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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 30, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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we are not the establishment media. see you back here tomorrow nigh night. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the city of houston is still coping with massive flooding at this hour in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. it's awful. waters are finally receding. more than 20 have been confirmed killed so far. rescue missions throughout the stay so many people and nursing homes are evacuated from flood waters. we'll have updates throughout the hour. meanwhile, america is waking up to the menace of antifa. the left wing agitators that fight against oppression by violent oppressing those that oppose them. this weekend that the got violent and assaulted a bunch of
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people in berkeley. after that, nancy pelosi had no choice but to admit they're out of control and issued a statement condemning them. one of the people attacked by berkeley was a trump supporter called keith campbell. watch this. [bleep]. >> tucker: keith campbell joins us tonight. keith, you looked like you were about to get hurt, maybe killed. what happened right before that?
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>> i had gone to the park to see what was going on. i know there was a rally. some people were going to show up. i wanted to go and observe what was going on, record what was going on. i think most people figured that antifa would be there. it was no surprise when they showed up. earlier in the day, there was no problems. people were getting interviews, there was a heavy police presence around the barricaded park and throughout the park. there was no issue. strangely enough, even though we weren't allowed to have any protective gear, helmets or anything, they let about 200 antifa with masks come through one of the openings and mixing with trump supporters. they started ejecting trump supporters. they would find someone and surround them and usher them out. at that point, they weren't attacking people.
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the police were there. i couldn't believe that the police would let them there. >> tucker: how did the beating -- first of all, are you injured? i can't believe you got out of there. what are your injuries like? >> yeah, you know, like bruised ribs, bruised kidney. it wasn't torn. did sonogram and things. i have about four or five lumps on the back of my head. scrapes, bruises, swelling. nothing that won't heal. >> tucker: did these guys start hitting you without warning? how did the beating begin? >> you know, after the massive black block came, the police disappeared. there was announcements, the police stood down. like a sea of black just poured in the park. then started getting violent. so after a few minutes, i'm still around them. i notice a whole bunch of them go down austin way. i go to see what's going on. they're following somebody or
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something. i went down there. i'm filming. suddenly i hear someone go, you know, there's that racist white blank that is ruining your lives. i started to turn. i thought i have to get out of here. i'm surrounded by antifa. i took a step. the first club smash knocked my camera out of my hand. i thought i'm going to grab it and run. i started to reach and they pounded me over the head. >> tucker: so you didn't say anything to them? >> no, no. i'm always like a silent observer. for seven months, go around and i observe and record. i couldn't believe it. i was shocked. after the first few hits, i was stunned. >> tucker: i don't know if our viewers watched it, but there's an african american guy in a red shirt, a lefty journalist there. he said later he thought you were going to get killed and he dove on you and put his hands up and people stopped hitting.
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have you talked to him? >> you know, i reached out to him on twitter. i want to connect with him. i didn't know at the time that he had stooped it. i had very little recollection of what happened. i was sure i was going to die. i made my peace. i hope it's quick because this is really painful. >> tucker: he was sure you were going to die, too. >> i couldn't believe it when they let me up. i thought they were standing me up to finish the job or something to really get at me. it's unbelievable that that man that doesn't know me and probably thought that i could be maybe an enemy, i don't know, people assume i'm all right, which is crazy, but he still dove in rather than standing back and doing the journalistic thing. he saved my life. >> tucker: god bless him for doing that. really quickly, you said you spent seven months following antifa around. who are these people exactly? what do they want to the extent
