisan bills designed to do that and protect mueller's job. one other job that appears to be safe at least for now is the national security advisor general hr mc masters. there were reports he was on the
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chopping block after a series of firings on the national security council that some conservatives were upset about and a letter the obama administration's predecessor susan rice giving her continued access to classified information and the report that general mcmaster and donald trump's personalities don't mesh that well. last night donald trump issued a statement of support for his national security adviser saying, quote, general mcmaster and i are working well together, he is a good man, very pro-israel, grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country. one more thing about a possible job shakeup or job opening with spicer out, anthony scaramucci out, there is an opening for the white house communications director and there are reports senior policy advisor stephen miller is up for the job. we have not confirmed that yet but a note of caution. a lot of names will come up during the process as the white
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house tries to find the next communications director, kellyanne conway's name has come up. one that we know donald trump has liked after a combative appearance in the briefing room last week is stephen miller. >> thank you very much. >> for more let's bring in daniel halperin, contributing editor, thanks for joining us this afternoon. this new sure offering what is happening in terms of the grand jury being impaneled in this case about russia and the president and the trump administration. >> these things are significant, that being the grand jury being impaneled and the request to the white house for more documents suggests contrary to reasons for special counsel being set up is
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not this investigation solely about russian meddling, counterintelligence investigation into russian meddling in our election but turning into what we believe to be a criminal investigation, the steps a criminal investigation would be doing with a grand jury and request for documents and the subject is people or someone in the white house. >> former national security advisor served 24 days before being let go, due to the investigation on him and in particular the new york times putting out that this grand jury that is impaneled is looking into whether or not he received funds to the tune of $520,000, a turkish counterpart that might have been related to the turkish government. what is being made of that? >> mike flynn, when you join government you have to do a
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disclosure form a lot of top aides in the white house, mike flynn had to do a disclosure form, didn't initially disclose all the foreign contributions or payments for work he had done, he had to refile three times to correct and amend the disclosure forms, anybody being a consultant for foreign agents or foreign governments needs to register with the department of justice. michael flynn had not done that but he disclosed and changed that. i think michael flynn is subject to this investigation, chances are it is more broadly than that. >> let's talk about the leaks that are coming, we heard from kristen fisher's resort, and the graham vessel robert miller had to get control of that. if he is responsible for that, could be other people thinking this information as well, trying
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in some way to embarrass the trump administration. talk to me about that if you will. >> there is so little we know. we know the result of the leaks, we see them on tv but we don't know the motivation of the leakers. usually people leaks to the press for tons of reasons. it could be these are sanctioned leaks coming from special counsel. we have no idea. could be from capitol hill, the white house, lots of people have this knowledge who tend to have this knowledge to expand, people are leaking for different reasons but it is very destructive in the white house if you are trying to get substantive things done. it is very distracting when you turn on the news. everyone is talking the latest leaks, how could you not talk about them, they seem very significant. >> a lot of people are reacting but let's talk about the legality of this.
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a grand jury being impaneled does not mean it would lead to any convictions or any case if you will. doesn't lead to any indictments. in order to get indictments you need to have a grand jury. we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. it does suggest this is a criminal investigation going on. another line in the new york times report, special counsel office is investigating donald trump for obstruction of justice, the investigation is not just about michael flynn but targeted at donald trump and an effort to uncover what he has done and very distracting if you are the white house. >> the story broke when the wall street journal which is owned by the parent company of this corporation, news core, 21st century fox. if you look at the wall street journal report about the grand jury being impaneled, that sends
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alarm whistles to a lot of people criticizing the trump administration but also says something to the president that he should stop tweeting about it and let the chips fall where they may at this point. >> there is a series of mistakes by a lot of parties including the president. the firing of comey led in many ways to the special counsel. if you are the president you need to ignore this. there is nothing you can do about this, nothing you can do to stop it. you could fire -- there are things that would create their own controversies but short of that tweeting and commenting doesn't do anything. you are better off focusing on the things you want to get done and let these other investigations pan out the way they pan out but you commenting on it doesn't do anything to speed it up or absolve your self of any wrongdoing. >> better to keep moving forward, focus on your administration and the things
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you want to accomplish, setting the agenda and letting the legalities fall in the process work its own course. >> that is what it would seem to me. i'm not a lawyer. it seems like if you want people to talk about job creation, talk about job creation yourself. if you want people to talk about the russia investigation, have a rally in west virginia and talk to prosecutors. i don't think that is the thing to do. that focus on the job creation, hopefully people say million jobs in 6 months is not bad. >> they might they grand jury, what is that about? we will see what happens and we will follow this story as it plays out, the special counsel is doing his job and impaneled the grand jury, we will see where it falls out. michelson keeps coming out and i keep hearing that echo from the former president telling donald trump don't fire michael flynn.
