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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 17, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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team instead it turned very painful for cameraman behind home plate. that's picture whose immediate reaction had to get him off the plate somehow. rob: didn't see it coming. stabbing there taking a picture. and there you have it i feel for you, buddy. i have been there no good. "fox & friends" starts right now. heather: bye. >> after a wave of ceo resigned from his advisories councils president trump reacted by abruptly dissolving the groups. rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum, i'm ending both. thank you all. >> they are never going to get over it. they are still stuck in hillary should have won. they are stuck in trump derangement syndrome. >> a memorial held today for the woman killed in saturday's violence. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her. >> hundreds of counter
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demonstrators holding a candlelight vigil monday. >> withholding money from sanctuary cities. >> these city does far greater damage than many understand at its root -- at its root it's a rejection of our immigration laws and a declaration of open borders. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're going to rock this town ♪ rock it inside out ♪ we going to rock this town ♪ make them scream and shout. steve: yesterday at this time we showed you this video throughout our telecast yesterday about this body builder who seemed to notice a surveillance
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camera at a grocery store and we wanted to know exactly who that guy was. certainly we would be able to track him down and as it turns out, we were. he is in ireland. he is going to be on the show to tell us why he took his shirt off at the grocery. abby: don't you just want to know that guy? todd: going to know him soon. abby: you want to -- he is in ireland, it will be on at 6:50. todd: when we found out that we were going to have this guy abby writes everybody, yes. that was my exact same reaction. i couldn't be this excited. i haven't been excited about a body builder in my life. abby: we need moments like this. steve: the great thing about his story it is not exactly as we thought. there is a curve ball in there that we're going to tell you. abby: that is a tease. there is a lot of news to get to this morning starting with the debate we were having on the show here yesterday about whether or not to take down these confederate statues.
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now the governor of virginia terry mcauliff is he going on the confederate monuments to come down. this a statement he put out i encourage virginia locates vested with the authority take down and relocate them to museums or more appropriate settings. i hope we can all agree these symbols are a barrier to progress and inclusion in virginia. while the decision may not be mine to take i believe the path forward is clear. steve: also in the commonwealth of virginia the city of rich monday which was, keep in mind, the capital of the confederacy, the mayor there is now having the monument commission take a look at all the monuments on monument avenue and they are largely all confederate figures whether or not they will remain in place or if they will somehow add some sort of historical context so people realize why that person is important. a lot of people would say they are important because they tell the story of where we are from where weir came from.
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steve hayes though from the "weekly standard" was on "special report" last night and said if you take down a monument, you do not necessarily erase history. watch this. >> when you talk about tearing down statues in the middle of the night without any debate or any discussion, i think that's a bad way, that is or wellian. that's not creating the kind of debate i think we ought to have. some of this stuff is on a case by case basis. it's very complicated. i think we have got to be very careful in this country about going and eliminating entire classes of memorials to what our collective history is. whether it's history that we love and history we want to celebrate the american revolution. things that are difficult chapters in our history like the civil war and others. you can't erase what's happened by eliminating the monuments. todd: obviously we are in a national debate now. no question about it it judge napolitano will be on later on to talk about the legal aspect of this. more than anything, we want to hear your views on this.
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this is a talker. everybody is talking about this today. email us at abby: should they come down oor stay up. someone we rarely hear from from the white house is steve bannon. we know he has the ear of the president. he is one of his key advisors. is he speaking out about a number of issues. one of them about happening saturday etho nationalism. it's losers. it's a fringe element. i think the media plays it up too much. we have got to crush it. help crush it more. these guys are a collection of clowns. steve: what is he referring to there is the. steve: he called up the reporter on tuesday robert cutner. mr. cutner says i'm on
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vacation. next thing you know steve bannon picks up the phone he was in a good move and expansive on all sorts of issues including north korea and china. in fact that was the entree because steve bannon said i had just read what you written about china and you nailed it. abby: it's so interesting because he hasn't spoken out really at all since he has been in that position. is he a very quiet -- not necessarily quiet because he has a lot to say behind those doors at the white house. we don't hear from him publicly esm mentioned what's going on with north korea. he says there is no military solution to what we're dealing with north korea. and that ultimately it's going to be about china. until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that 10 million people of seoul don't die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons. i don't know what you're talking about. there is no military solution here. they got us. to me the economic war with
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china is everything. and we have to manically focus on that. todd: president has said on many occasions when it comes to foreign policy is he not going to show his cards and concern mr. bannon just showed the cards of the administration with that who knows if the administration is happy with mr. bannon this morning. steve: keep in mind, the president of the united states when he was candidate said when people would say what would you do with such and such international situation he said you know, i'm not going to reveal my ideas and thinking right now. all options are on the table. regarding whether this was on or off the record, steve bannon apparently has said i thought parts of it were off the record. the fellow who wrote it though says that never came up. he believed it was all on the record. abby: if you are in the white house you should assume if you are talking to a reporter, if you are in the white house today, it's always going to be on the record. they will release it publicly. there have been questions about weather steve bannon will stay in that position. will he go? president trump was asked about it recently. he is a good guy. he likes steve bannon. he says we have to wait and
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see. steve: that's what the reporter said. he said he was shocked to get the phone call from steve bannon because he thought he was on the way out. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the attorney general of the united states. yesterday on this program we had the mayor of miami-dade with us who was talking about how the department of justice was going to be essentially honoring them yesterday and they were. there is the attorney general. and it's interesting because he was actually praising miami-dade's collaboration with the feds, which is switch radio. they used to not necessarily cooperate with the feds when it came to illegals in this country. but he used their cooperation to slam chicago and talk about how that sanctuary city has been so deadly in the last year. abby: he says they lost respect for the law. here's what he said. >> respect for the rule of law has broken down. in chicago i suggest the so-called sanctuary policies are one sad example of that.
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these policies do far broader damage to the country than many understand. at its root, at its root. it's a rejection of our immigration laws and a declaration of open borders. steve: he had a great point yesterday. he said when you look at the city of chicago, there is approximately the same number of people in chicago as in miami-dade. but then when you look at the murder rate of both low cattles have been b. 2.7 million people. 433 murdered this year in chicago, which was three times more than miami. todd: what's so interesting about that is when you point to the facts i think the argument becomes clear. however, sanctuary cities such a politicized issue and people get so fired up about it. abby: it shouldn't be. todd: jeff sessions pointed out the numbers. it's kind of clear when you do that. steve: when we had the mayor on yesterday from miami-dade. he said they switched
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policies in the month of february to get the federal money. if chicago wants the federal money, just follow the law. abby: you can't have your cake and eat it, too. we are going to talk more later in the show. we have a lot of headlines we are following closely. good morning, jillian. jillian: we are following a lot of stories this morning including this. overnight hundreds of people gathered on the university of virginia council against hate and violence. memorial service earlier in the day, the mother of the anti-protester killed saturday gave a really emotional speech. >> we don't all have to die. we don't all have to sacrifice our lives. they tried to kill my child to shut her up, well, guess what? you just magnified her. jillian: president trump showing his support online tweeting quote memorial service today for a beautiful and incredible heather heyer. a truly special young woman. she will be long remembered by all. a massive search underway for five missing soldiers
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after their helicopter went down off the coast of hawaii. rescue crews scouring the water near oahu. night thyme exercises when one lost communications. debris including the fuselage has been recovered. cause of the crash unknown. soldier ultimate sacrifice fighting isis in afghanistan. unspecified number of american and afghan soldiers were also injured in the raid. their identities are still unknown. 10 service members have died in combat in afghanistan this year. more than all of last year. this grim milestone comes as the president plans to assess the u.s. strategy in afghanistan. he heads to camp david tomorrow to meet with his national security team. well, you still have chance to hit it big at the power ball. we are talking real big for the 19th straight time last night's drawing produces no winner. the jackpot has been growing since june 10th. next drawing saturday. the odds of winning 1 in 292
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until million. so i'm say saying so you're saying there's a chance? abby: what's the price. jillian: i don't know. steve: i believe it's about $450 million. todd: i saw 510. steve: you could be right. steve: it was 450 before the last one. jillian: if you guys were to win saturday, would you be here monday? abby: yes. but i would be planning something very special. jillian: sure i would be here. todd: be off monday as it is so i don't know. abby: still coming up on the show a disgraceful act all caught on camera. police on the hunt for from a man who stole flags from an army veteran off his porch. steve: president planning rallies around the country. critics already trying to silence his voice. that's coming up. ♪ ♪
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no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ todd: welcome back. 16 minutes after the hour now. president trump hitting the road again. this time with another campaign style rally in phoenix, arizona next week. now the city's democratic mayor calling for the president to cancel it saying, quote: i'm disappointed that president trump has chosen to hold a
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campaign rally as our nation is still healing from the tragic events of charlottesville. it is my hope that more sound judgment prevails and that he delays his visit. so what does that mean going forward for our president? here to react former arizona congressman and current news max host j.d. hayworth. good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you this morning. thanks for the invitation. todd: what does this mean going forward for the city of phoenix where the mayor just issued that statement? >> you have to understand greg stanton wants to run for higher office. this is his chance to pick up free media at work because you put it in the introduction. i hate to be so cynical, but that's basically the purpose of why the mayor put that forward. he is looking to make a name for himself and here we are talking about him this morning. todd: all right. understood. now let's go to the reason that president trump is visiting arizona. you say it is a direct reflection on the two senators that are in that state, in your state, and
3:18 am
one in particular who is up in a 2018 re-election fight. >> yes. that would be jeff flake. let me pause to talk about john mccain. i know a lot of discussion on that deciding vote about obamacare and getting rid of it. i know the administration would love to see a change from senator mccain. i know amac and other organizations have petitions even more than a vote on the senate floor. the vote of the people in 2018 jeff flake is toxic. according to one poll he only has 18% approval rating. dr. kelly ward is out working hard. her spots are already up on radio and television. she gave john mccain a great race in the primary 2016. performed better than did i in 2010. she got the momentum. she is gaining money. keep your eye on kelly ward. todd: i know you are a fan of her. dewit president trump believed to be supporting at some point against jeff flake. let's take a step back.
