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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 19, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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n nus.te and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. kelly: hello and welcome to a brand new hour of inside america's news headquarters, i'm kelli wright. melissa: and i'm melissa in for julie banderas. and here is a live look at counterfrom -- counter-protestors getting underway in california. kelly: steve with the counter-protestors in boston but we begin with mollie live at the boston common. >> hi, this is one of the
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streets off of boston common. there's still a huge crowd of people, this is at least 100 people. the counterprotests has dispersed and the boston free speech rally which drew speakers that the state and the city felt would be hateful has also dispersed. this is a crowd that remains. we see a lot of signs here relate today fascism, we spoke with the police, spoke with a couple of police officers on the way over here and they described the crowd assort of the leftovers, the main crowd, counter-protestors and these were folks that choose to stay behind, the reports earlier today that they were throwing food at police officers, that there was scrimmage that is broke out and this is what remains in the street of boston after what was largely a peaceful day earlier. there were a few scrimmages and shovings of police officers, shoving through crowds as some of the rally goers or people that had different views tried to make their way on or through the boston common. a few folks that had trump flag
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or trump hat were getting surrounded by members of the counterprotests who we wanted to make their argument against the president or against what they felt would be a different political views but at this point, both of those rallies have dispersed and here is where we stand with the situation on the street, literally here on the street in boston. police have been prepared for this sort of thing throughout the day. some 500 law enforcement officers on hand to respond to both of the rallies and respond to any sort of additional element or people that were coming here just to cause trouble but didn't really care about the free speech rally. they were here just to be part of the excitement and potentially cause trouble. the streets remained block here, there's still large vehicles and barricades on either end in an attempt to block any vehicles from coming through. we have seen the vehicle attacks, most recently across in europe and in, of course, in charlottesville and police here in boston were very aware of those potential situations, so they really pulled out all of the stops. the police presence remains
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strong here. melissa. melissa: thank you so much. go ahead. kelly: no, problem, go ahead. melissa: thanks, molly, with all the breaking news in boston, the white house also making headlines today in the wake of another major shake-up in the staff. president trump thanking steve bannon for his service, a day after firing his controversial chief strategists. bannon's departure marking the end of a turbulent 7-month tenure inside the administration but setting the stage outside of 1600 pennsylvania. rich live near the president's golf club in bedminster, rich. >> good afternoon, melissa, from steve bannon to boston, president trump has been very active on twitter today here in central new jersey talking about all that's going on in boston right now. he says, quote, looks like many antipolice agitators in boston, police are looking tough and smart. thank you, he followed that up by saying great job by law enforcement officers and boston
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mayor mardy walsh, the president began by thanking steve bannon over twitter. just a few days ago it was bannon who spoke to a liberal publication, the next day we finally got the news that steve bannon was out of the white house that was yesterday and this is just a few weeks after john kelly took over as chief of staff at the white house and wanted to do a review and overhaul of the way things ran there. steve bannon took to the weekly standard and spoke with them in that interview he said, quote trump presidency that we fought for and won is over, we still have a huge movement and we will make something of this, trump presidency, but that presidency is over. it'll be something else. bannon's influence on the trump's administration policy will now happen from outside the white house. he's backed at breitbart where he started before the white house. in an interview we were talking about what the liberal publication, he knocked trump
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administration to foreign policy and particularly when it came to north korea and china, he noted that we are at an economic war with china and certainly there were some things that he said in that interview that secretary of state rex tillerson pointed out that he didn't necessarily agree with although the secretary refuse today comment specifically on what bannon said. he certainly responded to the themes in there. foreign policy now will continue without steve bannon and, the president tweeting on that today, quote, important day spent at camp david with our very talented generals and military leaders, many decisions made including on afghanistan as to what those decisions are. it's still unclear whether it has to do with troop levels, whether it has to do with the number or any introduction of contractors there, that is unclear as we await the white house and the president's official announcement on that. back to you, melissa. melissa: rich, can i just ask, that presidency that we won and
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fought for, that part of the presidency is over, this is a different one, how are people interpreting that comment specifically? >> well, you know, they're interpreting it in some ways as a new phase in this white house. there are powers in the white house -- the view from steve bannon and that wing is since the inauguration or even before when they were staffing up the white house there were influences there that compete with the view that steve bannon set forth a year ago for the white house and that campaign and that it differs from what that is. he's talked about these globalists, he talked about them, quote, american prospect peace and when it comes to tariffs, when it comes to trade and immigration, he's fought with people inside the white house over that. now he will take the fight outside, a fight for the sole of the presidency that he was inside for and now out.
