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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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barcelona found him. we don't know exactly where. all we have been told is not too far from the scene of the attack right there on las ramblas in barcelona. one suspect in custody. one suspect dead in a shootout with police. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on the east coast. i'm shepard smith in new york. this is fox news channel's continuing coverage on the terror attack on las ramblas. this is the scene. a short time ago, thousands upon thousands if not tens of thousands we're now led to believe tourists on scene when this van began coming down this heavily tourist area, las ramblas, that you see there. 5:30 p.m. the streets crowded with august holiday goers, people from all over europe and around the world vacationing there when this man in a rented van came plowing
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through the crowds. the first video we got from scene, incredible. >> shepard: now the catalon
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region, the government confirms 13 dead, 50 in the hospital, 13 of those seriously injured in the united states, critical injuries. we believe all suspects now accounted for. though authorities have not confirmed that. we told you about the one suspect, driss oukabir who is in custody of moroccan dissent who had been living in spain in his late 20s who authorities say had posted some disturbing items on his facebook page about israeli occupation and today is believed to have carried out this attack. there was a second van located about 40 miles away from this scene. a second van that authorities have led us to believe they thought may have been connected to this attack. that second van authorities thought would have also been
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used in the attack. for reasons which have not been explained to us was not. further, there was a second attack after the first. the second attack involved a man in a white ford focus, ramming into a police checkpoint. exchanging gun fire with police and being shot and killed. if there are other suspects, authorities have not indicated that to us. we know so many thousands of people have holed up in restaurants and bars along las ramblas and all across that region in downtown barcelona. most of the people holed up in bars and restaurants and hotels have been evacuated by authorities as they work to clear the district. just to err on the side of caution. and sky news with a wrap-up of this now. let's listen. >> authorities confirmed it was treated as a terrorist incident. >> i spoke with police who are very nervous and turning away,
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saying there's a fugitive on the loose around here. it was dangerous to stay around. >> the authorities later announced this man, driss oukabir, had been arrested in connection with the attack. there were other reports that a second van had been used as a get-away vehicle. ian woods, sky news. >> the latest from sky news. i want to give you more information as we received it. police have arrested this man, driss oukabir. remember, i said he's in his late 20s. he's actually 28. one of the perpetrators of the attack. his van hit in barcelona, killing 13. he is, as i mentioned, a moroccan citizen but a legal resident in spain. he was booked by police and spent some time in a jail in spain and left that jail in 2012. according to police sources, speaking to -- this is the
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newspaper, the local daily newspaper there in barcelona. according to police sources, he resided in repol and had rented the van about 40 miles north of the area. that's how they first were on to him. they saw the license plate and the rental thing -- rental plaque on the side of the van. that took authorities to the rental agency. that led them to this man. sources from the fight against terrorism have confirmed that the detainee, this suspect, arrived in barcelona from morocco on the 13th of august. three days ago. the agents are watching with whom he -- let's see. this is translated from another language. the agents are watching with whom the arrested person was related to try to stop the authors of the rampage of las ramblas.
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so in other words, they're trying to get to other suspects through him. oukabir has been in madrid this year and tried to check where he stayed and with whom he had contacts. he was born on january 13, 1989 in a moroccan town in the countryside. again, a legal resident of spain who had spent some time in jail, got out of jail in 2012 and that might have been -- yeah. got out of jail in 2012 and now arrived in barcelona just three days ago. let's turn to bobby chicone, a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force. he says he has friends that are in lockdown in barcelona. elaborate if you would. >> yeah, i got a call this morning from a friend that lived in that neighborhood. he was on his way to the gym nearby when he was on las ramblas and on that street.
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people were running and screaming. very shortly thereafter, he heard police sirens and started going in the direction of where the chaos was. shortly after that, the police were there telling people, you know, go the other way. he was able to get back to his house, which is very short distance from there. he took some video on the street and from his window. it's a horrific scene. bodies of blood, people representing aid to others before the ambulances got there. so he was right there. he's hunkered down and watching things develop. >> shepard: bobby, we're waiting for a news conference to begin in just a moment. they're setting up for that news conference now. we have english translation when it begins. bobby, your friends are still on lockdown after 3 1/2 hours?