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>> obama did advise not to hire michael flynn, based according to reports on knowledge of michael flynn, some of the things he was engaged in. there has been a series of mistakes. this could have been avoided but it is getting worse. >> good to talk to you today. >> crews searching for three us marines who went missing after what is called a mishap off the coast, the east coast of australia. and osprey similar to this one crashed into the sea earlier today while trying to land. 23 of the marines on board have been rescued. live from the washington bureau, the very latest. >> reporter: it is nighttime in australia, crash happened at 4:00 lee -- local time. at events official says the
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osprey crashed as it tried to land on a u.s. navy warship. it is part helicopter part plane, used to transport marines into battle, 26 servicemembers were on board at the time of the crash, 23 marines are safe, three are missing. a few weeks ago 15 marines and one sailor died after their cargo plane crashed in mississippi. noncombat aviation crashes are up a significant amount this year compared to last. by this time last year there had been eight noncombat crashes. so far this year there have been 12, no word what led to the crash near australia. the marine corps said, quote, the aircraft involved in the mishap launched from the uss bottom richard and was conducting regular operations when the aircraft entered the water. defense attorney telling fox news that crash actually happened during the landing. defense officials say small boats and aircraft on the navy warship responded in the search and rescue effort. the australian minister of
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defense offered to assist in any way at fox news told donald trump is aware of the incident. a lot of questions here. >> thank you. >> uranian president ronnie - o --rounan secured reelection after promising to open his country to the international community and urging european nations not to side with washington. john huddy live with the latest details. not a surprise to those following this story but he is reaching out to the european community. >> reporter: that is back in may when he was reelected talked about pursuing a, quote, path of coexistence but in his inaugural address he had a defiant tone aimed at the united states and
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specifically donald trump. hassan rouhani was sworn into a second term during a session of iran's parliament after a landslide victory, he is viewed as a more moderate leader opening the economy to the world, create more jobs in a country where the unemployment rate remains high and pursue a path of coexisting with the world, but he accused the us of trying to undermine the 2015 nuclear deal and urged european countries not to side with the united states. hassan rouhani said iran would adhere to the agreement but had a warning aimed at donald trump saying, quote, those who wants to tear up the nuclear deal have to know they will tear up their own political life by doing that and he is referring to the comments the president made on the campaign trail calling the iran deal the first -- were steel ever and vowing to rip it up. donald trump said iran is adhering to the agreement but in
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violating its spirit by continuing with its ballistic missile tests, some uranian leaders say will continue and this is a major concern for the trump administration along with iran's increasing foothold in the middle east, particularly iraq and syria and that is a serious concern in israel. benjamin netanyahu said israel had, quote, redlines and among them specifically is iran establishing a military presence in syria along the border with israel. that leads to the question, will hassan rouhani pursue the path of coexistence that will exclude the united states and israel. >> very tough to follow the developments, a cause of concern in israel and the united states. always good to see you, thanks for the report. heather: to fighting against the white house, chicago's mayor claiming it is illegal for the
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this nation must end this culture of leaks. we will investigate and bring criminals to justice. we will not allow road anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. investigate and prosecute is never easy the cases will be made and leaders will be held accountable. heather: to jeff sessions cracking down on leakers, the announcement every face harsh criticism from donald trump for not doing enough to fight the leaks that have swamped the white house. last week a transcript of donald trump's call to foreign leaders including the president of mexico discussing of the wall of
11:21 am
all things were leaked to the media. robert driscoll is a former justice department official who served as deputy assistant attorney general. thank you for talking to us. the question now is how? how difficult is it going to be for jeff sessions to uncover where the leaks are coming from if the leaks don't necessarily rise to the level of criminality? it will make it harder if not legally impossible to obtain a warrant to investigate personal emails protected by law? >> you have to distinguish between leaks and leaks. some are classified information. >> under the espionage act. >> some are white house intrigue. who donald trump is having dinner with, who is up or down in the white house, those things are not necessarily -- talking about classified information is prime, the criminal investigation, sessions has a few tools to get there.
