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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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reporter: today is national dog day. "watters world" starts now. reporter: president trump and his entire team have been actively coordinating with officials preparing for this storm. >> they need to recognize there is only one life they have and they need to use that life to get out muc -- out of harm's wa. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. we have a "watters world" investigation into antifa
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violence. president trump's pardon of joe arpaio. hurricane harvey becoming the congressest storm to hit the u.s. in 13 years. adam, what's the latest? reporter: this storm is a tropical storm. it was a category 4 storm. the important area is off to the east of this storm or right side of the storm. running up towards houston over to portions of louisiana. there is rain falling in houston, winds 60 miles per hour. it's a slow mover, this particular system. everything you are looking at in that highlighted area is a tornado watch. the conditions are right for tornadoes. this very defined line moving into the houston metro area, a
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couple of radar indicated, tornado warned storm cells moving into the houston area all associated with this tropical storm. it will continue throughout the overnight hours so we could see a couple more rounds of these storms. the bigger problem going forward is this system won't move a whole lot. so we have the system eventually dropping back down to the coast. pay attention to your time stamp. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. the rain continues to fall, and these numbers get very impressive quickly. so we are under flood watches and warnings as we speak. we are running up into the 30s in some cases. 35 inches of rain on the western side of this. you are getting up closer to
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houston, and we are looking at spots getting up to 25-30 inches. going forward we are talking about the severe weather. but it becomes a rainmaker and it lingers into next week. jesse: the small coastal city of rockport, texas was the hardest hit. emergency crews have had a tough time responding to calls for help due to the life-threatening weather situation. steve harrigan this rockport. reporter: you can see this apartment complex is pretty much destroyed. this young man said, that's my house. that's what's left of it. he just asked for a hand pulling out his big screen tv. people are here to look at what they have left. you can see it's not have much.
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the second floor is completely destroyed and the roofs are gone completely. people are looking at complete devastation. they have been told not to come back here because the conditions are just so bad. there is no electricity. no running water. no cell phone service, and officials said please don't come back because you will only be creating more of a problem. the roads are so bad we have downed power lines. some flooded roads as well. it's dangerous driving but it's hard to blame people to try and come back to their houses to see what they can recover. as far as fatality, when you look at the destruction. you see the crushed cars and destroyed houses you would think of a lot of people killed. but so far only one fatality.
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the mayor caught a lot of grief for saying if you disobey the mandatory evacuation order you should take a sharpie and write your social security number and name on your arm because they will find you dead. it looks like in this complex almost everyone did evacuate. when you look at the result, it's a good thing they did evacuate. as far as the search and rescue operations we have seen them start throughout the day. but it's not where you see you high-tech vehicles and people giving out water. it's been low tech because it's so hard to get to some of these areas. we have seen three volunteer firemen kicking in doors to see if people were dead or alive inside the apartment complexes. so this group here is packing up
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what they can including that big screen tv, all that's left from this storm. jesse: this remind me a little bit of biloxi, mississippi where you saw houses shattered. then the flooding becomes an issue a day or two or three later. describe the similarities and differences you see between katrina and harvey. >> i think katrina had stronger winds and i think the destruction was more total. i think it was a bigger event. but the response has been different this time around. people learned a lot from katrina. this storm surprised a lot of people. i think people expected it to be nothing, and within 48 hours it
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went to a category 4 store. there is probably three or knife more days of real danger. we are hearing today troughic talk on all side about what the flooding will be like. i'll wait and see what it's going to be. but we could have more trouble ahead here. jesse, back to you. jesse: president trump pardoned sheriff joe arpaio. but not everybody is happy about it. people taking advantage of hurricane harvey looting and gouging. wait until you see how texas handles that. ♪
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tests yet as commander-in-chief and his critics are watching. i spoke to kellyanne conway and asked if she was prepared for opponents to politicize the hurricane. kellyanne: our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected. the president has spoken to the governors of texas and louisiana. he has been briefed by his cabinet members. mr. bossert, and we are prepared to assist those in need. we hope people will look at the humanity. but the democrats can't help themselves. every single time the president appears at the podium or there is a crisis or emergency. jesse: never let a crisis go to waste. joining me from houston,
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congressman john culve culverso. >> texans are independent by nature. and we evacuate for water and hunker down for the wind. but houstonians are well prepared for this storm. we know how to deal with them. fortunately we only had 4-10 inches of rain the last 24 hours and the buy yiews and creeks have been able to handle it. jesse: apparently you saw a tornado when you were coming over here on the way to the studio. is that true? >> yes, i sent some photos to your producer. the photo was -- the tornado was photographed by a neighbor. as i was driving into a studio
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from our home in northwest houston. i saw the damage your viewers may be seeing. i took those photographs on the way in. that tornado touched down in northwest houston near copperfield. we counted so far 7 tornadoes in the last 24 hours in the houston area as a result of harvey. jesse: unbelievable they chase a hurricane with a tornado. i want to talk about people who try to take advantage of situations like this. there has been some gouging reported. i want to show you some footage of how foxians deal with gougers. >> you made it $3. it's $3. that's why nobody can find water because people like you are trying to make a profit off a
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crisis. >> people are struggling for water. jesse: there is reports of a looter who tried to intrude on someone's home, shot by the homeowner. >> looters won't live long in texas. the jefferson county sheriff instructed anyone who wanted to loot to take a ballpoint pen and write the name and phone number of their nearest kin, because the people would take care of themselves. we don't want the government telling us when, what and where to do. though we are grateful for the president signing that government order. but texans are self-reliant. we take care of ourselves. jesse: how can we help?