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>> well, i think now it's a self-imposed lockdown. they just are more comfortable if they don't believe their own home tonight. it's evening over there. there's no reason to go out tonight. that's always the immediate concern, always is this attack over or is the follow -- are there any follow-on attacks associated with it. they know there was another van. so when you don't have that information and everything is in the air, you know you find it prudent to stay where you are. feel safe and just wait it out. >> shepard: just watching the video, we blurred large parts for our viewers. if they want to see it, the unedited version is online, of course. i can't imagine actually being there. seeing this video makes you sick. i can't imagine witnessing this. >> yeah, in a certain area where it's a tourist area, it's an area where people go to have a good time. people are laughing and drinking and eating.
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a tourist area is a place that is nice and a place to be enjoyed. a very good mix in that neighborhood of tourists and local people that mingle. you know, this is a type of area that that is ripe to be hit but generally before the attack, people are there, unknowing, u u u.s. -- unsuspects. >> shepard: and let's listen in to sky news. >> we can go further into the city and say the avenue of las ramblas, this is where it happened, this big boulevard, a very pedestrianized area. there's a passage way for vehicles on both sides, which is clearly how the van got in amongst all those people. very early on, we have reports of people killed and injured. the van was stopped near the intersection. pretty much halfway down the big
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boulevard. imagine the damage it had done from getting in there and smashing through all of those people. as we move through to the next graphic, you'll see, it's called a terror attack. they moved into an area of market just beyond the carrer dehospital. there were reports of gun fire. so far nor has been able to cop firm whether or not that was police firing, an alleged terrorist on the other way around. we found later on that a second van had been discovered 40 miles away. that was linked to this man. a suspect the police have arrested. he is far is the only person we have an image of. we know a second suspect has been arrested, neil. >> david, many thanks. again, as the situation develops, the statistics that have been provided to us by the
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regional government have varied. the very latest that we're hearing, you can understand why they vary. there's confusion. of course people's situations can dramatically change. it was reported 18 people were in the hospital after the barcelona attack. if 18 people are in the hospital, that means that there will be a higher number of injured, those treated on the scene and could be felt without hospitalization. also suggesting the death toll is around 12 in the words of the regional heads. we're looking at a death toll in the double figures. we can now bring you pictures from the immediate aftermath of the attack. again, although we have extensively blurred them,
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there's a warning they're graphic. people very seriously injured. a lot of people helping the wounded. some people still running away from the attack. you can see the van traveled some distance. we have other pictures. very graphic images showing the aftermath of the attack. more seriously injured individuals. some of those may not have survived. everyone is surrounded bypassers by trying to help them. there's many people standing dazed and confused. there's a regional press conference taking place. these representatives of the catalan regional government. they have confirmed that two people have been arrested. this is also the source of that information regarding how many people have been injured. the latest figure that we have is around 80.
