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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  August 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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harvey starting at 12 noon eastern, and we'll be here all through the afternoon. arthel: best of luck to everyone in texas. eric: absolutely. ♪ ♪ mike: tropical storm harvey sweeping through texas, causing at least one death and massive destruction. i'm mike emanuel, and this is "fox report." ♪ ♪ mike: the powerful storm pounding parts of the state with whipping winds and heavy rainfall, homes leveled, trees toppled, power poles pulled out of the ground. and parts of the state facing the possibility of catastrophic flooding. the associated press reporting at least one person has died in the coastal city of rockport. harvey roaring ashore as a category four hurricane late last night before being downgraded the a tropical storm. -- to a tropical storm. but it is far from over. the mayor of san antonio warning residents the continue being vigilant about their safety.
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>> can't stress enough while it may not be raining from moment to moment or the winds may die down for a minute, do not let your guard down, especially overnight tonight. we expect the rainfall to increase, and the situation can become very serious. mike: we have fox team coverage. meteorologist adam klotz is in the fox extreme weather center tracking harvey's path, but we begin with steve harrigan in rockport where the full effect of harvey is being felt. steve, how bad is it there now? >> reporter: mike, the signs and the violence from that wind are everywhere all around this town of 10,000 people. it ripped apart their houses, their lives, their cars. if you look behind me here, the whole second floor and the roof are gone from these houses. that looks like it was a child's room, you can still see a crib and some toys up there. if i move aside, you can see the force of those 130 mile-per-hour winds, able to crush the metal in those cars. we've seen people throughout the
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day come back little by little to what remains of their businesses, of their homes to try and pick through the wreckage. one man who owns a laundromat came back just to get the quarters out of that change machine. he said i'm 65 years old, i have no insurance. the mayor telling them to stay away. he said we have no electric power here, no phones, no utilities at all. please stay away. at this point, you're doing more harm than good. with all these downed power lines, it's really been hard for rescuers to get in and make a full assessment of the damage, mike. mike: those images are unbelievable, steve. one fatality has been reported. is that number expected to change? >> reporter: it's likely to go up as the search and rescue teams go out. we've seen up to 1,000 personnel involved in those search and rescue operations, but because it is so difficult to get around here, just driving on the roads with all the debris, the down cannedded trees, the power lines, it's been tough. the effort we've seen has been sincere but very basic.
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today we saw three volunteer firemen going through these houses basically with axes, kicking down doors, seeing if anyone inside was dead or alive. that effort is likely to ramp up and become more sophisticated as they try and see who's safe here around rockport. mike, back to you. mike: steve harrigan leading us off in hockport, texas -- rockport, texas, thanks very much. harvey now downgraded to a tropical storm, but many areas braces for heavy rain, massive floods and tornadoes as the storm rips through coastal texas. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking harvey at the fox extreme weather center. >> reporter: hey there, mike. downgraded storm but still a serious one as we went into landfall overnight, winds up to 130 miles an hour, currently closer to 65 miles an hour but still eventually going to drop a whole lot of rain. notice stationary, that makes a huge difference because that rain that falls is going to have nowhere to go, the storm's going
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to rain on top of it, and we're going to see more and more rain. just north of victoria up towards the columbus area, that's where the eye is. eventually going to drift back down to the shore, regain moisture and rain some more. here's what we're looking at on the eastern side of this storm, and this is the concern for today as we continue to see a large area of east texas into portions of louisiana under a tornado watch at this point. we've seen tornado-warmed storms, causing tornadoes in the last several hours especially in the houston area. that is going to continue. the conditions are there. as long as you're on the eastern side of this storm, we see at least a possibility of some severe weather. that continues all the way through the overnight hours as you're looking at the entire eastern portion of the texas coast, everything on the east side of this storm, that's where we continue to see moisture funneling in, the instability is there. we could still see some severe weather. what's next for this storm? it's drifted just a little ways inland, but you notice it actually gets blocked by a high pressure system to the north. it's going to bounce back down
