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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 21, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i really fell in love with her 20 years ago, go back every year. but there is a huge party that is about to take place in all the spots that you see across the map. enjoy it. shep takes over at noon today. >> jon: and we begin with a fox news alert pretty president trump expected to lay out his new strategy for afghanistan tonight in a primetime address to the nation. happy monday to you. i'm jon scott. >> and i melissa francis. a speech from fort myer in arlington, virginia, coming after extensive meetings with top military leaders, of the war that has now lasted 16 years. defense secretary james mattis staying quiet on the plans as he made the trip to jordan this morning, but hinted that it could have implications for the number of u.s. troops overseas. >> i was not willing to make
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significant statements until we knew what the strategy was, what was the commitment going in. in that regard, the president has made a decision. as he said, he wants to be the one to announce head to the american people. so i will stand silent until then. until that point. >> melissa: boy, that is a good tease. we know it's going to be good news based on that. john roberts is alive with more. john. >> good morning to you. live from fort meyer, we will find out what the president is going to do about afghanistan. the decision was made for the most part in that friday national security council meeting up in camp david where all the president's top advisors gathered. if he follows the people like james mattis, h.r. mcmaster, it's likely that we will see a significant troop increase in afghanistan. about 8400 u.s. troops there right now. the talk has been about putting another 5000 men there to try to
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get the country more under control to bolster afghanistan forces so that they can take over security in the future. the president basically has three options. he can either increase troop levels in afghanistan, draw down and eventually leave afghanistan or another plan that has been floated he can replace u.s. troops in afghanistan with private contractors. if you drew down and pulled out, there is a good chance according to the mls that the taliban and other bad actors would be in control of afghanistan within a number of months putting us in a similar situation prior to 9/11. listen to what newt gingrich said on fox conference. >> we are in a long-term struggle with islamic supremacists. we know that the last time we allowed afghanistan to be an empty space it was filled with the taliban and al qaeda, , and 9/11 plans were done in afghanistan. we know if we pull out and the
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government collapses, you're going to have some combination of crisis, al qaeda, and the taliban and running the country. that is a long-term threat to the united states and all of our allies. speak i'm told that private contractors to replace u.s. troops as an idea that will not fly, but i am also told that they will increase the involvement of the cia and special operators to keep the bad guys check. no secret that the president has been frustrated with the afghanistan policies as it stands now. he says it is the longest war that we have ever been in. he mentions 16 years. and he does not see anything or has not seen anything that resembles a winning strategy. a council back in the middle of july, the president was said to be very upset by the fact that he had not been presented with anything that he thought to be a winning policy, nothing that he could sign onto. this is all a very close hole, nobody is willing to divulge any of what has been decided that we may be in fact what has been
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decided was something that was recommended before. but we will find out one way or another tonight at 9:00, but i always secure the white house to hold the background briefings, on an embargo basis so that we as a journalist can understand the situation that the president has come to. >> melissa: you have more time to digest it and presented clearly. it is very true. >> that is a very good point you make, melissa. >> melissa: i understand that there are also leakers, so it goes both ways. >> jon: i don't think anybody will leak this one. >> melissa: thank you. >> jon: senator tim kaine weighing in this weekend on the president's big announcement. and reports that the administration plans to send more troops to afghanistan. >> i have a high degree of regard for the president's national security team, especially secretary mattis,
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general dunford, general mcmaster, but i will say this, could troops bring to question a cart before the horse, the real question is what is the strategy? and then when you lay out the strategy, then the troop strength question can kind of answer itself. >> jon: let's bring in jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters, you just heard john roberts say that he does not think the answer is going to leak. but it does not sound like the president is thinking of pulling troops out of afghanistan. >> it does not sound like that, no. and i think that john is worried. if they are trying to keep a close hold on the information. it sounds like they are still working on president trump's remarks, so we know from watching his style over the last several months that he can change his mind up to the last minute. my suspicion is as john was saying, he will probably talk about his strategy, probably about afghanistan, but we look to or foreshadow an increase in troops, and that's what the
