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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 5, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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paul: as we with mourn his loss we also celebrate his life and take comfort knowing joe's work made america a freer and better country. reporter: as the u.n. approves tough new sanctions the security council deciding to impose sanctions on ex 40s. nikki haley praising the new sanctions telling council members after the vote that it's the single largest economic package ever leveled against the north korean regime. the goal is to increase pressure on pyongyang. last no north korea successfully tests two intercontinental
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ballistic missiles capable of reaching the u.s. arthel: welcome to "america's news headquarters." special counselor robert mueller is digging deeper into the finances of former national security advisor michael flynn. mueller asking the white house to hand over records. i'm julie banderas. kelly: i'm kelly write. -- kelly wright. this despite the president warning mueller to focus on election melding and not finance finances of his associates. in bedminster, new jersey, the
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president is on a working vacation. reporter: the white house said the president was meeting with his new chief of staff general john kelly during this roughly two week long working vacation, working being the key word here in bed minister, new jersey. he arrived right around the same time the special counsel's investigation seemed to be heating up. special counsel robert mueller convened a grand jury and is issuing subpoenas. and witnesses were questioned about whether michael flynn was secretly paid by the turkish government during the final months of the campaign. and it's a big deal. because it's the first known
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instance of the special counsel requesting documents from the white house. you have several bipartisan members of congress taking steps to make sure that the president does not fire mueller and to protect mueller's job. senator lindsey graham was one of those senators back that bill. he said he believes it's necessary because he wants to make sure mueller can do this job without threat or fear. he said to the best of his knowledge the trump administration has not done anything wrong up until this point. he's trying to protect mule per and protect the white house from any more leaks. senator graham says he will be holding mueller responsible for any more leaks that come out of the grand jury. there are more leaks continuing to come out over the last 24 hours. at the moment, mueller's job seems to be safe.
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until another person whose job was kinds of a question mark in recent days was the national security advisor general h.r. mcmaster. this comes amid reports that he fired several people on the national security council that some conservatives did not like. they didn't like that he sent a letter to his former obama successor susan rice. the president said general mcmaster and i are work well together. he's a good man. i'm grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country. one more bit of possible staff changes have to do with the job of communications director after spicer left, you had scaramucci come in, scaramucci leaves. this is a big job at the white house that needs to be filled.
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there have been a lot of reports that senior policy visor stephen miller was being considered for the job. a few senior administration officials said those reports perhaps are just being a bit overblown. they say president trump was pleased with miller's briefing room performance getting into that famous tussle with a cnn correspondent a few days ago. but any reports he's being seriously considered for communications director according to administration officials is simply overblown. julie: for more we go to kevin sheridan and former communications director to paul ryan.
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robin kiss a form campaign field director and democratic strategist. the special counsel office reportedly asking the white house for flynn-related documents. james comey becomes the star witness on whether obstruction occurred. if obstruction is not proven how soon should the democrats move past this. >> the democratic party doesn't have any other message. they tried to do an economic message reboot and it sounded like a papa john's commercial. that will be a topic for debate in every house race in the country this year. democrats going to go after this? this all they got. julie: robin, let's talk about
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the fact, the investigation, and whether flynn accepted money from a foreign agent which would be considered a crime. julie: if the president asked james comey to back off the flynn investigation, how would that play into this? >> that would be a gigantic mess mess. i hope that doesn't happen. it's up to team mueller to run the investigation through its full course. i'm told this all ties back to flynn. so i'm concerned there. but in in any case what i want s president to do is get out of the way and let the investigation run its full course and just discover anything that's there so we can
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move past this frankly. julie: this 7-day work vacation is a good time to do that. to let mueller do his job. kristen fisher was addressing the fact there had been some talk of mueller losing his job. that would probably be something the president would be advised would not be a good idea, to get rid of mueller. >> i don't think anybody would advise them to fire him because the political consequences of that would be bad. this is a very serious investigation. this is what serious investigators do. they impanel grand jury -- jurid request document. somebody has to restore faith in the justice department. this is too many times this has happened and this is a serious matter.
