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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 22, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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and thank you for your service, afghanistan, three tours. we appreciate you being here. >> we hope you will come back. >> we will see you online, we are going to pop on a "happening now" now. >> melissa: a fox news alert from fox news global headquarters in new york, president trump has departed our nation's capital for a campaign style rally in arizona, air force one lifting off last hour. >> jon: its next stop, phoenix, arizona. tonight's event at that cities event center comes as emotions are still raw in the wake of charlottesville. we are covering all the news, "happening now." >> i will not say when we are going to attack but attack we will. >> jon: >> jon: the commander-if makes a major decision on america's future involvement in afghanistan, our nation's
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longest war. also, a deep-sea mystery takes a bizarre turn. after the submarine inventors claim about the death of a journalist. plus, nature puts on a spectacular show that dazzles the eye. so long as you wore the right glasses. it's all "happening now" ." we begin with this fox news alert, it is wheels up for president trump, he is heading to arizona for a rally tonight. hello and welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i melissa francis, the president should be landing in arizona just ahead of a campaign rally in phoenix, that event comes a day after president trump's primetime address to the nation, outlining a new military plan in afghanistan, a plan he says will help our nato allies. >> we will ask our nato allies
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in global partners to support our strategies. we are confident they will. since taking office, i have made clear that our allies and partners must contribute much more money to our collective defense. and they have done so. >> melissa: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live at the phoenix convention center where the president's rally will take place, what is it like right now? >> melissa, good afternoon to you. vice president mike pence is saying with congress returning shortly from its august recess, you can expect president trump to use some of his opportunity tonight to lay out the agenda for lawmakers. >> we want to support our troops, we want to provide the resources they need to come accomplish the mission the president has tasked them with. we want to support law enforcement, we want to build a wall and have internal enforcement and border security. illegal immigration at our
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southern borders is down now more than 60% and that's a result of the leadership president trump has been providing but when he congress to continue to support his efforts. >> the president has sparred with both republican senators from arizona, he has expressed arizona with mccain that for bg the vote that killed health care reform the senate. he recently called senator flake on nonfactor in the senate. there is some concern about the president attacking jeff flake tonight. phoenix expecting a huge turnout of supporters and protectors as well. the city's democrat mayor talked about his expectations. >> to those attending the rally and those outside come we want to give you every opportunity to express your first amendment rights, no matter what your
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opinion happens to be. however, as mayor of the city of phoenix, i am expecting you to be civil, respectful, and peaceful. that is the phoenix way. >> the forecast says i could hit 107 today, that could fire up folks on both sides, there is great anticipation ahead of the president's visit here to phoenix. >> melissa: or it could keep them inside of the air conditioning. president trump using last nigh night's address to call for unity here at home while also denouncing prejudice and bigotry. >> jon: those comments come after the president faced widespread witticism for blaming both sides for the violence in charlottesville, virginia. >> when we open our hearts to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice, no place for bigotry and no tolerance for hate. we cannot remain a force for peace in the world if we are not
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at peace with each other. >> jon: a reset for the president, let's ask karen blak blake, senior politics reporter for "the washington post," was it a reset? >> we will see tonight, we will see what kind of tone the president brings to this rally. he has often been a very different person in the settings of a campaign style rally than he has when he's been delivering these messages on teleprompter. last night he was very much on prompter, stuck to the script. he is good when he does that, he delivers messages that get widespread praise among republicans. they get a lot more nervous when he delivers speeches like he does tonight where he may go after fellow republicans, may say more controversial things that deflect from the true issues. we are really going to see whether tonight is any kind of a reset. we certainly thought that before