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we are seeing a lot of the devastation. what is it the rest of the country can do? >> that's a great question. donate to red cross. we welcome, if people want to volunteer after the storm is passed, i know our neighbors in louisiana when they had hurricane rita texans poured into louisiana to help clean up, after katrina went into louisiana, we went in to help. then rita came into southeast texas. we welcome volunteers and donations to red cross. we are thank you to the president for signing an executive order for declaring these counties in southeast texas disasters. we are thankful for those who have stepped up to help. we encourage everybody stay
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home, don't wander around. pay attention to the official websites. don't listen to social media. go to jesse: we have a picture of a gator in someone's back porch. i have seen pictures of gators in shopping mall parking lots. besides looters and gougers you have got to look out for a gator. there goes one under the truck. >> gators and snakes and fire ants. they will go right up your leg if you step into a ball. stay out of the floodwaters, stay home and we hope the storm will not dump much more rain on
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the houston area. jesse: we are all praying for you and your constituents. thanks so much. hillary clinton calling donald trump creepy in her new book. an investigation into antifa. the violent left-wing political movement. m. no burning here. try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ditching the cover-up for good? that's cool.
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revolutionary abolitionist movement and actively promote violence against law enforcement personnel. if you have forgotten how violent they can be. check out this montage we put together. jesse: the mainstream media has been surprisingly lenient.
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they started to spring out of the occupy wall street. >> we have seen more white nationalist mega rallies in the last 10 years. what they believe is free speech protected by the first amendment is an impressive lever of
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systemic mistreatment of economically disadvantaged and racially proij minorities. jesse: i have no idea what you just said. why have they grown in popularity? >> two things. we see more of these nazi rallies in the last couple years than we have seen in 10-20. they believe free speech and what they call hate speech is violence. but their adherence to try excellence varies from chapter to chapter. they don't believe in the processes of our democracy. but they believe violence is self-defense. they don't buy into our system of government or first
5:24 pm
amendment. jesse: it's clear from watching the video antifa can't fight. >> they can't throw a punch, they need sticks, and they hide their faces. i have been an mma guy. these are a bunch of animal savages. this has nothing to do with anything other than men trying to take out their anger because they lost an election. i don't know what brian was talking about with free speech. but free speech is free even when you don't like it. the bill of rights doesn't protect you against being offended. jesse: let's respond to that question. i have seen a lot of instances where you have had antifa members stab a shores with a
5:25 pm
knife. they torched a muslim immigrant's limousine during the inauguration? are they becoming way over the line where law enforcement needs to look at them as not just a bunch of street thugs but more of a domestic terrorist group? >> it depends on where. first of all, with regard -- i don't think we need that kind of language. look at what the hell is going none this country. irrespective of your political views, violence is wrong. the far right wing are spoon for two murders at these outfits. people like kyle chapman who starts about talking about starting an organization.
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we don't need anymore of this -- any more this crap. jesse: brian, we have to go to a commercial break. >> let me finish my point. jesse: we have to go to break. >> what we need -- jesse: 30 seconds, brian, go. >> this shows he has no point. that's why you were booted out of the secret service. jesse: let's not make it personal. >> you are a total liar. jesse: brian, you are done. dan, last word. >> i wasn't booted out of the
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secret service, i resigned because i wanted to run for office. brian doesn't understand the bill of rights. antifa is a violent group that attacks people. they don't have the right to not be offended. trying to blame this on the neo-nazis, that's not what this segment was about. it's about antifa. his law degree is tissue paper, it's worthless. some students are saying the southern california's mascot a horse is racist. hear from southern california's scott baio with reaction. 10 requests for white people. wait until you see what they are. that's next.