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to the coast. that rain is just going to pile up, perhaps moving back down towards corpus christi, but this pyre area, the entire 200 miles of the coast likely going to see more rain because of this. here's one of our tropical models. there are your circles, that's where we're looking at the strongest part there, again, on the east side of the storm. we'll put it into motion for you. pay attention to your time stamp. this is now sunday, heavy rain in the houston area just kind of bouncing around, meandering up and down the coast into monday, into tuesday. we're looking at this lingering all the way into wednesday, perhaps thursday before it dies down a little bit. that is a long time to see this rain pile up as the results we're looking at flash flood watches at this point. but as that rain continues to pile pup, eventually some of those, i suspect, will become warnings. how much rain are we ultimately talking about? farther down south in the corpus christi area we're getting right along a borderline there, maybe 5, 6 inches, but some of these higher areas closer to 30, 35
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inches. wouldn't be surprised if some areas hit 40 inch. s. now, a major metropolitan area, obviously, houston, still suggesting anywhere from 15-20, perhaps 25 inches. and then you don't have to go that much further to the west to see them running back up to 35 inches of rain. this is a major rainmaker, even though we saw landfall last night, i think we are far, mike, away from really the worst of this as we've got the entire weekend and early next week to be talking about some pretty impressive rainfall totals. mike: those numbers in terms of rainfall, more rain than a lot of these communities would get in the course of a year, really devastating -- >> reporter: it's unheard of, yep,s it is. mike: thanks a lot. the extent of the damage coming into focus in rockport, texas. my next guest is tracking the storm from the ground. he was in rockport when harvey hit. jeff is a storm chaser, he joins me now by phone. jeff, what kind of devastation have you witnessed over the past 24 hours or so? >> well, you know, as sunrise came over rockport, the extent
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of the damage is pretty stiff. we have, you know, a lot of houses and buildings have roofs gone, commercial buildings, some apartment complexes they had total structure failures, two-story buildings were on the ground. you had boats sunk in some of the harbor areas, you have a lot of broken windows, trees uprooted, telephone poles down. it's a major disaster. and some areas i'd call it almost catastrophic in certain parts of the area. widespread damage, it's probably about 50 miles, 50-75 miles wide and about 5-10 miles inland it's major damage just mile after mile after mile. i will tell you we safely made it back to san antonio within the last hour, and i can tell you the state of texas response to this is massive. utility companies, the law enforcement, fema, there's a lot of emergency -- literally hundreds of miles of people responding now down toward corpus christi.
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as we drove up from san antonio, the response coming down, there's massive mutual aid coming to help the gulf coast this afternoon and tonight with this disaster. mike: jeff, the highest winds may be gone at point, but what about tornadoes? >> well, the tornadoes on the east side this afternoon, you know, we're seeing tornado warnings, seen a couple of tweets a few minutes ago on the north side of houston doing some damage and tracking to the north, and that's going to be a problem in the next three or four days as the side of the low pressure in central texas inward from houston, across east-central texas will continue across the next two to three days. the continued threat of tornadoes this entire week. mike: jeff, are people listening to the warnings and staying off the roads, or are they getting a little stir crazy and starting to get back out on the road? >> you know, people -- basically, they were staying off the roads. very few people were on the roads this morning early, six or eight, a few local business
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owners finding out the extent of their damage. the majority of the people were off the roads, a lot of people in the rockport area had evacuated. but, you know, the people -- best advice is to stay off the roads. there's a tremendous amount of power lines down. and by the way, there's no cell service in those cities today, and the other big problem is you're going to have -- i'm going to estimate, this is an estimate here -- probably thousands of miles of telephone poles and utility lines have to be rebuilt. we're talking about total infrastructure will have to be rebuilt along the gulf coast. that's going to take weeks and probably over a month to get those infrastructures rebuilt even with thousands of linemen coming here responding today. it is a major disaster along the gulf coast. it's going to take a long time the to get it back up and running again. mike: jeff, for folks watching across the country, give us some context. you chase storms. how bad is what you've seen today over the last day or so compared to other storms you've chased? >> well, i mean, it's not as bad
