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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 21, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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why. >> are you going to win the heisman trophy in the next ten years? >> shepard: he gave you the heisman. now the camera comes cuts out. >> one word to describe. >> that mus awesome, surreal, surreal and in an coverage of carbondale illinois's total eclipse of the sun. just by way of information, my sister, step sister is down in charleston. that's where the family lives. schools are closed today. all closed, a million extra people in the charles von area today. remember charleston is in south carolina. this will be the last spot.
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this morning they had lightning and cloud cover. but you never know. usually at 3:00 in the afternoon it rains. kami says neighbors have moved in with each other so they can rent out their homes. a million extra people in charleston and mount pleasant and other areas today. and there have been a lot of questions about my dog, my understanding of the situation with her, did you put her up? this is the earth. that's the earth. and there is lucia. lucia is on a float in a pool. this is -- there is no reason to have concerns about lucia. it would appear from the looks of this photograph that she is on a float in the pool. let's get back to matt finn who is there in carbondale. what is the level of things there, matt? what is the level of things?
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>> the level is very exciting, shep, the band is playing michael jackson. the crowd is firing up. a lot of clouds covered the sun. i don't think that has much to do with the eclipse. the sun is about a quarter covered. not a lot of change in temperature. the stadium fits 15,000 people, looks like capacity any minute here. guys what do you think about the eclipse? give me one word to describe 2? >> awesome. >> it's the word of the day, shepherd, we can't get past it. somebody give us another word? >> amazing. epic. >> we came from chychrun. a lot of people from chychrun. are you staying in a hotel? >> we stayed at a hotel in st. louis last night and made the rest of the drive this morning. >> it took us about two and-a-half hours. >> that's a pretty committed trip from chychrun to st. louis and st. louis to carbondale this morning. >> wanted to make sure the kids
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got an opportunity to see something like this. >> this is amazing. it will be around in 2024 again, right? shep it's a pretty cool environment here. it's called a sell less sir al super bowl, if you will. >> i was going listening, i see you had to get a ticket to get into the stadium there. you say they're going to have 15,000, is that true? >> the stadium hits 15,000 capacity. i have to say as you look around you can see we're probably nearing capacity. >> guys did you buy a ticket to this event? how much did it cost you? >> 25. >> what is the most expensive ticket today? have you heard? >> no idea. >> there's breaking news. right now we have an -- all together now. >> total eclipse of the sun. >> where is it now? come on, it's in beatrice nebraska. matt finn is at the stadium, an
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salu kichlt is known as a persian gray the hound. it's class did as a flight hound and is typically deep chested and long legged. here is hoping they have a very successful season coming up for the salukia there in illinois. four minutes past 1:00. our thanks to our friends at it. wich and today they're bringing us a -- >> total eclipse of the sun. >> it's happening right there. this is total eclipse of the sun watch 2017 on fox news channel. america's choice for news and information on cable. >> shepard: matt you can see if you have a television there in beatrice it's a total eclipse of the sun and it will last a couple minutes. where you are at the stadium will be the longest total eclipse of the sun of the day! >> that's right arguably the
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best location in the united states right here in southern illinois. shep. we have people who want to be on camera >> shepard: put them on. >> her grandmother and granddaughter. where are you coming from? >> carter ville. >> give us one word to describe this pending eclipse? >> awesome. >> there it is again shep, awesome. wonderful, we're having a great time. >> how long of a drive? >> we live here. >> have you ever seen the town this busy aside from maybe a football game? >> no. this is the first i've ever seen it this busy. >> thank you guys. where are you coming from? >> chychrun. >> we have a lot of people here from chychrun. that's about a five or 6 hour drive. that's a pretty big commitment. how long did it take you to get here? >> because of the traffic -- >> did you leave this morning. >> we left at 3:30. >> that's commitment. why here? why today? >> we just wanted to experience this for the first time. >> your mom?
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how are you doing mom? >> hello. give us one word to describe this lunar eclipse, if you will> >> shepard: it's a solar eclipse, by the way. >> this young lady said wonderful. now we're getting into walking room only >> shepard: matt, i made a mistake. it's not beatrice, it's beatrice nebraska. i should have known that because my friends in holly springs would say beatrice, but i thought it was an accent kind of thing. beatrice nebraska, pictures courtesy of kwch, kwch television. it was a -- what was it? >> a total eclipse of the sun. gosh they're still writing for the 3:00 news. it was total, but as you can see from the shrimp effect there of the orange circumstance u collar thing there that at this time no longer a total eclipse. we're on the back end of a total
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eclipse of the sun. matt finn there will come a time that you will have already experienced your two minutes and 43 seconds of total eclipse of the sun. it will be on the back side of the sun and you will go wow, really? i think that's probably what will happen. >> yeah, pack it up and take off. that's expected around 1:20pm local time, shep. i think a lot of people will be rushing out of here after it's done. like you said. >> where are you guys from? >> chychrun. >> we've got a question for you. what happens when the eclipse is over? are you packing up and taking it back to chychrun. >> that's the plan. >> do you think it might take you more than six hours to get back there today? >> i'm expecting a pretty big crowd so i don't know. >> how long did it take you to get here? >> probably about five. we actually came in last night. so it was okay. not too bad. >> give us one word to explain the pending total eclipse. >> it is just awesome. >> spectacular.