3:19 am
how would you describe the relationship between president trump and jeff flake? >> nonexistent. jeff has done his best to be on noxious, to be the smirking senator that he is really known to be. you know, he wrote this new book trying to cash in on the gold water oar ravment took the title, the conscience of the conservative. i think brent bozell said it best. jeff flake is neither a conservative nor does he have a conscience. he is an open borders, double-crossing amnesty fan who needs to come home for his own good because is he i ill served arizona in the senate. it pains me to say that as a conservative and a republican but that's the fact. todd: understood. with that in mind and what you said about senator mccain and the city of phoenix how do you think trump will be received by the stiff phoenix and people of arizona. >> conservatives in arizona love the president. they like his -- they love his border policy. and he will get a big crowd
3:20 am
when he comes here next tuesday. i think the president, all of us again join in sending our best wishes to recovery for john mccain because the illness is he battling really transcends politics. the people of arizona very excited to have the president coming back for a visit. todd: mr. hayworth, always a pleasure to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thanks. todd: what does president trump need to do to get past the charlottesville controversy. each if he does speak out, we will talk to our panel next. first he became a good luck charm for the st. louis cardinals. then he went missing. now he is found again. the story of the st. louis rally cat just took another wild turn. you won't believe some of those and buts in that prompter i don't know what to believe either. more when we come back ♪ go on ♪ take the money and run ♪
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steve: the deadly charlottesville protest reigniting the national conversation about race. the president quick to condemn the violence. the media criticize his response. are they being fair or overly critical. joining success lawrence jones, deneen borelli and dr. darren porcher a former new york city police department officer. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: lawrence, let's start with you. we know after the president first came out and made the statement you felt like he was a little vague. should have been more specific. >> called the enemy by its name especially when it comes to domestic terrorism. radical islam. i think it's hypothetical of me to tell president barack obama to call the enemy by its name and not have the president do the same thing.
3:25 am
but then he pivoted and i applauded him. media time to move forward. yesterday he went back to the same statement talking about both sides and, therefore, and i think he has created unforced error. it's a be pro. have you got to call the enemy by its name. you have got to address it. you can't say both sides are the same. steve: the day before when he was very specific talking about white supremacists, kkk. >> he got it right. steve: he got it right. >> he went back. he went back. the thing is there is a time to criticize antifa. whatever the name is. i have done that black lives matter as well. with you at this time is to call the white supremacists by their name and let the world know it's not tolerated in america. steve: deneen. >> comes down to the timing of the event that happened over the weekend. the events were still unfolding and for the president to come out when he did, not really knowing all of the facts and his statement was i condemn all forms of hatred of violence, of racism, bigotry.
3:26 am
that statement was a blanket statement for all of the hated, destruction and violence that was going on. steve: see, i think the statement he made two days ago was to defend the first statement, which he came out and he said repeatedly listen, the reason i wasn't more specific is because it was an unfolding situation. we didn't know what was going on. doctor? >> well, i kind of agree with my two counterparts here. i mean, the last statement was extemporaneous in that he should have reverted back to the second statement. one of the things we have to look at, that press conference was for infrastructure that he had at trump tower and then he went off. steve: didn't talk much about that. >> then he went off the rails. it goes back to who donald trump is. he shoots from the hip. he believes this is the horse that i rode in on and i was successful at doing that. that's why he reverted back to shooting from the hip so to speak it goes back to this was a statement that -- the second statement was sound. he should have stuck to his guns and he would have been
3:27 am
fine. we wouldn't have had this argument. moving forward there are a lot of good things that donald trump can do. one of the things he connected with heather heyer's mother online and said she is a great person. he may want to revisit that church in charleston, south carolina, connect with that population. moving forward, believe it or not, we are going to forget about this. the way we forget about this is through donald trump's actions. steve: what actions would you like to see him take? >> great points. i want to mention that with his voice communicating to the black community when he was running for president, i think he should take his message to these communities, have rallies in chicago detroit and l.a. to let folks know that he wants to do something about jobs and education and crimes on the streets of these inner cities because we have had politicians who have not done anything for many, many years for these communities. and i think he is someone who can bring about change. that's something that the left does not want. steve: all right, lawrence, what do you think?
3:28 am
rallies enough? >> he has to speak to the heart. i defend the president on economics all day because i think it's best for black america. and all americans. but the president has to speak to the heart. and when it comes to race relations, have you got to get that right. as someone that's on the right, a conservative libertarian, this is where the right struggles, when it comes to race reels and getting black voters and when i go and speak all the time, i get them on the economics. i get them on the social issues. when it comes to these race relations they start to want to go away. the president hats to speak to that or it's going to distract from his agenda. the president should be leading this week when it comes to businesses and economics because this is his strong suit. but, it's been a distraction because of race relations. steve: deneen, what do you think about the move across certain communities here in the united states to remove the civil war and confederate symbols and monuments? >> well, a lot of it has been done with vandalism, which i am totally against. that's the wrong way to do it. i do believe it's a local issue. again, you can't white wash
3:29 am
history. his industry is history. you can't change it but you have some who do want to change history and you just can't do it. >> that's a problem, too. because i would argue that you let the citizens in the town take care of that but, again, when you start to forget history, then it starts to repeat itself. another point that i have i don't believe in participation trophies. if you lost, i don't understand why have you a statue in honoring. i think the right should lead on that. robert e. lee you lost. i don't understand why we are honoring you. steve: dr. porcher i get it if i were to walk past a statue on my day to work it would eat at my crawl. i get the anger and frustration but at the same time what do you think we should do from here. >> i want to agree with w. my two counterparts it's localized issue. municipalities have to vote on it as such. i don't even care about the statues that i sees a i'm walking down the street. i feel that a lot of these statues should be in museums. it goes back to it's
3:30 am
localized issues. and therefore it should be voted on in those municipalities moving forward. steve: great chat this morning. thank you very much for joining us live in new york. what do you think about that? please email us at she is not done yet. hillary clinton about to release her new book. report even her own party worried about it. we will tell you about that show you the video going viral yesterday. a body builder bring his shirt off right there flexioning for a security camera. we thought it was a security camera. that body builder joins us live with the story behind it and you will never guess who is taking the pictures. but, first, happy birthday to donnie wahlberg. is he 48. ♪ in my world ♪ hey, girl ♪ i got to have you all just for me.
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ball ♪ i never hit the wall before ♪ all i wanted was to break you up. abby: that's a fitting song for this next topic. steve: miley cyrus singing about hillary clinton? abby: came in like a wrecking ball. todd: now i have that image of hillary on that ball. abby: let's not go there. >> yuck. abby: hillary clinton has a book coming out. steve: it's called what happened where she talks about what happened with her race to the white house. and we don't know whether the emphasis is on what happened? or what happened! exactly. but what we do know is that according to al hunt who is a bloomberg columnist he writes essentially the democrats do not think having clinton in the news helps them and wish she were not releasing the book in he want is. abby: the democrats are wanting to move forward. they are wanting to figure out who their leaders are
3:35 am
going to be and what their messaging is. as long as hillary clinton continues to be in the news. all we have heard up to this point are excuses why she lost. in a way democrats are frustrate by that because it holds them back. it doesn't allow them to move forward as a party. todd: they really wanted her to go become a university professor. university president. make a lot of money and just kind of go away. not show the bitterness because that really feeds into president trump's narrative of why she lost the american people and why he gained them. steve: sure. it's also going to feed into why she feels she lost and what we have heard early on is that the reason she lost was russia and james comey and stuff like that. doesn't take into account that she actually installed the server in other own basement. abby: democrats don't want those issues to come back up. also going back to the dnc getting behind her and booth bernie sanders out. i don't think they want to rehash any of these issues. as we know with the book rollout there is a lot of promotioning about into this thing. a lot of air time and
3:36 am
mommy's where she will be able to talk about. todd: are you going to read it. steve: sure, why not? it's for our job. talk about it on tv we might as well read it. abby: yeah. steve: let us know what you think. it's 24 minutes now before the drop of the hour. we have a nice new york city weatherwise. abby: cool. no rain. steve: janice is going to have the weather in a little bit right now jillian has the news. jillian: thanks for stretching. you ruined the magic. let's get you caught up on what you should know before you head out the door right now. in the wake of the deadly charlottesville rally ben carson reveals he has been the victim of hateful vandalism. in a facebook post the secretary of housing and urban development says someone wrote anti-president trump messages on his home. kind neighbors help clean it up. the point of his story he says is to fight hatred and
3:37 am
bigotry by taking the high road. army veteran left outraged when a thieve swipes not one but two flags right outside his home. surveillance video shows the crook drag the symbol of freedom across the as he struggles to take a. he hops into suv. the vet says he wants the flags back so he can keep representing america and supporting police with those flags. remember the rally cat that famously interrupted a st. louis cardinals game? how could we forget? he is now at the center of a custody battle. do you believe that? the cat outreach center which named the rally cat said they named the cat rally says they have received thousands of adoption inquiries but the cardinals have already laid claim to the cat. they want him to live in the clubhouse. the team even planning a rally cat appreciation day at a home game next month. and i don't know if you guys are wondering why they are doing so much to keep this cat. back in 2011.
3:38 am
steve: good luck. >> back in 2011 cardinals squirrel. that year the cardinals went on to win the world series. so i think they are thinking maybe this is our lucky charm. todd: to that point, since they lost the rally cat. they keep losing to the red sox. like they need to -- as a yankee fan find the cat. we need to you find the cat. steve: if you are the cat and they don't win, how long are you going to last? really? abby: i love seeing the softer side of these baseball players holding the cuddly cat. jillian: that cat was not cuddly. it was scratching and clawing. janice: best segue way ever. when is the hans some body builder coming up? abby: 6:50. janice: 6:50. i will be staying tuned. it is a beautiful day in new york city. by the way tomorrow we have kenny loggins on the plaza. i'm trying to make sure the rain holds off. i will see what i can do. kenny loggins performing for
3:39 am
summer concert series. nice breeze and pretend like i'm in a music video. we do have the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the you were midwest and the great lakes again we have reports of tornadoes across minnesota yesterday, thankfully no one was hurt and that is the good news. but we are expecting the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms. eastern great lakes and across the plains as well. all right. back inside. abby: that is a great model pose. todd: she always has the best model poses. that's what janice dean does. patty cakes is the story of a young girl following in the footsteps of her idol and stardom as a rapper. abby: step into the fox light with senior v.p. of marketing michael tammero star himself. >> she -- forget -- danielle mcdonald is the wonder woman of summer 2017. you will be seeing a lot of this young actress. i recently caught up with her in l.a. who told me all
3:40 am
about this role of a jersey girl with a dream. all right, danielle mcdonald's. so great to meet you. >> so great meeting you. >> i have a feeling we will be doing this a lot. >> i would be great with that. >> i see a huge career coming down the road. first of all, this movie is incredible. >> thank you. >> the character you play is a young gal from new jersey who raps. you are a young gal from australia who didn't rap. >> this is also true. >> were you a little nervous taking on this role? >> very. jeremy asked me to go and do this. he just asked me to come do it and not audition. are you insane? i have never done anything like this. i can't do this. and i don't know that world i can't rap. and i can't do the jersey accent. patty is a girl growing up in jersey. wants to break out. wants to move to new york. kind of feels shadowed in jersey a little bit.
