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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 12, 2017 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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in the context of what's going on in the united states the deep divisions, it takes on meaning far beyond that and so i think you're seeing this, you're seeing the political differences being played out with violence here in charlottesville today. >> for those who are just joining us, fox news alert at the top of the hour, i'm elizabeth prann in washington dc joined by leland vittert in colorado. we are looking at pictures in charlottesville, virginia, was supposed to be a peaceful a pea protest among folks protesting the removal of a confederate statue. a statue of robert e lee which is scheduled to be removed in the next couple months, called emancipation park. initial protests took place last
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night that then became fairly vocal and tense and we are seeing as you can see they are turning violent. folks arriving with not only homemade weapons but gear and some folks arriving with handguns. we are seeing the situation increasingly become tense. we knew the city was prepared, they declared a local emergency. we heard from the governor that they are prepared for anything that took place. the violent clashes between these groups and counter protesters, some of them have been busted. we are seeing businesses closing throughout the day as we watch these protests become increasingly tense. we are seeing police not only using teargas to break up these groups but becoming physical, physically moving people from outside that park. joining us on the phone with some perspective on how law enforcement should handle the
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situation. former boston police commissioner, also a fox news contributor, thank you for joining us, you are looking at life pictures. i want your take on a situation that has become increasingly violent and not even focusing on the afternoon. >> it is troubling to watch this. a clear problem here, the police are trying to control but looking at the situation, charlottesville is a relatively small city, around 50,000 people. ideally in a situation like this you would want to have an equal number of police to the number of crowds on both sides and that is a difficult thing for a small city. you can see the virginia state police are here en masse.
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what the police are attempting in situations like this is to keep each side separate so they won't keep the protesters separated by ideology. and try to give them an opportunity from each side to express their feelings on this but when you have these things breaking out in an area like this -- difficult to control at this time. >> if i may, i want to ask what goes on behind the scenes. arrests do not need to be made at this time. it went from a rally last night to it is physical, men and women showing up with physical weapons, handguns, chemical
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agents, shields. we have seen a piece of wood with tales in it, that can really hurt someone. that would be an understatement lose how aggressive do police get and at what point is that decision made? >> those decisions are usually made by local authorities. in consultation with the police chief, people on the ground monitoring the situation. usually there is wide latitude based on the actions of the crowd. are they simply standing and voicing opinion, trying to damage property, and then have it elevated. it is clear in this particular situation those assaults have
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already started. it is time to do something, time to move in and start making arrests and establish a presence with the local police department. it is difficult to do that if you don't have the forces necessary. when a situation like this, normally intelligent in the days and weeks leading up to the event. the fusion center which is a national program of intelligence operations all over the country, paying attention to this, monitoring social media, checking to see if this is a big crowd and take that information to the local police so they can be ready for it but sometimes you don't get as good intelligence as you need. sometimes the situation will get worse very quickly and you have to scramble to get the resources in place to do what needs to be done. this is a 21/2 hour drive, a
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6-hour drive from new york city. it is easy to pull together a lot of people on both sides of this issue. >> this is a noteworthy point. we were speaking earlier, there were counter protesters that had been bused in and we don't know if that is because of what we have seen, folks have gotten word that the last minute, we appreciate you joining us, boston police commissioner at fox news contributor, we ask you to stand by as we watch this developing situation. leland: back on the ground watching these pictures, we saw a large group of white men, some armed, a number carrying clubs. a lot with helmets on, marching the confederate flag. give us a sense blues have they started doing what ed was
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talking about, pushing these groups apart? >> not pushing the groups apart but they have pushed the white nationalists out of the park. they cleared the park, the white nationalists are moving in the direction we are moving in, this market street, walking up this hill. i would estimate a group of maybe 200 of them wearing helmets. some body armor. and carrying sticks. i told you earlier we had some on our crew tell us, and assault rifles. and where national guard troops, and 30 or 40 national guardsmen. if we are walking in this
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direction, gives you a sense, you will run into that. >> did you get a sense of what is going on, >> they are getting a little more -- we are running now. they form that phalanx with their shields and helmets, moved everybody out on the born. this is an unlawful assembly, you need to move out or you will be arrested. that was two blocks behind me but the white nationalists, scuffle going on in the parking garage. gregory? what happened over here. what happened to you?
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>> whatever it was, straight in the face. >> pepper spray. gregory. gregory. tell me what happened. >> these gentlemen came out, it became a big mania out here. to be honest with you i don't support all this. i believe these people are being played by the same system that has been using us for years, europeans and african people against each other on the basis of a crayon color. >> reporter: we will see what is going on. another scuffle breaking out. a man took a bad fall. the gentleman i just spoke to referenced some of the counter protesters trying to rip the confederate flag out of the hand of white supremacists here and
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that is going to create the most recent scuffle. things have calmed down for the time being. ironically, directly in front of the charlottesville police department where this is happening. seems to have calmed down. we are looking at white nationalists, not a very large group. many of them have moved to other areas. 20 or 30 of them. a contingent, state police officers here helping out charlottesville city police department, in terms of handling the crowd. the national guard also here in some presence, don't know the
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total numbers but don't do anything we could see. i don't see any sign of them yet. i don't know how many national guardsmen are on standby. we keep moving in this direction because these guys are obviously the epicenter of what is creating so much consternation around here. i don't know where they are going to but they have been booted out of the park where they came to protest. there is a second park on the outskirts of charlottesville, mcintire park where the city asked the alt right movement to stage their protest saying emancipation park was not big enough to accommodate the crowd and that is certainly true. part of the problem is the historic part of charlottesville is partly residential and a lot of homeowners and residents who are freaking out over what is going on. have great concern for their
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property, livelihoods, one business owner said 75% of the businesses in charlottesville would remain open today. given what we have seen, that may be changing. this part of town -- go ahead. elizabeth: when you spoke with gentlemen, something you and i touched on earlier, if we saw the protests take place last night and different factions started arriving today, we seen people chanting last night white lives matter, are you seeing a number of movements today that are clashing making their voice heard, not necessarily something cohesive especially when the initial point of this rally was to protest the removal of the confederate statue, is that something you are hearing a lot
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today? >> reporter: all i am hearing is anger, built up frustration which is bubbling over as you have seen. nobody having any political discussions, no one having an intellectual discussion of any sort about the significance of robert e lee or the confederate flag or anything. they are just angry. let's talk to some of these guys. i am going to run up to him and see if he will talk to us, seems to be directing people here. you guys want to talk to us a little bit? where are you headed? where are you headed? >> don't know. >> reporter: are you in charge here? where are you headed? >> not exactly sure yet. trying to survive. they are guessing us. they are guessing us. >> reporter: pardon his french.
