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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 16, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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and solidarity of the black lives movement, this is awesome, congratulations to her in the military. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five," now "hannity" is really up next. >> this is a fox news alert, the radical destroy trump media is unhinged. they are having a collective emotional breakdown. why, the president didn't say everything they wanted the way they wanted said about charlottesville. they are twisting, they are distorting, they are taking the presidents word out of context and tonight, were going to do something they don't do, we will lay out all the facts and tell us the truth about what is really going on in a very divided america tonight. that's tonight's opening monologue. ♪ what they destroy trump media is not doing beyond malpractice. they have worked themselves into a frenzy over the president's
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comments over the chaos in charlottesville. here's what the president said yesterday, take a look. >> president trump: i've condemned neo-nazis, i've condemned many different groups but not all of those people were neo-nazis, believe me. not all of those people were white supremacist by any stretch. you had a group on one side and you had a grip on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it was horrible. it was a horrible thing to watch. there is another side. there was a group on this site, you can call them the left, you've just called them the left that came up violently attacking the other group. if you can say what you want but that's the way it is. if >> sean: the president did monday as he did yesterday, the president condemned over and over the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists, other hate groups. he also laid out some of the facts about what happens but here are the facts, nobody wants to tell you. here's the video from saturday. everybody agrees.
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these white supremacists, you know what? they evoke a natural wage and people. the people who provoked everything with them, the white supremacists. if they are without question the most responsible of the things that happened here. every decent good american should unequivocably oppose everything they stand for. but there is violence, the president said is true that came from both sides. that is clear from the video that you're watching. what seemed to set the media off yesterday, the president said there was violence on both sides, whether we like it or not, this is an important point. the first amendment does protect even hate speech, even the aclu defended these white supremacists and their right to say what they want to say, whether or not we like it or not. you were not allowed in america, under the rule of law to get into fist fights, to punch people, engage in fighting because you don't like what they say. despite those facts, the media is living in an alternative universe. all they want to do is destroy the presidents.
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watch this insanity. >> wise president trump showing sympathy for white nationalists and other hate groups. one editorial board of a big paper calling the president america's bigoted chief. he's given safe harbor to and white supremacists. >> donald trump short of woodrow wilson and andrew jackson is himself with disgraceful racial views come he's not pandering to people, these are his views. >> i think people realize the strain of white nationalism in the white house is in fact something that is more closely associated with the president himself. >> barack obama was a black president, maybe he didn't think barack obama was fit to be in office but he traded on racial animus and racial b.s. and he's been doing it for decades. anyone who was in that white house and its supporting
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him is complicit in their racism as well. >> it was disturbing, i think we saw the president's true colors today and i'm not sure they were red, white, and blue. >> we can say his words have emboldened white supremacists. >> it's a tough night for normal people, you have a lot of people at home going through kleenex right now. >> i'm just hurt. i think a lot of people are hurt tonight. >> sean: that's the guy that said a white lass? last week it was the media, they wanted to convince you that president trump was a madman who wanted to go to war with north korea, in case you've forgotten, take a look at the tate. >> it doesn't help when our allies in the countries in the region can't tell whether it's donald trump or kim jong il and who's the crazier one. >> this is not the kind of language we normally hear from the u.s. president during a moment of crisis. >> it sounds like something you
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would hear from the north korean state news agency. >> what you need to do is lower the temperature and not increase the temperature, and in a way i think you could say he's playing right into kim's hands. >> if you read a paragraph at the beginning of a newspaper that said this -- a bellicose, threatening, emotionally insecure leader did x, a year ago would you have felt the president of the united states was that person or would you have thought they had a north korea with that person? >> sean: creating a massive information crisis for the american people. last week he was a lunatic, this wiki is a a bigot. did you notice he scored a massive victory, his peace through strength policy has worked? did you notice north korea has backed down from their threats to fire missiles at guam? this dishonesty from the media is beyond despicable, so unfair for the american people. they are doing you a great
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disservice. charlottesville is only the latest perfect example. let me remind the media -- president trump has it denounced again and again in the starkest terms of possible as he should these white supremacists. he tweeted out on saturday, we almost be united and condemn all that hate stands for. let's come together as one. he went on to say we must remember this truth, we are all americans first. on saturday, the president went further and said this. >> president trump: we condemn and they strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides him on many sides. >> sean: all weekend long, the lighting media were trying to convince their viewers that president trump wasn't sympathetic to these white supremacists because he didn't mention them all by name.