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>> did you guys book a hotel? >> we did it four months in advance. >> four months in advance and it's two hours away and you packed it up from chychrun this morning. >> no we stayed last night. four miles back, yeah. >> the shade from these clouds is a little bit of a relief from the sun. feels pretty good. >> that's true. we've heard these guys say it's awesome and spectacular. why don't we show you out in the field. >> shepard: shari brady just tweeted me, she's using the paper and aluminum foil method. and this is the paper here. and look here. apparently this is best done in sock feet. can you see that? sock feet best used with the paper. something of which i was not aware of prior to this moment. my shanks to shari brady for that. that's a picture of the sun.
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turns out pictures of the sun is not that exciting. chris stewart cs sue wart 24 stewart has just sent these pictures of people wearing these glasses and lying down the chairs are green, deck is wood, people are watching the sun. it is a day of unique bes uniqueness across america. looked up there at the key lights, for those of you the studying lighting you have key lights and fill let's, the key lights shine on you if you're on your mark and if you look at the key light it's just not -- i think we should we're that all the time. it would be much more pleasant from my end of things and having to see less of me would probably be nice. >> what is it again? what do they call it? >> total solar eclipse. >> we've been calling this. >> john glenn changed it a minute ago. >> shepard: it's his last day or
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a wouldn't be calling him out on it. it's his last day. he said i want to stay, i'll stay one extra day for the eclipse because i know ryan is off. you said you would stay an extra day. >> here i am. >> we'll miss you ash. you got to live on a day of the -- >> total eclipse of the sun. >> what is happening? >> these guys say they're millennials watching the eclipse and it's us in the background >> shepard: me and you. a great way to watch the eclipse, watching us. this big group is in idaho. you have the family, baby doll, everybody is out there watching. this person encourages people to follow him has created this contraption. >> shepard: hope there's nothing vile on there. >> i didn't see anything. >> shepard: oh my goodness. babies are maybe even better than animals. that is the cutest thing i've seen.
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my friend dana had a baby yesterday. happy for dana and tim, happy baby day. >> this one. a lot of interesting can transportatio transportations. contraptions. captain cooper >> shepard: very creative americans today. isn't she the cutest thing. >> has to put her glasses back on. > >> shepard: can't look at this. i looked for binoculars yesterday that had the filters was very hard. susan sent me this just a minute ago. tough to zoom in on this, chuck, apologize for that. the whole family there. i want to show you this other picture. [ laughter ] >> shepard: can you see that? susan and the dog. the dog is licking all over her face while they watch the what -- >> the total -- that messed me up. total eclipse of the sun.
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>> shepard: that's how the song goes. do you have any pictures or is that the last one? >> we can keep going. this is my other doing. i'm trying to remember his name. he is protected. this one is a guinness. >> shepard: to go with corona and absent heineken of the day. that was a file picture. this is a real life today picture of my girl lu krichlt a. lucia. she is wearing safety goggles as you can see. the more that you eat the -- we know how the rest of it goes. what is happening out in carbonda carbondale. >> shepard: matt finn. are they about to jump out of their skin matt finn? >> shep we have a bit of disappointment. i don't know if my photographer can show you but a huge pile of
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clouds just moved directly in front of the sun and we cannot see it whatsoever. so after all this. >> shepard: no, call the production manager, remove the crowds. >> we're getting fans and trying to move them out of the way. it looks like these clouds are going to -- what are your thoughts if you don't see the eclipse? what are your thoughts if you don't see this thing? you're speechless, right? we're hoping to see it. are you going to be talking when it's it total eclipse? guys, a lot of commitment here, a lot of planning. what happens if you come all the way and have not seen the eclipse? >> you know what? the environment alone is a lot of the fun. getting everybody here who is excited about what's happening, i mean it will be dark, right? >> will you be disappointed if you don't see the thing? >> no. >> i would >> shepard: i would too. i don't blame her. >> out of the mouth of babes. >> shepard: she's on point.