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that will happen. where are you from? >> fox news. >> reporter: you have no idea where you are headed. >> to be honest, they give all those guarantees, i am a citizen of the state. i was refused entry into their park. we go to our park but our park -- i was insulted -- a stick. right? i don't care. i am a big man. >> reporter: tell me what you are here for? robert e lee statue? >> it is about america. the right to say what they want and our right to say what we once. the right to protect that. we are losing ourselves would you have all generation of these entitled degenerates. >> reporter: thanks for talking
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to us. we tried to get a little bit of both perspectives on the fly. elizabeth: stay safe and stay with us. we are checking in with you periodically. our viewers need to have patience, this is live television, talking about a very tense situation in charlottesville. excuse the foul language we are experiencing but i do want to bring in republican senator steve dain from montana. thank you for joining us. you have been watching these life pictures for the better half of 30 minutes. some of it fairly disheartening. there isn't a ton of intellectual discussion going on about the whole point of the protest with the city's choice to remove the confederate statue of robert e lee and i want to ask you, your perspective this
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is something no lawmaker wants to see in their district, and a lawmaker wants to see unhappy constituents protesting and is inflicting violence on one another so i want your take on this morning's activities. >> the views expressed by the spectacle we are watching a repugnant. this is bigotry. this is racism. this is hatred. these are views that we as the american people need to unite and reject. just because a different skin color, should not drive this kind of hatred. this needs to be condemned at every level. i want to thank the men and women in law enforcement, on the streets in charlottesville, putting their lives on the line to enforce the law from this repugnant behavior and views of those demonstrating today. >> reporter: what position is
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law enforcement putting in a day like this, they had some advanced warning but there really wasn't any predictor as far as we know of how large these protests were going to be, some people had seen coverage from last night, that folks had been bused in from out of town and the commissioner made a good point, the district of columbia is two hours away as far as getting bused in is concerned. what position does this put law enforcement in, bringing handmade weapons and other weapons, they have shielded helmets on and aerosol cans and things that can be thrown at you. what type of position does it put them in? >> puts them in harm's way. they are there to enforce the law, we are a nation that believes in rule of law. they put their lives at risk. they are standing up, enforcing
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the law, insisting upon a civil society. we protect the first amendment and we protect demonstrations, we protect the ability to go out and express your views. let us go back to the premise that this group stands for. this hatred, this bigotry, this racism. we cannot stand for this or with them and we need to united the country and condemn it. we had a similar situation in montana that started to arise earlier this year with anti-semitism. i stood up forcefully with the entire montana delegation commanding it and stopping it before this kind of demonstration could occur. elizabeth: we just heard the governor of virginia declare a state of emergency to aid the state response to these violent protests. we know the city declared a
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state of emergency and there were national guardsmen arriving, obviously about 100 state troopers and local charlottesville police department, from a governor's standpoint, how do you get to this point? can you tamper it down before it gets to this point when you know decisions to remove the confederate statue could be controversial, will be controversial and this is something you have to prepare for. >> you do. the best way to prepare for this demonstration is to have overwhelming force. plenty of men and women serving in law enforcement, to ensure those protesters know there is force their, the good guys are there and say will ensure to enforce the line protect the citizens of charlottesville. elizabeth: we will continue
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looking at life pictures but a lot of folks at home have been following the international news between the united states and north korea. i want to ask your take on the heels of the news that the president had a phone call with the chinese president and martha: -- xi jinping. i want your take on their conversation and your take on china's involvement. do you think the president should be as tough as he is being on china, should he be more tough? china's reaction to the conflict in the war of words between the united states and north korea. >> let's be clear. first of all, north korea's ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons pose a grave to the entire world. this is a regime that openly stated they intend to put a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile and hit us cities, south korea, japan. this is a grave to the entire
9:21 am
world. it is put historical perspective on the situation. this began 25 years ago when north korea began their journey to have a nuclear capability, nuclear weapons. 23 years ago i was working in china, living in china, working for proctor and gamble. president clinton signed a nuclear frame accord, and stopping nuclear programs in north korea. 23 years later, the north koreans have miscellaneous nuclear capability. so the past has failed. as mike penn stated in april on his visit to asia he said the era of strategic patience is over. i applaud donald trump for taking a hard-line stance. he is using language that north korea understand and the rest of
9:22 am
the world understands. he has got to shake the situation up because left to his own, north korea is going to plan to strike us cities, south korea and japan. we can't just sit here and do nothing. calls between xi jinping and donald trump is a positive sign. what happened a week ago about the security resolution getting russia, china, the united states, france, is a good sign but china played a very important role here. 90% of the trade with north korea comes from china. elizabeth: we talk so much about north korea, there could be back channel communications and china plays such an integral part in what happens between the united states and russia and i am wondering can china afford to cross the united states? do we not have the upper hand here? >> it is important to work together. i was in beijing this past april. i met with the premier and we
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had very good discussions i would say, insisting we would get the help of the chinese, the chinese government with the situation in north korea. china in the united states needs to work together and good communication going on, pleased to see the phone call with xi jinping and donald trump, an important player here getting north korea moved to edina to arise to state. that is the goal here, he assassinated his half-brother. he murdered his minister of defense with antiaircraft artillery a couple years ago, in addition to 5 security fixes in north korea a few months ago. antiaircraft artillery. this is an insane man. >> reporter: we appreciate you coming gone to talk not only about the news of the day we are watching, the unrest in charlottesville and what is on
9:24 am
everyone's mind and the tension between the united states and north korea, thank you so much. leland? leland: here in colorado joined by the governor of colorado, governor, you are watching these pictures out of charlottesville, the democratic governor has declared a state of emergency to call up the national guard as we watch these pictures, your thoughts? >> freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones of this country and people have to have that right to speak even if we don't like what they are saying. you have got -- you take the national guard to support the local police, keep everybody safe and do everything we can but they got to be able to speak their piece. leland: we have seen the police, not yet the national guard but, trying to separate these groups on the ground, they ordered
9:25 am
people out of the park. this started as a protest over a confederate statue that was to be removed in charlottesville. we don't have confederate statues in colorado but there has been some real division in colorado. ones that you worked to heal. is the political climate the we are in right now sort of allowing and energizing both sides of these good, alt right, white nationalist, and the counter protesters that seem more than happy to fight as well? >> language matters. when you hear a lot of people losing their temper and angry at this and angry at that, makes a lot of people feel it is okay to be angry and get violent. we are better off to rain things back a little bit and free speech, no one said free speech was inexpensive or easy but we got to protect it. we want to de-escalate the emotions that lead to violence.
