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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 29, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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are beyond shameful. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. more e straight ahead as tucker gets underway. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we open with a fox news alert. welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the president arrived in texas today as the state is still grappling with the devastating flooding caused by hurricane harvey. more than a dozen people have been confirmed dead. the rain is still coming down tonight. fox news trace gallagher is in king wood, texas where he joins us. trace? >> we are in lake houston, tucker. have you got to see this. they just rescued a deer. the last rescue boat out here tonight. they rescued about 400 and some people. some people just won't leave. they are telling them, look, these books are just going to be ending for tonight. if you see a boat come by you need to get on it because there might not be another one. as you said president trump
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were in corpus christi. he and the first lady were taken to underground command center and he got the lay of the land. he got statistics how much damage was happened in houston. they also gave him an outline, if you will, on what needs to be done in this very long recovery. listen now to the president. >> this has been a total cooperative effort. again, i will see you soon. i will tell you this is historic. it's epic what happened. but, you know what? it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. thank you all, folks. thank you. >> yeah, texas can handle anything. and then the president got a chance to fly over and look at the damage for himself on his way from corpus christi to austin, texas. and when he got to austin, texas, he had a very good understanding that the government is going to be in this for the long haul. listen again. >> the sad thing is that
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this is long term. nobody has ever seen anything this long and nobody has ever seen this much water. the wind was pretty horrific but the water has never been to the extent. and it's maybe some day going to disappear. we keep waiting. >> i just want to show you this, tucker, very quickly. because this is what the president saw from 30,000 feet. look at this. i mean, these are hundreds of houses in a very upscale neighborhood here in lake houston and the damage is just unfathomable. 400 people taken out on rescue boats. we're among the last of them tonight, tucker. >> tucker: not just people, but deer. good for them. thanks a lot, trace. i appreciate that. >> sure. >> tucker: so much going on in houston and the world, you would think maybe the press would have more to worry about than what the first lady wears. no. after melania trump was spotted boarding air force one in a pair of high heels many outlets and pundits decided that is proof that
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the first lady is modern day marie antoinette. she heads to hurricane zone sky high skil stilettos flood watch barbie. this outfit literally screams i'm out of touch elitist and what is a hurricane. the "new york times" tried philosophically when is a shoe not a shoe. whether the headlines caused it or not. she had changed into sneakers. she was not seen eating cake. tammy bruce is a radio show host and joins us tonight. i'm reading these, tammy, i'm not much of a huge feminist but i bet you marie del rousseau is. here she is judge ago woman on foot wear. that sounds like the war on women to me. what do i know as a man. take it away. >> clearly a lot of sexism going on there. do you know what it's really based in? they are harpies. they are jealous and envious. melania trump is a woman who is dressed always appropriately based on the
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circumstance. she exited the white house in a pair of heels she felt was appropriate and yet a pair of slacks and a jacket. clearly going to an airplane which already had her change of clothes prepared for her to change in to so that she would be ready for what she needed to be wearing going into that disaster zone. but, you know, the trump haters, people who prefer to think badly of other people are going to do this. also, the first lady is very well liked. she has had tremendous impact where she goes. she makes a big difference. the president clearly also has helped a lot of people based on his enthusiasm and encouragement which is part of his job, of course. i think they just want to drag other people down. the american people see that for what it is. i think obviously most of us are very proud of the first lady. >> tucker: here's the weird thing i don't personally have strong feelings about melania trump one way or the other. i don't know her. i do remember really well the rule that all of us learned during the last campaign hillary clinton taught it to us and that is when you criticize one
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woman, you are criticizing all women. an attack on one is an attack against all. >> yeah. >> tucker: but melania seems like she is getting exemption from that. how does this work? >> i think that, of course, they are being hypocritical and they say that when it works for them. at the same time, you have got melania trump who really does exemplify the nature of somebody who is doing what she wants to do, is in charge of her environment, is proud of her appearance. knows what it's like and chooses to approach being first lady in a way that can make all of us proud. but, mostly what it is, too, is, again, i come back to the issue of what you have like the mean girls at school. have you somebody who comes in, that people are jealous and then they attack her because either it's unfamiliar or they see what they want to see because they can't admit that, in fact, this couple is good for the country, that melania trump is good also when it comes to the issue she is working on as a great mother. has a great reputation in new york for how she has