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>> what are your thoughts of these clouds rolling in and blocking the eclipse? >> it's going to be disappointing. but we can still see the rest of the sky, whatever is left of it. but i would say that i've got to wait until seven years. >> true. there is going to be an eclipse 20224, shep. 2024. >> we've got to get this thing right in carbondale. i blame the local meteorologist. all i can say is rats. >> shepard: i could do better. >> it went from awesome to rats. guys what happens if you don't see this thing? >> i will be disappointed. >> those are some of the sent wants from the crowd. we rent from awesome and rats to disappointed. we'll keep our eye on this thing and i promise to be quiet when it does. >> shepard: that was jefferson city missouri on the left-hand side of your screen. question of the day from matt finn are you going to be talking
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when it's total eclipse of the sun? that was a good question. this is the sister, kami and the family sitting there in the backyard down there waiting for it to happen. where is that on the left-hand side of the screen? that's charles ton. that's where they are. i can't do that, though, that's not how it works. as you can see this is from earlier. this one here is from earlier. that one over there is charleston right there. first i want to go to casey seeing it is life in ellington field in houston where two nasa planes took off earlier to capture the high def video of the thing. >> the people of houston have been waiting for this for some time. it's about a million degrees here about 200% humidity. any shade from the sun is certainly welcome.
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they're only getting 66% totality here. we're about the height of that coverage. these nasa planes are incredible. we watched them take off earlier from this point at 11:15 eastern time. they were playing flying at 400 miles an hour at 50,000 feet zipping over to kansas missouri. they were going to follow the path of the eclipse throughout missouri and kentucky, some of the areas experiencing totality. the cool part about it is because they are so high, well above the first layer of the atmosphere nasa scientists tell us it's extremely clear, no weather or dust in the air. that allows them to get some of the best images that have ever been captured of an event like this. because of course technology has ee involved a whole lot since the last time we had one of these. so what is going to happen is
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any minute now the very first plane is going to enter totality, that's 1:16 local time here at nasa, 2:16 eastern and then at 1:19, 2:19 eastern the second plane is going to enter totality. they're going to be flying through that for about seven or eight minutes. so the pilots on board those planes have a very special show because they are going to be in totality for much longer than anyone down here on earth could ever see, and any minute now when they enter totality, they are going to be beaming images back down here to us on the ground. we're going to start to see some of the very first images of nasa starting to come out from this, from way up above. a whole lot to learn from this mission, shep >> shepard: a lot to learn. we'll learn it when it's over. right now i want to go to the
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stadium. matt finn is there. matt you're three minutes away from a -- >> total eclipse of the sun. >> shepard: -- total eclipse of the sun. how's it going? >> i'm going to be a little quiet right now, shep, i don't want to interrupt anyone. i'll be a little quiet, but the clouds have departed and you can see the eclipse now. the clouds just part anded we're about two minutes away from the total solar eclipse. the crowds went wild. >> shepard: the sun is smaller in carbondale than it was in other cities and they're shoot trey gowdy from a boat. but it's a total eclipse. there is that guy, wants you to be quiet, i remember him. what is he using? >> he's using version. and now glasses, don't look up -- >> >> shepard: don't do it. oh my god. tell him. he's not listening.
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[ crowd noise ] >> the crowd went wild. >> they are going wild. [crowd noise] >> here comes the clouds again actually. we're about to lose sight of the eclipse. people are still cheering >> shepard: obviously. [crowd noise] >> much much darker. it almost feels like ambient light here, extremely dark. >> shepard: ambient. that's awesome p look at that. memories. misty the water colored memories. tell somebody to say something amazing and awesome. >> what are your thoughts, guys? >> this is awesome. very cool. yeah. >> there it is. what do you think ma'am? >> fantastic. >> happy the clouds parted a little bit there? >> oh, yes. >> where are you guys coming from? >> champagne illinois. >> i'm going to get yelled at again shep, i better be quiet.
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>> >> shepard: please, they don't to a stayed yum, what do they want in the. >> it will be a long drive back to michigan. we're in northern michigan >> shepard: it is dark there. man. look at that. [crowd noise] >> >> shepard: show us a picture of the stadium. right now. just be quiet. >> let's pan to the left and the show a picture of the stadium. >> shepard: that's beautiful. >> it's gorgeous, it looks like dusk. it looks like a sunset, if you will, behind. looks leak dusk. so this is a 15,000 capacity stadium. it looks like about 15,000 people are here, people driving from all over the country, michigan, florida, texas a lot of people from chychrun, it's a five or 6 hour drive >> shepard: not the video of the animation but just the music in of the animation to set the
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scene and make us feel in the moment. and hit it -- ♪ [ music playing ] ♪ >> shepard: what is it, deck team? what is it called? >> total eclipse of the sun> >> shepard: it's a total eclipse of the sun. how do you feel matt? how do you feel? >> i think it's pretty school. it's the celeste i can't super ball, it transcended, if you will. it feels like the sun just set 8:30, 9:00 at night on a summer evening, it's about 1:25 in the afternoon. almost total darkness. i think it's definitely worth t we will have two minutes and 43 seconds of near total darkness. people made it here and it looks like it paid off. for about five minutes before the total eclipse clouds covered it. we interviewed people. now the clouds cleared and it's almost entirely dark.