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julie: to be fair here, robin, after flynn requested and was denied immunity from prosecution, does that help president trump distance himself from this mess since it doesn't appear he's still trying to protect flynn. >> i will use our president's own words. he said only the guilty seek immunity. by the president's own word i'm concerned that he asked for immunity in the first place. i'm told by friend close to general flynn he got so caught up in this campaign that he didn't know how some of this worked with registering as a foreign agent. he came late to the game and was told by miss friend afterwasheds he -- told by his friends afterwards that he needed to do this. as long as the president says out of the way -- my one concern is donald trump told him to not
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look at the money, not look at his friend' money. i want him to stay out of the way. it has bad optics. julie: i want you to tell me and our viewers, how do you think it look for the president to ask his then fbi chief james comey to lay off flynn, then fire him, then later say publicly the investigation shouldn't focus on the money trail? >> there is debate on whether he told him to lay off or he hoped he would see clear of any wrongdoing. but i don't know that that was actual pressure. that's what mueller is look into and it will be a judgment call. the president should -- i agree he should stay out of this mostly. let his legal team make the arguments and behind the scenes and focus on tax reform and focus on getting the republican party getting some legislative
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accomplishments. right now we don't have a lot. we need more. julie: thank you very much. kelly: a search is under way for three u.s. marines mission after an osprey aircraft went into the water off the coast of australia. reporter: 26 service members were on board at times of the crash. 23 marines are safe. three are missing. the crash happened off the east coast of australia around 4:00 p.m. local time. a defense official tells fox news it crashed as it attempted to land on a u.s. navy warship. it's part helicopter, part plane. it's used to transport marines into battle. a few weeks ago.
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four marines died after crashing in mississippi. by this time last year there were 8 non-combat crashes, this year 12. last year senior military officials told fox news budget cuts hampered their ability to repair aging fleets and as a result pilots spent less time training in the air. the marine corps said the aircraft was quote conducting regularly scheduled operations when the aircraft entered the water. small boats and aircraft on the navy warship immediately respond and helped out in the search and rescue efforts. the australian minister of defense offered to help the u.s. in any way and president trump is aware of the incident.
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julie: iranian president hassan rohani sworn in, howing his country will continue to work to improve relations with the rest of the world. john huddy joins us from jerusalem with more. reporter: when rohani was elected he said he would pursue a path with the world. he was sworn in to a session of iran's parliament. rouhani who is viewed as a more moderate leader promised to open lawn's economy to the world and lower iran's high unemployment rate and pursue a path of coexistence and
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interaction with the world. but today he directed his comment at the u.s., accusing the u.s. of looking the commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal, of trying to undermine the deal, and urged european countries not to side with the united states. rouhani said they would continue to abide by the terms of the agreement. and said those who want to tear up the nuclear deal will have to know they will tear up their own political life. president trump recently said that iran is complying with the deal so far. but he said the country is violating the spirit of the agreement by continuing the ballistic missile tests. iranian leaders said the country will continue with it ballistic missile program. that is a major concern for the
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administration. and julie, that is also a huge concern here in israel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel has a red line that cannot be crossed. iran establishing a military presence in syria along the golan heights. if rouhani is pursuing this path of coexistence and interaction with the world, that would exclude the u.s. and israel. julie: good question. kelly: the city of chicago is pushing back against the truck administration. the mayor says the president's threats against sanctuary cities are illegal. maria is confident. but when it comes to mortgages,
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track your pack. set a curfew, or two. make dinner-time device free. [ music stops ] [ music plays again ] a smarter way to wifi is awesome. introducing xfinity xfi. amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> it looks like you are trying to engineer the ethnic flow into this country. julie: stephen miller clashing with cnn reporter jim acosta on
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the subject of immigration. the white house is downplaying reports that miller is under consideration for white house communications director. when they finally find somebody who will fill the roll of communications director for the white house, the expectation will be this person will last more than 10 days. what say you on names floated around and how much should they pace themselves before they assign this position? >> they clearly have to pace themselves. if you look at that exchange, i think stephen miller puts himself in a pretty good position to be picked. he's popular with the president. and he's intelligent. whatever you think his particular viewpoints. and i personally disagree with a number of them.