9:26 am
>> it was the aclu, you don't typically think of in any way as a conservative organization, went to court to protect the white nationalists right to protest in charlottesville, that is where we have these clashes. you made the deck in terms of de-escalating rather than escalating. is there a responsibility among politicians and i'm talking about the president, to watch what their words are because it emboldens others? >> not just that, we have the responsibility and there are techniques and things you can use to de-escalate tense situations. here we are one of the most beautiful music venues on earth and sometimes when we get people really fired up, there were problems i tried to get them to come to a concert and watch music both sides like, there are all kinds of divisions. maybe we should speak a little less and listen a little more.
9:27 am
>> reporter: i don't think there's going to be a concert tonight for these groups to sit down. it appears the violent part of these confrontations has at least lulled. it is now 12:20 in charlottesville. it has been an hour and a half when these things kicked off. give us a sense, what have you done here in denver to help with the race relations, to prevent the violence we have seen, or what we saw in baltimore, ferguson, the denver police and various community groups in denver haven't always had the best relationship. >> the past few have been african-american, michael hancock, they have -- we have all focused on reaching out to the black community making sure we had job training programs not just in the black community but
9:28 am
everybody but making sure they were part of the process and we did everything we could to let them know how much we cared. black ministerial alliance, metro denver, very strong, active group of pastors and ministers for the black community and they have a strong voice. i know michael hancock does the same thing today, we have them come in and keep us up to speed. >> reporter: you see these groups that have come out, how much has to do with economics, whether it is white nationalists who feel their wages are stagnant and the economy passed them by, you hear that a lot when talking to folks like that and on the other hand especially in places like virginia and washington dc, african-americans, unemployed and feel they don't have a chance and a hand up.
9:29 am
>> it is not just jobs or economics, more of these different constituencies feel they have been left behind and no one cares. the more their anger grows. that is not the whole thing but is a big part of it. >> reporter: we had a chance to talk about a lot of things. what you could qualify as peaceful pictures out of charlottesville with police presence, national guard on standby and virginia state police. a lot of news to get to not only what is happening in charlottesville and north korea, more on that when we come back.
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elizabeth: we have been covering these clashes for the better part of an hour they have broken up between all right and counter protesters. that was initially planned for
9:34 am
lee park. and all over the city decision to remove the confederate statue of robert lee. the demonstration became increasingly vocal, doug is on scene and has been on the scene and watched the situation deteriorate and become increasingly violent. and helmets and has become a tense situation. police dispersed the crowd. have you seen people dispersed from that area? >> reporter: moved to a different part of town. they did not know where they were going to might be home. the other people gathered in charlottesville.
9:35 am
i want to set the stage, in front of the courthouse, a really historic building. 1763. and other parts, a lot of people think are not so great. confederate soldiers, defenders of the rights of the states, further on to the street, members of the movement continuing to protest. white nationalists have moved on and things calm down and police, charlottesville police department keeping these people in front of this confederate statue which was erected by
9:36 am
daughters of the confederacy in 1908. things have calmed down, the park where the protest is happening and we saw teargas being thrown, pepper spray and punched, has been entirely cleared out, police moved all the crowds away from that, a block or two away, seems to be fairly calm. >> reporter: we have talked about this, the initial protest, the protests were scheduled, with the city's decision to remove the confederate statue from what is now emancipation park but what was interesting was the theme of anger and not the theme -- i want to ask if you noticed if people were brought in, counter protesters have seen what was taking place last night and capitalize on the
9:37 am
opportunity to run amok. is that an accurate depiction of what has taken place today. >> that is an accurate depiction of what has taken place, i ran into some counter protesters minutes ago who walked up to the scene for the first time and said how do you get to emancipation park? if they were local charlottesville residents they would know where the park is, we are from richmond which is an hour away from here. people are coming from different parts of the state, different parts of the country. there has been a lot of press about this gathering and we know from experience, this most volatile political season a lot of these protesters move from college to college, protest to
9:38 am
protest to protest conservative speakers, protest white supremacist groups or whatever it may be. i expect a lot of people have come from out of town. >> so often in these eventss you hear about an event a couple hours ahead of time and they box folks in on both sides. have police figure out or have you gotten a sense from them that they have enough intelligence to know where these groups are going, to know who the organizers are to arrest them or move them out of town, or do the police appear to be caught flat-footed? the video would appear to lead one to believe. >> reporter: the state police and national guard, you know there is coordination with federal agencies, they monitor social media, and how things
9:39 am
will continue to materialize. things are very calm and showed what i thought was an excess of restraint, and bottle start flying and teargas canisters start flying. and the white supremacists, we have a great deal of restraint initially. things began to pick up in intensity of violence. and i don't know. >> what is the person behind you yelling. what are they chanting.