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mike there are recent accidents involving navy ships comes amid concerns over safety on the shy seas. 10 sailors from mission after the john s. mccain mitt another vessel. ships around the world have been ordered to stop, spree train and focus on safety precautions to prevent more mishappens. medical authorities say that 22 of the 120 wounds in the barcelona attacks are still hospitalized. six of them in critical
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condition. [♪] jesse: as the nation waited for harvey to make landfall in texas last night president trump pardoned maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio for a criminal contempt conviction. a judge ordered him to stop detaining people based upon their suspected immigration status. here is sheriff joe reacting on "hannity" after hearing the news. >> i love that president. he supports law enforcement. and i said pardon or no pardon, i will be with him to the end. jesse: joining me is richard fowler and katie pavlich. katie, were you surprised that president trump issued this pardon? katie: no.
5:33 pm
and nobody should be surprised. he telegraphed this was something he was going to do. this is not a surprise. i find it interesting of course the left is arguing that the president is embracing racism and discrimination when the left has had a problem with joe arpaio all along because he decided not to be a sanctuary county because he decided to turn people over to border patrol and i.c.e. jesse: richard, are you upset about the pardon or because you can't do anything about it. >> the pardon is problematic for a number of reasons. for almost a decade federal judges oured sheriff arpaio about him profiling hispanic individuals in maricopa county for being illegals because of how they walk or because of how
5:34 pm
they look. so he profiled them. jesse: how do illegal aliens walk? >> you should ask him. numerous federal judges said that. jesse: i didn't know you could walk like an illegal. >> you should ask the sheriff. that's what racial profiling is. that's why it's against our 4th amendment. many federal judges said that's part of the problem. this is not a witch hunt by the obama justice department. numerous federal judges, you can look at the court documents, that said this sheriff over and over again profiled hispanic residents in maricopa county. jesse: let me ask you. when were you upset when president trump commute the sentence of a puerto rican
5:35 pm
terrorist who was responsible for the death of four americans and multiple bombings? were you upset by that? >> i was upset about that. jesse: i didn't hear you on television talking about that. what about when the last president commuted chelsea manning. >> i talked about that as well. he was a traitor. but he did it on the final days of his term. he commute the sentence. commuting a sentence and pardoning are two different things. commuting a sentence says you are wrong. jesse: it's a technicality. katie, when marc rich was pardoned, i don't remember a lot of people being upset about that especially since his wife donated to the clinton library. katie: remember when park holder
5:36 pm
was ran guns to mexico and it resulted in the death of a border patrol agent. i lived in arizona for the entire time when joe arpaio was sheriff of maricopa county. illegal immigration affects every county in arizona. i can count 10 people i know who were involved in car accidents with illegal immigrants driving without insurance and were victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. the reason he had six terms in that county as sheriff is because he was doing something about crimes committed by illegals. the reason why he was re-elected so many times because he was fighting for people who were victims of crime while the obama administration was releasing
5:37 pm
criminal aliens back on to them and into our community. jesse: black lives matter, one of their leaders. put out a request for white people. here are some of them. put black people in your will. give your house to a black person. share your income with a black person. and get a racist fired. richard, black lives matter, this seems to be like reparations. is this what you think black lives matter should be focused on? >> i don't know this young lady and i'm not sure if it's satirical. jesse: she is one of the leaders of black lives matter. jesse: she is a co-founder. >> he's not a co-founder. he's a member of the pittsburgh chapter. back to katie's point on sheriff
5:38 pm
arpaio. richard, we -- >> i'm happy to talk about black lives matter. but let me answer the question. jesse: we have 30 seconds left in the block. katie: i'll talk about black lives matter. to say she is not a mainstream black lives matter leader is not true. she absolutely is. >> how can you say that, you don't know her. katie: it's listed in her social profile. >> it means david duke is a member of the republican party. katie: he doesn't say that. katie: i think we have completely gotten off the topic. it's laughable, irresponsible and not the way to unite the
5:39 pm
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jesse: hoik are spent an awful lot of time lately in nature, hiking in the wood, almost like she is looking for something. like reasons why she lost the election. judging by the title of her new book, "what happened?" >> it was the second debate and president trump was looming behind me. the world heard him talk about broken women. we were on a small stage, and no matter where i walked, he followed me closely, starring at me, making faces. he was literally breathing down my neck, my skin crawled. it was one of those moments when
5:44 pm
you wish you could hit pause. and ask everyone, what would you do? do you turn and look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, back up, you creep, get away from me? jesse: joining me now, a trump supporter and actor, scott baio. her name sounds like siri. >> i have a theory about this. i think she is a t-800 series from the cyber knights system. i think she is the terminator. i have never seen her eat food. but here is what's interesting about hillary. she is a smart lady. she for the past i don't know how many decade, has been living with the smoothest politician who ever lived.
