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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 19, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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protest in boston. leland: a few arrests in boston, but as we take a picture from above, it seems as though at least some of the standoffs with police have temperedded down. from new york next. >> a fox news alert, it's 2 p.m. here on the east coast, and what's billed as free speech rally held by conservative activists in boston is now over, ending an hour early. but thousands of counter-protesters are still flooding the city's streets. hello and welcome to a brand new hour inside "america's news headquarters," i'm kelly wright. melissa: and i'm melissa francis. hundreds of officers are maintaining order, and though we've had some small skirmishes with authorities, we've seen those, today's demonstrations have been largely peaceful. we have live team coverage with steve hey began who is with the -- steve harrigan who's with the counter-protesters. molly line is in boston common.
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>> reporter: hi, melissa. we have just moved off the edge of boston common where witnesses tell me the members of the boston free speech rally have been moved through the crowd under heavy police coverage, helping them get safely into wagons, and now they have just left through this large crowd that was caboting after them. i'm -- chanting after them. i'm also seeing numerous officers still arriving carrying batons basically looking like tactical units. the counter-protest crowd in the tens of thousands today. this is something the boston police say they were well prepared for. they expected to have over 500 law enforcement officers across the city to be ready for both of these protests, and we are seeing that enormous presence right now. we've heard a tremendous amount of sirens just in the last hour or so. those sirens were this side of the common as we watched as those wagons carrying the boston free speech members, a much smaller protest.
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really hard to gauge how big it was because we could not get to the bandstand because they did not allow the media to get through into that area. instead, we're in the much larger counter-protest crowd. but it's clear that the difference in numbers was absolutely enormous. but those, the free speech crowd, that rally as you mentioned that had brought in those controversial speakers, have now been escorted out by authorities around the corner, and we're just beginning to see the marchers here, the counter-protest marchers, beginning to disperse in this area where the police went through. melissa? kelly? melissa: can i ask you, what was the tenor like, what was the temperature like? >> reporter: well, largely peaceful. there were tens of thousands of people here on the part of the counter-protesters that for the most part were standing around, had a lot of signs talking about peace and love, anti-nazi, anti-kkk. the organizers of the boston free speech rally said they were very surprised to find out that
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other people thought that they were a hate group, that they were i somehow affiliated with white supremacy or the kkk. the reason city leaders say that they were related to hate and decided to bring in all this security and the police presence and to try to make sure the city was safe was because of the list of speakers they had invited. at least one of the speakers did speak in charlottesville, although the boston free speech group says they are completely unaffiliated with the charlottesville rally. that speaker, by the way, did not show here, but there were other controversial speakers including a man that was slated to be here that went viral on the web for breaking a stick over the back of an anti-trump protester earlier this year. the boston folks said they're essentially against political violence and these ideas, no matter how controversial, should be brought to light. so their message they claim was one of even the most controversial speech should be allowed, that it's a matter of constitutional values.
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the counter-protest group came with a message against the kkk, against white supremacists. there were a lot of signs here that did reference charlottesville. heather heyer, for instance, was on a number of posters. so this was an extension, a pushback against the overall tone of what happened in charlottesville as well as speaking out against the rally that happened here in the bandstand at boston common specifically. so there's a much larger sense of activism amongst this counter-protest crowd. melissa? melissa: molly, if i can ask you as well, i mean, we heard at the beginning that the rally that started the whole thing that was focused around the free speech event ended early. why was that? >> reporter: we've been reaching out to the organizers to get some idea of why they decided to leave bandstand. we don't know if there was something specific that pushed them out or if they had simply finished with their speakers. they were allowed to be there from noon to two today.