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you can tell? >> you know, they think they're the anti-fascists. so then everyone else they don't like or disagree with is a fascist. trump supporters are all -- used to be trump supporters are white nationalists or alt right and anybody that now supports trump is a nazi regardless of your skin color. they believe that we committed the first crime. we committed the first crime by being a nazi. so it's self-defense. they don't believe it's even a crime to attack us. even unarmed. that's what is happening. >> doesn't look like america to me. keith, congratulations on surviving that. i hope you hook up with al. thanks for doing the show. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: laura ingram is a radio show host, the editor and chief of she's thought a lot about this subject. she joins us tonight. you had one of the smartest she gue
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guestions. why not classify antifa as a terrorist group? >> they are. we've had official after official ignore this. this has been going on a long time with antifa. they've been terrorizing people and intimidating people. when they get away with it, violently attacking people. they're felons. for them, this is -- we hear about honor killings usually in the middle east. for them, this is honorable. this is -- i'm concerned we'll get to that point where to win the badge of honor in antifa, you do actually have to skill someone. we saw what happened with the young women in charlottesville. she was run over by a white supremacist. that death was horrific and reprehensible. and should be condemned by all. this should be condemned by all, republicans, democrats, everyone. i'm glad nancy pelosi came out. she had to be shamed into it. this network and a number of
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people on this network and a few others had not written about it, reported on it, i'm not sure she would have. >> tucker: you wouldn't know it happened a you'lly. one of the reasons i'm really hoping that some day my prayers are answered and the republicans take over congress is maybe they'll have hearings on this. because i think there's very little that we know about antifa. >> and maybe they don't need a lot of money. don't you get the sense that there's some individual or individuals who are centrally organizing this? >> tucker: this is happening -- this is not venezuela. this is happening in california. >> you'd never know it. you thought this would be happening in venezuela. yeah, this is venezuela. no, this is the united states. this is where the free speech movement began in the united states. we have police who are not doing their job. ostensively standing there with shields and helmets on. they're allowing antifa to enter
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this park. they stood back and left when antifa entered this space after the initial protest was cancelled. they said they worried that if they blocked antifa it would lead to real violence. okay. something is not working out here. there will be an individual who decides to bust through the qualified immunity that most police get for how they conduct themselves in the line of duty and really go after these police departments. i think you could look for a conspiracy, you could look for rico, bust through qualified immunity, which they get. there's a recklessness beyond negligence, a reckless disregard for human life and the way this is being policed and covered. we have civil rights lawsuits. harmeed dillon is representing the google engineer and also representing an individual that was attacked during the campaign in san jose. there was violence there.
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this is terroristic. this is fascistic and shutting down free speech and shutting down people that were there to pray for peace for all sides. >> tucker: and keith campbell almost got killed. >> somebody almost did get killed. >> tucker: he said the criterium they use for who they beat is voting for trump. so how is this promoted by a political malitia? >> remember what they did with the border malitia? went crazy over the minutemen. they're taking the law into their own hands. these individuals are policing thoughts and -- >> tucker: punishing people for voting for somebody they don't like. >> the democrats definitely have some culpability here. they have ratcheted up the criticism of the president and
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the president's supporters that are disturbing. going right to race, racism, the race play that they made is so toxic and so bad for african americans, hispanics, white people, poor people, certainly not good for anyone. they have -- they can come back with condemnations now, but people are whipped up into this frenzy that donald trump hating minorities, anti-immigrant, we have to stop him. he's the clear and present danger to the country. we listen to schumer and pelosi, that's what they paint him out to be. >> tucker: the establishment has done a both sides of running the country. they failed -- >> have the bushes condemned antifa? these people trashing trump, have they condemned antifa? >> tucker: you're whipping me up into a frenzy. thanks for coming on. >> no problem. >> tucker: rescue efforts are ongoing in houston. the elderly and vulnerable groups are endangered by flood waters. a nursing home was just evacuated for the first time since the storms. more updates from trace gallagher next.
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and debby wasserman schultz was deemed a threat to american national security. yet apparently still has a secret mail address getting into the house of representatives computer network. an unbelievable story. an unbelievable story. mark steyn has more.
