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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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make assessmentes. >> does it use obamacare? >> it is good stuff. >> they get it done. >> we have to go. hannity is up next. >> sean: many thanks for our friends on "the five. ". this is "hannity". first. i have a message for the deputy rod rosenstein. tonight we demand you stop rob better mueller mission investigative creep and put an end to the political witch hunt against president trump. that's tonight's opening monologue. the russian investigation overseen by the deputy attorney general is it beyond corrupt and political and an open ended phishing expedition and just like mueller, rosenstein has
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glaring conflicts of intchlt he had this with the chris wallace on fox news sunday. look at this. >> the special counsel is subject of the rule and regulations of the department of justice and we don't enchange in phishing expedition. this does not reveal who is the subject. but bob mueller and understands and i understand the scope of the investigation and no, it is not a phishing expedition. >> you say any matters that arose or arise in the course of his investigation of the issues that he is looking at. if he finds evidence of a crime, can he look at that? >> if it is in the scope of what director mueller and i agreed he
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can. if it is outside of the scope he will have to come to me. >> you can't be serious in you are not letting the special counsel turn into a phishing expedition? sir, it already has. this was supposed to be about president trump's campaign colluding with the russian and no smoking gun proving it happened. but instead of ending it there, there are reports that mueller is looking into the finances of the trump and trump organization and associates of president trump and mueller has reportedly empanelled a grand jury in washington d.c. let's go to washington d.c., the president got little over four percent of the vote and more on that in just a moment. going over what rosenstein said. he gave mueller the green light and he can do whatever he wants. a legal scholar thomas skurly is out with key points of why he
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rightly believes that rosenstein needs to recuse himself including this one. he is likely going to be a witness in the investigation that he caused because he took the lead on writing the letter to president trump on why director comey should be fired. he is it a witness. rosenstein appointed robert mueller or apparently didn't know or care about the fact a day before naming mueller, he had an interview with president trump and wanted to be the fbi director. you can't make this up. rosenstein turned a blind out to robert mueller's massive conflict of interest. comey and mueller are close friends. gregg jarret continues to point out that relationship understanding be a violation of two laws. and eight of the 16 members that mueller appointed to his team
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made political donations, shockingly all to democrats and the other eight according to roerpds did not donate to anybody. how is that okay and why can't he tell mueller to nonpartisan. would a democrat allow a special counsel to only appoint republican donors? no way. what he is doing is ridiculous and rosenstein should be ashamed of himself for letting this happen. we have spoke numberous times about america. we can't have a two- tiered justice system. it has to be equal justice under the law. if we believe in that and in the constitution, it would be time for rosenstein and the doj to
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restore the rule of law and look into the massive democratic scandams that we told you about. for example, on friday, we reported how the american center for law and justice obtained through a freedom of act request related to the former attorney general loretta lynch, remember the 40 minute tarmac meeting on about the grandkids and just days before comey made out his announcement on hillary clinton and laid out a stinging indictment and finished with never mind. the fbi lied about the existence that documents were there and telling the legal group they didn't exist. there are e-mail officials with the fbi and doj officials where flaged and media outlets are reporting on the tarmac meeting that is obviously inappropriate
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and they came up with a set of talking points and in the emails that were released. those talking points were redakted. the doj and fbi are not to be political oerpgzs and they are supposed to be nonpolitical. why is the fbi and doj coming up with talking points if they are not supposed to be political? we have another stunning piece of information. the daily caller reported that the aclj confirmed that loretta lynch used an e-mail alias going with the name of elizabeth carlyle and according to gregg jarret, public figures are not supposed to do that. lynch's attorney defended the fake name to the daily caller and apparently that is only acceptable in the obama department of justice and doesn't impact rosenstein. in addition to finding out lynch
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used e-mail alias, that documents show lynch was aware of the talking points that were created. wow, the same person who said it is not an investigation, it is a matter. let's look at lynch remail with subject line talking points/statement. thanks to all who worked on this and signed it ag. lynch who didn't think it was necessary to tell you about meeting bill clinton on the tarmac, just days before she was going to make a ruling on his wife, for 40 minutes, not talking about grandchildren in my opinion helped to craft talking points only after the media picked it up on their own and reported on it. on top much james comey testifying that lynch told him to calm the investigation a matter? that was a clinton talking point. should loretta lynch have to
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testify on these matters? the answer is yes. this is a definition of a two- tiered justice system i talked b. it has to end. hillary clinton had top secret special access and classified information on an unsecured server in a mom and pop shop and deleted 33000 subpeonaed email and to make sure she acid washed it with bleach bit and then had an aide smashing mobile phones with hammer and her legal team turns over the black berry and they are usefulless and didn't have simcards and debbie wasserman schultz arrested for bank fraud. and he's trying to flee the country and wasserman schultz is defending her decision to keep him on the payroll despite he
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was under investigation and didn't have access to the house servers. and then there's this. the daily caller reported. the fbi seized 2 smashed hard driveless. what is it with democrats wanting to smash hard drive and bleach bit and smash devices. it is it like an obsession of theirs. that is call would obstruction of justice. next the obama administration. all. unmasking. sarah carter reported that ben rhoddes is a person of interest in the house intelligence committee investigation of unmasking of fellow citizens. and in the washington free beacon. former obama u.n. ambassador samantha power unmask would hundreds of neme the election year and many related to trump? why would a u.n. ambassador need to do that?
