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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 17, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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stay with the fox news channel for continuing to filament throughout the night, sean hannity is up next. ♪ >> sean: thanks to our friends on "the five," this is a fox news alert. we are following three major breaking news stories denied a massive terror attack in spain. a van was used to viciously mow down and murder innocent people in a crowded shopping area. we have the chilling video tonight, it is just horrific. 13 are dead. in what police are calling a terrorist attack. president trump saying that the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help and also tonight according to a brand-new report, he tells republican congressman of california the dnc documented that he published did not come from russia.
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one guy that would know for sure. could this potentially blow the entire russian collusion narrative out of the water? john solomon will have all of those exclusive details tonight. the left continues to melt down over president trump's response to charlottesville. if a democratic state senator is under fire tonight after helping the president gets assassinated and is refusing to apologize. we need a resignation and a secret service investigation. the left rushing to remove confederate symbols from all across the country. it's a busy breaking news night. and absolutely shocking scene took place earlier today in a busy tourist town area of barcelona, spain. a van piling onto a sidewalk and swerved side to side leaving behind a trail of death and destruction. we are about to show you very, very graphic and video of the
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scene immediately after this tragic attack. if children are in the room, you may want to have them look away, take a look. [shouting] [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] [bleep] [bleep] >> sean: unbelievable as you saw complete chaos, bodies, debris all over the place. tonight, ice is claiming
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responsibility. police have arrested two suspects eight spanish national and a person from nearby morocco. the driver of the van still at large, will have a full report in just a minute. the associated press is reporting that the spanish police say they have killed for suspects in what is being described as a separate alleged terror plot, just south of barcelona. in an exclusive report from the hills john solomon who will be here coming up later, wikileaks founder julian masson told a republican congressman from california that he has evidence to prove the emails he published from the dnc never came from russia. the u.s. intelligence community says they have different evidence, they have yet to root lease any of it to the public. if julian assange can backup this claim it would've blow a huge hole in an 11 plus month narrative of russia collusion, a conspiracy theory without evidence.
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what julian assange is saying now is exactly what he told me on this show when i interviewed him back in january at the ecuadorian embassy in london, take a quick look. >> sean: did russia give you this information or anybody associated with russia? >> our source is not a state party. the answer for our interactions is no. >> sean: you did not get this information about the dnc, john podesta's emails. can you tell the american people a thousand% you did not get it from russia or anybody associated with russia? >> we can say, we have said repeatedly over the last few months that our source is not the russian government, it is not a state party. >> sean: wikileaks has never been wrong once in 11 years of
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publishing. the special counsel robert mueller should be getting on a plane and meet with assange to find out if he has the evidence and is telling the world the truth. if he wants to get to the truth, he owes it to the american people and congress, he should immediately open an investigation. this is the one guy we know who has the information. he's the one that put it up. we'll have more later tonight with the john solomon. finally, the left still in a complete and utter meltdown over the tragedy in charlottesville. of course the president's response. if we have shown you over and over and over again how president trump has repeatedly condemned white supremacists, the kkk, david duke over the years and in charlottesville. he denounced these people over the course of decades. the left, the media, they still refuse to accept it. now tonight to the rhetoric has gotten much worse. here's a perfect example, a democratic state senator from missouri so enraged with the
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president, she posted a comment on facebook hoping for president trump's assassination. after facing backlash over her vile comment, she said she regrets it, she refused to apologize. i hope the secret service is watching, watch this. >> it was inappropriate, i've said that three times now. when the president apologizes for what he said i will apologize. >> your statement was inappropriate, you're not apologizing for >> it was inappropriate, it was wrong, i deleted it. >> but you're not apologizing. >> no. >> sean: she should be removed from the senate and arrested, this is disgusting. it shows you the level of out-of-control hate that is spewing from the alt left in this country. terry mcauliffe according to a new report he may have lied about the white supremacists storing weapons all around
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charlottesville, police are saying it never happened. democrats in the left, they are using this tragedy in charlottesville to call for the removal of confederate statute symbols all across the country. earlier today, the president warned this could be a very slippery slope. he tweeted out. according to a new poll tonight, 62% of americans to agree with him now that these pieces of american history should in fact be left bit of a congresswoman nancy pelosi, senator cory bogie all say that confederate statues should be removed from the u.s. capital. wait until we show you what al
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sharpton is saying tonight. what we're seeing play out here in the aftermath of charlottesville in the media with the democrats, they are politicizing a terrible horrible incident by evil people. yes, white supremacists are evi evil. they have completely ignored the facts and they are trying to politically bludgeon president trump, conservatives and republicans, and painted them unfairly as racists and bigots. here's what they won't tell you. democrats as i pointed out in great detail last night have a very disturbing history when it does come to race. it was a southern democrats who voted against the 1964 civil rights act and the 1965 civil rights act including the person bill clinton has praised many times as his mentor, jay william fulbright. hillary clinton's full mentor,t byrd, al gore's father. he voted against the civil rights act. republicans are the party of lincoln. democrats have been the party of slavery and segregation.