9:40 am
show them what democracy looks like. we have heard that before. >> white nationalists nearby. >> you may have heard that portion, are you heading to mcintire park, a mission -- simply too start to accommodate crowds. white supremacist groups are few in number, you can't figure out because it is intermingled, there were a group of 40 or 50
9:41 am
of them. they are greatly "outnumbered" by counter protesters, this group of white nationalists didn't know where they were headed. they were moving around in circles. >> reporter: you said white nationalists were launching teargas and based on that they started the violence. on the flipside of that, these counter protesters ready for battle as well. what we haven't seen any video of was the looting that oftentimes was associated, mayhem. have you heard any of that or is it a conflict between these groups? >> i have not seen any of that. no looting or destruction other than one police car which was covered with paint from paintball guns. this is a really historic part of virginia, these buildings. tremendously historic, there
9:42 am
have not been any broken windows. downtown charlottesville features a pedestrian mall which is the epicenter of the commercial district. a lot of restaurants and bars where they hang out in many respects. that was open for business and very calm. that is only a block or two from where we stand. i asked the guy are you going to stay open for business, when it gets too harry. a survey that 70% of the business will remain open, this will carry forward. they may not return, there is walking around the perimeter of the downtown area. >> reporter: we have what sounded like a trumpeter in the background. downtown charlottesville a mile and a half from the university
9:43 am
of virginia campus. great reporting, live pictures out of charlottesville and continue to monitor some of the cameras around charlottesville and see if the violence continues or if things stay calm, 1:00 eastern in charlottesville. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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>> looking at charlottesville, virginia where a state of emergency has been declared by the governor. we have seen clashes between white nationalists, activist, counter protesters, that have turned chaotic and quite violent. the alt right and their supporters are protesting the removal of a statue honoring confederate general robert e lee. police have used tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd. we haven't heard any word on the extensive seriousness of injuries or any reword of the possibility of arrests. we are waiting for that.
9:48 am
first lady melania trump tweeting our country encourages freedom of speech but let's communicate with hate in our hearts and keep away from violence. mark levine, of the virginia house of democrats and a good friend of the governor. we heard him declare a state of emergency less than an hour ago. this is your state, this is where you live, you represent folks in virginia, especially charlottesville, being a beautiful historic college town. a lot of history there. the protest we are seeing today initially planned around the historical artifact, a statue of robert e lee. when doug was talking to a lot of folks in these, that is not what they were protesting. they were from out of town, some of these people were saying white lives matter. what is your take on this? this went from a protest on a statue to a protest on a myriad
9:49 am
of issues. >> this is a small group of radicalized racist people, neo-nazis, alt right, kkk, that are determined to increase violence, to increase anger, determined to disturb our communities as i remember years ago when the nazis wanted to march in skokie in illinois where holocaust survivors live, this is intentionally trying to rile people up. people shouldn't respond with violence. >> reporter: to play devils advocate, i don't have confirmation of people getting bused in, i have reports of people perhaps being bused in from out of town because they don't know where he met the patient park is asking for directions, coming with shields or aerosol cans am a people coming to incite violence who aren't members of that group, there are counter protesters with ice in your condemning both?
9:50 am
>> they have a right to express their views, violence is counterproductive for those of us who support tolerance and diversity because the white supremacists are trying to promote violence. they want violence, they thrive on violence but if we ignored their stupid protest, there are just 40 or 50 of them, they wouldn't do much damage. leland: what does the governor do in a situation like that? we only have 30 seconds left, he declared a state of emergency, there is no way to know how huge or violent this would be. did he handle it correctly? >> i think so. it is necessary in times of violence to crack down. you have a right to counterprotest. counter protesters are larger in number than the white supremacists. it is a minority view in virginia and should not are the
9:51 am
commonwealth of virginia. elizabeth: we are looking at the pictures taken place earlier, the crowd dispersed. a couple more questions for you, stay with us, we will be right back with more news after the break. i should take a closer look at geico... (dog panting) geico has a 97% customer satisfaction rating! and fast and friendly claims service. speaking of service? oooo, just out. it was in. out. in! out. in! what about now? that was our only shuttlecock. take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke as far as i used to. due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke
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elizabeth: looking at pictures of charlottesville, virginia where state of emergency has been declared. i want to bring in mark levine from the virginia state of delegates, the commonwealth of virginia. when you look at these pictures, the whole point of the protest as we have been talking about for five minutes was to protest the removal of the confederate statue from emancipation park. the argument, they didn't want statue to be removed. in your opinion, are there places in the commonwealth of virginia where there should be statues where we remember parts of our history? >> i don't think there's white supremacists are there about statue. they are trying to promote a race riot. that is a pretext for the reason they are there. in terms of statues, there is a balance between celebrating the confederacy, celebrated white supremacy which i don't think we
9:56 am
want to do, we don't want to statues like that and remembering history. even medical parts of history, slavery needs to become a rated. i think it depends where and how. in my home city of alexandria there is a memorial to the confederate soldiers that is quite controversial but it is not a celebration, a guy on a horse waving a confederate flag. we need context, to remember slavery and the trail of tears in alexandria but we need to remember the ugly part of our history. elizabeth: we have more news at the top of the hour but thank you for joining us. appreciate it. we are back with more after break. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome.
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>> you are looking at pictures of charlottesville, virginia where state of emergency has declared in the past hour by the governor. flashes between white activist and protesters have turned chaotic and violent. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm elizabeth. >> visit develop since about 11:00 o'clock eastern. protest last night and the violent today. i'm leaving, the alright and their supporters are protesting the removal of a statue honoring confederate general robert e lee in charlotte bill. there has been teargas thrown. please have come out in their
10:01 am
right gear. they have told crowds to disperse. no word on the extent or seriousness of any injuries, or the number of arrest that takes place. the first lady melania trump just tweeted, our country encourages freedom of speech but let's communicate without hate in our hearts. no good comes from violence. doug is live on the scene where he has been all day. the, you said earlier it was the white nationalist who are throwing the teargas. it was the police that have been more restrained. now the white nationalist have left. give us a sense of what happened and where we are now. >> we are still in downtown charlottesville now. just behind emancipation part where the robert e lee statute is. it's been cleared up. things have come down considerably. there's been a lot of speculation about whether these anti- counter protesters have been brought in from other parts of the state, or perhaps across the country. there's piece of evidence that suggest that for you, a
10:02 am
gentleman had a me his business card. when was last time you had a professional data business card. it says unicorn right, your commercial free -- so it suggest that a lot of these guys are professional protesters. not local charlottesville people. i want you to look behind me, the first national guard troops are prepared to step into the line of battle, should it become necessary. we ought to hand it to these guys and the police officers, they have been extremely hot and humid day. a lot of these guys are decked out in right gear, extremely hot to be wearing that. with us now as karen, a spokesperson for the virginia state police. what is the condition and status of things now? >> the unlawful assembly was declared by the city of charlottesville. as a result of compliance with
10:03 am
the state park in the parking to be evacuated. everybody was moved out. then states police with the assistance of the national guard personnel moved the crowds through the streets to disperse them. unfortunately that's not a good day for charlottesville in the commonwealth. we were hoping this would not elevate to the level of violence we witnessed among participants. in the crowds and on all sides. they were throwing bottles, cans, paintballs, they were fighting and breaking out and attacking one another. launching chemicals into the crowd as well as smoke bombs. >> so none of the police are using teargas is that correct? that was from the crowd itself? >> that's correct. no local or state police had teargas. it was just oc spray. any sense of the number people heard or arrested? can you give me a ballpark figure? >> i can't.