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he's a good representative of the president and good messenger. i think he shares the sense of anger with the president about his opponents but slightly more eloquent than some of the president's tweets. julie: the question is whether it would be a positive in general kelly's category. anthony scaramucci was a positive in president trump's category. whether or not he had had that explicit conversation using a lot of bad words, shall we say. his whole style, that rough and tumble in your face style is not what the white house is looking for with general kelly as chief of staff. >> i don't think kelly would have taken this job if he those could get his perfect team. he recognizes trump is the
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president. if you have with stephen miller someone who is able to stay on his message. not cross over into other fields, i suspect kelly wouldn't have as much of a problem with it. as much as kelly wants to bring a sense of direction and leadership and unity to the white house. he respects the klain of command and respected trump will have a major impact on the kind of people leading his various arms of government. julie: we heard that steve bannon had a lot to say and had huge influence over the president on certain decisions. that was a big thing for steve bannon. he did push the president along. it seems steve bannon, trump's chief strategist is a fan of the
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idea of miller taking that role. i wonder if the opinions will be trumped by general kelly and how much steve bannon's opinions will play a role in filling the position? >> i think the issue will be more severe in the issues that might exist with stephen miller. i think it's probably the foreign policy dynamic. the next big tension in the white house is between the next foreign policy advisor and bannon. if you have in stephen miller someone who can go toe to toe and articulate the intellectual argument, that's a benefit. julie: we talk about optics a lot. having somebody come out poised, calm, collected, like a sarah
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huckabee-sanders as opposed to sean spicer who would sometimes let the press get a rights out of him. but there are critics of miller who took issue with that whole argument he had with the cnn reporter when they were talking about immigration legislation and his use of the term cosmopolitan and called it racist and referred his anti-semitic history. ben rhodes said admiral is a white with supremacists. these are the kickbacks you don't want resurfacing. they want somebody clean, perhaps somebody who is not going to stir up more gossip, because it seems that's what the left and the mainstream media want. don't they want something a little more boring? >> i don't think so. if they can have someone who can be a team player in my
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inclination is to believe stephen miller can work with kelly. they are not wing on anything. the democrats are in confusion. but they need some sense of aggression and potencien message and i think perhaps miller can be that balancing element. anyone would get criticized. julie: i wouldn't want any of those jobs. the reporters go in there every day pick and picking. kelly: lawmakers questioning whether the 2001 law that authorized the war in afghanistan gives the united states legal authority to fight isis in iraq and syria. what the trump administration is saying about that.
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kelly: historic heat in the pacific northwest. but it looks like the worst of the heat may be over. reporter: temperatures topping off in the 90s it was that hot out there. temperatures run up to 91 degrees.