11:22 am
the first is to use electronic fingerprint and something like a discussion with the leader of mexico, a small number of people, and then in place chronically, whether something is copied and someone's inbox, and loaded to a private some drive or something like that which the government is capable of putting different copies, making small differences that are not noticeable to the average person. one leaks can put back to which one of the people have documents. heather: to you are changing a couple numbers. that is ingenious. why wasn't that done? there were leakers under president obama and former 4-star general, one of his
11:23 am
favorites was busted and he lied to the fbi, that is one of the ways people are caught in the past, i assume that kind of regulation would be in there so it would scare anybody who attempters or thought about leaking classified information. >> that type of technique is more common in the intelligence community is. the team sessions put in place, that is who he has. also the reason attorney general sessions brought up reporters, one way is to bring reporters in and ask whether sources are. as a legal matter there is no reporter exemption, the first amendment implication, gets very sticky and people are reluctant
11:24 am
to do that but back to the valerie plane investigation, some reporters testified directly to the prosecutors. bob novak for example testified to the prosecutors, tim russert was very creative in figuring out ways to allow him to testify without disclosing sensitive information. electronic fingerprints or watermarks on documents. heather: to thank you very much. >> special counsel robert mueller using a full arsenal of tools to investigate russia, democrats are expressing worries of the laser focus on russia may cost them the midterms. our panel ways in which plus a kindergarten teacher found alive almost 3 weeks after going missing. how she survived 17 days following a car crash in the middle of nowhere. >> that girl has a will to live.
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heather: to historic heat in the pacific northwest, 15 million people under excessive heat warnings and advisories suffering through record-breaking temperatures but looks like the heat may be over. meteorologist adam koch is live in the extreme weather center. there's a lot of red behind you. >> not as hot as the last couple days. we have abnormally warm temperatures, don't usually climb into the 90s but seeing it getting closer to seattle to portions of northern california where temperatures will reach triple digits.
11:30 am
it is not that hard as temperatures sit at 65 in seattle but continuing to build through the afternoon. the rest of the country sunspots, a cold front moved through, very comfortable temperatures across the midwest to the northeast. here is where you are looking at a warm front. we are seeing severe weather fire up along that area as a result of warm air and cold air moving through portions of missouri. this is turning out to be a pretty big storm system. it is a real rainmaker which we will continue to watch, that is the future forecast sticking through the evening hours, running into the overnight hours. look at these rainfall totals piling up through the rest of the afternoon into early sunday morning and the legend in the top, anywhere from four to six inches of rain, we will see flooding as a result of the system and we have our flash
11:31 am
flood watches and warnings in place across a large portion of missouri. this will slowly be tracking off. when the heat and cold air meet we see severe weather, something i will be watching through the rest of saturday afternoon. >> let's talk about democrats. they have spent plenty of time beating the drum on russia and alleged collusion with the trump campaign but some party members are expressing concern that they aren't into with the american people. adam goodman is a republican campaign strategist and edward armer a fellow a, isaac right executive director for the super pac correct a burger. thank you for joining us. this is an important topic. it determines what the democrat party, not this discussion, but what the democrat party determines what its future is. is it still in what they have been doing now?
11:32 am
attacking the president on possible collusion with russia? >> no one is treating russia as the primary message for the upcoming election for the democratic party. i do think democrats and republicans alike have a duty to serve our national security, national interest. right now the evidence of russian influence on our election and potential for russian collusion has demanded an investigation. every politician in america has a duty to support seeing that through. that is why there is a grand jury right now. there may or may not be criminal charges ahead over the potential collusion a russian influence in our election and we need to get to the bottom of that. democrats going to the election are going to have to focus on bread and butter issues and health care and the economy. >> people wake up in the morning, first thing on their mind is not russia. it is how do i feed my children, where do i get my job, how do i
11:33 am
maintain that job, how can i deal with all the issues out there, healthcare or whatever. have the democrats been able to home in on that, not only to abuse the american people but to say we are here to help? >> unfortunately for them know. these numbers in the democratic party popularity one of the all-time lows earlier this year. their messages and selling. they are marketing this new idea called the better deal. let's go back in history. we had teddy roosevelt, we had fdr's new deal, harry truman with the fair deal. the problem with the better deal is is worthy of the paper it is written on. a political piece of rhetoric. what people want more than ever is the now deal, healthcare reform now, they want better jobs now. they want to be able to wake up in america that is more admired abroad and safer at home. what they are seeing in
11:34 am