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as katrina. probably not quite as bad as -- [inaudible] in some regards, but no two hurricanes are alike. the damage is just different. i was probably the most amazed about normally we worry about the northeast quadrant of the eye, there's extensive damage in that area, you know, rockport, but also the damage, i was quite amazed, at how bad the damage is well west to of rockport. there's extensive damage to within 10 or 15 miles of corpus christi where we've got businesses, boats sunk in different harbors. and, by the way, you had a tremendous storm surge between corpus christi and -- [inaudible] that actually created a number of homes to collapse along 35 highway. and so there's still water over the roads. so the damage is very, very wide through there. it's not just the rockport area, it goes back to just the east side of corpus and over the bay bridge at lamar in that area, very heavy damage in that area,
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and the roads are flooded very bad east of lamar all the way up to the northeast. the water was about a foot and a half, two feet over the road this morning. it's a wide area of damage. mike: jeff, many thanks and stay safe. >> thank you. mike: right now the white house is keeping an eye on tropical storm harvey. the president's response as texas picks up the pieces while bracing for a deluge of rain. and yet another trump official is out at the white house. dr. sebastian gore dhaka again -- gorka stepping down as national security aide and raising questions about the timing of the recent personnel changes. >> we have to really look closely at the movement and the timing of mr. bannon and dr. gorka's departure. it was right at the moment there was a shift in the policy of afghanistan. ♪ ♪
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mike: president trump consulting witht officials on the federal response to tropical storm harvey. the president pictured here holding a teleconference at camp david earlier. the president tweeting moments ago, quote: wonderful coordination between federal, state and local governments in the great state of texas. teamwork. record-setting rainfall. doug mckelway has the latest from the white house. doug, what's the latest on the president's response? >> reporter: well, the latest from camp david is that the president did, indeed, have this video conference with his entire cabinet about 11:00 this morning, and the white house just issued a couple of photos, the cabinet assembled in the white house situation room. among them, chief of staff john kelly, vice president mike pence, the homeland security adviser and many, many others. a white house readout of that teleconference said president trump reminded his team that the full impacts of the storm will occur over the next few days with heavy rains and flooding. the white house is signaling that the president may still visit the south texas coast in
4:16 pm
the coming days. the timing of the visit is uncertain, but the white house has to balance the good optics of such a visit -- many would say it's an obligatory visit -- against the potential downside that it poses. here's michael brown, former fema director. >> it's that balancing act, because the president travels with a huge bubble, and that bubble shuts down everything. it shuts down air space, it shuts down travel. >> reporter: but with as many as five days of heavy rain still ahead, that in and of itself could potentially shut down any planned presidential visit, mike. mike: and, doug, with all the blockbuster stories going on, did a blockbuster story there at the white house perhaps get lost a bit in all the hurricane coverage? >> reporter: yes. you're talking about the pardoning of sheriff joe arpaio, the maricopa county sheriff in arizona. perhaps the reason that the president waited until he arrived at camp david to issue the statement -- and he did it through twitter -- he tweeted,
4:17 pm
i'm pleased to inform you that i've just granted a full pardon to 85-year-old american patriot sheriff joe arpaio. he kept arizona safe. immigration hard-liners, obviously, are rejoicing over that decision. arpaio himself, obviously, appreciative. he tweeted back: thank you@realdonaldtrump for seeing my conviction for what it is, a political witch hunt by holdover toes in the obama justice department. while opponents of the president's immigration policy say it is another divisive move, dan balz writing in "the washington post" today: in pardoning arpaio, the president has again linked himself to the most extreme elements of the immigration debate. but it is not just liberals who are upset over this. a spokesman for house speaker paul ryan writing, quote: the speaker does not agree with this decision. law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the united states. we shouldn't allow anyone to believe that that responsibility is diminished by this pardon. the president apparently did not seek the approval of the
4:18 pm
department of justice's pardon office before he made this decision, but the constitution gives him very wide latitude to pardon anybody he wants and to endure the controversy that comes along with it, mike. mike: and, doug, the personnel shuffle continues. what about the timing of sebastian gorka's exit from the white house? >> reporter: it was probably just a matter of time before gorka left the white house. he announced his resignation, others say he was fired last night, but the writing was basically on the wall when steve bannon left the white house. these two men were both hard-liners in the war against islamic terrorism. gorka wrote that the people who now reject the make america great again agenda of the trump administration are ascendant, and he used as an example the president's recent speech at fort myer on the new afghanistan policy. he wrote, quote: the fact that those who drafted and approved the speech removed any mention of radical islam or radical islamic terrorism proves that a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost.
