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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 30, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> and that begins it with "happening now" right now. >> jon: and eight fox news alert, harvey slams the shores once again. houston, texas, still struggling with the flooding disaster unfolding right now. and more disasters right now inside texas. welcome to "happening now" ." >> and bringing massive downpours and catastrophic flooding in houston. and in the danger zone, beaumont pounded with two feet of wearing in 24 hours. in the system is overwhelmed as
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they worked to rescue people trapped in the flooding. acting homeland security's director, ensuring victims that the federal government is there for the long haul. >> we reinforce the president's message yesterday, we expected many recovery in texas and the federal government is in this for the long haul. we can eat continue to support the people of texas as long as necessary. the president eroded reiterated this again both publicly and behind closed doors yesterday. the initial word we got, people first is continuing with our response. >> molly: houston is getting a break with the sun coming out today but the flooding disaster is far from over. shelters are overflowing and the largest one housing over 10,000 evacuees. the president just back in texas now getting ready to head to missouri.
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we will have a live fox team coverage. and janice at the fox weather center but first, going over to the reservoir in houston. >> there is something we haven't seen for five days and that's the sun and that allows the rescue crews like that when i'm with is to get out there and work. and they're going into addicts and reservoirs in houston blood officials telling us in a press conference yesterday, the folks should expected to be flooded for the next 4-5 weeks. in the water could remain until october and we know there are a lot of unanswered 911 calls. and that's why we are riding along with the volunteer fire department. we are in a state-of-the-art high water rescue vehicle.
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and first captain, thank you for you doing here. i know you're exhausted but what's the latest and then tell me about the vehicle. >> it's going well and the dedicated men and women of the volunteer fire department stepped up. they are running ship all the time and that every call that we are getting to people as quickly as he can. >> and your trying to find calls that haven't been answered yet. >> the day before yesterday, i don't know exactly the numbers but we received over 500 calls in one day. it would try to get to everybody as quickly as possible. we want to makes sure everyone is accounted for. this is a high water vehicle. we realize that we have a need for something bigger and larger. last year, so we went through our chief fire director and we got the approval.
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we did some research and got a high water vehicle like this. it's a absolute fantastic modification for e back boats that we purchase. >> how deep is that here if he could guess? >> about four or 5 feet. >> and how does it help you when you go into these homes to do the evaluation -- mark >> we have the ability to go in so there's not enough water for the boat but there's too much water for the other vehicles so we made some modifications we have this letter that deploys on the side so you can easily climb up. in addition we have a ramp at the bottom that lowers down so anybody that's not physically able to climb the stairs, first responders no longer has to lift them up and we put them on the ramp and elevate them up.
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it's the rescue mission were going on right now, we make sure we clear all of the calls, and the residence that are wanting to come up. >> thank you and we will bring more on that as we continue. and news today, there could be a breach in one of the two reservoir levies. that is not good news. and what's causing that, there's a lot of work to be done right now. >> molly: incredible pictures right there. before we let you go, ask the captain as he is getting out to the 911 calls, how are they doing on that, are they finding everyone, people are standing or people they need to be concerned about? >> how do you think you're doing on these calls, are you getting to all of them are having
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trouble responding, how do you think you doing? >> fantastic, our crews are running 24/7 here. and we have a fantastic turnout from the community and anybody with the boat was willing to come out here. and we you utilize our training. >> so the volunteer fire department literally on the front lines to find everyone out here. >> molly: outstanding work out there. we are also going to keep an eye on the situation. in the big release of water all of once, we don't want to see that. thank you. >> leland: even after the sun comes out there is danger. it is pouring rain and the water is rising quickly. and barreling into southwest louisiana this morning, it's already flooded in the storm
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could bring another 10 inches of rain. janice is here with us and even though it's a tropical storm, it's equally as deadly and dangerous. >> it doesn't take a tropical storms a lot of fuel to be a big problem. texas recognized tropical storm allison back in 2001 and that's less than i saw epic storm fall because of a tropical storm. at that point it was not even a tropical storm but a remnant low. and houston, i know we focus a lot of our cameras and reporters on houston, we are not forgetting about you and beaumont, orange texas and places that are underwater right now. both towns and cities that don't have the manpower that houston does. we are watching you and prayers and hoping that you get rescue people in those areas. and we are getting reports of
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much of the city underwater. the last 48 hours show you the circulation moving into louisiana. we could see upwards of a foot of rain in louisiana upwards towards the ohio river valley. we have unofficial amounts of over 52 inches would make this the largest rainfall that we've ever seen in any state including hawaii from a tropical system. and texas reporting station is no longer reporting because it can handle a marine. and finally getting some movement from the storm eastward and thursday and friday it will be out of this belt which is great news. additional forecast totals, 8-1g potential not out-of-the-way as we continue to monitor the system. there is tropical storm harvey, it will become a remnant low by
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thursday. and now we have tropical storm irma and issuing watches and warnings from the storm. pay close attention to this, over the next 5-7 days this will be very close to the dominican republic, bahamas and caribbean and this could affect here in the u.s. back to you. >> molly: and a whole lot of work still ahead in the harvey relief effort. and we look at the deadly storm aftermath so far. >> this is about as real as it is a guess. gets right now. >> my house is completely underwater. >> are you okay?