3:41 am
and she wants to be a rapper. like loves rap music. loves writing lyrics. but i also love her bullsiness where she say you are going to say that to me now watch me emass can a late you. >> i have a proposition. >> okay. >> how about patty cakes the musical. >> the broadway musical. i would be down with that. >> all of that is revenue stream. >> yeah. >> what a treat. good luck to you. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> fun. >> patty cakes is in theaters tomorrow. if you are looking for a feel good movie, this movie could not come at a better time. it's fantastic. steve: how is her jersey accent. >> she does jersey well. abby: she is somebody you want to be friends with. >> you will be seeing a lot. opposite jennifer anniston. todd: should tech tolerate hate speech. google taking action and
3:42 am
shutting down profiles. how far should they go? our man judge napolitano weighs in on that. abby: body builder flexing for security camera. that man joins us live with the story of what happened there. that is in a few minutes ♪ let your body ♪ you know ♪ all you need is your own imagination ♪ so use it ♪ that's what it's for ♪ real cheese people know life is better with cheese in it.
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3:46 am
crews during the total eclipse on monday. the eclipse is supposed to last 2 minutes and 40 seconds. tyler's song is a lot longer than that. she chopped it down for the occasion. how amazing is that. and the shadow from the eclipse will leave much of the news the dark of course. one california city still wants residents to power down. officials say 30% of its electricity comes from solar power and the eclipse means a loss of more than 4,000 mega was. that could be enough power to more than 3 million homes. are you excited for the eclipse? monday the 21st it's coming to a city near you. now back over to the couch. abby: i can't tell if you are or not. janice: oh my gosh i'm excited. turn around. [laughter] todd: we will get him to sing. tech counties flexing muscles.
3:47 am
steve: social media site that you probably use like facebook, twitter and google have announced new initiatives to police posts and exile white supremacists but are they crossing the line? fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano judge us right now. judge, what do you think about some of these big social media giants are doing? >> well, the first amendment restrains only the government. it reads: congress shall make no law bridging the freedom of speech. congress has been interpreted to mean no government shall abridge the freedom of speech. facebook and other high tech companies are not owned by the government so they are free to censor. steve: they can do whatever they want. >> censorship is a very dangerous business. they will lose market share. they will lose a lot of customers. they will lose their identity as a marketplace for ideas and then these hateful ideas will go somewhere else. so, which is worse in the american icon of values, hate speech or censorship?
3:48 am
i would argue that censorship is worse. we want to know who the haters are. we want to know the source of the hate speech. we want to know where they're. we want to know what they say. we want to know how dangerous it is because the remedy for hate speech is not censorship. it's more speech. abby: there is nothing -- >> -- expose it. abby: nothing can you do about hate. i know there are some people that hate all the hate speech. we live in a different time than when the first amendment was written. right? social media is ruining people's lives. >> i am not naive. i don't think we'll could all stand on the street corner and talk to a bunch of haters and change their mind. some of them a legion of angels coming from heaven telling them they were wrong would not change their minds. it's better we know who they are, where they are and what they say than they be driven underground. if facebook wants to take the loss some other will pop up. todd: what happens if they don't agree with you and they get rid of hate speech, where does it go? >> i don't know where it will go. but some platform will arise
3:49 am
for it so you go to facebook or you go to google because it's unfettered because you want to choose for yourself what ideas to see and read and digest and challenge. you don't want the censor to choose it for you. and the more they censor, the more business will go somewhere else if there is a marketplace for that business and there probably is. >> judge there is a story out this morning facebook anonymous group where people before the election could talk about the election and everything else. facebook anonymous i think it was called anom. then they discontinued it because there were so many people pro-donald trump in there and then things got a little crazy. >> once we get into the censorship business it will keep getting worse. if they can censor something, hate to them might be music to your ears. todd: where do we go from here? how does this end? >> it ends with a president wrapping his arms arranged us rather than dividing us. you know i'm his friend and
3:50 am
i know him personally. his performance the other day was not the donald trump i know and it was divisive. i'm waiting for the unifying donald trump to come out. abby: bring calmness and unity to the country. janice: i country.january. >> is janice still singing? todd: waiting on the laugh. [laughter] there we go. are they turning their backs on financial successes and those americans who want the economy to improve? former trump advisor steve cortez weighs in ahead. abby: we showed you the video going viral yesterday. a body builder flexing for security camera. that body builder is joining us live with the story behind it. that's next. don't go anywhere ♪ my car too sexy by far ♪ and i'm too sexy for my hat ♪ to sexy for my hair ♪
3:51 am
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abby: welcome back. big news yesterday. president trump dissolving two white house business counsels after several ceos quit over the president's response and the violence in charlottesville. steve: the president himself yesterday tweeted this out, rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum, i am ending both, thank you all. so that's what the president said yesterday. it is interesting that we have seen kind of an ark of different responses. ultimately though, because and we're going to put up a graphic that shows some of the companies that included where their ceos and top dogs said we are going to bough out, merck, underarmor, intel, campbell soup and 3 m. they said mr. president we
3:55 am
would prefer not to be on the council. they have stepped aside. the president saw the writing on the wall and said maybe this isn't worth it. abby: kill it before it kills itself. these counsels disbanded because of trump's failure to lead and the public pressure that followed for american businesses and ceo an association with trump has become toxic for many reasons. todd: so have you a situation now where it looks like they don't have a seat at the table anymore. from an economic perspective, how does this move our economy forward? we have all these bright minds who rose to the top of all these organizations. these organizations presumably are doing very well because the stock market is doing very well. so now we don't have their advice. are they going to like write the president an email every now and again? how is that smart knowledge going to get to the president to move our country forward? abby: that's when you ask the question what does it mean to a patriot in this country? i don't agree with the way everything was handled and the response from the president. we have all made that clear how we feel. but, when it comes to serving this country, right? do you step up and do what's
3:56 am
right for the american people, for the economy, for foreign policy, whatever that is regardless of politics? steve: sure. but those people ran companies, run companies i should say. they are making a business decision ways based on politics whether or not they should go forward. keep in mind this whole story we are doing right now is predicated on they were disappointed in his initial reaction to what happened in charlottesville. we had a couple of ceos drop out with the paris accord. so this has been a -- i think initially people who joined said this could be good for our company. but then they got tied up in the politics and decided to hit the exit. abby: at what point do you do what's best for the american people? todd: we will see what happens with regard to these companies. will there be push back? we'll see. abby: coming up on the show. they are in the country illegally. should illegal immigrants be allowed to pass the bar and practice law? we will debate that straight ahead
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> after a wave of ceos resigned from his advisories counts. president trump today reacted by abruptly dissolving the groups. rather than putting pressure on the business people on the strategy forum i am ending both. thank you all. >> they're never going to get over it. they are still stuck in hillary should have won. they are stuck in trump derangement syndrome. >> a memorial was held today for the woman who was killed in saturday's violence. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her. >> hundreds of counter demonstrators holding a candlelight vigil is charlottesville, virginia wednesday. >> with attorney general
4:01 am
speaking on withholding money on sanctuary cities. >> these policies do far greater damage to the country than many understand at its root. at its root it is a rejection of our immigration laws and a declaration of open borders. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing going to break my stride ♪ oh no ♪ i got to keep on moving. steve: just song oh no. we just had a tv oh no. we were expecting to bring to you that irish body builder who was caught on what appeared to be surveillance camera but uh-oh. we had a problem with the transmission lines. we are doing our best. we have people behind the scenes plugging things in trying to get the transmission from ireland
4:02 am
back up. abby: because is he over in ireland. as soon as we get it, we are going to bring that body builder to you. we are all excited. we have a lot we want to ask him. todd: otherwise we bring judge naup back and ask him to body build. i don't know if people want that. steve: busy thursday. ainsley and brian are off. we have abby and todd. abby: we have a lot of news as we do every single day on this show. what we were debating today continues to be a hot topic in this country whether or not these federal statues should go down or stay up. now the governor of virginia is speaking out about this. steve: absolutely. terry mcauliff said yesterday in a written statement. he said i encourage virginia's localities in the general assembly, which are vested with the legal authority to take down these monuments and relocated them to museums or more appropriate settings. i hope we can all now agree that these symbols are a barrier to progress, inclusion and equality in virginia and while the decision may not be mine to make. i believe the path forward
4:03 am
is clear. what's interesting is now it seems to be a dialogue a lot of people are having whether or not, you know, that symbol right there is it a symbol of hate or is it of history? apparently the department of interior will not be removing any of the confederate monuments at gettysburg. there are 12 of them there in sharp'sburg, maryland. there are six of them as well. at the u.s. capitol, the leader of the congressional black caucus has asked that any confederate era statues commemorating anybody from that era should be taken down. at this point that is uncertain. and there is a chicago pastor that asked that two parks be renamed. washington park after george washington and jackson park after andrew jackson be renamed because they were slave holders. he said though you wouldn't have to completely rename them. washington park. just rename it after harold washington. a former mayor of chicago.
