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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 16, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: we continue our coverage today. more reaction as president trump doubles down on his response to the deadly protests in charlottesville defending the statement he gave on saturday where he blamed many side for the violence. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, sarah smith, cohost of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis, former deputy state department spokesperson and fox news contributor, marie harf, today's a #oneluckyguy, fox news political analyst, juan williams is here. he's outnumbered. >> juan: escher m, but i'm delighted to be >> harris: we are you're here. let's get started, president trump taking on his critics over his initial response for the violent protests of charlottesville and the claims from some that he waited too long to call out the white supremacists who held that rally. the president out of trump tower had a news conference yesterday that was post be about infrastructure, he decided to open the floor to questions. >> i wanted to make sure, unlike
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most politicians, that what i said was correct. not make a quick statement. the statement i made on saturday, the first statement was a fine statement. what about the alt left who came charging at the alt right? you had one site who is there in a group on the other side who was also very violent. no we want to say that, but i'll say right now. >> harris: the president's comments have sparked a lot of reaction, as you may know. most of it in the vein of there is no moral equivalency between white nationalists answer from assist protesters and the counter protesters. that goes for lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle including will heard of texas. >> if you are showing up to a klan rally, you are probably a racist or a bigot. i think the outrage across applicable spectrum is one that maybe we'll open the eyes.
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>> what would you say to our congress men right now? apologize and racism, bigotry, anti-semitism and any form is on acceptable. the leader of the free world should be unambiguous about tha that. >> harris: democratic senator richard blumenthal of connecticut said this. >> my dad came to this country in 1935. to escape nazi germany, he was 17 years old, he had barely more than a shirt on his back. i saw over the last few days how sad and ashamed he would be to see those images and then to watch a president who condones, even approves specifically of those shouting's, hate filled people.
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>> harris: it seems like we've reached a tipping point, some would call a time for a game change in terms of the messaging. where would you put it? >> juan: it's a moment of crisis, not only for the white house, but for the american people. this morning just in conversations with people at the gym, i get the sense of this is across party lines. people say something has gone way, way out of line here. the president and his statement on i guess it was monday, people say, he didn't seem very heartfelt. that's the right thing to say, let's move on. that's on the political basis, but then to have him come back yesterday and say what i meant or what i didn't say on saturday, that's fine. that was a fine statement, the fact that it was delayed, the fact that i said anything, the fact that i went on and said this, then you get the response
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from people like the david duke in the richard spencer's is saying thank you mr. president, we know -- it's unbelievable to me. i think back and picking up on what senator blumenthal just said, i think people who fought in world war ii against nazi's, both sides have something to say here. >> melissa: he said both sides are to blame. >> juan: if you show up for american values and say it is wrong to be racist and stand outside of synagogues with automatic machine guns and scare jewish people inside, i think that's not to be equivocal. >> melissa: no one said equivocal, no one said equal and that's one of the places where this went off the rails, he never said equal blame.
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>> marie: he did say those words. >> melissa: he said there were good people among neo-nazi protesters. there are people who were opposed. i am so uncomfortable having this conversation because i know it's in my heart and i know that i don't think anyone is different, better, or worse based on color of skin, but there is nothing any of us can say right now without being judged. >> harris: there's been a lot of tears on our network and across the country and across the world. with people who are serving, as my father did, he came to visit and i took him to the statue of liberty for the first time in his life yesterday. we cried together. it's a difficult place where we are, but it's not where we've been, it's where we are. this is not 1950, we can do this. we can have this conversation, oh, yes, we can and it's okay if we cry having it. >> sandra: the timing coming off a memorial service, i wish i could reach out and hold your
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hand or hug you. you just heard heather's mother saying this is an uncomfortable conversation monies to be had. >> harris: i love you quoted her. susan burrell who talked about her daughter, i rather have my child, but golly, if i have to give her up, we're going to make it count. >> juan: i don't like melissa crying. i think the whole country is deeply upset about this. even for us, as i sit here, when
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i speak, i would if the audience is saying, he's the black guy. he's written books about race, i want to make sure people here, this is not about politics, this is not about i'm just saying something that is supposed to be said, i want to engage you, i want to talk to you because i think people of goodwill across racial lines need to understand the hurt i feel inside when i hear my president say things about people who hate catholics and and immigrants and think that he is standing up for a brand of nationalism that is really good for america. this is disruptive to the fabric of a society that i love. >> sandra: you are referencing the president's words, how do you think he truly feels?