10:04 am
i've been in the park and we been a charlottesville just a few minutes ago, the all injuries resulted with interactions with other protesters. >> was there one side that instigated the violence? >> it's difficult to say. they all intersected in front of the park. that seems to be a lot of where the violence resulted among the different protesters here. >> to have any video surveillance which will allow you to prosecute people? >> any charges that have been placed her arrest made there will be criminal investigations made on those. we will use whatever resources we have from a tactical perspective to make sure that were in compliance a state law. >> will continue this interview as we get out of the way for the vehicle to come through. i was just told by a gentleman that the epicenter of the protest apparently is moving from what he sing away from
10:05 am
emancipation park has been cleared to mcintire park which was the original site that the state police and city of charlottesville wanted them to protest because it's larger and can accommodate crowds better. he said things are happening there now, i don't know whether the white nationalist have moved to the park. you have evidence of that? are you moving your forces in that direction? what you expect for the remainder of the day? >> me personally, i don't. but because mcintire park and emancipation park were both areas for the gathering and protest, we did have personnel already there throughout the morning. so have them there just in case something should arise in case people need medical assistance in others. but i personally don't. i can't tell you enough on that. >> do you have any idea of how many police authorities you have on site?
10:06 am
>> we don't release our total numbers of law enforcement personnel. >> in the city of charlottesville and albemarle county has declared an emergency, what is that mean? >> , state police so is a better directed at the local city. i know they put it out and have been tweeting on the city facebook page and the factual updates. >> your people have been doing an extraordinary job under difficult circumstances. as a said we've heard at least the epicenter of activity seems to be moving, so i'm going to sign off for now and we will make our way back in met direction. back to. >> great work. stay safe and we'll see what you get along the way. thank you, unless has little bit more. >> dan has been more for the better half of the morning developing situation i wanted to talk about it tweet.
10:07 am
and you write about the hate has no place in our society at real donald trump the president. in needs to immediately and forcefully condemn it. so, i want to get your reaction when you initially saw this trade as a congressman you never want to see this in your district and you never want to see violence of any sort. when you first saw it this morning and that was your initial reaction to say to the president, this is your opportunity. >> i think this is a chance in a really divided time of american politics for us to overcome those divisions. ironically, take sometimes an event like this for us to see common ground. i was really happy to see my very good friend senator daines from montana. we have been friends since we came to congress together, condemned this terrible exercise in very clear terms. another speaker i and has done the same. i think it would mean a lot if
10:08 am
the president also took this moment to basically say the same thing i'm saying. i come from a different political perspective that he might. to have the american people see people across the political spectrum, all condemn bigotry and hatred. i think maybe it creates a moment where the divisions were dealing with right now, these divisions may still be there, but if we can demonstrate to the american people that we can come together at times, that we can condemn this terrible exercise of bigotry. on one hand we can protects free speech but on the other hand we can say that all speech does not match the values of the american people. >> elizabeth: whatever position does this put you in? the governor declared a state of it emergency, he had a local police, state police ready, last night you saw the tiki torches
10:09 am
come out. that will incite violence. you can predictably say that you're going to see a big group the next day whenever you see tiki torches posted all over the internet. whatever position does that put you in? you don't know what you're up against. when people show up in helmets, with homemade weapons, that is no easy task. >> it's a difficult situation for local officials. i'm glad to see that government call of has activated the national guard. it's difficult because one does not want to overreacts, and essentially inflamed the situation any more than it already is. we also need, and this seems difficult, we want to protect the legitimate exercise of free speech even when what is being said is absolutely repugnant. when the line is crossed, and we've seen this with dennis demonstrators, they believe in violence. they came armed. they have incited violence.
10:10 am
that's when the government needs to protect citizens in a way that is consistent with our market values. >> elizabeth: i just or to my ear that authorities have a arrested at least one person and at least eight injuries. the injuries are from protesters question with each other. i think, and we talked about a 30s come to the situation, what position does that but law-enforcement in? when they come to situation and see people armed and angry? this insights counter protesters whether they bust in our they are asking for directions, they are angry too. everybody is angry. there is not a lot of talk about the confederate statute that they want removed. it is about a personal anger. the law-enforcement are put in a tough spot. >> they are put in a tough spot. makes you wonder whether not some of the protesters actually set out to create this chaos. to make the point to try to create a fantasy that somehow they are challenging the state and the status stomping on their
10:11 am
legitimate rights of speech. that is not what is happening here. local police, state police, the national guard, they are protecting the rights of individuals to express themselves in a peaceful manner. they have to protect citizens from people who are unwilling to abide by those rules and those norms. it is very difficult. we have put our police in a very tough spot. their job is to enforce the law and protect people's constitutional right. they have to make those difficult judgment calls when that line gets crossed. in this case, obviously some of these white supremacist came with the very idea of crossing the line and trying to force the confrontation that they are seeing right now. >> elizabeth: a tough call to make. the city has one for the removal of the statue, that's not necessarily the tough : referring to. i'm referring to the fact that we need to recognize that their men and women in history that are controversial?