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pretty cool. >> shepard: like you had a really good production manager there and it came on cue. pan around there. we love the pictures, it's amazing. >> let's pan over >> shepard: yeah, he's a great photo gafr. >> he is a great photographer. he's been hustling out here. we're about halfway through this thing. in a short while it will feel like a sunrise in the oven >> shepard: sunrise, sunset. [ laughter ] >> you can see all the cell phones, of course. >> shepard: she sang that live on the other network. we'll do our part. [ laughter ] [ crowd noise ]
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>> pretty cool. >> shepard: awesome. [ crowd noise ] >> shepard: it's amazing. awesome. look at 'em. look at. that how would you describe these two? >> just awesome. >> what do you guys think? [crowd noise] >> what do you guys think? >> so loud they can't even hear us, shep. here comes the sun, now >> shepard: here comes the sun. >> you can chew that up. you know what? we saw the eclipse. no disappointment. it was worth the trip? >> absolutely. >> are you going to be back here again in 2024? >> if i'm alive. [ laughter ] >> that's the spirit. what do you think coming from st. louis? >> definitely be back. [ laughter ] ♪
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[ music playing ] ♪ [ laughter ] >> spectacular. >> shepard: apparently we don't have the rights to that. >> there it is. love it. >> shepard: it's coming out. describe the solar activity. >> okay. describe the reemergence of the sun. >> it's afternoon and it's daylight again. >> i wish it was longer. >> we have 2:43 out of it, right? >> i wish it was longer. >> i was like a, hang on a little more. >> what did you think? >> it was amazing. >> pretty unbelievable. it was dark, it looked like there was a sun settle on the horizon and it was totally dark for two minutes. so at 1:00 in the afternoon, right? >> family of four, what happens next? you pack into the car and drive back? >> we just got here in the nick of time. i think we're going to hang out and enjoy the carnival and festivities here and then going
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back. >> thanks for talking to us guys. yeah it's been a carnival like experience here for at least 24 hours >> shepard: matt that was awesome and amazing. come this way, hopkinsville kentucky. what do we have everyone? >> total eclipse of the sun> >> shepard: a total eclipse of the -- bang! hopkinsville kentucky. look at this. this is from kdrr. they've driven their satellite truck to hopkinsville kentucky. at 25 minutes past 1:00 local time, because it's past 2:00 in the east, total eclipse of the sun in hopkinsville kentucky. matt finn how do you think they're feeling in hopkinsville? >> they're probably feeling awesome shep, that would be my guess >> shepard: that would be my guess as well. >> good job cueing here comes the sun >> shepard: weave don't have the rights to that. >> once in a lifetime.
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>> once in a lifetime. festive >> shepard: festive, i like it. >> yeah, yeah, that's a word we use in the family. it's hot right now i can tell you that much. otherwise, guys, what do you think? >> fun. ma'am you drove here from michigan, right? >> yes, we did. we drove our grandchildren this time. next time 2024, heck bring us. [ laughter ] >> thank you guys. >> it was so fun. >> shepard: crusader sent me a picture. crusader, kind of kit ten, kind of not. trace gallagher is good. trace how do you think they're feeling in hopkinsville kentucky? they're having a -- >> total eclipse of the sun. >> kind of a competition between hopkinsville and where matt is. hopkinsville named itself eclipse ville because it last
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like 2:41 and where matt finn is, it lasted 2:43. those are the one and two eclipse ville pinnacles of the united states. i was trying to jump in. this is fascinating stuff from astronomers and people reporting around the world. when the eclipse happens the report is that song birds went quiet, large farm animals were lying down, crick et cetera began to chirp and chickens apparently began to roost. there was an at ron her that said that a line of lamas gathered together and dozens of whales and dolphins swam to the surface of the ocean five minutes before the eclipse began and they hung out until five minutes after the eclipse and then they took off before returning to the watery depths. spieders, i have no idea
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>> shepard: is that real, trace? i just got creeped out by that. >> these are first hand accounts from the at ron hers who are viewing these from several places around the world. they report orb weaver spieders that dismantle their webs and rebuild the webs. zoo plank ton in the path of totality will rise in the water column is the sun is obscured by the moon. these are facts you have to have. these are reports coming in from around the world, bizarre things that people are seeing as we watch hopkinsville, eclipse ville as they call it for another few seconds or so. >> shepard: have you guys seen any weird things happening here? >> not here >> shepard: what have we experienced? >> total eclipse of the sun >> shepard: we all have
11:29 am