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welcome aboard. >> i waited so long, and my kids -- >> this is historic, ept happened and this happened in texas and texas can handle anything. >> molly: joining me now is mario, thank you for joining us. we just saw these incredible images of people with their families and boats and children and elderly. pretty precarious situation with the aftermath of the floods. when you talk what the dangerous people are facing, once they get out of the flooded homes and in the fishing vessels, they're not quite out of danger yet, are they?
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>> they certainly can't see anything under the water. and this is a problem for those being saved in the rescuers as well. they just don't know what their above. >> molly: there are so many volunteers and people pouring their hearts out in traveling down there with personal small vessels. it is hard to train for this even if you are the expert. so much training as you have, what would you want to say to those folks that are going in there and pouring their hearts out to help people, even in these very precarious situations? >> i think it's great that they help and they show it appeared i think it's good to check in with the on scene coordinators i can direct them and give guidance for where they are needed. so often these people just show up and get out there and that's great but if they can work with the authorities, then they can be put to the best use and make
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sure everyone stays safe. >> molly: one of the big challenges of the situation, getting resources from place to place. how big of a challenge is that and given the situation, unprecedented in the situation and are those different than those in the past? >> the need for response overwhelms the ability to respond. we learned a lot by katrina, and the u.s. coast guard certainly learned a lot by applying the things in katrina here like equipping the rescuers with different tools. this one is special, and massive and they will learn more on this one than they did on katrina. it's interesting to watch. >> molly: thank you mario and will be speaking with you more later today. >> leland: and talking about
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how much has been learned from katrina and those lessons and how much has been paying off right now. in the waters continued to rise as do the need for boats in port arthur. our whole city is underwater says the mayor. and will harvey bring more rain to hard-hit communities? president trump says is continuing to monitor the storm and waiting for springfield, missouri, and he will make a new push for tax reform as his new part of the legislative agenda next. >> our objective is to pass tax reform by the august recess. >> earlier in the year, i said we thought we would get it done by august and i was wrong. i'm not going to say what i'm very hopeful and i think we can get this done by the end of the year.
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>> molly: a fox if you're that lives in houston sent us some pictures. take a look at this after bud frazier was picked up earlier this week. he was needed to perform surgery and this is the only way to get around in houston. the second photo taken by michael shows the entrance to the development and you can see how high the water as they are. in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in houston and both families are safe and mostly dry. most neighborhoods have not been that lucky. they also report their actually wild hogs running around the woodlands in the neighborhoods there. >> leland: a fox news alert, president trump is getting ready to leave the white house, in texas yesterday and today heads to missouri. he will take off a new push for tax reform ahead of congress
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coming back. and we will continue to give you updates on harvey. which made landfall again this morning. and live on the north line. is the white house word at all about the optics of a political speech less than a thousand miles away from this ongoing massive operation? >> i think there was some concern about that earlier in the week and the magnitude of the storm and folding. i think they can be to rest now in large because the president realizes he's going to need some democratic support to get this across the finish line. is not overtly overtly political but one of the reason he's invited pelosi, ryan and schumer next week. he will be leaving for springfield, missouri, and marine one just landing in the south lawn. this is going to be a tall order regardless. we've seen the dysfunction in the g.o.p. controlled congress
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with her failure to pass the simple five version of repeal and replace obamacare. and making it more difficult because of entrenched washington interest. and kelly talks about those entrenched differences in the white house crossers. >> middle-class tax reform and to do away with the special interests and the handouts or carve outs if you will. >> and an eight house briefing last week, being unintentionally honest opinion about how difficult it is to get this across the finish line. >> i think you know earlier in the year, i thought we would get it by august and i was wrong. i'm now going to say that i'm very hopeful and i think we can get this done by the end of the year. >> one positive sign, the u.s.