4:19 pm
so it's looking like the new york wing of presidential advisers, the jared kushners, the ivankas, are, indeed, ascendant as we speak. mike, back to you. mike: doug mckelway live at the white house, thank you very much. >> reporter: my pleasure. mike: terrorists strike europe again with attacks in brussels and london. in this brussels a soldier shot and killed a man who charged at him and two other soldiers last night with a knife shouting god is great in arabic. they're investigating it as a terrorist attack. none of the soldiers were seriously hurt. and in london british police investigating a man who drove his car toward a police vehicle and displayed a four-foot sword near buckingham palace. police say he was also shouting god is great in arabic. the suspect and several officers were hurt but are expected to be okay. a desperate search for a u.s. service member after a blackhawk helicopter goes down near yemen. why officials are viewing it as a warning when it comes to our
4:20 pm
military aircraft. plus, north korea thumbing its nose at the world with more missile tests, raising concerns about tensions between the u.s. and pyongyang possibly escalating to another level. ♪ >> every time we see any test, it's bound to create, i think, more concern about are we headed toward some kind of confrontation or conflict with north korea. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ ♪ mike: a search is underway for one u.s. service member missing after a blackhawk helicopter crashes off the coast of yemen. military officials say the five other service members aboard the aircraft have been rescued. last night's incident is now raising new questions about the military's e readiness as it marks the fourth u.s. aircraft crash since july.
4:24 pm
less than a week after being praised for restraint, north korea launching a new round of missiles. the rogue nation successfully launching three short-range missile, a contradiction to an earlier report by u.s. officials which suggested the missile test failed. ellison barber has more from washington. >> reporter: not even 24 hours after saying north korea launched three missiles but two failed in flight, u.s. military officials say that report is wrong. the u.s. pacific command says the first and third missile actually flew about 155 miles to the northeast. initially, u.s. officials said north korea launched three short-range ballistic missiles. in hawaii time, it was the afternoon of august 25th. pacific command said one missile blew up almost immediately, and the other two failed in flight. the latter description resulting in today's update. the latest u.s. assessment appears to now match south korea's assessment.