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we've also ignored how president obama had a stoked racial division, he rushed to judgment in four specific high profile race cases. cambridge, trayvon martin, george zimmerman, baltimore, and ferguson. he praised antipolice moves stomach groups like black lives matter, he even invited them to the white house. where was the media backlash over all of that? why would a sitting president do that? what we are seeing now is the media, the democrats, they are playing the race card. just like they do politically come every two and four years as we show you that history last night. when it comes to confederate statues and symbols, i think the president is right. local communities and states they have the right to decide. here's my advice. republicans in the house and senate, it's time to work for the forgotten men and women of this country. get tax reform done. get energy independence done. create jobs, build the wall,
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chip away at obamacare for the seven and a half years who said he would repeal and replace. work on the economy, help those americans out of the labor force. otherwise republicans in the house and senate, you're good to lose in 2018. so let's not let the media and democrats direct the direction of the country. michelle malkin, let's respond to the whole picture here. i want to get to the terrorism story. i'm going to play the images again to warn parents who may have the kids in the room. we see the carnage, we see the viciousness, we see the evil. it is it spread all the way throughout europe and it is connected to a lack of assimilation. we have courts in great britain and a huge influx of migrants and zero vetting process. is that why it is so bad in europe and is at a preview of coming attractions here?
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>> it is has been festering a long time. what we are seeing of courses all of these european countries reaping the blood the consequences of open borders. it is the open borders to western europe that the spanish people have suffered from, not just this summer, not just the past couple of summers, not just in 2004 when the madrid rail bombing should have a shock that country to its core. it dates all the way back to 1985. the roots and the seeds planted of islamic jihad in that countr country. it has spread across western europe. how many more of these incidents do we need? if you just talk about vic a ver alone, it's a stunning the amnesia. not just from european elites but of course here in the u.s. we've got the progressive left, the open borders lobby that has done everything in its power to
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fight president trump who's trying to make sure that we don't have madrid style bombings and more vehicular attacks like this on our shorts. what did they do? exactly what you've been talking about, play the race card. not only to demonize personally political opponents but to obstruct them from achieving our most basic goals of government and ensuring our sovereignty in the safety of our people. >> sean: i want to stay on this terror issue, i don't think you can defeat an enemy if you don't identify an enemy. for eight years we wouldn't identify enemy. we can cast aspersions and blame all we want here. if the world doesn't wise up, how bad is this going to get? if the president doesn't secure the border, what does that mean for the american people? >> it's a disaster worldwide. what you have been so many of
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these european countries is not just apathy anymore but the sense that the london mayor himself, i think a paragon and textbook example of capitulation to islamic extremism, and islamic supremacy if you want to use a word that's overused and not truly appreciated in the context of. capitulating and saying we got to accept this as an everyday part of life. no, that was not the attitude of people here in america in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. it wasn't the attitude of the people on the plane who embraced the slogan that we have all forgotten since then, let's rol roll. what you have now around the world are people who are accepting islamic terrorism as a fact of life and who have just given in. it's no longer let's roll, it's let's roll over.
