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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." why would you do that anyway? "hannity" is up next. ♪ >> sean: many thanks to all our friends on "the five." a fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." we are following three major news stories. liberals, the destroy-trump-media. hyperventilating over news, paul manafort's home was raided in the early morning hours by the fbi. back in july. we will expose the massive double standard and we will alsi tell you tonight what paul manafort's huge mistake was. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, winding to constituents and blaming president trump and his excessive expectations for his repeated failures. tonight i have a message for the weak, spineless senate majority leader senator mitch mcconnell. and president trump and his administration refused to back
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down in this nuclear standoff that continues tonight with north korea. the rogue regime issues it, saying pyongyang is considering firing four missiles at. he's calling president trump's fire and fury comments a load of nonsense. really? good luck betting on that.ow tonight it's very important breaking news monologue starts right here, right now. the destroy-trump-media, the democrats, they are so over the moon, the special counsel and conflicted robert mueller going after earlier today, we learned that the fbi conducted a predawn raid at manafort's home back in july. the left-wing partisan press is foaming at the mouth. hyperventilating, jumping to conclusions, running with wild innuendos.ou as it turns out, paul manafort he did make a major, major erro
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error. a major mistake. instead of cooperating lake paul manafort been doing, why didn't he just delete 33,000 emails? a wedding, funeral, yoga, emails to his wife who may be did not have an email? why didn't he delete them all and why didn't he acid wash them with bleach? why didn't he have somebody smash his mobile devices with a hammer? why didn't he turn over all of the cell phones and blackberries to the fbi and remove the sim cards? after all, that worked for hillary clinton, she did that. or maybe paul manafort should have threatened a federal official at a public hearing on tape, for daring to gather evidence. that worked for debbie wasserman schultz. why didn't he follow her example? after all, "the daily caller" is reporting that her aide smashed a hard drive, something he and put the broken up government property hard drive inside of his garage. what about this? maybe manafort should have refused to hand over any documents at all. why? it worked for eric holder during
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fast and furious in that scandal. maybe manafort should have met with the attorney general on the tarmac for 48 and had a little private discussion about their grandchildren. that worked for bill clinton and loretta lynch. the destroy-trump-media and democrats are such massive hypocrites when it comes to law and justice in this country. all of those examples clearly prove it. paul manafort, he did make a huge mistake. paul manafort should have followed the examples of hillary clinton, debbie wasserman schultz, eric holder, and loretta lynch. paul manafort gets a predawn raid? what did they think he was going to do? what the democrats did in 5 minutes at 5:00 a.m.? probably take a little bit longer, a bleach pit and smashing devices.ob that takes a long time. they completely ignored this massive democratic scandal. a scandal we've been reporting on a night after night on thisee program.
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that the rest of media ignores. as we have seen, the media is it ready to literally jump to everm conclusion and put paul manafort behind bars. the problem is, this russia collusion witch hunt has now gone on for 11 months. so far, it hasn't produced much of anything. where's the smoking gun? where is the mountain of evidence that you haveh been promised, day after day? the hysteria, conspiracy theories? now we have the media cheering on robert mueller who is conflicted and hoping he find something -- literally anything -- also, mitch mcconnell is actually blaming president trump and his excessive expectations as a reason why he hasn't enacted the agenda you voted for. take a look at mitch mcconnell using this ridiculous excuse. it is pretty laughable. >> part of the reason, i think the story line is that we have not done much -- it's because in part, the president and others have set these early timelines.
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about things need to be done by a certain point. our president, of course, has not been in this line of work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> sean: he hasn't been in this line of work, in the swamp, the sewer. he doesn't understand the legislative process. okay, this is beyond unbelievable. the president to his credit responded on twitter and wrote... now, mitch mcconnell, you have lived in this d.c. sewer, obviously for way too long. here's the thing that mitch mcconnell doesn't understand. president trump did not set those excessive expectations. senator mcconnell, you did.os republicans did in the house and
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senate. you promised over and over again, over seven years that you were going to repeal and replace obamacare. you can even get the skinny repeal done. and a speaker paul ryan sat down with me in february. he promised republicans had a 200 a plan to get all kinds of trump agenda and all these items done and guess what?ms it hasn't happened. senator mcconnell, my message is if you are going to g whine like a 10-year old and complain and blame the president for your failure after eight months of him now being in office and you have in the house and senate -- guess what?ic it's time to drain the sewer and swamp. mitch mcconnell, have you ever had, in all your years in politics, an enthusiastic crowd like president trump? i doubt it. the american people voted for this president's agenda. he has an identity, a plan, he's fighting everyday.'s what you stand for at this point? he has a pen in hand.
