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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 14, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> i cannot believe we're at the end of another hour. >> i know. two very quick hours. >> must be the news cycle. >> "america's newsroom headquarters" starts now. >> fox news alert, president trump delivering a strong statement against racism amid growing tensions over charlottesville. hello. i'm sandra smith. the president singling out hate groups and making a declaration about racism. critics said his initial response didn't go far enough. this comes two days after a white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred and violence and bigotry. it has no place in america. no matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws. >> we have fox team coverage for
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you. doug mckelway is outside the courthouse in charlottesville, virginia where the suspect was this morning. first, kristin fisher live at the white house. kristin, will that statement be enough to quell the president's critics? >> i don't know if it will, but it certainly should, sandra. this was about as strong of a statement as president trump could have possibly delivered. the big question heading into these surprise remarks is will president trump once and for all finally condemn an explicitly name these white supremacist hate groups. sandra, he did just that. >> racism is evil. those that cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. including kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> now, shortly before making those remarks, president trump landed at the white house from new jersey, his working vacation
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in new jersey. it's supposed to be a day trip to d.c. he first met with his chief of staff, general kelly and the attorney general and the fbi director before standing in front of the cameras. critics will say this is what president trump should have said saturday. this statement was too little too late. but for republicans on capitol hill who were critical of his slow response, for them this is what they wanted to hear, sandra. >> kristin, his statement didn't come soon enough for one member of the president's manufacturing council. >> yeah, that's right. kenneth fraser is the only african american ceo of a major pharmaceutical company. it's a company called merck. this morning he resigned in protest of the president's response to the violence in
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charlottesville. he said that as a matter of personal conscious, i feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism. the president responded about an hour later saying now that ken fraser from merck has resigned, he will have more time to lower rip-off drug prices. a one-person that will be staying on the council is jeff emmult. he just retired from ge. the company issued a statement saying they condemned the violence in charlottesville, condemned hatred, bigotry and racism. but that emmult would be staying on for news. >> we'll speak more about that later. meantime, tensions high in charlottesville as a judge denied bail for james alex fields jr., the man suspected of
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killing a woman when he rammed his car into a group of counter protesters. doug mckelway has more live. tell us more about today's hearing. >> well, as one lone white nationalist stood outside the general house before me this morning, inside the courthouse, the alleged, james alex fields jr. made his first court appearance via video. he was wearing a black and white jump suit, that is standard equipment in the jail. he answered yes when he answered why he was there. a member of the public defender's office has a relative that was a part of this terrorist incident on saturday, the public defender's office said they couldn't represent james fields. fields will be represented by a long-time charlottesville attorney by the name of charles weber. no bond was set today. a second hearing august 25. in addition to the state charges
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which fields faces which include second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run, the feds are ramping up pressure on him, hiring an army of lawyers to basically throw the book at mr. fields. here's the attorney general jeff sessions on "good morning america" today. >> he said what happened in charlottesville is unacceptable. yesterday they called out the nazis and the kkk. >> the president did not. >> general sessions, that statement that you're referring to came from the white house. >> it was a white house spokesman that made that statement condemning these groups by name. >> sessions also added that what fields did hear meets the definition of federal terrorism charges. that is very significant because it expands the tool box of weapons that the feds can't use against fields. they can under these rules, which were changed after 9-11 means they can examine his
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associations, soup of the groups he belonged to, shutting them down or making more of his associates, sandra. >> questions continue to swirl on lack of police response. what is the latest there? >> yeah, this is centered around the initial response. just as things began to form in the early stages saturday morning. we saw it ourselves. looked like a bad, bad situation was about to evolve there. as people started coming out from the rally area with wounds, police were still not making the arrests that we could see where we were. that's been the viewpoint of a lot of people on both sides of this frakus as well as bystanders. the response about a stand-down order, there was none given saturday. the charlottesville police department was the lead agency. some say it could be their lack of experience with big protest