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>> juan: i know that that guy who says, as he said yesterday, there is blame to go around on both sides and i think there is no blame to go around for people who want to stand up against the nazi's and klan members and people who want to carry automatic weapons outside of synagogues and scare jewish people. no, there is no equivalent. >> harris: we will continue the conversation right now, adding this in. in the aftermath of yesterday's news conference, the white house named hope hicks as interim communications director. she has worked with president trump since before his presidential campaign. fox news has obtained the white house talking points after his question and question-and-answer period and here's also part of the story that you should know today. among those talking points, the
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president was entirely correct that both sides acted inappropriately in charlottesville. this is coming from the white house and what they would want their surrogates to say. the president condemned with no ambiguity the hate groups fueled by bigotry and racism. the white house team should not overlook the fact that just because the media finds them inconvenient. we haven't heard much from you, maria. >> marie: this is a hard day for everyone. it feels like a moment and our history where exactly is one said, these are conversations that we have to have. what's made me sad and angry over the past 72 hours is that i want my president to play a helpful role in that discussion. i want leaders across parties to come together and say, let's talk about the statues, let's talk about our history, let's talk about these issues that are clearly still there.
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i want this debate which is so sensitive and so controversial and so laden with history to be led by leaders who are doing it and a responsible way. i'm not being critical of donald trump because i'm a democrat, as an american, that's what has made me so sad over the last few days. i don't think he handled it in that way. >> harris: we now have the facts interjected into the story, some of the criticism came over the weekend, that the president perhaps didn't make his narrative more narrow because he doesn't have the key medications completely filled. so there's that nugget of it. i want to ask you something about this whole thing. i made some comments on monday that kind of shadow what you say it in terms of can we move forward? what will it take to get us to move forward and terms of the
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messaging out of this white house now with this new comms director? how do we go forward at this point? >> juan: it's an important point you just made at the end of the question because i think the president and a lot of his supporters and hope hicks of the mind that critics are never going to be satisfied. they'll always be complaining about president trump. their problem is with president trump and they don't like him, it's not the issue. i want to try to separate that because i think it's so important for people to say, it's not about the politics, let's not get caught and democrats versus republicans. there are moral issues that are so important to us and i think so important to everyone on this couch. i don't think alyssa starts getting upset about most political policy arguments. if you wanted to go on, you have to make it go on. >> harris: we have to move forward and that is people have
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called me pollyanna, they've called me all sorts of things. i love this country so much, i want us to go forward and we know we can't stay stuck on a square. history has to change. history will judge us moving forward, so what has to happen? >> juan: when you heard heather heyer's mom say this is just the beginning of her daughter's legacy and you think of a white mother with a southern accent saying very clearly, i see heather's death as having larger meaning, it is about the healing. if we can have conversations, if melissa can start to get upset and, i want to engage melissa. i would like to hear melissa, i want to get an understanding of melissa because she is my pal and i want to know if she's upset about something. that's what it takes.
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from the president's point of view, i think right now, he has to understand the nation is in a heated, emotional moment. some people say it's about the statute, others say it's about the black, white, the vibe in the country, this larger issue. i think the president needs to speak. it may be he speaks with some moral clarity. >> harris: and my own family, we talk about this, that church in south carolina and when that man when in there and killed people and they said, look at what that church was able to do. they were able to flower their hearts and forgive and move forward. that is such a shining example. >> juan: it was because in fact, given that they were in south carolina, it's the most segregated hour in america. you saw the white churches come over and join with them. there's a lot of racial tension
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in this country. >> melissa: i do think it's about taking the time to hear each other and that's where we are getting lost along the way is that everybody feels like they're not being heard and if we could just listen to each other, that would make the difference and made a commercial break. [laughter] >> harris: let's do it, president trump's team firing back at a new cbo report that finds obamacare premiums will surge next year. what's next for health care? pleasure public and lawmakers now calling for a special counsel robert mueller to testify publicly over the cost and scope of the rush investigation and whether investigators have a political agenda, should he have to face lawmakers? will talk about it, stay close. ♪ you don't let anything
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>> melissa: is a lot of those people. applet people by what they want to buy and will pay for the people. >> harris: sandra's going to talk next. >> sandra: we have to leave it there. president trump talking about the removal of federal monuments asking where does it stop and wondering if statues of presidents washington and jefferson may be next question does have a point.