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he wants it enacted. senator, if you can't get it done, get out of the way. go play golf. retire. go fishing. of course you have people like senator john mccain, after passing the deciding vote to kill the effort, even the skinny repeal and replace obamacare, mccain is back to criticizing president trump for his tough words north, korea. he lives to criticize president trump. he says he's not sure about how president trump's tough rhetoric is going to help. senator mccain, perhaps, would you like to explain your comments and jokes supposedly, about bomb, bomb, bomb iran? you might remember senator mccain doing this. >> you know the beach boys song, "bomb iran?" bomb, bomb, bomb iran? anyway... >> sean: senator mccain, you also in the course your career called for military intervention
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in libya, syria, ukraine, north korea, and iraq. these comments from senator mccain just a couple of weeks ago on the senate floor. senator, look at your own remarks. >> i hope we can rely on our need to cooperate, on our dependence on each other. to learn how to trust each other again and by so, doing better serve the people who elected us. stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the internet. to hell with them. they don't want anything done for the public good. our incapacity is their livelihood. >> sean: no, you're inaction and incapacity, that's your problem. you made the promises. it's frankly embarrassing and you made these promises andnd americans are suffering. here's the thing, if senators like mccain, mcconnell, lisa murkowski of alaska, if you want to obstruct the entire republican party's agenda, the president's agenda just like the
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democrats and then make excuses and cast blame here there and everywhere about why you can't do your job and fulfill your promises? it's now time to clean house. let's put new leaders in washington who will keep their word, their promises, serve the american people. you know what? all of these senators, you should lose their chairmanships. we should put leaders in those positions, in washington, who care about the american people and have a sense of urgency about them. 50 million in poverty, on food stamps, millions and millionsn out of the labor force. finally tonight, president trump -- this is a crisis. his administration is not backing down amid the growing tensions with north korea. earlier today, president trump took to twitter.ow he said...
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and his secretary of defense, "mad dog" james mattis followed that up with a strongly worded statement, that reads in part... he continued with this... this situation with north korea is extraordinarily dangerous for the entire world. as i said last night, there are no good solutions and what the trump administration is now facing, the direct result of the policies of appeasement, policies of capitulation to north korean dictators. lets go back to 1994. the clinton administration
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struck a deal with kim jong un's father, kim jong il. "the new york times" reported that the u.s. agreed to give north korea -- get this -- $4 billion in energy eight over a 10-year period. oh, with the promise and exchange that north korea will freeze and eventually end their nuclear weapons program? north korea agreed and guess what? they allowed inspectorsno into their nuclear site but they also were allowed to keep their nuclear fuel rods which can be used to make weapons. despite these concerns, bill clinton patted himself on the back and said this is a goot deal for the american people. it turned out not to be such a good deal. take a look. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be better protected and the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. >> sean: as we now know, the world is not a safer place and it wasn't a good deal for the american people.
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bill clinton was dead wrong and at the end of the 1990s, north korea testfired a long-range missile and that's why back in 1999, on "meet the press" -- let's see the mainstream media shows you this. then private citizen donald trump with tim russert, criticized bill clinton's horrible deal. watch this. >> do you know that this country gave them nuclear reactors? for ten years, free fuel? they are continuing to do what they are doing. they are laughing at us. they think we are a bunch of dummies. i'm saying we have to do something to stop them. >> mr. trump, if they said -- >> you are giving me two names. you want to do it in five years when they have warheads all over the place? every one of them pointing to new york city and washington?ou is that when you want to do it? or do you want to do something now? you better do it now. >> sean: you better do it now. in 2006, the rogue regime conducted its first nuclear test.
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under the obama administration, what do we see? an acceleration of nuclear activity from north korea. it leads us to this very precarious situation we are atst today. earlier today, i had an opportunity to speak with the deputy assistant to the president, dr. sebastianan gork. welcome to "hannity," thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: okay, am i outlining this right? there are no good answers and this is a far more dire, difficult situation then a lot of people are really realizing here?ul >> you showed the clip with tim russert from almost 20 years ago with the president. he had it right back then and hp has it right today. the fact is, when good men do nothing, evil triumphs. it's not the people of korea that are the problem. it is the regime. it's an evil, evil regime. as bad as anything we know from the soviet union. that nation is a pariah.