10:12 am
can we have places where we remember them? and we have statues that we remember them and not incite violence? is that possible? >> i don't think the removal of the statue itself incited violence. when governor haley when she was governor, before she became the ambassador of the un, she took down the confederate battle flag. that was a great moment. it didn't have to incite violence. it's up to individuals to decide how and when they are willing to accept the natural change that happens in a society. we have come to be a much more inclusive society. the symbols of our society ought to reflect that. some people want to cling to the past. naturally it needs to be seen as not a celebration of those individuals, but a recognition that the country has moved on. >> elizabeth: we saw the tweet from the first lady. do you think we need to see a tweet from the president? >> i was glad to see the first lady make a statement. i agree with what she said.
10:13 am
this is a moment where the presidents voice would make a difference. he should speak up. and condemn in no uncertain terms the position taken by the position of the supremacist, who are really inciting violence. to me, as far as i'm concerned they invite evil and that needs to be said. >> elizabeth: maybe we will hear it. >> i hope. >> elizabeth: we appreciate you being here in your perspective. we will continue our live coverage of the protesters charlotte, virginia. also more perspective on what this rhetoric of hatred is doing to the country. 26 vitamins and . 26 vitamins and . for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
10:14 am
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bigotry. president clinton weighing in, even as we text free speech and assembly, we must condemn hatred, violence, and white supremacy. we hear from the white house that we are going to hear from president trump shortly with some kind of reaction to the violence in charlottesville. his wife already tweeting, the first lady sing, there's no excuse for violence. with that, let's bring in our panel, mark levine, radio host member of the virginia house of delegates. and josh, contributor of the spartanburg county south carolina republican party. josh, let's start with you. back in 2015, when the confederate flag came down, the kkk held a rally. was controversial then. these groups have taken shall we say, a lot of's sour and emboldened by the election of president trump.
10:19 am
we hear that when we talk to them and hear their twitter feed. is it time now josh for the president to, and strongly talk to rectally to these groups about what he believes is appropriate and inappropriate? >> he needs to make clear what we all need to make clear as conservatives. that means the alt-right is not the right. we ask him conservatives condemned the politics of racism. he saw south carolina when the confederate flag happen in my stay, that debate was led by a republican governor who is now the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley. i want to tell everybody listening today, as a south carolina in and conservative and american, my political ideation is not colored by race. we need to have ideas on both sides of the political spectrum that are colorblind. this is not about conservativism. the president needs to condemn this. i believe that he will.
10:20 am
and certainly there's no room in the republican or conservative movement, or american politics for racial bigotry and this kind of hatred as we have seen michelle's will, virginia. mark him i would say to you and the people of the commonwealth of virginia, we are. for you in south carolina. god bless you and your citizens. this is a very dark day for the commonwealth of virginia. i know you will prevail. and show the the better angels. >> it's noteworthy, this is probably one of the first panels that i have moderated where you have such a -- from what we saw earlier from what we heard from josh. your thoughts, and also want you to touch on what happened in charlottesville in the sense that we saw shall we say, incitements by the white nationalist, but also by these quote, unquote counter protesters. one who handed a business card to doug. barrvery clearly indicated theye
10:21 am
not organic counter protesters. >> let's be clear, charlottesville is a very peaceful, diverse community where racism is not tolerated. these people, these white nationalist came from outside. they came to cause violence. and you are fox reporter. >> leland: have to interrupt you. this tweet is coming from president trump. tweeting out "we all come all in capital letters, all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. there is no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one. it would be hard to be more sherman ask then that. >> he certainly said the right thing. this is something that we all need to stand against. i want to be clear, it's a very small number people. as you say they probably were not all from virginia, i'm sure they were not from
10:22 am
charlottesville. they're tried to strip things. they bring teargas, they're attacking the counter protesters. we, all americans, we need to stand together against this hatred. thank you for your words josh. >> and what are your thoughts on the presidents words? >> he needs to say that in the days to come. we need to condemn this violence and racial bigotry. the reality is, there is no room on the right or left for racial politics. people have said this is about a statute of robert e lee. we had a debate about the confederate flag in our state house grant. we did not have this kind of racial protests. you had a few people show up from out of state, like your scene in charlotte now who said they were there to support the kkk and citizens of south carolina condemn that. there is no place for that in our state of virginia. i hope the politicians in both parties learn to rise above partisan politics on this. it's not about history. it's about people misappropriating a debate about history to push a modern political agenda that has no room in our society. >> i agree, it's not about the statue. when they carried torches and they cite and shout white power
10:23 am
and inflammatory comments about jews and blacks, this is not about the statue at all. this is an attempt to have a race war and it will not succeed in america. >> leland: mark and josh, you both agree of this, what is interesting now is and it seems in the past couple of years this has come to a head as we talked about josh and 2015 with the rally there in south carolina, but this is one of the first times in recent memory we have seen this level of violence breakout and these kinds of pictures from white nationalist on one side and counter protesters on the other side. we saw violence in other cities but for different reasons. what you think is changing that both of these groups, but especially the white nationalist who marched in caring assault rifles now feel emboldened to act in this way? >> i believe using politicians in both parties and on both sides of the extreme who have tried to play two base desires
10:24 am
and played to people's fears and try to strip this kind of strike. we have to do it people like mark and i have to do, people like the president and members of congress in both parties have to do, not play to people's fears and the people against each other on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin. our politics need to be a debate about ideas. not about ethnicity or the color of one's skin. we have seen the polarization of politics in this past several election cycles. >> leland: that sounds like a wonderful thought. as we take a look at president trumps tweet again that came out just about four or five minutes ago now, a couple of hours since the violence broke out in charlottesville, we all must be united in condemn all that hate stands for. the president writing that this is no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one. so, we heard what josh said and we heard what the president has said, yeah, when you and i have talked on other issues, there is
10:25 am
no such bipartisanship and coming together and discussing issues. politics has continued to get more more personal. you yourself i would say has made it such a times on this program. so, what has to change rather than just these good words? >> i think the whole tone has to change. i presume the president trumps us today. it wasn't that long ago his talk about mexicans is racist and rapist and urging police officers to take criminal defendants and bang them up a little bit more. >> leland: but mark, i know you want to blame the president. but does the left have any responsibility in this? to you and your supporters have any responsibility in terms of how they have demonized the right to no matter what president trump does you are not happy with it? >> no one should preach violence, no one on the right or left.
