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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 9, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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it is a pleasure to be with you guys no matter what. >> you are going to pop up online with us, go over to facebook and watch us live there. this is "happening now" ." >> melissa: a fox news alert from fox news global headquarters in new york. >> jon: president donald trump is sending his warning you have to north korea as that rogue nation levels are a dangerous threat of military action against the u.s. territory of guam. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i melissa francis, president donald trump making his message clear, that the u.s. will not be bullied. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states, they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly,
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power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> melissa: it comes as north korea says it is exploring potential military action against the u.s. pacific island territory of guam. that island is home to 150,000 americans as well as two major military bases. the trump administration says north korea needs to think twice before attempting any kind of attack. >> he is saying don't test america and don't test donald j. trump. we are not just a superpower, we are a superpower, we are now a hyperpower. nobody in the world, especially not north korea comes close to challenging our military capabilities, whether they are conventional, nuclear or special forces. the message is very clear, don't test this white house, pyongyang. >> jon: live at fox news coverage, following news on
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america's nuclear arsenal, david miller following action from world leaders. >> the white house tells us that the president and his chief of staff general john kelly have been in constant contact with their national security team, both before and after the president's comments on north korea, the president got his daily intelligence briefing again this morning and despite no on camera appearances today, the tough talk from the president continues on twitter where he wrote "my first order as president was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal, it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before and hopefully we will never have to use this power but there will never be a time when we are not the most powerful nation in the world." this comes after north korea warned that it was carefully examining plans to watch nuclear tipped missiles at guam, about 2,000 miles from pyongyang and well within range of kim
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jong-un's icbms. there are thousands of u.s. service members on guam which has been described as a permanent aircraft carrier. air and naval bases, fighter jets, and a missile defense system which should be able to shoot down any incoming missiles but obviously no one wants to see that system tested and there is no indication that he might get that this is anything more than bluster and tough talk from the leader of north korea. >> jon: thank you. president trump's projection of u.s. nuclear strength comes after the pentagon announced a budget increase last year of more than $100 billion aimed at sustaining and improving our u.s. nuclear force. it is unclear if the arsenal has been modernized since president trump took office. kevin corke live from washington with more on that. >> good numbers you just shared it there, i can add a little layer of context for that, that
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includes about $19 billion in nuclear enterprise investment as well. you have heard rick leventhal's report, talking about what the president said on twitter, i want to add a bit of context to that as well. he made a statement that is getting a bit of pushback today. he said he has already done something to improve the u.s. nuclear arsenal. let me take you back to january 27th, this is from a memorandum on rebuilding u.s. armed forces. the secretary shall initiate a new nuclear posture review to ensure that the united states nuclear deterrent is modern, robust, flexible, resilient, ready and appropriately tailored to deter 21st century threats and reassure our allies. some critics obviously pushing back immediately, including former obama administration official. he is active on twitter, out to give them credit, he is never at a loss for words. he tweeted this.
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"it's literally impossible for trump to have changed our nuclear arsenal in six months, an alarming thing to lie about. white house officials will tell you, the president's comments are true, the u.s. nuclear arsenal is stronger and more powerful now than ever before, his comments are a statement of fact and not a 200 days on the job assessment. i think it is also relevant to share some numbers i think you might find interesting, the latest information we have publicly available, you never know what is actually happening behind the scenes. publicly we know this. russia has 7,000 in its nuclear warhead arsenal, usa 6800, france 300, china 270 and just for perspective i wanted to add north korea, even if we are talking about many nukes, the number standing at ten. meanwhile, the secretary of defense james mattis is out with a statement and this will certainly make it clear that the united states is not blanching or blushing away in any way i'm
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prepared to move forward if it has to, this is james mattis. >> while our state department is making every effort to resolve this global threat, it must be noted that the combined allied militaries now possess the most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on earth. all this on the heels of the comments yesterday about the president, with continued threats from the north, the regime would be facing fire and fury the likes of which of the world has never seen. we will be watching very carefully as we move forward in this story, especially as the north continues to make threats at u.s. territories like guam, it is certainly a war of words that has gotten real world consequences. >> jon: heating up. kevin corke in washington, thank you. >> melissa: president trump's warning to north korea coming after the isolated regime accused the u.s. of "trying to
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drive the situation of the north korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war. those comments following the u.s. security council's unanimous decision to impose new sanctions and response to north korea's recent missile test. david lee miller is live in the united nations with more world reactions to the increasing tension. >> diplomats here at the united nations like most of the world watching the words between pyongyang and washington, moments ago the spokesman issued a statement, and said "the secretary general remains extremely concerned on the ongoing situation, he is extremely worried about the confrontation of rhetoric as that continues. just a short time ago, the russian u.n. ambassador also spoke to reporters and he made the same point, that the harsh rhetoric has to be cooled down.