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melissa: rich edison, you are so smart. kelly: i'm sure he enjoyed that. he's a good reporter. thousands of counter-protestors hit the streets today with a miami on -- message on their own. steve, tell us what you have seen on the ground today, you have been there since its inception? >> kelly, they started about 11:00 o'clock in the morning and went for more than three hours, 15,000 counter-protestors were marching, they went 2 miles from roxbury to boston common and concern that there could be violence between two sides, boston police concerned and the mayor saying he didn't want the free speech movement here in boston and if he had it his way he wouldn't have allowed it, that being the case, he made every preparation possible. the police initially in south
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power mode, there were on bicycles, they were not wearing vests or helmets, really just trying to keep the two sides apart for the most part. the numbers were dramatically different on both sides, 15,000 counter-protestors and as few as 50 of those right-wing protestors here. about 20 arrests, there were some scuffles and a couple of occasions they did have to step in and once in the street and couple times in the park n. the park here there was not the major confrontation people feared but anyone really walking around with a trump hat on was certainly putting themselves in danger of either being surrounded or attacked. that happened on a couple of occasions. the mayor's goal was to keep two sides apart. that's largely what happened today. this afternoon a lot of the counter-protestors have put signs in the garbage and enjoying park and things getting back to normal in boston. kelly, back to you.
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kelly: steve, thank you very much. i hear a cel hospitaller -- helicopter, is it over? >> they have been over throughout the day, both news and security, they have captured some footage of a few scuffles on the street but can 15,000 people on the fears of what could have happen i think police are happy on how things are worked out. kelly: i don't want to keep you but i have to go. molly reported that some of the counter-protestors were throwing food at the police officers and i guess my question is, why? >> i think there were some people here spoiling for a fight. we had a lot of protestors, men, women, children, older, calm and chanting but a small group perhaps fewer than a 100 looking for a fight, throwing food at police, police even put out a sign, don't through urine at
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police. that happened in gitmo and now in the streets of boston. some people spoiling for a fight and they didn't get it here today. kelly: all right, good for the police officers to resist that. but obviously probably happy that those people were kept in check. always good to have your report, thank thank you for the update. melissa: let's bring in panel. i actually want to start with the steve bannon issue if you don't mind because the reporter was on with us if you heard that. doug, the question that i asked him where steve bannon says on his way out, the presidency that we fought for, that we won, that presidency is over, how do you interpret that? >> first i say that's good because we don't need a hard-right sacarian presidency that seeks conflict and confrontation to pull back from our global commitments and to
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try to evicerate the social safety net. we need inclusive presidency that seeks sides together to confront adversaries and challenges both here and abroad. melissa: evan, how do you interpret that comment? >> i think that the presidency, every presidency goes through a different phase and this is a new phase with the president can have fresh start with people who have been critics of this. all right, you didn't want steve bannon, he's no longer here. let's get about doing the business of the american people, let's pass tax reform, let's go full steam and make sure that we are actually doing the job that the american people are happy with and aren't stagnating like we did in the first eight months. melissa: evan, part of the problem was defining exactly what steve bannon's influence was and precisely what he stood for. it was so easy to call him a white supremacists, so many people said that except for people that knew him and worked
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with him and said that wasn't the case. i've never met him, i have no idea, but if you assume that, you know, now he's out, does the populism go with him? that seems to be deeply ingrained on what the president himself cares about. >> steve bannon is not a white supremacist. there are people that are going to say that steven miller is the voice of the populism. steven miller is jewish so i don't think that fits in with white supremacy. i think that the president is going to have his fair share of critics from the left who say that he does wrong no matter what he does, he could save a bus full of orphans and they would say he did it to get higher approval rating. melissa: yeah. doug, you say to not -- i don't know, the president has been more active in terms of where we need to get involved and what needs to be done than anyone
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expected, so that was with steve bannon there. >> steve bannon wanted to pull back, he was against any possible involvement on the korean peninsula. anything in europe, steve bannon was basically antigloballist. melissa: it was, but it didn't seem like the president was listening on that front. >> we don't need the chief strategists for the president of the united states to be somebody articulating isolationist message. thank goodness the president is talking today at camp david about how we could refew and reassert our commitment in afghanistan, we have to confront the assertive iran, north korea, the russians in europe and the middle east. so we have huge, huge challenges, you're right, melissa. our president hasn't been listening, he's best to listen to his generals, general mcmaster, to general mattis specially. melissa: evan, what does this mean about his support outside