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generals who he has hired have been recommending. >> jon: one of the examples in which campaigning is very different from the governing, because canada tantrum said, let's get out of afghanistan, it has cost us lots of money and lives, let's build america first, but now he is thinking of increasing the number of troops. >> that's right. one other thing we will listen to is how he sells that, because you are right. as a candidate, and generally since becoming president he has been skeptical, but now it now it is his. this is his decision. this is his administration. he will have to own image. and how he protrudes that org presents that had spoke to his base and the american people will be key for how he continues his presidency and for his own reelection campaign. >> jon: it is my understanding that he authorize the secretary of defense to send more than
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4000 troops back in june, but that is not been done yet, why? >> the word authorize is key, you may hear him repeat that tonight is a way of giving the responsibility or sharing the responsibility with his defense secretary and with the generals. that is part of president trump's governing strategy, but maybe even the sales pitch to said that this was not my call, this is a call that i've delegated to secretary mattis. >> jon: let's talk about the politics of the spread of the president has not addressed the nation since what? last tuesday. it has been a week. a very different topic, but important for him, right? >> yes, but if you are right, the first time he will be speaking in front of the nation since the controversial q and a add to the trump tower focused almost entirely on charlottesville. he has received a lot of criticism for that. this will be a chance to reset his own tone with the nation as he talks about a completely
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different subject but has a lot of eyeballs on him. >> jon: and he will have to i guess answer some of the skeptics about a guy who as i mentioned was elected saying he wanted to get out of afghanistan and focus on america first, if there is in fact going to be a plan for a troop increase, that is something that his critics are going to jump on, right? >> i'm sure that they will, but there are also some polls showing that supporters are president trump also support a troop increase. i expect that the polls have made their way around the west wing, but this is a decision he has delegated largely to his subordinates, to secretary mattis in particular, but in the end it is a presidential decision. it is something he will have to own and that he will have to sell both to the base and the rest of the country. >> jon: john roberts talked about the notion of sending american contractors in and using them to fight the battle. that is said to have been an
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idea that was introduced with stephen bannon. he is no longer in the white house, is that part of the reason or might it be the reason that that idea apparently -- according to john roberts reporting is not going to be put forward? >> i think you are absolutely right, steve bannon left on friday, and as a result of not present in the meeting at camp david. that idea was not taken very seriously by the generals and the others who were advancing the suggestion of increasing troops. my understanding is as well, that's not what we will hear about tonight. >> jon: jeff mason from reuters, joining us from the white house press room. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> melissa: a multinational search is underway for ten u.s. sailors missing after a collision involving the uss john s mccain. the navy says that the destroyer hit a tank near singapore they are 6:00 a.m. local time. five sailors injured, singapore and malaysia enforcers are assisting in the search for
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others. the ship suffered significant damage. it arrived at based in singapore under its own power. it is named after senator john mccain's father and grandfather who are both admirals and the u.s. navy. this is the second collision involving a navy destroyer in the asia-pacific region in the last three months. spent a lot of navy people are shaking their heads at that. the new debates with terrorism, on official reports that the van driver has been captured. we will talk to a former cia officer, again, those reports are unconfirmed. plus the trump team noticeably absent from the sunday shows after one of the toughest weeks yet for the white house. are the president's aides hiding from the media or just regrouping? the media panel weighs in. and remembering a comic legend, a look back at the remarkable life and career of jerry lewis. >> do you have any regrets?
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♪ >> jon: right now new information on some crime stories we are following. two men accused in a brutal murder making their first appearances in court. former northwestern professor and andrew gorham charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of those 26-year-old man found in the department. the fbi reportedly has accepted new evidence in the series cooper case. a piece of phone discovered in the mountains that may be linked to cooper's parachute. the hijacker vanished out the back door of a boeing 727 wearing a business suit, a parachute, and a pack or $200,000 cash back in 1971.