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>> that is what concerns us as we were saying before. we were saying that military solution is not an option in any way, the resolution we adopted, we have to work out a strategy and be, into the political dialect. >> the u.n. ambassador was asked if there was any meeting planned regarding the escalating crisis regarding north korea, he said no meeting is scheduled at this time. earlier today it is worth pointing out, the security council did meet at the united nations, that meeting lasted only 15 minutes and north korea did not come up. before that meeting, the u.k.'s u.n. ambassador spoke briefly and he said that his country stands "shoulder to shoulder" with the united states regarding the nuclear threat posed by north korea, he said that north korea holds the key to the sanctions being removed.
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on saturday the u.n. passed the seventh resolution imposing sanctions on north korea. that resolution calls for a halt to all exports of coal, lead, iron and seafood and is expected to cost the north korean economy about $1 billion. secretary of state rex tillerson who is returning from asia made a stopover in guam while he was en route, he said president trump is using tough talk because north korea does not "understand diplomatic language." >> melissa: thank you. >> jon: let's get into that diplomatic language, president trump's fire and fury comments raising plenty of eyebrows in washington. secretary of state rex tillerson defending those comments this morning, saying they send the type of message kim jong-un will receive loud and clear. >> what the president is doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that kim jong-un will understand because he doesn't seem to understand
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diplomatic language. i think the present president o be clear to the north korean regime, the unquestionable ability to defend itself and its allies and i think it is important he delivers that message to avoid any speculation on their part. >> jon: let's bring in guy benson and caitlin hughley burn burns. caitlin, to you first. people have been diagnosing what the president had to say and i guess the question is, are those words carefully calibrated or more off-the-cuff? >> i think that was the biggest question coming out of yesterday's impromptu press conference, whether this was a strategic comment on the president's behalf or whether it was more impulsive. you have heard rex tillerson try to de-escalate the rhetoric a little bit by saying this was a
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way to shore north korea where the u.s. stands, but you have also heard from secretary mattis this afternoon, implying that the red line would be more action than it would be the threat and i think that was also a big question about the president's comments yesterday, seem to suggest that a threat from north korea would constitute that redline as it pertains to want to strike. >> jon: guy, the secretary of state does have a point in that traditional diplomatic language to this point doesn't seem to work with north korea. >> decades of talking with them and bringing them to the table and what do they have now? a more advanced nuclear program than ever before with heightened threats and saber rattling. the way i interpreted the president's remarks yesterday, i think is the way most americans probably would. which to me was totally appropriate for a commander in chief. if you have a rogue regime with
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a dictator openly musing about shooting a missile at u.s. territory, i think americans want their commander in chief to say if you do that, there is going to be unbelievable hell to pay, you better not. i think that is a clear line to draw and to make it very clear, we will not tolerate attacks against u.s. soil, u.s. troops and u.s. citizens. i get the ambiguity about if you diagram the sentences from the president's remarks, was he talking about a threat or an attack, my interpretation was if north korea attacks, there will be fire and hell and so on and to me that rhetoric is not irresponsible. >> jon: some in congress obviously see it the other way, they think the president is talking about a preemptive attack and they are not happy about that prospect. >> some republican lawmakers are asking for more clarity, also from people like dan sullivan of alaska on fox news last night,
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alaska is within range reportedly of these missiles, according to reporting, kind of saying that if it there is any type of preemptive strike that congress needs to weigh in. i think you are seeing a variety of different ways to kind of tamped down on the rhetoric but speaking to the overall point and two guys point earlier, this is a president who did run against the ways of washington. it is not necessarily surprising that he is disregarding protocol as it would pertain to diplomacy in terms of rhetoric as he did yesterday. >> jon: he doesn't have a lot of patience for diplomatic speak it seems that sometimes. thank you both. >> melissa: prime suspect in custody after french police say a man rammed a car into a group of soldiers in paris suburb. where the investigation is leading police right now. plus, new revelations about north korea and threats sparking
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fears of another korean war. by our next guest believes president trump's comments were meant for another nation. >> the bottom line is, all those people were quaking in their boots over the president's hyperbolic rhetoric, doesn't it seem to have worked? president trump threatened to turn korea -- north korea into a flaming wasteland and the next day they are releasing prisoners and looking a little bit like they might play ball.