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we're told the representatives of the government that perhaps 12 people have died as a result of events in that pedestrianized region of barcelona. let's just reflect a moment on what has been happening. a little earlier, i speak to diana daniels. she's been evacuated from a building near las ramblas. >> i'm just outside a building. it's like rodeo drive or fifth avenue in new york. it's next to las ramblas where everything happened. you know, it's just tragic. beautiful city here. and it's usually so fantastic. we were so blessed that we
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didn't have this kind of act before. we are all like alarmed. >> diana, just describe to us what happened and the immediate aftermath. we're looking at footage from your twitter feed there of people rushing out of the area. when you realize that something was happening, what did you see then presumably? large numbers of police and others -- >> i wanted to know -- my office is actually a very nice corner office with a big terrace with a view directly into the plaza. so suddenly we heard all the screaming and yelling of people. so we went and rushed to the terrace to see what is happening. we saw all of these people, tourists running with bags, moms, kids, everybody trying to find some shelter in some buildings around. we didn't know what was
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happening. we saw a massive amount of people covering from something. we didn't know at the moment. everybody start calls us and the phones start ringing. they advise us like a terrorist attack. we didn't know if it was a bomb or what. as time passed, we learned basically that somebody run over people. that's how it happened. >> the advice to you in the aftermath was to stay in the office? >> yes. >> you've only just been allowed out? >> yes, exactly. you know, we've been under the lock for the past 1 1/2 hours. just now the police of catalonia said we need to evacuate. so we just came out of the
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building. that's how it happened. many people -- this is an area that is like full of tourists and hotels. many of the people that are probably -- their hotels are there -- >> shepard: this is a witness on scene. we just got new information. want to raise the veil and let you know what the networks did, we brought in spanish-speaking translators. our networks in the united kingdom and europe and we here at fox news channel. the news conference was in catalan. so we've been able to get translation of it since and we can tell you 80 people are injured. in addition, there's not one arrest but two arrests. two people have been arrested. we're told one is the van driver that we identified earlier who police identified, i should say, as driss oukabir who had spent some time in jail in 2012, arrived in barcelona three days ago and he is the suspect under
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arrest and in custody. there's a second suspect under arrest as well. we don't know if that second suspect was in the van or believed to be someone involved in some other way. possibly helping with the get-away. we don't know yet. we're waiting for that information from catalan authorities. one more thing. we told you about a third person that was shot and killed. i want to go to this picture on bat 3. this is the picture from scene. you noticed we told you about a white ford focus. there is a white ford focus there. this is a picture from police. that's a police vehicle. if you look closely, it says "police" on the hood. the suspect shot and killed is in the background there as two officers stand over his remains. we don't know -- we can't know yet because the authorities cannot say that he was directly related to the initial attack. so does that mean that this was
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an accomplice, is this person who is dead, was he an accomplice in some way of this suspect driss oukabir? we -- certainly that is a possibility. here's what we know from authorities. whoever that man was went to a street 1 1/2 hours after the initial attack, went to a street, plowed into police officers, got out of his vehicle, got away, eventually was found and in a shootout with police and that person died in that shootout. that's the description given to us. if we go back to the picture in bat 3, this sort of flies in the face of the information we were given by police. our understanding is this man got away. then was in a shootout with police. it appears to me that his remains are next to where this all happened. so maybe it was sort of a one-two punch. he got out of the vehicle and
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immediately taken by police. it appears to us from looking at this picture that the original information may be off from authorities. live pictures coming in from sky news. barcelona time, 9:18 p.m. that may be a u.k. time. at any rate, live pictures on the street. dark has fallen. they're asking people to stay in their homes and not travel if possible. it's our understanding that the authorities still have the transportation shut down. the u.k. prime minister has sent out information saying our thoughts are with the victims of the attack in barcelona and sky news reporting on that just moments ago the british prime minister theresa may saying the united kingdom stands with spain. the president sent out a tweet, the united states will be as helpful as is possible and will help when needed. in addition, the first lady
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prior to the president tweeted her thoughts and prayers for the victims in barcelona. waiting for more from this police newser. we'll take a commercial break and coverage continues after this. i kept looking for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i was doing okay. then it hit me... managing was all i was doing. when i told my doctor,
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news out of barcelona, spain. police in catalonia have given this news conference. it was in catalan. we've been able to get translation of that. we have certainty on what happened with the second attack on the police. back to that picture on scene. this was a great deal of confusion. we believe that part of it was translation issues. here's what happened. this guy, at the police checkpoint, rammed into the police vehicles and did get
12:24 pm
away. according to the authorities that just have spoken in this news conference, the suspect who attacked the agent of the police in the checkpoint there in barcelona was found in his car, three kilometers away from where this initial shootout happened. so he did get away. they found him in a car dead. they don't know at this moment whether he took his own life or injured in the shootout with police and subsequently died. but when the police released a death toll in this incident, they initially said 13 people dead. they confirmed 80 in the hospitals and 15 of the 80 in what we call in the united states critical condition. 12 people died in the attack along the las ramblas. they told us 13 were dead earlier. 13 includes this man who was in that vehicle. he would be a 13th casualty.
