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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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"fox news sunday." [♪] >> massive flooding hits one of >> massive flooding hits one of reporter: massive flooding hit thest lone start state. welcome back to fox fox news' coverage of the flooding in texas. they willet get more rain from e relentless storm on the way. let's begin with steve harrigan who is in corpus christi, texas near ground zero. >> rick, we have been back and forthd between corpus christi d
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rockport. some building are gone almost entirely. you can look in through broken walls. see children' toys and see their whole life scattered all over the place. right now first responders are on the way. help is arriving in the area. the national guard set up a staging area. they are giving out meals ready to eat as well as water. initially the first responders were largely volunteers. it was a low-tech operation. no cell phone service, no electricity. power lines down, difficult to move around. firefighter, sometimes two or three at a time with no communication. just with axes going from door to door.
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using their axes knocking down the doors shouting inside, "is anyone still alive in" we saw volunteers coming to the aid of people they didn't even know. a man and his wife going door to door with a flashlight. after a few minutes he said i have no understand but at least i'm alive. they haveno seen a devastation, they see their own lives in tatters. you don't see a lot of whining along the coast of can. you seeee them dealing with deep
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sadness. stunned by the defend staying butxa helping each other and now more help on the way. rick: many often don't leave their homes. in this caseop did people get o? reporter: people did get out. a lot of people were evacuated here through corpus christi. when you look at the apartment building that have been collapsed. the mayor of rockport said if you don't leave rockport you should write with a sharpie your social security number and name on your arm because they will probably be pulling you out as a corpse. it got a lot of attention and got him some flack. but when you see buildings that were completely destroyed, you realize it made a lot of sense. people are not being asked to go back because there is no infrastructure in place.
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i saw a young man pull out a large screen television from him home. he pointed to what was really a square of air with a bunch of charred of wood on the bottom, that was his house. he managed toal advantage that big screen television. are you having issues with cell service and getting emails and making phonems calls? reporter: we had a satellite phone with us. so it's a challenge in these storms to keep the team together and get a signal out. but we have a lot of different ways to try to get it up. we are trying to get you pictures of people in hard times in difficult circumstance. rick: we are going to go to rick in meyerland dealing with the
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aftermath of this storm. it's dumped 9 trillion gallons of water. >> we are in the southwestern portion of meyerland. as we were preparing for our live shot we had fema pulling out into a boat shouting out into homes. >> x drove from utah. our initial assignment was to collect people who are medically sick and couldn't get out of the house. we checked the houses, now we are moving back toward the collection point where we'll pick up children or people who are sick. we were just asking, is there any sick or young children who need toer go. we are heading back in right now. >> what have you seen the past couplewe hours? >> a lot of people take together
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freeway. most of of the people like i said earlier, they were injured and could not get out. taking a lost animals, a lot of dogs and cats. whatever we could get in the boat. reporter: you are here from utah? >> p. yes. reporter: what happens if you find a woman or child who need assistance? them in the boat and go back to the collection point. our task force prioritizes calls that came into 9/11. wheelchair bound or sick, has heart problems or issues with theirou health. >> what are you seeing tonight? what are the emotions running through your mind? >> it will take a long time. >> i want to introduce you to porsche. g she said it would be a total loss. she trieded smog it last night.