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10:18 am
that is raising some concerns about security options available and how likely we are to use them. and asia analyst and the author of the book "nuclear showdown." you think the rhetoric we have heard the last couple of days is directed at china, not north korea, correct? >> it was directed to the north koreans because it is reinforcing, but it is also directed at the chinese. we have seen president trump from june 20th on start to really be concerned about what the chinese are doing. there's been a lot of diplomacy with regard to beijing, we saw that with not going forward with the section 301 trade investigation of china's intellectual property accent and couple of other things. also significant, in that two part tweet from president trump, he says no country will ever be
10:19 am
stronger than the united states. that is not a message directed to north korea. the only country that could be directed to is of course china. i think that fire and fury is really directed to the chinese in saying look, if you don't do anything, you are going to have a war on your doorstep. >> melissa: another expert on the show.that china would only get involved at the very last minute, do you agree with that? >> china will get involved when the united states imposes such cost on it that it has no choice but to help us. for instance president trump did sever a small chinese bank from the global banking system on june 29th, but he hasn't gone after the big chinese banks like bank of china, which was named in the 2016 u.n. report for devising and operating a money laundering scheme. if we don't back down five blocks on sixth avenue here, we are going to see a bank of china branch. why are they still operating here when they are helping north korea in ways that are
10:20 am
abusing the u.s. financial system. president trump hasn't gone after them yet, i think that essentially here we have a number of things that the u.s. can do to push china in the right direction, we just haven't done them yet. >> melissa: do you think that kind of pressure, do we still have that kind of time? if you are talking about economic pressure on china, or does it have to be that we move weapons into the area, that it looks like we are really ready to move in terms of the military, that that's one china finally steps in? >> certainly, when we start reinforcing armed forces on south korea, when we start putting in more people, of course the chinese are going to take a look at it especially with the high altitude area defense system based in south korea which the chinese just hate because they think it degrades their deterrent. there are all sorts of things the u.s. can do but we don't have time. the defense intelligence agency said it will take about a year for the north koreans to be able to mount a missile that can
10:21 am
reach the american homeland. >> melissa: we have confidence in that kind of precision? most people say it is guesswork in terms of how far along they are. >> it is guesswork because north korea is so opaque. but we see things and see their progress. it is going to be maybe a few months off. of course they were a couple of years off just a couple of months ago when they were talking three or four years. obviously with their accelerated testing they have been able to compress that time frame. we do have time and clearly the united states has those tools, they can go after china, we have an economy more than twice the size of their's, we can push them around. >> melissa: thank you so much. >> jon: federal agents move in on a home belonging to former trump campaign manager paul manafort with breaking details. plus, tough talk between the united states and north korea providing political opportunities for the president. >> this is not a time when we
10:22 am
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10:26 am
at one of his residences." mr. manna he has consistently cd with law enforcement and did so on this occasion as well. according to officials, agents went to his home on july 26th 1 day after he sat down with the senate intelligence committee. the post citing sources familiar with the special counsel investigation saying "the raid was unexpected but the search warrant was wide ranging." the search warrant suggests investigators did not trust him to turn over all the relevant documents they requested. or the article says it could be used as a show of force, a message to him that the special counsel will not go easy on him. the fbi and a spokesperson declined to comment on the raid. he ran trump's campaign for
10:27 am
about five months, he was forced to resign amid reports of dealing with foreign governments, specifically ukraine. the white house reportedly distance him from the campaign, sean spicer said he played "a limited role for a very limited amount of time." >> melissa: thank you for that report. >> jon: let's bring in bret baier, the anchor of special report. robert mueller seems to be showing that he is not playing around with a raid like this. >> any time there is a predawn raid with someone who is already cooperated with investigators already testifying and talking to the senate intelligence committee staff, clearly this is suggesting investigators did believe and had to make a case before the federal judge that paul manafort was somehow holding back material and not producing everything they were
10:28 am
looking for before a grand jury. it is important to point out that manafort had been looked at and was being looked at we are told for activities unrelated to the 2016 campaign that have to do with his finances and perhaps mueller and investigators are making a case or going to build a case against manafort in hopes of getting him to cooperate on the 2016 investigation, we don't know yet but it is a different moment in time for this investigation. >> jon: there is the possibility, obviously the trump administration would prefer to believe this has nothing to do with any russian collusion or russian involvement in the trump campaign, and this may entirely have something to do with paul manafort's finances, where his money came from and how he reported it. >> we don't know the answer to that but we do know that the investigators believe they were not going to get everything they wanted to get from paul manafort by asking for it.