websites, one of them is mediaite, look at that. what do you think john glenn? >> i think you clearly did have a good time >> shepard: i'm faking it. what are we having? >> total solar eclipse. solar eclipse of the sun. come on! you're just putting words >> shepard: total eclipse of the heart. remember? >> i'm not going to sing it. >> shepard: everyone will appreciate that. josh feldman, thank you for the shade. >> shepard: another thing is going to happen in a second, it's not going to be as amazing as hopkinsville which is on the right-hand side. hopkinsville has finished its total eclipse of the sun, we're now looking at the back side of the total eclipse of the sun. what's happened is strangely and without anybody realizing it was going to happen, the sun, which is always up here, and the earth which is always here, the moon has gotten in between the two things and you can't see the sun
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for a minute. and total eclipse of the sun. and right now, because it's 3:00 on the east coast and it's getting into main sun 2:30, main sun not viewing time we're gonna met stations across america join us here on fox news channel. and gavin from fox news in new york, i'm shep smith and this is fox news coverage of the total eclipse of the sun on fox news channel and fox news stations and my station. it began on the west coast out in oregon they had a total eclipse of the sun in oregon earlier today. and then they had it in idaho, and then they had it there in wyomi wyoming. more recently they've had it in nebraska. since then they've had it in missouri where they showed me. pretty soon we're going to volunteer the whole thing and have it in tennessee. it's a total eclipse of the sun. if you're watching on fox
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television stations across the nation no matter where you are in america you can go outside and see it at one time or another. can't see all of it, you can see the moon getting in between you and that big ball of fire up there. from time to time in different degrees of thoroughness, but it is happening. it's happening everywhere, including in clemson south carolina, home of the tigers and actually a new pole came out today and they have clemson in about fifth place this year after, i remember recently winning all. yes, the university in clemson university in south carolina where we're getting a view, getting a view of the total eclipse with a weather balloon. what's happening there jonathan? >> a lot of research going on. they've launched two weather balloons so in case the clouds moved in they would get a goods aerial view of the eclipse looking upward and the moon shadow looking down ward across
11:32 am
the land. fortunately the clouds have cleared, you can see the sun, what's left of it. just a little crescent sliver of the sun casting an eery right. this is amazing how a fraction can illuminate this area. i want to talk to people who have come out. this is abe. where are you driven from? >> i'm a clemson student. >> fantastic, go tigers. what do you think? describe it. >> it's pretty cool. it's a little crowded. i'm not used to this crowd. we'll see how it goes. >> okay. we'll have more as the sun continues to disappear over clemson >> shepard: look up there but not without your glasses jonathan. >> i have them. >> shepard: watch jonathan. >> i do. i came prepared. >> shepard: just a sliver. just a sliver up there.
11:33 am
they're all wearing. >> shepard: ask them about the new poll having clemson first and alabama first, i know what we're going to hear. >> tell me, this is a poll. >> shepard: what do you think about them having clemson fifth and alabama first? ask the question. >> clemson fifth, alabama first, poll came out, what are you thinking? >> no h. clemson is always number one in my heart. national championship. >> that's the unbiased opinion from clemson>. >> shepard: exactly what i would have expected. that's charleston there on the left side. the one thing about choral son south carolina, that's the last spot here in the continental united states if you want to see the -- >> total eclipse of the sun. >> shepard: say it again. >> total eclipse of the sun. >> shepard: you cannot get good help these days. if you want to see the total
11:34 am
eclipse of the sun at the last spot it's right there in charleston south carolina. and that's what they're seeing on the left-hand side of your screen right now. it's not a total eclipse but i will be darned if it is not almost there. same in clemson. how is it feeling now jonathan? >> people are getting excited. there's still just a sliver of the sun remaining. let me talk to this jam. are you a clemson student? >> in coming freshman, yes. >> congratulations. what do you think? >> first time in 700 years? >> shepard: at least that. >> this is really exciting. >> you're the starting your freshman year with an eclipse, nice way to start college sgll great way to start college. i'm so excited to start college to see all the opportunities i can get. >> how about you sir? >> i think it's a great way to kick off a school year, coming off a national championship win.
11:35 am
can't be more excited. >> tell me about the light, the eclipse, it's kind of leery, isn't it? >> it looks leak you're looking through sunglasses, it's a weird sensation. >> that's a great way to describe it. right now the light is as if you are looking outside on a sun lit day with some very powerful sunglasses. >> shepard: watch all those cameras in the background right there. they're all getting repositioned. we're going to go back to the staging area. back behind the stayed studio. this is a studio on the 12th floor. i don't know, i've been right here as you know. we'll be back in time for charleston without any doubt. i want to see what's happening in new york. come on. this is the way. this is the back entrance. we have a service elevator. this is patricia, she's the greatest assistant.