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for more on the situation, we go to trace gallagher. who is it like, trace? >> i'll tell you, tucker, it's receding here in houston. go to beaumont, port arthur, the water is still rising there. we spent 4 1/2 hours on a blackhawk helicopter. we have been all over southeastern texas. the amount of flooding is stunning. there was a time between houston and beaumont as you hear a blackhawk fly over, that we had a 70-mile stretch that it was nothing but water. looked like lake after lake. we counted six or seven neighborhoods that were not totally inundated. if you were from port arthur or beaumont, you were a victim or knew somebody that was. we were high school a part of a very compelling rescue. i want to show you part of that. watch. >> they dropped the basket down. they're clearly looking for somebody. then as soon as that person gets in, they will hoist them up. as a rule, the people that were
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taken up in the basket are fairly immobile. here we go. the first rescue since we're live. it's a child and her mom. right? over and over again, can you imagine? being a child like this, breaks your heart. >> yeah, the brother and the father were brought up after that. they had a dog. they brought the dog up as well safe and sound. you talk about context and perspective. you know when you hear about these numbers, 13,000, 15,000 rescued, they tend to be numbers after a while. when you're there and you see the faces of those people, it is compelling to say the least. gives you an idea of what size the hearts are of these guys from the customs and border patrol. they do this day after day after day. it is just astounding. they have a lot of work ahead of
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them. i want you to note, we saved a deer for you last night and a dog for you tonight. we're working on the human and the animal populous for this show on a nightly basis. >> tucker: you've always been my favorite reporter, trace. now more than ever. thank you. mass devastation in houston has brought with it a breakdown in law and order. not as bad as some natural disasters. there's reports of loosing but storm survivors. yesterday tom llomas. we're witnessing loosing and police say there's a body nearby. and for that, he was villified and accused of attacking hurricane survivors. dan, this is just a fall of life in situations like, this i've seen it first hand a lot during katrina. we saw cops looting walmart,
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people looting liquor stores and shoe stores. it's not the same as starving people feeding themselves. what about our society has changed so much that noting you're watching it is somehow a thought crime? >> we've had complete culture rot. i know this, tucker, because i saw the mob attack tom llamas on twitter. it was coming from liberals that seem like they're entitled to the property of other people. no one is trying to diminish the epic human tragedy. but this reminds me that civilization is a thin crust on a volcano. that thin crust is composed of law and order. when order breaks down, we have absolutely nothing. we cannot ever condone looting and the taking of other people's property because then where does it end? relief agencies and government are doing their best to get people fed and housed. we can't condone looting. this is complete breakdown.
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>> tucker: only like a rich kid in brooklyn would say something like that. most of them that did are decadent rick kids in brooklyn. but the owner of the bronze bar in houston was being looted. the owner said it was looted last night. i can't believe people are capable of that. samir watched his store being looted on surveillance cameras. these people are taking advantage of the weather and robbing us blind since last night. we tried to get through but couldn't get there. it's ordinary working people that suffer as the crowd cheers them on on twitter. who pushes back against this? does anybody have the courage to say you're not allowed to steal or hurt other people because there was a storm? >> yeah, i mean, think about it. what kind of certifying savage man beast do you need to be to walk into a small business and there's videos on twitter sadly. you can't unsee it, of people
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looting cash registers. these are small businesses. they're not the thurston howell types. they worked their whole lives to keep their heads out of the red ink. above water. no pun intended there. but to stay alive. you're stealing their money and their livelihood because you have a sense of entitlement during a tragedy? that is deranged when you boil that down. >> tucker: but it's -- the left is always cheering on the destruction of ordinary people stuff and their families and making fun of like normal people with jobs and your stupid patriarchy. what is it about the american left that wants to destroy normal life? i don't understand it. why don't they cheer on perversity always? >> liberalism is built around nilism.
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the party of j.f.k. is dead. it's been taken over and hijacked by far left that has no adherence to any objective values. they destroy anything that is objectively good. family, god. the only thing they can do is make their base angry and make you believe that other people took that stuff from you. therefore you're entitled to go get it. it's yours. look what happened. you've seen this ideology permeate the far left for decades now. sadly in moments of tragedy, you can see with the social media mob, it comes out and it's just horror. >> tucker: they should cover a riot or a hurricane or a war and see what happens when authority evaporates and disappears, when the comes leave. they wouldn't be cheering it on then. thanks, dan for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: a group of ivy league professors have written a letter to their students. it's a novel idea. it says "thing for yourselves."
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next, we'll talk to robby george that signed the letter about why an obvious message is so rare and wide on campus. and wide on campus. you won't see these folks at the post office. and wide on campus. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer.