10:29 am
they made the case, the investigators did before a federal judge to get a wide-ranging search warrant and that is what they executed in that predawn raid. >> jon: i'm sure all of washington is talking about the president's language yesterday, fire and fury in regards to north korea. what are you seeing about the reaction to what the president had to say and whether or not that was a planned remark or simply something off-the-cuff. >> we are being told me they knew he was going to say something about north korea, they knew it would be some question about "the washington post" piece but the specific words and how they were laid out i don't think was vetted, there was a lot of reaction to it. the statements from secretary rex tillerson on the plane toda today, ratcheting down the rhetoric, saying there is not an imminent threat and americans should sleep well and then the
10:30 am
statement from secretary mattis just moments ago where he said that north korea should consider any actions, cease any actions that would lead to the end of its regime and destruction of its people and basically the u.s. can overpower north korea with its nuclear force, kind of shores up with what the president was saying, that the u.s.'s position to take out north korea completely if it chooses to act against the u.s. i think it is all the calibration of good cop/bad cop after the president's original statement. >> jon: there are many members of congress who are nervous about what the president might do and they are talking about forcing him to go to congress before he launches any kind of strike against north korea, with that? >> you have a battle of executive order. we shall see.
10:31 am
i think there are members of congress who are pushing that, i will say this. another thing of note. the president with his rhetoric on this particular issue is accepting this intelligence report, that the militarization of a nuclear weapon has happened definitively. not sure 100% that there is a consensus across the board, the intel inside north korea is very sketchy and this is a president who has been very skeptical of intelligence reports in a number of other places, he is accepting this one. perhaps he knows something we don't know. >> jon: we will see you tonight, special report, 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> melissa: breaking news from france as we learn more about a car ambush in a paris suburb that injured six soldiers. the latest on the investigation, plus rising tensions with north korea now raising one big question, how prepared is america's missile defense system? we are going to take a look at
10:32 am
that next. ♪
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>> jon: a fox news alert on an attack on french soldiers in a paris suburb, french police urging a building in a suburb west of paris believed to be linked to the chief suspect in that attack, accused of deliberately slamming his car into a group of soldiers injuring six earlier today. he is now in custody, no word on a motive at this time. >> we have i would say limited
10:36 am
defense capabilities against this weapon, depending on how it is delivered. there's got to be significant investment in missile defense. having said that, we will never have 100% reliability in shooting a missile down once it is fired. there will always be that threat and this is a very serious situation we find ourselves in now. >> jon: >> melissa: nothing reg about that, questions about just how reliable the u.s. missile defense system really is. joining me now to talk about it, former deputy assistant to the secretary of defense for homeland defense, responsible for overseeing policy involving domains. to the right guy to have on. how ready are we to defend against an attack like this?