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and a 45-year-old teacher at an elite private school in l.a. is accused of having sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. teaching biology at the brentwood school now charged with dedicatory rape. >> melissa: fox news alert, and reports in spain that the van driver behind the barcelona terror attack has been captured. the police right now are not conforming this. but those are the reports. there is a news conference by the interior minister. it is just getting underway. and we will bring you all of its when we get information. but in the meantime, spanish officials meet with political representatives on the attacks that left 15 people dead. a former cia covert operations officer, and he is the president of diligence of global intelligence and security firm. mike, thank you for joining us paid what do you make of the latest development? we do not know much about it.
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a news conference getting underway, we are monitoring it. what do you think? >> i think the reports are picking up on what is described as a police operation. about 30 miles outside of barcelona. there is some speculation that the police operation that is ongoing may involve the driver of the van. there is also more concerns at the same time that you may have crossed over into france. so this is still a fast-moving situation situation. they have 800 plus checkpoints set up around that area and barcelona, and along the border, crossing, they have concern that he could make his way into france. >> melissa: are you surprised that it is taken this long? or he has been out of this dates since this attack? it is pretty unusual? >> i'm not surprised, no, in the fact that this individual, from what we can tell when the
8:17 am
operation unfolds, there were a number of people in evolved. directly involved in planning and attempting to carry out what appears to be a much larger operation or attack. and you have to imagine people are aware in some fashion or sympathizers and supporters providing some assistance in some fashion. so it's not a surprise. it is a very difficult thing. people tend to want to believe, like the feature films or beach books where you have somebody, bang, you pick them up off the street in a couple of hours. it is a difficult process. >> melissa: meanwhile, the spanish ap is reporting that regional police report to shooting a man wearing possible explosive belts in a town outside of barcelona. this is just coming across on the wires from the associated press. we have not independently confirm this. i just want to let the audience in on what is going by on the wires here as the case continues to develop. let me turn into the other big
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significant event of the day, the presidents had to address the nation on the strategy going forward in afghanistan. this is a very tough problem, obviously. goes without saying, but you have the report that earlier he heard the options that were out there. very frustrated, none of them were acceptable. now he is ready to announce something, what does that tell you? >> i think that he is taking what is collectively they determine to be the least worst of the bad options. we need a bigger conversation here, which is -- the taliban's resurgence, who could not have seen that coming? the taliban has nowhere else to go. you can go back to the vietnam era and understand that, at some point they will outweigh to us, so we need to have a conversation at a higher level about what is the objective? what is the end game here?
8:19 am
trying to sell them some pseudo-federal democracy, which quite frankly, they do not understand what we have been trying to put together out ther there. so can we add may be up to 50% more troops than we already have? 8400 troops there? sure, will that assist in the training of the afghan forces? of course we will provide some security, but to what end? what is the final objective here? and there was this other idea is a scenario there may be we would turn it over to private contractors which i think is a completely wrong, boneheaded move, in part being put forward by no surprise, private contractors including eric prince -- >> melissa: mike, let me ask you, you hit on it right there, that is the essential question, what is the end game? in your mind, what should the goal be right now in afghanista
8:20 am
afghanistan? >> well, obviously at the outside it was, we do not want them to turn afghanistan again once again into a safe haven for terrorists who would use that safe haven to plot and plan and attack the west. and our allies. that is a noble cause, but it is morphed into the idea of nation building, and again in a country that is primarily tribal and really does not understand what we are trying to sell them. so i suppose at the end of the day, maybe i'm cynical and i've seen it for too long, but i feel like it is an important for us to build another road or improve the literacy rate by another percentage point? no, frankly, we have been plagued by corruption in that government and things that exist trying to piece together something, but this is the same problem. we are reliving history prior to the same problem that the soviets had when they were occupying afghanistan.