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taken care of barron and her household. so i think that this is also when you are dealing with a group like i don't know vanity fair and "people" magazine who really make a living on either telling people how to live or highlighting the rich and famous, i think it's a little hypocritical at that point. >> tucker: it's definitely situational feminism. i would love to get a list of people protected from feminism and those who aren't. maybe we will get a list some day. to cnn, i have got to admit i feel a little guilty showing this video because i have had uncomfortable videos myself. probably nothing like this though. the network tried to talk to a flood survivor in houston today and got this response. watch. >> y'all trying to interview people during their worst times like that's not the smarteddest thing to do. >> sorry. >> people are really breaking down and you are all sitting here with microphones and microphones what the [bleep] is wrong. and my kid is wet. and you are still putting a microphone in my face. >> sorry. >> melissa flordz, it sounds like have you a very upset
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family there. >> tucker: it does sound like a very upset family. >> sure. >> upset specifically at cnn. i mean, can you think of anything more unsettling than having survived a natural disaster than a cable news network. >> we have seen. this this is something most americans have wanted to say to reporters who try to catch people at their most vulnerable either in evacuation situation, in an emergency, at a funeral. it's almost like disaster porn or grief porn. she said what i think a lot of americans say when you get into this. but also i would have to say that with all the new media, with everyone being exposed to much media and being in the media, i think people might be feeling a lot more comfortable to say what's on their mind these days. >> tucker: probably. >> especially to reporters. >> tucker: that's apparently true. tammy bruce, it's always great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: professor at university of tampa is out of a job tonight after he suggested that harvey was
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karmaic retribution for those who voted for president trump last fall in the election. >> this truly puts new into the term trump derangement syndrome. kenneth was a professor of all things sociology at the university of tampa. sunday, in the middle of this epic storm, this man teaching the next generation actually tweeted texans deserved this because, wait for it, they helped elect donald trump. story tweeting, quote: i don't believe in instant karma but this kind of feels like it for texas. hopefully this will help them realize the g.o.p. doesn't care about them. now, you can imagine there was a justifiable freakout on social media. when people started pretty pressing storey about it he dug in. the good people there need to do more to stop the evil their state pushes. i'm only blaming those who support the g.o.p. there how charitable of him to only blame the republicans and not the democrats braving the storm.
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as for weather, he was suggesting trump supporters in tampa and the rest of the sunshine state also should suffer from a nasty storm. storey said this, yep, those who voted for him here deserve it as well. well, the professor on monday tried to change his story, tweeting his regret, swearing he wanted everyone affected by harvey to recover and he never meant to wish any ill will on any particular group or party. not enough for the university of tampa. today they fired storey, quote, we condemn the comments and sentiment behind them and understand the pain this irresponsible act has caused. as floridians we are well aware of the destruction and suffering associated with tropical weather. indeed they do. making this all the more horrifying from a professor of sociology which teaches, yes, the functioning of human society. tucker? >> tucker: what percentage of sociology professors agree. in fact what% of faculty lounges are deranged like certifiable.
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like a lot. maybe something wrong with the system. >> i have never gotten a question like that. >> tucker: i won't press to you answer. i think we all know it's a very high percentage. >> how could he do this you deserve it because you voted for donald trump. >> tucker: a guy at the college i went to tweeted out let them all die because they live in a world where that's okay. >> thought they could survive this and the school after, you know, a twitter storm said no. >> tucker: the great ed henry. thank you. >> see you, buddy. >> tucker: piece activists press is aware that antifa are actually violent. talk to a journalist who has encountered that violence firsthand while continuing to bring you the latest from houston, texas. the rain remarkably still falling on that flooded city. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why.
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: you are looking at live pictures of the president coming back from his trip to texas. he returned after viewing the catastrophic damage there. back to andrews air force base. right across the river from washington, d.c. meanwhile, back home, people are waking up to the routine violence of left wing activist at protests. have you seen it a lot in the past couple of weeks in the name of stopping fascism. agitators are showing up at rallies and quickly getting violent. this past weekend even "the washington post" was forced against its will no question to admit that violence in berkeley, california was the work of masked left wingers. journalist tim poole recently attended one of these rallies and quickly became the target of threats. watch. [chanting] >> 'ow. >> sorry. >> 'ow.
