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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 8, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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getting a show puppy, i talked about. >> bill: is not going to happen? >> shannon: maybe we should get a show goat, they seem very pleasant. >> bill: we've got a run, everybody. have a great tuesday. >> jon: we begin with a fox news alert on developments as president trump gets side to hold a roundtable on the opioid crisis. i'm jon scott. >> melissa: and i melissa francis he is still meeting with aids and cabinet members and he is focusing on the opioid crisis, announcing that roundtable via twitter, but he also weighed in on north korea. this is the poll finds 70% of americans say president trump tweets a little too much in response to the news. he tweeted nine times yesterday alone. byron york of the "washington examiner" on the pluses and minuses of social media.
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>> the president is staying in the news. and the thing about this twitter stuff, it's not that the president use it as, it's that he gets himself in trouble with it. what we are looking for with the new chief of staff is not whether the president stops tweeting or sends out a bunch of boring tweets, it's whether he stops tweeting things like "president obama was wiretapping me." >> jon: laura engel is keeping tabs on the president, he is live don't act on my dock speak out we have just learned that the first lady will be in attendance for this opioid briefing today. we've been giving a very close eye on the tweeting activity, as we've been reporting in the last 24 hours and this morning, melania trump set out a tweet that she will be in attendance for what her husband has called a major problem to address for our country. mrs. trump tweeting this.
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opioids are destroying our youth and people, meeting with president of united states and secretary price today to give my support. the secretary of health and human services, tom price, has been working closely with a trump administration on this alarming problem. the growing figures show there have been more than 33,000 deaths involving opioids nationwide since 2015 with an average of nearly 78 people a day who die from opioid-related overdoses and we are learning those numbers could be much worse. a number of those overdoses have been severely underreported. they found mortality rates were 22% higher for harrow and then it had been previously reported. those unreported numbers coming largely from pennsylvania,
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indiana, new jersey. this is come to light on the heels of the opioid commission which is led by chris christie, to ask the president to declare a national health emergency to handle the crisis. if an emergency is declared, that would then pave the way for the government to have the ability to expand access to drug treatment programs and it would also allow pharmaceutical companies to stop overdose of medications. >> jon: will be hearing from the president a little later today. laura ingle, thank you. >> melissa: this is a fox news alert, new signs of north korea defying international pressure to stop its missile tests. u.s. spy agencies are reporting that they found two antiship cruise missiles days ago. >> jon: that ominous news coming from the united nations on saturday after issuing their heaviest sanctions yet on the rogue regime.
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nikki haley on the importance of russia and china joined the u.s. on those sanctions. >> all of us should be concerned about what's happening right no now. north korea is concerned back, now they are seeing the international community standing with one voice, china didn't pull off, russia did and pull off, and all of the security council and the international community said that's a lot, you've got to stop it. the international community really laid on down the groundwork of saying we're not going to watch you do this anymore, now north korea has to respond. and yes, they're going to say, they're going to threaten, they're going to do all of these things, but we're not going to run scared. >> melissa: greg palkot is live from our london bureau. speak out talk and action on both sides of this issue come out let's start with secretary of state to listen. he is right now in asia, he's been in thailand moving on to malaysia trying to drum up support for those strong new
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security council sanctions. they ban a range of exploit. both of those countries are active in trade with north korea, also, they ask for third party domain countries which help to raise revenue for pyongyang. this, as another neighbor -- japan, and a new report today says the threat is at a new stage. the tests they have been watching, show there a good chance that they could nuclear eyes. they're talking about bolstering their own defenses. u.s. officials are telling fox news at spy agencies are already detecting those antiship cruise missiles being loaded on north korean patrol boats. it's been happening for the last
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couple of days and it hasn't happened for about three years, and a sign of your activities there. and the rhetoric still coming from the regime of kim jong-un continuing to bash the united states, it was basically the u.s. behind those sanctions. according to north korea, they are getting ready for a savage physical attack on the united states and they claim, and some experts are saying that might be closer to reality, that they can hit the mainland u.s. no indication on the story. back to you. >> melissa: greg palkot, thank you. >> jon: some troubling numbers for president trump as we get new polling, which shows six month into his presidency, his job approval standing is at its lowest point in seeing and pulling, just 38% of americans approve of mr. trump's handling of the presidency, 56% disapprove. that's very similar to pulling from cbs which shows only 36% of those surveyed approve.