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we have a commander in chief who does not accept that as a reality and all we get is this constant drubbing from the baying hounds of the partisan enablers of. the partisan enablers of division in this country who will not accept that we must name the enemy and do everything in our power. it is a fundamental duty of government to stop these people from getting into our country and kicking them out when we find them. >> sean: i've identified five forces that are up against this president. they are real and week after week and month after month it seems like it's consuming way too much of the president's time. that's the deep state, the unmasking come of the surveillance, the leaking especially as we go back into the last election. we are going to have a report on juliana sans. the one guy that knows where that information came from and he's saying he's got the proof.
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let's call him out, mueller out to go there. you've got democrats, they don't want to help the president. you've got the media, they're out to destroy the president. the president says how many times he's against racism. he disavows it, finds it repugnant. he uses the word evil and it's still not enough. he didn't identify them by name on saturday but he did over the years again and again and again, all throughout the election, even back in 2,000. that's not enough. you've got these deep state forces, democrats, the media and you've got republicans, they can't even get a simple piece of agenda passed. they don't have any backbone of support and never trump is gidd giddy. they want to be proven right. how do you govern when it consumes 65, 75% of your time. >> i think it's extraordinarily unprecedented, the forces that this president is up against.
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the constant drumbeat as i said, those baying hounds. every one of those groups that you mentioned has its own special interest and agenda in bringing this president along with it, this country down. that agenda has to be illuminated. here they all were demanding disavowals and as you said it's never enough for these people, it's never enough. it's always been the strategy of the progressive left and the media enablers, and the republican traders as well to target people who believe in immigration enforcement and making america great again as racist, xenophobe spirit of true anti-american in this country. >> sean: we got this coming across our wires, a fifth suspect has been killed in the terror incident south of barcelona.
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isis, islamic radicals, they cluster attacks. we sought on 9/11. i want to ask the republicans, forget what disagreements may have they have. these are their promises on tax cuts for the middle class, tax cuts for corporations, it's their promise on energy independence. they have a duty to protect the border and get a lot of these things done and create jobs for people and get them out of poverty and off of food stamps. why don't they just do it because it's what they said? never mind whatever the president's seems there's agreement there and they can't meet in the middle. >> i agree with you. we've seen fecklessness from the g.o.p. establishment for so long now. it's been evermore frustrating. i believe during the tea party ears that things were really going to change and we still ended up with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. if you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, you're subjecting yourself to the same
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kind of beltway swamp insanity. we have suffered from so long. now there's an opportunity for people in arizona to make a change after so many years. why don't you do it? this really goes back to the voters. you get what you voted for. it's time that people understand that we've made a change here in the white house and we should have new fresh blood in leadership in the g.o.p. >> sean: hillary clinton's mentors a former klansman. bill clinton's mentor was a known segregationist, voted against the civil rights act, al gore's father was part of it. robert byrd filibustered this thing. we're watching this whole narrative unfold in charlottesville, i mentioned the president has a history of condemning, condemning,
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disavowing, the media never mentions that. there only thing is he didn't say the group fast enough even though he said it repeatedly over the years. i want to get your reaction to that end your reaction of democrats, all the confederate symbols of any kind in history must be removed, what's your reaction? >> this is about the whitewashing of history by progressive leftists. it bubbled up first on campuses where you saw social justice warriors trying to tear down every last statue. now it has spread across the country. we have a statue of lincoln that was defaced in chicago. >> sean: we have a picture of it. >> what a disgrace. that's what we've come to? everybody is piling on with
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their special interests. for some reason and philadelphia, people are trying to tear down a statue of the former mayor there frank rizzo. what is going on here? i absolutely agree with president trump, you don't whitewash history, you confronted. >> sean: this is in durum, this is when they pulled down this statue, only one person finally got arrested on that. >> a supporter of north korea and communism by the way. >> sean: here's my question for you. i know the president likes to make points, should the president just be focused on his agenda and to stay out of these battles like this? with the media and with democrats, you can never win, you can't have an intellectual discussion. is he better off just focusing on the tax cuts, the economy, people and property, in food stamps come out of the labor