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sources say this is unprecedented. and we also learned that congress is questioning other former obama officials. susan rice, and john brennan on the unmasking and intelligence leak and john solomon reported that james clapper, remember him? he made it easier for those officials in the executive branch of obama to unmask members of congress and their stachers. why are not special counsels calmed to investigate these instances. the constitution of the country is it scompleded right bfrp your very eyes and your fourth amendment privacy rights are being violated and on a daily basis. and then out of control and dangerous leaks from the deep state, a leak a day and rate of seven times greater than the previous two administrations and it has to end. it is impeding the progress of
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the united states. transcripts of the president's phone call, let's see with a prime minister and president of other country? when has this ever been leaked? these are crimes of the deep state that need to be investigated and people need to be charged and under oath and some go to jail and sarah carter reported that the fbi's top lawyer. james baker, the chief counsel is under investigation for leaking to the media. james comey admitted under oath he had a friend leak. and jeff sessions announced on friday that the department of justice will crack down on deep state leaks and the anti- trump "fake news" doszier. the opposition research firms with types to democrats. it was put together by a former
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british spy christopher sdpeel sources that ties to the russian government. well, now the evidence is overwhelming and congressman adam shift who wants to be a talk show guest, he admitted he wants to to talk to steel and we need special counsel looking into all of these incidents. does rod rosenstein know what will happen if mueller's mission creep goes unchecked and how does he feel voters are going to feel until how many trump supporters will feel robbed of their right and vote for the free election of the president of the united states. you don't think the country is divided now? it will be more divided. half. american people will rightly feel cheated. that is bad for the country and bad for the system of justice and bad if we believe in a constitutional republic.
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here with reflection fox news anchor gregg jarret and syndicated radio talk show host larry elder. you have been all over the laws, the evidence in all of these cases is overwhelming. what do you think first about rosenstein? >> very shortly after mueller was appointed by rosenstein. i wrote columes that both must recuse themselves. think of rosenstein. he's prosecutor and investigator and witness all rolled into one. >> sean: how is that possible. >> lawyers all over america are laughing at rod rosenstein. you have to recuse yourself and the department of justice and yet he is ignoring them with impunity. normally you go to the judge saying he has to recuse himself. the problem here is it is not a case but an investigation and
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no federal judge will intervene yet to make rosenstein recuse. >> sean: we move from trump campaign and russia and collusion and now obstruction and finances and you know what it is like. look at patrick fitsgerald. he knew richard armiitage was a leaker and we had a perjury trap because scooter libby would not give up the vice-president. >> rosenstein had a clever subtervuj and implied there is a scope and mueller has to be in the limit of the scope. >> there is no scope. >> it is it considered to be russian leaks to the campaign. but rod added an extra phrase or any other related matter.