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said water had inundated it. nowa she is slowly watching ito under water. our thought and prayers are with you. what are the thoughts running through your mind as you see the water. >> we moved over here wednesday. it's sad and heartbroken. reporter: we have seen people abandon their homes in this neighborhood. >> it was water in the kitchen. and they are older people so they hurt my heart, too. they have been here since 1999. that's a long time. but it really hurt. reporter: where do you go from here. the forecasters say this will last foran a coup of days. might you leave your home eventually? >> we are on the second floor so thank god for that. but it's really sadreporter: ths
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6,000 acres. a huge residential area in southeastern houston. we had police and authority tell us this one of the hardest hit areas. these walls of saturating water just keep coming. but we'll keep you updated. we just had a woman walk past us who was nearly falling over carrying her tv out of her house. she was begging for help. that's what she carried out of her house. back tod you, rick. rick: for the woman you just interviewed. there has been heat on the mayor for not ordering a mandatory evacuation fromm the city of houston. if he had, would she have gotten
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out? >> porsche, there is some heat on the mayor for not ordering a mandatory evacuation. do you think you might have if you saw come across your tv that you had to get out? >> of course. i would have got my family and we would have been out of here a long time ago. reporter: there is your answer. we have seen people heed some of the warning. but to your point there was no mandatory evacuation. rick: is there any idea how many people might be in homes now that night has fallen? reporter: i think houston police tweeted out they rescued 1,100 people in a number of different rescues. we have been in this neighbor neighborhood for a couple hours.
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we sawen a family abandon their homes. they put their little dog on a pool raft. we said where are you going from here? an answer. have there isth a woman who didn't wt to be on camera. but right before we came on she wasin pleading for help. we'll help her after this. but that's the type of stories we are seeing here. we heard this is going to be a five-day there is a wall of rain coming down. it's been raining steady soaking drenching rain. so it's going to continue getting worse. the land beneath me is turning into a muddy, sloppy mess, and the water keeps driving, rick. rick: let's talk to fox news meteorologist adam klotz. the rain still coming down and it sounds like it will still be coming down for a couple of days.r
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adam: it's been nasty especially on the eastern side of this. we have been seeing a lot of heat in thehe gulf of mexico picking up a lot of energy rolling across the land. at times we are spinning tornado and heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. you can put in motion these band still packing a punch moving toward the houston area. it's been wave after wave after wave. that's going to be continuing here through the overnight hours. here are the current rainfall numbers. radar estimated getting up in a wide area. you are looking at numbers anywhere from 18 to 24 inches or so. you can see the very light colors bringing you in tighter. you start to get light pings or white colors and you are getting 25 inches of rain, including the
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metro area of houston. is there any light at the end of this tunnel? unfortunately not thiser is our forecast track, or spaghetti models. but they have pretty good agreement this will shift back down towards the coast then turn and run up the coast towards houston, actually running over houston. this is running you into wednesday. from tonight all the way into wednesday. so that rain continues that entire time before thursday and friday where they will get more motion out of this and it gets out of the way. that's a long period of time and we'll be seeing a lot more rain. here is a quick look at totals. more inches than we have already seen. perhaps double it. double all that standing water by the middle of next week.
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rick: i head a 60-inch total would be once in a million year event. to put into perspective how ridiculous 50 inches of rain is. adam: houston gets 50 inches of rain in a year. rick: we want to go on the phone to lieutenant governor dan patrick. we are talking about ridiculous amounts of rain falling in houston and obviously the city is struggling. >> yes, rick. without question. i have been here for 38 years and have been through a lot of these storms. i pray there will never be anything like this again for texas or anyone else. we are as prepared as anyone can possibly be. we have such great volunteer effort of neighbors helping
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neighbors along with their first responders. but this is just a massive storm. rick, if you have think about this in stages, right now we are in rescue. we are trying to save lives. we are pulling people off roof tops, off balconies as and as your reporter earlier said most people have joy when they are they don't want to lose what they have. a man who was rescued off a balcony with his 6-year-old son. he said i lost my car, we don't have our clothes clothes, just a backpack. i expect those numbers at some level to go up. the next step is rescue and recovery. and the next step is rebuilding. but these thousands and
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thousands of people are going into shelters. but then what's next? where do they go? and i know dallas will take in 5,000 people and other cities will help us out. but we'll havego hundreds of thousands homeless. the homes will be uninhabitable. businesses won't be able to operate. i love texas and i love our spirit and we'll get through this. but we are in for a long-haul. rick: we heard houston police rescued at least 1,100 people and there are more rescues going on by the other agencies. but we also heard because it's night and it's dangerous out there, how concerned are you about people in need right now and won't see anyone coming to their homes until perhaps 6, 8, 10, 12 hours from now?