8:21 am
they spent the first handful of years trying to bring it under control in their spirit, than they spend the next four, five years figuring out how to get out, they were facing the same issues that we are. unable to control the countryside, government that was corrupt through and through, and an inability to create stability. so i don't know, my feeling is, i don't want to say that we cut and run, but i think that we are in a position where if we continued the drip, drip, drip of the stalemate solution -- >> melissa: they have to take action one way or the other. mike baker, thank you so much for your input today. >> sure, thank you. >> jon: the man who is making the decision on afghanistan, president trump is back in washington taking on a familiar target, the media. the media panel weighs in at head. and a spectacular show in the sky, now just hours away. the final preparations for the great american solar eclipse. >> we heard the frenzy of
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during long bubble baths. tv on every screen is awesome. the xfinity stream app. all your tv at home. the most on demand your entire dvr. top networks. and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> melissa: millions of americans are watching the skies today as the great american solar eclipse is about to make its way across the country. starting in oregon where a total eclipse is expected at the pacific coast around 1:17:00 p.m. eastern time. from there the eclipse will race across the country and over 200e rockies and into the midwest before eventually reaching south carolina. we will have a live report from oregon coming up.
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♪ >> jon: president trump calling out the media as he returns to the white house from his working vacation in new jersey. the president tweeting this. "heading back to washington after working hard and watching some of the worst and most dishonest fake news reporting i have ever seen!" we will get some thoughts on that from judith miller, the investigator, author, and fox news contributor. and white house correspondent for mcclatchy newspapers. thank you for being here. judy, the sunday shows, people who watch at home may not realize all the deliberate dance that goes into putting them together, but typically if you have something you want to get out there, something that you want to say of the news of the week coming to send somebody out onto those sunday show. the sunday morning chat show to get your message across. the white house did not do that this week. why? >> because they could not find anyone in the republican party
8:27 am
or a senior member of the ceo council, most of whom have quit before they were fired by mr. mr. trump to defend the president. they had to go outside to the head of liberty university who made -- gave it the good college try, but the fact of the matter is, this president has become toxic for many people in his own party. and that is a new development after the 17 day "working vacation" ." his faith by the way in the six months that he has been president. >> jon: the president feels that he is his own best spokesman. can he overcome that shortage of surrogates either by twitter or by using the bully pulpit himself? >> well, certainly he is using the bully pulpit by twitter, to judy's point, i agree, such a tough week. it is toxic. but let's also remember that
8:28 am
this is something that is been on the administrations agenda. it was one of anthony scaramucci's big points to come and try to create the circuit operation that you mention. to try to bring in groups of allies and other administrations have done this. they have had the allies come out and speak for them, you can totally understand why this particular week nobody wanted to be on the opposite end of the administration, but if you look back to the bush years, ari fleischer would look to use the sunday shows to try to move the discussion forward. and try not as best could to try to talk about the past week. >> jon: it is a week that i'm sure that the white house would like to go back and relive if they could, i was interested in something that speaker paul ryan put out this morning. in referring to the events in charlottesville. the speaker wrote this "there is no confusion about right and wrong here, there are no sides,
8:29 am
there is no other argument. we will not tolerate the hateful ideology in our society, so this is not a legislative issue, and certainly not a political one. let's not just redo this to one of the partisan squabbles of the day. it is so much bigger than all that." he does not mention, judy, the president by name, but when he says there are no sides, he seems to be referring to something that the president had to say. >> he does not have to mention the president, everybody alive on the planet who is not watching the eclipse today knows what paul ryan was referring to. you do not have to look very far to the senate side to find senator bob corker, no flaming liberal he, who finally came out and said after the charlottesville disaster and the president's ill considered remarks that he wondered whether or not the president had the competence and the stability to govern. you are beginning to hear the
8:30 am
"eye" word, not talking about impeachment, but charges that the president is ignorant, his own program and platform, that e is unconfident and unstable. that is very harsh talk from from fellow republicans. he can lash out at a fake news all he wants, but having lash out at people in his own party, every democrat he needs to pass the agenda, ceos, who is going to be left to assault? maybe the sun, because that is going to take attention away from him. >> jon: we are going to be hearing from the president tonight in the national franco, on afghanistan, is that an opportunity to do the ari fleischer kind of thing, turn the page, maybe look forward to? >> it is certainly possible, i do not want to put myself in the administration view, but certainly it's going to put some more focus on a policy issue, that they are kind of interested