11:36 am
she sits there every day, always there. back here is today where we're serving lunch. the company went all out today, thank you company. up there is where the sun goes. this is ale bridge over troubled waters, at times square right there. times square, that's haven roof deck where we always look out and it's cloudy in new york. wait, wait, wait, wait. chuck, you've got to do this first. nope. covered by the sun. yeah, covered by the clouds. i get confused. covered by the clouds and all the buildings. look it down there at the street chuck, you can see people looking up. in the front of haven over there, there was a guy in a white shirt looking up. you know what new yorkers don't do? they don't look up. tourists look up. new yorkers don't look up. they know the building is there already and they don't look.
11:37 am
when you are supposed to be having a -- having a what? >> total eclipse of the sun! >> shepard: they won't do it. so here it's a little darker than usual. but it's not like dark! jonathan i here it's really dark where you are, though. [crowd noise] >> y oo h oo. go tigers. >> shepard: speak jonathan, you're amazing. >> i'm talking to you. shep this is amazing. >> shepard: like i said. >> we are watching the moon totally cover the sun. what was a daylight crowd here has now turned into, it looks like an evening concert. everyone holding on up their phones, and you can see right now i can see a planet up in the sky, not dim enough yet to see any stars. but it looks like we're probably
11:38 am
20 minutes after sunset. it is absolutely 124678 amazing. >> amazing. >> shepard: knew it. >> abe, while you're taking pictures, let me ask you, what do you think? take me there through this. >> pretty cool, i've never seen anything like this. it's new to me. >> put words in my mouth, help describe it. >> awesome, really gorgeous. you can hear the fans, they're happy about it in clemson tonight >> shepard: tonight! what are your thoughts? >> i'm speechless, this is unreal. it got from a whole sun, like five seconds it went all the way down to just darkness. >> this is my boy matt. >> can i give a shout out to my nana? >> shepard: hey nana. >> they are huge fox news channel fans. i'm glad i was able to get you on. >> thank you so much. >> how would you describe it in a word? >> easily one of the coolest things i've ever seen. it's incredible.
11:39 am
i didn't expect the sun to be around the moon like that. >> shepard: well, that's what happens. >> now we have that beautiful view of the corona, the moon completely blocking the sun. but the corona, the outer atmosphere in absolutely beautiful. while all of the students and visitors are oohing and ahing there are at von percent recording this. 68 telescopes along the entire path of the eclipse. they're going to study how the corona changes over the course of time. >> hang on jonathan. hang on. look at the truman balcony in washington. president trump, let's see if we hear from him. >> shepard: he needs glasses.
11:40 am
>> shepard: president and first lady on the truman balcony with lots of people out there. let's listen and see if they say something. here we go. [ crowd noise ]
11:41 am
>> shepard: we've seen the president, first lady, attorney general jeff sessions, ivanka trump and wilber ross back behind there, sporting styling glasses, too, similar to mine. makes her awesome.
11:42 am
let's keep watching this. the president and others there on the truman balcony enjoying the day. ernie jacobs is with us from trenton south carolina, drove more than 15 hours from way up in buffalo new york to see totality. says he's been planning this trip for two years. how is it? >> it's amazing. we're in totality right now. like the diamond ring. it's unbelievable. it's awesome. we can see stars start to come out. the diamond ring is happening right now. we can start to see the sun corona. this is -- i don't have -- i wish i had the words to describe this. this is spectacular. this is just saw some. >> shepard: ernie, 15-hour drive, two years you've been planning it. was it worth it? >> i would have drove 100 hours. this is -->
11:43 am
>> shepard: what is it about it that is so affecting you? >> just the whole spec tack kl. i can't explain it. spectacle. it's coming back. totality is over. >> shepard: so you have a little sliver there on the back side where you are in trenton. >> yeah. >> shepard: and there it is now, that's charleston on the left-hand side. excuse me ernie. that's columbia south carolina on the left-hand side of your screen and that is a -- what? >> total eclipse of the sun> >> shepard: i think you're getting better at this as the day goes on. the pride is well up inside me. ernie, the president is watching this at the same time you do. we're having a lot of fun today. or that's the goal. the come togetherness of this, the whole country, more than 100 million people doing this, at the same time. there's something to that, isn't
11:44 am
there? >> yeah, i mean i think it all brings us together and realize we're all connected and you know the sun is 93 million miles away the moon is 240,000 miles away. here we're all connected in this universe together >> shepard: i like that. you know as we're watching this, this is the first family there, taking a minute to come out and sort of enjoy it with the rest. you see the son barron out front enjoying it as well. they're not getting a total eclipse in washington obviously. you have to a few states south into south carolina where they're having it right now in columbia south carolina. a good partial eclipse in washington for the first family, for all of us to enjoy. and i don't know, you know, coming into today i'm stuck in a studio for this but i really enjoyed hearing from people all across the country ernie, including people like you. >> thank you very much. very much appreciate it. >> shepard: you're on the back side of it. the thing that you've been waiting for, for two years as