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that nation is in flagrant breach of international laws with regards to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles but this is when appeasement ends, sean, this nation and this white house and president will no longer put up with appeasement. >> sean: dr. gorka, i've analyzed this as closely as i can. under a best-case scenario, we had a very important vote over the weekend. the un security council, 15-0. it lets say all of those names come together, allies in israel, even china and and we have to take these sites out because they are a clear and present danger to the world. militarily, what we have? we will incinerate north korea. we run the risk of nuclear fallout. what if -- if we don't get it done fast enough, if he fires into south korea, guam, japan or china? what do we do? >> there are multiple scenarios
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but i not use force on thesc peninsula. there are covert means that we don't discuss on television that can incapacitate of regimes capacity to use their military. secondly, there is the political option. look at what china just did, sean. thanks to rex tillerson, nikki haley, china -- the biggest supporter of north korea -- and russia said on saturday that enough is enough.e they agreed with us to create the largest sanction package against north korea in the last 30 years. china has realized that a buffer state is no longer a buffer state when it is threatening nuclear war. china is in a position to exert pressure -- and massive economic pressure -- as well as diplomatic, to de-nuclearize north korea. >> sean: we little movement in that direction after the president met with the president of china, i guess there's a little bit of hope there. both ambassador bolton and
10:16 pm
newt gingrich talked about the capacity of great -- to be taking a missile out of the air. we know what an electric pulse would do if it exploded over the united states, killing our power grid, all electronics, that's a very scary scenario where potentially millions could die.e >> the coalitions of forces, if you compare our capabilities, north korea, general mattis is absolutely right -- you don't go to war with america, whoever you are, unless you wish to commit suicide. we aren't just a superpower, sean. we are a hyperpower. world history has never seen a nation as powerful as our nation. therefore north korea needs to understand that the black male stops. if you get into an arms race
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-- as secretary mattis said --yo with united states of america, you will lose. hewhoever you are. whether you are a village in asia or a state or whether you are any other nation in the world. b >> sean: dr. gorka, thank you. when we come back, we will have more on what he was just discussing.e the blackmail and appeasement. some democrats still want to follow that stupidity. john bolton, lieutenant colonel oliver north are next and much more tonight, straight ahead on "hannity." ♪ what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> i think publicly we've been pretty clear in our statements directed at north korea as to what we would like to see happen. and to make clear to them that we do not seek to be a threat to them but we have to respond with a serious threat. what the president was just reaffirming was that the united states has the capability to fully defend itself from any attack and defend our allies. we will do so. the american people should sleep well tonight. >> sean: that was the secretary of state rex tillerson reassuring the american people that the u.s. is capable of defending itself, amid the latest north korea threats. here with reaction, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton and ambassador, there are
10:22 pm
those that -- john mccain actually suggested that donald trump may set this guy off and then diane feinstein said that president's remarkssa were bombastic and may further isolate them and they wanted bilateral negotiations with people that have never kept an a agreement in their life. what are your thoughts?? >> we've had 25 years of efforts of negotiations with theff north koreans to change their behavior, to get them to give up the nuclear program. we failed for 25 years. there is zero evidence that today in year 26 that is going to be any different. we are past that point, tragically. trump has inherited a very dangerous situation. that's what he is coping can i say word on his comments about fire and fury? i don't know what went on in the white house to get him to say that but i thought they were entirely appropriate remarks. for too long, we have heard american political leaders say
10:23 pm
all options are on the table. they say it in a deep voice, very slowly. nobody cares about that anymore. what trump did was say to a principal audience, north korea and china -- this is a qualitatively different situation for the united states and we are putting you on notice. we are looking very seriously at a military option. that's the one thing that may get china's attention, in particular. >> sean: is there a good solution i'm not seeing? dr. gorka said they are probably other things. are there ones that you are confident, ambassador, would work without taking out those nuclear sites? >> there are certainly a huge range of options that the u.s. could use militarily but what worries everybody -- properly so -- any use of military force, any effort to decapitate the regime with special operators -- really anything that shows what we are really interested in
10:24 pm
doing, it would provoke a north korea in response. that's a hard question here. the real question for american citizens is whether we are prepared to take that risksk today. before north korea has dozens and dozens of nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles that can hit the united states.s.on the situation cannot get any better in the coming days. it gets worse. >> sean: if we don't do that now, sooner than later? >> that's a choice we have to face. the united states facing from now until infinity. the risk that the regime in north korea, which is not rational in our terms, will have a deliverable nuclear weapons capability to hit the united states. i'm not prepared to live with that. there's one diplomatic optionit left, persuading china to allow us to reunite the peninsula. if that fails and it's a hard argument to make it, i think the choice is between using military force to take out north korea's nuclear program or living with the threat for innocent american civilians, as far as the eye can see.