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so on monday, the president addressed it again, he mentioned them by name, condemned them again. >> president trump: racism is evil. those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> sean: we played with the president said it yesterday but it's never good enough for a media that has an agenda that's ideological. president trump has been condemning hate, white supremacist, david duke for years and years. this is something were about to show you they will never show you about president trump. i wonder why, take a look. >> what are your views on the ku klux klan and white supremacist. >> president trump: i totally disavow the ku klux klan. i disavowed david duke. i've been doing it now for two weeks, you're probably about the
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18th person that's asked me the question. i didn't even know he endorsed me, david duke adores me? i disavowed. he announced his senate candidacy claiming your agenda, glad that you spoke out. newt gingrich said every republican is repeating. >> president trump: rebukes, done. >> president trump: i disavowed him every time i speak to somebody and they just keep it going, they keep it going. >> how would you characterize in more words than one david duke? >> president trump: he's a bad person who i disavowed on numerous occasions over the years. i disavowed him, i disavowed the kkk, digested "the today show" it was the same thing. how many times do i have to disavow quartz market you want me to do it again for the 12 time? >> president trump: how many times do i have to reject? i reject david duke, have rejected david duke, i've
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rejected the kkk in the ku klux klan. from the time i'm five years old i rejected them. >> what do you see is the biggest problem with reform party right now? >> president trump: david duke just joined a bigot, racist, a problem, this is not the people you want in your party. >> sean: reject, review, condemn, disavow. both sides were involved in the fighting, it needed both sides there at the media isn't reporting the facts and telling her the truth. let's take a look at the headline from the associated press and the reporter who was on the ground in charlottesville. this is the ap. if you from the street. police stood by as adversaries fought. the ap agrees with donald trump. this reporter saying the police did not do anything as the fighting went on. the aclu tweeted not sure who provoked first, both sides were hitting each other at justice park before the police arrived.
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they added, the guy on the ground is that unites the right protester, those in black and red are antifraud protesters. where's the media at demanding answers from the democratic governor, the democratic mayor of the city about why the police did not break up the violence? why wasn't the national guard brought in. hollywood leftists are now losing their collective minds but remember michael moore? watch what he says about all this, take a listen. >> if you hold down the woman while the is rating her and you didn't rate her, are you will with mark let's cut the b.s. and to start speaking honestly. >> that's a very powerful and uncomfortable anecdote that you shared of people will think you're comparing trump voters t to. >> its uncomfortable incident. >> sean: there's cnn, disgraceful, even for michael moore's standards.
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next up, chelsea handler tweeting it's time for the generals that trump has appointed to declare him unfit for office. this is madness. trump is actually racist? he isn't saying the wrong thing, he is actually racist. then you have brian fallon, hillary clinton's former campaign spokesperson. he sent out this tweet comparing the antifat leftist protesters to the american heroes who stormed the beaches at normandy to defeat the. all of these people have now gone on the deep end tonight. we need some calm, we some facts and truth. america should speak out against all extremists. this started in january, remember the women's margin january? madonna talking about blowing up the white house, take a look. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white hous
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white house. >> sean: johnny depp talking about assassinating the president of the united states of america. >> once the last time an actor assassinated president? i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i live for a living. however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> sean: robert de niro saying he wants to punch president trump in the face, take a look. >> how dare you say the thing he does, of course i want to punch him in the face. it was only a symbolic thing, it wasn't like i was going to go try to punch him in the face. he's got to hear it. that's how he makes people feel. >> sean: these are but a few examples of the many, many that we could show you and we can't
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forget shakespeare in the park and there's also the image so disturbing, you get the viewer warning every time we show it and that of course kathy griffin posing like an ices fighter with a blood he severed head of president trump. can't forget about marilyn manson, mickey work have all made against the president of the united states. these hollywood liberals, they need to stop feigning their moral outrage because clearly they don't have the high ground when it comes to hateful rhetoric. we need to talk about the democrats and their rampant history of racism. this is something the democrats, their allies in the liberal media, there never good to tell you about either. every two years, every four years, they pull out the political ads, they tear the country apart in a pathetic -- it's their only playbook attempt to win votes, they divide americans. want to prove? without the proof, take a look. >> when you don't vote you let another church explode. when you don't vote you allow