11:45 am
happened. now what do you think? >> i'm speechless. i wish i could share this with my wife and daughter. unfortunately my daughter is starting school today back up in buffalo. i'm shaking. i'm fortunate to be able to share this with my 81 year old dad and 88 year old uncle. this is a memory of a life time> >> shepard: wow that's amazing. how are they taking this? >> i think everybody is genuinely amazed. can we get a shout out? >> you do the shout out. >> did you hear that? >> yeah i hear it. what's up uncle and dad? was it everything you dreamed of and more? >> they're not near the phone >> shepard: oh well, i did my best. i can't get any louder. >> so, i -- like i said, i'm almost, i don't know, i can't describe -- my heart is just
11:46 am
beating a hundred million miles an hour. >> shepard: ernie there's medication for that. i hope you've had a fantastic day. i hope we didn't hurt your vibe having you here. thanks so much. listen to this guys for those of you watching on my network television stations on the fox news channel on satellite and cable, all around the world, the total eclipse of the sun which began on the west coast of the united states and finishes on the east coast of the united states is finished. totality is over! the first family came out and the watched and now has gone back inside. we the all kind of enjoyed this together. nothing really changed. but we got a nice break, didn't we? for those of you in our broadcast station thanks for tuning n we'll return you to our local programming where we'll continue analysis and looking at the sun. i'm shep smith on fox news new york. now it's just us in cable land. just me and you, time to take
11:47 am
up, look up and see the back side of the sun. and there it is. that's the back side of the sun. how was if? was it everything? what do you think? what do we have down there in south carolina? jonathan, was it everything? was it awesome? was it amazing? >> yeah, it was totally amazing. in fact can we bring you back, guys? i was just interviewing some students and one of their friends on tape. jamie. you're visiting from out of town. was it worth the trip? >> it was worth the trip. to enjoy it with my friends so i won't have to watch it alone. >> you're actually a clemson stunt. what was your favorite part of the eclipse? >> my favorite part was when the full eclipse happened, everyone screaming and celebrating together. we go to witness other plan et cetera just like looking up into the sky it was amazing. this is my the senior year. it was a great experience. >> what was your favorite part.
11:48 am
>> hearing the people scream. like a food ball game, without all the lights. >> it really brings everyone together. we were joking we should have more eclipses in this country >> shepard: we should. could one of your producers get on that? >> yeah, i'll get chip on it right now >> shepard: chip will get it done. john glenn is really smart, he's really smart. he's one of the people who runs things around here. he was showing me this amazing picture. he's working on the next hour. okay, it's pac man took a bite, it's all of that. excepts except there's a different thing. >> there is a different thing. you see some marks across here. these are just sun spots. you look at this one a little more closely and you realize that's actually international space station flying across the sun. it's only -- it's roughly the size of a football field. they're picking this up. i think they're doing something like a 4,000 prints per second
11:49 am
to pick this thank you. you can see the solar raise that power it, right there. that crosses in front of the sun >> shepard: that is as everyone across america would say, awesome and amazing. >> it really is awesome and amazing. >> shepard: this is the picture, we have big ipad so we can do things like that. this is the eclipse happening, they've zoomed over far enough. what do you think they're doing up there? >> they had about eight cameras pointed at the sun, pointed at the eclipse. this is for them a once in a lifetime opportunity to get great data on the eclipse >> shepard: you have been reading on this. what are they hoping to learn from this? i know them the to learn about the corona and all of that. >> i think learning more about the sun's atmosphere would be he helpful. there was the one eclipse in 1958 >> shepard: it was a great year. it was the last time the red sox won the world series until
11:50 am
recently. >> it helped prove einstein's theory. i don't know if they're anticipating anything on this scale this time. you never know. this is why they do science. you discover these wild things that advance humanity in ways that you hadn't anticipated >> shepard: that was fantastic. this is why you do science. >> yeah. >> shepard: have you enjoyed this experience? >> i have very much. have you? >> >> shepard: i have. i didn't know if i was going to, because i thought they might make me be serious. you never know until you try it. if they call you and say, hey, knock it off -- nobody has called. >> no we're having too much fun. >> shepard: this come together part. i wasn't in touch with that before it happened. everyone is doing the same thing all over the country, it would be cool and it is cool. >> it's something to bring us together. i'm working on the 3:00pm show >> shepard: that's the uss mccain show. that's more serious. it has been nice to have a
11:51 am