10:25 pm
>> sean: not a good option. as i've been saying, pretty chilling.ay here now with more, the host of "war stories," lieutenant colonel oliver north. the bottom line, and north korea is now a nuclear power. not a lot of good o options. >> and imposes immediate, serious threat. an existential threat to the united states.edet let me take a step further from what ambassador bolton just said. our only thing we can do right now short of military action is to convince chinese president xi, that it is in chinese interest to act against kim jong un. unless he intervenes, they will have to take preemptive military action. that will have catastrophic consequences for north korea. and the people's republic of china. up to 25% of the population of 25 million is likely to flee on
10:26 pm
foot across the river and take to the sea like the people from vietnamxi. here are ten things our president should do to convince xi that we are deadly serious. kim jong un is not listening but xi can. ask for a president moon to bring in as many systems as we can deliver. ask israel to provide sling systems to the republic of korea to deal with the north korean artillery on the dmz. number three, turn in the tactical nukes to the republic -- back in the 1990s,, thank you, mr. clinton. deploy the strike group to the region. long-range strike aircraft, search and rescue assets.. ask ask if we can pay some of our assets in it's unlikely he will agree but it may wake up beijing. deploy the ships mercy and comfort from norfolk and san diego, send them out there.a
10:27 pm
very clear signal with americans getting ready to act.y number seven, deploy more isr. and update our target list. that will leak in washington, believe me. biological and chemical weapons equipment. pray that xi sees the light. all those things are necessary before military action can be taken. it may convince president xi that the u.s. is deadly serious and it could preclude the necessity of using our own military assets. >> sean: colonel, as usual, we've been friends a long time. i'm very impressed. i know how well thought out that is. on the american side, we better continues to take defense with massive redundancy. because we don't know theen proliferation. it's way out of control. iran is probably just a few
10:28 pm
years, maybe even sooner away from putting us in this position as well. lieutenant colonel, thank you. >> semper fi, buddy. >> sean: semper fi, yes, sir. program alert -- more stories on our fox sister network. coming up, geraldo rivera and judge jeanine pirro. they weigh in on paul manafort's big mistake. we will tell you about that and what do you do about mitch mcconnell? it's time for him to leave the swamp, the sewer. straight ahead. ♪ with an unlimited mileage warranty
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10:33 pm
load of nonsense. adding that a sound dialogue with president trump is not possible. the first hurricane of the 2017 atlanta season has formed. gaining strength over the gulf of mexico, going to make some strike over central mexico on thursday. and the navy aircraft off of florida on wednesday, the pilot's dramatic rescue captured on video. he said to be in good condition. at this is the 13th noncombat crash involving a military aircraft this year. from eight last year. i'm a marianne rafferty. now back to "hannity." ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." after it was discovered that the fbi carried out a search warrant in the virginia home of paul manafort back in july, mainstream media foaming at theo mouth. hysteria.n literally so excited -- by the way, the same are already predicting doom and gloom from manafort. do we believe that you are innocent until proven guilty? he should have followed hilary's example.
10:34 pm
watch this.ul >> it raises the question why this raid -- if he has in fact been cooperating. >> criminality, may be by and somebody else. the fbi, there was information in that house that would be destroyed unless produced forcibly. >> is this a good thing for paul manafort? >> it's bad thing for paul manafort. it puts him at dead center of the robert mueller investigation. >> this clearly is not a case where we hear from paul manafort's spokesperson, his attorney, saying we are fully cooperating. they obviously feel something different. >> sean: what happened to innocent until proven guilty? i know it's so outdated and i still believe in it. geraldo rivera, judge jeanine pirro. the predawn raid makes me laugh.
10:35 pm
geraldo, what did they think? smash everything if they didn't go in and in the early hours? that morning after he hadhi testified the day before didn'tt he make a mistake not following hilary and debbie wasserman schultz and and loretta lynch and eric holder's lead? he could have bleacheded and hammered everything. what identity do that? >> the two scariest words in washington, "predawn" and "raid." the fact that it happens less than 24 hours after heai was cooperating presumably with the senate intelligence committee staffers, it's a clear indication. legally speaking that they were worried that he was either going to destroy evidence or that a crime had been committed. the good news for president trump is that manafort is now forced to turn over or they seized his tax and banking records. an indication, sean, that manafort is the target. not russia gate or president trump.