10:37 am
>> we are more ready then we have ever been before. particularly for an opponent like north korea who has a limited number of missiles, we really couldn't do much against russia or china who have hundreds and hundreds of them. in this case, we are better than average at doing it. is it perfect? no. do we need more of a? absolutely. particularly in places like hawaii, the most likely target for somebody like kim jong-un. we are just not as good as we could be. >> melissa: that is not reassuring at all. i don't want to be prepared on a relative basis, we want to be prepared on an absolute basis. what needs to be done and how much danger is there really. saying we are better than average, that's not great. >> a lot of people will quote you numbers, we only had about 50% of the ones we test, it is
10:38 am
actually more like 60-65%. to be honest with you, remember, we only test of the stuff we don't have set yet. the really good stuff we don't have to test anymore. in the case of hawaii in particular, we need to deploy already existing technologies, the systems, the same missile system on our warships with its associated radars, the system we have put into south korea, and into eastern europe, we tested them there in hawaii but we don't have any deployed. we really have the americans closest to the threat and the most likely target without the capability to protect themselves. we need to get that deployed and we could do that in weeks or months because it is already existing technology. >> melissa: do we not think there was a threat that could reach hawaii? >> some of it is that they have
10:39 am
a plan to deploy a much more advanced technology that is about 6-8 years away, there is always a balance with defense spending like that. in this case given the newest information on north korea, it is really imperative that we deploy that existing technologies as soon as possible, if not today to protect those american citizens. >> melissa: i have read different articles about people being quoted as saying there is a scramble going on around the world right now of people trying to collect defense weapons. do you think that is true? who would that be? japan, who else is trying to get prepared for this? >> our allies are and we are helping some of them, we've helped south korea and japan who has a lot of their own capability, our allies in eastern europe. north korea, we are also worried about iran, a lot of concern
10:40 am
about ballistic missile threats and people are trying to find a way to defend their territory and their civilians. not enough of it out there, we produce most of it and we ought to be deploying it to protect our citizens. >> melissa: we have terrified everyone and now we are out of time. thank you for coming on, i hope you will come back. >> thanks for having me. >> jon: could the tensions with north korea be an opportunity for president trump and the white house to initiate some bipartisan behavior? our political panel weighs in on that next. plus the dow riding high near record territory, quite a recovery from the credit crisis and great recession which began ten years ago today.
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>> jon: today marks ten years since one of the darkest moments in american history, the start of the global financial crisis that brought about the great recession. ten years. >> melissa: i can't believe it's been that long, it's amazing. >> jon: it believed with the small event to anyone outside of wall street. >> melissa: it was of french bank is starting a series of events that would eventually lead to the downfall and near collapse of the entire american financial system. here is the point, this is what is important. look at how wall street has recovered. the dow is now back in record territory, far different from august of 2007 and the lows the dow saw around a 6,000 back in 2009. there were a lot of lessons to be learned, a lot of blame to go around. how tightly things were tangled up, i remember every sunday night we would buckle up for
10:45 am
what was going to happen overnight and how that would impact of the week. at the time people were saying don't sell, don't liquidate because you lock in the loss. if you can stand to stay in the market it would come back and it came back a lot quicker than any of us who were covering it expected. >> jon: those holdings that hit bottom and 2009 are worth four times what they were back then. >> melissa: that is amazing, it tells you a lot about the recovery of the system. a lot of smart moves were made at the time to shore it back up. just an interesting note, i can't believe it's been ten years. >> i know president trump's words were strong but i am not upset about them because we have tried for years and years, decades diplomatic language and a lot else with the
10:46 am
north koreans and it has not worked. >> i think the president statement initially was over the top but i think it has been effectively tamped down by a secretary rex tillerson. this is not a time when we should be partisan, this is a time where we should be bipartisan. i think the president has a chance now to bring the country together on a strategy dealing with north korea. >> melissa: washington reacting to president trump's strong warning against north korea. >> jon: many are wondering whether this challenge is an opportunity for the president to try to unite in a very divided political world. joining us now, former president of the young democrats of america and former chief of staff for speaker of the house paul ryan. how do you see it? with the president in fact make some headway on bridging the gulf between the two parties? >> i think it is possible right
10:47 am
here. people on capitol hill want to cool the rhetoric a little bit. the bca in 2011 2011 tied defee spending to nondiscretionary spending arbitrarily. we have to cut that not so we can spend what we need to on defense. we ought to work together to really move forward on defense against nuclear weapons. some of that has been done just as your last guest was saying, the reason we don't have it is because we had to make other choices. we should not have to make other choices to defend americans and that arbitrary tying of defense has to be cut so we can move forward very quickly on establishing getting all the defensive weapons we need against nuclear arms. >> jon: you heard the former senator, widely respected on the defense matters on capitol hill, saying he thought the president's language is okay.