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and were proved wrong. >> jon: sometimes when the president makes statements like he did last night, the white house sends the vice president to echo what he had to say. here is what vice president mike pence said to fox and friends this morning. >> i am very proud of the leadership of president donald trump as commander in chief. the president last night made it clear to our troops, they are going to have the support and they are going to have the freedom in the field whether it be in iraq, in syria or afghanistan to be able to accomplish their mission as he said last night. without support, with this new strategy, we are in afghanistan to win and we know american troops can accomplish that. >> jon: his critics have said this does not amount to a drastically different strategy from what the obama administration was doing, how do you see it? >> it's hard to see exactly what the differences are because
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there haven't been a whole lot of specifics, including the number of troops that would be added which appears to -- we still don't know the exact number. this was a very total speech, this was him setting forth his so-called trump doctrine in a lot of ways, he talked about what his goals were, he said we are not nation-building, we are killing terrorists. it was all high-flying and very stylistic. whether that's going to pan out in afghanistan, we will see. he said a lot of things that barack obama said, he said a lot of things that george w. bush is said. we really don't know what the differences are besides more of the tough talk we are getting from the president. >> jon: one of his critics on the speech seems to be, they did not like his plans for staying in
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afghanistan. >> the tone of the president's speech and the results of it were kind of him trying to marry this noninterventionist tone that he had during the campaign with a more hawkish, we are going to kill all the terrorist policy that he and the generals have also pursued at the same time. having those two things exist at the same time a very difficult and i think it's alienating, especially to the nationalists who said this is a guy who came into office and said he's going to rebuild america first, stop spending money on foreign wars and foreign entanglements. we saw exactly what that kind of hawkish foreign policy can do to this nationalistic base that trump has brought to the forefront. >> jon: the president did seem to explain that rather eloquently last night, it's a whole different world when you are sitting behind the desk and you have to make decisions about
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things you talked about as a candidate. >> that was one of the more interesting moments in this speech, may be the most interesting. it was basically the president acknowledging he had flip-flopped on this issue. he had called for complete withdrawal many times between 2011 and 2015. as a candidate he backed off from that. this was not a complete flip-flop from candidate trump, he said they would have to stay in afghanistan for a while. he did acknowledge there are things you just don't know is a candidate and you have to change course, i thought that was interesting that he would go down that road in the speech. >> jon: aaron blake from "washington post"'s "effects." thank you. this fox news alert, the officials say the remains of some of the ten missing sailors have been located and flooded compartments.
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>> melissa: this is the fourth time an american warship has been involved in an accident in asian waters this year. live at the pentagon with the details, lucas? >> there are unconfirmed reports that a cyber attack may have played a role in the crash. navy officials tell me that cyber played no role and point to the highly mechanical nature of the u.s. warships steering system is not connected to the internet. officials say the problem with the steering system may have occurred before the collision but call it an initial report from the ship. that is something the navy is investigating right now. there's a back up steering system in the rear of the ship that allows officers to take control of the router but already some navy officials are questioning the training of young junior officers, saying "it's not the same level of training you use to get." the navy's top officer says
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there will be a broader investigation into these mishap mishaps. the uss john s mccain near singapore monday. today, divers discovered some of the bodies of the ten missing sailors on board. >> there is one body that has been reported by the navy has been found. we have discovered other bodies diving today but it is premature to say how many. >> it's the fourth mishap for the u.s. navy in the pacific this year. >> melissa: allowed to investigate, thank you. >> jon: president trump trying to reset his agenda in the wake of charlottesville. well tonight's rally in phoenix
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help the president move past the criticism over his comments on what happened in virginia? our political panel weighs in. first, the president hopes to put an end to some obama era policies in afghanistan in a new strategy he unveiled to the nation last night. why our next guest says president trump is making all the right moves. this is the story of john smith.