7:21 pm
force. >> i think he could do both. i actually think especially living outside of the beltway for almost ten years now, i absolutely think his message is getting through to ordinary decent people, informed people, people who understand the ramifications of history in this regard. i also believe it is very effective not only for you and the supporters of president trump to turn the race card back and smack that race card over the head, figuratively of the progressive left because somebody has to push back. this is why president trump was elected. you can't change that. i think that's what you see. i believe that is an admirable thing that he's not going to let himself be pushed around and be labeled as a racist or supremacist by people who
7:22 pm
embraced planned parenthood. you want to take down a statue? how about the sculpture of margaret sanger, the godmother of the abortion movement who was a champion of the worst evil kind of eugenics. why don't you start with that? >> sean: a statue in the west virginia state house of robert byrd, take that down. 56 schools, highways, buildings, named after former klansman robert byrd, should they all come down? hillary clinton's mentor, is she going to leave that up? >> what are we going to be left with? it was president trump earlier this week who said what's next? george washington? i thought all that sneering from all the people in the beltway, that's so ridiculous. now we've got people who want to tear down the jefferson memorial. he was right. >> sean: he is, now they want to defund it. that would only be the first of it. you mentioned the defaced image
7:23 pm
of lincoln, we don't know if that happened in this time. period, were going to have john solomon on in the second. it's always good to see you, we really appreciate you being with us. >> sean: as we mentioned, dana rohrabacher says he met with julia masson's earlier this week, claims of the meeting went on over three hours. he is one guy that would know, he could prove russia did not give wikileaks to dnc emails. he joins us now with reaction, the executive vice president of the hill. john solomon. i played this at the beginning of the show. julia mesons told me this on radio at least four times. i asked him very specifically it was not russia, it was not estate. >> i think the most important thing that happened the last
7:24 pm
24 hours as and julian assange reached out to an american official, he can prove how russia didn't give him the documents and that might add some new information to an investigation that already has some conclusions to it but there's a lot of uncertainty about certain aspects of this case. i think he's signaling with the right deal he might be able to talk about where he got the documents. i think his insistence he didn't get it from russia week known for a long time. >> sean: this is important, wasn't the original directive from the deputy attorney general rosenstein to look into potential collusion, it wasn't the whole narrative about whether or not the russians were responsible for the leaks. doesn't robert mueller have an obligation to get to this question?
7:25 pm
there is one guy in the world who probably knows more than anybody else where it came from. >> this a lot of things we don't know. the embassy where he is holed up in london could be monitored by the united states and they may know everything they need to know about julian assange. it's possible that he has some information that's entirely new. it's also possible the intelligence community could be right that certain things were hacked by russia and he got them from a different source of people who had nothing to do with russia. i think the fact that we don't know those answers and there's some ambiguity here certainly makes a good case that somebody should go talk and try to get the evidence to clear up these issues. >> sean: that would include congress because they have investigative powers. considering it has now consumes the attention of the american people for 11 months, the intelligence community has never offered the american people any evidence. >> they say it's classified and i think we have to respect that that's probably true. they are monitoring and listening how they came to certain conclusions, it probably is a classified thing we don't need to spell all those out
7:26 pm
there. many times and counterintelligence investigations, what happens is the initial assessment changes. you learn new things, let's take for instance the intelligence about the iraq war, that changed. let's talk about times with the intelligence community made assessments. >> sean: were going to have more with the hills john solomon on his expose of report, julian assange at meeting with dana rohrabacher claiming he has the evidence. asking the tough questions, all of that plus the very latest on the barcelona terrorist attack and much more straight ahead. and diarrhea. i tried lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments, but my symptoms keep coming back. it turns out i have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that's really frustrating. that's why i talked to my doctor about viberzi... ...a different way to treat ibs-d.