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that is it unending. >> sean: larry, you are an attorney by trade in spite of history of being a talk show host and a successful one. my question is to you. put your legal hat on and analyze this. >> this is, worst case scenario the democrats take over the house. i don't believe you will find enough democrats to feel the way maxine waters feels about donald trump and try to impeach. you need 2-third to convict. it ain't going to happen. the original sin was that there was a special prosecutor appointed in the first place. there was not one for china gate even though the china national and other intermediaries gave two and half million illegally to the dnc there was no special
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prosecutor the fbi said it was here. and sean berger. he was tasked by bill clinton to go to the national archives to prepare for the 9/11 commission to find out how to get the documents. he gets a term of the plea deal to under go a poll pegrav and find out what he took. it never happened. >> sean: where are the counsels? hillary did commit crimes. there is no doubt she committed crimes. how does she escape free? what about all of the people leaking? i applaud jeff sessions for digging deep. in want the attorney general to do it on other issue and debbie wasserman schultz, and clinton and ukrainian collusion. >> sean, people see through this. there was not a special
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prosecutor for lois lerner and the clinton p foundation and china gate and people see through this. and if donald trump is listening. let it ride. people see through it. it will not hurt your presidency and give us the three plus gdp., and no one will care. >> i sort of agree. they need to get to the leaks. >> sean: that is the biggest threat to the presidency. you have one a day and they are all illegal leaks of intelligence, it prevents the president from doing his job. and the american people are the losers here and the forgotten men and beam are losers here. >> and classified information. what foreign leader wants to openly and frankly talk to the
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president of the united states. and that hinders the president's ability to commander in chief and protect this country. >> sean: all right, guys, we have a lot more to come on the busy breaking new s night. and no good solutions in north korea. eric and lara trump in the studio next. ? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. we tommed null the important opening monologue controversy is swirling around loretta lynch after it was reported that he conducted official state department business under the e-mail alias including the infamous tarmac meeting with bill clinton. here is one of the president's attorneys jay sekulow is with us. when you look at the department of justice and the fbi putting out talking points for an inappropriate meeting takes place, what does that tell you? >> it tells me that we put a time line together of the entire event that takes place over 72 hours and the department much justice and the fbi including james comey chief of
7:23 pm
staff and senior counsel were all involved and in a bit of a panic mode. they know they were caught in clearly not an appropriate meeting with loretta lynch and former president bill clinton before secretary clinton was to be interviewed. this takes place immediately before that then. and it gets public and they try to figure out how to respond. this reaches up to the deputy attorney general of the united states. and chief of staff for the fbi and the attorney general of the united states. and in this e-mail she goes by the name of elizabeth carlyle. that was the alias and he -- she went by the name. it is part of our request on the federal government and department of justice had to give us this information. going threw the time line,
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besides the fact that reporters are trying to retweet stories and e-mail traffic reporters didn't want to do this. even if fox news is covering, maybe they will not have to. but in the end of the day it goes to at this time attorney general of the united states and fbi director. >> sean: is this its own version of collusion that they are trying to cover up the fact they were in the fix for hillary clinton and they didn't want it exposed? and add to that it is not an investigation it is a matter? that seems to build a case. >> but add to ha, shaup, james comey went public because of the meetings. and the reason he made the public statement. he said the inte grit of the fbi was put at risk and department
7:25 pm
of justice. and she never recused herself from the outcome of the proceeding, that was an irony of all of this. it points to at this time level of crafting the narrative. we are going back to court to get the time narrative. we are going back in. and it went to the attorney general and right to the doorstep of the fbi director and obviously as chief of staff informed what was going on in this nonsense. you can't look at it in a vacumn. he exonerate and the reason he went public when he gave his tell, what was the reason, because of the meeting on the tarmac. that's the reason he did this. >> sean: what about the meeting this weekend with chris walls. i see it was russia and then
7:26 pm
finance and obstruction. and that is a conflict for rosenstein. >> i think rod rosen stien. said there will not be a phishing statement. >> sean: it seeps like there is one to me. i will not let you to weigh in on that because of your position. >> look, there is a specific mandate on which bob mueller can exercise his jurisdiction. and what rod rosenstein acting attorney general for them say it is not a phishing exhibition and within the man date and he said it twice. that was encouraging that it is it not a phishing expedition. and they do their job. >> sean: where is the special counsel that i seem like to be a voice in the wilderness. >> where is the grand jury on
7:27 pm
what i am holding in my hand? and no subpoenas issued there? >> sean: does rosen stein have to do that. >> this is falling in the department of justice normal perimeters. and they may be investigating this. you would not normally know that this goes on. the grand jury that is investigating this does it without it being a public discussion. and it points to the narrative and the time line request, it is incredible what was going on and they knew they had a tempest in the t.e.a. point and it means james comey had to make that statement and put the justice department at risk. >> sean: thank you, jay sekulow. north korea, vowing to launch thousand fold revenge on the
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>> here's what is going on. u.s. spy satellites detected north korea loading two anti- cruise missile on a patrol bowl. this is the first sometime since 2014. it suggest that pyongyang may be ready to conduct a missile test following the u.n. vote to impose sanctions over the country over the missile test. attorney general jeff sessions taking a swipe at chicago after the city filed suit over the trump's bid to with hold safety grants from sanctuary staeps. sessions released a statement saying that the trump administration will not simply
7:33 pm
give away grant dollars to city governments that violate the rule of law. comply with the laup or forego taxpayer dollars. >> sean: the u.n. security counsel a provened nup sanctions against north korea. in re71s, the regime vowed a thousandfold re71s to the united states and will not negotiate its nuclear program. mr. trump wrote on twitter completed a call with south korea president moon. impressed with 15- 0 united nations vote. fox news learned that spy seattles detected them loading anti- cruise missiles on a patrol boat. i know that hr mcmaster said today, dr. gorka that the u.s.