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economy has been growing. and lowering of the corporate tax rate, highest of any in the world. and it jump-start an economy trying to get started. >> businesses and corporations across america desire a tax reform so they understand the rules going forward so they can create those jobs for the american people. and the president has created 1 million new jobs. 2.6% economic growth in the second quarter and historic highs. they are already to go but they just need congress to marry up with the president and deliver him tax reform that he can sign this year. >> and that statement before the revised second quarter numbers shows the economy grew even faster than a 2.6% and at a 3%
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rate which is the fastest growth rate of the year. >> and at the north line, the president arrives. >> molly: quite a moment yesterday for president trump. waving the texas flag and bowing to help the texas victims of harvey. and comfort those in need and unify the nation like president obama with the massive tornado in missouri or president bush with the new york after the 9/11 attack. our next guest says his response been focused and effective. >> this is historic and epic of what happened. it would happen in texas, texas can handle anything.
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>> we love you, you are special and we are here to take care and hope everything is going well. i wanted thank you for coming out. we are going to get you back in operating immediately. >> molly: that was president trump speaking to flood victims yesterday. and vowing to get all of those affected to get back on their feet. and our next guest says in a commentary on "the wall street journal" that president trump is getting widespread raise of the handling of a disaster. and this extends even to the president's twitter feed. in the former deputy secretary of health and human services and author of the book "shall we wake the president." >> thanks for having me in our
8:26 am
hearts go out to the victims and first responders and volunteers. >> molly: what's your initial reaction to the president's reaction and administration's reaction? >> i feel reassured to the president's response thus far. he has a really top team in there who knows how to handle disasters and disaster experience including general kelly and the chief of staff appeared and homeland security advisor, so he brought and experienced people in the area and that's very reassuring. >> molly: and on there in texas he also brought the first lady, and cabinet level people and ben carson, are these the officials and the jobs there that are going to need to be done to restore things after the water finally recedes? >> absolutely, i realized after
8:27 am
9/11 and katrina the extent to which you need the entire cabin. it's not just hhs but multiple agencies are needed and not just the immediate response by the recovery. i'm also glad they had some practice and tabletop exercises included one on the first day when they had a cabinet wide exercise. >> molly: politics, when the needs are so dire, you still see some hard feelings when the funding doesn't come in as soon as folks would like. >> i'm encouraged with what i see with the rescue efforts, volunteers, people responding via twitter feed. nobody says if your democrat or republican when you're risking somebody. so for all of us to get together over a national crisis, politics
8:28 am
aside and focus on the real problem. >> molly: the problem made a conscious choice to not go into the most hard-hit areas so rescuers can do their work. he's been hammered a little bit in the media but not expressing enough empathy initially. do you agree with that assessment some folks are making? >> i think it's really important for the president to express sympathy and empathy to show you care for the victims. i'm not sure is fair to say that he didn't go into those areas that is the case. it's smart for the president to stay out of the immediate disaster zone because it would distract the first responders doing other things. i don't think that is indicative of the lack of empathy but i think he needs to be careful and aware in public statements to make sure he expresses that empathy. >> molly: what's most
8:29 am
important, this could take weeks, months or years to come, millions of dollars of damage of people out of their homes. the final assessment how well the president leads is how quickly recovery efforts get underway, people rebuild their lives push mark >> i think those are two different questions, the initial response and deployed resources and people working together. and cooperation on that in so their recovery is a much longer question and the american people often need lose focus to the recovery as the initial response. in the fall grade of response and recovery will take a while. >> molly: thank you so much for your insights and sharing them with us today. >> leland: and you can see live pictures from air force one and the president headed to
8:30 am
springfield, missouri, for a major speech that we are told is going to be long on ideas and short on details about his new tax plan that he wants congress to pass. that speech, 2:30 eastern right here on fox news channel. in the president goes to springfield as there are new developments in the russian investigation. and reports no robert mueller, how would that work and what that move would tell us about the investigation. plus harvey on the move, and the flooding crisis in texas far from over. even his shoulder got swamped by rising water in beaumont, texas, and we will hear more from the victims affected by this disaster. >> cars adjust submerged. >> we left our cat at home because we couldn't get her out. in the fire department went in and got a cat. and blew the house down.
