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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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your home tonight. fair, balanced, still unafraid. "the story" hosted by my friend and colleague martha maccallum starts right now. ♪ >> martha: breaking tonight, bannon is out and breitbart has declared war. but on who and what remains to be unseen. that's what we intend to find out tonight. welcome to "the story." i am sandra smith in for martha maccallum. on the same day he left the white house, steve bannon was back at work inside the breitbart headquarters. reportedly already leading their evening editorial meeting. he just spoke to the weekly standard. he declared the trump presidency that we thought we fought for and won is over. we have a very powerful lineup tonight. raheem cassano spoke with bannon and said they now control -- we
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will also be joined by the former spokesperson for breitbart. he says bannon will want trump to feel the pain of his departure. and how this coming battle may reverberate across the media landscape. we look at all three of them and just moments. first, what might lay ahead? we go to our chief national correspondent ed henry. live, inside the white house. ed. >> people close to steve bannon, this is breaking tonight. pushing back hard on this notion that bannon will go to war with president trump. instead, i can tell you a source close to bannon says this narrative in the mainstream media is getting out of control. what the strategist is planning to do is go back to his old conservative news site, breitbart, and go to war with establishment republicans as well as democrats.
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establishment republicans like mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, and try to help pass the president's agenda. one source saying there's no way bannon will attack the president and will 100% have the presidents back. bannon believes he is "a great man and a great president." take that with a grain of salt because remember, bannon thought his comments were off the record when he slammed the presidents approach on what north korea and also top aides like gary: cohn. though it seemed a sappy player like bannon knew those comments were going to be on the record. this exit was really about general john kelly, trying again to assert some kind of order around here. frankly, there is fear among staffers that there may be morehead's ruling in the days ahead. the sense among top advisors, he knew he was on thin ice with the president who was already not
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pleased that bannon had cooperated with that book that suggested he was the leader of their movement. on top of the february "time" magazine cover. saying bannon was in "great manipulator." that now famous tuesday news conference at trump tower, he was the one that won the election. >> mr. bannon came on very late. i went through 1770s, governors, i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later. he and i like him. he is. is not a racist. i can tell you that. he's a good person. he gets unfair press in that regard. we will see what happens with mr. bannon. >> beyond the intrigue, most important note for our viewers may be what this means for the president's agenda. there were losses for second straight day on wall street because the markets are concerned. no tax cuts were no big deal on
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infrastructure. the kind of things our viewers have been waiting for. white doug schoen, a democrat told that he wants to see the president deliver an oval office address. after charlottesville but also after trying a password to get the agenda back on track. people close to bannon tonight are insisting he wants to help the president. not hurt him in getting that agenda passed. >> sandra: ed henry, so much changing minute by minute here. more on the reaction to bannon out. the former breitbart news spokesperson, and how he creates. the host of media buzz. raheem, i have to start with you first because you have been exchanging words with mr. bannon today. when is the last time you spoke with him? >> just before i came on here. >> sandra: and he said what? >> he's pleased to be back. he loves breitbart. he loved what he was doing for so many years.
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we loved him for it as well. i think the president left it for him too. i know he is an avid viewer of this channel. if he is watching, it doesn't have to be in either or. nobody believes -- after the primaries, president trump did very well on his own accord. steve bannon came in and added something different. added a little bit of genesee, -- trump had lost when it came to different staff. the campaign against hillary clinton. >> sandra: can you provide some clarity to these comments that you made to the weekly standard? the trump presidency we fought for and won is over? we still have a huge movement and we will make something of this trump presidency but that presidency is over. >> yes, we are playful at breitbart. my colleagues tweeted #war.
