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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 9, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> shannon: it's kind of entertaining, but it's ill-advised. >> bill: the news continues and will keep you posted. don't move anywhere, we'll see you tomorrow. "happening now" starts now. >> jon: a fox news alert on escalating threats following a dramatic fall out that the rogue nation is now a nuclear power. coming to you, i'm jon scott. >> melissa: and i'm alyssa francis. tweeting the u.s. nuclear arsenal is a far stronger and more powerful than ever before. this, hours after warning the rogue nation to stop the threats or face fire and fury, but kim jong-un is not backing down and after the report that the north miniaturized a nuclear warhead to fit inside its missiles. now he's saying his country is
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planning a strike on guam. that's where secretary of state rex tillerson landed just hours ago where he addressed to the crisis. >> we are hopeful that this pressure campaign with it the world has joined us in and with the engagement of china and russia that they can begin to persuade the regime that they need to reconsider the current pathway thereon. they need to think about engaging in a different kind of dialogue. >> jon: we are live with rich edson on development at the state department, jake sherman, senior ready for political on the follow here at home. first, we go to greg palkot in london. >> absolutely, the rhetoric is heating up on both sides. the latest rhetoric coming from north korea. it concerns guam, according to
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state media in pyongyang, the regime has its a site on that territory, specifically a u.s. military base there. ed claims they are carefully examining plans for a missile strike, it will be put into practice when kim jong-un gives the word. and fact, guam has been threatened several times in the past by north korea and its most recent threat is more tied to a flyby earlier this week outside of south korea, not far below the u.s. b-1 bombers who work outside of guam. the flyby response to recent lunches by north korea. it is now confirmed what u.s. intelligence officials have been saying, that north korea can miniaturize its nuclear warheads to sit on top of their missiles following the word of that report yesterday, the president started making those comments,
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which by the way are still resonating not just in the halls of power of pyongyang, but throughout the region. china today is calling out all sides to avoid words or actions to intensify or ethically the situation. we are him looking -- we are hearing similar messages. just a reminder again from our experience on the ground over several trips to north korea in the past several years, it's going to take a lot of pressure to get kim jong-un to give up his nukes and missiles which are very much a part of the identity of the regime and our reminders of the prowess all around pyongyang. he could very well go down swinging on this one. back to you. >> jon: greg palkot, live from london, thank you. >> melissa: president trump threatening north korea that it will be met with "fire and fury" if he keeps provoking the u.s. that language is not stopping the regime from threatening to attack the u.s. territory of
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guam. >> jon: this morning, he's defending the president's words. >> i think with the president is doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong-un will understand. he doesn't seem to understand diplomatic language. i think the president just wants to be clear to the north korean regime that yes, unquestionable ability to defend itself, will defend itself and i think it was important that he delivered that message to avoid any miscalculation on their part. >> melissa: at rich edson's buy with the state department with more. what's the latest? >> the secretary of state, rex tillerson is taking much more measured approach saying americans can sleep well at night, he has no concerns with the rhetoric over the past few days and that he sees no imminent threats here. the secretary of state misses remarks from guam. he's returning from a trip to
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southeast asia where he pressured allies and adversaries to try to cut off north korea economically and diplomatically. >> i think in fact, the pressure is starting to show, i think that's why the rhetoric coming out of pyongyang is beginning to become more threatening and louder. whether we've backed them into a corner or not is still tough to say, but diplomatically, you never like to back them in a corner without a way to get out. >> he also said nothing has changed dramatically in the last 24 hours, though we have learned from u.s. intelligence officials that they believe north korea has produced a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missile. the north korean regime has tested to intercontinental ballistic missiles since the fourth of july. tellers and says he spoke with the chinese and russian officials from the strip who then enter and met with north korean officials, he also noted that china and russia agreed to additionally u.n. security council sanctions. that passed unanimously over the
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weekend. much of this trip was try to pressure these allies and pressure china especially to try to enforce these resolutions to sanction north korea and in an attempt to force that regime to hold its nuclear program. >> melissa: rich edson, thank you. >> jon: what to make of the president's remarks, good we be on the brink of war? as north korea continues to raise the stakes and now word that it can fit a nuclear weapon warhead, i should say, onto the missile. all this leading to some tough talk from president trump. >> north korea best not be making anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening, beyond a normal state. as i said, they will be met with
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fire, fury, and frankly, power. the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> jon: jake sherman, senior ready for politico, coauthor of politico's playbook. strongly went from the president and you say he's been getting some blowback, even domesticall domestically. >> it's important to point out that members across congress are scattered because congress is out until after the labor day recess, but the people i've been talking to this morning disagree with tillerson's sentiment that nothing has changed. remember, the president said yesterday of the country will be met with fire and fury of north korea doesn't stop these provocations. north korea said if there's any action militarily by the united states, north korea said it will definitively, i believe, and strong language, that they will attack. to say nothing has changed is not accurate. are we on the brink of war?