8:31 am
in. it is very interesting that he keeps tweeting the tweets of disdain from the media, it distracts from what they are trying to accomplish and focus on, issues that they want to have addressed. you have obviously afghanistan, monuments, national monuments, not confederate monuments under consideration of being taken down. you have the big deadline where millions of undocumented immigrant youths are possibly going to be put on a path to deportation. a lot of issues going on that you would think that trump would want more focus on. you have to wonder about why he is tweeting like this. it is very likely that tonight's conversation about afghanistan is something that is going to be an effort to take more concentrated effort to get focused on that instead. >> jon: it is august, the month when stuff usually does not happen in washington. it will be interesting to see what the president has to say. franco ordonez, judy millie --
8:32 am
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i expect a lifetime guarantee. and so should you. on struts, brakes, shocks. does he turn everything to gold? not everything. at midas we're always a touch better. book an appointment at >> jon: there are reports in spain, we are continuing to monitor them here on "happening now," the police have shot a man wearing an explosive belt outside barcelona. in the search for the last
8:36 am
suspect in the 12-man terrors so as the death toll in spain attack grows to 15. >> as you can imagine, the whole community is devastated by the news that was confirmed overnight that julian was killed as the attack in barcelona. >> melissa: conor powell is alive in barcelona with more. >> yes, we can confirm that there is a police operation underway and connection to the investigation into the attack here. both in barcelona and just down south in cambrils as well. a lot of speculation that it is the driver of the ban that police have been looking for for some time, but police are not confirming that just yet. what they are confirming, we just got an update about two or 3 minutes ago that there was a police operation in -- outside of barcelona, 30 minutes outside or so, and a suspicious individual, they are calling was wearing some type of belt or
8:37 am
best that appear to have bombs on it, he has been shot and killed, the reason that i say possibly bombs on it, five of the attackers and the other attack in cambrils were all wearing fake bomb belts. one of the things that we have seen out of the cell, which police say was 12 people is wearing fake bomb vests and belts, so police are not confirming that it was explosives in the latest incident. but certainly that the guy was trying to give the impression that he was wearing some explosive. the police have set up a massive manhunt to try to find him. the 22-year-old that police say was the driver of the white van. hundreds of checkpoints set up, not only barcelona, but around the entire country, expanding the manhunt to find him from all of spain, and in the last 24 hours in europe as well. to some belief that he may have
8:38 am
been trying to flee the area, but it does look like there's something in connection to the investigation, the last two attacks happening right now. melissa, back to you. >> melissa: thank you for that that. >> jon: well, excitement is building from coast to coast as the moon gets closer to crossing between the earth, specifically the united states, and the sun. the total eclipse, the first for the u.s. in nearly 40 years. you will need special glasses if you want to look at it safely. of course, they are sold out everywhere. >> places i have talked to have already run out of glasses. >> all of them are backordered, shipment dates were past the date of the eclipse, completely pointless, now they are going for $60. >> we will have 150 pairs of glasses to give out to the first 150 people who show up on monday morning. >> jon: derek pitts is chief astronomer and franklin planetm
8:39 am
and frequent guest on "happening now," derek, this is an exciting event even for professionals in the astronomy business. >> that is absolutely correct, john, nothing more exciting than being able to stand in the shadow of the moon even if it is just for 2 minutes and 39 seconds. here in st. joseph, missouri, and we are looking forward to a great event here today. >> jon: and scientist, i'm supposed to learn, scientists are treating this as a laboratory event too. you are expecting and hoping to learn a lot about the sun that you cannot do under normal conditions. >> yes, we can say that it is much more difficult to study some aspects about the sun, outside of the solar eclipse, but the major thing that we can look for is the behavior and appearance of the corona, that thin atmosphere that extends an enormous distance out away from the sun, and we are trying to
8:40 am
better understand why the temperature is billions of degrees while the rest of the surface of the sun is only about 11,000 degrees. so we can certainly understand and study data while the eclipse is taking place. >> jon: and again, that's kind of thing you cannot do on a normal basis? without the moon and the way? >> it is a challenge, well, actually, you cannot do that, jon, unless you have the moon blocking the sun, that's the only time that the corona really is directly available for study. they do have a device called the corona-graph that does block the light of the sun, but they are not everywhere paired with a total solar eclipse, other people, other scientists that are not at the professional observatory have a opportunity to map out how the corona appears. so it is a great opportunity for a lot of people to do a lot of study of the sun at one time.