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we are talking about temperatures getting up to triple digits. things beginning to back down. there is a of, you can see where that warm air is. a defined line. temperatures hovering in the 70s. it will be right along this line, that's where we are tracking thunderstorms again today. let me show what's moving across the center of the country. missouri has been targeted with heavy rainfall the last several hours. that's continuing into the overnight hours. you can see that holding strong. we are talking about another 3, 4, 5 inches of rain in several spots. we are going to be talking about flooding before this all said and done. but you are getting indications where we could be getting 10 inches more precipitation in some of these areas but fairly
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widespread. 4 to 6 inches. that's when you start seeing flooding. this is going to be one we are paying close attention to. we are going to be tracking this rain all the way through the rest of the evening. this will be one we are paying attention to all night long. julie: the authorization of military force is at the center of a push and pull between the white house and some members of congress. the state department is insisting a law authorizing the war in afghanistan after the attacks of 9/11 gives the u.s. plenty of legal authority to fight isis in syria and iraq. let's bring in jason beardsley, former master sergeant and' special operations. as you know, congress formulates
1:33 pm
aumf as a tool to limit and constrain executive power. you spent a lot of time in command in iraq. how it would have worked in your favor? >> if it's a tool written with clarity gives commanders to take the military forces and go against the enemy. but because that writing describes the enemy and the forces it can be con strange. when we chase them across borders or it changes and payment islamic state in iraq and syria, then the tool needs to be rewritten or clarified. that's where the lawyers get involved. otherwise you are left having to go back to the national security cabinet to get clarification on what you can and can't do. it can have a delaying effect on
1:34 pm
fourses when commanders are in the fight. julie: you can't have a delay when comearnsd are in the fight. congressman ted coal said we are at war against an enemy that did not exist in a place we did not expect to fight. how an aumf that was passed 16 years ago could be stretched cover this is beyond belief to me. does the white house need to readdress this? they need new authorization for war in afghanistan? >> it's always in the benefit of the military to have clarity in their grand strategy. to have goals written on paper it can be effective to check the president and it can be a tool for the president. this administration has spoken with clarity.
1:35 pm
they want to defiant enemy so they can annihilate them. we have men and women service members of the service forces in harmss's and facing death every day. if they can't stand and put their names on the bottom line and sign a piece of say saying this is why we are putting our forces in harm's way. they need to go back and get somebody who do the job. you can authorize all the force you want and stretch this document left to right. but that's not way we fight. we don't fight under ambiguous circumstances. kelly: your point is well taken and necessary for congress and the american people to hear. in the fog of all that's going on in washington in terms of congress and authorizing.
1:36 pm
many people forgot there are boots on the ground in afghanistan and they have a herculean task focusing on taliban and insurgeon is on isis-backed militia groups to take them out. then you have got the whole situation in syria unfolding. so what do the american people have to be reminded of and members of congress as well at this point? >> you framed it very well. what the people want to be reminded of. they elected donald trump to speak with clarity and show leadership. not just that our troops are in harm temperatures way, but why. your previous guest talked about generals kelly, mattis. to bring a fewified strategy. we want to know, what are the goals. congress and senate ought to lay
1:37 pm
their signatures on the line and face the consequences at the ballot box. for me and those who fight in uniform, we the american people have earned this from our legislation towards and they ought to go back to the drawing board and tell us what is your unified plan. >> you have said it already well. congress needs to lay their signature on the shine while american soldiers are laying their lives on the line. a kindergartener teacher missing from california has been found alive after nearly 3 weeks after crashing her car. she was found in a field yesterday badly sun burned and malnourished. cloud yeah cohen picks it up with more. reporter: this sounds
1:38 pm
something -- like something out of a movie. a woman as a car zernt and manages to survive 17 days while doing everything possible to avoid being rescued. she is a kindergarten teacher who stopped take her medication on the advice of a pastor who said the medications enter her body and brain. july 28 a press release on the website helped find said she crashed her car in an apparent suicide attempt. she survived living off bugs and water from a cat the trough. her family offered a $100,000
1:39 pm
reward, and they found her in a field close to a main road and near ranch house. the sheriff says jamie did not want to be found. >> we were talking about getting her to the hospital. she didn't want anything to do with that. she wanted us to give her some food and water and let her go. reporter: he talked about treating her and her not wanting treatment at all. just wanted food and water and wanted to go home. jamie's father says she has a history of mental illness and now she has serious injuries as well. officials say there is nothing suspicious or criminal about this case. she they say she chose to walk away fan they are just glad she was found alive. kelly: a lot of work needs to be
1:40 pm
done she is okay for the rest of her life. julie: general notes recalling 2014 pickup trucks. affected models are the silverado and sierra. most of of the models were sold in the u.s. kelly: the u.n. taking action and north korea passing a rest pollution response to the regime's missile program. how the international community is looking to punish pyongyang. and whether it will be enough to bring north korea to the negotiating table. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain
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kelly: the u.s.-drafted penalties go after exports from north korea after the regime test fired a pair of intercontinental ballistic missiles last month. congressman trent frank. good of you to join us today. what do you say about this new ability to stop the north koreans? >> for all of those criticizing the trump administration saying we no longer have global influence in the world, this is a demonstration of american leadership.