7:34 pm
is preparing for a preventative war against north korea. there is no good answer after bill clinton tried to bribe them. they use our money to build them because of poor negotiations. i don't see a good option here? >> well, sean, i am sure north korea is watching western media and especially your show, and they need to know something. this is not the obama white house. there is a very different man today as commander in chief and they should not test president trump. >> sean: what do you make of kim jong-un and the thousand fold resxrefrj the sabre rattling the notice of icbm's literally reaching new york city and boston, massachusetts and moving
7:35 pm
to submarine potential launches. and him vowing revenge and how do you defend against a country that has nuclear weapons. say we try to take out the sites, can they launch against south korea and japan? and will they dare to take on china with weapons? we are talking about the potential of millions of humans dying. >> they can rattle their rusty sabres. this is a sadistic regime. and what they are trying to do ever since the facilitation of the weapons by the clinton and obama white house is it blackmail the west. that ended this weekend. think of all of the people underestimated and criticized the president? what did he achieve with the good offices of ambassador haley and secretary tillerson.
7:36 pm
15- 0 vote in the u.n. including china and russia that brought the most stringent package against north korea. they have backed themselves into a corner and they need to back down. >> sean: i agree, but is this guy crazy enough to launch a nuke? the former soviet union understood destruction. it was huge to get china and russia. is he mad or again he likes to cause trouble on the world stage? >> this is it not the cold war. remember in the cold war, we had correlation of force and a balance and stand off. we had 20000 nuclear war heads on either sides and this is not
7:37 pm
the soviet union and this regime is ape paper tiger and can't feed their people. rex tillerson said they can send a signal. no more ballistic missile testing and we will know that sanity reign and they don't want to bring down the ire of the president and western community. >> sean: why is it a clear danger to the world and all of the talk of russia and russia issues, this could denine the donald trump presidency more than anything else and you could see a world coalition. we saw the former soviet union and u.s. aligning against naziism and fascism in world war ii, could it be the world aligning against north korea to prestrength nuclear war?
7:38 pm
>> we inherited a world on fire. eight years of leading behind saw the rise of north korea and isis and invasion of ukraine. this is what president trump inherited. it is now leadership and we will stand up. you know better than anyone else, this is evil in our time and we will not back down from evil, sean. not in president and his team. >> sean: they haven't figured out that there is a different world. it is it a scary & chiming. that 15- 0 vote deserved more attention in the media. thank you, sir, for being with us. eric and lara trump will be here as we continue on the news of the day and much more. c, c, keeping me from the things i love to do.
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7:43 pm
fiech weeks you get your first baby. >> i know. >> we need a great america great bib. >> i know where to get them. the campaign. >> exactly. >> sean: one thing that is an indicator. you are working on a reelection cam bane? >> absolutely. >> sean: i read the numbers and the democrats are broke and in spite of all of the negative press you are killing it financially. >> we are so proud to work alongside the rnc, and we have so much money in the bank right now, i think we have more money. >> sean: you will always need more for the campaign. >> need more but we have a war chest and we feel strong going into 2020 and we are only in 2017 and you look at the other side. they are doing terribly. the dnc is it almost broke and it speaks to the fact that people in the country are excited about the president and
7:44 pm
the changes they have seen since he took office and they are supporting him and behind him. >> sean: right after your dad became the president. i went to washington and paul ryan gave mean a list of things that would be accomplished and with a margin with health care repeal and replace which they did it in the house to their credits. two budgets will be passed and the wall funded. what is going on. >> it is it going to get down. it is 200 day and time flies. >> sean: it has been fun? >> look at what he's done. look at the u.s. economy gaping $4 trillion. million jobs in the first. highest consumer confidence in generation and highest small business confidence in generations. look at what my father did for
7:45 pm
veteran and one of the major pleas in the country. and look at what he's doing to destroy ms13 and the gangs in this country and the southern bortder and the crack down on illegal immigrants coming across. it he's doing well. look at the dow and how many times did they break a historic record? it is it 56 times in the last 200 days. >> sean: everybody who watches the show can recite your dad's identity and the things he fights for and we saw it in virginia last week. but the republican party can't get a seven and half-year-old promise over the finish line in the senate. i am not angry but apolectic. >> we feel good about the rnc.