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i do not believe so, many of congress have been briefed, especially members of the house and senate intelligence committee. they're up to date here on the intelligence when it comes to north korea and its nuclear programs, the extent that there is intelligence is so hard to gather. >> jon: politico quoted a source in the white house, an anonymous source who said this is just the way he speaks and they said, he is angry and used a little more colloquial term for angry and also he talks when he's angry. >> wright, he gets brash. i don't think that's up for debate. one of his advisors said this morning that this is like the cuban missile crisis. on one end of the equation coming of the secretary of state saying nothing has changed, we have another advisor to the president indicating that this is a can and part and parcel to the cuban missile crisis which was a very alarming nuclear
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standoff between the u.s. and another country. the language in this case might meet the threat. the people i talk to you here in washington are nervous about what's going on and the united states -- this didn't begin with donald trump. the united states has historically been unable, not unable, but george bush tried it, barack obama try to, bill clinton tried it, this is a thorny situation is not new to the american president. >> jon: one reason kim jong-un is such a mystery is because what he seems to know how he's going to behave or react and perhaps, and using north korean like language, the president is trying to make himself as much as a cipher, keep the north koreans wondering what's going through his mind. >> i think that's probably right, it's a little different
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than the former cia report from "the washington post" tweeted, it's a little different because the united states has more than 1,000 nuclear warheads and they use more tempered language, but what rex tillerson was trying to say is this is your mailing which he understands, nothing else has worked so far and this is what we're going to do. listen, the big problem for the present will be politically when people start getting back to washington, hopefully nothing happens between now and then. we don't have any indication it will come about when people start saying publicly on capitol hill that the president needs to ratchet down, things of that nature could be distracting and anger the president even more. >> jon: the foreign relations committee and john mccain said the same thing and the prime minister of new zealand, there is criticism coming from all quarters in response to what the president had to say. >> there is, i think when you have 535 members of congress running around on the capital and all saying it and requests
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for hearings, requests or members to testify publicly about the threat and probably about the threat, it becomes more real to members of congress, it becomes more tangible. i sound like a broken record every time i come on with you, the president has a very full legislative agenda, not wish list items. he wants to complete tax reform in the next months and now we have this north korean threat, which is going to be consuming, no matter which way you look at it and could, not saying it will, could impact the president's agenda. >> jon: one has to imagine that kim jong-un is enjoying his moment in the spotlight. >> i'm not sure he cares about the debt ceiling. >> jon: i think that's probably correct. jake sherman, thank you. >> melissa: police in new jersey are searching for a suspect accused of attempting to lure a little girl into his car. they're asking the public to contact them if you've seen this phase. plus, north korea rationing up
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tensions with the u.s., this time making threats to an american territory. should we be worried here at home? first, here's a secretary of state rex tillerson. >> i think americans should sleep well at night, have no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the last few days. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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officials asking anyone with information on her whereabouts to call crime stoppers. in new jersey, police releasing a sketch of a man who allegedly tried to lure a young girl into his car. the incident happening sunday near camden. police say the man pulled up to a bicycle and said he was asked to bring her home by her parents. the girl wrote away instead. >> melissa: north korea now threatening a u.s. territory as a rogue nation races to become a nuclear power. pyongyang says it's considering an attack on guam, a small pacific island strategically important to the u.s. because of its location. secretary of state rex tillerson today responding to the latest threat while in route to guam. >> we have very open conversations, our telephone lines remain open to russia and china as well as our allies. we've been clear and our
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statements as to what we would like to see happen and to make clear to them that we do not seem to be a threat to them. we have to respond with the serious threats that we they me towards us. >> melissa: joining us now, vice president for the studies for international peace where he directs the agent program. thank you so much for joining us. he recently wrote a compelling article on this subject, talking about what an effective response might be, let's walk through it a bit for our audience. the first thing. >> one of the reasons for doing it was to get talks going with north korea. i think we need to level the playing field a bit by letting them know calmly, coolly, and a