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>> molly: he fox news alert of the flooding disaster unfolding in texas, and houston are not the hardest hit area and beaumont mayor says their city is overflowing. and a shelter filled with evacuees got overrun by floodwaters.
8:35 am
and we are joined their life. and give us some insight and what's happening on the ground there. >> all i can say is that this looks like a war zone, a calamity and we are witnessing people getting rescued from their homes. their feet shivering and some people without close. you're going to see some people that are shirtless and in pajamas. it's heartbreaking and devastating to be here in this town. this is one of the areas with high ground so is established as the staging area. we've watched countless boats come through, volunteers, civilians pulling up with their boats and heading out on the water. in a short while later, those boats come back with entire families, elderly people, children an and dogs.
8:36 am
and there are people that show up with trucks and waiting, people are shivering and standing in the soaking wet rai rain. it seems like they were plucked from their homes very rapidly because many people don't seem like they were terribly prepare prepared. it's a devastating scene here and there are choppers. and we were backed up with traffic, truck after truck with people, humans helping other humans. this is one of the colonies affected sending out the s os and if you have a boat, we need it. there are people responding right now but as he can see, the number of victims and people displaced is rapidly increasing. and these are people on the side of a four lane highway here in
8:37 am
texas. >> molly: it is unbelievable to see that scene. it doesn't look like they have a lot with them. it looks like the shirt on their backs and a few supplies of home. what do they have? >> here's a gentleman with some bread and a plastic container. some people have garbage bags. we have seen people without shoes, clothes. and here's a woman in what looks like pajamas. here's a child to the left. there is a elderly woman behind him shivering and shaking and in total suck shell-shocked. here's a woman, i'm going to let the pictures for themselves over here.
8:38 am
entire families being loaded into backs of trucks. pickup trucks, dump trucks, what is referred to as people movers. this is a town of about 55,000 people, and all 55,000 affected in one way or another.
8:39 am
this is not a county boat or sheriffs boat, this is a fishing boat so probably another civilian volunteer. >> molly: looking at these pictures and how little these folks have, really leaves me concerned about how quickly they had to get out. which means there may be other folks in dire situations. how often are these boats coming in, is it a constant stream of people being rescued? >> it's very constant. they go and come back. i saw that there were 25 inches of rain in a 24-hour period of rain in port arthur. so an inch in our. so we were stopped in traffic
8:40 am
with truck after truck with folks. in those boats have been consistently going out and you see trucks like this over here and i will come back with peopl people. it's hard to figure how many boats are in my sights. every return is just as heartbreaking as the next. here's a woman over here again, soaking wet in her pajamas. what people have them varies. there are people with bags, water, bread. and here are people without their shoes on so that tells you how rapidly they had to escape. there's what looks like a family, young child that wrapped in a mickey mouse blanket without shoes on. there are several people here without shoes on. i'll let these pictures speak for themselves. here's a gentleman on a side of
8:41 am
a highway. being laid on a median and somebody carrying his cane behind him. and then these trucks come in and this is where we see piles and piles of people come in. some of these have 12-24 people in them shoulder to shoulder. it's like a war zone or evacuation zone. it's unimaginable pictures. >> leland: that is unimaginable suffering. and they are in port arthur texas, the mayor putting out an sos for all the boats to come. he said on facebook that his entire town is under water. and all 55,000 people in need of some help or shelter. and they had to evacuate the
8:42 am
shelter. stay safe first of all, and we will check back with you as things develop throughout the day. the one thing that matt did not touch on which is incredible, you have all these evacuees that are there. if you point out all the people in those boats and dump trucks that are driving in to floodwaters, they are putting themselves into harm's way in unimaginable ways. think of what was happening there. rain, lightning, flooding, currants, alligators in the water. downed power lines in the water so all of these volunteers, not only are they spending their time rushing to help but they're putting their lives on the line each and every time they go into the floodwaters. and matt will continue to track down some volunteers over the past couple days.