4:04 am
and then jackson park you could rename after either jesse jackson or michael jackson, according to the cbs affiliate in chicago. abby: is that true question though, steve. where do you draw the line? at what point do you say okay we have put everything down we need to put down. does that help us get to a place where we want to be in the country. does erasing our history help us learn anything from the past? because we have got ugly parts of our history that i think we need to learn from. and i think the next generation coming up needs to continue to learn from and move forward. that's where both sides of the debate are coming down is, you know, you take it down because it just is a sign of hate or, no, actually this is something that we learn from, we move forward on and we are better off as a country because of that? todd: steve had a very important interview earlier in the show. we want to play some of that for you. i think it really sort of gets to the heart of what we are talking about. take a listen. >> well, a lot of it has been done vandalism, which i am totally against. that's the wrong way to do it. i do believe it's a local
4:05 am
issue. and, again, you can't white wash history. history is history. you can't change it but you have some who do want to change history. you just can't do it. >> i don't even care about the statues i see walking down the street. i feel a lot of these statues should be in museums. goes back to localized issues. and therefore it should be voted on in those municipalities moving forward. steve: all right. we should also point out keep in mind what happened in charlottesville over the weekend. now, in lexington kentucky. a white nationalist group is planning a rally. they oppose moving statues in that town. they apparently have two confederate era statues that we are talking about. will they be allowed to continue? stay tuned. abby: either way, let's have a debate about this. steve: we are having it right now. abby: don't need to go in the middle of the night and tear it down. steve: that's vandalism. do it locally. abby: and let's talk about this. this is what is so great about this country. do you have the freedom of speech and be on whatever
4:06 am
side you want in this debate. let's have it because i think it's a healthy one. steve: meanwhile, from one kind of rally to another kind. the president of the united states who was elected president, many say because of the popularity of his rally, it looks like he is heading to phoenix, arizona next week. however, the mayor of phoenix, given all the news right now, greg stanton, he wrote, this he is a democrat in phoenix. he says i am disappointed that president trump has chosen to hold a campaign rally as our nation is still healing from the tragic events in charlesville it is my hope that more sound judgment prevails and that he delays his visit. todd: i think we are in a situation now where, again, that family is never going to heal. it is a horrible thing that happened to them. but, i think a weak plus out, let's hear if the president has anything more to say about that. also, let's hear what he has to say about all the issues that we are facing as americans, which we hear in these rallies. steve: you were speaking
4:07 am
with a former congressman. todd: yes. steve: who lives in phoenix in the first hour of "fox & friends." todd: he says obviously wants the president to come. also, had some strong words to say to the mayor of phoenix. take a listen. >> well, you have to understanding, greg stanton wants to run for higher office. this is his chance to pick up free media. that's basically the purpose of why the mayor put that forward. the people of arizona, conservativeconservativesconser, love the president, they like his -- they love his border policy. and he will get a big crowd when he comes here next tuesday. todd: obviously j.d. hayworth was talking about the reason ultimately that president trump is going to be visiting arizona in the first place and according to j.d. hayworth it's because the two senators that are in arizona jeff flake and john mccain are not necessarily as aligned with the president's agenda as the president would like. and j.d. hayworth recommended dr. kelli ward for the position. abby: president trump has already tweeted about early
4:08 am
this morning. this is what he tweeted. he says great to see that dr. kelli ward is running against jeff flake borders crime and nonfactor in the senate is he toxic. that is someone who could possibly run against jeff flake. steve: it's interesting because after jeff flake has come out. you know, he had been seemingly never trumper in the u.s. senate although he is a republican. early on though, it was suggested that some of mr. trump's allies would raise enough money so that they would primary him and i think i readed in the paper that the mercer family of new york has donated $300,000 to her campaign fund to try to get him, jeff flake out of the u.s. senate. todd: as we heard j.d. hayworth say in the seeing; she ran a very, very strong campaign against john mccain. ultimately was unsuccessful. sort of showed the folks there in arizona the republican base that this is somebody to be reckoned with going forward. we will see what happens in 2018. abby: isn't local politics
4:09 am
fascinating? it really is. abby: i lived through it and i think politics at the best and worst. a lot more to come. these mid terms are going to be so interesting to watch. we have more headlines that we're following this morning. steve: we do. jillian joins us with a fox news alert. jillian: that's right. we are following a lot of breaking news at this hour. let's begin here. the search continues for five missing soldiers after their helicopter went down off the coast of hawaii. rescue crews now scouring the water near awahoo. two performing exercises when they lost communication. some lost degree including the fuselage has been recovered. cause of the crash unknown. major victory in the united states in an effort to bring a terrorist to justice. federal judge ruling american prosecutors can use statements made by ahmad abu during interrogations while on board a u.s. ship right after his capture. is he believed to be the ringleader behind the deadly 2012 terror attacks in benghazi, libya. four americans, including
4:10 am
ambassador chris stevens were killed in that attack. the man in this surveillance video accused of threatening a nevada senator now behind bars. the 62-year-old arrested for breaking into republican senator dean heller's office back in july leaving behind a threatening letter. now, according to police, it read, in part, quote: if i'm going to die because you voted to repeal or replace with a death bill, i will take with you me. richard holly is now facing extortion and burglary charges. a world war ii veteran finally receives his bronze star more than 70 years after his service. rhode island senator jack reed presenting 91-year-old james cope la with a medal at his office. the decorated army veteran served in the 69th s infantry decision division that fought its way from france to germany until the war ended. while the honor means a lot. he hasn't forgotten he was never alone. isn't that great? todd: you can run an entire channel of just those stories right there. and so poignant. so beautiful to see.
4:11 am
abby: they are always so humble, jillian it wasn't just me it was everyone else. i love that. todd: thanks, jillian. steve: ceos bailing on council are they turning their backs on the americans who want the economy to improve. steve cortez weighs in on that. todd: major first pitch fail. the cameraman behind this photo, literally behind this photo capturing the painful moment for him. steve: coming in hot. ♪ autopsy, there it is ♪ whoop there it is ♪ whoop there it is ♪ upside down and inside out ♪ i'm about to show all you phonings what it's all about ♪ julie is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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♪ abby: welcome back. well, president trump dissolving two white house business counsels after several ceos quit over the president's response violence in charlottesville. steve: weather than putting pressure on the people of the strategy forum i'm ending both. thank you all. here to weigh in contributor steve cortez joins us today from chicago. all right, steve, is this a big deal? >> you know, steve, i don't think it's a big deal. first of all, i think for a
4:16 am
lot of these ceos to be perfectly blunt with you. i don't think they wanted to be embarrassed and social circles by saying they supported president trump. i think it's short-sighted because what we have in the white house right now is a business president who is laser focused on economic growth for this country. so, i think it's short-sighted of them. i also think this i think they are being a bit hypocritical. multinationals have had a good run under the bush and obama years. kron capitalism have been wonderful for big business. terrible for main street and for the american worker. this president is about economic nationalism and about returning power and prosperity to the american worker, not necessarily catering to the needs of big business. and i think that some of these ceos perhaps realize that and so they took this opportunity to leave in a huff when in reality they are mad they don't get their way in washington anymore. abby: more and more resigning. the president tweeting out let's just end this thing once and for all. how much of an impact did
4:17 am
this council have? how much would it have on his administration? is it going to be a problem at all that this is no longer happening? >> you know, abby, i don't think so. to be honest, these councils are largely for show. listen, this is a president who seeks wide advice. a wide array of advice. he is a president who has invited a lot of democrats for instance into his white house into his inner circle. he is a leader who wants to want dispirit voices and from that context i think the council had some importance. as far as the day-to-day operations of the white house and trump agenda. nothing changes. this doesn't change any policy prescriptions going forward. we already have massive regulatory relief which i think is one of the reasons our economy is accelerating the way it already is. we have pengedding, i think, tax cuts which are going to be just huge in terms of getting this economy growing the way it can. none of that is altered by a few ceos grandstanding and pretending to take some high and mighty moral posture against the president. steve: you know how it works, steve, that's the
4:18 am
story that's going to get all the plunts in the mainstream media and whatnot. but, you were telling us during the break, right now even though these were a couple of economic counsels that the president has disbanded, the economic news for this white house is really good. and, in particular, and i had not heard this number until you mentioned it, tell us what the atlanta fed, the federal reserve down there is projecting for the third quarter of this year nationwide. >> right. steve, you know, listen, i'm so glad you asked. because there is so much good news that we should be talking about. and i'm certainly trying to talk about as much as i can and i hope the president does too about the economy. retail sales, we got a few days ago. the atlanta fed which you mentioned. the atlanta fed has a model. it does get revised quite a bit. they have a live model that tries to project where g.d.p. is going to come in. g.d.p. groth. it says presently that g.d.p. growth for this quarter is going to come in at 3.8%. steve: if that's true, it's unbelievable. >> it's astounding if we can do that if we can do that
4:19 am
already. i certainly think we can do that with tax cuts. if we can do it already just based on deregulation and the optimism. i think sometimes, too, steve we don't give enough attention to the intangibles that matter in the economy. right now, forget about mainstream media. forget about new york numerous or washington, d.c. k street lobbyists. america is optimistic right now. america believes. people are hiring. they are investing. and that can become a virtuous cycle that feeds on itself in a positive way and it already is out there in the economy. we can grow again. abby: that's what the american people want to hear more about is what's going on right now. and the economy is at the top of -- it's the top for everybody. it's what everybody cares about so much. how do we move forward as a country and make that the focus? does the president play a bigger role there. >> i think so, abby. to connect the dots between the economy and our societal issues, i do think there is a connection there one of the reasons i think there is such division in this country is slow growth. we have had a decade of slow growth. there has been no recovery for the average american
4:20 am
worker. the top end has done very, very well. the average american worker is struggling. when there is that kind of economic anxiety. when there is that kind of economic angst, other divisions are always exacerbated. i think it's part of our disunity as a country. so faster economic growth isn't just go in and of itself. healing force for many of the problems that afflict our country right now, including our social divisions. abby: that is so well said. steve, good to have you on this morning. >> thanks so much. steve: coming up, another steve, steve hilton has a plan to help president trump to turn the tables on the media attacking him on day in and day out. what is it? you will find out straight ahead. abby: they are in the country illegally. should illegal immigrants be allowed to pass the bar and practice the law? we're debating that straight ahead ♪ don't cry ♪ let it slide ♪ goodbye ♪ my my
4:21 am
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4:25 am
$1.6 billion that's the price tag for the atlanta falcons news stadium complete with a chick-fil-a. the only problem, almost every game takes place on sunday. what is chick-fil-a do on sunday? they are closed. and the restaurant intends to stay closed during the game. all right. todd, that's some of the news by the numbers. todd: steve, thank you. the american bar association just approved a measure that if passed would give illegal immigrants the ability to practice law nationwide. there is some states already allow this, including california, florida, and new york. but should it be allowed. here for a legal debate trial lawyers lisa and aaroner lick. ladies, thank you for being here. erin, why do you think this should be allowed? >> for a few reasons. number one, we need to be clear this would not be a mandate to the states. the states are not going to be stripped of their autonomy. they are going to decide whether this is something they want to do. number two, this is -- the language is very tailored
4:26 am
here. what it's going to do is going to apply only to those people who are actively seeking to legitimize their residency. this is not going to be for those people who are here illegally who are looking to remain here illegally but to still avail themselves of all the benefits of living in this country. i think a lot of the fears that are associated by giving someone who is here illegally the opportunity to have a real chance at the american dream. people taking our jobs, things of that nature. i think that those aren't justified when you are considering the fact that the legal profession is actually despite the fact that there are plenty of us and we are a dime a dozen here. it is very challenging profession to enter not everyone will be equipped lisa. you obviously disagree. that's why we have you on a debate panel here. why do you disagree. >> we are going people to take an oath of office to uphold the constitution as an attorney and they are violating at the same time. the attorneys are held to a hire standard. we always have been. it's not that easy. for an attorney to be
4:27 am
admitted to the bar. anybody with a history of breaking the law in any fashion has to go before an ethics review board. they are held to a higher standard with h escrow accounts and holding on to money and being responsible to their clients. these individuals in particular, that are getting admitted into the bar, in this case, they are falling under daca. they are here for two years. they are deferred. what happens after that two years? what happens if their status is rescinded and they have clients? and they have escrow accounts and they have court cases? it creates a loophole that we'll have to answer and i'm just saying you know, we are putting, again, the cart before the horse. todd: okay. >> the answer isn't to become admitted thunder loophole. the answer is to address the entire issue. todd: i have two different ideas and i want you to break down if you agree with me. i don't know which one is right, if any of them are right. one, law school applications have plummeted in recent years and it appears that we are lacking lawyers, if you can believe that.