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another class to burn. >> on june 71998 in texas my father was killed. he was dragged 3 miles to his death all because he was black. when governor george w. bush refused to hate crime legislation, it was like my father was killed all over agai again. >> sean: this happens we can predict every two to four years, disgusting, offensive. it pales in comparison to what the democrats have tolerated in their own party. here are some of the media won't tell you. republicans have been the party of lincoln. the emancipation proclamation. democrats? they've been the party of segregation, the southern manifesto. remember back in 1956, it was democrats who introduced what was known as that southern manifesto, that's a document to resist the supreme court decision. brown versus the board of education and the segregation in schools. people like bill clinton's mentor who he praised many times jay william fulbright who has
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been praised throughout his entire career. overwhelmingly signed by democratic members of congress in 1956. according to political only to republicans in support of that. we go back to the 1960s, passage of the civil rights seized the mic 64, and the voting rights act and 65. the same southern democrats tried to stop these historic pieces of legislation being passed including filibuster for months. then the actual vote tally spread let's take a look at the noaa votes for the civil rights act of 64. 112 democrats in congress voted against it. 21 republicans. for the 1965 voting rights act, 78 democrats in congress voted against it, 25 republicans voted no. i don't understand, the democrats, the media, that's their history. some people in the democratic party voted today praised those people involved in that history. george wallace, one of the most
7:16 pm
racist segregationist in history, democrat for most of his political career. his democratic senator, remember the former klansman? was it a charge that long ago, he filibustered the civil rights act for over 14 hours before voting against expert other well-known democrats to vote no, that's bill clinton's mentor jay william fulbright and even al gore's father. al gore sr. once again you would think democrats would announce and enforce those type of people out of their party. instead, democrats at the complete opposite especially when it comes to robert byrd, former klansman. hillary clinton, we've got the tape praising him as were mentor after he died, take a look. >> senator byrd was a man of eloquence and nobility, i sought out his guidance and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom. i admires his tireless advocacy
7:17 pm
for his west virginia constituents. as a secretary of state, i continue to rely on his advice and counsel. >> sean: her mentor, was she giving robert byrd of pascua to mark he was in the clan. take a look at what robert byrd said to tony snow, back on fox news sunday in just 2001. 16 years ago, take a look. >> i've seen a lot of white [bleep] in my time, we've all become what we need to work together to make the country better. >> sean: pretty shocking former klansman, would you call someone who said that your mentor like hillary? this just highlights the democrats massive double standard when it comes to race in america, the divides that they are contributing to. they have made race a political wedge issue in this country for decades and they have used it sadly to rip this country apart.
7:18 pm
we showed you how president obama, he rushed to judgment, race to conclusions for any evidence, any facts came out, and the testimony came out in four particular high-profile race cases, rush to judgment. president obama made it a point to associated himself with groups like black lives matter and chant things like what we want dead cops? pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. president obama invited black lives matter to his white house and praised a black lives matter leader. while completely excusing his antipolice remarks, take a look at a couple of his tweets. feared for my life language is perhaps the new execution model of america's largest gain, the police. should someone who spews that hatred really have been invited to obama's white house? where was the media's outrage then? he was praised by the president at the time, president obama,
7:19 pm
there's the issue of leftists destroying public property and tearing down monuments like what we saw happen in durham, north carolina, this week. the left, there up in arms over president trump asking where america should draw a line when it comes to removing these monuments. people can agree with what they think these statues represent. they can have honest disagreement. they don't have a right to destroy property, they don't have a right to be violent, we have a political process for that. let local municipalities decide. if the left is so upset over confederate monuments, maybe they should feel the same way about displays that honor racist democrats we just told you about. take a look at this statue, robert byrd of the former klansman in the west virginia state capitol. democrats now think it needs to be taken down? according to a local west virginia website there are at least 56 buildings, bridges, highways, centers that are named
7:20 pm
after robert byrd. do they need to be renamed, do they need to be taken out? there are also highway statues and other things that are dedicated to people like al gore, sr., jay william fulbright comeau george wallace. members of the media are going to lose their collective minds over the latest attack against president trump, i think it's important to remember this in many ways is selective moral outrage. more importantly at the end of the day a huge distraction. this last election was the stomach about the forgotten men and women of this country. paper stomach people on poverty in people and food stamps and people who cannot find a job. as all these fights go on and all the undermining of the president continues, none of those people are being helped. that is a huge shame for the american people. when we come back, herman cain will react to my opening monologue and later tonight, larry elder and geraldo rivera.