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admitting president obama got away with some stuff that the press liked him. doesç that prove the media is biased against president trump? we shall debate
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yet ç all it was coming >> this week it's robert e lee, i noticed that stonewall jackson is coming down, i wonder is a george washington next week and is a thomas jefferson the week after? you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop? was george washington a slave owner? what you think of thomas jefferson? you like him? are we going to take on the statue because he's a major slave owner. >> melissa: president trump during the contentious news conference focusing on the violence in charlottesville over
9:29 am
the weekend. removing statues of confederate meters could be a slippery slope pointing to the fact that some of the founding fathers were slave owners. this is the city of baltimore overnight removing for confederate statues while a lexington, kentucky, officials are planning to take down to confederate memorials of their own. meanwhile, theç removal of imas of robert e lee, jefferson davis, and others. i'll let you go first, marie, what do you think? >> marie: confederate leaders took their country to defend the institution of slavery. i think there is a serious conversation that town seem to have. they did numerous town halls with citizens peer they formed a committee with a study that looked at all the different issues of what they should do. some of the founding fathers in
9:30 am
places like monticello and mount vernon are trying to figureç out ways to better deal with the fact that they were slave owners. they have a lot of history and how you deal with those particular parts of the founding fathers history. this is complicated, but confederate leaders equating them with the founding fathers who had complicated personal situations that often include slavery, i think that was a step too far. >> juan: i've been invited to speak at some of these presidential homes and memorials in part because people want to hear the civil rights angle and the way they've been doing it as they blame the fact thatç they were slave owners and their human beings and they have stories to be told about living that time period and the contributions they made in terms of building the homes and work in the plantations and it's also true of the white house, sold their real people and they are
9:31 am
part of our american experience. the thing about the difference that president trump was calling out, i find it so confusing that a lack of moral clarity. if you're talking about these people, what you're talking about is living in a time of slavery as opposed éo people wo were trying to break apart our country and defend slavery when they understood that that institution was now being called out as a moral abyss. >> harris: i'm curious, you've got some of these statues that are coming down with vandalism, other communities are making the decision to bring theirs down. what kind of a timetable do you think you're looking at right now in terms of bring the confederate statues down? what should the goal be? because you don't want to breeze over a part of history for fear that we wouldn't talk about certain things. that's one side of the argument
9:32 am
and the otherç side of the argument was when these presidents were in office, slavery was actually legal for them versus what we are talking about now, we would want to divide the country. how do we navigate all of that historical information? >> juan: we are all opposed to vandalism and people taking action, both the city council, have had conversations with your neighbors. the troubling part is that you will notice that so many who are now the alt right, the kkk, walking around with t-shirts, those folksç see those statuess emblems of their cause. it's become now nearly divisive. they say, don't erase the history going back to the civil war. so many of those monuments were put up in the 20th century by white resistant separatists to celebrate and that's what we're seeing now. part of the conversation is less
9:33 am
about the history then it is about this current signal being sent to people who would be hateful. >> marie: germany has had to do this, but they've had to reckon with it and a much more recent past. there are not statuesç to adolf hitler, they have had a very difficult internal national process. it's how you come to terms, how you learn from history, how you take the lesson and you acknowledge it, but not celebrate some of these awful. max of time now the statues have become a flash point for a new movement. that's the thing that people who don't live in the area or aren't exposed to it don't understand and haven't heard and that's the kind of thing that has to be brought more. this is what it means today and this is why it's not helpfulç. >> harris: jake tapper who
9:34 am
freak early battles white house officials on air admitted, president obama benefited from the media during his two terms in the oval office because they actually liked him. tapper telling "rolling stone" magazine, "i don't want to compare president obama with president trump on these issues because they're different in the scale isn't even remotely the same, but president obama said things that weren't true and got away with it more for a variety of reasons. and one is that the media was much more supportive of him." is he right? >> juan: i don't think there's any question that president obama is the first african-american who is oftentimes treated like aç rock star. i don't know what he's talking about, the most famous one would be if you like your insurance, you can keep it. i don't know that he wasn't called out on that, so i wonder if jake is thinking about something else. >> harris: i don't know what he knew behind the scenes.