8:18 am
nonconfirmed basis. that's intended to reach tokyo and seoul. it's enough to forestall proliferation and send a strong message to north korea. >> melissa: you also recommend getting tougher than that and that's specifically by breaking the inf treaty. >> russia has recently departed from the treaty, testing weapons that are banned. meanwhile, china and north korea are building in my category for which we do not have an expected response. i think we should borrow ronald reagan's playbook from from the 1980s when the soviets put fs 20s in europe. he stalled purging missiles in europe, leveled the playing field. >> melissa: not only that, beyond that, you talk about beefing up the census, more fat
8:19 am
missile systems. it's being reported that there are a lot of calls about that very thing. >> they have capable systems of board ships. we also need to beef up our national missile defense between north korea, alaska, and california. these are messages that we need to get to north korea and also, china which is not really willing to step on north korea because they feel it's a cost greater to them by pushing north korea around. >> melissa: these three steps are aggressive, but logical, is there any indication of this is already going on? >> not yet. even the south korean progressive government says they have added thad mitchell launchers. we have to think in terms of ourselves as well.
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>> melissa: it you also talk about setting up more covert options, what would that includ include? >> again, look back to the playbook of ronald reagan in the 1980s when they had massive covert operations and eastern europe. today, we are sending about $700 million in total to get radios and broadcasting to north korea. we need to set that up. north korea is not eastern europe in the 1980s. we don't want to go down that path, but there are new capabilities, cyber and otherwise, that should be fully funded covertly to let the regime know that they are in danger. >> melissa: all these things that you have suggested, recently they've been rewarded for their behavior with a lack of administration, giving concessions or releasing new sanctions, or trying to bring them back to the table with
8:21 am
economics. at this point, it seems like that certainly hasn't worked and what you are prescribing is getting tough, not just economically come about with weapons. what do you think the overall response is to that? >> their response will be to object. they're only going to respond if they feel like they're not getting what they want. president trump's language is probably not where we need to go. we need to be like the cowboys and the old westerns who walk coolly and calmly, but are well armed to deal with these people. >> melissa: will see, thank you for your insight today, we appreciate it. >> jon: record-setting rain to tell you about in texas, making for a dangerous ride through floodwaters and some risky rescue situations as well. plus, people panicking over the threat of attack by north korea. >> we are not prepared at all. our military isn't prepared physically, financially, we are in debt.
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[ music plays again ] a smarter way to wifi is awesome. introducing xfinity xfi. amazing speed, coverage and control. change the way you wifi. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> melissa: this is a fox news weather alert. historic rain in southern texas leaving some drivers stranded and high waters, some areas getting 7 inches of rain, knocking out power to residents. one man saying he got trapped in his suv because of flooding. a storm system moving through texas started over the weekend and traveled east. forecasters are seeing the rain has moved out, while the high temperatures moved back in. >> jon: now this fox news
8:26 am
alert, president trump threatens to unleash fire and fury on north korea if they keep provoking the united states. joe lieberman saying he has no problem with president trump's choice of words. >> i'm not upset about them because we've tried for years and years with diplomatic language and what else of north koreans and it hasn't worked. this goes back to the '90s when president clinton, and really good faith negotiated an agreement with kim jong-un's father, which gave the north koreans billions of dollars in returns for a promise to stop their nuclear program and put the brakes on it and stop it altogether. they essentially took the money and ran. >> jon: i'm joined now by a research fellow for northeast
8:27 am
asia. also served as a division trees for north korea you do have a bit of an issue with the president's choice of words, or so i've read. >> i think the words themselves were over the top. i think his intent was to not only deter north korea from doing the development of an icbm, but to send it resolve our allies. the wording tends to affirm the concerns of our allies of the concerns that we are preparing for a tentative attack which could unleash an all-out war on the korean peninsula. we can send signals of resolve and deterrence, but not in a way that alienates or concerns our allies. >> jon: kim jong-un thinks the nuclear weapons that he is developing.