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they are trying to stymie what the president was elected to do. people are trying to do that. there are people around him that don't share that worldview. there are people around him that don't have that populist/nationalist agenda at their heart. what we are saying and this is what steve bannon is saying, the people that has stymied this, they need to take a long, hard look at themselves. they weren't the ones elected by the american people. their attendant wasn't elected by the american people. it was president trump's agenda that was elected. steve bannon will work hard to make sure that happens. >> sandra: did he say why trump removed him from the white house? >> there's been a back-and-forth. i did not ask steve to clarify any of that. there was talk of him resigning already. rather than it being a two-day situation. i don't think there's any
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animosity. i think you will probably find that president trump wants steve bannon's help in the future. >> sandra: you say that but kurt, i will bring you in here. the headlines on, bannon out at white house. get ready for bannon the bar barbarian. okay, what are we supposed to make of that? >> really if anything, steve probably feels really liberated right now. he no longer has to operate under the confines and limitations of working at the white house. he is meant to serve at the pleasure of himself. he is a dictatorial type figure. he's not billed have to ask permission to say anything. now he's outside of that. he can be the true self he wants to be. you've seen how that has played out with all the stories he has started doing interviews all of a sudden. i think he's going to be bombastic. i think they are going to be helpful in a way, all the people he believes are the impediments.
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fortunately for donald trump, it means losing the staff of the white house. and republicans in congress. >> sandra: you have called breitbart bannon's weapon of choice. who will be the target of his attacks? >> right away, you will see jared kushner, ivanka trump, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, it's been a secret at breitbart that they have long existed to try to destroy the political establishment. they've been very, very hard on republican leadership in congress. when you look at repealing and replacing obamacare, failure to even pay for the border wall, they are going to point all of the fingers not at donald trump but the people around him. congress and his advisors. >> sandra: how we, knowing everything he knows that is happening inside those walls, not returning the same day he leaves the white house. walking right back into
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breitbart, even having the editorial calls. you have to be wondering what happens next? >> he did not even take a five-minute break. i know steve bannon. he uses this all is the same war. he never thought he was going to last more than a year there. he fought daily battles with what he views, jared kushner, gary cohn, h.r. mcmaster. economic nationalism, he will do the same with breitbart without those restrictions. steve bannon gave virtually no interviews in the white house. he did not care what the media thought of him. he will use his platform and his freedom and the fact that he is now 100,000 times more famous to go after yes, the g.o.p. establishment in congress. the officials who work for president trump, he's not going to back donald trump personally but he's at this after who may make life difficult for the president if he thinks he's
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being led astray by some of his former colleagues. >> sandra: raheem, how will the steve bannon be different? after now serving seven months inside the white house? now running breitbart again? >> i had a very similar experience like steve. i went back into breitbart. it changes you come with those experiences change you. they make you realize how the process works. there's not a lot i agree with but this is not about bannon versus trump. at the two are on the same page. this is about whose steve sees as trying to stop the trump agenda. these are people who have historically been republicans or democrats. what is steve going to do? now he knows who the enemies of the american people are. >> sandra: ben schapiro, formerly with breitbart news. he says bannon will return to breitbart and smash trump when
4:11 pm
he disagrees. that doesn't sound so friendly. >> it's all fun and pleasant until there is a disagreement. trump is going to be put in the middle of conflict between bannon and breitbart and his own advisors in the leaders in congress. where trump falls on that, your guess is as good as mine. it's going to be very interesting to see what kind of tweets donald trump puts out, try to get his legislative agenda through, certainly we all know where bannon is going to come from. it's going to be forceful, direct, smash mouth. that's breitbart and steve bannon for you. how will they respond to that, we will have to see. decide or have the appearance of siding with steve or do a complete break. going to get presser from his advisors to move away from bannon and try to hit the reset button and use this moment to reset the tables and get actually something done. it will be curious to see what he can actually do that or not. >> sandra: we are curious to
4:12 pm
see a lot of things, howard. what a trump white house looks like without steve bannon as the chief strategist. >> the president has to have some concern about -- it's not so much bannon, who will be allowed and contrary voice but the people that trump appealed to in the campaign. the dark portrait of bannon as some kind of manipulator of trump, it's way off base because it was the issues they agreed on, like aggressive trade policy, going after nafta, climate change. pulling out of paris. that's where bannon already had the most influence. trump agreed with him. now we will have to see the issues where they don't agree. some would say more pragmatic, now a sentence in the new trump white house. >> sandra: all happening so fast on a friday evening. thank you for being here.
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coming up, globalist versus nationalist. the war steve bannon was waiting in the white house. it had much to do with those divisions. what is his departure mean for trump's foreign policy? we will hear next on that. one protest and even more expected this weekend. fear of another charlottesville i had. two men who have been on both sides of this fight. one, a reformed neo-nazi. one, a current anarchist. you do not want to miss this.