12:25 pm
certainly he may be -- he was a suspect at least. was he one of the perpetrators? that's a possibility. 12 people died along las ramblas with 15 in critical condition and another 65 in hospitals at 9:25 p.m. in barcelona where the transportation areas are shut down. i mentioned the president's tweets. just to put a button on this, the president sent out two different tweets. one with sympathy. similar to what general p pershring when caught. this has been completely debunked. general pershing has led it, buried the bodies of terrorists with pigs. just completely untrue. the long since debunked. the president tweeted it. since he tweeted it, we told you
12:26 pm
about it. since it's not true, we told you about that. catherine herridge updating her sources on the federal level. what have you learned? >> in the last hour, i have learned through a government source that the intelligence agencies are doing broad review of their holdings and the terror watch list as well as other databases to see if this hispanic suspect driss oukabir was on their radar as someone who was unknown terror suspect, someone who was radicalized. for that reason, would have been blocked entry to the united states if they had tried to travel here. remember, he's of moroccan dissent, has a spanish passport in spain and can enter the united states without getting a visa in advance. what we've seen really unfold in the last couple hours in washington is that all of the relevant agencies are fully engaged and monitoring the situation in barcelona from the
12:27 pm
national counter terrorism tourist center. it was set up after 9-11 to assess and get information from department of homeland security. we have confirmation the acting secretary there, elaine duke, has been briefed and monitoring what happened in barcelona. until very recently, the homeland security general john kelly, the chief of staff at the white house, has been briefing president trump. i just want to pick up on a couple of pieces of information you managed to try to decode for folks at home. you talk about how spanish media is reporting about driss oukabir's travel history. his entry to that country from north africa just a few days ago. he spent time in madrid earlier this year. what they're doing here, what amounts to reverse engineering. they're looking at his travel history. if they have him in custody, they may have access to his phones, an ipad on even a computer to understand who were
12:28 pm
the contacts he had and what he was doing in those hours leading up to the rental of that van. it seems clear from our reporting this afternoon, especially the details you highlighted, this was not a lone wolf but there was a smaller cell in play, which is typically what we've seen in these types of terrorism cases. we have the two rental values and the question mark over the white ford focus that tried to plow into the police officers and made a get-away and the person committed suicide. so it seems on its face larger than single individual. the agencies in this country really want to know whether this is someone that is known to them. someone who is radicalized and shouldn't be let into the united states or another case of someone who had radicalized and successful and staying below the radar until the events of today, shep. >> shepard: catherine, we don't have any information on these
12:29 pm
other suspects. the authorities have said in catalonia that a second suspect is under arrest and this third person that died, as you say, of self-inflicted injuries is in some way in his own car. we don't know if there's others yet, do we? >> we don't have a number that takes us beyond that. but if you just look at the chain of events starting with that rental van, plowing down las ramblas, then the second rental van, which spanish authorities say is of interest and may well be connected that was found about 40 miles, 25 or 40 miles outside of town and now we have this sort of third event. then what was -- you have to help me here. it's moving so quickly -- what the appeared to be a hostage situation after the initial event. what i can tell you from my experience, when you have that many moving parts, this speaks to a small cell rather than an individual. i would point out that the
12:30 pm
spanish authorities shut down the subway system in that city. that is the kind of thing that you do when you're in the middle of an ongoing operation and trying to determine how many entities are involved. if you think it's a single individual, this is not the kind of dramatic step that you take. then they also pulled into effect their terrorism alert system. we have something similar in the united states. so all of this speaks to evidence that they have that we don't that is bigger than a single individual. >> shepard: catherine, we just got this. isis has claimed responsibility. there's a report that isis responsible for the barcelona attack. catherine, sometimes when they make these claims, they're directly responsible. sometimes they send somebody out to do something. other times they act on the teachings of, the writings of the propaganda of isis. i don't think we have all of that nailed down yet.