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perhaps there was some security concern and the police decided we'd like the rally to end now because they did say if there was anything that gave them reason to end the rally early, they would do so. so we don't know exactly why it broke up, but they did the leave the bandstand before two and were brought out with the police. we were it would -- we're not able to actually see from our vantage point on the common moving through the police, but i was it would that tactical units were involved, that some police were very ready to safely move those free speech people attending through the much larger counter-protest crowd. this side of the common where we are now did appear to be less populated, but we were among the much bigger crowd of counter-protesters on the other side. one witness told us they were moved through, put on wagons, and they attempted to move them through the streets, and they were virtually surrounded really. there were so many counter-protesters coming into the common they had difficulty moving the wagons off the the
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area. they seem to have done that successful at this point, but we're still seeing tactical units arriving. right now i'm seeing maybe two dozen additional tactical members of in this team arriving in the full gear, the boston police, with the batons as well as some of the bike police moving back in this area. perhaps they're just showing a presence, that they're ready for anything. it still seems very peaceful and quiet. we're seeing a lot of the counter-protests beginning to disperse and heading out in different directions. melissa? melissa: molly line, thank you so much. you know, kelly, it is remarkable, we keep looking at these pictures, and the crowd is enormous. kelly: it is. melissa: the counter-protesters outnumbering the people that had originally gathered for the event by many, many, many, she said tens of thousands of people out there. and if you even look at this picture that we have on screen right now, largely peaceful,
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nonviolent so far, that we haven't seen incident. we saw a little bit of shoving a moment ago, and that basically had to do -- it appeared from here -- with police trying to push the line back a bit and move people along. but mostly orderly and peaceful, and it says a lot. kelly: it says a lot particularly about the boston police department. they're prepared for these kinds of mass rallies, and they've been able to control the crowds, and they have a lot of expertise in this even with sporting events where passions can be somewhat enflamed and people get reckless. but in a situation like this, here's what's happening with the boston police department. they were prepared for this. say thaw what went down in -- they saw what went down in charlottesville last week, and basically they were able to have a week head start to allow the free speech from the conservative group and the also allow those who were countering that and speaking out against white supremacists. and we should point out that the particular group that was there today for the free speech, a
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conservative group, they were basically saying we are unaffiliated with white supremacists as well as the kkk. melissa: right, right. they were saying they are not part of that group. the commonality was that they apparently had some of the same speakers on the list as had been in charlottesville last weekend, and at least one of them ended up not coming. also looking at, you know, like the difference in in the attire on both sides. here you see a lot of what i would describe as regular people out there protesting as opposed to last time when we saw people who were, you know, holding shields, wearing masks, carrying weapons of various types. i mean, obviously, showing up for a very different purpose. these people look like they're out for a peaceful protest. kelly: yeah. let's bring in steve harrigan right now live on the streets in boston with those counter-protesters who marched through the downtown area earlier and joins us by phone. steve, as melissa was pointing out, we're seeing a peaceful demonstration here today, and
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our colleague, molly line, also stating the same thing. what are you hearing from the counter-protesters, what they're speaking out against? >> reporter: the numbers were huge. i'm standing right mow in boston guard withen, and you get the sense that those counter-protesters are starting to break up now. in the past half hour, we have seen some scuffles, and what you were saying about boston police, we've seen it really with our own eyes. people with trump hats on, trump supporters or to others were briefly surrounded, and some fights broke out inside the park. i'm talking about small numbers, individuals versus a few dozen people. we saw immediately riot police step in with pepper spray, first police and then riot police. so 99% peaceful as far as the demonstration goes. but just in the past half hour after about three hours of demonstration, anyone here