8:28 am
>> they would see it as deterring the u.s. and their attack. they would look at it as the downfall of saddam hussein and they say the problem with those dictators was they didn't have nuclear weapons. the u.s. would see it as a an attempt to deter us from an attack, also the nuclear weapons enables north korea to engage and more diplomacy. perhaps trying to push south korea to do things that otherwise would want to do. >> jon: you are not surprised at the speed with which they have developed this weaponry, many other analysts are, but you say back in the '90s when you're in the cia, you saw this
8:29 am
coming. >> we worked and an unclassified intelligence estimate out on the internet in 1999 where we predicted by the year 2015, north korea would have the capability of hitting the continental united states with a nuclear weapon, so i may have been off a few years, but i think it shows that this is a development that's a long time coming. over the years, there seems to have been a tendency to dismiss or downplay north korea's military capabilities. in the '90s, people dismissed programs, even in 2007 when israel took out a nuclear reactor in syria, people dismissed that as an actual reactor which north korea was helping with and more recently, people tend to say, it's still several years away before north korea can develop this certain capability and the experts have been saying that for several years. it's a long time coming, that
8:30 am
does make it any less troublesome and worrisome. >> jon: other than hiroshima, the world has never seen a nuclear war, partly because of the policy of mutually assured destruction worked with the soviet union and the chinese, they have thousands of nuclear warheads. is north korea different? >> when people advocate a preventative attack, they usually postulated that kim jong-un is crazy and we don't know what they'll do because we need to start a war to prevent a war. i don't think kim is crazy, nor was his father crazy. obviously, a terrible dictator, but he's not insane, he's not going to wake up some morning and start a war. when you ask people, how would he respond if we did a preventative attack, they usually say, he wouldn't respond because he knows the might of the u.s. military. it's like, that's a rational response. there seems to be a bit of a disconnect in thinking. we need to have a strong
8:31 am
military, including missile defense systems to deter and defend, and if necessary, defeat a threat, but i think we can go down a longer path with pressure in sanctions and target the financial measures before result to military action. >> jon: bruce, thank you. >> melissa: a major development in the search for a driver accused of deliberately slamming his car into a group of french soldiers. what investigators are saying about the case now. plus, the russia investigation intensifying with the word of a huge document dump to the senate committee from the president's campaign and its former campaign manager. what does it all mean? our political panel ways and next. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade?
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>> jon: a fox news alert as we learned that the president's former campaign manager was apparently the target of an fbi raid. fbi agents showed up at paul manafort's home late last month. they seized documents and other materials related to the ongoing russian investigations. this as congressional committees delve deeper. according to bloomberg's headline today, demand thousands of documents from the trunk campaign. joining us now, a senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation, john slattery is a former federal prosecutor for the southern district of new york and former special counsel to the u.s. house and senate judiciary committee's.