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joining us now, political reporter who covers capitol hil capitol hill. i'm sure the president will say these are fake poll numbers, but what does it do to it administration, to an agenda when you're pulling numbers the slow? >> it shows people are not satisfied. president trump space is still behind him, we are talking about the entire country when we are talking about these poll numbers. when you look at supporters and republicans, a majority of republicans are still standing behind trump, however those numbers have dipped a little bit if you look at it from even early june, they were assessing two-thirds of republicans approved of trump, now we are talking about half of republicans approving of trump. from my point on capitol hill, there used to be this machiavelli in effect where lawmakers were afraid to criticize them because they were afraid it would hurt their own
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poll numbers. as his popularity has declined, i've seen more of elegance criticize him on the hill. >> jon: that's gets to the point, michael, where if you want to be a special president coming without public behind you. if republicans are more willing to criticize him, he is less likely to get his legislative agenda passed on capitol hill, right? >> that's right, especially when you look at where that legislative agenda is currently. over the last six months, it's really gone nowhere. this is a big problem and it's why you're seeing a couple of things. at the beginning of the administration, there is a big push to do the things that only the president can do alone, regulations, executive orders, i think what you're seeing now is this push to address the opioid crisis, get this commission together, get the report out, try to find some ways to do this. it's another reaction to the political reality, which is it's about the extent of what he can do alone in the executive branch, because he doesn't
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really have a lot of political capital to expand to get his agenda through and congress. >> jon: the projections which are half a million americans a year could die within the next ten years if we don't do something about this opioid crisis, clearly that is something that a president can do a great deal about, and it is the kind of presidential issue that many americans think he should be tackling. is this a sign that the change of staff at the white house is redirecting the president's focus? >> i think it's too early to tell, but you hit the nail on the head right there when you talk about trump focusing on these important issues like north korea and opioids today. republicans on the hill have been a little worried in recent weeks that trump is getting a little distracted by the fighting in the white house and focusing on the russia investigation, they want him to focus on issues just like this. you talk about opioid, i think chris christie said something like 140 americans die every day
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of overdoses, that's more than a 9/11 type of occurrence every three weeks. his attention on these issues could be the new chief of staff, but it's definitely welcome, what he's doing right now on capitol hill. >> jon: in the recent past, the president's attempts to try to focus on what he considers big issues, he had his focus one week at the white house on made in america, that kind of thing gets covered up either by other events, north korea for instance, or just by arguments or tweets that the president sends out. >> that's absolutely right. this is a president will walk and step on his own message. that's why is the job of the communications director who is not something they're getting a lot of applicants for, because it's hard to craft a message whenever a president who steps on it. through his own tweets and through that enter west wing, enter white house administration, the very civil wars that are going on. i think when you go back to
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these poll numbers, that is where you are starting to see some of the craft in his suppor support, they're saying, what has the president been able to do? congress has always had low approval ratings, they're being blamed for an action in washington. the president wanted to drain the swamp and he hasn't done that so far. he's done important, but relatively minor issues rather than trying to get three legislate of agenda and republicans have to be wondering, why did we elect this president? >> jon: one of the troubling numbers in that poll suggests that americans, less than half of americans now believe this president can actually bring change to washington which is a big part of what he was elected to do. michael warren, senior writer at the weekly standard, rachel from politico, thank you. >> melissa: a woman accused of killing her husband, going to trial, why they're having a hard time finding a jury, that's ahead.
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plus north korea ramping up its threats against the united states, ambassador nikki haley says it's time to act. >> how many more icbm tests do need to see before we do something?
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♪ >> melissa: new information on some crime stories we are following. jury selection continues today in houston for the trial of sandra balaguer, accused of stabbing her husband to death and trying to cover it up. attorneys on both sides cannot agree on 12 jurors out of a pool of 65 yesterday. she could face life in prison if she is convicted. a sheriff's department in ohio says a rape suspect shot and killed himself. brandon powell was being transported from a mental hospital on friday.