4:28 am
second, the american bar association has been accused by many of being an extremely liberal organization and this could, could be a sort of a slap in the face to president trump and his immigration policies. what do you think about those two hypotheses? >> i think as far as the american bar association mandating this on a national level, it does grant credence to the fact that even though the states have the authority, when it comes to admitting attorneys, it will get put added pressure on them it could lead to legislation. it could lead to funding. we don't know where it goes. it is certainly gaining -- these something that probably shouldn't happen because in the history of becoming an attorney, we don't have a federal bar that you are admitted to. we have certain districts. we have state bars. and that situation, i think you are changing the dynamic. as far as not having enough lawyers, law school applications might be down, but law schools are full. and i still think the bought line for being attracted to the law is to uphold the
4:29 am
constitution and the laws of the united states. todd: i'm going to give erin the last word. >> i would agree except that i don't think this is about implementing policy. i don't think that the aba here is expectation to go far with this proposal. let's think about the political climate that we exist in right now. i don't think that this is going to actual likely pass. but i do think that they are sending a message that the federal government should not intervene. todd: understood. >> with the state's decision to do what they want to do. once again, this is not going to be a requirement. todd: okay. >> this is not going to be telling the states they have to. todd: we have got to leave it here ladies. thank you so much for being here. the debate continues. our next guest has a plan to help president trump turn the tables on media attacking him day in and day out. that guy right there, steve hilton joins us next. plus, we showed you this viral video yesterday. have you seen this? a body builder flexing for a security camera? that body builder joins us
4:30 am
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♪ with you on my brain ♪ ain't anywhere close ♪ your kiss was got me. steve: come on up to the couch. abby: i love this song. steve: look who is here steve hilton the holy spirit of the next revolution with steve hilton right here on fox news channel. good to have you. >> good to be with you. steve: let's talk about the big news story everybody is talking about, the president's comments. first they said he was too vague. then they said he was right on target by specifying and then he went back and included both sides again. he has had some mixed messages. you are expert at messaging. what do you think? >> there is an old rule
4:34 am
which you are in a hole stop digging. that is a phrase you hear a lot. the problem is he has been in a hole and is he digging and then he sorted out and went back. steve: why do you think that is? do you think he was right initially by saying, look, i didn't come out and specify groups in the beginning because we didn't know things then? >> i think that truly, i mean, i don't know him and i don't pretend to have any understanding of what he is thinking, but my impression is that for him, this is all part of his general operating philosophy which is if you are attacked you hit back. it's all about being strong and standing up to your critics. especially in the media. the problem is he is not a candidate anymore. he is actually the president. and it's not just about winning. it's also about leading. and i think that what he is going to need to do is lead this country to do some big -- making big changes which is what people voted for. he needs a sense of moral authority to do that. and i think the problem with what's happened this week is that the critics are so
4:35 am
eager to paint not just him but all of his supporters, the entire population. steve: anyone who voted for him or would vote for him. >> they want to say -- they have been dying to say they are all racist and all bigots. the problem is, you know, completely unintentionally, he has given them an opportunity to do that. abby: right. >> even though there is that rule about stop digging and just move on. i actually think what he needs to do is really show that what people say, who know him, which is that he is not a racist. he is not a bigot. right, let's see that. that's not about having some nice speech that's written by him by his aides that people can dismiss because they say it's insincere. not about having a yelling match with the media. need to straight down and do a heart-to-heart interview and clear all this up so can he move on to do what actually people are desperate for him to do which is get the economy moving and do all the things. abby: talk about the issues people care about. great advice because is he
4:36 am
not commander-in-chief of just his base. is he commander-in-chief of the united states. this is a time we need to come together. speaking of coming together and hate speech, it has gotten so bad. you know that well. so now companies like facebook, google, twitter, they are now policing hate speech. we had judge napolitano on earlier in the show. he said look, as much as you may not like that. they had every right to do it. >> they do the right. doesn't mean they should. i think the real problem is when you get into the definitions. of course, on one level we can all agree we don't want this vile racist stuff out there. steve: sure. >> frankly whether it comes from the right and islamists and preachers of hate on the other side, there is all sorts of speech that we hate. steve: where do you draw the line. >> where do you draw the line. the real problem is in silicon valley where i live, frankly the definition of hate speech is so wide, it actually includes basically anyone who voted for trump. anyone who is skeptical about climate change. anyone who thinks anything that doesn't fit the ideological viewpoint of the liberal elites in silicon
4:37 am
valley. that's their definition of hate speech. steve: that's why facebook shut down an employees anonymous group because too many people were talking about how they voted for donald trump and how is he doing all this stuff. next thing you know in december they shut it down. >> we featured it on our show on the next revolution where we actually had anonymous people. people working tech companies, having to speak anonymously about the discrimination that they experienced in their jobs. just being trump supporters. todd: steve, big afternoon for you and for miss huntsman. abby: we are going to be on outnumbered together. todd: what are you going to talk about on the show. >> i hope we are going to talk about a lot of things not just the topic been the focus. a lot of other big issues. i hope we can get them-to-them as well. abby: the country is ready to move on. steve, congrats on the show. you are doing fabulous. >> thank you so much. todd: thank you, sir. steve: 22 minutes brstd top of the hour. jillian as other news.
4:38 am
jillian: let's get you caught up on the news you ned before you head out the door. snag in robert mueller's investigation. hand picked by mueller to lead the probe has stepped down according to abc. the reason why is unclear at this point but the team has yet to present any evidence of russian collusion with the trump administration. he was one of several investigators who interviewed hillary clinton just days before the fbi dropped her email investigation last year. detained illegal immigrants can get mental evaluations to help build a case for asylum in the u.s. ice agreeing to let outside groups conduct telephone medical screenings for women and children at two detention facilities in texas. this is the latest battle between homeland security and immigrant rights activists who claim illegals are being treated poorly while they waited for deportation or asylum hearings. new york court worker, well, guess what, caught lying red handed, david book savior actually butt dialing. i said butt dialing a "new
4:39 am
york post" reporter after giving interview cushy schedule bragging on a voice mail he barely works and collects a 6 figure salary on the taxpayer's dime. he plans to retire in october. a ceremonial first pitch for the boston red sox goes horribly wrong. take a look at this. jillian: okay. it was supposed to honor the 1967 american league champions team but instead turned painful for a cameraman behind home plate. the pitcher by the way. his immediate reaction says it all. he tweeted quote had to get him off the plate somehow and the cameraman who took this photo of the incoming baseball just before feeling
4:40 am
the impact also tweeting quote: laughter heals all wounds. trust me i tried: i was doing more research on this and did a whole write up because boston red sox and the guy throwing out the first pitch is actually a pediatric cancer survivor and they were doing this to honor the jimmy fund. abby: that's great. todd: good cause. abby: they were probably laughing the guy who got hit not laughing. abby: everyone is fine though. todd: all of our crew is still oh, oh. she ♪ done yet. hillary clinton about to release her new book. even report says her not feeling it. steve: why aren't more americans getting a raise? stuart varney on this next. hello, stuart ♪ i want to be a billionaire
4:41 am
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the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. ♪ dream ♪ crazy as they may seem abby: i just love her. quick hollywood headlines for you emma stone la la land dreams are coming true. forbes naming the 28-year-old highest paid actress in the world raking in $26 million in just the last year. that would be nice. and this stunt goes horribly wrong. what's worse than thought. >> is he going to jump? that is tmz video showing tom cruise breaking his
4:45 am
ankle filming mission impossible 6. production delayed 8 weeks so he can recover. steve: i thought he broke a rib. he broke his ankle. who knew? let's switch gears and talk about the economy taking a turn for the better. up employment rate has dropped to as you see there on the big screen, 4.3%. number of available jobs reaching a record high with nearly 6 million job openings this morning. todd: if that's all the case why aren't wages increasing? here to break it down host of varney and company on fox business of course stuart varney. that's a great question. it seems like good, good, good. yet the wages still low. >> do you want an answer? todd: i want the truth. >> i got it for you. maybe wages are rising faster than we thought. there is a study from the san francisco federal reserve, no slouch. i mean these people know what they are talking about. and they have looked at wage increases during the recovery up until now. they found a statistical quirk. they found that the wages of
4:46 am
established full-time workers. you got a job. you have been in the job for a while. you are working full time, your wage is rising at the rate of around 4% a year. that's a very healthy wage. so why do the average figures show a lower wage rise? steve: because if you are talking about permanent employees, you must counter balance it with people who are not permanent. >> also, those people who are just coming in to the workforce, new hires, who are hired at lower rate than the person who has left that job so the overall average comes down whereas those who are working full time for any length of time, they are at a 4% wage hike rate so to speak. >> it's better than you thought from the official established numbers. todd: there are a number of people out of the workforce during the in but they don't come in at the high level. >> at the moment you are looking at 2, 3, 400,000 new entrants to the labor force per month.
4:47 am
that's a huge influx of people. that would tend to depress the starting salary, the starting wage of new hires. then, of course, have you got unskilled workers. a very large supply of illegals coming in. largely unskilled. that depresses upfront headline wage rates. if you really dig deeply, those people who are employed full time and have been in the job for some time, they are going up nicely, over 4% wages. abby: stuart, i love your thoughts on the manufacturing council now being completely done. of the president tweeting about it yesterday saying we are going to do away with this thing. a number of ceos pulling out of it. was that a not a big deal or not have that much of an impact on the economy. >> not an impact on the economy. that's not the case. what they're doing is, they are saying my company is not wilt represented if i'm getting close to president trump. they are walking away from president trump. which is a very serious thing for the president. because he has lost a key constituency.