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boston gardens, boston common wearing a trump hat certainly a marked person. we've seen 500 officers on the street mainly on bicycles. as far as the protesters go, these counter-protesters, no sign of any weapons and really orderly for three and a half hours. anti-trump, anti-nazi, anti-white supremacy, but a real mix of people too, men and women, old and young. the mayor has -- we have a lot of swearing behind me now as group's getting closer. two minor violent incidents inside the park, some of the more extreme left-wing protesters perhaps not wanting to go home without a little bit of action and getting a very little bit at the end but quickly broken up by boston police, kelliful. kelly: that, indeed, is good to hear, because we know the boston police, they don't want anything to happen in terms of what we saw the likes of in charlottesville last week. but i want to ask you, steve, the atmosphere there now, now
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that it's ended peacefully except for a few minor fights that broke out and the boston police there to quell those fights, what -- how would you describe the atmosphere there now? what do they want to do? will they go home peacefully or continue to protest throughout the city today? >> reporter: i think the great majority will go home peacefully. they're already starting to disperse and clap. i think they feel like they've proved their point with their numbers. i mean, if you have 15,000 on one side and 50 on the other, it's a pretty dramatic difference for the two sides. we're still hearing some chapping and system cheering from those counter- clapping and some cheering from those counter-protesters, but they've lost their momentum. they were marching down road united and chanting, and now they're all sort of going their different ways in the park as this large group continues to disperse, kelly. kelly: steve, thank you. real quickly, i've got to let you go, but was there a clarion call from any of these groups to try to come together and find some peace and harmony
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regardless of what side we're taking? >> reporter: i think when you look at the signs here among the counter-protesters, a lot of them were apolitical, were just saying, you know, let's listen the each other, let's have some more love. not really political on either side, but hoping for some rapprochement between the two sides. kelly: steve harrigan reporting live from boston where things, we're happy report today, have been peaceful. melissa: with all the breaking news in boston, the white house is in the middle of another major shake-up. president trump thank steve bannon for his service a day after his controversial chief strategist left the white house. bannon's departure marking the end of his turbulent seven-month tenure as senior adviser to the president but also setting the stage for more waves outside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. rich edson is live from bridgewater, new jersey, near the president's golf club in bedminster. rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, melissa.
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and president trump, his day in public thus far has been largely spent on twitter, tweeting this morning about steve ban month, thanking him for his service at the white house and during the campaign and just a few minutes ago saying, quote: steve bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at breitbart news, maybe even better than before. fake news needs the competition. this is three weeks after the former department of homeland security secretary john kelly assumed the role as chief of staff at the white house and decided to undertake a reorganization of that staff. bannon is now out. shortly after the announcement, bannon spoke with "the weekly standard." quote: the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. we still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this trump presidency, but that presidency is over. it'll be something else. bannon's influence of trump administration's policy will originate outside the white house at breitbart where he's returned to lead the publication. days ago this an interview, bannon warned of an economic war
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with china, criticized the trump administration strategy in korea and this asia warning he wanted to push state department officials out and, quote, get the hawks in. foreign policy moves forward with bannon out of the white house. yesterday the president met with his national security team at camp david discussing afghanistan strategy. also this morning the president tweeted, quote: important day spent at camp david with our very talented generals and military leaders. many decisions made including on afghanistan. thus far, we haven't heard anything else from the white house as to what president might be talking about, if he's made a decision perhaps on troop levels, u.s. commitment, contractors. all of that still up in the air. melissa? melissa: interesting. we'll look forward to more on that. rich edson, thank you. kelly: joining us now is sarah westwood with "the washington examiner." sarah, good to of you to join us today. as we're taking a look at boston once again, i would like to ask you first and foremost your reaction or your response, i should say, to the fact that it