12:31 pm
>> what i can say to that point, the news agency is the official mouthpiece of the isis terrorist organization. typically when they have claimed responsibility, they have had some sort of hand in radicalizing the individual. but you're quite right. they have tried to in recent months takes responsibility for events when their relationship with the individual or individuals is very sort of remote, tangential. what i would say, almost immediately after the attack, the isis accounts, they call them like cheerleading accounts or fan boy accounts or celebrating this attack. they did not claim responsibility. one of my very good counter terrorism contacts that works directly with the u.s. government agencies sent a post on an isis related account that referenced barcelona. spain is not typically
12:32 pm
referenced in these postings, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge on capitol hill. thank you. the latest, isis claims responsibility for the terrorist attack that left 80 in hospitals and 13 dead in barcelona. i have spent years taking over-the-counter products
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it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. >> shepard: 24 minutes before the hour now. continuing coverage in barcelona where 12 are dead, 80 in hospitals. 15 said to be critical in addition. two suspects have been arrested and are in custody including man that was suspected of renting the vehicle which plowed down pedestrians on las ramblas around 5:30 local time. four hours ago in barcelona. that primary suspect, driss oukabir, a man that is 28 years old, had just come from north africa to barcelona, but is a spanish resident, a long-time spanish resident. spent some time in jail back in
12:37 pm
2012, some facebook rants earlier before it was taken down about israel in palestinian lands, rantings of an isis supporter. isis claims responsibility for this terror attack that left 12 dead and 80 in hospitals. trace gallagher with an update. trace? >> we've taken a number of witness accounts and police accounts to see what happened in barcelona today. we're getting a better picture. for those that don't know the las ramblas avenue or las ramblas area, the avenue runs about 1.2 miles long. the way it works is, you have this pedestrian area in the middle of the boulevard and then you have traffic coming down on both sides. the witnesses say apparently the attacker came up on the curb and he was going somewhere between 50 and 60 miles per hour and he was swerving down the middle of the pedestrian area. 50 to 60 miles per hour and
12:38 pm
hitting whatever was in his path. witnesses looked at this and the police looked at it if it was about 550, maybe 580 yards. imagine this going on the length of almost six football fields. along with the restaurants we've talked about and the hotels and the tourist destinations and the restaurant that this attacker went into at one point in time, there's a series of monasteries and churches and schools that run along las ramblas and we're being told now that at one point in time, there were 50 to 60 different tourists, many as many as 80 that gathered in this church to seek shelter there from all over the world, seeking shelter in this church in various schools around that area. we should point out that along with the churches and the restaurants, we had that columbine effect or the effect that we've seen in active shooter situations where the
12:39 pm
witnesses report that the police were going building to building and stall to stall checking out everybody, making sure there was in terror suspects inside there. that went on for about 1 1/2 hours, which is why the information coming out from police is very slow in the early part of this as we have kind of become accustomed to and this is the way it was on for the better part of 1 1/2 hours, 2 hours the witnesses are telling us. gives you an idea what was happening in the moments during the attack. we go back to the famous poet that once said that las ramblas was the only street or avenue in the world that he wished would never end. tonight, a lot of people have a differing acouldn't on that. more information as we get it, shep. >> shepard: thanks, trace. las ramblas is a place where thousands and thousands gather. by way of personal experience, we had a quick break after
12:40 pm
covering some european news, a group of us vacationed there along las ramblas. checked into a hotel there. within 24 hours, they had caught osama bin laden. that ended the vacation. but by reference, this street just packed with people. sometimes bicyclists up and down there, restaurant after restaurant. lots of little side streets. a lot of music playing in that area. some cars certainly like if you're going to take a taxi to a he temporary, you can come off a side street and they can pull off in front. it's not as if it's a thoroughfare for cars. occasionally there's vehicles there. it's more of a pedestrian walkway. last rambla is the street and las ramblas is the area. six football fields. this guy swerving into and out of crowds of people, 40, 50
12:41 pm