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7:31 pm
is no. >> sean: you did not get this information about the dnc, john podesta's emails. could you tell the american people a thousand% to did not get it from russia or anybody associated with russia? >> we have said repeatedly over the last few months, our source is not the russian government, it is not a state party. >> sean: that was wikileaks founder julian s onge on this back in january denying that russia had anything to do with giving wikileaks the democratic emails during the 2016 election. this is important as we continue with the executive vice president of the hill. i've interviewed him four times on the radio, once on televisio television. here's an interesting sidebar. whether you like wikileaks or not and i know that at time democrats like them, at times republicans like them.
7:32 pm
here's a guy that hacked into the dod and nasa when he was 16, he is now 45. at some point we got to say shame on you, now shame on america for not building the cybersecurity that they should have. there's a lot of angry people which i understand. they also have a responsibility. 11 years, wikileaks has never gotten it wrong. julian is saying he's got the proof it wasn't russia. he would be the one guy in the whole world. here's the question, he now has a message for the president, would he tell you about that? >> he said he hasn't some nonpublic information that julia mesons gave him, he also had a request that he was willing to talk about he had a seat in the white house press corps. there's a little horsetrading going on in these negotiations.
7:33 pm
i think you're saying that julian sanchez signaled that he might be open to do some sort of deal. the question is the american government and the congress interested in doing such a deal with a guy who was brought a lot of harm to national intelligence sources from the information he's released. he's not a hero in the intelligence community. >> sean: i know he's not a hero in the intelligence community, when we saw how corrupt hillary clinton was. we learned an awful lot about what happened to bernie sanders in that whole mess. that primary was rigged, there was a story with debbie wasserman schultz because he got fired on the eve of the democratic national convention. >> there's three things that julia mesons over the last ten years has brought to life. how impenetrable our secure systems and government were, how much surveillance was going on out of americans that no one knew about.
7:34 pm
the entire democratic national committee story line where it looked like the party was trying to hamper the election opportunities of bernie sanders. those are three story lines are not in question. people recognize that wikileaks had a contribution to that. i made a couple calls in the intelligence community, i had one interesting response. we said all along our stomach were confident russia did some hack in the election. i think that's a first time i talk to someone in intelligence if there might be some room. >> sean: it's interesting with chelsea manning now, you factor that into this equation. i've been to the ecuadorian embassy, he believes in his principles. you and sarah carter were at the forefront of investigating this, thank god for intelligence as we
7:35 pm
saw in barcelona earlier today against isis and radical islam, against iran. china and russia they are not our friends, we need to know about dangers. if those tools are turned against the american people and used against the american people illegally because we have laws that prevent that, that's a dangerous scenario. what about the i.t. guy of debbie wasserman schultz who got four counts charged with. >> there's lots we don't know in that case as well. this is a gentleman that worked in the i.t. department, he had access to congressional computers, possibly her dnc email. he's now been indicted on four charges. mostly related to bank fraud and other questions that have come up. there's a lot of new information that i'm hearing and law enforcement circles that they're developing about what he did day and night, they're looking at some possible connections
7:36 pm
besides the charges that were filed today. i think we're going to learn a lot from the capital police in the coming months about that case. it's an open and uncertain question. >> sean: it's going to be interesting to see with dana rohrabacher came back with. i think the american people need to know the truth. i'm calling on robert mueller tonight, he is investigating suppose and collusion. he has a duty to find out what that information is, and the same thing with congress. the republicans are in charge, they have subpoena powers, investigative powers. they need to do their job because this has been 11 months long, no evidence presented. thank you john solomon, keep up the good work. when we come back, democratic hate reaching new low, a senator under fire. hoping the president gets assassinated and will not apologize tonight. secret service, i hope you're secret service, i hope you're watching . award winning design.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," in the wake of the horrible violence in charlottesville, virginia, many on the left have become so totally unhinged and unfair that one democratic missouri lawmaker said that she hopes the president of the united states is assassinated. the economist, the new yorker are now featuring covers equating the president to the ku klux klan. there is the reverend al sharpton who is calling for the jefferson memorial to be defunded. >> when you look at the fact that public monuments are
7:41 pm
supported by public funds, you're asking me to subsidize the insult of my family. i would repeat that the public should not be paying to uphold somebody who has had that kind of background. >> sean: here now with reaction, is a geraldo rivera, former trump transition team committee member and he's also on the committee of diversity the reverend darrell scott. where the two sinners, we have to go to the reverent first. he prays for me every sunday. he's got to pray for you too. the two of us together because we're best friends, reverent i look at those covers, i hear assassination attempts and there were many times in the obama years and i have all the tape to prove it, we must protect our president come up most. elected officials. it's getting worse every day.