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>> we will also expand authority for american armed forces to target the terrorist and criminal networks that instill violence and chaos throughout afghanistan. these killers need to know they have nowhere to hide, that no place is beyond the reach of american might. retribution will be fast and powerful. >> melissa: president trump in his address to the nation last night talked about improving the
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odds of success against the taliban in afghanistan. his new strategy or the war would require more troops on the ground and an end and to obamaa restrictions. the director of foreign policy research at the brookings institute has also been to afghanistan several times, he coauthored opinion pieces on the nation, i also noticed your piece in "usa today" talking about this very issue, thank you for joining us. you say one of the big issues right now is the taliban has taken control of more of the country, the government used to be in charge of about 70%, now it's down to about 60%, is that right? >> that's about right, that's u.s. intelligence. everything else i have seen and experienced has been roughly consistent with that. the government controls about 60% of the country, still a majority but not as much as it used to. the taliban control about 10%,
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mostly in the hinterlands. the other 30% is up for grabs, is contested. beyond the arm of the government which means the taliban can move through, can sometimes carry out various types of operations or even control certain towns and villages. it's about 60, ten, and 30 disputed. i like to see some of the afghans get closer to the 70% they used to control a couple of years ago and i think that is a more realistic standard for success than to talk about victory. >> melissa: you suggested one of the ways to do that is to add more u.s. troops and put them in a row where they are men touring the troops that represent the government. it sounds like what we've been doing, though. >> you are right except we actually didn't do it for very long. if you think back over the different phases of the war, under president bush when the main focus was on a rock, we
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primarily did counterterrorism and had some very limited presence otherwise. under obama we went to a search and it was somewhat similar to the kind of thing we had done in iraq. with americans doing a lot of sweeps, a lot of operations. afghan forces only gradually building up to help. then we shifted off more and more of the fighting to the afghans but it was still a work in progress and we were still there with them. there was going to be a phase where we would stay not with combat troops but with advisors. that stage is when president obama elected to skip that stage and go to a smaller presence, thinking he needed to light a fire under the afghans, get them a little more motivated and responsible for their own country. i understand why he did that, i don't think it was the right move and i think we have to sort of go back and redo that phase.
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it may take a couple of years or even three. >> melissa: what does it look like and how do we get to a point where terrorist -- whether it's the caliban or any other group that crops up -- is under control in that country, is that possible, what does that look like, how do we get there? >> if we got back to the 70% goal i am somewhat arbitrarily proposing but it is one the government has had success in attaining before, i think that is a pretty sustainable place until the taliban decide they are tired of fighting or until the pakistani stop giving them so much support. even if we can't help the afghans get to an outright victory, i would hope by changing momentum, you change the psychology and a number of key places. fewer afghans will leave the country out of despair or fear, a lot of good people will come back. the taliban will no longer have a sense of inevitable victory
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the way i assisted two or three years ago when they were taking over parts of iraq and syria. even though there is still a threat today, they don't have the sense of momentum. we've got to do the same thing now, shift the narrative and make them a little more defensive about their prospects. even if all those psychological effects take a while, if we can stabilize the battlefield and keep the government in control and help the afghans stay in control of the main cities and roads, that's probably sustainable in terms of our core interest in core requirements. >> melissa: this sounds like so many of the conversations we have about so many other places around the world, talk about pakistan supporting the terrorists in afghanistan and being a part of that problem, china is behind that as well. we talk about a similar situation in north korea, only
10:21 am
china would help us, when you find it these sort of proxy forces behind the direct battle, it sort of always there. how do you solve that part of the problem and get them on the same side because obviously they are not? >> you raise a lot of great points. i don't disagree with your hope of getting them on the same side, that's a very american way of thinking, that we assume we can get to a decisive outcome. sometimes countries that realize these will be a generation long struggles and you have to settle in for a long fight at a modest level of american resources, that can be more realistic way to think about this. part of our problem with pakistan is that we are always signaling maybe next year we will leave. and they say you americans are going to leave us holding the bag again, just like you did after we defeated the soviets in
10:22 am
afghanistan together in 1989 and we had to deal with the follow-up because you went home. i think settling in for a long protracted effort is the right way to go up and we've it befor before. >> melissa: i don't want to cut you off, thank you so much, great insight. it will be right back. (vo) pro plan bright mind
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>> the soldier understands what we as a nation to often forget. that a wound inflicted upon a single member of our community is a wound inflicted upon us al all. when one part of america hurts, we all hurt. >> jon: that's president trump trying to unite the country during his primetime address
10:26 am
last night, where he also reaffirmed america's commitment to afghanistan. this comes in the wake of violent protests in charlottesville, something phoenix officials are trying to avoid in their city. let's bring our political panel. thanks both of you for being here. kevin, it was kind of a difficult line for the president to walk last night, mentioning charlottesville in a speech about afghanistan, how do you think he did? >> i think that he did the thing he needed to do, i think what he needs to focus on is moving forward in his agenda and doing what the people elected him to do. i think it's interesting to have these conversations and dialogues pertaining to race and