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he forced the deputy driving the van to crash and took his gun. the murder trial of molly martin corbett and her father, thomas martin is going to wrap up toda today. prosecutors say he was hit in the head with a baseball bat close to a dozen times. defense attorneys say it was self-defense. >> jon: a fox news alert, north korea faces a billion-dollar hit to its economy after the u.n. imposed its toughest distinctions yet against the rogue regime before test launching to intercontinental ballistic missiles last month. china and russia, amazingly, joined the unanimous security council saturday to pass those sanctions, which the u.s. drafted. here's nikki haley, are you an ambassador. >> saturday was a huge win for the united states, it was a huge win for the united nations. it was not a good day for
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north korea. basically what you saw was everyone come together and say this is got to stop. this is not something we think can be casually dealt with and i think they hit him and basically we hit them back. >> jon: john garamendi of california, a member of the armed services committee and the subcommittee on strategic forces. he was on the korean peninsula a few weeks ago and was briefed on the regime and their icbm program. you must be heartened by the u.n. sanctions and especially by the fact that russia and china joined in. >> it's very, very good news. it is extremely good news and that's followed up by the conference in which the chinese foreign minister really went after north korea. all of this is good news. of course, kim jong-un is pushing back and putting out all kinds of threats, but this is been a seriously hurt economy and it might cause him to come to the table and we can have
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some rational, good negotiation negotiations. >> jon: so far, there are no signs of that. north korea has remained very belligerent and says they will not negotiate. do you think that's just bluster or a temporary moment? >> no, i don't think it's bluster at all, but you might expect that going into negotiations. what you have to do is use the current sanctions, all these countries coming together and then begin the serious negotiations, keeping the pressure on north korea, and moving them away from the line. will we be successful? it's well worth an attempt. >> jon: kim jong-un seems to see a nuclear threat, as the only way for him to get what he wants in the world. how to use this stick of
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sanctions and offers some kind of carrot? >> that's what the negotiation will be about, but it appears that most people believe that what he's looking for is stability in his regime, that his regime and his longtime family dominance of that country somehow will be able to keep in place. other ways that can be done other than a nuclear weapon and intercontinental ballistic missile, that's with the negotiations will have to get into. obviously that's going to be a tough situation, but right now, i think we are very, very well-positioned. we have russia, china, the united states, the u.n., and all of us pushing kim jong-un away from the nuclear weapons and the intercontinental blessing missiles. we'll see what happens, but we are in a good place right now, we have to continue to go down this track and we need all of these countries be willing to sit down at the table and be
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very, very tough on negotiations using the sanctions and the economic problem. >> jon: let's talk domestic policy and specifically health care. mitch mcconnell says he's open to a bipartisan plan that would continue to pay insurance companies subsidies low income people. does that sound to you like the starting point for negotiation that could be successful? >> absolutely. that's a very good opening. we had that seven months ago when this new administration opened up. they wanted to do with their own way with her pill an end that didn't work out at all. now we need to sit down together and make sure the health
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insurance is available to every american at an affordable cost not the same time, look at ways of reining in the increasing cost of health care and there are ways to do this. they've been on the table, they've been discussed, all of those mechanisms, and i was a time for us to work together, and we can. republicans want to do that. i'll tell you, every democrat, they're going to sit down and get it done. >> jon: it's good to have you on, thank you. >> melissa: the challenge of facing the president when it comes to the war in afghanistan. they're trying to turn down the deteriorating situation over there, why this may be more of an inner struggle for the president. because there are limits to the amount of fossil fuels that we can burn. since 1925, we have depended on diesel generators, burning approximately a million gallons of diesel fuel a year.
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>> jon: a fox extreme weather alert on what appears to be a tornado that blew through parts of eastern maryland. the storm intensified quickly, but only briefly. the sheer force of the winds, so strong that it split trees and overturned cars. >> i saw a tornado come up and you saw the ring in the trees just coming and coming. i was just like, i hope he is okay, then my phone rung and yelled to my phone, and it was him and he was like, the car just flipped, but i'm okay, but my foot is all cut up, but i got out of the car in time. >> jon: thankfully no serious injuries reported. the national weather service says it most likely was a tornado, but a mowing that announcement for official till it the damage later today. >> melissa: parking right now on the war in afghanistan is the trump administration works to come up with a new strategy to reverse the deteriorating situation there.