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>> tucker: a fox news alert for you. today's record rainfall and devastating floods from hurricane harvey hit beaumont, texas. helicopter rescues teams save people and animals.
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more than 20 people confirmed dead in the aftermath of the storm. we'll keep you updated on new developments. a collection of 15 professors at harvard, yale and princeton have written a letter condemning the device of conformism. it's smart. telling their students to stand up to the real bigots on campus, the people that want to police everybody else's opinions. think for yourself, the letter says. that means taking the trouble to learn and honestly consider the strongest arguments to be advanced on both or all sides of questions, including arguments for positions that others revile and want to stigmatize. robert george is a princeton professor. he signs the letter. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> wonderful to be on your show. thanks for inviting me. >> tucker: there is something so
11:28 pm
subverisive about reasonable this letter is, it's hard to imagine how anybody could not disagree with it. has anybody raised any complaints about it? >> if you go on social media, you'll find some people complaining about it. but they are the people you would expect to complain about it. the people that are content to have people fall into group think and confirmive and sign on with the dominant orthodoxsy and so forth. but this is exactly what we're standing up against. we're telling our students not to fall into that group thinking confirmism. think for yourself. you should be pursuing the truth. that's what being in college is about. it's learning to become a life-long truth seeker. you can't do that if you're just going to confirm, fall in line with whatever the orthodoxy happens to be on campus, whether it's of the right or the left. it's of the left right now. the same thing would apply if it was on the right. >> tucker: that's right.
11:29 pm
there's nothing political about your letter. let me state that emphatically. you could have written this or signed it as a communist, a flat earther, doesn't matter. you're arguing for open mindedness. >> if you look at our signatories, 16 of us from harvard, yale and princeton. we represent a spectrum of views about politics, morality, religion. we're not all conservatives. i happen to be a conservative. there's liberals that have signed as well because they share with me this fund mental commitment to education as being truth seeking. and to the conviction somewhat you cannot seek the truth if you're a confirmist, a dogmatist. you need an open mind and a willingness to consider the very best arguments to be made on competing sides of things and make up your moved based on evidence and reason. >> tucker: the left is lick a
11:30 pm
med evil church punishing all. the only people that need fear, open-minded inquiry and robust debate are the actual bigots. if we could just have every college students memorize those two sentences, i think it would be a better country. >> epithets like bigotry far too often are used to shut down debate. it's the equivalent of saying this conversation is over because the bible says. you can't continue to have a conversation if somebody will use a conversation stopper. and just as we would accuse someone who tried to shut down conversation by saying the bible sets of being a fundamentalist, all too often we have secular fundamentalists today, people who because of their beliefs about same-sex marriage or abortion or whatever the topic,
11:31 pm
immigration, doesn't matter, because of beliefs, they want to shut down debate and discussion by calling their debating partners names. that's out of bounds. we're trying to tell our students, don't fall for it. don't put up with it. don't practice it and don't allow yourselves to be intimidated and bullied by those that do practice it. they are the real bigots. >> tucker: i live in a world where ideal with it every day. last question. you have 16 signatories to this leader. why not 1,600? >> we didn't seek 1,600. we wanted to get the letter out before classes began. students are descending on universities right now. we wanted to reach new students, recent high school students on their way to college. i didn't want to circulate this letter widely. it would take time and people would want to change this, change that. i reach out to colleagues that i know that share this convection and asked them to sign it.