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the white house and his base? president trump has very loyal and fervent base at the same time steve bannon has controlled through breitbart the narrative and has proved himself to be a media mastermind? does he start working against the president, do you think? >> everybody thought because steve bannon was fired from the white house they thought he was going to go out and attack president trump and signaling he is doing very opposite. he's actually more dangerous in breitbart. one of the most influential news networks in the country if not the world because of what it digs up and how it pushes the conversation nationally. steve bannon, he's very smart and he knows how to work breitbart to get things out there. remember what happened, he mainstreamed all of hillary clinton's problems in 2016 before he joined the trump campaign by having the new york
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times release factual information about how hillary clinton had been engaged engaged to play. melissa: how did he mastermind? >> helping to write clinton cash and the research they found that was in peter's just before the book came out, steve bannon made sure that the information was reported in new york times which was more trusted with liberals. when they hear something about clinton was engaged in paid to play, it was extremely damage to go her and helped stop her from winning the election. melissa: doug, what's your bet? does he really help the president's case from outside the white house or do you think that he can be sort of irritated and disenfranchised, maybe a little bit of vengeance? >> that's what i think, melissa, sadly. i think evan is right. he's much more dangerous from the outside than from the
1:16 pm
inside. i'm told he's going to war. he said that, i think, to ploom -- bloomberg. goodness gracious. whether he goes war with globalists -- we have real enemies, we can't fight among ourselves. we need to move past divisions. look, i'm against white supremacy. melissa: i think everyone does. >> but more important, stop the fighting, stop the polarization, focus on what makes us unique and great as americans, freedom and liberty and free speech. melissa: okay. all right, gentlemen, thank you. kelly: a lot going on today in today's events in boston come one week after the deadly violence in charlottesville, virginia and reigniting a national debate over confederate monuments and their place here in america. we will discuss that ahead.
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kelly: fox news alert three days of mourning declared in spain after the terror attacks there
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left 14 people dead and more than 100 others injured. now authorities are expanding their search across international borders for the driver who steered his van right into a crowd of pedestrians in the heart of barcelona killing 13 people. benjamin hall live in barcelona with the very latest, benjamin. >> yeah, hi, kelly. government has certainly stepped up security in barcelona as well as we hear around spain itself and that's because the new information has come out that the driver of that white van that killed 13 people here in las ramblas on thursday is still at large. police thought they killed him in a shoot-out but that turned out to be another terrorist. now they named the driver, 22-year-old moroccan, thought to be the potential ring leader of this cell and manhunt underway for him. came from a small village outside of barcelona and that's become a focus of this
1:22 pm
investigation and believed maybe in the epicenter of the plot itself where the plot was forged. they fear he may be the man who radicalized the people and they also think that the imam they have died in the explosion which took place on wednesday. meanwhile new footages came out of the attack hits here -- itself here from las ramblas. it's a reminder of how indiscriminate the attack really was and reminds us of victims and we are learning more information about them. 3-year-old boy, 70-year-old lady and also the american, 42-year-old by the jim of jared tucker from california and he was here celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife, so tragedy all around. this community come to terms picking itself up but reminder that this country is still very much on high alert. also fears that the new driver who they are hunting for may
1:23 pm
have crossed into france, they know that one of the terrorists rented a van, they haven't tracked that down and border security increased. it's been a tragic few days here and by no means over. spanish authorities do say that they have broken the terror cell and decided not to raise level higher. this story no means over until that man is captured. kelly. kelly: benjamin it's important to note where you're standing there, there's a crowd of people who have returned, the people of barcelona obviously showing their resolve that they're not going to coward to any terrorists. >> yeah, absolutely. you know, within 24 hours after the attack this major street las ramblas was open again and we are seeing people pour out, memorials and candles and flowers up and down. a real sense of this attack will not coward the people of the city, they will not be defeated by the terrorists, yes, they are coming out in force to remember the dead but, you know, still you can feel the saddens here. donald trump also reaching out
1:24 pm