1:46 pm
the sanctions do have teeth. in the past when there have been sanctioned passed, the chinese look for other ways make sure the north korean leaders still have their stomachs full even as the north korean people starve. kelly: you bring up a important point. this u.s.-backed resolution to stop north korea's appetite for nuclear development. but you said it well. will china make sure it leaders feel the same bite it people are experiencing? >> the thing about the north korean regime it's merciless and brutal. we have political prisons so large you can see them from
1:47 pm
space. kim jong-un is willing to murder his own brother. this regime is so cruel we cannot allow them to have the ability to coerce and blackmail the united states with a myself isle. north korea does have the ability to hit the entire continental united states with a ballistic missile. we are not going after regime change as secretary tillerson said. so we have to actually squeeze the regime hard and make it significant. kelly: it goes on to say underlining that measures imposed by this resolution are not intended to have adverse humanitarian consequences for the population of north korea. isn't it true that the leaders of north korea can retaliate
1:48 pm
against their own people in response to these resolutions? >> that's a great point. it's important for the viewers to understand any time you have people saying sanctions will only hurt the people. that's a myth. these people are already suffering and being persecuted for their beliefs. they are in prison for crimes they didn't commit. the north korean siphons off any money that comes into the country and pours it into their military program. the sanctions as important as they are, they are only one piece. the u.s. has to build out missile systems here at home and use cyber attacks to disable the program as much as we can. we do have a credible military option we are willing to use. kelly: should we continue our exercises to show the north
1:49 pm
koreans that we'll not tolerate their tension or appetite to build that nuclear weaponry? >> we should continue military operations. not on does this send a message to the north korea yants that we won't be told we can't do the operations. it provide assurance to our allies that the united states has their back. that is one of the most of powerful ways to deter conflict. kelly: to china, what's the point of bringing them home to have some common sense with this? >> we have to let the chinese understand if they want good rips with the united states, we have great trade. but they are the enablers and the patrons of the north koreans. they have to get north korea under control and that will go far in term of u.s.-china relations as well.
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[♪] kelly: i love this story at an age when most of people might want to relax on the beach.
1:54 pm
jerry lambert is out saving lives. bryant, i love this. reporter: he has been pulling swimmers from riptides in long island new york for half a century. he's old school. he won't tell you how many team he saved. but his story is a remind they are is nothing like doing what you love. >> 73 and i feel like 14 again. reporter: jerry is a lifeguard on long island. he worked as an electrician for decade but started come together beach for a summer job when he was 14. but every summer jerry found his way back on duty here. >> the northeast has the swells. the big stuff is here, it's not in wimpy florida. >> like the waves, jerry has become part of the beach's
1:55 pm
character. >> it kind of keeps you young. jerry passed a lifeguard endurance test and a 50-yard swim sprint every year since 1961. >> the essence of being a lifeguard is knowing you did the job well. reporter: as for the number of swimmers he saved. >> it's not a count or told school answers. there are a lot of jobs i walked away from. every summer is a pleasure. reporter: he says this will be his last year as a lifeguard but it won't keep him from surfing. kelly: if we can only be that
1:56 pm
way at 73? julie: with knee replacement surgery on the sand? >> that's going to do it for us. we are not done right here on fox. we have a couple talented anchors in the wind. rick leventhal. >> let's not forget the love are you, talented arthel neville.
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