7:42 pm
>> it's absolutely ridiculous and despicable what that lady said. she had no business calling for the assassination of the president and she supposed to be a public figure, she needs to resign or she needs to be impeached. or get her out of office. arrested and interrogated by the secret service. now al sharpton and others, they're on a slippery slope that the president talked about, everyone wants to disassociate themselves from americans amert history. i heard this today from a young lady out of detroit, a facebook friend of mine. she made a very powerful statement. if you really want to as a black person, you really wants to disassociate yourself from america's racist past then you need to quit the democratic party. because the democratic party was the engine that drove racism in america. it was the engine behind the
7:43 pm
confederacy, it was the engine behind jim crow laws, segregation, it was the engine behind all the racial injustices that we experience. if you want to disassociate yourself, disband the democratic party. >> sean: bill clinton's mentor signs onto the southern manifesto. robert byrd, hillary's mentor filibusters the civil rights act. are you going to take on the 56 monuments named after him? i want to ask you this, especially about the assassination call. madonna i want to blow up the white house, johnny depp, when's the last time an actor assassinated a president? robert de niro wants to punch him in the face. i did all the examples last night i don't have time. when do we start arresting people? >> that's my point. i have zero tolerance whether the president is barack obama or
7:44 pm
donald trump, i have zero tolerance for those who allude to the murder, the assassination of the president of the united states. that is a crime. if you mean it, you're going to go to jail. and i think the best cure for it is to have two hulking secret service guys go visit the state senator and say part of me ma'am, what exactly did you say, what exactly did you mean? how do we know you weren't serious about this? how do we know you're not a plotter? i am all for the first amendment, i am all for freedom of speech. when you begin threatening the life of the commander in chief, of the president of the united states, i have zero tolerance. >> sean: should they be arrested? >> they should be arrested. >> i want to say to the law enforcement folks in spain tonight, you reported at the top of the show. they killed five isis suicide in
7:45 pm
a town south of barcelona, they killed the five of them, they killed another one on the outskirts of barcelona, they have two in custody from the main bombing in barcelona. tragically, 13 innocent civilians were killed and dozens more were grievously injured, the spanish authorities have hit back hard at isis. the reason it's relevant to this discussion about monuments is simply this. when you think about isis, aside from their crimes against humanity, there's crimes against culture, crimes against history itself. they've destroyed the historic city of palmyra and syria. they've destroyed archaeological ruins everywhere, artifacts everywhere they've turned them to dust. why? to isis, what those historic sites represent is anathema.
7:46 pm
it's counter to their strict, sick view of the muslim faith. i'm not comparing isis to the people who want to tear down confederate monuments, i want to say this. there is grave danger when you start to rewrite history based on contemporary feelings. we cannot go there. if a city wants to remove a monument and that's what the majority says, then you could do it. >> sean: i've got to take a break. i want to hear everything you have to say. reverend, i was just thinking, i've been to your church. i know how amazing it is. i know you preach about the glory, me and geraldo you can chastise us. can you tell the truth about people? the good, the bad, the ugly, can't you tell a talk with mark i want to ask you that question only get back. we'll have more with geraldo, reverend darrell scott when we get back.