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>> sean: will come back to "hannity," joining us with reaction, fox news contributor herman cain is back with us. this is a serious topic. i don't like to see my country enter more like this, i can't
7:25 pm
stand these white supremacist people, and i know the natural reaction people have to it because i have to admit you can't punch them and i i don't like the way the media the double standard against the president's printer he said it saturday, monday, tuesday, look at how they reacted. >> i want to applaud you and your staff for isolating the voices of hypocrisy. that's what that was. i applaud you for that. let me add something. they couldn't make russia stick, they couldn't make refugees, refugees can refugees stick. now they're destined for the as racism, racism, racism. here's what i don't understand, the american people are not stupid. those people that are supporting donald trump because of the result that he's getting are not
7:26 pm
going to persuade trump supporters to move over to the dark side. they have not just crossed the line, they going over the cliff. the only people gone over the cliff with them are those people that are just as deceived and deranged as they are. it's a desperate attempts to try to get people to follow them off the cliff. >> sean: it that's the sad part of it because of so many americans -- 50 million in property, 50 million on food stamps, 94 out of the labor force. there is real suffering in the country, the agenda is being stopped. there is this history of the left. how does hillary clinton get away with robert byrd as my mentor or bill fulbright is my
7:27 pm
mentor? nothing, you never hear of it. >> the way she gets away with it is that the liberal media is an accomplice to tds -- trump arrangement syndrome. i'm not exaggerating, but what you showed is exactly what other symptoms of trump arrangement syndrome. they are never going to get over us. they are still stuck in hillary should have one. if she should not have one because she was not the best candidates. they are stuck in trump arrangement syndrome and i've got to tell you, we will find a cure to cancer before they get over their obsession with tds. it's sad, it's unfortunate, and it doesn't help this country, that's what they are trying do is to destroy and divide this
7:28 pm
nation with all of this racist rhetoric that they are continuing to put out there. >> sean: every two and four years i show the ads come of card is played every to four years. i've got so much more that i can play. i'm watching what they're doing to the president, he condemned these hateful groups, white supremacists as he rightly should. they don't listen to that part. do you think the american people see this? >> yes. like you, i'm on the radio five days a week. i hear from people. they are not stupid. they see past this. the only ones that are following this racist rhetoric and this racist indication of what they think defines america are the people who are already predisposed to their position. here's what they don't
7:29 pm
understand. violence does not define americ america. violence does not define who we are. they don't understand that. the liberal media believes that if they say it often enough over and over and over, that more people are going to fall into their camp, that's simply not happening. >> sean: we've got to get to the business of helping the american people, the economy, always good to see you my friend friend. coming up on the wake of the tragedy intro it's full, pressure mounting for cities and towns to remove confederate statues. larry elder and geraldo stomach geraldo rivera away in next as continue thanks for loading, sweetie.