4:25 pm
the launches are the first since the united nations security council unanimously voted on august 5th to impose new sanctions on the regime. secretary of state rex tillerson pointed that out when he spoke about north korea on tuesday. >> we hope that this is the beginning of this signal that we've been looking for that they are ready to restrain their level of tensions, they're ready to restrain their provocative acts and that perhaps we are seeing our pathway to sometime in the near future having some dialogue. >> reporter: so far this year north korea's launched 21 missiles, that's how many they launched in all of 2016. u.s. military officials say the short-range missiles most recently launched did not pose a threat to the north america or guam. mike? mike: ellison barber in washington, thanks. a new report revealing more details about president trump's pardoning of arizona sheriff joe arpaio when the president reportedly asked the attorney general about dropping the case. plus, an update on the
4:26 pm
federal response to tropical storm harvey. what officials are focused on as the storm shows no sign of letting up. >> we have 850 active duty within that area that i described earlier. we also have almost 100 civilians. we've brought in the two coast guard specialized flood response teams from paducah and memphis, tennessee, as well. ♪ ♪ it's whooping cough. every family member, including those around new babies, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist about getting vaccinated. can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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mike: i'm mike emanuel in for julie banderas, and this is "the fox report." if you're just joining us, tropical storm harvey churning its way deeper into texas. it's currently about 60 miles southeast of san antonio with winds up to 65 miles per hour. harvey made landfall with devastating force as a category four hurricane, destroying homes, knocking over power lines and reportedly leaving at least one person dead. texas governor greg abbott warning that the worst is possibly still to come. >> now that the hurricane has come onshore, our primary concern remains dramatic flooding. according to information that i was provided, there has been about 20 inches of rain in the corpus christi area, about 16 inches of rain in the houston area, and our biggest concern is the possibility of between 20 and 30 more inches of rain in
4:31 pm
areas ranging from corpus christi over to houston. because of the flooding, one of the top focal point that is we are concerned about -- that we are concerned about is ongoing rescue and recovery. we with want to do everything we possibly can to keep people out of rising water. mike: and harvey apparently spinning off a tornado outside of houston. violent winds damaging upwards of 50 homes. harvey is seen by many as a major test for the trump administration as it deals with its first large-scale natural disaster. fema describing the federal response as fully activated, saying the agency is focused on rescues, medical care and providing temporary power to those in the storm's path. garrett tenney has more from washington. garrett, what else is the federal government doing to help? >> reporter: well, mike, the bulk of the federal response typically comes in the aftermath of natural disasters, so a lot of what fema and other agencies
4:32 pm
have been doing is getting supplies and equipment in place so that it's ready to move as soon as the storm passes. last night president trump took another big step towards that effort by issuing a major disaster declaration for several coastal counties in texas which he described as unleashing the full force of the federal government to help folks in those areas. that help includes temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover from the effects of the disaster. and this afternoon governor greg abbott said that declaration will be a huge help in recovery efforts. >> we are so pleased that the federal government and the white house have stepped up in the strong way they have by granting our disaster declaration that will enable texas and texans to be able to better deal with the financial consequences of this storm. >> reporter: today the department of health and human services also declared a public health emergency in texas in response to harvey which
4:33 pm
secretary tom price said will provide additional flexibility and authority to help those who have been impacted by the storm, particularly those who receive medicaid and medicare. the white house tells us the president is now planning to visit the lone star state sometime next week. mike? mike: garrett, a lot of folks are also viewing harvey as the first big test for a pretty new trump administration. >> reporter: absolutely. and you don't have to look any further than hurricane katrina to see why. that slow and fumbled response by local, state and federal officials caused president bush's approval ratings to hit record lows, and louisiana's governor was so unpopular after katrina that she didn't even try running for re-election. elected officials are extremely careful when it comes to natural disasters ever since then. >> and the lesson for every politician after 2005 was the consequences of failure in a moment like this are so dire that do anything to avoid it. and donald trump has done the
4:34 pm
most important things. >> reporter: and we've seen some of that over the last few days as the president has clearly been trying to send a message -- [audio difficulty] on the government's response to this storm. mike? mike: garrett tenney live in washington. many thanks. the storm forcing gulf oil refineries to shut down. the temporary work stoppage expected to cause a spike in gas prices with potential worldwide ramifications. here to talk about all that, texas railroad commissioner ryan sitten which oversees all oil and gas activity in the lone star state. ryan, good evening. how worried are you about the impact this hurricane harvey will have on the energy sector there in texas? >> well, mike, thanks for having me on. in general, we're optimistic. we think that the refiners here, the oil and gas producers were well prepared, they took swift action. however, as the governor said during the day today, there's a lot of this storm left. as flooding continues across the state and floods some of the oil fields, also as it moves back towards houston where a large
4:35 pm