7:47 pm
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>> sean: a fifth suspect who was shot and wounded in what the spanish police are calling a separate terrorist attack has now died. this comes after the van attack earlier today that killed 13, over 100 injured. we continue now with the reverend darrell scott.
7:51 pm
our thoughts and prayers go there. i want to go into this issue of what i said earlier. this is evil were dealing with in our time. we all find white supremacy -- it's so sad, set such ignorantl people exist in our society. everyone agree with that except the few idiots who are involved with that. they are anti-semitic, they hate blacks, they hate hispanics, they hate catholics, they hates. they are ignorant evil people. with that said, where do you -- when the president says over and over again i disavow, i denounce, i renounce, i don't want any part of them i don't what these people around me, he says it again and again in the media reacts this way, what are you thinking? >> it's getting ridiculous.
7:52 pm
they are micro-analyzing everything the president says looking for flaws. >> sean: are they purposely lying west market >> excuse me? >> sean: are they purposefully lying? >> there purposefully misleadin misleading, they are trying to twist and take away from what he is saying, they're trying to drive the narrative. anything that's antitrust and the anti-trump narrative, anything they can perceive as anti-trump, that's what they are latching onto. >> that's why the president has to be purer than caesar's wife. he's got to understand that some things are black and white. i don't mean that in the race way. some things are so clear that they bespeak explanation. when you're dealing with neo-nazis or the kkk or the hatemongers, it's clear.
7:53 pm
there are no good nazi's. >> when you're dealing with snipers who assassinated the five dallas cops, it shouldn't have taken two days to get the response to that. >> i agree, we've known president trump. i have known president trump since 1976, he's a sharp guy he's a compassionate guy. he's a very successful person. >> he's not a racist. >> he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. when you allow the ambiguity that he recklessly allowed on saturday, then you reap what you sow. i guarantee you it will never happen again. >> donald trump is not walking on eggshells in his presentation and has discourse with the
7:54 pm
american public. he's not used to walking on eggshells. he's still making a transition into a politician. this is a guy that went from private citizen to president. he didn't go through. >> wait a second, when you have nazis coming to town, it's like when you have david duke. you don't have a lot of thought about that. the nazis are coming, will there be some good nazis and not so bad nazis and david duke, maybe there's a good side to david duke, maybe he likes puppies. you don't equivocate about it. >> sean: can i interject one thing, he said it all throat of the campaign. i've got tape of them saying it years and years, 15 and 20 years ago. i've got him saying it it's evil. >> it's about the moment. you have to rise to the moment.
7:55 pm
the moment was saturday the president was informed as we all were and you know that we speak here from a of supporting him. >> sean: i think at this point he needs to focus on the agenda. >> if we know he has already disavow it, why do we keep repeating this over and over again? >> it's only to stay off the cover of "time" magazine blowing up the kkk role. or using a cone hat is a megaphone. that's why you do it. >> sean: i've got a roll. your two of my favorite people and will have you both on together again soon, more "hannity" after the break. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," that's all the time we have left this evening. think of her being with us. our promise are pledged to do. the show will always be the balance to the establishment of destroy-trump-media, news and
8:00 pm
information you will not get anywhere else. please stay with the fox news channel, live coverage of the terrorist attack in spain part of the thoughts and prayers going out to the victims of all of their families. trace gallagher is next. we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> good evening, and trace gallagher in los angeles. a special live coverage of barcelona, spain, a scene of carnage on the la rambla avenue in the area known as russell loss from us. witnesses say that the van jumped the curb and traveling up to 50 miles per hour began zigzagging early meg zigzagging. trying to maim and kill as many people as possible. a viewer warning, the following video is disturbing. [unintelligible screams]