10:27 am
class warfare but also ultimately his job is to focus on the economy, national security and eliminating terrorism. those are the things he needs to stay focused on. the more he gets drawn into these peripheral discussions, they should not be something the president is dealing with, that is something the culture itself should handle and take care of. it's incumbent upon him to focus and stay forward. >> jon: did you think he said anything wrong? >> look, his policy was a complete reversal of what he had been saying during his campaign for president and i think a lot of his core supporters understand that. that said, last monday he kind of set the right thing about charlottesville and on tuesday he was completely wrong about
10:28 am
charlottesville. the question is, will he carry a positive unifying message to his rally tonight and if past performance is any indication, he absolutely will not. there will be very divisive campaign style rallies, he is the president of the united states, not up for reelection for three years. he should be doing things to unify the country. if we are going to have a conversation about past grievances and who is a loser and who is of course, that's not going to help the healing process and in fact it's going to be bad for the president, especially going into a state where you have to call republican senators he is going to need to get any of his agenda forward in the next couple of weeks. >> jon: what would you expect he says if anything about mccain and flake, he has had a tiff with both of them recently. >> i would say john mccain has
10:29 am
been a problem. he welcomed the hero worship that people gave him in overcoming the cancer and going to d.c. and opening the boat and turned his back when it came to a real chance to begin the reform of the biggest entitlement going bankrupt in our nations history. you've got on normal problem for john mccain, he does some things people find very overwhelmingly good and he does some things that shoot us all in the foot. the thing that people really need to understand about president trump is even on that level, that's kind of a peripheral issue. he needs to focus on getting the economy going, fixing obamacare, keeping us safe and killing terrorists. that extension, he started on one of those last night. >> major pieces of legislation don't pass without the presidential leadership and that
10:30 am
is what lacks in the obamacare replacement fight. the president was not up to speed on the issues around the bill, didn't seem to understand what that bill would do. to blame john mccain or any individual senator for that bill not passing really doesn't acknowledge what the president failed to do, which is to lead on that piece of legislation. >> as a former aide to chuck schumer i would expect you to have criticisms of republicans in congress. the issue was we were one vote away from having the beginning of that reform take place and is a that the president didn't engage congress in the process, he worked the phones day and night leading up to the votes. >> what i heard as he did not understand the bill. it's clear that he has to be more engaged on these legislations in these legislative fights, he clearly was not engaged in up on one. >> jon: perhaps we will see it in the future.
10:31 am
gentlemen, thank you. >> melissa: president trump taking a hard line on pakistan in his speech last night, outlining his vision for afghanistan. what can we expect from leaders of the country where usama bin laden was found hiding out? it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus free home delivery. ends saturday!
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lose from continuing to harbor criminals and terrorists. in the past, pakistan has been a valued partner but pakistan is also sheltered the same organizations that try every single day to kill our people. we have been paying pakistan billions and billions of dollars at the same time they are housing the very terrorists that we are fighting. >> jon: president trump taking a hard line on pakistan, calling on that country to weed out the terrorists that are targeting american soldiers across the border in afghanistan. at the same time, promising more cooperation with pakistan's archrival, india. what do you think about the president calling out pakistan in this big speech last night? >> i think he made some
10:36 am
excellent points, one of the three major positive takeaways i took from last night's presentation was this more regional approach to the chronic problems in afghanistan, the first being that he provided due deference and respect for thousands of americans who sacrificed and served in afghanistan including many of my former colleagues in the pentagon. this is a fact of the many american families in the president was clear and offering the respect that they deserve. if he showed capacity for self reflection and course correction and saying he is willing to revisit his position and third, this regional approach you spoke of in talking about south asia and in particular pakistan shows the president is thinking of this issue from a broader horizon. of course, you know the devil is in the details, especially talking about a country as complex as afghanistan and you are talking about two nuclear
10:37 am
armed rivals. we shouldn't forget that 70 years ago this month was the partition of when india and pakistan became countries in 1947 and millions who died in that process. those animosities still run deep. it is less helpful for president trump to pit india and pakistan against each other when we need them to concentrate on shared objectives. >> jon: it is not very often when i hear afghanistan and india mentioned in the same speech. the president suggest he is really going to be looking to india to help the problem there, the dicey thing there i suppose that the pakistanis are not going to love hearing his embrace of india. >> they will often say that india uses afghanistan, metals in afghanistan as a way to
10:38 am
destabilize pakistan. in the past, india has made significant monetary investments in the development of afghanistan. right now, india only does 5% of its trade with its own neighbors. for a country of 1.2 billion, for a multi-ethnic democracy like ourselves, there are huge opportunities for india and i think president trump could do more to stress those opportunities and help bring them to fruition. sue and patrick grand field, university, thank you. >> melissa: the mystery deepens over a journalist lost at sea, disappeared after working on a story about the builder of a submarine. why the builder is now charged with manslaughter, this is a
10:39 am
wacky one. our legal panel is here with all the details you don't want to miss, next.