portion of our refining capacity is, we monitor it closely. we export four million barrels of refined products around the world, and that has a big impact on global markets. mike: is there any way of estimating the economic impact on the energy sector at this stage? >> there is. we know already that nearly a million barrels of refining capacity have been taken offline in anticipation of the storm hitting. we also know that many of the producers and what we call the eagleford area which is one of the biggest oil fields in texas also took their production operations offline. so when you consider somewhere between half a million barrels and a million barrels of production and refining capacity have come offline, we're talking about over a billion dollars of economic impact, and that's just in the short term. if we see more flooding, more down time, extended outages, it could get bigger from there. mike: ryan, have you seen significant damage to oil and natural gas facilities, or is it too soon? >> it is a little bit too soon, a although if we'd seen any
4:36 pm
notable what we call catastrophic incidents, they would have notified the railroad commission already. a lot of people around the country don't know that the railroad commission is a misnomer. we are the energy regulator for the state of texas, and when there is a release or event, we're one of the first groups to know, and so far we haven't heard anything. so i'm anticipating -- and i'm optimistic -- that we haven't had anything catastrophic. if minor events start to happen, we'll be well positioned, i believe, to respond. mike: we're all greatly concerned about the folks in texas tonight, but big picture, should we expect to see price spikes across the country when we go fill up our cars and trucks? >> i think in the short term there probably will be some small price spikes. i've heard anywhere from 10-25 cents a gallon at the pump either due to crude oil shortages or shortages in refining capacity. if there are no major impacts and the next two to three weeks the refineries come back online, the production facilities are put back in service, i don't think we will see extended price increases.
4:37 pm
mike mike ryan sitton from the texas railroad commission, thanks for your time and we wish you the best. >> appreciate it. mike: and tomorrow on "fox news sunday," chris wallace talks to texas governor greg abbott about the damage and response to harvey. secretary of state rex tillerson also weighs in on the tropical storm in addition to the u.s. strategy in afghanistan. check your local listings for fr times. a new report revealing the president asked the attorney general if it was possible to drop the criminal case against former arizona sheriff joseph arpaio. "the washington post" says it was advised that would be inappropriate. president trump issuing a pardon for the controversial former lawman yesterday regarding his recent federal conviction for immigration patrols focused on latinos. house speaker paul ryan issuing a statement through his spokesman saying, quote: the speaker does not agree with this decision. law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the united states.
4:38 pm
we should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon. will carr is live from los angeles with more. and, will, it seems like the president picked an opportune time to pardon arpaio. >> reporter: exactly, mike. and keep in mind that this pardon was announced just a short time before hurricane harvey made landfall. likely not a coincidence, but not exactly a surprise either. last week president trump held a rally in phoenix where he hinted that he might hand the controversial sheriff a get out of jail free card. >> was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? i won't do it tonight because i don't want to cause any controversy. but sheriff joe can feel good. >> reporter: arpaio has been an ardent trump supporter from the beginning. he was convicted last month of criminal content for defying a court order and could face up to six months behind bars.
4:39 pm
that is, of course, until last night when the president came out with his pardon, announcing it on twitter. arpaio responding last night on hannity. >> well, it's great, i love that president. he supports law enforcement, and i'm very humbled. if you recall two years ago, i supported him, and i said publicly recently pardon or no pardon, i will be with him til the end. >> reporter: trump and arpaio have a like mind when it comes to tough immigration enforcement. arpaio called himself america's toughest sheriff. when he was in office, he gained national publicity for his outdoor tent city and for making inmates wear pink underwear. he also founded the birther rumor. mike: are we seeing backlash even with this hurricane coverage? >> reporter: absolutely. you mentioned speak or ryan's
4:40 pm
statement. -- speaker ryan's statement. senator chuck schumer tweeting: the only reason to do this right now is to use the cover of hurricane harvey to avoid scrutiny. arizona senator john mccain releasing a statement: the president has the authority to make this pardon but doing so at this time undermines his claim for the respect of law. and senator jeff flake, who has been an outspoken critic of the president, tweeting: regarding the arpaio pardon, i would have preferred the president honor the judicial process and let it take its course. but dr. kelly ward -- a trump supporter who is challenging flake in the gop primary -- tweeting and calling arpaio a patriot who did the job the feds refused to do. in case you're wondering, this is the earliest a president has ever pardoned someone since george h.w. bush did it back in 1989 when he pardoned nine people. mike: president trump clashing with the republican senators from arizona once again. will carr in los angeles, thanks a lot. >> reporter: no surprise
4:41 pm
there. mike: a massive effort underway to help those in harvey's path. still ahead, we'll have a closer look from the coastal city of galveston, texas, one of the hardest-hit areas. plus, we're getting an incredibly personal glimpse from many battling the storms all through social media. our bryan llenas combing through it all. he has some must-see pictures and videos. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus
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mike: tropical storm harvey hammeringe coast of texas and leaving behind a path of destruction. areas like galveston hit with high winds and rain from the storm after it barreled into land as a category four hurricane. the area already slammed with 16 inches of rainfall, and that's where we find lauren blanchard live.