washington is an endless stream of investigations of washington investigating itself. what they really want, the american people, the politicians would care to ask, they want something done to advance the ball for the national interests. >> that is not just a democrat problem but a republican problem because both parties have failed to meet the need or demand of the american people. listening today i heard there was a new focus in congress at least on the house side where there is a new caucus if you will, called problem solvers. can that possibly work? can you bring a bipartisan together to get away from democrat and republican talking points and get to the heart of what is necessary? >> democrats offer real solutions on healthcare. that has been the deck all along. >> but they haven't and we know that. republicans tried to repeal the
11:35 am
greatest advancement in our healthcare system in modern history that has brought the number of uninsured in this country to the lowest point in american history. republicans wanted to do away with that and take healthcare away from 25 to 30 million americans. democrats said let's fix what is not working best with obamacare and make it better. let's fix the exchanges. they have offered legislation in the us to do that. in some cases republicans have already voted it down. in the case of the economy democrats want to move forward. since donald trump took office, we have lost 100,000 american jobs, 100,000 layoffs lapse as companies move jobs overseas and in 43 states in this country wages are on the decline, only on the increase in seven state. a tiny fraction of states where income is increasing, increasing
11:36 am
at a quarter the rate is decreasing in the vast majority of the country, 43 states. these are the things democrats are addressing. what the election will be about. >> a lot of republicans are saying that is not true. they would be saying it is not true for this reason. republicans are doing such and such. are the republicans doing enough to actually be able to counter what democrats are criticizing? >> a great question. on healthcare, democrats are raising their hands they want to get involved in a solution that affects everybody. to your question, i think everyone is disappointed in washington and it goes across all parties, party loyalty, party id at an all-time low. americans looking for answers, the traditional party structure in the system not providing. they are upset with all of it. the president is trying to call washington on this. maybe he hasn't had the perfect opening act in message delivery but the message he came in with that the american people sent
11:37 am
him to washington with his as important and relevant as it ever was which is we got to take on the system, fix what is broken and we have to do it, this is a terrible thing for washington to hear, we have to do this together. >> is that so hard to agree or disagree on? we have to do this together? >> the problem is, adam's talking point with all due respect is not true. democrats provided legislation pending in the u.s. senate right now. >> if i may, once again we see two talking points coming together. i heard adam talk about coming together and i hear you saying the problem is -- where is the problem with coming together? >> let's come together and pass the bill claire mccaskill filed that doesn't exist. it is on the floor, it is ready. >> i got to leave it there. good to talk to you. come together, it is time, thank
11:38 am
you both. >> bipolar kindergarten teacher missing from northern california has been found alive nearly three weeks after crashing her car. her name is jamie, she was 33 years old, found in a field yesterday malnourished and badly sunburned but her rescue left a lot of other unanswered questions. claudia cowan is life with more on this fascinating story. >> very strange story with conflicting accounts whether this woman wanted to be found, the state of her mental health and spent the next 7 days wandering in a field, central valley. 33-year-old jamie is bipolar and stops taking her medication on the advice of her pastor, told
11:39 am
her pills would lead to demons entering her body according to her family. on july 17th reportedly called her husband from the car in tears say i will never see you again and crashed the car, walked away and survived by eating toppers and hiding near a water take with her family and members of her church organized a $100,000 reward and brought in a helicopter, finally found her in a field less than a mile away. >> looks like she was alive. she says i am alive. that girl has a will to live. anyone can survive out here for 17 years, it is amazing. >> her family is calling it a miracle, being treated for dehydration and severe sunburn. there is a heat wave across california and little shelter where she was found but she is expected to fully recover.
11:40 am
according to the county sheriff she told rescuers she wanted food but she wanted to be left alone. she thinks she was avoiding those search teams and a helicopter on purpose. she has issues emotionally as to why she didn't want to be found adding we will let the family work through that. the word if there is any criminal investigation. and clearly a lot of questions in this case for the woman's pastor and his role in this and along healing period ahead. heather: to pretty incredible, smart woman able to survive this, she had bipolar disorder, we don't know if she had her medication on her, but she knew to hide behind the water take, she had a sunburn on her, to have the wherewithal to survive 17 days. >> i am amazed with us and going what church people are saying, it is a miracle, investigated a surprise to find a woman after
11:41 am
70 days still alive. regardless of the questions, those questions as she moves on with her life. >> the fact that she was potentially trying to evade rescuers, that to be fair comes along with bipolar disorder. a lot of people suffer bipolar disorder are extremely distant -- defective and out to get them. >> the mental illness of the main thing is she is alive and well. will it help american workers as promised? the panel debates next.