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>> i'm very concerned. there was an effort today by the coast guard and the department of public safety and local officialsal to rescue as many children, senior citizens, get as many people off roof tops as possible. at one point there was a few in terms of people calling 911. many people on the second floor of their apartment or homes or attics. they did the best job they could possibly do. we are putting all the manpower we can possibly put in. we have 3,000 state troops we sent into this area. almost 1,000 eps officers and game wardens it's a massive issue. last night this storm -- a lot of people were out on a saturday night. we didn't have much rain in houston saturday. they were going to the mosties
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and going to dinner. and a lot of people got caught tonight in were many people, hundreds that had to live in their cars overnight. butin you can't put the first responders at risk. last week governor abought encouraged evacuations of houston, and the mayor didn't want to do that. the mayor, sylvester turner, resisted those calls and spoke about that. i want to play a sound bite and your reaction to it. >> absolutely you know, we talked and we agreed that the best course of action for the people in the city of houston and harris county was for the people to stay in place. there was a lot of conversations about the direction in which
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hurricane harvey was going to go. noic one knew which direction it was going to go it's difficult to send people away from danger when you don't know where the danger is. rick: lieutenant governor, your reaction? >> i'm not going to get into politics at thiss point. my focus is on saving lives. what governor abbott said was if he were in houston he might take a vacation and get out of town. i'm not saying the mayor was wrong, but there was heavy rain predicted for this. no one saw this amount of rain. but this just isn't a time for politics. we'll figure out all of that later. keep in mind the city of houston and harris county it's the third largest county in the country.
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soer the mass evacuation is its own issue as well. but it's a big issue. this storm hit rockport, texas. and here we are in houston getting the brunt of it. that's like a storm hitting rockefeller center in fork and boston getting the damage. 200 miles between houston andmi rockport. san antonio has been hit. that's 200 miles from houston. but i'm going to stay out of the politics of it. ask america to go to we have had help from other states. we need that assistance. the president has done a good
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job getting us up front with right away. we still need help. but i want to send a message to america. we are one in texas. at a time when i see so much division in this country for so many things. there are no republicans or democrats. there is no black, white and brown flips no liberals or conservatives. there is everybody helping everybody. get in the boat. get pout your jet skis and help someone. it's a texas-size disaster and texas-size effort. sex will i get it done with a little helpfo from our friends d we'll bee fine. but right now it will be a struggle for everyone. rick: a good luck and god speed. we have plenty more ahead with live t reports across the statef texas and up-to-the-minute information.
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our live coverage continues in just a moment.
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have randy from the army corps of engineers on the phone with us. he tells her your agency is doing in the houston area tonight? >> thank you for having the corps of engineers here to talk about what we are doing. first off because of the extreme nature of the ongoing weather that we have in the houston area, we will likely have to release intermittent amounts of water from both the reservoirs to reduce the risk of flooding in the houston metropolitan area. we will plan on doing this beginning at 2:00 a.m. on monday morning. we will be releasing some and then on the other dam at 11:00 a.m. on wednesday. >> just reading about this. about the release of the floodwater from two flood control dams. it seems counterintuitive that you release more water into the community that is a ready
9:26 pm
buried in water but the reason for this -- >> the reason we are doing this, the two flood control systems were designed to reduce flooding in the greater houston area. as we are collecting water in the reservoirs, what we found is if we start releasing a little bit of water now, we will not have to, we will not get into what the uncontrolled releases. so we can control the amount of water she released little by little. if we keep storing it and we reach maximum capacity that we would have uncontrolled areas and that would cause more flooding to the houston area. >> i read that all 22 of the watersheds spilled over their banks. i'm wondering if that has any relation to what happened in the new orleans area after katrina. is there any comparison between the two communities and the
9:27 pm
situation they are facing? >> what i can recall from being in new orleans, it was due to the storm surge. this surge is not as great during this incident. the storm existing a very long time dumping a massive amount of rain. >> and how much is still on the way? >> that is basically why we are taking these proactive measures now. because the thing is we do not want to keep water in the reservoirs to where they exceeded capacity. his wife we are releasing little by little now so we can store more that is projected to come down in the future. >> how confident are you that this will do anything? >> the engineering manuals dictate how we respond.