10:48 am
there have been some democrats and republicans criticizing the fire and fury remark yesterday. if a guy like joe lieberman thinks it's not so bad, perhaps other democrats feel the same. >> i think you have to take into account senator john mccain, somebody we know is a decorated war hero, he said the president should it tamper it down a little bit. i think the key thing to remember is in a situation like we have with north korea, with a very new and green dictator, we have to make sure that all of the first thing out of the gate is not immediate defense posturing. it is definitely really working an extreme course of diplomacy and what that looks like and looking at sanctions and looking at enhanced coordination with our allies in the region because of anything goes wrong on the peninsula it can be catastrophic for us and for that part of the
10:49 am
world. i think both sides of the aisle can agree that we definitely need to protect ourselves but we also need to make sure we are working on diplomacy to make sure it agrees with what they are developing over there. >> jon: speaking of defending ourselves, i remember when president reagan was destroyed for proposing what everyone thought was called the "star wars" missile defense. people are looking that and saying wow, we need more of it. >> since president reagan we haven't had presidents who have focused enough time and attention on defense. and the weapons we need to protect ourselves. there should be some weapon ability, we have to stop some of these missiles when they are going slowly they are easier to stop and they are not coming into our atmosphere. these are the type of things we've got to do. we are now putting together the budget, let's make sure we have
10:50 am
the defense money we need. not only to serve our military people right now, our marines, our army, our air force, let's make sure we have what we need to defend the people of the united states. we've got to do that. we have time right now as we move into funding for 18 to do that. >> jon: will democrats be on board with that? >> i think democrats will be on board with anything that works to protect our country. obama worked very much to modernize and renovate our nuclear program system. something that is going to be continued under president trump. i think whatever, make sure we are protecting our nation, we are going to have to work on it absolutely. >> jon: think you both. >> melissa: tropical storm franklin approaching mexico and gaining strength as forecasters released their latest
10:51 am
predictions for the hurricane season. plus, a monster truck owner doing what he can to help drivers stranded in floodwater. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one.
10:52 am
that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> we are watching developing news on our dramatic back and forth with communist north korea. we are awaiting the state department briefing that will begin at top of the hour and we believe updates on what could be next as we deal with the north's armed nuclear warfare capabilities. defense secretary mattis issued a powerful warning about doing anything that could lead to the possible regime change over there. and just what are our possible military options with north korea? realistically, what will we do?
10:55 am
oliver north will weigh in on that and much more when i join you at the top of the hour. >> jon: new information on the hurricane season forecast, the national oceanic and atmospheric association predicts the most active season since 2010. >> melissa: forecasters saying there could be up to five major hurricanes, an increase over may's prediction. meteorologist is live in our extreme weather center with more details. >> you are absolutely right, the latest information coming in is this going to be more active and active season. we have seen six storms and they have been all over the place. so far none of them have been hurricanes. we are paying close attention to tropical storm franklin, this may become our first hurricane of the season. this is the current forecast as you are looking at this moving through the gulf of mexico, it is going to be hitting central
10:56 am
mexico overnight tonight. before it does if so, very likely becoming our first hurricane with winds getting up to at least 75-80 miles an hour. we have hurricane warnings are to wrong the coast, tropical storm watches and warnings a little farther to the south. this one coming to the overnight hours, i think in isolated areas 20 inches. this is the start of what could be a very active season. >> melissa: thank you. >> jon: check this out, a monster truck owner in houston coming to the rescue for drivers stranded by dangerous floodwaters. his vehicle stands nearly 15 feet high, helping him tow vehicles to dry land. he works for a towing company but because of the emergency, he didn't charge any of the drivers. >> melissa: that's nice. want a chance to live like a future president? now you can. the connection new york home has
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>> so if you're looking for a unique new york get-away, you can rent president trump's childhood whole on airbnb. >> it's in queens. $725 a night. >> amazing. >> cool. >> america's news headquarters starts now. >> harris: our breaking news now coverage as the u.s. defense secretary james mattis just issued an official warning to north korea. and i quote. "crease any actions that would lead to the destruction of its people." i'm harris faulkner. now diplomacy still in play as we await a news briefing at state department. we'll carry it live and we're told it could be any moment from now. we're reporting how quickly this situation between the u.s. and korea has deteriorated in the past 24 hours. now we know from secretary mattis this very key inform


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