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crowds like those that led to the violence. charles ramsey, police chief of philadelphia, was quoted saying the way big cities approach these gatherings is with overwhelming force to nip it in the bud. that's what may have happened here. certainly one possible explanation for the violence that we saw. sandra? >> thanks, doug. as we have reported, the president speaking out about white supremacy group. here's more. >> to anyone that acted criminally in this weekend's racist violence, you will be held fully accountable. we must love each other, show affection for each other and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry and violence. >> joining me now is lawrence jones, host of "the blaze." lawrence, good to see you. >> hi, my friend. >> you watched this speech unfold a short time ago. what did you make of the
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president's words? >> i was happy, i was like finally it happened. it happened. this is what the president should have done. but now that he's done it, he called the enemy by its name. time to move on and start the healing process. i think the president sent a strong message from the white house that this will not be tolerated. we know exactly what white supremacy is. what know what white nationalism is. we won't tolerate it. the person that did this will be prosecuted. the federal government is involved. he would most likely get the chair. i think this is a strong message from the president as well as the attorney general. this is what we wanted to see from the very beginning. >> by you saying this is what we wanted to see from the very beginning, did you review his first response to this violence as a misstep? >> you know, i think the president -- i don't know if he was aware or not, but it wasn't a misstep as it wasn't far
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enough. he did say they were bigots. he did say this hate shouldn't be tolerated in this country. like president obama with radical islam, he didn't call the enemy by its name. this is the opportunity like president obama made the mistake the call the enemy by its name. it's important for the enemy to know who they are and we will go after them. the president cleaned it up today. he didn't do it initially. better late than never. >> you heard from senator corey gardner, a republican, saying he should use this opportunity to say this is terrorism, this is domestic terrorism. this is white nationalism and has to stop, a republican, another republican. congresswoman rose laten said white supremacists are the antithesis of our american values. there's no other sides to hatred and bigotry. so like you, even some from his
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over party were criticizing him before his newest words and before his fresh statement a few minutes ago, were criticizing his initial response. so you're saying that was fair? >> that was fair. look, it's time to move on, sandra. he did it. the criticism was warranted. now it's time for the president to take the lead on the healing process. i understand why people were frustrated. you know, as a black man in the republican side of the spectrum a conservative, we already have issues with reaching the other side. part of it is because of race relations. it's tough when it comes to race relations for any president. president obama went through the same thing. every president goes through the same thing with race relations. i think this was a learning experience for the president. i hope when these situations come again, which they will come again, that he will be prepared. we know in texas a&m right where
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i'm at in dallas that there will be another protest on september 11th. how will we respond? there's too many of us that are loving americans, that hate white supremacy or any type of hate and we should be speaking out about it. the president will have another opportunity to speak out then. he will be prepared then. >> very passionate president trump that we heard from a short time ago. lawrence jones, very good to get your response. thank you. >> thanks, my friend. see you soon. >> all right. a deadline looming for the white house. will they keep the dreamer program for the immigrants alive? what happens if it doesn't? attorney general jeff sessions and the president now on the same page and going after the attacker in charlottesville. >> does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute. this is an unequivocally, unacceptable and evil attack that cannot be accepted in america.
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>> house majority whip steve scalise is expected to return after the august recess. he sustained serious injuries in a shooting rampage at a gop baseball practice in june. he's now recovering at a rehabilitation hospital. fellow louisiana congressman gary graves says scalise is in good spirits and determined to be back at work in september. the department of justice opening a civil rights investigation into the violence in charlottesville. jeff sessions said the deaths were motivated by racial bigotry
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and hatred. catherine herridge has more. >> jeff sessions and christopher ray, the fbi director, the president confirmed with fox that a federal probe is open saying there's no place for hatred, bigotry and violence. >> the department of justice has opened a civil rights investigation into a car attack that killed one innocent american and wounded 20 others. to anyone who acted criminally in this weekend's racist violence, you will be held fully accountable. justice will be delivered. >> sandra: the fbi has devoted significant resources to this investigation with teams on the ground in virginia and ohio where the suspect is from, sandra.
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>> sandra: does the attack fit the description of terrorism? >> the attorney general said it meets the definition of terrorism, which is the act of violence to intimidate or promote a political end. >> you can be sure this department of justice in his administration is going to take the most vigorous action to protect the rights of people like heather heyer to protest against racism and bigotry. we're going to protect the right to assemble and march and we're going to prosecute anybody to the full extent of the law. >> sandra: fields' motive is not clear but the justice department says they have enough evidence to be suspicious that suspect intended to be direct and not just harm random victims. the act was intended to harm or cooers citizens.