7:46 pm
but you have hold outs and the swamp is thick in washington d.c. and lingering people who don't want to see the president succeed. >> sean: even republicans. i thought it was a party of greater choice and freedom and capitalism. i didn't hear them talking about health savings accounts and greatly reduce prem yups for people who need health care. >> it is it going to get it done. my father feels strongly about the disaster of obamacare. people come up crying saying i used have health care and i used to have a doctor and i don't have that doctor the and premiums are 300 percent and i have to pay a penalty because i can't afford something that i and i loved before. i think it will get done. i think repeal and replace will
7:47 pm
get done. >> sean: your dad is still pushing. you are quitters and get back. >> they let him done. he had it done and finished and on the one yard line and they let him down. >> sean: what is it like to be under attack every day? so you miss the big city? i don't miss much... definitely not the traffic. excuse me, doctor... the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile. you can do that? even way out here? yes. even way out here. even way out here? you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
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>> sean: welcome back on hannity. we continue with eric and laratrump. you have lived and watched the special counsel. we have ukrainian collusion and deep state leaks, almost one a day. him hill's issue and crimes and special council. and debbie wasserman shuttle shut and james comey. it is an eventful 200 days and a lot is geared to your father. and do you think it is personal? >> yeah. >> sean: is he a threat to the extent? >> i think it is personal, yes. do i think washington is more corrupt than most americans think yes. urannian. we gave the vast majority of the
7:52 pm
20%. stock pile of u.s. uranium to russia. to russia. think about that. and nothing gets done about that? they harp over an e-mail that is total nonsense. think about that dial. think about the fact that saudi arabia was giving hundreds of millions to the clinton foundation. >> sean: and the way they treat women, and jews and. >> loretta lynch on the plane and no one cares. >> sean: i feel like a little voice in the wilderness, eric, i really do. it is your family and you are close to it and knowing your father and as many years before, he seems like it doesn't both him. >>in say it all of the time. they can work as hard as they want to stop donald trump, but i
7:53 pm
never have seen anyone outwooshg my father-in-law. and he will fight for the american people to the end. he will fight for the people who put him in office. this is a man who did not need this job, sean. he had the greatest life in the world and he put it aside and he knew and saw the problem and the only person to get through them. they are very scared of him and that's why it is it out there. and i know without a doubt when you see them attacking him, he's doing it right. they are very, very scared. >> sean: i think the republicans are going on yet another vacation. i never seen so much vaication by the members was congress. they have taken more vacation this year than i have taken the last 15 years. your dad is not on vacation but working. >> i never seen my father take a vacation. i didn't inherit that trait.
7:54 pm
he is a worker and he takes it seriously. and look at all of the accolades of what he's getting done. he is a fast moving and hard driver. look at the campaign. no one worked hardener a presidential campaign. 6 or 7 rallies. >> sean: rallies are stronger now. people who see him under fire and want to help him. >> weep went to west virginia together and it was incredible. 20000 people and people as far as the eye can see and they are going crazy with hand made sign and that speaks to love. and they have waited for hour and hour and want to see the president. >> sean: what makes you think that republicans will finally step up. >> i certainly hope they do. they better. >> sean: they better or get fired. >> he's changing the nation from every possible index he's doing
7:55 pm
unbelievable things for the country. the country is wealthier and stronger. >> sean: and coup emp would with energy independence and unemployment can be eliminated. you can create so many career high paying jobs. five week and congratulations and you practice lamaze and ready to support her? >> i am ready to support her. >> sean: i remember lamaze class and i want to you do it. and i am not having the baby. why do i have to do that. now, you can help. >> we are nesting and putting together cribs and hanging mirrors. >> he's really handy. >> sean: ten years as a contractor i am handy, too. appreciate you being with us. when we come back we have more hannity after this quick break.
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♪ >> sean: remember, there shall always be fair and balanced.
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set your dvr. see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i amam laura ingraham, guest hosting while tucker is on vacation with his family. i have a question. you know what a liberals idea of armageddon is? no, it is not a nuclear north korea. but a successful trump presidency. do you know what the never trump republicanss on capitol hill feel, clear the most? it's not isis or a 5,000-point drop in the dow. but a successful trump presidency. todayto is the 200th day of this administration and despite the hyperventilation and alarmism we are hearing from the national press corps, they are