8:36 am
thanks very much for being here. john, paul manafort says he was cooperating in fact, he had been testifying in front of a committee. why send fbi regions stomach agents to his house when he's been handing over everything? >> they convinced the judge they had reason to search his house for documents, i assume they didn't find the productions made to that date. the $17.1 million that he got spread over seven years. like every good investigation, you follow the money and that's what i think they're doing here. >> jon: hans, some might call it witness intimidation. >> what i would say, there is no
8:37 am
reason that the special counsel could not have simply issued a grand jury subpoena. there is no evidence yet that a search warrant and a raid was necessary, particularly given the cooperation of this particular witness with all these committees in congress. frankly, i have a bad suspicion that this is part of mueller's shock and ought to get back credit of him and to show that he may take advantage of the power he's got with regard to his critics. >> that's entirely unsupported. >> there is no reason they couldn't have issued a subpoena. >> yes, there is. they decided they couldn't trust him to produce what he had. >> they had produced no evidence of any kind. he has not been cooperating with congress and turning over the documents. >> this is not about congress, it's about a grand jury
8:38 am
investigation, which they went before a federal district judge and they convinced him with an affidavit that we would all like to read which explained why they had to do this search under circumstances. >> you and i both know that federal prosecutors can convince judges with grand jury subpoenas for just about anything. speak out that's not true. >> jon: the president has called this a fishing expedition sending fbi agents and the predawn hours to the home of his former campaign manager, if there is -- there has been no solid proof yet of any russia collusion. >> there has been. the june 9th, 2016 meeting was exactly collusion. we can discuss whether it was sapir conspiracy. there are notes from that
8:39 am
meeting that he took that having been turned over to anyone as far as i know. we had the evidence of a cover-up including the meeting of june 9th. prompting the president to write a note for his son, concealing aspects of that very meeting. we certainly have a lot of concern and the admissions of the president that he fired comey because of the russia investigation. there's plenty of they are there. >> there is no evidence being produced whatsoever. having a meeting to discuss possible opposition research is not a violation of federal law. any member of congress would be in jail. collecting research is not a crime. >> you are an expert on election law matters and they received
8:40 am
information from a foreign government, that's what the meeting was about, to use in a presidential election. >> there isn't. you can't name a single federal statute that that meeting violated. if it did, every member of congress would be in jail. >> every member of congress is not making a deal to get electe elected. it was ultra sensitive information coming from the russians that mr. trump was their candidate and they wanted to eliminate sanctions which involved a lot of money which is what the searches were about and what this investigation is going to turn on, and my opinion. >> it's not a violation of
8:41 am
federal law. speak out there are meetings and there are meetings. >> jon: let's talk about the documents at the trunk campaign have now turned over to the senate intelligence committee. hans, is it possible that somewhere in there lies some kind of violation of federal law that john is talking about? >> i don't think so. they're going to look for those documents, they're not going to find anything, just like they haven't so far. perhaps they can finally concentrate on the real crimes that have been committed which is the leaking of classified information and classified operations for political purposes, to get the president and to get the people working for him. >> there is a lot of leaking and i think it's almost patriotic because they're more like missile blowers. we are talking about information that contradicts the public faith this administration has given to the country. time and time again, on every
8:42 am
level, whether it be about how we are dealing with mexico or what's happening in the investigation, these leaks have contradicted the white house and as a result, we are better informed. these leaks have been helpful to us as americans. speak out that is wrong they blew the fact that we had penetrated the russian ambassador's telephone. they released a transcript of a conversation at the russian ambassador had with michael flynn. i can't think of anything worse than blowing the fact that we penetrated the security of the russians embassy. that was not a benefit. >> jon: we have to leave it there. you to obviously see this issue from two very different perspectives and we will continue to get you together because it makes for a great discussion. thank you both. >> melissa: a possible new
8:43 am
terror attack rocks paris and the prime minister of france says the suspect is now in custody. how he was arrested, we are live with the story. plus the u.s. and north korea are now trading threats as the nuclear showdown heats up in their biggest foreign policy challenge to date. the political reaction here at home is next. >> it's not a big deal because in south korea, everything, north korea wants to attack us. we threaten, but nothing happen happens. maybe korean people are different, they don't care about it.