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>> melissa: new information about the mysterious disappearance of swedish journalist, her name is kim wal kim wall, missing since august 11th. there is no confirmation on the identity yet but police searching for her say they found a headless torso washed up along the copenhagen beach. wall was with an inventor on his homemade submarine working on a story before his submarine sank. he told police he buried her at sea after she died in an accident on the submarine. this witness says he saw two people on board a submarine leaving copenhagen harbor the day before it sank.
10:43 am
>> they were saying there were five people together, in the morn of them one of them said "isn't this the submarine we saw yesterday?" we said yes, we think this is the submarine we saw yesterday. the morning after we heard it, we saw it was just gone. police have been looking for it with helicopters. speed >> melissa: totally bizar. let's bring our legal panel. carolyn, i'll start with you. our the story has shifted. originally, he said that this is -- that she was on the
10:44 am
submarine and he dropped her off, right? >> now his story is changing, he is telling a few different sides of the story. we were talking a little bit before about a motive here, a motive is not an element of offense the prosecution is going to have to prove but it makes a lot of sense that prosecutors and investigators are going to want to dig a little deeper to see what the relationship was between these two, maybe there was a romantic relationship, maybe he didn't like what she was going to write about him. we will see a lot more to the story. >> melissa: i want to turn you back to the shifting story, that's always a sign that there is something wrong. first he said he dropped her of off, then he said it sank and she was still alive and she drowned with it sinking, what did he switch to? >> it switch to that, when it finally went down it wasn't that he couldn't close the hatches
10:45 am
but he slammed to a vote, he is trying to make it look like she died. when the police confronted him with that, he said it was an accident and he buried her at sea. this guy who is meeting a journalist for a very short trip, she gets into an accident and he buries her at sea except she has no head, arm, or legs. as a homicide prosecutor we see this all the time, they think they are going to get rid of the identity of the body. unfortunately for him, the body watched washed up on shore, they are going to make a match of the dna, there is going to be blood all over showing this was a murder. >> as a defense attorney, i have to call bob down a little bit here. the forensic analysis and the dna analysis is not there yet, there was a torso that washed up on the shore but we don't know anything yet.