9:35 am
>> juan: i wonder what it is. >> harris: the gap between when he said it was not immediate when we clearly knew they were not the jv team. >> marie: that interview was a little self-serving. he went on to say everybody is trying to be really biased and i'm trying to steerç clear of that and it's like, okay, thanks for your own opinion on that. i found that a little inappropriate. president obama did get called out and we also -- there isn't something that president obama said that we had not have said again, i think we would all agree that we've never had a president behave towards the media like president trump has. he treats them differently, he calls them the enemy and when you start off your first press briefing by basically not telling the truth about inauguration crowds, it sets a different tone. the press has a responsibility to act the same no matter who is in office, but i think we have to i'll admit that there is different tone.ç a lot of that is because of his own reaction.
9:36 am
>> melissa: sure, but there isn't attacking going on. we've gotten to this place where the demeanor that we've had with the last president who everybody thought was cool and light. they kind of enjoyed being in that theater with him. >> sandra: we are now learning a seventh executive has resigned from donald trump'sç advisory county. the seventh two now depart is the ceo of 3m. he has also put out a statement on the 3m twitter site saying these are my personal values and also fundamental 3m vision. the past few months have provided me with an opportunity to reflect upon my commitment to
9:37 am
the values. i joined the manufacturing initiative in january to advocate for policies that align with our values and encourage even stronger investment and job growth. he goes on to say after careful consideration, i believe the initiative is no longer an "bq#fective vehicle for 3m to advance these goals. as a result, today am resigning from the manufacturing council. that is part of the statement, that is number 72 depart that counsel in the wake of recent events. a member of special council calling on robert mueller. the questions they want answer and whether they could hamstring the probe and make it become less of a witch hunt.
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9:42 am
cost and scope of the probe and whether investigators have a political agenda in a letter to the chairman of the senate and house judiciary committee writing this. the team led by mr. mueller who is just as empowered if not more so than any united states attorney is allowed to operate largely in secret. we respect we request that they immediately convene a public and open hearing and series of hearings to bring mr. mueller and his team out of the shadows and into the publicç square. do you agree with that request? >> juan: no, absolutely not. rod rosenstein who is the deputy attorney general is in charge of this investigation. if rod rosenstein felt that mueller was out of control and spending money wiley and impaling a grand jury without justification is not necessary, you would see rod rosenstein say slow down.
9:43 am
to get the political people involved at this point, it's basically saying, we don't like this investigation. i remember when people hadç questions earlier and coming up with issuing statements. it looked like something was being done to undercut the power of this investigation. >> sandra: someone has to look out for the taxpayer, right? >> melissa: absolutely. number one, when to start these, they get bigger and number to call, they don't result in anything happening. they may come out with this finding there is no point and starting them and there'sç no point in stopping them. i've watched so many now. >> marie: clinton got impeached because of one. >> melissa: there is a lot different since then. >> harris: what would we
9:44 am
expect the special counsel to tell us in public about his investigation? i don't know that we've seen anything like that other than james comey when he was a former fbi director. he was described as a chatty kathy. i don't know that going public -- he's just going to simply say i can't talk about that because the investigation is ongoing. in fact, he needs one of those buttons where he can just say i can't talk about that because the investigation isç ongoing. >> marie: there are processes in place to make sure the special counsel there all these processes in place. i don't remember them asking can start to come and testify. particularly about such a sense of national security which involves a lot of classwide
9:45 am
information, he can't talk about the substance, he can't talk about it because it's it's part of an ongoing probe. if they want to know how much iç costs, congress would know how much it costs. >> sandra: it sound like the responsible thing to do. >> marie: yeah, we don't have to call robert mueller before congress. >> harris: if that's the point, there are other ways to triangulate. >> juan: i was interested in what you are saying. to me, picking up on what melissa said, a lot of these things cost money. while matt, why are we sending that money? on the other hand, this is a legitimate investigation, properly brought, brought through the justice department. we know longer have the special prosecutors becauseç we saw tht that was unlimited and what you are talking about just went on and on forever. we changed from that to the special counsel to try to limit it. >> melissa: to what end?