8:41 am
>> jon: looking at some live pictures right now, coming to us from madras, oregon, where the eclipse is going to start. west-east march across the country. so we have a couple of hours to go. once again, you cannot look at it with regular old sunglasses, right? >> no, not regular sunglasses. you must have the special solar eclipse viewers, they reduce the lights by 99.98%. so there is hardly any lights visible through these at all, but perfect for the sun coming into these will protect your vision. it is very important to remember that. people are having trouble getting the glasses, jon, you can use an indirect method. to use something from your kitchen at home, your colander, your spaghetti strainer can be used. what you do with this coming you hold it with your back to the sun and use the shadow of the strainer on the ground underneath. look in that direction, not towards the sun, and every one
8:42 am
of those holes is a projector showing the crescent shape of the sun as it is being covered by the moon. >> jon: that's what i will do, because i did not get the glasses. derek pitts! thank you very much! >> thank you very much, jon. >> melissa: i have a parrot, i can share it with you. we can go outside. i have one pair, i gave it to my kids, but that will be perfect. president trump's approval numbers going the wrong way in three states that helped him win the white house. our panel on what this means for the presidency and how he can turn those numbers around. plus remembering legendary comedian, the tributes pouring in for jerry lewis who passed away yesterday. i was at the age of 91. >> we realized after about six months that we were touching the hearts of the audience. when a fire is going on,
8:43 am
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you're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. i could hear crackling in the walls. my mind went totally blank. all i remember saying was, "my boyfriend's beating me" and she took it from there. and all of this occurred in four minutes or less. i am grateful we all made it out safely. people you don't know care about you. it's kind of one of those things where you can't even thank somebody. to protect what you love, call 1-800-adt-cares
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>> melissa: new numbers showing president trump's approval ratings below 40% in three he states that put them in the office. in michigan 36 voters approve of their performance compared to 35% in pennsylvania, 34% in wisconsin. joining us now is close to spinning capitalist, author of the american politics research and political science at fordham university. also political science professor at iona college. thank you for joining us. and i will start with you, i always wonder why we care about these polls right now, because nobody is voting on anything. >> despite the derision to pulling, they can be very accurate. you can trust these numbers, and you can trust that trajectory or the patterns over time. over the course of the presidency, the pattern has only been in one direction, down. so that is something that you can trust, it makes things
8:47 am
challenging for the president. >> melissa: i did not say that i did not believe the numbers, but i said i don't know why we care? when the day comes when they vote, that's the only day that it matters, so what is your political science professor, so what do you read into it? >> and a poster as well, so why do they matter, i could not agree more, because look at just what happened last week. president trump had a very difficult week, this was taken after that. and of course the numbers will be lower. he gives a good speech tonight on afghanistan, and to those numbers will switch completely. so i think we have to put it to context. a lot a lot of this are people's gut reaction. and showing that more people want to democrat sent to be in control of congress. these are statewide polls, what matters when it comes to the house are the district levels and republicans have the advantage there. we have to put them into
8:48 am
context. >> yes, but part of the context is what is happening nationally, the same thing happening nationally with the approval ratings command the reason they are important is because what happens in congressional races and 20 team is going to depend on the president's approval rating. >> melissa: that is a long way off, but i hear what you're saying. one of the things that swings these the most? in terms, for example a lot of people my specialty is economics and business in the market, all that kind of stuff, so i feel like people's big issues has to do with their wallet, what are the things that sway people's minds the most as you seem polling? >> jobs and to the economy, also what is going on in the few days in which they are asked to respond to the pole coming into this was a bad week for the president, so that matters. and i think also, a state like wisconsin, president trump won, but only by 1%. so the idea that he is in the
8:49 am
