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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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heather: thank you for starting the day with us and we began with a fox news alert, six soldiers mowed down by a car in paris and the manhunt is underway for the driver. it is intensifying. >> this was an intentional act and the car or truck was waiting for the soldiers to go on patrol just outside the barracks in the northwest suburb of the city. local reports say two soldiers, part of an antiterrorist unit are seriously hurt. stay with "fox and friends" first for any updates to the developing story. heather: threatening fire and fury donald trump putting north korea on notice. heather: a chilling morning as the nation threatens to strike guam. home to thousands of us service members not far from north korea. griff jenkins is live as we
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learn more about the new nuclear weapons. >> the governor of guam calling worried residents, vowing the tiny island will be defended. >> i want to assure the people of guam there is no threat to our island. and attack or threat on guam is a threat or attack on the united states. they have said that america will be defended. >> this is the first time pyongyang has threatened guam but comes on the heels of troubling news the rogue regime has developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead capable of fitting inside and icbm missile, donald trump issuing strong words for kim jong-un. >> north korea better not take any more threats to the united states. they will be met with and fury like the world has never seen.
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he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement and they will be met with fire fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> want is hoping edison air force base and thousands of troops 2000 miles southeast of north korea and arms with the us's high-tech missile-defense system, the commander of the atlantic fleet says this is not a drill. >> i can assure you our headquarters in hawaii, headquarters on the peninsula are operating forces in the area have looked closely at the specifics of having to attack. this is not a drill. this is very serious and china has to help us put pressure on north korea. >> democrats are blasting the president's comments, we need to
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be firm and deliberate, reckless rhetoric, to keep america safe and feinstein saying donald trump is not helping the situation with bombastic comments. overnight, bombers flying over the north korean peninsula escalating tensions. heather: some people saying bombastic wording, nothing has worked up to this point. rob: no president, no administration has figured out how to deal with this regime, no one has gotten north korea right. each dictator of this regime has gotten more bold. this new kid is twice what his father was as far as crazy. heather: look at this cbs news poll.
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how do you feel about the north korean situation? 70% of people polled are uneasy about possible conflict. 26% confident things are involved, past, present, president clinton actually thought he had this. >> this is a good deal for the united states, north korea will freeze this nuclear program. the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. >> bill clinton had a deal with north koreans. heather: he spent billions in aid to north korea. rob: trying to pay the country to be nice, to not build nuclear weapons and we pulled out, we don't like this deal, that split the country up. are we going to punish them or pay them to not build weapons.
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heather: during the bush administration and obama administration they continued to build on their nuclear program. here is what john bolton had to say. >> we can blame barack obama for the fix we are and can he go to the blizzard ministration plan for missile-defense and we are very much at risk because of obama's policies. i don't think we have the time. we have months to decide whether we will allow north korea to have that capability to put nuclear warheads essentially anywhere they want inside the united states. >> we are left with the intercontinental missile and miniature missiles as well. rob: we have been kicking the can down the road and it has come to a head and the trump administration will deal with. heather: other news to talk about, breaking news from overnight, massive manhunt for suspected cop killer is over. man charged with murdering a
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missouri officer in cold blood, convicted criminal captured after years on the run. those breaking details from los angeles. >> reporter: after two tireless days, and accused cop killer is behind bars, captured and cuffed, walking along missouri highway not far from the murder scene. >> we do have a suspect that killed officer gary michael, ian mccarthy, in custody at this moment. heather: police say mccarthy surrendered without incident and was not armed, the arrest just days after mccarthy shot and killed officer gary michael at a traffic stop. >> officer down, officer down. heather: officer michael injuring mccarthy before taking
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his final breath. fellow officers calling him a hero. >> a senseless act, cowardly act. officer michael was heroic to the end. >> the alleged killer faces a first-degree murder charge. he has a long rap sheet on the run for four years wanted in two states. meantime family and friends remembering him as an army veteran living his dream of being a police officer. he leaves behind a wife, three children and a grandchild, michael will be laid to rest on saturday. heather: dangerously close call between an iranian drone and fighter jet, us officials say the unarmed aircraft got within 100 feet of a plane to land on an aircraft carrier in the persian gulf, the drone ignoring radio warnings before backing down. it is the first time an iranian
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drone has been aggressive with us forces as the pentagon has authorized military action to destroy or track any drone seen as a threat to the united states. the marine corps could soon ground their aircraft worldwide after a pair of deadly crashes, the military considering a 24-hour standdown to reinforce its training procedures, the news comes days after three marines died when their osprey crashed off the coast of australia. last month 16 service members were killed when their transport aircraft crashed into a field in mississippi. >> they accepted a critical job, save american lives. now two heroic patriots who created the enhanced interrogation program are headed to trial themselves. the judge greenlighted a lawsuit against james mitchell and john jetson to move forward. a jury will decide if they are