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7:34 pm
charlottesville tonight. they sang protest songs from the 60s, the vigil turned into a march around the campus of the university of virginia. coming us days after violence at a white nationalist protest left one person dead and more than a dozen injured. the dead woman was remembered at a memorial service. meanwhile the coast guard and the honolulu fire department conducting search operations well into the night. they are looking for five soldiers missing from an army helicopter that crashed off the coast of oahu lake tuesday. it was conducting a nighttime training mission with another blackhawk, only parts of a few and a helmet and been found. now back to "hannity" for all of your headlines, log onto ♪ >> president trump: you had people in that group that were there for protest, taking down to them a very important statue and the renaming of a park from
7:35 pm
robert dilley to another name. george washington was a slave owner, was he's a slave owner? will he now lose his status? are we going to take down statues to george washington? how about thomas jefferson? what do you think of thomas jefferson? he was a major slave owner. are we going to take down his statue? >> sean: president trump yesterday addressing that removal of historical monuments in america, under cover of darkness, baltimore removed for confederate monuments. new york took down two plaques from a church property in brooklyn, new york, that honored the general robert e. lee. several other cities are also discussing removing various confederate symbols including the governor of new york, all of them. radio talk show host larry elder, fox news correspondent at large were about stomach
7:36 pm
geraldo rivera. the president said it's up to local cities and the municipalities they want to do. hillary clinton is on tape saying that robert byrd is her mentor. bill clinton's mentor was jay william fulbright, segregationist as you know. all west virginia has is robert byrd at school, robert byrd street, where does it end? is this going to keep going? >> i think there are two separate issues. on the remaking of history, the renaming of the erasing of history. i think that is very dangerous and it threatens to undermine the very foundation of our nation, for example. there has been slavery, a scar on the face of society since the ancient egyptians, 3100 years bc. then the romans, the greeks,
7:37 pm
george washington to thomas jefferson was the president and you both referenced. i think it's very dangerous when you start trying to bring historical figures and monuments and mementos up to contemporary political standards, it's very dangerous, very susceptible to political correctness. that is a separate issue from the failure to denounce neo-nazis. those are two different issues. the president made a grievous error in failing to denounce immediately the neo-nazis, the second point, the larger point >> sean: in fairness, i have tapes of him doing it throughout the years. david duke, white supremacists throughout the years. he said it so many times during the campaign, it became an issu issue. he said he wanted to wait. obama made a big mistake because he politicized for high profile racial issues and was wrong on all four. my question was desperate the
7:38 pm
president did denounce it again and again, he sent out the tweets on saturday, he said it yesterday. at what point does that satisfy the need to say i hate these people. they are disgusting people. >> you have to say that our friend the president, we want him to succeed in his embattled even by people like mcconnell and others in his own party. he needs to not take advice from whoever gave him that advice but it was terrible advice, he should have condemned the neo-nazis, there is no such thing as a good neo-nazi. they really are punks, get them out of here. >> sean: larry? >> geraldo was talking about the major story, whether racism remains a major problem in america and whether or not charlottesville represents that. david duke ran for governor of louisiana in 1991, was shunned by the local republicans, they
7:39 pm
supported his opponent the democrat and a crook. the rnc refused to give him of any support. george herbert walker bush report stomach referred to him as a holocaust denier. he runs for office four more times, loses every time, goes to jail for bank fraud and tax evasion and who are we talking about course market david duke? if it weren't for cable tv digging them he'd be working road construction in kalamazoo under an assumed name. in charlottesville, one of the ceos who resigned from the president's commission is a black man ceo of merck and a black man named larry elder talking to you about it and obama and trumps predecessor for eight years was barack obama. >> sean: more larry elder, geraldo rivera to, after the break as we continue.
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>> we cannot end in no way can we accept, apologize for, racism and bigotry, hatred, violence, and those kinds of things that too often arise in our country. >> sean: that was the attorney general jeff sessions earlier today during a speech in miami on the issue of sanctuary cities taking a moment to discuss the violent weekend in charlottesville and emphasized
7:44 pm
there is no place in this country for racism, bigotry, hatred, white supremacy, violence, we continue with larry elder and geraldo rivera. one of the big issues, we've looked at the tape. the media said -- the president was right. we all despise these people. they are ignorant, hate filled, they are horrible human beings. we all understand that. even the aclu says they have the right to say horrible things. there were people that were fighting and punching on both sides. >> there was fighting on both sides which is what donald trump meant when he said i abhor the violence on both sides. he was talking about people fighting in the streets. he was not saying people who are white supremacist are equal to the people who don't like white supremacist. that was incredibly unfair. 20 years ago, time and cnn did a poll asking black teenagers whether racism was a major problem, they said yes.