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ended peacefully, quite unlike what we saw last week in charlottesville. i hate to belabor that point, but the facts are there. we all know what happened, how it has wounded the country in terms of race relations, and we have to get over that. and today we've seen the possibilities that that's still, that america's still a place of hope and america is a place where we can gather together and speak both sides can talk and still walk away from it without hurting each other or causing a death. >> absolutely. i think that's a wonderful thing. it's probably a product of all the focus that was put on the charlottesville rally this week. it got wall-to-wall media coverage. there was a lot of discussion about both sides, obviously, the president drew a lot of attention to that with his comments about who was responsible for the violence, and i think that, you know, with all the scrutiny of what happened in charlottesville that a lot of the cities where these demonstrations took place --
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boston in particular -- the precautions were taken and lessons were learned from what happened in charlottesville that prevented violence from happening today. kelly: i want to ask you then based on that, you talked about president trump making a statement p m earlier in the week and, of course, you know there's been a lot of fallout from his statements. some people viewing that as very controversial in terms of the president's going back and forth about who was right, who was wrong. the question comes to mind though, can anybody be right when even's guilty, so to speak? [laughter] and that would seem to be all of us in america, because all of us have failed to talk about this elephant in the room, racism. how might that impact the president in terms of inviting donors, potential donors, big business leaders to try to fund some of his programs? how does he get his agenda back on tracksome. >> we saw a big backlash among the business community in particular this week when president trump's advisory councils broke apart in the wake of this controversy. there were ceos who diseased
11:17 am
that -- decided that the risk of being so closely associated with the white house right now outweighed the reward of having a seat at table. but those relationships can be repaired because, look, at the end of the day, everyone -- ceos the republicans on capitol hill -- are going to be more successful when president trump and his agenda are successful. so they will have to find a way to make it through this controversy. you're already starting to see some of the firestorm of controversy that was brewing simmer down, temperatures are lowering, the fact that these rallies over the weekend are not getting violent will help the president be able to move on from this. and hopefully, the white house has learned its lesson in terms of dealing with such a hot button issue, that maybe the president was -- and he was factually correct that violence occurred on both sides of last weekend's rallies. but being right was less important this week than having a symbolic role this being a healer -- in being a healer and a leader.
11:18 am
and i think a lot of his critics failed to hiv up to that. the -- the live up to that. the white house has probably learned its lesson moving forward. kelly: i hear you loud and clear, but some people would say that's not the case at all, that more healing needs to take place and that the president should become consoler in chief and try to bring this country or move this country forward. let me go back to the list of people who are there among the donor base. they included robert mercer, joseph w. kraft and the wisconsin roofing magnate, diane hendricks. i want to talk about robert mercer because, as you know, mercer has funded a lot of things that steve lap nondid. with the exit -- steve bannon. with the exit of steve bannon, how might that impact the relationship mr. mercer will have with the president and helping to move that agenda forward? will he still remain as a member of his donor base? >> we just don't know yet if the president gave the mercers a head's up as to what was about
11:19 am
to happen to bannon, if any assurances were offered to the mercers that they would still have just as much influence inside the white house even though their man is no longer present. and it really also might depend on the relationship that president trump maintains with steve bannon moving forward. we don't know how frequently they'll talk, whether breitbart will be given prioritized access now that bannon is out at the white house, if steve bannon will continue to advise the president informally as many of the president's former aides from the campaign continue to do on occasion. those are kind of the unanswered questions that might determine how much influence steve bannon and the mercers wield in the white house moving forward. kelly: all right. sarah westwood, thank you. >> thank you. melissa: some minor skirmishes here and there as rival protests wind down in boston with thousands of counter-protesters marching in opposition to a conservative free speech rally.
11:20 am
but for the most part, it has been peaceful. we're going to continue to follow the developments from the cradle of democracy. plus, spanish authorities make an alarming discovery as hay investigate this week's deadly terror attacks. a counter-terrorism analyst weighs in and a live report from barcelona, that's next. ♪ ♪ >> remember, they're losing at home, isis and a lot of these groups. the only way for them to generate the support they need to generate new recruits and funding is to show that they can do this elsewhere, because they're getting their butts kicked at home. so this was always the next evolution, the shaping of multiple attacks together. ♪ ♪ i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried to quit cold turkey. i tried to quit with the patch; that didn't work. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. for me, chantix worked. it reduced my urge to smoke.