8:26 am
the commander in chief seems to be struggling with himself, this is according to an executive washington editor of "the wall street journal." he writes, the president who hates moving fears he's stuck with a losing proposition. he joins us now. he said during the campaign, of course, that he wanted to get out of afghanistan immediately. upon closer inspection, it seems like he feels like that's not necessarily an option. >> is a tough problem. this is been a problem for 3 presidents in a row. when donald trump was private citizen trump, he was arguing, let's get out of afghanistan, he agreed with president obama then when he said let's get all the trumps out, but now the reality heads and the reality is that caliban is making gains in afghanistan al qaeda is president and the country, the network which is an
8:27 am
antigovernment force is building up its strength. there needs to be something done, but you can sense the president is frustrated by this. he has set in meetings that we are losing the war in afghanistan. what even less clear is what we are going to do about it because the policy of the review that was supposed to be completed about six weeks ago, it's still going on. the president is struggling in some ways with himself, he would like to get out, but that's probably not a realistic option. >> melissa: i thought he had given the military more of free reign to do exactly what they wanted and we had seen right off the bat that he's sending that mother of all bombs, and it wasn't necessarily him, he just freed up the general to do what they wanted to do. isn't that the state we are at? is he frustrated with the progress question work is not his job to come up with a specific plan, is it? >> no, not specifically, but what he did say to the defense department, if you have the latitude to increase the troop
8:28 am
numbers, if you want, but that hasn't happened yet because what's lacking is a strategy that general mattis wants everyone to agree on and with those trips are going to do. are they simply there to train and help afghan forces, are they there to combat the tele- band , what are we going to do about pakistan across the border which is providing aid and comfort, what's lacking is the broader strategy which will determine how many troops are going and what they're supposed to and they get there. >> melissa: one of the pros and cons of each side? it seems to be decisive to drop the bomb, that would shut down some of the tunnels where everybody was operating and scare some folks have of the region who were hit by it, was that noneffective? >> that was an interesting attack, and it's certainly medication that it's going to be a more aggressive approach.
8:29 am
everybody can agree, we have to get isa sources where we can find them. hard to know what we can do with the afghan government against the taliban within the country. i think what's going to be required is some additional u.s. troops, but the problem of knowing how to address this problem is six years on the running and is not going to happen soon. as we sit at the outset, what president trump would really like to do is the same thing a bronc with that president obama wanted to do, which is reduce the u.s. presence, make the afghan army stand on its own twd in iraq. there's not much sign the afghan army is up to it just yet. >> melissa: i don't know if the iraqi army proved they could do it. isis took over. we had to go back in and support them, so much of us a lesson you get from that. >> that's true, except the last few months, they rolled back and took back most low for example. they started to stand back on their own two feet, it's a slow process.
8:30 am
i don't know if afghanistan can move down the same path or not. >> melissa: we have seen the president is willing to adjust a long way when it appears that what he wants to do in the first place didn't work. at least that's what we'll see. jerry, thank you so much, appreciate your time. >> jon: a popular resort for americans in mexico terrorized on the beach. why they are seeing an uptick in crime. plus, china and russia taking a stand against north korea and its missile program. >> when i talked to the chinese ambassador, when that missile test took off, they felt it in china. it was so close to the border that the ground chuck.
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>> melissa: breaking in this hour of "happening now." a vacation turning deadly when a gunman opened fire in los cabos. a >> jon: jonathan hunt's live in our los angeles bureau with what's going on there. >> the mexican authorities are saying very little about this shooting and what the motive might have been. the one certainty is that it was terrifying for the many tourists on the beach. [gunfire]
8:35 am
you can clearly hear the automatic gunfire there, three people were killed in the attack and two others wounded. their identities have not been released at this point. the shooting happened at playa paul mia, and extreme popular tourist beach in the cabo area and wonder that is surrounded by resorts, popular with american tourists. it's an area that has been largely immune to the drug related violence and parts of mexico for so long, but that is changing. the murder rate in the cabo area has shot up. in the first three modes of 2017, there were 133 murders compared to just 17 for the same period in 2015. that's an increase of nearly 700%. officials say much of the violence as a result of fighting between the long-established cartel and a younger group, the
8:36 am
new generation group. they are taking advantage of the power vacuum since their leader, el chapel was arrested and ultimately extradited to the u.s. the cabo area brings in millions of american tourists every year and if those dollars begin to dry up, it could have a devastating economic effect. >> jon: jonathan hunt joining us from los angeles, thank you. >> melissa: north korea issuing new threats against the u.s. after getting slapped with the u.n.'s heaviest sanctions yet. the rogue regime saying its nuclear weapons can hit anywhere within the u.s. mainland and vowing never to negotiate about his nuclear program. u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley on "fox & friends" this morning on just how necessary those economic sanctions on north korea really are. >> we don't run scared. this had to happen, we had to go