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>> sandra: thank, catherine. tomorrow will be a special senate election in alabama. the senator seen on the left has been locked in a heats race with congressman mo brooks and roy moore. the top two will meet in a run-off election. the nation's top military officer in south korea emphasizing diplomacy and sending a strong warning for north korea should sanctions fail. the president is expected to appear on camera in just under an hour again today where he's expected to announce tough new measures targeting china. more on his efforts in charlottesville in just a moment. >> in times such as these, america has always shown its true character, responding to hate with love, division with
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>> sandra: president trump speaking out on the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia. >> we're equal in the eyes of our creator. we are equal under the law. and we are equal under our constitution. those that spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of america. >> sandra: trump's comments upsetting a couple ceos on his committee on american manufactures. merck's ceo, kenneth fraser, stepping down over the president's initial response. jeff emmult says he will stay on
11:23 am
despite objections. how can one impact change if you upo upoff -- jump off the board? vince, that's a reasonable question to ask. >> yeah, if you're going to remove yourself from the conversation, it's more difficult to influence policy decisions. this goes back when it comes to dealing with donald trump, this goes back to the people on the republican side who consider themselves never trump backed during the campaign. once you remove yourself entirely and go in opposition of the president of the united states, we're out of the box, out of the loop in terms of influencing his decisions. rather than filling a policy vacuum, they opposed him and the merck ceo is making a similar mistake here. >> sandra: a lot of blame being throw around over the weekend. i'm sure you noticed it. we put together a montage of the different reactions that we saw to president trump and his response to charlottesville. watch.
11:24 am
>> many of us recognized immediately. it was calling out to these white supremacists that felt empowered by it. >> he has sort of fulfilled every fear that his critics and a lot of people had about him that he wouldn't detach himself from the why supremacists that got him elected and who he put in his government. >> jessica, the conversation quickly turned to the blame game rather than what was actually happening down there. >> what was happening is a white supremacist and neo-nazi rally. so they were quite right. i sat here yesterday and blame the president for his reaction to it. calling out neo-nazis is the easiest thing you can do. while i understand there were other protesters and people had objections to what barack obama did, the reality is that barack
11:25 am
obama is no longer president. this was a give-me. ivanka trump did it right. melania trump -- >> sandra: so did the president answer your concerns today with the statement he made over an hour ago? >> i don't believe that donald trump is at core a racist. i knew that saturday and i know that today. he's statement today was too little too late because of how not complex this issue was. there was no other side to it. saturday was the day to say something. he allows all of his detractors, those that cite what he says about the idea of banning muslims, it gives them the fodder to bring up the issues over and over again. >> sandra: vince, what is the response now a little over an hour after that statement? jessica saying too little too late. lawrence jones said finally he said what he's supposed to say. so what is the general response? >> if you follow the 700 people on twitter that want to run the
11:26 am
country, too little too late. jessica acknowledged she doesn't so i the president as racist. but the criticism is animated by the very thinking. which is to say that there's a charact characterture of the president -- >> can i ask you, vince. i appreciate the moment of reconciliation and we agree. but when you say someone doesn't take the opportunity 20 the largest pulpit to call out neo-nazis -- >> shepard: move forward, jessica. he's done that. >> why not saturday? i know you both would have wanted that. it made sense. he spoke and he didn't say it. i know steve bannon probably wrote it but -- >> i always want the president to say more words, not fewer, a lot that he could have talked about saturday, a lot going on. there's an attempt right now and has been through the weekend to make it seem like the one fatal
11:27 am
sin that was committed, which is this hey news murder by a white supremacist and no other conversation about the people ininvolved in what was the very riot throughout the day. the president steps up, condemns bigotry, hate and calls for unity and says we need respect if not love ideally love. that statement is a strong one -- >> sandra: how about we move on from that? the president tried to do that by saying he just met with his attorney general, the new director of the fbi, christopher wray, talking about the civil rights investigation that is now ongoing. >> yes, that is a step forward and people on both sides of the aisle were excited and appropriate that that investigation was being opened when the news broke saturday night. jeff sessions had a more universally applauded reaction. and right now, people are saying oh, well, barack obama did this.