4:48 am
now, those business leaders are to some degree hypocritical. walking away from the president who is going to deliver for them a tax cut, corporate tax cut and infrastructure building program and cutting of red tape. you can call them hypocrites to some degree because they are walking away from the guy who going to give them what they want. steve: just about half an hour ago we had steve cortez on one of the president's advisors during the campaign and now he continues out in chicago. he said that he felt there were a number of those advisors on the council, the ceos who, after it was announced they were on the councils, then they started hearing from their friends and their families that the country club and whatnot i can't believe you are working for that guy, donald trump. they were looking for any excuse they could to get off the council. and they used this. >> that would be true. steve: so you agree with him? in that respect? >> in that respect i do. there is a very, very strong group of people which is
4:49 am
vigorously anti-trump. and they are making themselves felt at this point. and to some degree, president trump is in a corner. he is being abandoned by some republicans. abandoned by business. even abandoned by some members of his own white house staff as all these leaks about who going to leave next. the man is isolated and i think people are piling in on the man. and he needs some good economic news. which i think is out there. abby: stuart varney, we will see you soon. >> yes, you will. abby: coming up, newt gingrich on the move to remove confederate statues across the country. should we really be erasing history. we will ask him about that. todd: and finally the moment you have all within waiting for that, includes you, stuart. that body builder caught on camera flexing. he joins us live next. the story behind that video has gone mega viral. we're excited ♪ i want some hot stuff baby this evening ♪ got to have some hot stuff ♪ got to have some love
4:50 am
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♪ i got to be a macho man ♪ i got to be a macho, macho man steve: yesterday we showed you this viral video of a man admiring himself on what appears to be a grocery store surveillance camera. abby: it is so good. he even pulls off the tank top. starts flexing. oh yeah the irish body builder posting this video to his youtube channel. it is as can you imagine going viral. it's been going viral on this show for two days now. todd: we promised to have him on today's show we are delivering. joining us from skype from
4:54 am
dublin ireland is body builder blessing awodibu. good to see you, sir. my god you are humongous. [laughter] steve: yes, you are. that's what we're talking about. blessing, you know. >> sorry, guys. i didn't see you guys there. steve: funny guy. >> what's going on? steve: well, we are all talking about your video. it looks like you go in to a grocery store. you realize you are on the surveillance camera and you start to flex. thinking nobody is going to see this. however, that is not exactly accurate. who took these pictures? >> you know, we do this every day. like i cannot walk past my car seeing myself in the reflection of my car window and i will flex. so,. [laughter] >> so i was in the grocery store. i was looking for cookie. i noticed the tv screen. and i started flexing. i said to my girlfriend.
4:55 am
pretend tv. so i got the flex on. she said yeah, let's go. she got selfie stick. she had it pulled up real high. app. on my phone started filming. i hit record and i start to flex. abby: i'm going to have to break the news to all the women here at fox that you have a girlfriend. they are going to be very disappointed. steve: it was a selfie stick. >> i'm sorry. abby: janice dean is not very happy. what sort of responses did you get? you said you posted this on instagram and the messages just kept flooding. in. >> oh, man, it's insane. i mean from all over the world. just people are -- newspaper, tv asking me for permission -- for them to share my video on their social media and on their tv station. and i mean it's like, i was shocked. i was like, you know, this is just a joke. it's just for laughs, you know. and just gone viral.
4:56 am
[laughter] abby: what do you do to look like that? what do you eat? what do you do to work out? >> as you can see i'm a body builder. just pro-this year. the full-time job. it's very -- intensive lifestyle. i train pretty reasonable doubt ha. i have been training for the last six, seven, eight years now. steve: have you won competitions. i will tell you what, we have a few seconds left. would you like to go ahead and look into your skype camera right there and do a little flexing for our audience. [cheers] abby: can you recreate it for us? oh, yes. todd: fills up the entire screen. steve: that's just showing off. abby: unbelievable. thank you for giving us a smile and the world a smile. >> thank you. steve: there you go. thank you, sir. it wasn't a grocery store surveillance camera. it was his girlfriend with a
4:57 am
selfie stick and app. that made it look like one. abby: sorry, ladies, he does have a girlfriend. steve: coming up, newt gingrich on the move to remove confederate statues all across the country. should we really be erasing history? newt is next. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> after a wave of ceos resign from his advisory councils, pickup truck reacted by dissolving the groups. tweeting the people on the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum, i am ending both. thank you, all. >> charlottesville protest reigniting the national conversation about race. the president condemn the violence but the mainstream media continues to criticize his response. >> donald trump is a person that shoots from the hip. >> i think he's someone that can bring about change, and that's something the left has not won. >> a woman was killed from saturday's violence. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her.
5:01 am
>> the attorney general sticking to his word with holding federal money from sanctuary cities. >> these policies do far broader damage than many understand. at its root, it is a rejection of our immigration laws and a decoration of open borders. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: beautiful day here in new york city. steve: indeed. abby: nice and cool out. the sun's out. almost the weekend. steve: i'll be here with the weekend. abby: on saturday. we're excited to have you on the weekend, steve. i've never been with you on saturday. steve: well, i'll be here
5:02 am
saturday. meanwhile, with here with the former speaker of the house, a fox news contributor as well, and the author of the new york times best-seller. it must drive them crazy as well. it's called understanding trump. newt, good morning with you. >> good to be with you. steve: so you're sitting right now in arlington, virginia. not far from the arlington national cemetery where there are confederate memorials. the big debate this morning is whether or not these symbols are symbols of our history or of hate, and should then removed? where does newt gingrich come down on this? >> you know, i watch this, and you go back to the french revolution where they decided to destroy the past, you watch the taliban, which decided to blow up buddhist monuments that were 2,000 years old. you watched isis, which destroyed ancient history. i think that we ought to be clear about this. maybe we need a committee to
5:03 am
perfect american history. and it can go through and decide, for example, senator bob burg belonged to the ku klux klan. former member of the supreme court belonged to the ku klux klan. should we remove memory of hugh black? what's the it going to be? there's a huge wave of murder in baltimore. there's a huge wave of shootings in chicago. there are enormous problems in helping every person that you have a chance to pursue happiness. all of this stuff is a lot of noise. it doesn't fix a single one of the underlying key problems to trap people in poverty and violence in america. abby: well, some democratic leaders are hoping it could be more than just noise. it could be maybe a platform for them if they decide to run for president in 2020.
5:04 am
governor has been calling out calling to remove the statues. cory booker is the latest to say i will be introducing a bill to remove confederate statues from the confederate building. it was interesting, steve bannon, obviously key adviser to happen spoke out. we don't usually hear him speak publicly. but he said if democrats double down on this issue, that's not going to be a winning one for them at the polls. republicans need to focus on the economy. what do you make of that? >> well, i think, first of all, it depends on how this evolves. if you really look at the hard left, they will eliminate washington. i'm not sure what they do with the washington monument. but they would eliminate washington. they would eliminate jefferson. they both owned slaves. would they then sandblast them in south dakota off of that mountain? i mean, you start getting into a zone here of whose history and who are you to define it. and how do you go back 250
5:05 am
years and apply this year's standards to somebody back then? there's a whole zone here of wanting to erase america on the left that i think is very real. on the other hand, i do think the president was inadequate initially, particularly when he began to say there were some good people in that crowd of neonazis and alt-right. look, if you're a good person, and you hear people chanting antisomatic chants, you leave. you don't stay. the people -- i think republicans have to condemn unequivocally the kind of violence and bitter and bigotry and racism that we saw in charlottesville. at the same time, we ought to condemn the left because it's clear if you look at the aclu tweets, they say, look, both sides were fighting in charlottesville. not just the neonazis. abby: do you think the president needs to come out and say anything from what
5:06 am
happened just two days ago? >> i went back and checked. in 1997, donald trump wrote a book called the art of the come back. i think he should a couple of days here in august and reread his own book. i think he's much more isolated than he thinks he is. he has much weaker support in congress than he thinks he does, and i think a lot of it is self inflicted. and he had a perfectly good press conference yesterday. if he had stopped. i mean, they were talking about infrastructure, it's a unifying bipartisan, positive step on the agenda, and i am sure everybody's standing around him was stunned to have him wander off and reopen an issue that he had successfully the day before put to rest. he has to become substantially more resistant and reliable. because people don't know each morning what to expect, and that's dramatically weakening him into getting things done in the congress.
5:07 am
steve: but fill mr. speaker, you know donald trump. you've known him for a couple of years. when he gets attacked, he hits back ten times harder. according to axeios, apparently he was so surprised from the overwhelming negative attention he was getting will from his initial statement, which many felt he was way too vague, he needed to name groups. and he said at that press conference that he did not because it was simply breaking news, and he didn't know who was all involved. but he wanted to go to campaign style attack mode, which got him to the presidency. >> right. but it doesn't help him as president. you know, president reagan had this problem twice. once in august of 1980 during the campaign when he had a week that was just terrible. stumbling all over the place and again with the iran crisis that broke out in 1986. both times reagan was in deep trouble. both times he stopped, fought through what he had to get done, did it with enormous
5:08 am
discipline, stuck to his message. i mean, there are a lot of underlying things going very, very well. the veterans administration, the economy. we have the lowest level of teenage unemployment we've had since i think 1966. there are a lot of things going well. if the president would be disciplined and focused, he would more than recover in three weeks. i would be in a great position this fall to get tax cuts and other thing through the congress. >> mr. speaker, i want to switch gears here to the steve bannon part talking about north korea. here's what steve bannon said. he said quote there's no military solution to north korea's nuclear threats. forget it. until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in seoul don't die in the first 30 minutes of conventional weapons, i don't know what you're talking about. there's no military solution here. they got us. to me, the economic war with china is everything, and we have to be focused on that. mr. speaker, do you agree?
5:09 am
>> no. for practical reasons. i do two newsletters a week at gingrich newsletters free. the letter i did last week took one city. and said this is what the factor would be like in one city. and i think we have to understand. in north korea, which is armed, and it may well be that we can't stop them. in which case we're going to have to rebuild all of our defense systems. because losing one city to a nuclear weapon would change this country permanently. so i don't think it's an either or. yes, be more aggressive with the chinese over policy. but at the same time i think we better find a better way to deal with north korea. at the same time, i don't know what bannon think so he's accomplishing. the bottom line if you have general mattis lined up and general kelly lined up and general mcmaster and secretary tillerson lined up and the united nations about aambassador lined up. maybe if you're a senior white
5:10 am
house adviser, it's useful not to screw it up. it's useful not to be out there -- if you're a senior white house adviser, you make your argument in the oval office, you make your argument in the chief of staff's office. you don't go out -- this is a little bit reminiscent. steve bannon is a professional. this kind of stuff is -- this reminds me of scaramucci, you know? you don't go off and do this stuff. abby: good point. and usually doesn't always end well. speaker, thank you for being with us this morning. >> take care. you too. steve: 8:10 in new york city, jillian has a fox news alert. >> that's right. we're following a fox news alert. let's get you caught up. the search for five missing soldiers intensifying after their helicopter went down off the coast of hawaii. rescue crews now scouring the waters of oahu.