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switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> sandra: president trump holding an important meeting at camp david with his national security team, covering issues like the strategy in afghanistan and the threat of a nuclear north korea. how will the exit of steve bannon effect white house foreign policy? this question looms large given the now former strategist advocated policy prescriptions that clashed with many of the military advisors surrounding the president. here now is lieutenant colonel michael walt's walt's. olivier knox, colonel i will start with you first. i will ask the big question.
4:18 pm
how does bannon's exit of affect the foreign policy of this white house? >> how it affected afghanistan in particular, bannon was composed to having -- it was too long, too frustrating, it cost too much. he has a point to the extent that it has been difficult in al qaeda chose one of the most difficult places in in the woro make a stand. i don't see how we can criticize president obama for completely pulling our troops out of iraq and ignoring syria, allowing the islamic state to flourish and launching attacks all over europe like we just on barcelona. and inspiring attacks in the united states and not think the same thing is going to happen in afghanistan, right next to pakistan. we have ten times the population. nuclear weapons. i'm very concerned that that
4:19 pm
trend may continue even with bannon gone. that's been implanted in the president's head. too hard and too costly. we will have an islamic state riots in afghanistan, in the wake of the taliban. we will be worse off than we were before 9/11. i think the jury is still out. unfortunately on whether or not we need to remain engaged. >> sandra: olivier, we are left to wonder what this foreign policy will look without steve bannon. >> he was a voice of skepticism, doing things the way they have been done in the country. over nearly 16 years. it is not completely clear. we may find out when the president finally does roll out this long-delayed afghanistan strategy. this revamp of the war effort, it's not clear at all to me. steve bannon was definitely skeptical for a couple reasons. while there is a general consensus that the main goal in afghanistan is prevent that from becoming a platform, there's no
4:20 pm
obvious end point. he was very skeptical of plunging -- denouncing what he called nation-building efforts. into what another might be nation-building efforts. >> sandra: colonel, speaking of a major announcement and waiting on such, the press secretary's statement said that an announcement is coming. there's no date on when that announcement will be or what it will pertain to. we have this excerpt coming out of the white house. the president is studying and considering his options and will make an announcement to the american people. to our allies and partners into the world at an appropriate time. protecting america's interests in south asia. it held fast do you expect us to move forward? what's the timeline for an announcement like that? potentially in place without
4:21 pm
strategist steve bannon? >> time is of the essence. we are slowly losing in afghanistan. the taliban are making gain. isis is making gains. we are seeing fighters migrating from raqqa in syria and iraq, back over to pakistan and afghanistan. to reestablish the caliphate. i do welcome bad announcement. i think it needs to be clear, unlike it was with president obama, who announced the surge but then pulled the rug out from under it in the same speech by announcing its withdrawal. it needs to be clear that the united states is standing with our afghan allies. to the point of there being no end date. i think there's a global war against islam extremism. since we are fighting an idea, that's going to take generations. the question here is do we want to fight that war in kabul and raqqa or do we want to fight it
4:22 pm
in kansas city, l.a., and new york? >> sandra: fair point in the wake of everything we have seen, this week, olivier i will leave this off -- the tweet coming from president trump today, heading to camp david for major meeting on national security. which we are rapidly building to the strongest ever. something we can say that people watching, fearing what we saw happen in europe this week, people are fearful. >> of course. they've been fearful for a greater extent since november the 12th 2001. september 12th. one of the biggest challenges is that -- you hear this a lot, u.s. government officials and military officials have to be right 100% of the time. it's an enormous challenge.