9:46 am
anytime i go down a road to try to do something, you've got so little time in the day and a finite amount of resources. what's the point? it's starting to feel like that with these investigations. in the last also. there are legitimate questions that they never go down the road they started and we veer off in another direction and why do we do this and want to be get out ofç it? >> harris: okay, i understand there's some new signs of support for nancy pelosi. >> sandra: as several democratic candidates try to distance themselves from the house minority leader, why are they running from nancy? is it time for new leadership? stay tuned. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
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9:51 am
we also have some breaking news the president advisory ceo panel. that's all ahead in the second hour of "happening now." >> melissa: nancy pelosi and other top democrats holding a news conference in l.a. right knew better deal agenda. this as more and more democratic candidates are reportedly distancing themselves from pelosi ahead of the 2018 midterms. one congressional candidate in ohio saying we are overdue for a new generation of leadership. we have a remarkable opportunity in front of us and it'sç goingo take new thinking and new leadership to capitalize on it. another in georgia joking "president putin has probably a better approval rating in georgia for nancy pelosi." do you get it? several house democrats also calling for the house minority
9:52 am
leader to step down after the party failed to win back house seeds in for a special electio elections. who wants to go first on this one? >> juan: i'll be glad to. i must say, i don't think it's any question that president putin has a better approval rating.ç the problem here is nancy pelosi is extremely effective among people in congress as a fund-raiser and as a leader. for example, i know paul ryan is oftentimes listening to conservative talk radio, they say he's the worst. people in congress like paul ryan and see him as having a delicate balance between the freedom caucus and the rest of this caucus. it's similarly the case and the democratic side. you have their leadership being called into question,ç especiay
9:53 am
given, i hope this is not inappropriate, the age of people like nancy pelosi and of chuck schumer. >> harris: what about where the democrats are? are you worried that your party cannot get together on a singular message? when there is a challenge like with representative tim ryan to nancy pelosi, we can talk about age, the next generation of political leaders that might be coming through right now are being squashed. >> marie: it's been fascinating to watch what happened in the last few months. he got squashed and that challenge. usually you have people like seth moultonç come out, he understands national security issues, he's the next generation. he now feels empowered enough to say we have new leadership. yes, i am worried that our party, my party has not figured out yet how to win this next
9:54 am
election cycle, but i think it's not necessarily one overarching message, as finding candidates who need the district. every district across the country, understand they come everywhere. tim ryan is not the democratic savior either. i don't think we should all look party. there are people like joe crowley who is in leadership, there are people in this party who can take it in a different direction and god bless nancy pelosi, she's been great on a lot. we need to start looking toward the future. >> melissa: she is very good at wrangling democrats are just somethingç republicans obviousy
9:55 am
failed and she's fantastic at raising money. she seems to symbolize the wealthy 1% liberal elite on the left, so it's not great to have her out there speaking and maybe should not the best person to judge who should be running given her view, i'm sure she supported hillary clinton. could she continue to wrangle in the house and lose money? she's a great salesman. she sold obamacare with nobody knowing what was in it. >> sandra:ç do you think it's time for her to go? >> juan: it doesn't matter what i think. i think it's a matter of the people who vote to supporters. she's not there because she wants to be there, there are democrats in the leadership and they get voted on by the members of the democratic caucus. they want nancy pelosi.
9:56 am
if i'm listening to especially conservative talk radio, they go after nancy pelosi, they beat her up like a pinata. you look at the recent election in georgia and others, they ran ads of attacking pelosi, not the other candidates. democrats know there's a lotç going. >> sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a minute ugh. heartburn.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> break' news, the vice president is being asked on his latin america trip aro.qát % comments after charlottesville by the president. let's watch together. >> it was her tragedy and the president has been clear on this tragedy and so have i. i have spoken at length about this heartbreaking situation, saturday night in columbia and i stand with the president and i stand by those words. today, while i am here, our
10:00 am
hearts are in charlottesville. ago, family and friends gathered to say farewell to a remarkable young woman. heather heyer. and we've been praying, we've comfort for her family and her friends.s and we are also praying that in america, we will not allow the few to divide the many. the strength of the united states ofç america is always strongest as the president has said so eloquently, we are united.


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