miles an hour. for the distance of six football fields. just unthinkable. isis claimed responsibility. tara maller, senior policy adviser, former cia analyst herself with us. so now responsibility is claimed by isis. >> right. we have a claim of responsibility. as i said over the last hour or two, it seemed like it had the hallmarks inspired attack. because there's a claim as catherine herridge pointed out, because there's a claim, that doesn't necessarily tell us the level of involvement that isis has had. we've seen there's been a range of involvement even on isis claimed attacks. this could be it was inspired by reading propaganda on the internet or could have been inspired through some contact online with isis affiliates or it could have been planned. the isis operatives either in spain, europe or overseas. we don't know that yet. that will take time to figure
12:42 pm
out. what we do know here and it's also really important to point out, we see this chatter going on after the attack being praised just like after manchester. the tech companies are playing a pivotal role in this. we saw this was the case in the aftermath of the charlottesville attack as well. you've seen in the aftermath on that, the companies cracking down. there's a lot more that can be done for the online radicalization part. the tech companies i think are going to start feeling the pressure to the basically start really cracking down on a lot of this content on their platforms, on the terrorism said, isis-type accounts and material and also domestically. in horrific content being reported by white supremists. it's something that we have been focused on. there's technology available that can do this more easily and
12:43 pm
the tech companies need to crack down open it. >> shepard: tara maller, thank you. we just got new video in. i'm told the video we're about -- play it. go. >> shepard: this is just in the aftermath of the van plowing down the street. i can tell you the catalan police. this is vice president pence in panama and expected to address spain in just a moment. he will be the second speaker there today, i'm told. so when the vice president takes to the stage, we'll play that
12:44 pm
for you live. catalan police confirmed the driver of the vehicle is dead. the driver of the vehicle hit two officers in barcelona -- no, quick commercial break and we'll be back with the vice president. s broke into a house owned by three bears. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items... ...including a new chair from crate and barrel. call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowners insurance. >> announcer: no one loves a road trip like your furry sidekick! so when your "side glass" gets damaged... [dog barks] trust safelite autoglass to fix it fast. it's easy! just bring it to us, or let us come to you,
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>> shepard: breaking news coverage continues. this from wall street. we're 13 minutes from the close of the trading day. this is the worst one-day point drop in about 3 1/2 months on wall street. by quite a bit. the dow down 1.1%. 248 at the moment. we've been down 253. the drop has been precipitous in the last 30 minutes or so. we shed another 50 points. the nasdaq is also down even larger percentages. down 110 this hour. that's 1.74%. the s&p 500 down 34. 1.4. a lot of this is retail sales. it's really within the dow, it's across all sectors. look at the dow 30 board.
12:48 pm
these are the 30 industrials that make up the average. every one of the dow 30 down from procter & gamble to sisco systems. it's across all sectors. tech, banking, finance. you name it, it's down today on wall street. down 145 and still on the move. john bussey -- mike pence is coming to -- the vice president is making his way to the microphone expected to speak on spain. let's listen. >> thank you. thank you, madam vice president, for those gracious words. for this warm welcome to panama. for me and my wonderful wife, karen. before i begin, i'd like to address the horrific terror
12:49 pm
attack that occurred a few hours against in barcelona, spain. the latest scenes of carnage and mayhem sicken us all. as the president said earlier today, the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever is necessary to help. whatever inspired today's terror attack, the united states stands ready to assist the people of spain and find and punish those responsible. on this dark day, our prayers and the prayers of all the american people are with the victims, their families and the good people of spain. thank you. >> shepard: vice president speaking in panama city, panama. expected -- his last leg of an overseas trip. back to john bussey from the
12:50 pm
"wall street journal." we share common ownership with the "wall street journal." john bussey, associate editor. as it turned out is on holiday in spain. john, your timing is impeccable. a horrifying scene there in las ramblas. >> yeah, i'm not in barcelona, shep. i'm in the north of spain. this is the time of year when tourists really do pack this country. barcelona is a particularly attractive destination. it's crowded not just with european travelers but with a lot of spanish. where i am, people -- this is resonating throughout spain. because it's reminding people of this problem in europe. london, france, germany all experiencing this type of attack. it reminds spaniards of 2004
12:51 pm