4:45 pm
lauren, we're watching exactly where the storm's path goes next because that area's expecting to see more wet weather, right? >> reporter: yeah. hey, mike, that's right. so far today this morning we saw a bunch of rain, just torrential rain. the last few hours it's been fairly dry, but the wind is quickly picking up. we're at about 30 miles per hour, expected to get to 40 miles an hour by tonight. up in northwest of houston area, we were seeing tornadoes. this area has been going through tornado warnings on and off. flooding, that's really going to to be the big concern here. we saw a bunch of rain this morning. over or the next few days 15 to 0 inches, possibly up to 40 inches of rain in some areas, flooding streets. there was an area downtown galveston, a historic district which all of the streets were flooded. the drains were slowly getting rid of it, but the rain is supposed to hit us in another hour or two dropping another inch or two more tonight,3-5 inches tomorrow, so this area
4:46 pm
will definitely be dealing with that flooding. now folks here, this is how folks we have seen didn't seem so concerned about the flooding. we saw people outside driving through some of this 6-inch or more flood waters. we saw people walking their dogs through the flood waters. that is not advised. authorities here are asking people not to do that because they could get their cars stuck, obviously, they don't know what is in that water. folks should be very careful. now here in galveston tonight even though we are not getting much rain, people have been out and about. cars up and down the seawall, people walking, playing in the water. again, not advised. and, mike, the other thing we're really going to be watching for here in galveston is the port of galveston. now, that is where a number of cruise ships come in and out, but that port has been closed, and a number -- four cruise ships -- have not been able to tock here stranding about 20,000 people at sea. two of those ships are headed to
4:47 pm
new orleans to try and docker but the other concern is there are a number of parking lots here where the access roads to them have become flooded which means people, even be the they're able to get off those ships and come down to this area, they may not be able to get back to their cars if those roads flood again over the next few days. i was just talking to a couple who is from texas and is who were planning to go out on one of these cruise ships, and they said at this point they're just being told by their cruise line to just stay and wait. they don't know, possibly they'll be able to get on one tomorrow, but at this point it's a waiting game, mike, because they simply do not know when or if those ships will be able to make port here in the next day or two. mike: sounds like 24 hours into harvey, people are getting a little stir crazy, but there are a lot of safety issues, so good advice there from lauren blanchard. lauren, stay safe. social media has played a vital role in getting the message out about tropical storm
4:48 pm
harvey and offers a firsthand glimpse into how millions of americans are coping in the path of this monster storm. our colleague, bryan llenas, has been monitoring it all. >> reporter: mike, you know, this is the first major hurricane since 2005 which means it's the first major hurricane in the social media era if you think about it. there was no instagram or twitter back in 2005. so over the last 24 hours, folks have been giving us their unique perspective like this brand new video out of cypress, texas, showing a tornado just outside of houston this afternoon. the video is shot by kendall and chris haines, there are reports of multiple tornadoes touching down in that county today. now, this incredible video was tweeted by shelby shaw in cuero, texas. the roof is ripped off her hotel which then forced a mandatory evacuation of that hotel during the first wave of storm. good news is she and her pups are safe. now, this video was tweeted by alex from north padre island. it was shot last night at 6:30 p.m. you can see the wind lashing
4:49 pm
palm trees and boats rocking back and forth. the canopy protecting some of the boats was blown apart, and the surge really was moving -- you can see it moving closer and closer to the roads there. now in port lavaca, texas, this is video taken this morning from a marina. people's boats, unfortunately, have been thrown around on land there. but, mike, the big concern now is flooding over the next few days, and we're starting to see it. this is instagram video from texas city. video taken by amelia outside of her home. water up the people's front doors, water making its way up to really top of the cars. you can see her as she's walking out there. this is her neighborhood. it's even making the tops of some of those mailboxes, and that was shot hours ago. and this video comes to us from jennifer lopez, an employee at the kings confectionary in galveston, texas. it was taken at 11:51 this morning. you can see the water already covering the streets in front of that business there.