5:11 am
conducting nighttime exercises when one lost communication. some parts of the helicopter's fuselage has been recovered. governor'shutchin to. released by an antiabortion group alleging the women's group sold body parts for money. the block now throws out the lawsuits of three patients who sued over the governor's decision. well, you've still got a chance to hit it big at the powerball, and we're talking real big for the 19th straight time. last night's drawing produces no winner. jackpot has been growing since june 10th. the next drawing is saturday with a jackpot of 510 million bucks. the odds of winning, guys, though, one and 292.2 million. steve: that would be a good investment on $2 if you hit it. if you're the one. >> right. i'm that person.
5:12 am
when people from work or people -- you know, groups of people go in on them, i'm the one that's, like, no. >> really? you're that person? >> yes. because i always feel like i haven't win, and i haven't won. >> you're going to be the only person working. >> if you win, that's a lot of dough. a lot of dough. steve: meanwhile, coming up on this thursday, they get free legal advice. now illegals are apparently getting mental evaluations to help them beat deportation. we'll tell you that story. abby: plus, she is not done yet. hillary clinton about to release her new book and if she admit she wouldn't, well, you're not alone on that one. we're coming up on fox and fries it's like nothing you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr.
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5:17 am
the democrats are looking to move forward. i mean, they have lost the last four elections in a row. they've got some real challenges in order to move forward and to get your base riled up. they need new leaders of the party, they need to figure out exactly what their messaging is. and as long as hillary clinton, the clintons are in the headlines, they're talking about the past and what happened in this election and blaming it on x, y, z, i think that's troubling for the democratic party. you then have called britain about this saying they don't want to be near it. >> special elections have not gone well for the democrats. and i think there's just a general notion that okay. hillary. go become a university president somewhere. don't put out all of our dirty laundry because it just helps trump. it feeds trump's narrative of why he won. steve: interestingly enough. one of five of the people who voted for hillary in november now think of her unfavorable. so if she's thinking this book could be my come back, that number is actually going backwards because of the
5:18 am
blame. we asked you what you thought, and we got a terrific response. abby: john writes books should be one page. i lost because it was everyone's fault and not mine. good book. >> that's a summary of what we're expecting. and what difference at this point does it make? and that's a good point because i mean, obviously, we don't declare when people's political careers are done. but i think the democratic party is sort of saying hillary, you're done. time to move on. abby: democrats want to move on. but also, i don't think people like sore losers. how often do we hear from politicians who lose a race and still months and months after the election is over still talking about what happened. i mean, you move on. steve: i heard from somebody who is close to ms. clinton, and she said regarding this book that she really levels with folks. it's her feelings. but at the same time, she feels unencumbered because she says she's never going to frown elective office again, so she can go ahead and just let the chips fall where they
5:19 am
may. abby: keep your e-mails coming. we want to know what you think about hillary clinton's new book. when is it out? september? >> september. abby: so e-mail us. steve: meanwhile, coming up you're going to hear from attorney general jeff sessions, he has a warning to sanctuary cities to follow the line of the law of the land or lose money. our next guest is a angel mom who lost her son at the hands of an illegal and says there's no gray area when it comes to illegal immigration. she joins us live next. >> and ceo failing on president trump's economic council. but bob massie says they just did the president a huge favor. the property man is live coming up ahead 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes
5:20 am
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5:23 am
steve: some quick thursday morning headlines for you right now. a major border bust. 20 illegals found stuff inside that cargo truck at a border truck point in the state of texas. the driver behind bars. and an australian lawmaker striking outrage for wearing a burqa into the senate. the leader of the one nation party using a stunt to warn of security threats while calling for a burqa ban. australia remains on high alert after a failed isis plot to blow up a passenger plane. abby, over to you. abby: thank you, steve. well, attorney general jeff sessions praising miami dade county for complying with the federal government and reversing the policy. >> miami dade is an example of what is possible through hard work, professional policing and a dedication to the rule of law.
5:24 am
it's proof that the entire nation that gives us an example, all of us can do better throughout this country. today, i'm here to announce that miami dade is now in compliance, full compliance and eligible for all federal law enforcement grant dollars. abby: so will this convince leaders in other cities to follow suit? joining me now is laura wilkerson, her son josh was killed by an illegal. laura, good to have with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. abby: and i know this is an issue that is near and dear to your heart. just remind us what happened to your son josh. >> josh was murdered by somebody that was brought here illegally by his parents when he was 10 years old, so he fit the dreamer description. abby: after going through that, did it change your opinion as we're talking about what to do with illegal immigration? did that change the way you think about things? >> it did. it certainly adds another layer of, you know, what if.
5:25 am
furniture have been here, you know, josh would be alive today. so it adds that layer of it. and then once you get into it, you realize just how much is going on that we never really knew before. abby: yeah, so as you heard there, the attorney general jeff sessions was in miami dade county yesterday talking about the importance of sanctuary cities and also took a moment to hit hard on cities that aren't respecting the law, as he called it. directly at rob emmanuel, the mayor of chicago there. what do you make of his comments yesterday? >> i mean, i agree with jeff sessions wholeheartedly. he's 100% right. it's all about the law. you know, miami dade, it's a win, win situation for them because they're now going to get -- keep their federal funding. they're telling people, look, we're going to adhere to the laws of the land. so it keeps citizens safe, and it also keeps ice immigration officers. you know, when they can come to a jail and pick somebody up, it keeps them more safe than having to go somewhere. so it's a win, win situation
5:26 am
for miami dade, and i'm really grateful about it. abby: like i said, you have experienced this personally. if you could speak directly to mayor rob emmanuel or other mayors that are not wanting to respect the law and follow through with what the federal government is asking them to, what would you say to them after all you've been through? >> i would say it's not political. quit making it about whether you look who's in office or not. it's not political. it's about adhering to the law of the land. nobody gets sanctuaried from the law. i don't, you don't. nobody gets sanctuaried to the law. so it's about adhering to the legal issue of it. abby: yeah, you have been with president trump at a number of his events as a angel mom. it's an issue you know he's been passionate about from the very beginning. there's no gray area. we're talking about illegal immigrants in this country, there's no gray area there. >> exactly. it's legal or illegal. nothing more. it's not about who you are or what color you are or where you're from. it's about legal or illegal.
5:27 am
nothing more than that. abby: laura wilkerson, good to have you with us. thank you. some thoughts you have. >> thank you. abby: still coming up on the showed, they get free legal advice. now illegal immigrants are helping them get mental advice to beat deportation. what? and this isn't the first time a president has had attacks from the media. reagan had his own way of dealing with it. tammy here with a little history for us. come on in, tammy. julie is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor,
5:28 am
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5:30 am
steve: we are so close to fox and friends twitter page to getting to a million. we just have about -- please,
5:31 am
if you don't follow fox and friends yet, do. go to friends. tell your friends. let's see if we can hit a million. >> and if you don't have a twitter account at home, maybe create one. trust me, everyone is so nice on twitter all the time. abby: that's a milestone. a huge one. one million. steve: tammy bruce is joining us right now. tammy has been watching the news and looks to history for lessons that donald trump could learn from. you're going to go back to ronald reagan. >> yeah. look, what's interesting here, of course. is while this seems really awful right now and horrible things are being said and there's terrific divisions. this, in fact, is part of a political process. we've seen it before. this generation doesn't recall the nature of what's happened in the past. president reagan again while he was running for governor of california had an opponent refer to him and compare him to john booth. and just even with the
5:32 am
founders. there's always been horrible, terrific fights. but i think what president reagan did that could inform president trump is that when under attack. and especially when you first launched his campaign at a state fair when dealing with issues. steve: they still talk about this. >> yeah. that you've got a dynamic where the media and the president are experiencing this now. is going to find issues in the surrounding area. in that case, it was about civil rights and the murder of civil rights activist. and that president reagan's commitment to states' rights was they said a dog whistle for racism. and, of course, what he had to do then when he had just three networks. there was no internet, no talk radio, is really make a concerted effort. and this is trump's nature to speak directly to the people. to go out, in fact, speak with african-american groups, reach out to people in larger events. you know, president trump's rallies are fabulous. but one of trump's i think real benefits is that when people meet him, and when he
5:33 am
talks directly to the people, they like him. when it's not filter through the media. and i think that's why if he's going to have like the press conference he had the other day where there's fights with the media and reporters, americans don't get to know him in that environment. president reagan used oval office addresses very often. i think the president could benefit from that right now as well. abby: he also had some practice; right? when you talk about reagan, he was a two-term governor of california. so he had experience of on the political stage before getting to the oval office. and there was a time when the kkk endorsed ronald reagan. what did he do at that point? >> well, as they have with president trump and both men have effectively done the same. reagan's theory was push back hard, be aggressive, defend yourself. and he, of course, immediately eviscerated the group, wrote to a variety of other groups, and the u.s. civil rights group as well saying that i reject this, this is an insult, and president trump has done the same.
5:34 am
now, the problem, of course, with today's media is what is being reported? will they report the truth? are they spinning and turning his words? politico the other day had to change part of their transcript, which had the president refer to us when he was talking about the nazis and the clan, and they had to admit for some reason that somehow the transcript got changed when he never made the comparison. so this is what americans now have to deal with but why the president like even reagan did at the time, not relying on what the media is going to convey to the american people. but then also -- and this is -- i think president trump's wheelhouse. going out personally, making -- if he wants to operate as a campaign, really do it, though, now as president to where you have the power and the influence to make the difference for people, which he wants to do. reagan ended with a 40% approval generating with african-americans because the economy improved everybody's lives because the conservative ideal worked.
5:35 am
president trump is in the same position. unfortunately, many don't want him to succeed. every -- all american citizens want him to succeed because we're all worried about our own families, our own safety. and that's, i think, also going to benefit him. >> in the next 24 to 48 hours, what do you think president trump should do? >> i think that already he's realizing that the media -- it's a different dynamic. this is not him -- it's not just about business. the media, in fact, is a group that can be used to some degree but can't be relied on. the people in washington clearly also have their own agendas that he has to focus on how can i really move my agenda through to help the american people? that was a decision president reagan made. my job is to help the american people. not placate the media, not placate congress. but to get in -- and my column yesterday was about replying violence across the board. it's about identity politics. it's about which contribute to
5:36 am
the depression effectively if you will of the american people in the country. the violence that we're dealing with like with ms13. these are things, discrete things that the president can move forward through with, including the economy. he's got to now push through. the other thing reagan had, chip o'neal. he had a congress, a partner. he does not have a partner right now. so on the reagan line, you must make sure you have partners who are in leadership. that is something missing right now for this president. abby: as you said, he's always best talking, though. i say an oval office address really laying out what is necessary to not pick fights, but to make sure the american people now know what the agenda will be and implemented. steve: media-wise, things were so much simpler back. abby: three networks. steve: but things are still very complicated. >> they are. but the answers are similarly -- they're still similar. reaching out to individuals, make sure sure your message is heard. steve: tammy bruce, thank
5:37 am
you. abby: other news this morning. jillian. >> that's right. a number of stories that we're following. let's begin with this one. in the wake of the deadly charlottesville rally, ben carson reveals he's been a victim of vandalism. someone wrote antitrump messages on his home but kind neighbors helped clean it up. the point of the story is to fight bigotry by taking the high road to help build a case for asylum in the u.s. ice helped conduct outside groups for conducting screenings for women and children. this is the latest battle between homeland security and immigrant rights activist who claim illegals are being treated poorly while they wait for deportation or asylum hearings. a vietnam veteran claiming victory after having his guns confiscated without warning. don from up state new york was told by authorities he had been deemed mentally deficient under new york's safe act.