7:45 pm
they asked was it a major problem in their own lives, 90% of them said low. failure to take advantage of a opportunities was a bigger problem than racism. the breakdown of the black family is a far bigger problem the dwindling racism in america. >> sean: donald trump a just justified what happened here, he did not do that. >> he did not but i tell you, what if it was a gang of against the gang of boy scouts and they both had shields and clubs, you wouldn't be rooting for them or saying on both sides, there's no moral equivalence between the far left and i think there is an alt left. neo-nazis, kkk, the hatemongers, they have no place. and a college campus, there is no doubting the fact that when you go back all the way to seattle in the 90s when they had the g20 riots, there is a
7:46 pm
group on the far left whose job it is to disrupt, to perpetrate anarchy. i'm not saying that's who was involved in charlottesville, i don't know that for a fact. in a general sense, you saw them on inauguration day in washington, d.c. you saw them breaking into stores, ripping the facade off the stores, breaking the windows and so forth. that is a problem that needs to be recognized. that is separate and aside from the kkk, the hatemongers. >> sean: is it a black lives matter that says we want dead cops, is that part of the alt left? >> i think black lives matter is much more ambiguous, there are good people -- >> sean: do you want dead cops? >> i think that's a fraction of it and i don't want to get into defending a black lives matter
7:47 pm
but i think there is definitely, you can define far left fascists for terrible people. >> we should be denouncing all bigots whether they are david duke or al sharpton or maxine waters or ashley judd. >> i disagree, when you combine al sharpton with david duke you muddy the waters. al sharpton may be a lot of things that he may be a hustler but he does not condone the enslavement of a race of people. you of all people should recognize that there is a difference -- >> al sharpton referred to as diamond merchants, refer to whites as interlopers, called the mayor of new york, i could talk about -- >> you may not with intellectual honesty compare al sharpton with david duke. >> i said he's a bigot, david duke gets a bigger one but al sharpton is one too. >> al sharpton does not advocate violence against white people
7:48 pm
or. >> i said to bigots, you can be a bigot and not advocate violence. >> i think when you get into that argument, you give an opportunity to people who have a broader more insidious motive. >> sean: i gotta run. when we come back, gregg jarret gregg jarrett, reacts to the outrage over the president's remark. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move. chances are, the last time yoyou got,
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>> sean: welcome but disparate theory, joining us now fox news anchor, attorney gregg jarrett and doreen pirelli. you were on last night, if you like that getting thinks facts confirmed, he did some investigating, what did you find? >> we went back about 30 years and we compiled a list of all similar incidents where white supremacists, kkk, neo-nazis held protests and clashed with counter protesters ending in bloodshed. what we found was no sitting president at the time specifically condemned those acts. maybe it happened but we couldn't find it. we use three different search
7:53 pm
engines and there's no evidence of that. what it tells me is this president was the first individual to come out and condemn in a very strong statement on saturday, i'm looking at it here. hatred, bigotry, and violence, no place in america regardless of color, creed, or religion should be subjected to it. has the media superimposed a brand-new standard on this president? if he doesn't hew to the exact language that they demand, then they condemn him for it. if that's the case, it seems patently unfair. >> sean: your reaction to that spread >> i totally agree with greg. there's nothing he can do to win in any situation. he can't win no matter what he says, no matter what he does. what's happening is that he is fighting a three front war. he is fighting the liberal media
7:54 pm
that takes his words and twist them around, his fighting democrats that refuse to work with him and he's fighting that never trumpers who are trying to prove that they were right in the very beginning about everything negative they said about the presidents. >> sean: add the deep state and weak republicans, his fighting them too appeared >> you're absolutely right. the events that happened in charlottesville, my thoughts and prayers are with those who were killed, the individuals who were injured. it's sad at times today that we are seeing our country so divided the way that it is. >> i just wrote a column about this, it didn't have to happen. the city of charlottesville knew that violence would ensue, they went to a federal judge and they asked an order from him allowing to put it at a different location a mile away, a larger venue where they could better protect the citizens and keep the protesters apart. they presented evidence in the
7:55 pm
form of affidavits that some of the protesters would be armed at that bloodshed would occur. this judge, his name is glenn conrad a federal judge would have none of it. he called it speculative and he refused to move the location. had he taken the evidence more seriously, the bloodshed may not have occurred, heather higher may not be alive today. >> i hope folks will play for our country and i hope individuals are not afraid to talk about this issue. there are people who are afraid to voice their opinions and support for the president, i hope they don't back down from the left's intimidation. >> sean: thank you both, i agree with you with this country, we need to be brought together. we have more "hannity" right after this.
7:56 pm
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destroy trump media, thanks for being with us. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," the sk from what happened at charlottesville over the weekend is still ringing in the air like a gunshot. people in every side working as it was awful because it was awful, absolutely and completely. the only thing that could make what happened in charlottesville worse is if we allowed a small number of people in power to make america less tolerant as less free and its aftermath. we've seen that before. it happened after 9/11. almost nobody wanted to say so at the time for fear of seeming sympathetic to terrorists but it did. the feds rooting around at people's bank accounts for no good reason. we allowed all of