10:26 am
>> mark am i would say that just to put it back on you are about to go into a political attack there, i'm not even politically attacking today because this is a day that you and i on national television as a republican and democratic respected plea, need to exhibit what were preaching for other people. forget until politicians let's get along and not make anything personal and attack, we have to exhibit that today. look, there's been rhetoric on the both sides. >> not violent rhetoric. >> you've had republicans who said really horrible things about certain democrats, democrats say those things about republicans. don't forget about the health care debate where we folks on the united states sentencing people and one party wanted to kill millions of people. >> we need to talk about policy, not people. we need to not try to throw everyone in one category. we don't need to say all mexicans are this or all blacks are whites, that is the essence of racism. i'm really glad to see that president trump is saying the right things today. i hope he keeps it up.
10:27 am
>> mark, take this one step further though, it's not only the politics of racism and you say everyone agrees is back, and the way things have become at times personal when he say lumping people into different ethnic groups. but josh has a point. as much as the left complains about the presidents rhetoric, your rhetoric is equally at times inflammatory, if as enveloping,. >> look, the president of the united states is the president of the united states. i can't be held accountable about one crazy left assess, but this is the president. >> that hold on. even in the obama presidency. >> obama had never nothing like this. >> president trump has unsupported this either. neither president obama or president trump have ever supported this kind of behavior by anybody. so i don't think you can sit
10:28 am
here and say this is a republican or conservative problem. [inaudible] i condemn that. most people in my party say look, mr. president. >> leland: josh, and mark, it's tough how this evil. it sounded also promises with joshes thoughts and words and prayers. we'll bring it back to that and perhaps this ability of the beginning of this conversation is but we can take away from it. as we continue to monitor the developments, we appreciate your thoughts. gentlemen, we will be right back as we move our cruise around in charlottesville and try to see whether these white national protesters have left the city or if they're simply with regrouping as we know the virginia state police and others
10:29 am
have brought up their right teams and taken up positions around the city of charlottesville on this hot august saturday afternoon. we will be right back.
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>> elizabeth: reaction from around the country, the violence in charlotte, virginia where all right activists are clashing with protesters. condemnation from governor and house speaker paul ryan among others. moments ago, the president himself. were joined now from new jersey where the president is dealing with domestic and international tension. >> in the midst of everything going on with north korea and venezuela, president trump has had to shift his attention to what's going on in charlottesville. he is twitter to issue his first statement about what has been
10:34 am
happening. here it is, k moments ago. it reads go, we all must be united in condemn all that hate stands for. there's no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one. now, the first statement from anyone within the trump administration a trump family came from the first lady, about one hour before that tweet from president trump. she issued her own statement on twitter and it reads, our country encourages freedom of speech, but let's communicate without hate in our hearts. no good comes from violence. so, both the president and first lady issuing some very strong statements condemning what is happening with these white nationalists in charlottesville. this is a tricky situation. it was during the republican primary that the former kkk grand wizard, david duke came out and supported president trump. president trump, the candidate trump was a little slow to disavow that support, earning him quite a bit of criticism. in essence, said that he wants nothing to do with the former grand wizard.
10:35 am
and disavow that support wholeheartedly. but, david duke was at that rally today. he issued a very strong statement himself about why he is there. he alluded to the fact that he, along with other white nationalists feel emboldened now that president trump is in the white house. of course wethers president trump likes it or not. there is a video posted on twitter by a reporter from vanity for is david duke in a rally in charlottesville today speaking to a crowd of several reporters. i want to share with you all what david duke said on this vanity fair writer's twitter fee. it's a video. he says, we are determined to take our country back. we are going to fulfill the promises of donald trump's what we believed in and why we voted for donald trump, because he said he is going to take her country back. so it's very clear that david duke feels that the policies
10:36 am
that he believes in the things he believes and are supported by president trump and his policies. but, president trump clearly disagrees with that. he's issued a strong statement announcing the rally in the violence while at the same time continuing to say that we support freedom of speech. this is the very first reaction from president trump are getting. i'm sure will be getting more or we could be getting more response from president trump today given how vocal he has been with the media in recent days. the media is going to shoot some video of him this afternoon around 3:00 p.m. he may speak to reporters at that time. that could be the first chance we get to hear president trump condemn what's been happening charlottesville in person as opposed to the statements on twitter. >> elizabeth: and sometimes only see him we learn more about his perspective. thank you kristin. as you know, there's been at least one arrest from the violence in charlottesville.
10:37 am
the clashes between the all right activists and counter protesters. the state national guard is on scene. at least the people who did suffer injuries. local police and state troopers are there. joining us with some analysis on the law-enforcement response is steve rogers, a retired detective for the new jersey police t department surf, thank you for joining us. that's a big question we had today. is that police, regardless of how much intelligence i have going into a situation, they never really know what they're facing until the situation arises. what's your reaction to what you saw today? >> the police are doing the best they could under the circumstances they're facing. they all get training with regard to riots in activity like this, but as you said, usually they would have intelligence way
10:38 am
ahead of a demonstration like this. i believe to some degree they were caught off guard. based on what i'm saying, they're doing a good job minimizing any of the violence. have to tell you, the people protesting , as was said by the president of the united states, there's no place in america for this type of violence. when he talks about and i mean the president talks about bring about america, that's for all people, no matter who we are, where you're from, no matter your ethnicity or religion. the president has made it clear he wants to bring this country together. the way bring it together subway these people are doing it. keep in mind, the protesters must understand their putting lives, especially lives of police officers in danger. >> elizabeth: that's what i was getting at. we spoke with ed davis, the former boston police commissioner they said you always want equal number law-enforcement to protesters. in a perfect world you don't always get that. we are able to see firsthand their strategy.