10:36 pm
he got millions from the russian oriented ukraine government over the years before he was the campaign manager. it looks like they are wondering or inquiring or he had millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts. it's not about trump, it's about manafort. >> sean: he still innocent until proven guilty. obviously i am messing around that he a mistake. but in a very real sense, judge, if you would have done what hillary and all these other people did, why wouldn't he get away with it? >> i tell you why he wouldn't get away with it. i can't go along with destroying and concealing evidence but what i do agree with you on, sean -- >> sean: i'm being sarcastic. >> i know you are, sean. this is what i agree with you on. the democrats do whatever they can to destroy up republican when they got a republican inra their site. the problem with the republicans
10:37 pm
is they don't follow the idea of law and order and put the democrats in their sites. such as hillary clinton, debbie wasserman schultz, and the rest of them. sean, let me explain.. i use to assign these orders and seek these orders. yuko in front of a federal judge and you convince the judge that there's probable cause and the judge signs it. it's not just a legal game but a psychological game. the game that's been played here right now is this -- you've got paul manafort by the shortlo hairs. they are looking at things that involve foreign banking acts and foreign agents and all the stuff he did before. a that doesn't put the president on a free ride right now. what is happening is they are going to squeeze manafort, irrespective of what the underlying crime is, to get to the president or anything. they are outside of the russia
10:38 pm
charge is certainly outside of their investigative powers but they don't care. they will get manafort to flip. >> that's the danger, sean. >> sean: yeah, to get him to flip. >> he facing felonies, let's say. about hidden millions, foreign bank accounts, let's say. they say to manafort -- okay we will go easy on you and give you one felony, a year in jail, if you tell us everything you know -- if he knows everything about russia gate and trump and the 2013 miss universe pageant, so forth and so on. that's a danger to thean president, that manafort will turn snitch. >> sean: more with geraldo rivera and jeanine pirro. stay tuned. after the break, is it time for mitch mcconnell to step aside? absolutely. that's next. ♪ ta having insurance if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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>> our new president of course has not been in this line of work before. i think he had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> sean: that was the weak senate majority leader mitch mcconnell actually blaming the president saying he had excessive expectations. senator, no he doesn't. you guys have been promising this for 7.5 years. it really? excuses? can you not do your job with some sense of urgency?
10:43 pm
we continue with geraldo rivera and judge jeanine pirro. i don't know how to react to this, geraldo. except to say that americans don't get vacations like these guys. how do you do nothing for eight months and save the expectations are too high? give us another two years? it's really pathetic. >> i hold you in the highest regard. if you say someone is in trouble, you can take that to the bank. you are the second most powerful person in this country. >> sean: oh, god, no. >> i'm just saying. >> sean: the judge's laughing. >> i'm not laughing. i'm with you, sean. >> mcconnell is a ruthless, effective politician. the gorsuch seat is largely the creation of mcconnell. he is a great politician. he is a lousy lawmaker. he's a great opposition leader but when he has the power, repeal and replace -- how many
10:44 pm
times -- you can gag on how many times this guy said that. he never formulated committee to draft a substitute for what they were repealing and replacing. replacing what, mcconnell? i think he's now in peril of being a pariah and in exile in washington, d.c. >> sean: i am so frustrated, judge. so many others. he couldn't even get the skinny repeal done. i give him all the praise on gorsuch. this is pathetic. >> it's pathetic and i will tell you why. he goes back to his home district and goes to a rotary club and makes -- it's all the president's fault, it's not my this is why congress is held in such low esteem. >> sean: 16%. >> i've heard it as low as 10%. the american people understand u these guys are a bunch of pokes. one hand washes the other and they are not interested in draining the swamp. that's why we elected donald trump to be president.