8:37 am
after him and we have to stop him. how he responds, he'll not have to think what's the end game? is he really going to come after the united states knowing what the night as it back? he has to make the calculation, he now has to decide that. we continue to know what our options are. >> melissa: admiral robert manor is joining us now. sir, thank you so much for joining us. in addition to what you just heard they are, we also know that secretary of state rex tillerson has traveled to thailand to try and put some pressure there on the government. there are shell companies were north korea set up there is a way to funnel and money to north korea. also, the top counterfeiter of dollars, ambassador bolton said that earlier today. all those things together, what impact do you think you'll have? >> the impact is very
8:38 am
significant, but the united states needs to monitor closely the enforcement of these sanctions. in the past, we have not. the sanctions have been very porous, but with china and russia, a total of 15-0, we now have the support of the united nations. if we don't support the sanctions and closely monitor them, they will get away from us, like they had in the past. now's the opportunity and we need to grasp this opportunity. >> and response to all of this, spies have told us that kim jong-un is loading antiship cruise missiles behind patrol boats preparing to fire by stomach stomach to make >> the kim family's history militarily is terrible. they have a long history of
8:39 am
doing violent acts for no reason, for example, six years ago, they sank the south korean warship. one of their submarines fired a torpedo and broken in half. they had better come to their senses militarily because the united states and our citizens will not stand for that kind of attack against one of our ships. >> melissa: is there any evidence that may come to their senses? what you said about this regime being irrational and having long history of that, lots of people say that, as we continue to ration out sanctions and gather allies to stand up against somebody. if there are rational, none of that is going to make a difference. >> the one nation we know they listen to his china and china's vote in favor of these sanctions brings good news for us. how we anticipate that china is going to talk with north korea's leadership, if anyone can have
8:40 am
an impact as they. china knows that the korean peninsula favors no one, it will hurt anyone. with that, i think our best bet is to have china working diplomatically and ratchet down north korea's actions. >> melissa: let's hope that finally works because the options after that are scarce. thank you for your time. >> melissa: >> jon: is not juste north korean league, this time the government reports that contradict the president's stance on climate change, we are following the latest on that. patients that i see
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>> melissa: a british model now speaking out after legibility being drugged and kidnapped last month officials say her captors
8:44 am
demanded $300,000 in ransom from her agent and advertised her for sale to the slave trade online. after almost a week, she was released in milan. >> i'm incredibly grateful to the italian authorities and all they have done to secure my safety. i've just around home after four weeks of being in italy. i'm not going to say anything further until i've been debriefed. >> melissa: a 30-year-old polish national now in custody, charged with a kidnapping. he claims he's a paid killer for a group called the black death. >> jon: it's been six months since president trump took office and while his approval ratings have gone down, he's receiving higher marks for the economy. a new poll shows only 36% of americans approve for his presidency overall, but 46 per
8:45 am
approve. when it comes to president trump being honest or trustworthy, a cnn poll finds 60% of those surveyed say no, he is not. here to discuss, jim kessler, former legislative and policy director to charles schumer. and ron christie, former assistant to president george w. bush. thanks both of you for being here. jim, what do those numbers do to an administration that is still awfully young? >> i think it definitely hurts the legislative agenda. you want your republican allies to be with you and also fear you, so in that respect, they don't. and there's certainly no democrat who feels i need to work with him because he's unpopular, he's weak, so this is
8:46 am
one of the reasons, it's not the only reason, but it's one of the reasons why the trump legislative agenda has completely stalled in congress. >> jon: ron, when the president has a low poll numbers, it gives rise to some of the stories we see in "the new york times" that his own sitting vice president is planning to challenge him. >> good morning to you, jon. the media loves to speculate and they love to tear this president down. one thing i learned and working in the white house for for years, you're doing the work of the emergent people, not the work of the polls. consumer confidence is up. we've seen unemployment down to the lowest level, 4.3% since 2001. the nasdaq is up 18%, the dow jones is over 22,000, so when you look at the jobs that we've created and you look at the president's accomplishments, he has quite a record and it's amazing to me how the media and the democrats love to talk russia and collusion as opposed to the remarkable work the
8:47 am
president has done in the last 200 days. >> jon: job numbers are pretty gangbusters, is it possible that some of the opinions about the president turnaround? >> let's be honest, some people -- some presidents have low approval ratings because of things outside of the president's control. donald trump has earned these low approval ratings. ron was talking about how it's the work of the american people, with donald trump, the work is all about himself. his tweets, he sounds like he's petty, vindictive, and small. health care, he botched. that was on them. in the russia situation, that's a cloud that looming over them and he has been less than truthful on this. he can't blame anyone but himself. i think the low approval rating, he's earned it. a president doesn't have an economy that's doing this while early on, it should be doing