10:39 am
law-enforcement run scene and they were able to disperse the group. there is a large group of white nationalist that the move to another park. in your interpretation were they able to temper down some of the tension. >> howie: got worse? yes there were injuries and an arrest, but we don't know the extent of the injuries. you don't want any injuries at all. it seems as if they are able to tackle the situation and break up these two different crowds. they could then protest but not necessarily integrate. >> that's right. when i was involved in protest not to this degree but a lesser scale degree our strategy was to find the leaders. finding the leaders are important in this case are probably no leaders, a lot of chaos. your second option is to break up the protest and put them into small groups. separate two opposing forces. when they are separated, then you'll break up those crowds of
10:40 am
the same size and put a pocket here, a pocket here and there to make sure you have enough police officers to keep an eye on everyone. what's concerning to me as i watch this is that militias coming with weapons. that's very troubling. when you are protesting against an issue, you get a protest peacefully. you can come with weapons. let's hope that no individual decides to use a weapon. that's a game changer for everyone. >> elizabeth: that was my last point and you answered it. the commonwealth of virginia is open carry. some of the men and women were showing up in fatigues, and they had not only homemade weapons but reports of weapons on scene. i cannot fathom be in the law-enforcement officer, whether national guards are state trooper local police officer
10:41 am
going into a situation where you don't know what you're up against. we think about them and appreciate their service. steve, we appreciate you coming on. thank you for joining us. we appreciate you. were continuing to follow the situation. this estate programming but we are following the situation. we'll get an update live from the scene after the break. rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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>> a fox news alert as we are just now getting reaction from vice president pence. about the violence in charlottesville, he is retweeted president trump street. then he added his own thoughts. i stand with that potus with hate and violence. u.s. is greatest when we join together and oppose those seeking to divide us. has # charlottesville.
10:46 am
these coming from both sides, not only getting the reaction from republicans of the president but also bernie sanders saying white national demonstration in charlottesville is a reprehensible display of hatred that has no place in our society. widespread condemnation or doug is live on the scene as he has been all day. doug, the violence started this morning around 1030, 11:00 a.m. then things calm down as these group separated we saw the white nationalists who are protesting the remova removal of robert e e statue. they marched out with are not in confederate flags. a number arms. have you been able to find the map? they left? what's the status as you have moved away from that epicenter violence? >> they moved away from emancipation park in downtown charlotte's work had now to this
10:47 am
part for the city wanted them to congregate initially, mcintyre park on the outskirts of charlotte's will. a more expansive park and more room to maneuver and operate. not as confined. we see no evidence of the demonstrators coming here. one person i spoke to suggested they are are on their way. we'll see what happens. a couple people i want to talk to, brian lambert, you're not affiliated with any white nationalist group. >> i'm not. why did you come here today? >> because i live here, this is my home. what i see going down with local politics, city council there to nine people their right to assemble, deny people their right to speak freely. however distasteful their views may be. there's a lot of views here today that i do not agree with. but, i do agree with -- >> i can't help but notice what you have on your right hips. >> it's a glock 199-millimeter. open carry is legal in virginia. concealed carry, you need a permit for.
10:48 am
if i were to be wearing it concealed it would be a felony. >> and i will point would you feel any need to use that? >> if i feared for my life. >> have you feared for your life yet today? >> not at all. i've dealt with police at least park earlier. they're very cordial. i didn't have a problem with them. i know there is some violence that took place that was started by the left. the police basically funneled these groups in such a manner that they were trapped and there are several injuries. >> will get back to. i couldn't help but notice the other gentleman here amongst many white nationalists. sir, where you here today? >> first of all i am a career korea veteran. i am here because we are opposed
10:49 am
to everything that the so-called anti- unity group in confederate group is for. i know what suffering, endured and the lee statue represented that. so emancipation park is a place for all the people, i agree with this gentleman who just spoke. there's no need not to let these people speak at the park. we have policeman they could pull the line on one side and let this group much right through a protected their rights. they tried to stop us from having a right to gather in montgomery, alabama. >> and what kind of reception have you gotten being amongst the white nationalist? >> i've been carefully watching them. i don't have my weapon with me but i do own one. i can get it if i need it. >> thank you sir. you can see many white nationalist have gathered under this tree.
10:50 am
her casual, nothing really going on. i don't really know what their plans are for the rest of the day. nobody has expressed that to me. there is one group in a van and they rented several large white airport bands to bring people here. i saw one group leaving a little while ago with new york plates. one gentleman in that car had his head severely bandaged up. he said that the emancipation park he was pushed by police officers into the anti- crowd who beat him with sticks. were moving closer into this white nationalist gathering now. to try to figure out what's going on. i think that is david duke if i'm not mistaken. is that david duke standing up there? yes, it is. we'll try to hear they're sayi saying. >> it was david duke. as reported he was talking about how charlottesville and the rally fulfills the promise of title trump. he saying the same thing now.
10:51 am
>> i just walked up wheeling. i cannot hear but were trying to >> i think we can avoid giving mr. duke any airtime. doug, stay safe and let us know if the police come down there and start protecting these white nationalist or if anybody else shows up. we will be right back. onfidentl.
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>> elizabeth: for hours we have been following developing situation other charlotte's will, virginia. initially it was a group of protesters protesting the removal of a ferrets that you of robert e lee. obviously, that was in formally leaf park the protest turned to violence around 113 11:30 a.m. eastern time. although the tensions have simmered down, doesn't mean law-enforcement is [inaudible] their toes. my cohost, leland has been watching the developments. the governor has declared a state of emergency which means additional resources have been brought in. that means they're not standing down, they're prepared for other development that may arise and what was a fairly violent day. one person was arrested and at least eight injured in the clashes today.
10:56 am
>> leland: for sure. the virginia national guard is on standby. they have not forward to play. alive picture. this is mcintyre park in charlottesville. white nationalists have moved to. at least based on what doug was reporting. a number have left. there were not a number to begin with but a number have left. no telling right now whether they are going to leave her going to march back into the fray. police and charlottesville are much more prepared of what could happen then they were this morning. this group launching teargas and other things. now, all we can do is sort of watch and wait as we have heard from the president so far, and his condemnation so far we'll see what happens out the rest of the day. you don't let anything
10:57 am
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