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>> got to go [bleep] >> get out of here. get the [bleep] out of here. >> you believe what they say though? you really believe them? >> do what? >> by the same token. >> that's naive. >> come on. >> i'm not a tough guy. i'm a journalist. >> i'm not making a joke out of it though. >> this is my life [bleep] >> get your phone out of here [bleep] >> tucker: tim poole the man being barked at in that video joins us as does former berkeley radical. thawnks for joining us. i watched that whole video yesterday. it's really really menacing. but it raises the question i have had since the beginning which is who are these people? the masked people, the black block antifa, however you are pronouncing it, where do they come from? is this a full-time gig and what do they believe. >> it tends to be a mix of
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people. predominantly i found that they are communists. there is a lot of socialists involved and some anarchists typically when you see the violence, the people who are willing to be more violent tend to be communist. that's more of, i guess, structured ideology whereas the anarchists are a little loose and don't believe in the authority. that video is not even the worst. that's one of the more recent. this guy didn't touch me. i have been physically attacked by people associated with the far left and antifa in the past. this is like i say one of the more recent instances where they confronted me for seemingly no reason. he doesn't know what i'm doing. i was just walking by in boston with a camera. and immediately i got bombarded by a group of people with masks on just yelling at me. >> tucker: right. if you are looking for the face of hate it's that right there. there have been a bunch of mug shots of these guys after getting arrested and without the face coverings, mostly young, middle class whited kids. not a very diverse group interestingly enough.
11:17 pm
so donna, you were a campus radical some time ago in berkeley. a part of an earlier generation. correct me if i am wrong, but the generation you belonged to had strong political views, ones i disagree with you about at its core there was a belief in free speech. wasn't there? >> absolutely. that's berkeley. that's free speech. >> tucker: well, that's gone. i don't hear anybody mourning its passing. presumably a lot of mainstream media liberals still believe in free speech. it was one of the pillars of their movement, of what they believe. but i don't hear them standing up to demand the right of others they disagree with why? >> no. i should have said that was berkeley. it's ironic that it was berkeley for free speech and now it's where ground central is for eliminating crushing free speech. every protest now is being crushed. doesn't matter who it is or what it is.
11:18 pm
>> tucker: well, it's really really noticeable. tim, what do they want? what does this group want? >> unfortunately it's not one group of people. it's just tends to be a fractured group of people who share enough of their ideologies that they are willing to get violent to do it. often i find that many of them truly believe they are fighting a revolution against, you know, the empire the united states. and i will say that some of these people have very jit mat grievances. as soon as they decide to get violent to push those ideas they discredit themselves. but, unfortunately, i don't think there is a unified cause behind them. many of the people that we're seeing today associated with antifa were just anti-capitalist protesters four years ago. occupy wall street they would chant -- today they chant antifa shalista. it's hard to pinpoint single group ideology is. it tends to change with the trend. >> tucker: that's kind of the point i'm making. we were forever trying to book some of these people because i'm sincerely
11:19 pm
interested in what they're after. but donna, i mean if you look back at the protest movements of 50 years ago almost all of them had a specific goal either a civil rights bill, end the vietnam war. end to segregated accommodations. i don't think i understand what the goal of this group is other than burning everything down. do you? >> that's the goal. they have no driving philosophy. they are just all about an arcky. and even if there is a couple anarchists in there it makes the whole group anarchists. that's all they want is anarchy. that's why they fight against free speech in boston or against antiracism in berkeley. it doesn't matter what. if people are out there expressing themselves antifa is there to shut them down. >> tucker: well, it's obviously a fight against sylvester itself ansizzles itse. againstivization itself. mike rowe kept himself away from politics. one man online baited him
11:20 pm
and tried to lump him in with radical crazies. mike rowe will respond to that person next. most articulate response we have aired in a long time. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> tucker: another live look at flooding in the flooding in the city of houston. dams have been breaching today ominously as the president returns from tracking the damage. we will track developments there. we will keep you updated as
11:24 pm
we get them. mike rowe is a champion of working americans. he promotes the dignity of honest blue collar labor and the people though do it. he doesn't talk about politics very much because why we? recently online critic tried to promote row was promoting white nationalism by simply being a political. here is how roe exphawnd. hi chuck let me say how much i dislike your post everything about it annoys me your smug and snarky tone your asmawlg glamour your complete lack of evidence to support your claims and of course the overarching fallacy that forms your entire position. it's worth reading if you haven't already. go to google. meantime, mike rowe joins us tonight. good to see you. >> good how are you? >> tucker: favorite response i have read in a long time. let me tell you how much i dislike your post. >> he got me at a weak moment. >> tucker: it's interesting because you went on to try to concede part of his point when you said actually i don't address politics. had you this line in here i