5:45 pm
none of his charm, none of his dwrais rubbed off on her at all. i find that amazing. i'm a guy from brooklyn. my wife is from tennessee, and every once in a while i'll say y'all. so i know that kind of thing does rub off. it's fascinating to listen to her. jesse: she is the least charge person you could come into contact with. it seems like the way she was setting up that i hil statements she was going to say donald trump was going to grope her. i don't get it. >> i don't know. i think she is just pissed. she was a slam dunk. she was the next president. she was supposed to crush trump and he crushed her. i'm not slamming here. i'm not.
5:46 pm
eeg ieeg isegostically that's t. jesse: let me get to something around your neck of the woods. usc. they have a mascot. a trojan warrior and horse. the white horse. the guy ride out on the horse for the football games. these students at usc are saying the horse is racist because the horse's name is traveler and robert e. lee also had a horse named traveler spelled differently. can you believe this? >> can i believe it? unfortunately i can believe it.
5:47 pm
for me -- i guess you have got a gripe or you are upset about something. but, you know, the country didn't begin the day you were born. it didn't begin the day i was born. there is a 200-plus year history of this country good and bad. you have got to take the good with the bad. going down this road, what do we do? do we get rid of the william jefferson clinton presidential library because president clinton is married to hillary clinton who once lavished praise on robert bird who was from the kkk? jesse: where do you stop? >> i'm for letting you live your life. don't push your views on me and i won't push my views on you. don't try to erase the wonder
5:48 pm
this country is. and we are not perfect. we screwed up, you siouxe -- i . i screw up. jesse: the guy who ride the horse is hispanic. you can't win with these people. >> i just try to live my life the best i can. the best person i can. i hope and pray everybody would be -- you have your views, love it. i want to hear about it. that's great. as soon as you get violent, i'm out. i don't care what side you are on. i'm out and i don't listen anymore. you have got to do one thing for me. the next time you sit next to
5:49 pm
juan on the 5, i want you to give him a nothingy for me because he was mean to my wife. judge jeanine: i don't know if i'm allowed to put juan in a head lock. what's the military doing to help out texas? ave allergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. one laugh, and hello so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. you're searching for something. whoooo. like the perfect deal... ...on the perfect hotel.
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jesse: hundreds of cities along the texas gulf test are reeling from hurricane harvey. in texas you have state guardsmen? >> yes, states guards and
5:53 pm
national guards. jesse: what are you doing in deploying and helping the people suffering so tragically. >> when this originally started we prepositioned back in san antonio. now those forces moved forward. we have 1,400 texas military bet personnel who moved forward towards places like corpus christi and rockport. and our primary focus is to help the local and state agencies with search and rescue, evacuations, logistics operations, transportation wherever we can. we are a little con trained by the weather still. but we did 8 rescues with
5:54 pm
blackhawk helicopters with task force one personnel. they tell us where to go, spot the people that need to be rescued. we lower them down, slip a hoist around them and take them out of the endangered area. jesse: i remember during hurricane katrina, every part of government walking failing at every level except the military assets that came in and rescues people like what you said the helicopters where they draw down and pick people up off roof tops or stranded locations. and you are together same thing, you are saying as well in the houston area or the flooded areas along the coast? >> that was in rockport it's a partnership kind of thing. the texas military department is the lead on that. we are providing the pilots and
5:55 pm
helicopters. but task force one is providing the people who lowered down from the helicopter and put the harness around them and pulled them out. jesse: i know you guys are on the front lines of these things. it seems you are cording effectively with other agencies. you guys are very brave. and our hearts go out to you. good luck with the rest of the search and recovery. >> i wanted to put a word of caution out there. we are seeing a lot of drones in the area from insurance companies, reports and civilians who want to get footage of the area. those are causing a real risk to an air recovery operation. jesse: no drones you are saying. >> yes. jesse: up next, ask watters.
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we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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jesse: time for "ask watters" where i answer questions you tweeted at me. jack wilson asked me, do you have dental understand? are you saying something is wrong with my teeth? brad schilling tweets. what are saturdays for? jesse: for the boys. everybody knows that. and for "watters world." mayweather or mcgregor. i want mcgregor to win but i think mayweather will beat him. i received a special request from andrew who is under the weather. we hope you feel better soon. that's all for tonight.
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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] reporter: cleaning up in texas but residents are days away from cleaning up from harvey. the strongest hurricane to hit the united states in 16 years blew into texas last night. fox news' live team coverage of the storm, what happened and what is still to come. let's start with matt finnn live in houston. reporter: the storm continues. it may wind down as far as the wind power. but it's not over by any stretch


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