9:28 pm
the structures have performed in the past under these circumstances. we have the texted floods of 2016. this rain this year is expected to surpass the one in 2016. there is no way of telling what all mother nature is going to deliver at the end of the day. >> randy, with the army corps of engineers we appreciate your time and we hope that what you are doing will have some positive effect here on a storm that has been described as catastrophic. and unprecedented. joining is now on the phone, texas congressman john culberson whose district includes houston and the surrounding area. congressman, your reaction to congressman, your reaction to >> houston is experiencing what experts tell me is a 1,000-plus
9:29 pm
year flood event unprecedented in the state's history. it as difficult as catastrophic as this is. we have seen examples of houstoniansve stepping up to hep each other. people taking strangers into their homes. it is a great illustration of the strength of the human spirit and in the midst of a absolute catastrophic flooding events unlike anything we've seen before. >> the mayor chose not to evacuate last weekend the lieutenant governor said he did not want to get into politics tonight. but i'm wondering if you have an opinion on this. whether they should have evacuated people and perhaps had fewer rescues to worry about? >>? and texas have a long history of being self-reliant and
9:30 pm
prepared for events like this. we were warned well in advance. people stocked up on all of the essential supplies. and we are ready for the event. the one thing we are were not ready for anything none of us could have predicted accurately was the scale of the rainfall. which in some instances and some areas it could reach 50 inches. this is an unprecedented and unheard of amount of rain. i do not think anyone could have predicted this. so as texans we that live near the gulf coast or are used to these big storms no one has seen anything like this before. to evacuate the city of houston is, it is just hard to imagine. no could have predicted this. but right now we are all doing our best to help each other, support each other, evacuate where we can. bringing in strangers and friends. and then hoping and praying the real slack off and help us. >> how tribalism is it to see
9:31 pm
was happening in your city? >> it is heartbreaking to see the city i love so much. i was born and raised here. we lived on the far northwest side now for the last 23 years. we are seeing homes flood, that have never flooded before. nursing water covering streets and bridges. and we are seeing levels we've never seen before. this is unheard of for extremities to come in. this thing has turned around and is heading back out to see where it looks like it will make a turn to the north once it backs out complete came in and come almost directly over the city of houston. what is really hurting us now and causing us unprecedented flooding is the long bands of rain that lined up like boxcars on a train and philip over the ocean and then drop them on the city. >> congressman you have a long road ahead. we have to wrap up. we appreciate your time,
9:32 pm
congressman culberson. coming up, and other live report reviews appear more than 250 highways have been closed because of high water and we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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live coverage. we have flooding and rain from hurricane harvey, not over yet. we are going to carolina now. what is the situation there? >> do you want to see the sweetest site we've seen since we arrived in houston?it is dark but take a look. can you see it? it is black top. we have not seen enough laptops as we arrived yesterday. you can even see the striped line down the middle. we have been here and has been under 8 to 9 feet. we are seeing people plug folks up of groups. we were looking for holes to see where people had used their axes to get through. we all piled into a humvee to get to this high point. they had no headlights but they blew the horn when they went through these intersections and fortunately we made it to the spot. there have been some reports of looting, people taking
9:37 pm
advantage of people that have evacuated. people that have gotten out of town. the constables here are doing the best they can. they are all staying in local hotels. but they need a presence here. they said that there has been some crime in the area and they are doing their best. the constables, the sheriff deputies and police officers and volunteers have been all over the town leading the rescue effort, working hand in hand. these folks, we were with them and they had big vehicles, they were with the big humvees. they were getting process safety and now they are in a different neighborhood making sure there is no looting, no stealing. there is nothing that we have seen in the aftermath of some of these hurricanes. and one of these officers walked out. the last of the folks to go here, young couple with two babies and two dogs, one of the officers cannot convert them some dingdong's and smiles for the little kids. >> i say on a highway that was virtually empty.