break. >> the viewers on twitter agree. >> >> shepard: which is rare on your twitter. >> have you been working? >> a lot of steve bannon news right now >> shepard: we left it that alone for awhile. that's what i get for going to you. i want to go to trace. trace, i didn't anticipate this, and i'll say it for the last time, this awesome amazing come togethery kind of thing where everybody doing the same thing across the country t i rather liked it. >> it was fun. shep you talk about the moments in time when everybody gets together, we don't have many of them. we've covered big events and things people gather around their televisions across the country t you and i went on for hours over the balloon boy. it was the last time we had so many cameras pointed toward the sky. the balloon was going by and they had all the cameras pointed at the sky and everybody in
11:52 am
america, every bar, every place you watched they had their eyes glued on what we thought was a kid trapped in a balloon. it was a big hoax. but things like that you see that people kind of come together in wonder and astonish want that anything is possible. this is kind of that day. and you know we were -- you were tauch will touching on earlier the fact that although there is some joyous kind of togetherness moment. there have been a lot of shies officers out there trying to deal crappy goods. i was watching the president put on the eclipse glasses and you learn you have a lot of glasses out there that is fake. the problem is with these fake glasses and many of them were sold on amazon dhot come, a lot of these glasses if you don't have the type that is properly rated you can actually burn your retinas up by looking into the sun. i know it's all over. but just if you don't know, if you look on your glasses and find the numbers 12312-2 that
11:53 am
means your glasses are legit. the other ones, throw them away. if you have to, you can make a viewing thing out of a career box, tinfoil and a thumb tack. that's how easy it is. it's not going to burn your retinas. as far as coming together it's amazing to go out in southern california and see people on the rooftops in the parking lots and we are nowhere near the ep i center of this thing and to see people out all over southern california and new york just kind of looking up at the sky and then you hear stories about whales and cal finance coming to the surface before staying until five minutes after and then going back to the depths, it shows you that every living thing in some capacity is connected in events like this. >> shepard: it's so true. i was wondering when it's dark at my house you know people go to bed and stuff like that. but when it's really dark at the house, lucia goes to bed.
11:54 am
and she just does it. you don't have to tell her. i wondered today what would happen when it got dark out, if lucia would go to bed. as it turned out, she did not! she had her glasses on. and she just stayed out there. but of course in new york it never got completely dark, so lucia probably didn't think, it's crate time. she just sat around and kept barking at people and didn't realize this whole great thing was happening. this is from nashville, my favorite city in the south, i think, bigger city in the south, oxford is the favorite other size. big city in the south nashville tennessee, amaze balls with awesome sauce, they're still experiencing a little of it. it's 1:54pm in nashville right now and they've got a what -- >> total eclipse of the sun.
11:55 am
>> shepard: no, not this time. [ laughter ] >> shepard: they have a partial eclipse. so the you know finally they get a little energy about them, and then they're wrong. you know what happens when you're wrong? twitter explodes on you, vomits all over you, covers you in tweets. but not for you people. weave corrected it early which is our duty. what is it? casey siegel, what do you think nasa will get out of this? do you think they'll bring an eclipse home with them >> shep we're waiting on those planes to come back. i was told that it was a successful mission. those planes had technical difficulties beaming the images back from being in the totality, they were basically chasing the eclipse over the midwestern portion of the united states. we're told it was a successful mission but we are just waiting right now for those images to come in. they say that they are the best images of the sun and the sun's
11:56 am
corona that have ever been captured. >> shepard: casey, excuse me. i'm back here in the area. show this. this is the sky bridge, back behind our studio on the 12th floor, in case you ever want to shoot a missile up here, on the 12th floor. this is a bridge between two buildings. out here, out here is the sun. it's an eclipse. it's actually real until this moment i've only seen it inside the television box. but now fox news can now confirm it's a partial eclipse of the sun happening right here on the sky bridge. everybody on the deck if you want to come out and watch it, i think you should, i've got a pair of glasses, everybody can share. how would i describe it? i would just -- i was just asked. i would say awesome and amazing. and look down there on the ground. the people -- do what? we have a terminal break in 20 seconds, we have to take a commercial break.
11:57 am
it's a terrible time for a commercial. it's our first commercial in hours when finally i can see -- there it is, we're eight seconds to a terminal break. >> five, four, three, we'll be back with more coverage right after this!
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> shepard: still eclipsing on the sky bridge at fox news channel. we still have an eclipse. it's a partial eclipse of the sun. across the street at the haven roof deck on the right-hand side of the roof deck, to your right, on the roof deck, they're all looking up there. yeah, like i said, on the roof deck, the right-hand side. they've been out there with their fancy glasses. that is on the ninth floor. tenth floor. the roof is the tenth floor there at haven on 47th street between


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