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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. melissa: fox news alert now on the deadly terror attacks in spain. people around the world paying tribute to the victims as police step up a manhunt for the driver who drove a van into crowds of pedestrians in the heart of barcelona and the ringleader behind the attacks that left 14 people dead and over 120 people injured. benjamin hall is live from barcelona,, spain, with the latest. benjamin. >> reporter: yeah, hi, melissa. we've also seen the government
11:25 am
stepping up security here and at major tourist spots around the country, and that is because, as you say, the man who was suspected of driving the white van is still at large. they thought they had killed him yesterday in that shootout, but we are learning he is still at large so, of course, it now moves on to the new suspect, the 22-year-old moroccan. he is now thought to be the leader of this possible cell, so the manhunt continually after him. he came from the town about 60 miles outside barcelona, and that is now the focus of this information. investigation. that is where much of it was planned, and they're also searching for the imam of the mosque they fear that he may have been involved, they also think he might have been blown up in that bomb factory that exploded on wednesday. this cell coming to pieces but still the threat from this man who is still wanted. and, of course, french authorities are now getting involved because they fear that the man might have crossed into france. we know that one of the
11:26 am
terrorists rented a van that has not yet within found, so this may well have become a european-wide manhunt. and, of course, we continue to learn more about the victims themselves, 13 altogether, from countries around the world including that american, 42-year-old jared tucker from california. and we know that he'd been saving to the come here with his wife to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. just a reminder of how indiscriminate in this attack was. also today president trump reached out to the prime minister of spain and offered his condolences. and although this man is still on the loose, although they are still looking for him, france has not raised its terror level, nor has spain, to the highest level suggesting they to not believe an attack is imminent. but this manhunt still ongoing for the ringleader of in this isis cell. melissa: just to clarify, they're looking for the ringleader, the driver of the van, you're saying that's the same person or two different
11:27 am
people? >> reporter: yeah, they think it's the same person. they thought they had him yesterday when they killed the fife men in ca brill, but they're afraid he crossed the border into france. this may well be a european-wide manhunt now. melissa: benjamin, thank you for your reporting. kelly: treat this as a generational war, internal to our societies are people who hate our freedom, they hate that we live differently than they do. they take advantage of our freedom, they take advantage of the way we live, so they go to the lowest level of societal life which is people walking around in public places, and they stab and shoot and strive cars into them. the only way to deal with that is human intelligence, the only way to deal with that is to find out on ground the way the israelis do this and live with it as something that is a cost of the free lives that we want to live. but it's a cost worth bearing because we don't want the change who we are. kelly: that's paul bonn chelly
11:28 am
speaking about how this type of terror attack can be prevented here in our homeland. as investors learned, spain was under a terror threat long before the attacks, robin sincox can, she joins us -- or he joins us, sorry about that. kind of intelligence that we need requires putting people in harm's way who can gather that kind of intel, because what we're lacking now is human intel. we can get all the chatter in the world, but what we've seen is that isis has gone kind of underground, and we no longer hear those common forms of chatter that we used to hear from the likes of al-qaeda. so how does our strategy change. >> >> well, i think certainly human intelligence is shul vital in trying to -- absolutely vital in trying to stop these kinds of attacks like we saw in barcelona. but part of the problem is scale. if you use a country like the u.k., for example, where there
11:29 am
are 23,000 terror suspects on the radar and the idea is you need 20-30 agents to be able to monitor one single person, even the u.k -- which spends an awful lot of money on counterterrorism -- doesn't have anything like resources to be able to deal with that kind of workload. if you look at countries like belgium which has a clear problem but doesn't devote the same amount of funding, they stand no chance at all. so this is really a deep problem throughout europe. kelly: so we're seeing that isis is being defeated in iraq and syria, but we're also seeing that they're staying true to their vow that they would terrorize the world, that they can't be stopped just because you put down one group in one particular place. how should we be more vigilant and look out for those things that isis might try to perpetrate here? >> well, i tell you, i think it's -- part of the problem in dealing with isis is they don't need huge amounts of manpower to be able to carry out these kind of attacks.