4:23 pm
their ebbs and flows -- the most interesting thing i saw, their administration will not let terrorism become the new normal. if you talk to a lot of americans, they might already tell you it is the new normal. >> sandra: think if you both for being here tonight. still had come under details on the deadly terror attack in spain. we are live on the ground. the manhunt spans the entire continent of europe. protests in north carolina, threats of an ugly class are developing in one major american city. why some are fearing a repeat of charlottesville. i had, we will hear from two men coming from very different opposite sides of all of this. a former neo-nazi recruiter. and a current anarchist. they join us next. >> i'm try to make myself more capable of violence. i am here to spread ideas, and the hopes that somebody more capable will come along and do
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>> sandra: breaking tonight, a powder keg situation developing in one of our nation's biggest and most historic cities. following a day of racially charged protests in areas like durham, north carolina. all eyes are now on boston,
4:28 pm
where thousands are expected to class tomorrow in a protest of a right wing rally. boston's mayor, issuing this warning... >> the courts have made it abundantly clear they have the right to gather no matter how repugnant their views are. people should not confront these rallies. we are urging everyone to stay away from the common. >> sandra: at of these protests, anti-fountain leaders are condemning violent demonstrations. we will hear for an ally as long as a neo-nazi. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom. trace. >> sandra, to set the table on this coming of the boston free-speech rally, it was planned long before last week's violence and charlottesville. some are billing it as a white ring rally, they self identify as libertarians and conservatives. made up mainly of students and young adults in their early 20s. they have no desire for white
4:29 pm
supremacists,, and members of the kkk to attend. then you have a liberal antiwar antiracist group that says they have 3,000 people attending. 12,000 people have rsvped to attend the rally on blm's behalf. >> we are going to do everything we can to make sure that tomorrow is about liberty and justice and about freedom and peace. and yes, the right for people to peaceably gather and assemble. >> at some point during the day, all of these groups will merge together on boston common. there is more fuel to the fire. left wing antifascist protesters, antifa, might also be in attendance. at the altar, a name they do a
4:30 pm
alt left. a name they do not like. on top of that, the national director of the knights of the ku klux klan may have local members planning to attend. in all of this, there is a bit of an olive branch. free-speech members on facebook, she invited a blm member to speak. it's unclear if that invitation was accepted. if things get rowdy, an extra number of police officers will have numerous security cameras and police commissioner who is given fair warning to all that there will be zero tolerance for violence or the gathering will be shut down. sandra. >> sandra: trace, thank you. joining me now with the intimate insight. extreme groups causing so much chaos in this country right now. frank, a former skinhead leader and neo-nazi recruiter.
4:31 pm
scott crowe, anarchist. former antifa organizer. and author. scott, i will go to first. i think a lot of people don't really understand what this group stands for. antifa. what is their intention, what is their goal? >> antifa is a set of ideas, it's not a group. that's a misnomer that the media is put on it. it's a network of people that have the same ideas. anyone who wants to stand up to white supremacy or racism or stop communities of color where minorities or women from being attacked, it could be your brother, your sister down the street. it's not always anarchist. antifa is willing to say no, you cannot do this. it's not hate speech -- hate speech is not free-speech. hate speech is what we get peoe
4:32 pm
killed. dylan ruth, he walked into a church and killed people. the people in boston. that stuff does not have a place. that's what antifa believes. that's where antifa's ideas come from. >> sandra: frank, is that in line with your thinking on this? >> yeah, i remember when i was coming up in the movement. antifa with just starting. there are other groups like antiracist action. he's correct, they don't have a set of rules and membership. if you don't pay dues or anything like that. he's correct. >> sandra: who funds them? >> they find themselves. what are they have? they never have anything. they don't have banners. there are no places they own. just a group of people that get together and sometimes, a lot of times, they just cause trouble. they did with us too.
4:33 pm
back in '92, '93. i'd go to marches. obviously i don't believe that stuff now but i would go to the ku klux klan rally. i never ducked a bottle once and thought well, i better rethink my beliefs. it doesn't work that way. it makes me stronger with what i'm doing. it goes against -- >> sandra: scott, you did not want to call this a group. is it fair to call this a movement? >> it is a movement. overlapping movements. >> sandra: you were involved with antifa for almost 30 years. how are you first introduced to this concept? >> the rise of white supremacy and neo-nazi's in dallas, texas, in 1985. in 1986. the confederate skinheads out of there, they came there. we had to fight them. we had to get them out of the streets. we had to get them out of the spaces. a punk rock clubs, industrial music clubs. all the places were taken over.