8:43 am
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>> leland: a fox news alert, as we go to air force one and president trump on board and 11:45 or so he heads to missouri about major speech of his push for tax plan and tax reform in his major legislative push for congress as they come back to session next week. that's 2:30 eastern and we will carry it live. it to our political panel, and a
8:47 am
former bill clinton campaign advisor. and in edward r. murrow. we will keep a few things on the screen and live scenes from texas. an ambulance now driving through the water, and a lot of people in very rough shape. and they are running to that ambulance and pictures from there as the president takes off. these pictures saying a lot, is this the right time for the president to make a political speech? >> first of all i want to say what we are seeing there is heartbreaking. but what is great to see is the volunteers and citizens literally risking their lives and trying to help these people. what an incredible tribute to
8:48 am
the american spirit. and in terms of the president, the speech is important because presidents are measured by their history and moments. in his presence there was reassuring and one of those things that's etched in the nations memory but in the president's mind. and for other statements and other things, unfortunately as much of our hearts go out to the people of texas, and natural disaster, he still has to run the country and there's other things that are happening including the need for tax form. >> leland: all of those things you said we can agree on. whether he gives it the speech today or next week in springfield, that really doesn't make a huge difference. he's not trying to make a speech about north korea, it's about taxes. >> if i were advising the president on this, i be talking
8:49 am
about another subject right now and that would be infrastructur infrastructure. as much is he saying we need to rebuild texas, as an opportunity for us to come together and rebuild his country. i'm somewhat surprised by the choice of subject but i do know the president of the united states, the country must go forward. >> leland: we appreciate your thoughts, and what you said about what you say right now is as important about how you say. and the president seems to get high marks by everyone. and no issues with the media yesterday and the fact that the first lady wore high heels as she walked onto marine one. but is high praise in the tone of his trip to texas. does this change things? >> i want to say i agree with everything adam said but i want to express as everybody has my warm feelings to the people in
8:50 am
louisiana and texas going through so much purity good job to fox news about the coverage that you're doing. i think the judgment on the president will be over time as this response will take many months or years and my hope is is the way he can succeed is keeping the spirit that we are all in this together. and have that become a powerful part in how he leads us through this process. in the second thing is, he has to step up, dhs, fema and hud, he's got a lot of senior staff. >> leland: i hate to interrupt you and i think you guys. we have to get back down to texas. we do when we return, we go back to port arthur. we will show you the heartbreaking photos coming in out of the water there. and there are boats being rescued and people standing there. and many without shoes or
8:51 am
supplies. our correspondent matt is there on the ground and in just a moment we will be speaking with one of those individuals. it will be right back with that. the genomic data came in. thank you. you can do that kind of analysis? yeah, watson. i can quickly analyze millions of clinical and scientific reports to help you tailor treatment options for the patient's genomic profile. you can do that? even way out here? yes. even way out here.
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> molly: fox news alert, we want to go back to texas where a group of evacuees is standing on the side of the hideaway and efforts underway right now. and we have a chance to speak with some of the folks, how are things working out? >> we have a volunteer, a lot of people showing up without the shoes or clothing, what is happening? >> the water rise to very rapidly.
8:55 am
from maybe 2-3 feet all the way up to 8 feet. it happened about 3:00 this morning. when i got out of the year, i was on the west side and all of a sudden we came over here and it just exploded in the water just started coming from somewhere very quick. >> how many people live in this town? >> about 55,000. from the west side to the east side, they all got affected by this. >> word of the people here? >> they are taking over to lamar university and we bus them over there and i'm using my truck. we are getting them there anyway we can. >> a lot of those look like fishing boats, these look like civilian volunteers. >> yes, from alabama and arkansas, we have tons all over.
8:56 am
they are giving us a great turnout for what we need to do. >> the boats are coming out, how far some is boats going? >> they're going about 2-3 miles out. water is everywhere and we have families in roofs and attics and we have to get them out and apartment complexes. some people want to stay in some want to go. >> we see the boats consistently come back with entire families, children and elderly people. how may people are in the water they need be rescued? >> hundreds, we got a couple hundred on my boat already since 3:00 this morning. this is unreal and i don't know where this water came from. >> molly: an incredible story there with the volunteers.
8:57 am
there are hundreds of people still out there. they're traveling miles to get to them and we will be right back with more on this situatio situation.
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9:00 am
>> matt finn still on the scene in texas. see you in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. tropical storm harvey making landfall again. now taking aim at the state of louisiana. but the danger is far from over in texas. beaumont and port arthur just east of houston pummeled by more than 25 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. the towns under water, cut off. thousands still trapped, waiting for rescue. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith here today, host of kennedy, kennedy and also from fbn, me dagen mcdowell. and jillian turner is


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