10:46 am
>> melissa: what story would you possibly come up with to try to help this guy out, give it a shot. >> stranger things have happened, people have gotten acquitted for murder, robert durst was acquitted for murdering his 71-year-old neighbor, he said it was self-defense. i'm not saying it self-defense, i am just saying there is a lot going on here. this is a closed investigation, we don't necessarily know everything investigators know. it's a common tactic they use, when they get in the interrogation room, they have information that the suspect does not know so they can use that to their advantage to see whether or not this person has a guilty conscience. >> a guilty conscience? he gets anna but with a woman, there are not many bodies washing up on the baltic sea and he is the one who admitted that he is the one who put it there and it has no arms, no legs, and
10:47 am
ahead. >> melissa: i care about the motive because i am a regular human being, i'm looking at all of this and saying she was writing an article, you don't kill someone over there reporting although i don't know. they've got to be -- there's got to be more to it, whether it was a relationship, did she find something more, what could it b be? >> you don't have to prove motive but a prosecutor certainly wants that motive. we know it is certainly not going to be an accident based on the condition of the body which i in my opinion will be identified as her body. they will go through the phones, the computers, they've interrogated him and they know information we don't have right now. >> people had said he is a bit hot tempered, we don't know if there is a history of violence or whatnot, that is going to employ an important here as
10:48 am
well. >> jon: i'm taking melissa out for a ride on my submarine. >> melissa: i'm not going. >> jon: the first solar eclipse seen a nearly 100 year, the show might be over but scientists are just starting to study the event. our astrophysicist tells us what we can learn from this awe-inspiring eclipse. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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>> hello everyone, secretary of state rex tillerson is about to hold a news conference at the state department on the president's new afghanistan
10:52 am
strategy. we will bring you that life when it happens. and the president is in route to arizona, right now for a major rally which is expected to focus on illegal immigration, but many say they are wondering how he will handle the violence in charlottesville and will his attack on republican arizona senators continue? it's all had on "america's news headquarters" ." ♪ >> jon: and gone, the eclipse has. scientists will be pouring over the data for years to come. if somehow you are unable to catch it, we've got you covered with this incredible video taken from 35,000 feet in the air, check it out. >> you can see them with your
10:53 am
naked eye, it's a flare. look at that diamond ring, look at that. look at that. >> a scientist on board and alaska airlines flight gave us that video. joining us now, and astrophysicist who has witnessed five solar eclipses and has created a map that will map out the next five. aren't you bored after five total solar eclipses? >> everyone is more spectacular than the last one, they are so amazing to see and each time you can pick out a few new details. this one was phenomenal. >> jon: you were up in boise, idaho, for this one? >> idaho falls. >> jon: the data we are getting from this, the kind of stuff you can't get from a day-to-day examination.
10:54 am
>> that's correct, normally you cannot see the sun's outer atmosphere corona because it is too faint compared to the new main disk of the sun but there's all kind of great things you can see when the sun is covered up. >> jon: i know people can be a little jaded but i was out on the streets of new york yesterday and people were so excited, thousands, maybe a million people out trying to catch a glimpse of the same. there is one of the photos i took across the street from our studios, you couldn't even drive in the traffic lane because there were so many people spilling off the sidewalk. what do you hope people take away from this event? >> there are several things i hope people take away. if this had happened, particularly for those on the path of to totality, think of how this must have felt for our ancestors who didn't know this was coming, you can understand how these events scared of
10:55 am
people and they created superstitions and myths about them throughout human history. today through science we can predict them centuries in advance, so i hope people will take a greater appreciation of science from that and use that to inspire kids to study science and pay more attention in school and every subject and i think for those of us who were out on the path of totality in particular, it really reminds you that in an era when there seems to be a lot of divisiveness from human beings, we all share this amazing world where these incredible things can happen and hopefully people think we should put aside our differences and focus more on working together on education and science and building a better world. >> jon: i know inspiring kids is a big part of what you want to do, "big kid science" is where people can download the app? >> you can go to the app store and download totality by big kid science. you will find links to the app
10:56 am
as well as lots of other scientific information including links to a great program i will tell you called story time from space that was started by an astronaut, they were both with us and idaho falls. if you go to their web site you will watch astronauts from the international space station reading stories to children on earth. >> jon: dr. bennett, thank you thank you. there is my 75-pound child winston with his glasses on. some folks in westport connecticut gazing skyward, a partial eclipse we got up here in the northeast and i hope we have one of my favorite photos from yesterday, do we have it? we'll see, we will just see. >> melissa: that's a good one, i love winston. winston looks very happy. >> jon: there is the photo. >> melissa: that was a lot of
10:57 am
fun. president trump arriving in arizona later this afternoon ahead of his campaign style rally in phoenix.
10:58 am
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>> america's news hq starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert. secretary of state rex tillerson set to speak at any moment just hours after president trump laid out his strategy for afghanistan. secretary tillerson's expected to give more details on american involvement in that country. president trump called on afghanistan's neighbors, pakistan and india, to help the united states fight terror groups in that region. we watched the president just a short time ago board air force one, taking off for arizona. he'll first go to the city of yuma along the u.s. border with mexico. more on the details of why that trip with a guest later in the hour. and then he'll sit


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