to do to the prime minister of spain offering condolences too. condolences from around the world after the tragic event. kelly: very much so. benjamin hall a lot of people appreciating the president reaching out and we appreciate your report, thank you. melissa: the white house keeping a close eye on spain in the wake of terror attacks. it monitors tensions on the korean peninsula with u.s. and south korea joint military drills beginning this week. and the ongoing political turmoil in venezuela, let's bring in james, senior fellow at the heritage foundation and a security and foreign policy analyst. boy, a lot to work on here. let's start with the terror attacks. what do you make of them? what do you make of the fact that they are still searching for one of the major players? >> well, you know, predibilitiable we have a great
1:25 pm
-- predictable we have a lot of great analysts and there have been more in the last two years than they were from 2001 and 2014, what accounts for surge, huge radicalized populations in europe, overflood and bringing people you can be the vet and account for. europeans really have a big problem and all the courage and everything for people out in the streets saying, we are going to live our lives, but europe is lacking of. melissa: yeah, specially when you see now that we are learning the number of people that were involved, the explosion that happened on wednesday night that now people think or police officials think could have been some sort of bomb-making factory and moving to even third location, now you have one of the terrorists who they believe is the leader of the group or at least the driver in the car can't find him, what does this tell you about the level of sophistication and do you think
1:26 pm
that they were trained elsewhere or guided? >> well, we will know soon enough. typically in these cases authorities come up with a lot of evidence after the fact, but here is what we think, as isis lost its territory in the middle east, global islam really felt impetus that they have to promote attacks to make them relevant and i think there's an argument to be made that this is part of it, campaign that isis and groups like that are still in the fight. i think we can expect more on this until the networks are rolled up. melissa: yeah. let me turn your attention to the situation in north korea which, of course, was our front page story before all of the various things happened. you know, to some extent, some piece of it has at least the temperature been turned down slightly that the kim regime has said for now they won't target guam. but beyond that, it's unclear what really happens from here,
1:27 pm
what do you think? >> these are two very different kinds of stories, in europe we have problem that the europeans can't handle. it's important that the president put temporary ban and we wouldn't be importing those problems here. big steps in the ladder, not a lot of room for anybody to ramp this up. what's -- nobody knows we have the u.s. exercises coming up and they may do something else, my guess is they might be something at a lower level, some other iend of thing. don't expect it to go unmarked by the north koreans but don't expect it to lead to rapid escalation. melissa: this is the best we can hope for, that this sort of going down the path where he's not being explicitly aggressive but is still ramping up testing,
1:28 pm
continuing to develop, continue to go hord -- yes, you do? >> that's bad for everybody, the other is that kim doesn't have the capacity to attack the united states. we can achieve both of those goals. melissa: how? >> changing the regime or starting world war iii. between nuclear conventional deterrence and missile defense we can check any nuclear threat against the united states. we can check any escalation from mid or lower level and heavy containment will work because the sanctions are going to really limit the capacity of them to really build out their inventory so there's significant military threat. melissa: they're reporting that they have the ability to reach parts of the u.s. if they have the miniaturized war head. you don't think they're a threat already? >> no, they won't get there, one
1:29 pm
we we will shoot them down and the only purpose this regime wanting weapons is to sustain regime and the one thing that will eliminate regime if they start the war. we can defend in the region. this is one of the crisis that they've done well and i think we have a good handle on it. melissa: i disagree but we are out of time. we will have to pick it up another time. >> okay. melissa: appreciate your time. kelly: we are waiting an update from the boston police department after a day of massive protests in the city. also the showdown over confederate monuments in the south. that's all next
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time and money along the way. so when you get there, you can enjoy it all the more. for less. surround yourself with savings at melissa: fox news alert, we are waiting the boston police department update after conservative free speech in boston ends peacefully for the most part as thousands of people gather in boston common with
1:34 pm
counter-protestors also in the streets, boston police tweeting that some protestors through -- threw rocks at officers and asking protestors to restrain from threwing -- throwing urine, that would be nice. brian yanes has more on that story. >> we are watching protests in houston, around the country all circled around the genesis of confederate statutes and debates regarding race and inclusiveness and really history as well. right now protestors are gathered at city hall in new orleans pushing for city leaders to remove additional confederate statutes in the city. the city had removed four confederate monuments before charlottesville and just this morning, duke university removed a carved limestone robert e.