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financially liable for the effects of their program. whatever disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl said in captivity will not be heard in court. that is the latest from an rv judge ahead of his court-martial trial. the judge ruling two people that were hurt searching for him would be allowed to testify. he is charged with desertion after being captured by the taliban in 2009, he was freed as part of a controversial prisoner swap facing life in prison if convicted. >> country music world is mourning the loss of a real legend glen campbell. ♪ >> campbell road into superstardom with that song, rhinestone cowboy. he sold 40 million records and inducted into the country music
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hall of fame in 2005. in 2011 he was diagnosed with lyme's disease, his wife kim and daughter, and "fox and friends" a few months ago. >> lost his ability to speak. >> sometimes his funny personality shines through and helps make a joke. >> holding her father's hands, holding everything that i am and ever will be, he will be remembered so well and with so much love. glen campbell was 81 years old. >> back to other news, frantic search for survivors after a
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powerful deadly earthquake strikes southwestern china, 6.5 magnitude quake blamed for 13 deaths, 5 of and tourists. 200 others injured, electricity out outcome locating efforts to locate survivors. rob: let's get a check of the weather outside. it is cool outside. >> you have a point, cooler than average temperatures in two thirds of the country coming in the upper midwest and the northeast a lot of 60s, 54 in cincinnati, the cold front that lingered across the southeast bringing potential showers and thunderstorms to the southeast and over the rockies, potential of showers, dry thunderstorms, so dry out here, a lot of that moisture can evaporate and spark more wildfire danger. forecast along the gulf, the
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northern high plains could see potential for showers and thunderstorms in the midwest and southeast. the next couple days cooler than average across the northeast so we will keep track of that. i think we will get another surge of summer. rob: it is still august. a baby whale getting up close and personal with beachgoers in california. that gray whale swimming underneath paddleboat borders and kayakers just south of la, spent seven hours in that area before harbor patrol guided her back out to see. it is uncommon for gray whales to be that far south this time of year. heather: glad she didn't fall off the paddleboard. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour.
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urgent warning for parents, the major retailer recalling a line of swimsuits that could choke your child. >> we will fight this deadly epidemic and the united states will win. rob: donald trump warning the opioid epidemic affects everyone. here to explain why it is important to get these deadly drugs off the streets. heather: the ballot box backlash, the plan to give illegal immigrants the right to vote just backfired. ♪
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we are usaa members for life.
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rob: a crisis impacting millions of families from all walks of life and donald trump unveiling his plan to combat america's opioid epidemic. >> vital to having a drug-free
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society. i am confident, and law enforcement experts, we can fight this deadly epidemic and the united states will win. heather: thank you for joining us this morning, always nice to have you here. let's begin, the amount of opioids described or prescribed as sold in the us has quadrupled since 1999. >> it has to do with how we value our healthcare system, it is different than the rest of the world, we put this value on controlling patients plane -- pain. a lot of times we are not giving the physician time to talk about how to have the conversation. heather: the numbers of prescriptions have quadrupled, the number of people complaining
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of pain has not. >> absolutely true. and other countries, doesn't necessarily happen. one thing will fix this is donald trump, you need to affect supply and demand. and opiate medications, a lot of access to opiates. heather: we know the addiction numbers are skyrocketing. what do you do since it is out there? >> you have to limit supply and demand. it is not going to happen overnight for everyone. physicians decreasing prescribing, tightening up, we need centralized regulatory monitoring system so we know the patient is getting a prescription. if the patient overdoses the
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primary care doctor is not alerted, and opiate medications. and to practice, we need to be monitoring, donald trump said we have a lot of illegal opiates coming by land and sea and air. we have to control it, stop it from crossing our borders, stop the flow entering the us and stop or lower the amount of opioids prescribed as well. do you feel better that this president is stressing this? it took a while to get to this point. we haven't heard about it from other administrations to this point. >> it has slowly been growing again. heather: here we are calling an epidemic and donald trump is right, you have to treat this as
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a crisis. whether to get caught up in the rhetoric of declaring it an emergency or not, treating it with intense seriousness. any efforts to treat the addiction or treat our patients, if it is not -- just right in front of them and people keep giving it their treatment. heather: don't godless of the politics the numbers are staggering. in september 2016, 60,000 americans died from overdoses, the largest and you will jump ever reported. >> essentially 9/11 attack every month. rob: the time is 20 minutes after the hour breaking overnight, technology issue blamed for major delays at the nation's biggest airports. the airline working through the night, and watching your favorite films on netflix.