35% range in a state like wisconsin, it is lower than once to be, but not entirely shocking. the real issue is what is the administration going to do to pull the states up? president trump is the only republican in two decades to win and sweep wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan played a huge, huge win for the president. now they have to do the work on the ground to make sure issues like jobs in those states are addressed. if they have legislative winds you will see the numbers turn around. but if they don't, you can continue to go in the wrong direction. >> melissa: what would be the number one issue to take on if you want to change the numbers right now? >> the issue is that people are having concerns about his ability to govern the country. it is about style as it is about substance. i think the president needs to do more to convey to people that he is in control of the administration. i think back to the point at a moment ago about winning in the states, the president one man 30 states in the 2016 national
8:50 am
election. according to gallup -- >> melissa: what would you want him to focus on? get in the economy? give me an issue? >> the economy is always a top issue in an election, but it makes a really hard when your approval is below 40% to do anything. he has lost a lot of republican states as well. >> melissa: thanks to both of you. interesting discussion, jon. >> jon: millions of americans are in for a spectacular show, the total solar eclipse stretching from coast to coast turning data night in a couple of minutes. we will show you the prime spot next pair >> i will never see a total eclipse again. i will not live long enough. it is an opportunity to understand how the universe works and what explains that. chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
8:51 am
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>> coming up on "outnumbered," president trump making his security addressed to the nation tonight prior to laying out the strategy of her board and afghanistan, what it will mean for the war on terror and the political reaction might be. >> happy monday, by the way. millions of eyes are on the sky, the improved glasses have to be on, the solar eclipse passing over the entire nation today. at the very first glimpse begins in the noon eastern hour, shepard smith will kick it off for us. >> all that plus #oneluckyguy, "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> jon: the world mourns a legendary american comedian today after jerry lewis passed away at home on sunday surrounded by his family. his career spanned decades on stage and screen, raising to fame with dean martin and went on to make movies including "the bellboy" and "the nutty
8:55 am
professor" known for his telethon for muscular dystrophy which raised more than $2 billion in the 30 plus years that he hosted it. jerry lewis was 91 years old. >> melissa: the moment millions have been waiting for is almost here, a total solar eclipse that will cross the country from oregon to south carolina. dan springer is live in oregon i where as many as 100,000 people have gathered to witness histor history. >> yes, hello, melissa, in the partial solar eclipse will start here and just about 11 minutes from now, and then the total eclipse happens at 10:17 on the pacific coast, we are in solar passed in the middle of what has become solar town. we have a drone shot that can show you just a scene here at the campgrounds in madras, oregon, where they rolled out the red carpet for science buffs and anybody interested. we have something we want to talk to, because he has been
8:56 am
preparing since he was six years old. matt henry, you have been looking forward to this for a long time. >> i am taking pictures for google for the eclipse movie project, and so we will be shooting all the way partial through totality, and uploading totality pictures to google. they will disk them together to create a movie. the movie will be posted on the website about 2:00 p.m. pacific, and all the images will be used by scientists to study this on corona. >> have a good time. matt is one of many people across the country who will be watching this closely and doing scientific work. and hoping to learn a lot about the solar eclipse and the workings of the sun. it will be a fun day here and across the country as people really gear up for history. what we are seeing. 99 years was the last one. >> melissa: soquel, dan springer, thanks. >> jon: on the next hour of "happening now," u.s. and
8:57 am
south korea troops starting prep here. -- intentions were as on the korean peninsula. ♪
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>> jon: we are back in an hour. melissa is ready. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we will begin with a fox news alert. president trump announcing a new strategy for afghanistan. in a primetime address to the nation, this is a "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner, sandra smith here today, republican strategist lisa boothe pray to the host of "kennedy" kennedy, and #oneluckyguy, brian kilmeade, and host of the syndicated show on fox news radio. you are outnumbered, great daddy back. >> i'm glad to be heard, on the day of the eclipse. i do not forget that i would be the lucky guy of the last eclipse, so to be here this time is fantastic.


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