1:35 pm
lee, the statute was vandalized on wednesday. in a letter, duke's president said, quote, i took this course of action to protect duke chapel to ensure the vital safety of students and community members who worship there and above all to express the deep and abiding values of our university. the removal also presents an opportunity for us to learn and heal, the statute will be preserved so that students can study duke's complex past and take part in more inclusive future. just yesterday the mayor of charlottesville, virginia, he wants to statute removed immediately. earlier this year the mayor had vote today keep the monument but that since changed after the violence there last week led to the death of heather heyer, the mayor saying, quote, for the sake of public safety, public reassurance to magnify heather's voice and repudiate the pure
1:36 pm
evil that visited us here, i'm calling today for the removal of confederate statutes from downtown charlottesville. interestingly enough a new poll released this week showed 62% of americans are for keeping confederate monuments in place, 27% say they are for removing them and 11% are unsure and obviously we know based on tweets this week from the president he's for keeping these statutes saying that it would be, quote, foolish to remove them and that they are a, quote, beautiful. melissa. melissa: brian yanes, thank you. kelly: mostly peaceful demonstration taking place there today in response to conservative free speech rally. we are awaiting a news conference from the police there. let's bring in jordan fabián, white house correspondent for the hill, jordan. as we await for the new conference to begin, tell me, if you will, how all of this might impact, well, first let's talk about the boston protest today
1:37 pm
and what you saw and your response. i'm sorry, it looks like we are having the news conference, jordan, we will break into that and then come back to you later. >> i think it's important that today in our city there's been a lot of work done to be able to come in and to be able to protest, able to express themselves all the way from roxbury community college all the way to boston common, you could feel a sense of pride being there that people were going to come out and make a statement about how great we are in the city of boston. so i want to thank all of the people that came out today, i want to thank all the people that came to share that message of love, not hate, to fight back on racism, to fight back on antisemitism and to white back on white supremacist that is were -- nazis that were coming to our city. i want to thank everybody that came here today and express themselves in such a positive great manner today. i want to take a special moment to thank the members of not just the boston police department but
1:38 pm
the state police as well as any other law enforcement authority, emt, fire department for helping us. what people don't understand is that many of the people that are here working today were ordered in to work, it was their day off, it was their weekend, they carried themselves with dignity. i'm proud of the fact that here in boston we are able to have a very successful day and, again, i want to thank you and i want to turn this over to commissioner to talk about more details about the day itself. >> thanks, mr. mayor. like i said, the day, you know, for the most part it went off just as we had planned, i think you clearly seen we had both groups, demonstrators separated and i think three groups of people came here today. there was three groups of protestors who came here today. there was obviously, you know,
1:39 pm
the group far, the ones for free speech, we had those who opposed the fro speech and unfortunately we did have people who came here to cause problems, but overall, the men and women of our department and all the other agencies who helped us performed really well. you know, it was a long day, it was a hot day and the separation worked well, when we went to move them out, there was a little bit of a confrontation. i think you have seen public order come out and that was the plan as you know i was hoping we wouldn't have to bring them out but i thought they did a good job moving that crowd. that's what they're trained for, sometimes it doesn't look pretty but that's what they're trained for and i watched it how it was done and i thought they did a great job. i was witnessing bottles being thrown at them, a lot of insults but they held the line well and
1:40 pm
overall, again, everyone did a good job, 99.9% of the people were here for the right reason, that's to fight bigotry and hate for the most part here. we knew we were going to have people that were going to cause problems and 27 arrests so far today. most of them disorderly, a couple assault and batteries on police officers and other larges but overall, i thought we got the first amendment in, we got them out and, you know, no one got hurt, no one got killed and we don't really have a whole lot problems, in fact, no significant property damage to the city. great city for the city and i'm really impressed. we probably had 40,000 people out here standing tall against hatred and bigotry in the city and that's a good feeling.