11:28 am
when liberals came out after a terrorist attack but say thousands die from gun violence or white domestics, the right would say enough. today we're talking -- >> sandra: let me get you to respond to that. you're hearing that argument. the president insisted on the campaign trail to call it what it is. why is this different? >> the president should identify these ideologies as quickly as he can. this is the thing that could have short circuited this. that said, the reason why it didn't end an hour or so ago after the president spoke, there's a desperate attempt to make it seem like the president is animated by evil. that is the exact opposite the president is animated by. i think the press that treats them like that is doing a real disservice to the job that they have that is protected by the first amendment. >> all right. we'll leave it there. the president condemning this as racist violence. jessica, vince, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: candidate trump heavily criticized president
11:29 am
obama's dreamer's program which grants amnesty to those brought to the u.s. as children. president trump says it's a complicated issue. >> dacca is a very difficult subject. >> now the administration face as crucial deadline and a lawsuit. so what can we expect? plus, the president's team trying to tamp down fears of an imminent war with north korea. also, cautioning that the risks of a conflict are rising. >> each time they test another missile or if they should conduct a nuclear weapons test, they develop expertise, they expand the envelope. so it is probably fair to say they are moving towards that at an ever-alarming rate. there's nothing imminent today. shopping for groceries, unclogging the sink, setting updentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better.
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>> sandra: the nation's top military officer, chairman joseph dunford travelling to south korea. this as the trump administration is now pushing for diplomacy amid the growing threat from north korea. general dunford says the u.s. is ready to act if needed. >> two things we're clear of. one, our responsibility to defend against an attack and two, a requirement to make sure that we have a decisive response in the event of an attack. >> rich edson live in
11:34 am
washington. the u.s. military in a show of solidarity with south korea? >> this visit highlights the united states iron clad commitment to the defense of south korea. general dunford says the u.s. prefers peace but they're ready to use the full range of their capability. rex tillerson and defense secretary james mattis warned in a joint piece in the "wall street journal" that any north korean attack will be defeated and any use of nuclear weapons will be met with an overwhelming response. they also said should china fail to act, others in the region are obliged to pursue prudent defensive measures to protect their people. china has announced they will suspend north korean coal, iron
11:35 am
and other imports. sandra? >> sandra: china is responding by the trade practices. >> in 30 minutes, a process will start that could lead to tariffs on chinese imports in the united states. the chinese government has responded. china's foreign ministry says there's no future and no winner a trade war. both sides will be the losers. as we have emphasized for many times, the trade relations is mutual benefit and win win. this is as the united states is trying to get china to cut off their supplying goods to china. >> sandra: thank very much. concerns over a potential conflict between the u.s. and north korea ease, stocks are up.
11:36 am
we have more live from the new york stock exchange. lori, when the president began speaking, he started off with the economy. >> and why not? that's really one of the bright shining achievements of the young presidency, right? if you look at the markets, we're back above 22,000 on the dow jones industrial average. so you have easing tensions with regard to north korea. you know, if you back that up, coming off one of the crummiest weeks for the dow in months a lot of investors are looking at this as a big buying opportunity because of the economy and the confidence they have in it because of so far what happened since the outcome of the presidential election. you also have a rocky week of earnings. the s&p, the dow measures 30 stocks and the s&p is up 1% here. that's the best level for the s&p in like four months. again, we have the dow retracing
11:37 am
22,000. the key psychological milestone. a lot of it is on the strength of the banking and financial stocks, sandra. >> lori, the banking and financial stocks a lot of people are watching them. why are they higher this year? >> so much of our economy is based on the performance of the banks. there's so much of a tie-in, right? you have interest rates slowly rising. higher rates are more profitable for banks and also as part of the trump agenda a deregulation environment starting to take hold here. some of those banking regulations that were put into effect after the financial crisis like dodd frank, there's a lot of talk about easing back on those. easing restrictions on bonuses and also talk here that this fiduciary rule, which forces brokers to put the interests of
11:38 am
their own investors, especially retirees before that of their firm, that's also on delay by the labor department. back to you. >> very interesting. those stocks, the banks, unbelievable. bank of america up 60% this year. >> best performers of the year. >> sandra: thanks, lori. good to see you. >> thanks. >> sandra: a major deadline for the trump justice department looming next month over whether it will defend the obama era dreamer program. this as texas and nine other states are set to file suit under deferred action for childhood arrive values, nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. were given work permits, which protects them from deportation. a related program provides similar benefits as dacca providing benefits to 3.6 million undocumented immigrants with american-born children. stephen, this is a big one. this deadline is huge.