11:25 pm
underlined it because i liked it so much. i'm quoting i can't think of a single celebrity whose political opinion i value and i'm not going to assume the country feels any differently about mine. i love that. >> well, i occupy some weird real estate, you know, because i run a nonpartisan foundation. and i use facebook extensively both to raise money and to get the word out about closing the skills gap and work ethic scholarship program. and when you run a foundation like that, you know, you come face-to-face with all kinds of educational topics. you come face-to-face with all kinds of work-related things. and today, as you certainly know, everything is politicized. but those two topics in particular they break down. so i normally -- i don't respond online to people who call me names. i don't care. i actually kind of like it. but this guy conflated racism with politics, with my foundation and really in
11:26 pm
a kind of a tonelogical rhetorical way wound up insulting five million of my friends and supporters. look, 200 years ago it would have been pistols at dawn. today it's like, okay, if this is what we are going to do, please come back with some organized thoughts and make a persuasive case. otherwise, don't. >> tucker: you certainly won that engagement. i'm not sure i can do this justice. but you have this -- you are trying to explain why his logic doesn't hold up. and you use the same set of reasoning. same method of reasoning to explain why he himself is a bigot based on his spelling. can you explain to our audience how you did that? [laughter] well, i think in the very first line what chuck basically did was he worked off an assumption. and the assumption was white nationalists and white supremists are all academic, the opposite of academic elitist.
11:27 pm
they think everybody who went to college is an elitist. he then argued that republicans are promoting antiintellectualism as a trope. by con flacket white supremacy and republican dogma without offering any proof, he essentially pivoted and said republicans love you, conservatives love you, ergo white nationalists love you and because you have remained silent in the face of recent events, then you, in fact, are tacitly endorsing their love of bad things, vis-a-vis their affection for your foundation. it was very odd and bleak and nuanced kind of argument. it's not unusual. kind of like saying because all of the terrorists on 9/11 were muslim and from saudi arabia then everybody who is muslim from saudi arabia is a terrorist. so, it's really just very basic but it's become kind
11:28 pm
of insidious. and everywhere you turn if you look for logical fallacies nowadays you will find them. you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one. >> proved you are not. i guess what i was struck by in the whole thing you are studiously nonpolitical. have you chosen not to be political in public and that itself is taken as a political statement in this moment. what does that say about where we are living right now? >> well, it means that the country is sad. it means the country feels bad. and part of the reason we feel bad collectively my humble view is because everywhere we look veins are budging and spittle is flying and people are making all kinds of bad arguments. i'm not even talking about a reasonable disagreement between themes or topics. i'm talking about the flawed logic that allows all kinds of crazy things to be said on both sides of the aisle.
11:29 pm
>> tucker: that's right. >> that's really what strikes me. look, again, i typically don't wade into it, but when you essentially argue that people who go to college wind up doing x, y, and z and people who don't go to college wind up waving the wrong flag at the wrong rally and becoming a de facto white supremacist, then you are just -- you are not only generalizing, you are using our educational system as the proximate cause not of intelligence or knowledge but of racism. and that's crazy. and it's happening all of the time. and guilty not for what you say. you are just guilty because you didn't rush to condemn a flood after it rained. why would you do that? it's self-evident. >> tucker: i love the fact you are not political. you have a show launching overnight and we are linking
11:30 pm
to it on our facebook page. what is it about? >> i'm not even sure it's a show. it's called returning the favor. and it's the first thing facebook is doing in terms of content. and we had a really candid conversation not unlike the one we are having right now a month ago. they are like what do you want to do? i said what i would love to do is a show that proves not that not everybody in the country is a schmuck. how would you do it? so i have been working with this production company called hudson and we basically said let's just find people who do nice things. let's go hang out with them and then let's surprise them by doing something outrageously nice for them. people seem to dig it nor man anything else, tucker. dirty jobs was a love letter to hard work and people. this is the same thing. it's not focused on work so much. it's just focused -- it's focused on what we are about to see in houston. you watch. you are going to see people come from all over the
11:31 pm
country to help. and we're going to feel better when we watch that. my operating premise is if you watch enough knuckle heads protesting over here about this and if you watch enough racists over there about that pretty soon that's what you are -- you are going to assume the whole country is full of that. >> tucker: that's why your show is going to be the biggest thing on facebook. i predict. i will see you. >> i'm not going to bet against you tucker. thank you. >> tucker: you have heard it before. trump is mussolini, vladimir putin literally hitler. but a black lives matter co-founder is going all the way. she says trump has a plan to exterminate people. we will share with you what she said coming up. plus, we will give you every update good and bad, human and deer related from the city of houston. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life.