11:30 am
so what happened in barcelona obviously looks like it was a somewhat larger cell, but a lot of the attacks that you've seen taking mace in europe but also -- place in europe but also in the u.s. inspired by isis is very small cells or individuals. so that's where i think you need to bring everything to bear from human intelligence, signals intelligence, obviously, law enforcement have to be involved. and to be honest, just people, general people on the lookout for these things and not being afraid to call in things that look suspicious. even something as benign of that may save lives in the future. kelly: one thing that disturbs many of us who watch is the fact that they've so young, these terrorists. they've been recruited, and they're committing all kinds of acts of terror. robin, we'll save that question and answer for another time. >> thank you. melissa: a showdown in boston as thousands of marchers take to the streets opposing a conservative free speech rally. the latest on the rival
11:31 am
demonstrations, that's next. plus, steve bannon gone from the white house after seven months. so what will his dismissal mean more president trump's agenda? our panel debates next. ♪ ♪ >> he's in excellent spirits, and he is 100% committed to making sure the that president trump's agenda, the agenda for the american people, succeed. >> i suspect the vast majority of people in the trump base will shrug their stories and say, well, we can't really know the guy that well and move on. ♪ ♪ it's an american favorite on top of an american favorite, alice. it's like rodeos on top of rollercoasters. get your favorites on top of your favorites. only at applebee's. get your favorites on could be preventedrrenttes. with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor
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i just want to find a used car start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new melissa: fox news alert, thousands of counter-protesters crowding boston's streets this afternoon, opposing a so-called free speech rally held by conservatives. that rally has since ended, but the counter-protesters are still out in the streets. today's mostly peaceful events come just one week after the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia, which
11:36 am
has reignited a national debate over confederate monuments and their place in america. bryan llenas is live in new york city where -- with the latest on that part of the story. >> reporter: hi, melissa. this is a complicated debate that's been happening for years, but since charlottesville it has taken on new meaning. many are for keeping them, others for removing them because they're offensive. just in this morning duke university removedded a statue of confederate robert e. lee from the university's chapel. the statue was vandalized on wednesday, and in a letter duke's president, vincent price, said, quote: i took this course of action to protect duke chapel, to insure the vital safety of students and community members who worship there, and above all, to express the deep and abiding values of our university. the removal also presents an opportunity for us to learn and heal. the statue will be preserved so that students can study duke's
11:37 am
plex past and take part in a more uncollusive future. since charlottesville, communities nationwide have removed statues, plaques and monuments from annapolis, maryland, to los angeles, california, to here in brooklyn, new york. now, in baltimore, the mayor took swift action overnight wednesday in the cover of darkness, calling the monuments a security threat. in durham, north carolina, eight people were charged for topping a confederate statute in front of the courthouse on their own accord, and in birmingham, alabama, the mayor has been sued for covering a monument with wooden panels. nearly two dozen communities are at least considering removing their confederate monuments after charlottesville. a new poll released this week shows that 62% of americans are for keeping confederate monuments and statues in place, 27% say they are for removing
11:38 am
them, and 11% say they are unsure. of course, one of those four keeping confederate statues in place is president trump who tweeted that it would be, quote, foolish to take these, quote, beautiful statues down. melissa? melissa: thank you for that report, bryan llenas. let's bring in our panel. kevin jackson is a radio show host and a fox news contributor. pablo menially cez is former dnc staffer and co-founder of k street media. kevin, let me start with you. what's your reaction to the events today in boston? >> again, there's gambling in the casino. you know, it's nothing new here, melissa. anytime the right decides they want to get their message out, you're going to find the left who's called themselves tolerant and wanting to hear the other side of the argument shut down the other side of the argument. and there have been plenty of examples whether it's ann coulter speaking at a college or
11:39 am