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> technically glitch causing a travel headache overnight, dozens of passengers from southwest airlines flights, 90 minutes or more. >> the airline says all the way it has taken off and should be back to normal, it is not clear what caused this glitch. >> donald trump coming through with promises as us employers posed a record number of job opens in june.
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rob: a sign that solid hiring of recent months will continue, foxbusiness. >> new numbers from the us department of labor show job openings jump to a record high in june outpacing hiring. the number of job openings has increased since 2014 and on the last day in june there were 6.2 million jobs, finding qualified workers. healthcare and social assistance along with construction. heather: some infant swimsuits are being involved because they could choke a child, a baby. >> reporter: a line of children's jim suits being recalled because of a choking hazard. apparently this was on the bottom, could come off and be
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dangerous, if you have one of those, return it. rob: disney is pulling its films from netflix and will start streaming it on their own. why not make your own money? >> reporter: big move by disney announcing a new direct to consumer streaming service to compete with netflix, the disney brand is subscription service and will launch in 2019 and will be the exclusive home for new animated and disney pixar films. the only one not happy is netflix, disney will be pulling all of its content off of netflix in 2019. >> subscribed what channel you want and go get it. >> people will be watching to see if that succeeds. the future, marine one helicopter makes its inaugural flight, it is undergoing 250 hours of testing before donald
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trump can climb on board. this is an artist's rendering of it. >> this replaces the current marine helicopter fleet, one billion-dollar overhaul approved it during the obama administration, will begin service in 2020. heather: remember when tiger woods went into a breathalyzer barefoot, we remember that incident, the legendary golfer's arraignment has been set, he will not be there and what it means for the case. >> does your passport contain one capital letter, a number? your strong password isn't that strong at all. see about that coming up. ♪ when coughing keeps your family awake.
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rob: a fox news alert, the world on it is donald trump threatens to unleash fire and fury on north korea. heather: ruthless dictator kim jong-un considers a missile strike on guam, home to a keen military base and thousands of servicemembers. we learn more about north korea's new miniaturized nuclear weapon. >> reporter: guam's governor tried to call residents after threats of claims for an attack vowing the tiny island will be defended. >> i want to reassure the people of guam that there is no threat to our island. an attack or threat on guam is a threat or attack on the united states. they have set america will be defended. >> reporter: this on the heels of troubling news the rogue regime developed a miniaturized
2:32 am
nuclear warhead capable of fitting inside a missile, donald trump issuing stern words for dictator kim jong-un. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement and as i said they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. rob: guam is home to anderson air force base and thousands of us troops sitting 2000 miles southeast of north korea, a high-tech missile defense system, democrats blasting the president's comments, chuck schumer saying, quote, we need to be firm and deliberate with north korea but reckless rhetoric is not a strategy to keep america safe.