9:38 pm
earlier today that was an eerie scene. i'm wondering, what kind of things really stood out for you today in your travels around the houston area? >> sure. associate with the roads look like now. we actually got separated from our crew. i know you worked with before. they are on six and they cannot get to us so we are not sure how will the back to them. roads are closed. nothing official. you just go up, it is high water you cannot. he spoke with some tote drivers in the said those were loading up these cars and taking them down the road. they need to get home. some people were jumping out of their cars just keep them there. they were working on the walls, literally down the middle of the interstate. because he needed to get home to their families. they were stuck in their cars. it was just amazing but you asked me what stuck out for me the most? it was the volunteers. folks head underwater, their homes were underwater but they had a boat that they used to go duck hunting.
9:39 pm
they used it for pleasure and they heard the call, they dropped it in the water and started rescuing. we had one woman with her six month old baby is a doctor. he was at home. she threw her hands up in the air and said please please to high ground. we humbly serve the road to her. she hopped out and a man stuck his hands as give me that they be we are taking to safety. so it is absolutely amazing to see the volunteers, the officials all working hand-in-hand. >> it looks like the lights were on the store you are standing next to. i'm guessing nothing is really open in houston tonight. no! this exxon, they have dingdong's for sale and they have coffee with we were just die. he needs a raise and i'm sure he has a small overtime. he is been suggested. >> now i know why you are there. for the dingdong's. >> exactly. >> thank you for your hard work today. now we are going to -- tell us
9:40 pm
about your involvement in the storm. >> we have got 3000 texas military department that we are working to get 3000 people on the ground. we have over 200 trucks, 200 humvees, 14 helicopters going around the clock 24/7. on the ground right now. we're putting people in trucks getting into shelters. we have had over 54 helicopter rescues.we are seeing an awful lot of activity out there as it stands right now. >> we know that the new york police department, fire department were sending in a rescue team also the national guard. helicopters and a plane. we heard from someone from utah earlier also. i imagine that many states are providing health. who is coordinating all of this? >> it is still all going through the texas governor's office ultimately. but we have, you are right we have seen certain rescue teams
9:41 pm
from all over the place. dps, texas task force one, we have you know there are tons of civilian volunteers helping us as well.all of that is going on at once. it has been a remarkable effort and it is all being coordinated at this table. >> is suspended overnight, is that correct? >> some of them will be suspended overnight but as far as i know helicopter rescues are going to continue. for the vehicles that can fly or move at night, some of them, i do not think we are shutting down. this is incredibly dangerous work colonel. >> yes, that is true. >> thank you for your time and the efforts of your team and obviously that will continue because the need is still very very dire. texas attorney general will be joining us live. our coverage from texas what's up guys? we're dude perfect. make sure you check out bass pro shops' fall hunting classic, the biggest hunting show and sale of the year. (male announcer) hey, it's time for great deals on great gear!