5:38 am
hall hired a lawyer claiming he had never been treated for a mental disorder. months later, a judge gave his guns back after it was discovered a hospital triggered the role by confusing him for someone else. all right. yesterday we showed you this viral video of a guy admiring himself on what appears to be a grocery store security camera. he pulls off his tank top, starts flexing, bodybuilder joined us earlier via skype from ireland saying he just can't help himself. >> you know, we do this every day. like, i cannot walk past my car, see myself in the reflection of my car window, and i'll flex. >> all right. so it turns out there was a little secret here. he wasn't actually filmed on a security camera but instead, his girlfriend used her phone through an app and made it look like that. >> at first, we thought his muscles were the star. every time i walk by a car, i
5:39 am
check myself out. who says that? >> when he flexed, his muscles were bigger than his head. >> and his personality was just as big. >> he made us all smile many at this morning. janice, i'm sorry, though. he does have a girlfriend. she still had a little crush. >> my husband is thankful he has a girlfriend. what's your name, young man? where are you from? >> south carolina. >> and what do you think of the weather here in new york? >> good. >> yeah? partly sunny? what have you got there? >> a fidget. >> are you having fun here in new york city? >> yes. >> you're from south carolina; right? you know that there's a total solar eclipse on monday? it's a big deal. >> i didn't know that. >> oh, it's happening. i'll tell you all about it after we do this weather. will you sit here with me? across the northeast, it's a beautiful day here. temperatures are kind of cool, don't you agree? and it's going to be cool for the next 12 to 24 hours. we're watching this system
5:40 am
move across the great lakes and upper midwest. watch your fidget, my friend that could bring the potential for large hail winds and isolated tornadoes as well, so we're going to be watching that. you know we have a summer concert series. are you here for friday? tomorrow? >> i'm not going to be here because i'm leaving today. >> well, the weather will be nice for your flight. that's the good news. maybe you could join me in south carolina for the big eclipse on monday. would you like to do that? wave to everybody at home. steve: janice, does he have adult supervision out here? >> yes. his father is right over here. steve: okay. good. >> i mean, i could baby-sit as well. abby: you're a good babysitter. he's adorable. and you have to have a fidget too. steve: janice and friends, thank you. abby: still ahead, ceos bailing on president trump's economic council but massie says they just did the president a huge favor. the property man bob massie is live with us next.
5:41 am
steve: and i just looked on our twitter page. we are less than 1,000. come on. to get to a million followers. go to fox and friends/ -- go to twitter and follow us, and we'll try to hit a million. abby: come on, friends. americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
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yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets. steve: yesterday afternoon president trump dissolved two white house business councils amid the controversy surrounding the violence in charlottesville. the president tweeted out this quote rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing council and strategy and policy forum, i am ending both. thank you, all. top ceos started cutting ties with the councils this week. but are they putting politics ahead of what the president is trying to do for american commerce? here now to weigh in is fox news legal analyst and the
5:45 am
host of the property man bob massie joins us from -- as you can see right there, las vegas. bob, you say the people who started to drop out of the councils did the president a favor. how so? >> yes, sir. well, first of all, steve, i much rather have leaders around me than retreaters. these aren't the kind of people i would want in a foxhole with me. what happened to the days where these are men and women, ceos who deal in controversies every day? why not stay and work with the president to get through this controversy and help him and help with business to make america great again as the president says? why is it anymore that once there is any controversy, even with the ceo, that they run away from it? i don't want those kinds of people around me. i don't blame them for disabandonment, and it did him a favor. because it leads to where the loyalty lies. steve: of course, this is a big story on all the papers today, bob. but a lot of people forget the fact that there were a number
5:46 am
of ceos who dropped out before this happened down in virginia. >> correct. steve: they didn't like the president's approach to the paris climate thing, so they left the council at that. but people kind of forget that. >> you know what, steve? look, this guy -- love him or hate him, this guy's a tough guy. my dad used to say if you're born in england, you're got an change this guy. i spoke to the speaker of the house and said he has to soften up. he has to remember he's not in the private sector anymore. he has to soften things up and not fall into this bait that he falls into. but he can't help himself. he feels he has to justify everything. should his words been chosen better? yes but do you condemn a person forever? we live in this world now, steve, that could be looking for perfection. everybody has to say everything the right way all
5:47 am
the time. god forbid if somebody makes a mistake, they go to hell because of that. we have to end it. and now we have to end this thing with the monuments and things like that. i don't recognize the country the way i would like to recognize it. not withstanding the fact these other things represent things that aren't happening. we live in a -- that's why we are who we are, man. that's how we are in this country. and that's why we'll always be nuque what we do. steve: one of the things that's too bad about what's going on with these people disbanding the economic councils is the fact that the economy in the united states right now by all measures is roaring. there are record number of jobs, unemployment very, very low, stock market very, very high, the atlanta fed came out and said their projection for the third quarter gdp for the united states of america would be 3.8%. if that actually happens, that's stunning. >> and why not roll up your
5:48 am
sleeves as the ceos and go to happen and say, look, man, we represent companies. we're not part of this advisory council. we're here. you wanted us, we're here to make our country stronger and our economy. we're going to work through this. why run? i mean, if that's the kind of guys and ladies that are involved in this, i don't want them around. leave me alone, get out of here, and he was right. disband and get these people the hell out of there and come up with something different. i don't get what happened to loyalty in america when it comes to this type of thing. if that's the kind of wimps we have, see you later. i don't want you around. steve: all right. the wisdom of bob massie. the property man over on the fox business network. you can watch the show tomorrow at 8:30 eastern time right over on our sister channel. bob, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks, buddy. take care. steve: 12 minutes before the top of the hour. sorry, kids. back to the grind. summer almost over. coming up, the secret parents need to get their kids back on that school night schedule.
5:49 am
some already are. there goes, judge. meanwhile, bill is still in our nation's capitol on this thursday morning. >> i remember those school days right, steve? mom tugging on you. let's go. let's go. steve: i still get up early. >> likewise. same. steve, good morning to you. tax cuts, we'll find out where they are this morning. what that revealing steve bannon interview tells us about him, about the president, about china, about the west wing, so much more coming up on that. who was winning and the battle over sanctuary cities? new evidence on that today. and nukes may not be the only thing to worry about in a war with north korea. shannon and i will see you in ten minutes top of the hour in america's newsroom a highly cone that can be really serious... especially for my precious new grandchild. it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated.
5:50 am
ito become dangerous.d for an everyday item new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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5:53 am
abby: i can't believe it's already back to schooltime. >> unbelievable. abby: has your child been staying up late and sleeping in this summer? now is time to make a change. the national sleep foundation says kids could begin their sleep schedule two weeks before the classes tips here to try tonight with sleep expert and her 9-year-old adorable son leo. >> good morning. thank you so much for having us. >> how come i'm the only one in a onesie? >> actually, i'm envious. >> you have no idea what happens after this show. i go to sleep. what are the best tips for them? >> two weeks before school starts, you want to start increasing the bedtime, the start time to their bedtime about 15 minutes. you also want to focus on starting to dim the lights in the household around 6:00 so the melatonin can start increasing earlier in their body and limit the amount of
5:54 am
events that you have for them at night. i know it's kind of hard because summer is ending, and you kind of want to have the last ha. >> it's still light out. >> but you want to get back in the groove. >> i feel like it's our schedule. >> what do you say to parents? my 6-year-old is already anxious about school, and he's having problems to go to sleep because he's scared about going to school. >> i would suggest that you start talking to him a little bit more about what is taking place at school and maybe even get him a calendar. so he has a visual expectation and what is going to take place each day. what are we going to do? create a chore schedule for him. everything from wake up to brushing your teeth. so he knows what to expect that that's actually going to start lessening the amount of anxiety that he's feeling. >> what about reading before bedtime? >> reading is wonderful. and i prefer that they have a good, you know, book in their hands as opposed to a tablet. we know electronics is not
5:55 am
good a good hour before sleep time, so it's really important that you take the time to also create that bond by reading with them. >> leo, do you like to read with your mom. >> sometimes. >> yeah. he's 9 going on 10, so he likes to be this independent reader, and he's an avid reader, thankfully. >> speaking of independence, then you get into high school. and it's a lot harder to tell your kids to go to bed at a certain time. what advice do you have at that age? >> what do you want to do is have that conversation with the children about what the importance of sleep. and that you're not bugging them to go to sleep, but it's actually the foundation of health; right? you want to also prepare, like, a bedroom cleanse. this is the time to get the new sheets, the new pillows. i mean, bed gear has a wonderful pillow, position pillow for the kids. and it's climate controlled, allergy --alen proof, so soft to the touch. my boys have the nitro and
5:56 am
the -- it's wonderful. they drop the body temperature by three degrees, which is optimal. and bed gear has, like, a beautiful line of -- yeah, and then there's the pillow that you can rest on while you're reading. >> is that comfy? pretty nice? >> is there a deal for that now? >> yes. there is. i believe the code is fox 30 for those that are fox viewers. so i highly recommend. >> tips for everybody because even as adults. >> well, in general, my big thing is to do that bedroom cleanse. evaluate what your sleep situation is, and it is that time to make a better investment on sleep. the foundation of health. >> more fox and friends right after this a penny has never been more valuable! it's our back to school one cent event at office depot office max. notebooks! one cent! rulers, glue and 12-pack pencils!
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♪ >> look at that, we are now at 1 million. thanks to you. >> you are responsible for that. >> have a great one, everybody. >> bill: good morning, everybody, steve bannon is speaking out in a rare interview this morning, the white house chief strategist slamming white supremacist, as well as opponents with in that the administration, reporting that he may be the next one to leave the west wing, as we come to you this morning. shannon, good morning to you. >> shannon: good morning to you, i am shannon bream. bannon dismissed what he called f no nationalism, saying that these guys are a collection of clowns, bannon said, they are wetting themselves, putting the squeeze on china


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