university, the election of donald trump, etc. and quite frankly, america's sick of it because the reason why we find ourselves in the predicament that led to donald trump's election is because they won't allow conservatives to -- melissa: hang on, kevin. so you're saying it was shut -- i mean, we know it ended early, but we don't have any reports that it was shut down because of anything that was going on. >> no. >> well, what i'm getting at is there's always the threat of such a thing. when you're, when the left organizes, there's never a threat. we don't care. we want that, we want their, you know, their policy positions to get out. but even the threat of it, and what is it coming on? it's coming on the heels of charlottesville, virginia, which quite frankly is a joke. everybody talks about there being two sides to this argument -- >> charlottesville, virginia, is not a joke. melissa: let's let pablo get in here. >> stop interrupting me, pablo. melissa: is that a fair criticism? from the video we saw, it looked
11:40 am
like a very peaceful rally. yes, they had tens of thousands of people, it looked like a huge turnout. but those people, to what we saw with our cameras and our reporters, didn't seem to be doing any intimidating. they were just there in large numbers. >> well, the thing is i'm grateful that the boston protest seems to be defusing without any issue. i personally was worried about it throughout the week, whether cooler heads would be able to prevail, and it seems like people are going home and dispersing which, ultimately, is a good thing. that doesn't change the fact that, you know, the games we're playing of who's the bigger victim in america, conservatives, liberals -- >> oh, we know who that is. >> we need to be very careful especially considering this isn't the only event that goes on this week or goes on like moving forward. we're going to have another rally in, what, phoenix on tuesday? and people need to be cool. people need -- i know it's very difficult, we're in a very challenging time, the president's failed leadership has really taken its effect. and for us to -- >> oh, nonsense -- melissa: hang on --
11:41 am
>> we need to -- melissa: leave the president out of this for a second and let's try to stick to this particular rally in particular because, kevin, i mean, this is what we saw today is a lot of what our country is about; one group wanted to come out and exercise their right to freedom of speech. they did that. they were allowed to do that. they left peacefully. another group who wanted to come out and express their point of view came out in enormous numbers. everything went fine, largely peacefully, and now it's disperseing. hang on, ken, sorry. go ahead. >> we can look at this in the microcosm and say, congratulations, boston didn't, you know, blow itself up and burn itself down like ferguson and the many other places where the left tends to dominate. but the fact of the matter is to even have to worry about this nonsense is ridiculous. i will ask you this, melissa. name me one time where the left has had any type of a protest where there was a threat of violence from the right --
11:42 am
melissa: charlottesville. >> yeah. >> no -- >> how about selma, alabama? >> if we want to talk about charlottesville, let me explain to you that is a left creation, and it is a parse that we're even talking about it -- farce that we're even talking about it -- melissa: kevin, how can you say that when the whole thing was started as a white supremacist rally? where there were white supremacists and kkk showing up to protest the taking down of that statue? >> yeah, so -- >> no one would have been -- melissa: hang on. let kevin respond, and then we'll go back to pablo. >> yeah. we had supposedly all these various groups who got miraculously on the same buses, originated in the same place. and when you dig into this deeper, we're going to find out there's some malfeasance that love involves the left. let me tell you, i don't care if the kkk -- >> melissa, this is crazy. >> -- statues coming down don't affect black people in any way.
11:43 am
it's nonsense that we're even talking about this in any true discourse because of the confederate statues. confederate statues haven't bothered anybody black in decades -- melissa: that's not true. that's absolutely not true. we saw a lot of people say that the statues were offensive to them. hang on, i have to give pablo a chance to respond. go ahead, pablo. >> i mean, this is pretty crazy. i think we should all be celebrating a pretty peaceful day in america -- melissa: i agree. >> to as opposed to the carnage -- >> easy to say when you're not -- >> at this point, kevin, honestly, with this attitude, heather heyer's mom won't even talk to the our president, the people of barcelona aren't taking us seriously when we're offering them help -- >> you blaming that on donald trump? >> this isn't about who's the bigger victim, this is about being good americans who are -- [inaudible conversations] >> through a difficult presidency. melissa: okay. all right, guys, we're going to leave it there. thanks to both of you. >> thanks, melissa. kelly: we will continue to follow the developments in
11:44 am
boston, plus six officers shot overnight in three different cities. a live report from kissimmee, florida, where one officer was killed. ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture, you may suffer from dry mouth. try biotène®, the #1 dentist recommended dry mouth brand. it's the only leading brand clinically proven to soothe, moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®.