8:48 am
better. it's not the media's fault, stop blaming others, donald trump need to look in the mirror, it's his fault. >> jon: ron, the russia thing is an open investigation, obviously we don't know where that's going to lead, but for the people who voted for president trump, do those investigations -- if you are an unemployed steelworker or something like that, and you have the potential of getting the job, do those investigations really hold that much water? >> no, i think the emergent people by and large look at this what it is. it's a facing stomach dumb academic even "the new york times" this morning said that donald trump, president donald trump is doing well to instill confidence in coal miners. he's doing this across the country. he is giving people a lot of confidence in america's back and open for business again. did i mention that illegal immigration has plummeted because they recognize this president means what he says and
8:49 am
he says what he means? we need to focus and with the president has been able to accomplish as opposed to peddling these russia collusion stories which ultimately will lead to nothing. nothing to help you make in people or our allies. it's something to try and take on this president. >> jon: we are six months and, will check in with you guys six months from now and see how things are going. we'll do before then, we appreciate you both being here. thank you both. >> melissa: the latest leak out of washington with a report that darkly contradicts president trump's epa chief on climate change. what we are learning about this ahead plus a road rage episode turning violent, no police are searching for suspects in a shooting that left a young boy fighting for his life. >> they were considered armed and dangerous. and 26 vitamins. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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>> jon: right now, a 4-year-old boy is fighting for his life in ohio after being shot in the head on what police are calling a road rage incident. cleveland police say the boy's mother was driving on a highway when she honked at a cart which then began chasing her down the interstate with someone inside opening fire before driving off. >> we don't know yet if she knew the assailant, we do know that the suspects fled after they shot at the vehicle and we obviously know that these people are very violent and don't have much regard for human life and that they shot into a car that was obviously being driven at the time and then drove away. >> jon: anybody with any leads on this awful case is asked to call cleveland police at the tip line number on your screen.
8:54 am
>> melissa: under the leaked government document this time shedding light on climate chang change. >> jon: "the new york times" claims to have an unreleased report from 13 agencies which directly contradict president trump's stance on climate change. doug mckelway has more from washington. >> the front page begins with an ominous warning about climate change. "the average temperature in the united states has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980 and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years." this is a draft report written by scientists from 13 federal agencies which was obtained by the times. the times reports and has not been made public. canadian climate scientists tweeted this morning that is been available for months. important to point out that this report was already accessible to anybody who cared to read it during public review and comment.
8:55 am
if you did. the times that suggested that scientists were concerned they would suppress the report. they signaled its intent to withdraw from the paris climate accord. conspiracists say this is another false alarm is on. "this is just obama administration holdovers trying to rush out a u.s. government version of an ipcc report before the trump administration has time to look at it and make changes. the report contains standard climate, bedwetting gobbledygook. nothing new." they have not been able to get a grip on obama holdovers. in an interview with me in the early days of the administratio administration, epa staff offered this nuance about man's role in the new climate change. >> the climate is changing. there is some element of that
8:56 am
process. how precise do we measure that, how alarming the issue is, what process to be used to address it, are the more important questions. >> just last friday, the trump administration issued a formal notice. back to you. >> jon: doug mckelway, thank you. new next hour of "happening now," it is now three years since our first bombing raid against isis, so where does the u.s. stand now? this amid growing concerns about iran and the impact it is having on the conflict. we'll go in depth. plus, the nfl funding a new program for young athletes, focusing on concussion prevention. we are live with more on that.
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>> jon: this was our first time in our new studio. >> melissa: it's fabulous. i might bring david over here
9:00 am
and take over. you watch and see. we'll be back here in an hour, i hope, still. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> jon: bye-bye. >> harris: fox news alert, north korea is a problem, defiant as ever, pressing against the toughest imposed sanctions in years with an official government statement that it will never negotiate its nuclear weapons program. this is taliban here today, jessica tarvlov, entities of #oneluckyguy, the former congressman of the great state of utah and fox news contributor jason chaffetz is in the house. good to have you. >> jason: last time you set i had the


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