11:39 am
the justice department, this deadline coming september 5. there's a number of challenges for this suit to proceed. what are they? >> it is a big one. it's so big that. trump has said he himself will make the decision essentially abrogating that power to the white house itself rather than to the justice department and homeland security. so the challenge is this. this program tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary of the program going into operation. it's called daca, deferred acc for childhood arrivals. it protects about 800,000 of the dreamers, the young illegals that came and brought by their parents as children who have been in the country, worked toward an education and generally kept out of legal troubles and the most sympathetic characters in this whole immigration debate. the problem is that they have perhaps a tenuous claim. there's not necessarily a clear pathway to citizenship for them in the future.
11:40 am
so even though they're sympathetic, there's not necessarily a clear claim to future legal status, which makes the president, president obama, announce in 2012 very legally suspect. >> sandra: stephen, i want to share with what the president said aboard air force one about this. he said it's a decision i make and a decision that is very, very hard to make. i understand the situation very well. what i'd like to do is a comprehensive immigration plan by our country and political forces are not ready yet. neither the white house nor the justice department have said whether they will defend the obama era programs. this does put the president in difficult territory, does it not? >> absolutely. during the campaign he was on both sides of this issue. specifically about the dreamers. he said he would revoke the obama era declaration, the executive action that created this program in 2012. at the same time, also said he wanted to treat the dreamers
11:41 am
with heart. he was actually so serious about revoking the policy initially that there were executive orders being drafted at the beginning of the trump administration that would have revoked the policy. they were never issued. now we find a situation where the president is making this difficult decision. on the one hand, he said he wants the treat these folks with heart and which essentially means preventing them from being deported. this program does that. on the other hand, he said he wants to get rid of illegal obama executive actions and he's now facing this court deadline. the legal experts i talked with say that they cannot imagine in a world where a different obama program, the one you mentioned that would have applied to four million adults. that has already been ruled illegal. this one has an even more tenuous sort of ability to survive legal scrutiny. so if it does get to the point where texas goes ahead with the lawsuit, it will be a tough sell. the administration either faces
11:42 am
the prospect of defending a policy that the current chief of staff and former homeland security secretary says he doesn't think is legal, so defending a failing case or else revoking it on his own and facing a political backlash from immigrant rights advocates. >> the president has said this is one of the most difficult decisions he faces in his young presidency so far. thanks, stephen. >> thank you. >> sandra: new threats for commuters in the u.s. what al-qaeda is calling on followers to do and what the u.s. is doing to counter the threat. the state of california bringing a lawsuit against the trump administration. the latest showdown between the state and the federal government. we are live at the courthouse.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
>> i'm harris faulkner on the fox news deck. we're keeping an eye on the white house. president trump is expected to sign a measure on china and trade practices. the commander-in-chief known to go off topic, as you know.
11:46 am
will he address the recent filings in charlottesville, virginia? or the ongoing north korea threat? we'll have that coming up. >> sandra: magazine dedicateded to al-quaida terrorists in the arabian peninsula publishing a new guide to derails training in the u.s. and europe. the new issue raising concerns on how safe commuter trains are for americans. jeff flock is live from gary, indiana. what are they threatening, jeff? >> they're threatening a number of things. blowing up trained is the easy one. but they're threatening to derail training. in fact, in the magazine, "inspire" magazine, which is this glossy publication that al-qaeda puts out, they have a how-to guide for how to derail a train. we won't tell you how it works, but standing on the tracks here in gary, indiana.