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>> tucker: comparison between president trump and adolf hitler are lame and absurd keep making them. there is a whole cable channel for it one of the three co-founders of black lives matter apparently because she lacks better rhetorical points she says president trump is just like hitler right down seeking to exterminate millions of people. watch this. >> we wouldn't as a movement take a seat at the table with trump because we wouldn't have done that with hitler. trump is literally the epitome of evil. all the evils of this country be it racism, capitalism, sexism, homophobia resist him and to resist every single policy that he has implemented that impacts our communities. and i think i'm thinking about what i want my children to know in 30, 40, 50 years. i want them to know that i resisted a president at all cost -- at all costs because
11:37 pm
this president literally tried to kill our communities. >> tucker: well dawn jones is a democratic strategist and she joins us tonight. thanks for coming on la dawn. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: we're not really in the realm of political debate here. that's what extremism looks like. by definition, if you think -- if you really believe someone is hitler. you wouldn't debate his policies. you would do what dedrick bombhougher tried to do. you would take him out by force. so, do you think she really means that? >> when she says is he like hitler. >> she absolutely means it i completely agree with her. trump's policies have been ratcheting up over the time of him running his campaign until now just recently with him pardoning the arizona sheriff. it is becoming very concerning and people like black lives matter and the other folks who are watching and have known that he would be a problem have the right to teach and get people prepared to resist him at all costs. we are still a democracy. so he would not going to try
11:38 pm
to remove him from office by force. we are certainly not going to allow him to ruin our country which we believe is the plan. >> tucker: what does that mean at all costs though? what does that mean? obviously doesn't mean at all costs, right you? are engaging in overstatement, i assume. >> it may be overstatement. but, let's be very honest about what all costs means. that means we have to make sure that we have people at our local and state levels that are going to combat some of these trump-like policies. we are going to make sure that even though he is encouraging the police to hurt individuals who have not even been adjudicated guilty that we teach people in our communities that that will not be accepted. that is at all costs. we will not a lou him to take over our media by trying to scapegoat them and all the other minorities in the community. we are going to fight back. that is at all costs. >> tucker: so hold on. the media is a minority group now? >> no, no, no. let me be clear. he scapegoats the media and scapegoats minority groups separately but both of those things were characteristics
11:39 pm
that hitler used in order to have his reign during his regime. he tried to make it as though all the jews were the reason why germans could not succeed just like trump tries to say that all of the minorities and the immigrants are the reason why americans can't have -- the reason why bad information. >> tucker: i get it. >> bad news and fake news. >> tucker: right. he says things you disagree with for sure. but did hitler have a lot of media against him in germany? after he took power? did he have people like you going on tv calling him names? was there any opposition to hitler allowed in public? >> well, what hitler did is first he changed everybody's ideology. and then after he did that, he then only limited to certain media outlets that he, himself would allow for people to learn from. and that's exactly what we see trump trying to do. he is trying to make it so that people don't trust the media. and once they don't trust the media, now is he making his own trump television so that he can put out all of his rhetoric and the people who are following him are going to believe him and
11:40 pm
those are the kind of people that hitler used to take over. >> tucker: um-huh, okay. let me ask you a question. i'm assume it's an article of faith with you and many others in black lives matter that strawmp bigot. if you found out that. >> absolutely. >> tucker: that trump or any of his supporters had a meeting or a party and excluded people who were not white from that event, what would you say about that? >> then i would say for trump that's probably par for the course. i would not be surprised trump has already had several meetings in which he excludes people who are not of color. can you look at the pictures of his round table. of his interns everybody he has working with them with the exception of omarosa and ben carson he pretty much has already done that. >> tucker: there is no evidence for what you said. we know for a fact that black lives matter a across the country in a bunch of different cities. it's not speculation. it's a fact they have said it they have talked about it has excluded people who are black. why is that not racist if you are an anti-racist
11:41 pm