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'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. next despite the stories of
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heroism pouring in from across the lone star state there are also some -- unfortunate incidents of looting and price gouging. one is not with the texas attorney general ken paxton. attorney general thank you for being with us tonight. >> think you have me on. i hope your viewers are praying for these people. it becomes harder to rescue people at night that are trapped. >> absolutely. the best or the worst of times can bring out the best and people but also the worst in people as we are seeing. what are you hearing now about looting, price gouging going on in the houston area? >> we obviously have problems with -- my office is really focused on the price gouging. over 325 complaints just yesterday. all over the area affected. >> what kind of complaints? >> overcharging for water up to $42 a case. another $99 a case. we also have gas stations
9:47 pm
overcharging for gas. you also hear complaints about hotels being overcharged their rate. it is a wide variety of areas and we are getting reports through internet and hotlines about the cases. we get out to tough these people quickly. >> what can you do about it? >> we have some severe penalties. legislature thought about this many years ago. $20,000, up to 20,000 as a fine and if it is a senior citizen is up to $250,000. people are aware of this but the penalties should be a preventative measure. >> people may not be aware of it, now is your chance to tell the businesses in your district and your region. what is what. >> that is exactly right. and that is why we are so aggressive. i people working all weekend taking phone calls. we've been in the media explaining the law and letting people know about the
9:48 pm
penalties. i just do not think people normally think about price gouging. especially since we do not have that many natural disasters people are unaware. >> attorney general, you tweeted earlier a one or two people that were not heeding the warnings from law enforcement about the dangers and what is putting officers -- came tells about that? >> your first responders out there trying to do their job. you have people looting and other people getting in the definitely impacts the ability of first responders to get out and do their job. that is what we concerned about. we want our first responders you have the opportunity to do their jobs and not have interference. >> what is the biggest concern? what is the biggest warning to people in terms of what they should and should not be doing tonight, tomorrow and the next few days? >> we will concern initially with people calling 9-1-1 that did not really have an emergency. that was the initial thing we wanted to make people aware of.
9:49 pm
that they should not call 9-1-1 and this it is a dire emergency. that was really the main thing. the other was just stay off the highways and stay out of the way. there is so much that needs to be done with these massive totals of rainfall that we literally have never seen before. >> how concerning is it for you to watch these pictures of these rescues and see how bad things are in south texas? you know it is tremendously bad. i've never seen anything like this.i live in texas for over 30 years and we just never experienced anything like this. i would say that it has been surprising to me, i think is a testament to the work without governor and local officials like the mayor of houston. the works of the federal government that we have had fewer fatalities than you would expect from a storm of this magnitude. and one that has covered so much of our coastline. i know there is lots more that we face going forward but the reality is i think we have done an amazing job of rescuing people and keeping people out
9:50 pm
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texas flooding in the aftermath of hurricane harvey.
9:54 pm
lesko two lauren blanchard, what is the scene there tonight? >> it is really a devastating area here in dickinson texas. you can see behind me, the streets have been turned into rivers. we have been watching boat after boat of people full coming in from these areas, these homes where they had to be rescued. not only by volunteers but by first responders. it is truly a tragic site as we just saw. we are right now on the northbound i 45. the same between galveston and houston. there were people lining the highway waiting for buses to come pick them up and consultants. what's happening is he supposed to go out rescue people that were. buses were picking about taking the shelters. there were families with kids and animals, elderly couples
9:55 pm
and people with plastic garbage bags full of belongings. people carrying what looked like, you can only imagine their prized possessions. knowing that they might go back to homes that are no longer there. one gentleman we spoke with said that his house about a mile from here was when he left, it was four feet underwater. he had just lost his wife about a month and and a half ago. it was truly one of the saddest things i have seen. this is very much a devastated area. >> how are the first responders holding up tonight? >> we have seen a number of them coming and going. they are working tirelessly. we did get some news a little bit ago that to texas game wardens had been injured in the search and rescue. we heard a big commotion just before we got the tips that this had happened. we can only imagine that is what the commotion was about.
9:56 pm
another been taken to an emergency room on galveston island but unfortunately this time we just do not know exactly what happened for their condition right now. >> will follow up on that lauren, thank you ♪ it's happening, it's happening! in the modern world, you can control just about anything with an app. your son is turning on all the lights again! you can do the same with your car insurance with the esurance mobile app. esurance. click or call. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there.
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