1:41 pm
[inaudible] >> well, again, i didn't anticipate a whole lot. we had meetings with the individual who was leading it and based on your discussions, i knew what we got i expected to tell you the truth and that's why we had the strategy and we had the exit strategy as you have seen, we had some kids block the streets and got confrontational but they were given every opportunity to move and as you see we had to do pushing and shoving there but even then i thought they did a good job moving the crowd. so the plan worked off, went off the way we had hoped to and thank god nobody got hurt seriously, in fact, very little injury and very little property damage. [inaudible] >> how far of a space was that and --
1:42 pm
[inaudible] >> i think it was set up that way for a few reasons. there was a lot of talk in the weeks leading up. so, you know, we basically wanted them separated and i'm sorry to report, we did have some bottles thrown that did have urine in it. a couple of officers were hit with that, they were hit with a lot of stuff today and i'm very proud of the job they did and it goes to the professionalism of this department. >> how wide was the space of counter-protestors? >> i didn't measure it, but i would estimate probably 35 yards, 40 yards. >> how many police officers -- >> again, we don't talk about numbers here.
1:43 pm
>> the president tweeted maybe an hour or two ago that they were, quote, many antipolice people here, would you agree with that? >> i'm not going to get into politics. we had a plan to be safe in and out. i'm not getting into it. i'm proud of the people the way they stood up for hatred and bigotry and i'm more proud of the way my office handled that crowd. >> the organizer of -- >> no more questions. >> they planned a longer program but the police shut that program down, is that accurate? >> no, not to my knowledge. they came in here, we made it clear, they had their speakers. i think they knew 20,000 people were approaching and so that was -- that was, you know, mutual agreed that they would get into the wagons and we used the wagons to get them out. [inaudible] >> were not allowed through the
1:44 pm
prim -- perimeters to get through. >> you know, we had a job to do. i'm not going to listen to people who want to talk about hate and, you know what, if they didn't get in, that's a good thing because their message isn't what we want to hear. >> what about the people -- [inaudible] >> again, if you looked at us, we pedaled bikeses 20,000 people, real soft, we got in here in the parameter. we had officers with soft hats. until we weren't able to get wagons that we had to bring the public order platoons to get them out safely. i thought that went really well. there was a lot of pushing and shoving but that's the way they were trained and i thought they did the best they could under the circumstances and, you know, i'm proud of the way they did it. we train our programs like this, handle and occupy, handle
1:45 pm
patriots parade and i was confident in the job they would do and i think you've seen it today. what's that? [inaudible] >> i mean, we will have a team back after this. we always debrief after this. you know what, we had a plan, we kept the distance, no one got hurt, we have no vandalism, no nothing, so i couldn't ask for more, you know, obviously i wished the troublemakers stayed away. they weren't here for either side, they were here just to cause problems. >> thank you, everybody. [inaudible] >> what's that? >> was there -- [inaudible] >> well, we don't know if they were white supremacists, we did stop three individuals who every one of them had ballistic vests on and when we got the vests back to the station, one of them had a gun on them, there was people who came here, i think,
1:46 pm
to cause some harm but we were lucky to get those three out of here and confiscate the vests, between the bottles and everything else, again, i'm just fortunate that none of my officers got hurt, none of the public got hurt and, you know, overall, it was a good day for the city in saying that we won't tolerate hatred and bigotry in our city and people really came out to say, boston is united, that's not what we are about here. >> thanks, guys. >> folks, thank you so much for coming out. kelly: we have been listening to police commissioner william evans, over all a good day, arrested 27 people, in property damage, no vandalism. he also described that there were three groups that came to boston today, those who came for free speech which was the small conservative group that gathered in boston commons between the
1:47 pm
hours of 12:00 p.m. -- i'm sorry, 12:00 noon until 2:00 and ended 15 minutes early. they were outnumbered by 15,000 people who came to counterprotest that particular event and there was also a group he said, those that came to start trouble. melissa: the counter-protestors, he described them those against free speech. i'm not sure that the people in that group would be happy with that description, although some on the other side might agree, but anyway, a lot of criticism for some of the comments he made. and might take it with a grain of salt. kelly: the mayor that people were allowed to come and actually protest as well as get free speech but basically the mayor summing it all up saying it was a message of love and not hate, the fight against racism, the fight against white supremacists, particularly conservative group were