organization why are you excluding people on the basis of their skin color? >> i don't know which black lives matter events have you gone to but i have gone to several black lives matter protests and there are people of all colors, races and origins. puck. >> tucker: in philadelphia, new york, nashville. slow down, hold on. no the black lives matter twitter account said very clearly it referred to specific events as, quote, black only. there were a bunch of news stories. i'm not making this up. i have done interviews about it before. but it gets to a core question which is how can you be against racism while committing it? it's the definition of racism to prevent people from coming to something based on how they look, based on their race. i think you would agree with that you already did agree with that how can black lives matter commit racism and be against it at the same time? >> i don't believe black lives matter commits racism. i do believe that they make a platform for african-americans to be able to have discussion about things that are important to them. but let's say the most important difference between black lives matter, they are
11:42 pm
not a leftist president of the united states. >> tucker: they are not. i'm not saying they have as much power as trump or anything like that. i'm just saying in new york city there was a black only memorial day party. same thing in philadelphia, again. detroit and nashville. the leadership on your social media was asked is it black only? yes, it is. they said that yes, it's black only. that seems like the textbook dictionary definition of racism. how can you be involved in a group that does that? that's my question to you and please give me a real answer. >> again, you know, i can't speak to the memorial day event that you are discussing. >> tucker: it's not just one event it's a bunch. but there are specific events from which people have been excluded based on their race. and isn't that what racism is? i'm against that. i thought you were, too. why would you be part of a group that did that? >> you know, i won't say that they have because i wasn't there what i will say is that the actual. >> tucker: they have. >> the actual black lives matter events that i
11:43 pm
participated in and experience with every single time there were people of every shade and color across the rainbow that was there that's what black lives matter is about. see, what you are trying to do is make bleartsz. >> tucker: i'm not trying to do anything other than report what is factually true and i don't want to you skip out on answering the really important question is which is it wrong to exclude people on the basis of their race, "yes" or "no," is that racism or is it not? >> if you are excluding people based on their race with the intent of trying to subject the other races to some type of harm, danger, to subject them to systemic racism. >> tucker: okay. >> it's absolutely about your intent. >> tucker: okay. >> what doesn't it? seem he see, that's the problem. >> tucker: right. you just don't want to take accountability for what is clearly racist. thanks for joining us tonight ladawn. seattle's $25 gun tax was supposed to fix violent crime. a lot of people-thousand-dollar thought it would happen. weirdly, shootings went up. now, some are saying they
11:44 pm
ought to double the tax. will that work? we will talk to a supporter of it next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: two years ago seattle issued a gun tax on all guns and ammunition sold in the city. the preface was it would raise money and stem gun violence it has driven gun sales in the suburbs. it has done nothing to lower crimes. shootings are up substantially this year. so what do you do? well, of course, the only proper response to a failed policy is to double down. it's called faith-based policy making. city council candidate says the city ought to double the tax to raise more money. antigun activist senior
11:49 pm
advisor to guns down. he joins us tonight. now, mark, i know as someone who believes in science, we were just talking about science on the commercial break. >> i love science. >> and you want to go by the data. so if i sell a policy on the basis of a promised outcome and that outcome not only fails to pearlize but the opposite happens, then i probably ought to pause and rethink my assumptions. but that doesn't seem to be the case here. >> look, the reason the city council decided to impose this gun tax is to raise money to do gun violence research. it didn't raise as much money as it hoped. why not keep trying. >> tucker: that's not what happened, as you know. >> what happened? >> tucker: the purpose of this you are right re knew. you a want more money. >> right. >> tucker: the idea was if you tax something it will reduce its use. in fact the opposite happened. i'm not going to demagogue this. i'm not blaming the stupid law for the increase in violence in seattle. i'm merely saying it had no effect. >> right. >> tucker: we know that for sure. >> for burn thing the city
11:50 pm
council says and legally they have to say. this the idea was not to retard the sale of guns in the way that we do with other kinds of sin taxes. they say it's just about revenue. in fairness, if you actually want to raise more money and discourage gun purposes by raising taxes they should do it statewide. otherwise what's happening it's driving gun sales out of the seattle into the suburbs. >> tucker: no reason why seattle which canned keep sidewalks clean as you know should be doing scientific research into gun violence. that's not the proper role of a city it would be totally politicized do you think it's interesting that gun violence went up? what does that say about gun control. >> it's causation. >> tucker: can you think of a state, any stated in america where there is a direct connection between gun laws, gun control laws and lowered violence? i see the opposite. most liberal gun states vermont being the most liberal lowest murder rates in the country.