2:33 am
the us has planted bombers over guam, from guam over the korean peninsula, strength and airmen from south dakota arriving at the tiny island. heather: hopefully won't get to that. rob: north korea's nuclear capabilities causing a major threat to that region and global security. heather: oliver north said the threat began under the previous administration. >> threats posed by pyongyang are more suited to the kennedy face than the cuban missile crisis because the soviets wanted to survive the experience, mutually assured destruction worked. the obama administration's benign neglect of the north korean iranian connection building nuclear weapons and a means of delivering it has allowed kim jong-un, ruler of one of the poorest nations on the planet to rapidly acquire
2:34 am
weapons striking of the us. >> the manhunt intensified for the driver of a car who mowed down a crowd of soldiers in paris, six soldiers were part of an antiterrorist unit were injured between 2 of them are in serious condition. that car was waiting for the soldiers to go on patrol outside their barracks, stay with fox news or "fox and friends" for the update of the developing story. rob: illegal immigration numbers of spikes but they are lower under donald trump than they were under any month of the obama administration, with security numbers show a 15%, in july of this year. 5000 people, the highest number
2:35 am
on earth, the new trump administration lower than any month under donald trump - under -- according to the justice department deportation is up by 31% of the president trump, 57,000 people order to leave between february and july. dozens of dangerous sex offenders off the streets thanks to ice. 32 illegal immigrants during a 10 day sweep on long island, new york, the operation sword. one of the people arrested is from el salvador convicted of using a four-year-old girl. ice plans to deport all of these people. heather: tiger woods set to plead not guilty to dui charges, the golf superstar will not appear in his florida arraignment hearing arrested in may, not required to appear, asleep behind the wheel, he claims he had a reaction to prescription medication. woods appeared to struggle to a
2:36 am
sobriety test and took multiple breathalyzer tests. police reports show he had no alcohol in his blood at the time of his arrest. rob: 100 people around the country are sick after eating papaya, official linking a salmonella outbreak to a fruit farm in southern mexico, testing positive for 5 strains of salmonella. the cdc recommends avoiding all merit all papayas from mexico. heather: a plan to give illegal immigrants the right to vote in one maryland city would have been postponed. the college park city council said they received serious phone threats, on hand at the meeting as a precaution. it would allow noncitizens, 10 other cities, the college park would be the largest the council pushing their vote. do you remember the professor
2:37 am
who sparked nationwide outrage for letting students change their grades to reduce stress? forced to do an about-face. campus reports the university of georgia is making doctor richard watson remove his stress reduction policy. the backlash played a role in revising the syllabus, the grading system will be based on coursework performance as it should. >> revolutionary football helmet could affect nfl players from concussions, it is called 01 and consist of a softer shell that helps to absorb impact. the company behind the technology, 25 nfl teams have already bought these for the incoming season as a recent study of deceased nfl players showed 99% had a degenerative brain disease brought on by repeated blows to the head.
2:38 am
over 90%. the team that has won five super bowl championships is on planes, the new england patriots buying two, 747s. the first nfl team to own its own private suite of planes, they come with the team logo and five lombardi trophies painted on the tail. $10 million each, they need two, 747s? heather: excited for football season, the panthers play wednesday night. the man who wrote the book on modern-day passport security says no matter how complicated you make your password hackers can find a way in. rob: the official government guidelines which include a mix of letters, characters, numbers, the most annoying thing to think of and remember are pretty easy to hack. experts believe long passwords
2:39 am
that contain at least four words are harder to break. >> i don't know about that. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, breaking development overnight with north korea, the world reacting as the united states faces a new threat. former obama administration until analysts, donald trump is right to wrap up the rhetoric. >> the rhinestone cowboy, music world mourning the loss of country icon glen campbell. the tributes are pouring in. ♪ ♪ i apologize ♪ of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business.
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>> remembering the rhinestone
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cowboy. rob: mourning the loss of glen campbell. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ riding out on a horse on a rodeo ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ >> sirius xm 150 with tributes that are pouring in. >> celebrities, family and friends paying tribute to country music for glen campbell, he was born the son of a sharecropper, becoming one of the biggest names in show business. on news of his death some of today's top performers took to social media to celebrate his life like this from dolly parton. >> glenn is one of the greatest voices that ever was, one of the greatest musicians, he was
2:44 am
extremely talented. regions look at this tweet from devil went down to georgia finger charlie daniels who says thank you for sharing your talents with us for so many years, may you rest and peace. you will never be forgotten. campbell lived in phoenix for over 20 years inspiring this tweet from john mccain who said saddens by the passing of glen campbell, great entertainer, great man, thanks for the memories. keith urban chiming in with a special tribute writing by loves glenn for so many reasons but above all his humanity. rest on that high mountain. he passed away at 85 years old with a full life after a long battle with alzheimer's. rob: everybody is remembering. let's talk about the next story, an interesting one. a painting of the statue of
2:45 am
liberty. >> a member the painting democrats hang in capital hill, another painting fiasco, democratic congressman from california has hung a painting that depicts the statue of liberty as a muslim woman in his california district. and the congressional are competition by a student. there a palin was one of the first to weigh in on this. america spots something unusual. take it down or he -- they are going to protest. correia says there's no intention of removing it. heather: we will follow that story.