1:48 pm
unaffiliated with either those groups. melissa: disavowed from the beginning. no connection to neglect owe -- neo-nazis and the other connection were a few speakers that had been on the bill in charlottesville at the unit the right rally. kelly: they were not there as a matter of fact. let's bring in jordan fabián standing by. we had to interrupt him to get to the news conference. your reaction or response to the facts from particular leaders in boston and the president tweeting earlier that the boston police were tough and smart. >> that's right. sounds like the authorities of boston are quite pleased with how the police handled it and with the conduct for the most part of those who came to demonstrate downtown, quite a contrast from what we saw in charlottesville where we saw so much violence and someone got killed. kelly: we are talking about the president who was following developments of the day and made the tweet and also the fact that he is now trying to get donors
1:49 pm
to move forward with his agenda, how does he put the agenda back on track after the events of this week and last week in charlottesville? >> well, republicans i talked to this week feel frustrated by the president's handling of it. excuse me. they are concerned that the president's focus on the confederate statutes and fightinger rehashing debate from racist protestors are dye stacting -- distracting agenda. so, again, republican leaders just feel like they're stuck between a rock and a hard place and not sure how to move forward on this. kelly: can the president talk to republican leaders and sit down and figure out how they're going to move forward because the president still has a very aggressive agenda in terms of, we we wanted to talk about
1:50 pm
infrastructure on fuse and, of course, the news conference took it to a different level but also hacks -- tax reform that he wants to deal it and republicans have to sit down and talk to him and for that matter, democrats will have to join in. >> it'll be a difficult tack with the president. he spent the beginning of vacation attacking senator mcconnell over health care and went over lipped say graham and jeff flake, the president can't afford to lose more than two republicans on any votes and here he is attacking members of his own party who he needs to advance his agenda and then if you look at democrats, they've been very strongly criticizing him over his comments about race and confederate monuments, i don't think they see a ton of incentive right now to work with the president to advance his agenda. kelly: a lot on the table, jordan fabián, thank you for joining us. we will continue to follow the developments as they unfold. the president, following the developments in boston, sending
1:51 pm
kudos to the good boston police department. melissa: all right, we have breaking news out of florida. where a second police officer has died in the wake of a shootout, live report next. point decisively with your glasses. abracadabra! the stage is yours. step two. choose laquinta. where you'll feel like the king of the road. check out our summer rates now at ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine.
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melissa: fox news alert, a second police officer has died of his injuries after friday
1:55 pm
night shooting in florida. phil has the details from miami. phil. >> one officer married with four children and the other officer with one kid, now two widows and five children without the dad. in kissimmee, florida, that's where the worst of the worst happened, two police officers shot in the street after dark, one died on the spot, the other died this afternoon. officers matthew baxter and sam howard were in a neighborhood known for crime and drugs and saw three suspicious men in the corner and approached them and within seconds one of the three men shot the two cops at point-blank range. all three suspects are now in custody. the last one caught evert miller, a former marine hospitalized for psychiatric reasons, police say they found two handguns on him. president trump responded by tweeting, my thoughts an players
1:56 pm
with the kissimmee police and two more officers wounded in jacksonville. the man barged out with high-power rifle wounding two and couple wounded in pennsylvania. melissa: that does it for us, the news continues tat top of the hour with leland vittert and arthel. kelly: thanks for joining us today. ♪ it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. i hafor my belly painking overand constipation.ucts i've had it up to here!
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>> hello everyone i am arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". >> good to see. i am in for eric. a lot of news this saturday. one week after the violence in charlottesville, thousands of people taking to the streets for dueling rallies in boston. a sign that unrest continues across the country. >> and other major staff shakeup at the white house as the president controversial strategist steve bannon becomes


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