4:34 pm
they were driving this ideology. it started with that. since then, i've worked with antiracist action. it's not actually an antifascist group. ava took up arms against white militias after katrina who were killing black people. i don't think it is right to use hate speech and then murder people. >> sandra: frank, i want to get back to frank. i know that the fbi and police are very interested in hearing from you. about how to stop this movement. what you tell them? >> how to stop the neo-nazi movement? >> sandra: what we are witnessing happening in this country right now, no matter what the movement, it's intent is to deploy chaos on american cities. >> it all depends on what type of group you're going to go after. >> sandra: antifa, start with that. >> , because of the damage to property, they don't have a
4:35 pm
whole department is looking at these guys. they know there's going to be something going on. it's not a huge thing but they know they will cause property damage and trouble and violence. there's not a big movement but more for the neo-nazi stuff, the neo-nazis -- they are getting guns. they have guns. it goes towards more people dying for and just riots. >> sandra: scott, we've got to leave it there. violence is part of the solution for this movement. >> in the short term, violence is met with violence. the best world that anyone wants to live in, except for maybe white supremacist. but antifa do not. >> sandra: thank you both for coming out tonight. still ahead, the former i.t. aide to debbie wasserman schultz has been charged with a host of crimes tonight. the latest defense from his legal team. blame fox news, really? that reporting ahead. plus, all of europe on high alert as the manhunt continues
4:36 pm
for the terrace behind yesterday's deadly attacks across spain. new fears that multiple jihadists have slipped into france. we will go live to barcelona, next on the frantic manhunt. boo. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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4:41 pm
pedestrians behind me. 13 were killed on that occasion. including a 3-year-old boy boy and also an american, jared tucker. 42 years old. at the moment they found out he was dead... >> they showed some pictures of some of the people that were killed during the attack. they recognized one of the pictures as jared. >> eight hours after that initial attack, another attack in a beachside town 62 miles called cambrils, spain. five terrorists wearing fake suicide bomb belts attacked and rammed their card car into the pedestrians. they were killed by police officers and among them was the driver of the white van. nevertheless, at least 90 bodies -- they fear there may be more out there. barcelona nine jihadists. there is a minute of silence today with the prime minister
4:42 pm
and the king of spain, felipe a the. barcelona trying to get back to normal. nevertheless, they worry there may be more members of this cell that are out there. >> sandra: thank you, benjamin. live in barcelona, spain. deadly vehicle attacks are on the rise across europe as isis has made this one of their hallmarks. the big beer tonight, and attack like this on american soil. here now, mubin shaikh. i want to start with you, mubin. the question of money at home are wondering. how vulnerable are we to attacks like this here on u.s. soil? >> like you indicated, sandra, isis has put out these calls for a long time, probably since 2014. it certainly since 2014 and near the end of the year.
4:43 pm
he said attack the americans, british, french, the canadians. anyone fighting isis, basically. what we have seen in the three years since is exactly that. followers and isis accolades. fan boys taking up those instructions and doing what they've been told to do. in u.s., the threat is the same generally. it's very easy to use a vehicle and drive over people. it's unfortunate that it took charlottesville to remind people that even though it's a different kind of vehicle attack, the idea that you can do that so easily and with so many people packed into one area -- these kind of injuries are very likely. >> sandra: mubin, benjamin i will bring this to you, people every time at these attacks -- the terrorists were known to authorities. or there were red flags on social media.
4:44 pm
that stands out once again with this attack. we find out that they were vocal on social media. there were red flags there. >> exactly, that's correct. it becomes difficult because you go online, i can see there's a fountain of frankly, crazy extremists and radical anti-semitic postings all over the internet. of course, not all of those people are going out and creating terror attacks. it creates a challenge. who's going to do something illegal versus who is just venting themselves on this public forum where nobody can find them? yes, as you mentioned, we did learn that the two alleged attackers in spain -- they had posted over the past few months and i anti-semitic content. and the brother, moussa oukabir
4:45 pm
said he wanted to be king of the world one day. and he said he would kill everybody except about muslims. this is all reported but we see it again and again. how to better identify these red flags. >> sandra: mubin, we also learned these aren't carried out on a whim. these are carried out attacks. it makes you think there's a time frame in which authorities could step in and stop something like this. even though it is a low-tech hard to stop type of attack. how much planning or you learned was involved with these type of terrorists and these attacks? >> yeah, to reinforce the earlier point about known to authorities -- we know lots of people, right? what warrants surveillance on one may not warrant surveillance on another. i reassert that point that it's definitely a problem on social media, they will have to work with law enforcement. it started to happen as more and