4:50 pm
this isn't advised, it shows a woman in a makeshift canoe using a broom rowing in flooded waters right in front of her home, gives you an idea of the extent of the flooding we are seeing. we encourage people, of course, not to risk their lives for the sake of a social media video. no amount of likes is worth your life, mike, obviously. mike: bryan, thanks for those images, they're incredible. good evening. >> barcelona showing its resilience following two deadly terror attacks. how the city honored the lives lost while sending a strong message to terrorists. plus, a right-wing free speech rally in california ends early while thousands hit streets to protest the event. why the organizers are blasting democratic leaders for stifling speech. ♪ ♪
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
mike: people in barcelona coming together to remember the victims of terror attacks in spain that killed more than a dozen people and injured more than 100. people flooded bars loan ma with signs and -- barcelona with signs and flags to support the victims and their families. meanwhile, thousands of people attended another memorial in the seaside town of cambrils yesterday where terrorists grove another car into a crowd, killing one person. isis taking responsibility for both attacks. scuffles breaking out on the streets of san francisco after hundreds of people head to the city to protest a now-canceled event by a right-wing group with. alicia acuna joins us now life from san francisco with the -- live from san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: hi, mike. right-wing group patriot -- [inaudible] says they were forced to cancel their free speech rally that was supposed to happen today, and they're blaming the mayor of san francisco, extremist leftist
4:55 pm
groups like antifa and house minority leader nancy pelosi because she dubbed them a white supremacist group. originally, patriot player was going to hold their rally with the backdrop of the golden gate bridge, and then because of all of the security, they decided to cancel it -- they decided it yesterday and then moved it and said they were going to have a news conference at alamo square park, another iconic area of san francisco. the police got word of that and closed the park. so then patriot prayer decided to hold a news conference out of town. however, the counter-protesters did show up at alamo square park along with some people who identify with antifa. the counter-protesters saw this cancellation as a sign of victory. >> san francisco as a whole, we are a liberal city, and this is not a place for hate or any sort of bigotry of any kind, and i think it's a really powerful message we're sending to people who come here trying to spew
4:56 pm
messages of hate and, you know, it's just not welcome in this city. >> there's no way that i am a white supremacist. there's no way that i can support white supremacy. i can't imagine they would invite me. so is the media -- so the media has completely ran that story that's a blatant lie. and if i'm not proof enough, i don't know how else to prove it. >> reporter: now, thousands of people still did fill the street ises of san francisco -- the streets of san francisco today, and the full police force was on hand. today and right now we are at one of those peaceful protests. the san francisco department of emergency management says this has been a largely peaceful day, minimal issues. they're ballparking this at about 10,000 people. mike? mike: alicia acuna live in san francisco, many thanks. a national holiday for man's best friend. some doggone delightful ways to
4:57 pm
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reporter: today is national dog day. "watters world" starts now. reporter: president trump and his entire team have been actively coordinating with officials preparing for this storm. >> they need to recognize there is only one life they have and they need to use that life to get out muc -- out of harm's wa. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. we have a "watters world" investigation into antifa


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