11:47 am
there's 200,000 miles of real tracks, more than that, that criss-cross the country. there's a device called a derailer that can sit on a track and the railroads use them if a train needs to be stopped, if it's out of control. they publish a way that you can make one at home with steel reinforced concrete to derail trains. in remote areas, lots of track out here in the country that is in remote areas. you can put one of them on the track and would not be detected and cause havoc. >> sandra: what are authorities doing in response to these threats? >> well, the tsa was aware of the publication of "inspire" ahead of it and they put out a warning to rail police, transit police around the country to be on the lookout for these sorts
11:48 am
of sabotage kinds of things. the strategy for those folks is do whatever damage that can be done. it's not as sexy as crashing a plane into the empire state building or world trade center but can spike fear throughout the traveling public and that's what they want to do. >> sandra: thanks, jeff, for that report. the state of california suing the trump administration over sanctuary city funding. the state's attorney general says it's unconstitutional for the government to withhold federal money from cities that don't follow federal immigration practices. adam housley live in san francisco. adam? >> yeah, the state is joined by the city of san francisco. the city of san francisco filed the first lawsuit this morning. the state will file this afternoon. it's $28 million statewide, more than a million locally. it will be withheld if they
11:49 am
don't follow the policy, which is an executive order that came down at the end of july from president trump and the department of justice that mandates two things. that federal officers can go to local jails and go after criminal illegals. and two, a 48-hour notification process once someone is released. they say as to the 48 hour notification, it's ambiguous and almost impossible to follow and that argue the other part of the mandate oversteps their bounds. i asked the question whether this steps up a state, city rights issue versus the feds which has been a more conser conservati conservative. they say this is overstepping the bounds in regards to the constitution. take a listen. >> i don't see this as a federal against the federal government. we're trying to abide by the words of the constitution that left all of those power that are not enumerated in the constitution for the federal government to the states and local governments. we're not trying to fight against donald trump and his administration. we're trying to preserve the
11:50 am
words of the constitution. >> now late -- a couple minutes ago, i got a letter from the department of justice. their official response is not expect ford 30 days. the people of san francisco know too well a solated with a tragedy of location jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities. all this coming from the doj moments ago. you can tell, sandra, the battle has begun between the trump administration and san francisco again. >> sandra: thanks, adam. an ice cream run that is truly out of this world. this rocket today delivering frozen treats to the international space station as part of a large shipment of cargo.
11:51 am
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>> sandra: a spectacular launch today in florida. this space x dragon rocket delivering supplies and other cargo to the international space station. phil keating has more. what flavors are the astronauts receiving? >> probably the neapolitan variety, all flavors, fruit flavors, all of them will be delicious in hot august even if you're in space. it was actually a spectacular launch of 39 a, the launch pad earlier today, and 12:31 p.m.
11:55 am
eastern time. all of those ice cream treats and popsicles are coming in fast along with 6, 500 pounds of gear and experiments to the international space station. for the 14th time, space x successfully brought the 150 foot tall rocket back down to earth with a perfect touchdown on the bulls eye. all part of space x's cost reusability formula. space x dragon cargo ships will all have been flown before. the new dragon, the last time we see one of them go up, will arrive early wednesday morning. when the six crew members pull out, reams of experiments will be unleashed and the new ice cream treats. and the michael j. fox research
11:56 am
foundation will grow crystals in micro gravity where they grow larger than on earth and hoping to lead to improved treatment for people with parkinsons. and the big total solar eclipse that everybody is buzzing about, the crew on the space station will see the eclipse three times. once over the west coast, once over kentucky and the shadow of the moon over south carolina as it heads into the atlantic. the first time in 38 years that the united states, americans can look up or with special sunglasses during a total solar eclipse. very exciting. >> sandra: so many exciting things happening. phil keating, thanks for that. we'll be right back. ything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
>> sandra: thank you for starting your week with us on
12:00 pm
"america's newsroom headquarters." i'm sandra smith. here's harris faulkner in for shepard smith. >> harris: president trump standing before the nation and calling outs the racist responsible in charlottesville. >> to anyone that acted criminally in this racist violence, you'll be held fully accountable. justice will be delivered. >> harris: ahead, the new investigation and the president's promise to defend the rights of all americans. also, the man accused of driving his car into the crowd was in court today. ahead, everything we've learned about that suspect from those that know him including his own mother. and america's top military officer with a new warning to north korea. you'll hear what the joint


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