11:32 pm
almost i asked to sign did sign. they're wonderful people. brilliant scholars and deeply committed to truth seeking. >> the fact that you're princeton make me like the school. thanks, professor. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: there's some remarkable new developments in the case of debbie wasserman schultz and her indicted former aide. a lot of details that you didn't read in "the new york times" but are real. mark steyn joins us to discuss the new report. every new development from houston texas still wet, still suffering, we're still there. stay untooed. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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>> tucker: the saga of debbie wasserman schultz and her i.t. aide grows more complex by the
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day. wasserman-schultz i'm employed iwan after he was banned from the house security network. she refused to fire him until he was arrested at the airport trying to flee the country to go back to pakistan and then indicted on several federal charges. weirdly enough, the plot gets changer, a new report revealed that iwan had a second accounts with access to the house network. that account was still active as of yesterday. potentially providing him secret access to the house network, the same network that he was banned from as a secure risk. mark steyn is an author and columnist and despite being canadian cares more about american security than some of the house of representatives, weirdly. mark, i'm running out of
11:38 pm
nonsinister explanations for this story. >> yeah. basically everything people have been looking for in the so-called russia investigation is actually here in the more or less uncovered iwan investigation. this guy had his access to house e-mail withdrawn because he was a security risk. yet he still had a house e-mail. the house e-mail he had, with is something like 1-2-3 at suggested that in fact he was rather deeply embedded inside the house e-mail system. there's nothing -- by the way, just to talk first principles here, tucker, i don't see why a lot of low-grade congressmen require so-called i.t. aides. >> tucker: i agree. >> the fact that they have them is a potential security risk. so in the same world, they
11:39 pm
wouldn't have i.t. aides. if they do, the idea that they subcontract them to one pakistani family, which taking -- who were taking home extraordinary salaries that bear no relation to what low-grade i.t. aides can command and wind up owning four homes in the washington area and the official explanation for that is that he had at least two wives to support being a devout muslim, this story is -- this story is malodorous to a degree that nothing surrounding trump's involvement in the miss universe pageant in st. petersburg. >> and debbie wasserman schultz explained that she was protecting this guy from racism from the white supremacy of america. that's why she refused to fire him. >> yeah, he's basically as his lawyer said, he's being accused
11:40 pm
of browsing while muslim -- >> tucker: a civil rights martyr. >> yeah, he's actually -- he fled -- the wife fled six months ago. so that in itself is problematic. there is a high level -- she has already attempted to intimidate and obstruct the investigation. she demanded the return of her laptop from the policeman investigating this. it's on camera and the interference with a police investigation that everyone is accusing trump of doing with james comey and all of those guys. so everything they've been sniffing around in trump for with the russia investigation for basically since last summer now and they haven't come up with is staring them in the face on this thing. >> tucker: man, if we ever get a republican-controlled congress, maybe they'll investigate it.
11:41 pm
we'll hold out for that. >> imagine that. special investigator. >> tucker: don't held your breath. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. she's trying to sell her new book. it's called "what happened." she will hit no fewer than 15 cities on her tour and you can see her as long as you pay. this is the amazing thing. in new york city, tickets are $125 apiece. about as much as a broadway show. in toronto for $2,400, you can meet hillary clinton. so you sold a lot of books. you've been on the road on book tour. have you heard of a book tour where the author charges to have people come for the privilege of buying the book? >> you did compare it with a broadway show, $125 and you get a restricted full of a full chorus of macedonian content farmers dancing behind her explaining why she lost the election. by the way, the 2, 400 for a
11:42 pm
personal meet and greet, there's saudi princes and sudanese war lords saying that's bargain basement prices for a meet and greet with hillary clinton. i had to pay $4 million to the clinton foundation and sit through a speech on diarrhea in africa with chelsea before i could get a meet and greet with clinton. that toronto deal is a hell of a steal. the 2,400 for a mere meet and greet. she promises to connect with you. she's been practicing that glassy-eyed stare and the i speak your weight machine voice and she's promised to be -- the press releases has announced, it's official, that she will be surprisingly funny. i found election night surprisingly funny. that did it for me with the hillary surprisingly funny routine. it's been preannounced that at this toronto engagement, she's going to be surprisingly funny.
11:43 pm
so if you go, don't be surprised because it's guaranteed. $2,400, it's surprisingly funny. for $3,600, she'll be predictably funny. >> tucker: i'm going to watch this segment on tape. i was so amused by it. thanks, mark steyn. great to see you. >> always a pleasure, tucker. >> tucker: thank you. well, mathematics may have built cathedrals and put a man on the moon, but we have bad news for you. math is racist. we'll talk to the president of an organization that says math must be totally overhauled promote social justice. stay tuned.