4:46 pm
more pressure comes on the social media companies. back to the planning, they had a plan a, b, and c. it was about making factory. initially, they wanted to rent a bigger truck and use that possibly to drive into people. get out. detonate the vehicle and be able to continue assaulting the city. very similar to what we've seen with other terrorists. the final attempt on the stadium that night. these kind of small teams, simultaneous hits, these are the kind of tactics we will see more and more coming out of isis and europe. >> sandra: not good to hear on this friday evening as we all head off for the evening. that manhunt continues tonight. thank you both of you for being here tonight. a federal grand jury charging a former aide to democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz with everything from bank fraud to conspiracy. why did the congresswoman stand
4:47 pm
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>> sandra: developing tonight, new details about the former i.t. aid of democratic
4:51 pm
congresswoman and former dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz. bank fraud and making false statements. now, his lawyer is pointing the finger at fox news, stating "throughout the past two weeks, right wing media including fox news reported illegal activity committed by my client in relation to his dedicated service to the united states house of representatives. " every last one of those reports were utterly false. we look forward to reading right-wing medias retractions. here now, david will is an attorney and conservative commentator. david, blaming the conservative media. what do you think of that? >> sandra, did you mean to tell me fox news did not issue this indictment? did you open up a new department? of course a grand jury issues this indictment. it sandra, on its face, this is a very ordinary case. bank fraud, it could very well
4:52 pm
have been handled in state courts. but for mr. imran awan, his ties to pakistan, but for the fact that debbie wasserman schultz -- five months after the criminal investigation was known, kept him on as her i.t. person, thinking back on cases i have handled with similar textures and landscapes, he's not the big fish they are going after. they may will cut him to flip state evidence and go after who they really want. and i have some ideas on who that might be. >> sandra: why might she continue to employ this aid during an investigation? >> heck if i know. >> sandra: it doesn't look good. >> d-u-m-letter b. everyone else got rid of him. but she didn't. again, not particularly smart
4:53 pm
from a p.r. perspective. however, i do think that it is not the right way to go. it's a little concerning about any attempts to try to titus to the dnc and what happened with russia and the collision investigation there. i think that's probably an intentional attempt to use the word, email i.t., dnc, debbie wasserman schultz. try to complete these two things. that's a problem. >> sandra: so you are not addressing her blaming the white right-wing media friends. this is all just a distraction she says from the russian investigation. >> interestingly enough, sandra, last year if you remember jim can we do the investigation into the clinton campaign email schedule, he never recovered the
4:54 pm
evidence. when they issued a search warrant on the home of mr. imran awan, they ran into some smashed servers as well. they apparently recovered the information. the ties to that, there are the ties to wasserman schultz and her keeping him on. why did she keep him on when the criminal investigation was going on? my guess is perhaps, she wanted to talk to him a little bit about what happened. she's not the big fish. he is a small potato in this big federal investigation. we don't have loretta lynch as ag anymore. it is now jeff sessions. look out. >> sandra: all right. >> this is exhibit a in what's going on here. take the word email and i.t. throw in smashed servers, dnc, debbie wasserman schultz. oh, my god, it's altogether. there's no evidence to suggest anything like that. what we do know is that this guy and his wife were charged with
4:55 pm
bank fraud. he's in front of court right now. it looks like the judicial process is moving along the way that supposed to be moving along. there seems to be a concerted and delivered effort to disingenuously tie the thing together in order to muddy up -- >> sandra: do you blame fox news too? >> i most certainly do not. i think this is a lawyer. >> sandra: a republican was on fox & friends earlier and said we have to investigate how our systems may have been compromised. not a laughing matter, obviously, david. >> absolutely not. that's true and i think the problem is, this man may have had direct connections in contact with classified information. >> sandra: we've got to leave it there. happy friday to you both. we will be right back.
4:56 pm
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>> thanks for being a part of " the story." tweet me. have a wonderful and safe weekend. "tucker carlson" is up next. ♪ >> tucker: a good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a senior white house advisor steve bannon.candidate today after losing an internal power struggle that had been raging for months. his now former boss, bannon was a material figure in a business that prizes predictability. to steal cliches from a hundred different, movies, he was a loose cannon who didn't play by the rules. bannon fanned fruitless controversy with unwise remarks, he specialized in making enemies the white house will be a much more placid place now that he is gone. the question is, will it be a better place? let's put it this way. bannon was one of the relatively few s


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