11:51 pm
>> i will give you counter example i used to work for mike bloomberg. new york is the safest big city of its size in the country. part of the reason why it's hard to carry a gun there they don't hand out many guns. >> tucker: not true. new york city has had roughly the same gun laws only rich and famous people can get guns and trust me they do. average people are totally shafted for generations. and it was one of the most dangerous cities in the country 20 years ago. we have no idea why it became safer actually. i wrote a whole book on this actually. we don't know. the gun laws have remained the same. if easy access for guns makes a dangerous place. why is wyoming so safe? >> well, for one thing there are plenty of gun deaths in wyoming. they don't usually happen as a result of crime they happen as a result of accidents and other things. go counter example is california. they have some of the toughest gun laws in the country. big huge state as you know and comparatively low rates of gun violence. i think there is causation there. tougher gun laws means lower crime rates. >> tucker: huh?
11:52 pm
what about chicago? >> chicago is a tough example. part of the reason it makes sense to have federal gun laws is that while chicago has really tough gun laws people who want to get guns on the criminal market just have to leave chicago and go somewhere else. >> tucker: i have heard that actually that's not really the problem. >> sure it is. >> tucker: you know as well as i gun control is not really about making a city or state or country safer. it's about controlling the population and disarming them. >> oh, come on. you don't believe that. >> tucker: i emphatically do believe it i do believe it i think it's obvious from the behavior of gun control people like this lunatic in washington state who after watching this law fail is pushing to double down. it tells you everything. it's not about making the city safer. it's getting more dangerous. but they don't care. >> all i can tell you is i have been doing this work for 10 years. nobody who does this stuff is actually concerned about controlling the populist. they actually don't want 90 people to be killed with guns in this country every day. which is something that does not happen in other countries that look and feel a lot like us.
11:53 pm
>> tucker: there aren't that many countries that look and feel like us. actually a little more complicated than you are suggesting. i wonder if guns are so bad. people often say this but i have never gotten a real answer. why does mike bloomberg have so many body guards. i don't get it if i run a bodega in the bronx, i don't get to have a gun. he runs around because is he a billionaire with all these guys with automatic weapons. why is that fair for him but not for the bodega guy? >> guess what he is protecting himself against bad guys with guns. >> tucker: what about the mike bloomberg? he is allowed to run around with people with a gun but. >> my be targets. >> tucker: bloomberg is a total hypocrite. if guns are so bad. why does he surround himself with it. people at real risk delivery men can't have them. >> people in the public eye are at higher risk. i don't begrudge them having body guards. but the best solution to that so that mike bloomberg and you don't need body guards is to actually go
11:54 pm
upstream in the problem and make sure the bad guys can't get guns in the first place. >> tucker: the second bloomberg disarms i will be next i promise. >> i would hole you to it. >> tucker: latest on deadly flooding in houston, texas. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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>> tucker: want to bring you back to our hurricane harvey coverage, just northeast of the city of houston for an update on the flooding there. can you describe what you are right now? >> we are in a commercial residential area and the final fleet of rescue crews are headed out now, navigating these neighborhoods before curfew tonight. we've seen hundreds of people rescued, it's a task force of volunteers that are saving these people's lives. conditions here are increasingly dangerous, the river rapids from the san jacinto river,
11:59 pm
underneath this brown murky water are submerged fire hydrants, cars underwater, street signs that boats are crashing into. the sheriff's deputy told me his boat had a light post and the current almost ripped him away. all these boats need fuel to rescue these people. he brought 600 gallons of fuel with him, he's been keeping this rescue operation afloat. they've been clearing vacant houses, marking them with spray paint. a lot of people still don't want to leave and most of them once night comes probably won't be able to. >> tucker: that is the most self-sufficient estate out of 50, it is remarkable. thanks a lot for that update, it's going to be a long night in kingwood. that's about it for us tonight, unfortunately tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and
12:00 am
groupthink. our friends at "the five" are ready to go live in new york city, see you tomorrow night. ♪ >> fox news alert i'm juan williams and this is "the five," we continue tonight with the utter devastation in texas, the most extreme rain event in the history of the continental usa. president trump returned to washington after a day of visiting first responders in texas. in houston, we are still seeing dramatic rescue after dramatic rescue. of this one captured by a traffic camera on the sand has central bridge. if the mayor of houston has issued a curfew from midnight to 5:00 a.m. in order to prevent looting of evacuated homes. the death toll from the storm now stands at 16 including


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