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11:48 am save you up to 30%... ...on the hotel you want. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. kelly: fox news alert on a string of shootings targeting police officers. we are learning six officers were shot in separate incidents in florida and pennsylvania overnight, leaving one dead and at least one in critical condition. phil keating is live from miami with the very latest. phil, it's been a tough day for police officers in our nation. >> reporter: yeah. families today devastated and mourning and full of grief, and last night, friday night, a tragic day for law enforcement. three separate shootings, six cops shot. all of the shootings completely unconnected to each other. the only connection being that all of the victims wore badges. in central florida, especially
11:49 am
tragic situation as one kissimmee police officer last night shot dead in the street after sunset. his partner still struggling to stay alive right now at a hospital, gravely wounded, and his survival does not look good. officers matthew baxter and sergeant sam howard, they were responding to a suspicious situation on a street corner in a neighborhood known for crime and drugs. three guys just hanging out, they approached the three, and police say within seconds one of the three men pulled out a gun and shot point-blank at the cops. the chief says they never even had a chance to draw hair weapons. all three -- draw their weapons. all three men in custody. the last man caught, a former marine, captured dramatically last night in a bar. >> they went hands on, tackled him to the ground and secured him. located a .9 mm handgun and a
11:50 am
.22 revolver on his person. >> reporter: even president trump responding via twitter, quote: my thoughts is and prayers are with the kissimmee police and their loved ones. we are with you. two more cops were also wounded in another shooting in jacksonville, florida. those officers responding to a call about a suicide suicidal man inside a house with three others in there whose lives were in jeopardy. when the officers arrived, that man barged outside shooting both cops with a high-powered rifle. one's in critical condition, the other's in serious. they were able to shoot that suspect dead at the scene. and in fair chance, pennsylvania, two state troopers were trying to approach a burglary suspect when that suspect pulled out a handgun and started shooting, shooting one trooper in the stomach, the other in the hand. those cops were also able to shoot9 and kill -- shoot and kill that suspect, and it appears those state troopers in pennsylvania will survive. but back to kissimmee, both of
11:51 am
these -- well, the one dead officer and the other one who's gravely wounded, both have wives and children so a sad, sad situation. back to you. kelly: they put their lives on the line all the time. thank you. melissa: all right. we'll be right back. we are following the situation in boston. we'll bring you more live after the break.
11:52 am
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♪ ♪ melissa: monday's total solar eclipse will be the first in 99 years spanning the united states from coast to coast, and preparations for viewing the rare spectacle are underway across the country. so will the weather cooperate? adam klotz is live in the fox extreme weather center with more. my whole family's very excited for this, adam. tell me all about it. >> reporter: yeah, i'm excited for this one too. the question is, do you need those glasses, or are you going to need umbrella? there are going to be some places in the country where we're talking about rain. stretching all the way from the pacific northwest before eventually exiting, if you're in this red area, that's where you get the total solar eclipse, you begin to see percentages as you drop away from that. the farther away you get, a little bit less covered you're going to be talking about. nonetheless, it should be quite a show. here's the time frame we're looking at, from 10:30 all the
11:56 am
way out west running into about 2:30 here eastern time, that's going to be the time that folks want to step outside. what about that rain fall? well, this is our forecasted cloud cover. cloud cover could be somewhat difficult to predict, but these are areas where we're looking at cloudy conditions up in the plains states, stretching down to the northeast. the reason for? well, there are going to be some showers as well, so there are some areas where you'll need to be dodging some rain drops. here's what we're looking at as far as that goes, showers popping up. melissa: thank you so much. we'll keep an eye on it. kelly: mostly peaceful protests in boston coming to an end, we'll talk about that and more following this.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> all eyes on boston today, "fox & friends" news alert free speech rally held by conservative activists in boston is now over. and now thousands of people are participating in a massive counterprotest are also clearing out after a mostly peaceful afternoon. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. melissa: and i'm melissa wright. we did see small scrimmages after officers try today keep the rival protests separated. things remained mostly peaceful. we have live fox team coverage with steve who is with


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