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>> melissa: fox news alert and back to our top story right now, tensions mounting order were north korea's rogue nation. now the u.s. territory of guam saying a possible missile strike will happen there. folks living on that tiny island
8:47 am
say they're afraid of being caught in the middle. >> it scary. it's something we can't take lately. everyone's saying, what are we going to do? you can't do anything, you can't run and hide from a nuclear bomb or threat. will basically be wiped out. we are going to die or eventually die from the effects and the radiation and whatnot. >> melissa: let's bring in hogan, he's a former former senior communications director for thanks to both of you for joining us. hogan, let me start with you. you think his rhetoric might be time, why? >> it was a direct threat, not to mention this regime has fired off a new clearly capable
8:48 am
rockets. it seems like they're getting those every other week. this is a regime that just recently shared a video of washington, d.c., being annihilated, wiped off the face of the map at the hands of their own is their weapons. this guy is threatening us up directly, this president -- this escalation has been allowed to occur. let's not forget, bill clinton in 1994 signed an agreement to give them billions in exchange for de-escalation of the nuclear program. for 30 years, they have continued to build this nuclear program. now we find out that their way further along than we thought. donald trump is saying enough is enough, don't mess with us anymore and now is the time to put an end to this regime and its escalation. >> melissa: what do you think, scott? >> this kind of john wayne response is quite disappointing because i think it elevates north korea two and level that
8:49 am
they don't deserve. >> melissa: they have a nuclear weapon, it's pretty serious at this point. >> i didn't say it wasn't. what i was going to say as i wish donald trump had made that statement to diplomatic channels or privately to china, to russia, as well as north korea because the key player here, maybe he's talking to china when he made a statement, but quite frankly, he's a government leader now, he's not campaigning. that type of rhetoric only escalates the risk as opposed to de-escalation. >> melissa: let's let hogan respond because i don't know how much more we can escalate this. it seems like we are right at the brink of a crisis in the last few administrations have tried the opposite approach. they've tried all different colors and variations. that's not working. it's hogan's turn, go ahead. >> the ambassadors in the
8:50 am
lifetime bureaucrats are the ones who got us in. think of nikki haley, she was able to get a billion dollars in sanctions on this particular regime, bringing along china, of all people and russia, that's great news. the problem is, their exports generate about $3 billion which leaves them $2 billion left over, not to give to their people, and said to escalate their nuclear program. they already have a weapon, you've been showing a chilling graphical morning, they could strike washington, d.c., new york, los angeles, chicago within 40 minutes. >> melissa: i want to give scott a chance to respond. >> we certainly don't know if that's the case. we have these reports, but they are a dangerous country, no doubt about it. how do we resolve it? those statements by donald trump make you and others feel that,
8:51 am
that, -- >> melissa: i don't think that's appropriate at all, we're going to leave it there. >> jon: a search for a suspect to round up soldiers with his car comes to a dramatic end in france, a live update next. worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah. did you get that email i sent you? i need you to respond... ...before you wake up. when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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8:55 am
hump day sizzle, see you at the top of the hour. >> melissa: breaking right now, police in paris arresting a suspect in a car attack that injured six soldiers. >> jon: authorities caught up with the suspect in northern france, authorities say he was still driving the car used in the attack. >> melissa: benjamin hall is live in london with the latest. >> it took five hours for police to finally catch up with him after a massive manhunt in paris itself. while the motive of the attack is still unknown, ed's holding all of the hallmarks of previous attacks we've seen. when they did finally catch up with him and a dramatic scene, he was arrested on a highway north of paris. the black bmw riddled with bullets. the suspect was shot five times and one policeman was also wounded. he had been caught by a stray police bullet. the attack this morning took place around 8:00 a.m. and in northern paris district.
8:56 am
it was a carefully timed ambush. the black bmw waiting in an alleyway until the soldiers left their barracks, then accelerating into them leaving them wounded on the ground. the attacker is said to be 37, but he's unknown to police. prosecutors have opened a terror investigation. they are classifying this as yet another terrorist attack in paris. the soldiers attacked were part of a special anti-terror unit set up specifically to stop these kinds of attacks. they're part of the heavily armed unit named operation sentinel. this is the sixth time that the unit have been attacked. this is also after 240 people have been killed in france by terrorists over the last two years and since those first major ones, they've all been like this. low-tech and in a security
8:57 am
sense. >> melissa: benjamin hall, thank you for that report. >> jon: the next hour, will follow all of the details and the breaking north korean threa threat. how the white house is responding.
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>> jon: we are back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert and escorting threats from north korea and a tough response from the united states. the north announced a plan to attack u.s. military base and guam. president trump with this morning. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. coast of fox and friends weekend, abby huntsman. katie pavlich has with us today and today's #oneluckyguy, fox's new senior news analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >>


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