when 191 people were killed in what was at the time the worst attack in europe in the post war era when a splinter group of al-quaida as you recall bombed the madrid subway system. >> shepard: now this. in the heart of the tourist season, absolutely peak season there, crowded with tourists. you would guess that there will be people from all over the world in one way or another involved in this. that just makes the isis propaganda spread further. >> that's right. you remember also back in 2004, the feeling among spaniards is that, well, this is retribution is an attack for spain's involvement in the iraq war. remember, they had troops in iraq. now this kind of feeling that no, this is really just the
12:52 pm
problem that has pop out europe, alone wolf or small cell, a small splinter group of terrorists that attack with the simplest of weapons, which is a car or truck that they drive into a crowd. spanish cities are laid out such that there's a lot of promenades that -- or gathers of tourists and citizens of the city. this is one of the places where the attack occurred in barcelona a port city, very popular and very sort of pedestrian-oriented. >> shepard: john, hang with us. i want to go to sky news. let's listen in real quick. >> we saw people running out the door. i -- we waited to see what it
12:53 pm
was. we decided to leave. and there was police everywhere, ambulances, fire engines, bomb disposal squads and stuff. they were directing everyone to go as far away as you could. so we are back at our hotel now. they said that's the best thing to do. it's scary. >> i can imagine. tell us more about what you saw when you left the shop. you mentioned a huge -- sounds like a huge amount of emergency service personnel brought in. did you see any of those that were caught up in this crash, any of the victims, the injured? >> no, we didn't so i victims. we saw people running. everybody was running and stuff, like trying to get as far away from the scene. like where we don't see it happening. >> up until that point, this was a normal summer's day in barcelona? >> yeah. this morning we actually -- i said there's does seem to be a
12:54 pm
lot of police about. just a precaution. i don't know if somebody was tipped off or -- there was a lot of police about today. >> shepard: listening in on sky news coverage, breaking in because i want to update. we've gotten word from spanish police that they have sent the bomb squad to this area in the barcelona outskirts where the driver of the car struck police. we told you about this. there's the scene. this is on the outskirts of town where they set up a check point. they weren't allowing people to move freely. checking for suspects and the like. they ended up in a shootout. the suspect they found in his car dead of what we believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. now maybe erring on the side of caution, police are looking for explosive devices.
12:55 pm
there's another report that is disturbing. we talked about the man that rented the vehicle. i said early on, this is the man that rented the vehicle. we don't know if he's the suspect or don't know if he's involved with the shooting, in the mowing down of these people. for all we know, it might have been stolen. the police came forward. the police identified the suspect as driss oukabir. they sent out this picture and said this is our suspect and this man is in custody. now we have a new thing that is all together confusing. i'm going to let you know what we received. la vangaurdia is reporting that a man that identified himself as driss oukabir has come to the police station in that town of rapol, which is where the vehicle was rented. and that's where he lived, where
12:56 pm
he rented the vehicle. i remember said 25 kilometers outside of town. about 17, 18 miles out of town. that's where he rented it. he's gone to the police station and reported the theft of his documentation. before the police forces spread the images -- the image the police sent out could not corroborate. turns out, whoever the suspect is may have stolen his documents. this may not be the suspect at all. we're waiting for clarification on this from the local authorities, this is not something we reported, this is something we reported because the police have sent out here's who our suspect is. here's his documentation, here's his picture. now it looks like the police may have been wrong.
12:57 pm
we're not sure of this. the indication is that driss oukabir went into his hometown police department today and said somebody stole my documents and rent a car. the news continues. top of the hour next. experience uncompromising performance at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> shepard: it's 1:00 on the west coast. 4:00 p.m. on the east coast. 10:00 p.m. barcelona, spain where authorities are still sorting out what happened today when at about 5:30 local time, a white rental van came plowing through las ramblas section, the promenade. killed 12 people on the promenade, left 80 hospitalized including 15 who reported it's critical. as fox reports this hour. the authorities have identified the suspect driving the vehicle. and now there's many questions about its accuracy. his name is driss oukabir. the mayor of


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