2:46 am
she knows opening a restaurant. >> if you live in the new york area will of this because chito's is opening a pop up restaurant in new york city, not just a riffraff restaurant, celebrity chef and morel is behind this. look at these menu items like flaming hot chatter chito's and crusted chicken. it found fancy food for people on social media. maybe we should get some food savers going. check out the chito's food. rob: thanks. let's see what is coming up. >> what is the address of that chito's restaurant? thank you very much. carly was talking about reaction around the world to the passing
2:47 am
of glen campbell. one of his good friends to remember glenn. we have a team of military experts to react to escalating tensions with north korea. what is going on over there? the secretary of health and human services doctor tom price joining us to talk about the opioid crisis, deputy assistant to donald trump, doctor sebastian gorka from the north lawn of the white house. a busy 3 hours kicks off on the channel you trust. "fox and friends" first to back in two minutes. then add a hotel, or car, or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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>> patients in hawaii can get
2:51 am
high legally after two decades after the state approved the use of pot for medical purposes. hours after the department of health gave the historic green light to sell cannabis maui world therapies had its first customer. hawaii was among the first states to legalize medical marijuana in 2000 but it has taken years for the state to certify an independent lab to test the drug ensuring patient safety. rob: north korea issuing a direct threat to the us military base in guam after donald trump issues his most serious warning yet to this rogue regime. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. rob: what should the critical next step be in all of this as it continues to escalate? here to weigh in former intel
2:52 am
analyst for the treasury department and former state department press officer morgan ortegas. thank you for coming on this morning. we continue to see kim jong-un doesn't have all his marbles or is some kind of crazy to keep pushing this thing and escalating this thing, but here we are. it has come to a head. he has a nuclear weapon or we believe he does and able to send it around the world. what do we do now? >> you hit the nail on the head when you talked about his curious behavior. even the chinese are befuddled by his behavior. the chinese premier and kim jong-un have never even met. there is this i think fallacy that the chinese can dictate the outcome of what will happen, that they can control north korea. i don't they can. one of the reasons donald trump and ambassador haley and secretary to listen had such a
2:53 am
huge win, to get china on board with the sanctions is let the world know that the status quo can no longer continue and the chinese know they cannot solve this problem on their own. they allowed this to fester in north korea over the past 10 or 20 years. many parts of the weapons north koreans -- stated publicly various suppliers in china provided that to the north koreans. this is a problem china did not control and the chickens have come home to roost. rob: china could be the key to this because without china's support, north korea -- at what point will china say we are going to back this nonsense and step away from this country and let them fight their own war in which case north korea will be a hole in the earth in 10 minutes. my question is this, we have a poll here, 62% of americans are
2:54 am
in favor of the us going into north korea with military action if they fire off a missile into south korea, if they bomb soul which is their neighbor. we have support for war going into south korea. what would that look like? what would that conflict look like, what would china do if they moved into north korea and dropped the bomb? >> the greatest military on the earth. we shouldn't -- as important that the president made a statement he made about a credible threat of military force. you can never get it to vladek solution without people knowing you are serious about a military option. a war with north korea is not something done from the skies that is bloodless for us. 50,000 troops, american troops in south korea, south korea is
2:55 am
an ally, and into the war, a ton of us casualties would be naïve, not that we should have a credible use of force but we are a few steps from that. the president's team doing the right thing by working at the united nations, working with china, pushing sanctions and more to poetic levers to be pushed. it is important to note the only reason diplomatic measures are working, people feel there is a credible threat. rob: we tried to pay them to be nice. thank you for coming on this morning. heather: $3 billion on the table in terms of sanctions. 5 minutes until the top of the hour, abrasion by cleve, the man pulling up to cabs and stealing their cash. don't shoot bigfoot, there will
2:56 am
be big problems, the new one coming from a south carolina police department. not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today. . . ♪
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if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®. heather: time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, a florida veteran is where we begin winning the battle to keep his american flag wrapped mailbox. the tallahassee homeowner's association now allowing him to keep it after telling him he didn't meet neighborhood standards. rob: next the bad. don't shoot big foot. that's the warming from a
3:00 am
south carolina police department after a similar spotting caught on camera in 2015. you will most likely be shooting a fun loving person sweating in a gor gorilla costu. heather: bike riding thief riding up to taxi car drivers and stealing cash in new york city. rob: "fox & friends" begins right now. heather: bye. steve: straight to a fox news alert. you are looking live paris, france right now where a manhunt intensifying near paris. police are looking for a driver who deliberately mowed down at least six french soldiers before he sped away. ainsley: you are looking at live press conference. part of antiterrorist unit and had just gone on patrol in northwest suburb of the city. brian: bmw was waiting for the soldiers just outside their barracks and, quote, acceleratequ


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