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heather: to donald trump endorsing an immigration bill that would make this is to merit-based are giving it would
11:46 am
bring more spilled immigrants, speaking english and cut immigration in half in the next we 10 years. at catholic charities, at the archdiocese of new york, the communications director at federation for american immigration. can dave hear me? i have a feeling the earpiece is not working. jessica, can you hear me? it seems we are having complications with them. immigration reform, donald trump's campaign for office, and building a wall to cut down on illegals coming into the country and cutting down on 50% of legal immigrants in the next we 10 years, considering the bumpy rollout of the travel ban how difficult would it be to implement both? >> it will be difficult cutting
11:47 am
and limiting american citizens, to bring their families into this country is a form of punishment. these families are here legally, they have been contributing to society and for them not to be able to bring their adult children and families is a form of punishment and it is not what this country stands for. it is not our values. >> under the current system most legal immigrants are minted to the united states based on family ties meaning american citizens can sponsor spouses, parents, minor children and legally obtain a visa. basically it will still allow spouses and minor children to come in. the difference is it will eliminate preferences for other relatives like siblings and adult children unless they need the education standards set by this legislation. how do you implement this? how do you grade or test these people and say cousin johnny
11:48 am
doesn't speak good enough english or and sarah can speak english but doesn't have experience in entrepreneurial background so we will exclude her. how do you figure out who is in or out that you >> it will be very difficult. it is a form of punishment because adult children won't be able to come in and that is not what we stand for and it is the rich and educated winning again. whoever speaks english and whoever is educated will be able to come in and always have an easier time it is not what this country stands for. heather: to we have dave ray's audio working now. this is and what this country is built on. we talk about the term living the american dream. that term came about partly because illegal immigrants in the us and many of us, the sons
11:49 am
and daughters of legal immigrants, i would not be here if my mother hadn't come to this country. came here with nothing, no education, no path to success, to make something of themselves, then go on to have children could given better educational opportunities than parents had so how does this undercut the american dream? >> everybody in america understands our immigration policies are a train wreck except your other guest, jessica. we have been having this discussion for 20 years. bill clinton appointed a commission to look at this issue 20 years ago chaired by civil rights icon barbara jordan. they came up with three recommendations from a bipartisan commission, cut legal immigration, eliminate extended family chain migration and move to a skills-based immigration selection process like canada and australia have lose the
11:50 am
current model is not working. american businesses are clamoring for more skilled labor, 25% of immigrants coming in urania and year out lack as much as a high school education, speaks very little english and to no one's surprise they are failing. many of them are on social welfare programs because they don't have the tools to make it in a modern america. >> you can't legally select welfare and let you are an american citizen or have a visa. >> talking about their children because they become us citizens or are born here are eligible for public assistance programs. the fact is the only reason jessica is defending our current immigration policies is because they let in lots of people with last name like ramirez. >> you are saying people from hispanic background should not be treated the same? >> no. not at all. i am saying if you move away
11:51 am
from a nepotistic family chain migration based system into a point based system where everybody from every country in the world has the chance to get their american dream, when selected -- >> i am going to bring you back after the commercial because we are up against a hard break, be right back. when you've got...
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heather: to i am back with jessica ramirez and dave ray. respond to what dave just mentioned regarding your last name and how you feel passionate about this. >> the fact the argument illegal immigrants are immigrants taxing on the welfare system is fake news. it is illegal for immigrants to get any type of welfare because you need a social security number and because i practice immigration law i know you have to apply for an affidavit, it is fake news, not the cost of the system. we work hard and by ourselves when we come to this country. >> were your parents born in the country? >> no and i was not born in this country.
11:56 am
>> you practice immigration law? >> i practice immigration law. >> i will give you the final word. >> trying to defend the current policies, wake up and smell the coffee, our immigration policies are a train wreck. the ray that donald trump talked about would turn to a merit-based immigration system so anyone anywhere in the world would have a fair chance to compete for a coveted visa, when they are selected, in a nuclear family fashion, need to select immigrants, the tools to arrive in a high-tech economy, having some level of education. >> we will see you back here at 4:00. >> that will do it for us. she makes from that airline. what'd you earn double miles on, please? ugh. that's unfortunate. there's a better option. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles
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on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just airline purchases. seems like a no-brainer. what's in your wallet? ..
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>> the russia story is a total fabrication. it's just an excuse for the great jest loss in the history of american politics we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. paul: that was president trump going on offense following reports that special counsel robert mueller empanelled a grand jury in the investigation


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