10:45 pm
to get rid of people who come out and blame other people for their failures. >> sean: i want to tell you folks, i've had sources tell me -- especially in the senate, this really bothers me, geraldo that behind closed doors --- i can name names here. some of these senators openly have nothing but hatred and contempt for the president. meanwhile, i'm thinking, do you care about the american people -- do you care about your own promise at least? >> i totally agree. when you talk about the deep state, you have to talk about not only the civil servants who are double-dealing but the actual -- the senate, congress, their own constituency. >> sean: republicans and democrats are on my list. >> they are bathing themselves in rhetoric. specifically on health care. just to say on that, this is the
10:46 pm
biggest most colossal fraud ever perpetrated by the legislative branch of the government of the united states. to talk about repeal and replace -- how many times have we heard that expression? how many candidates at the house and senate level have campaigned on that issue and the issue of health care? to think that all they had was the three words -- repeal and replace, with no policy to back it and no consensus within the g.o.p. and no philosophical or ideological solution to the problem of health care. and then to blame the president, who is a newbie. six months on the job. the abject and identifiable failures. >> sean: when we come back, does an investigation need to be opened on bill clinton and loretta lynch and the tarmac meeting? a "hannity" one-on-one debate you don't want to miss. next. ♪ io hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," as we've been reporting all week, we now know through email that the obama white house was actually looped in on the infamous clinton-lynch tarmac meeting spin. remember that's the one where they allegedly spent 40 minutes on the plane talking about golf and grandkids. with all that, should an
10:51 pm
investigation be opened? joining us now, danielle mclaughlin. i let you beat me up on radio and now i'm bringing you on tv. >> it's a bad move, sean. a bad move. [laughs] >> sean: bad news. very simple question. you can acknowledge it was inappropriate. >> the tarmac meeting was a disaster, a terrible decision. >> sean: when loretta lynch told james comey that it's a "matter" and not an "investigation" and comey was like well, it's an "investigation" but i'll follow your talking point, that was inappropriate too, right? >> i wonder whether that was in context with the ongoingg investigation. >> sean: remember what comey said, though. there was a long pause. he was suggesting way over the line inappropriate he still went along with it. >> yeah, he didn't push back. >> sean: my next question is,ue then james comey admitted she
10:52 pm
had top-secret special access classified information on an email server in a mom and pop shop bathroom closet. isn't that by definition, when you look at the statute in the law, mishandling classified information -- in the way that comey described it, isn't that comey thing she committed a crime? >> he called her reckless. a number of career prosecutors did not reach the threshold that would require an indictment or prosecution. but that was james comey. >> sean: the threshold is mishandling. it's also a crime if you destroy classified top secret special access program information? >> correct. it's a crime punishable by 20 -- >> sean: so hillary committed a crime? >> he didn't admit, it was his decision. >> sean: in his long press conference, he did say there was special access programs, top-secret classified information on the deleted emails that she had.
10:53 pm
>> i'm going tols quibble, i dot recall that from his press conference from well over a year ago. she was reckless but it did not meet the threshold for a criminal indictment or prosecution. >> sean: my question is a between that and unmasking and leaking intelligence, then you've got samantha powers -- really, do we need the u.n. ambassador unmasking hundreds of trump people or a dnc operative at the ukrainian embassy with the ukrainian ambassador? do we really not need to look into quid pro quo, 20% ofan uranium, russia and all this money, the kickback -- my question is this -- doesn't this sound like the type of thing we should have special councils for? >> i'm not clear that it does. i can speak to a couple of those points, the debbie wasserman schultz point, it's really important that there were contacts between her and peoplen she should be speaking with.
10:54 pm
as for attorney general lynch, look, she used a pseudonym, an alias. for those emails. that we have been breaking over the week. that is a problem. >> sean: she testified that she only used one email account. it kind of sounds familiar. >> it sounds like she conducted official business under a pseudonym because she didn't want to have spam. i think any american would be upset at the idea that using some kind of a different emailk address would create more problems. i would quibble with the idea that transparency is vital.dr >> sean: last question. i know i am putting you on defense but you are doing a good job. >> you are doing a great y cross-examination. give up your day job. >> sean: if i deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails and then i acid washed with bleach, which i never heard of before hillary,ig and then i destroyedd blackberries and iphones with a hammer and handed it over to fbi -- devices without sim cards.
10:55 pm
and then like debbie wasserman schultz's case, a hard drive smashed up in an i.t. guy's garage -- doesn't that sound like obstruction of justice? politics aside. if i did all that, wouldn't i go to jail? wouldn't i be likely indicted? >> it's really problematic behavior. also they deleted 30,000 emails by a contractor, not anyone associated by the clinton campaign.i' we want the same rules to apply to politicians that are applied to us. i can understand there is a real perception problem out there. >> sean: danielle, you are a good sport. i don't know why you come on my radio and tv show. >> punishment. [laughs] >> sean: thank you. when we come back, more "hannity" after this. instant rebate on select gear when you purchase with your bass pro shops mastercard.
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you never miss an episode. we always promised to be fair and balanced. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm brian. tucker says he's on vacation with his family. we need photos. north korea's state media warns that its arm my is planning potential attacks on guam, the guam islands in less than 200,000 in the western pacific. is this a real threat? the story just moved to shore. north korea state run media said north korea is ready to attack guam by mid august? the initial threats came