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>> tucker: the houston flood waters may be receding but many
11:48 pm
remain at risk and thousands still need to be rescued. volunteers are evacuating people from endangered buildings across the region. more than 20 people are confirmed dead right now. officials are investigating 17 additional deaths that may be related to the storms. we'll monitor the situation. it's hard to marge something more universal than mathematics. math is logical, abstract, no matter where you go in the world. you don't need english to know math. while math is logical, people don't have to be. a group of academics is claiming that math is racist somehow. a new statement from the council of mathematics call social just tis a key priority in math education and condemns the current injust system of mathematics education. excuse me. it says is defined by privilege and oppression. connie schrock join us. >> hi, tucker.
11:49 pm
>> tucker: i didn't think that math being universal and logical could be affected by racism. how does this work? >> well, in our position paper, i'm not sure that we used the word "racism." we're not talking about mathematics. i don't disagree with what you said as far as what math is. we want to improve mathematics education for all students in our country. the bottom line of our mathematics leadership is about better learning for all students. >> tucker: of course, i'm for that. i wonder if you're moving us closer to that. this is from your website. i'm going to try to read this. it says "a social justice approach to mathematics education means to envue mathematical experiences with an opportunity to learn multiple histories of mathematics and promote civic responsibility in their own communities and
11:50 pm
beyond." if you said to me i'm going teach your kids that instead of learning algebra, i'd say stop patronizing me and my children and second, just teach them math. nothing in that program is going to help them get ahead in life. i'd feel like you're short-changing my kids if you proposed that to them. >> we don't want to short-change kids. we have to teach them situations to use mathematics so they can transfer the knowledge they learn in a sterile environment so that people stop saying i hate math. we want to change that percepti perception. we want it to be the ticket for their future, not a barrier to learning. so when you translate all of that, the bottom line is we want them to use mathematics to improve their lives and future. i'm still planning to teach them mathematics. they still have to know facts. we don't watch them to teach
11:51 pm
around learn facts in isolation and not understand where to put it. what it's going to do for them and the use they would have for it. >> tucker: so a lot of poor school districts have terrible math scores. i think detroit eighth graders something like 7% are passing proficient in math. it's not a money problem. kids in detroit -- detroit spends more than $13,000 per child. what do you think is going wrong there? this is a sincere question. i think this is the kinds of thing you're thinking about. why? it's a sad number. >> it is a terrible number. education is important. but it doesn't take away all the other barriers these children face before they come to school. we can't take care of those things that happen to them before they got to school. what we're trying to do is provide mathematics education leaders with information. we want to share with the
11:52 pm
leaders that come to our seminars, our webinars, our conferences what has happened in other places similar to them that has been successful. we're not going to tell somebody that there's one way to do mathematics. what we want to do is provide them the opportunity to learn so that they can enable their students. i don't know what is causing that situation, but i work with a group of people in our organization that is looking at the research ideas in order to try to find the solution to these problems. >> tucker: yeah, but -- >> they're complex. >> tucker: they're very complex. it's not just about money obviously. you seem to acknowledge that. when you say there's not one way to do mathematics, i thought the point is there is one way to do mathematics. two plus two equals four. i wonder when you say we need to teach the histories of mathematics, who cares? does that help kids with the
11:53 pm
numbers? >> you know, i didn't write this paper. i support this paper. it was adopted before i became president. i teach history and math. today i was with students. they were sharing stories of mathematicians through history. all of them fought against barriers to be successful. that helps students. the other thing they're talking about is learning different ways. for instance, when we learned -- when i learned to multiply, there was one way. we followed that pattern and had lots of steps. we know there's are other algorithms that work. the original historically was determined to be the best way to teach math because we couldn't afford paper at the time. that used less paper to work it. >> tucker: i get it. by the way, i'm interested in the history of math, just not in math. that's a history course, not a
11:54 pm
math course. quickly, is someone going to measure the outcomes here to see whether math scores go up or when they don't go up and blame the tests as far as we do, there's something wrong with the tests, culturally biased? or is someone going to be held accountable for the ideas? >> i think we're not going to make excuses for bad scores. we can look at the changes that we have made. there's schools that are detracking. we find that students, the top end, the accelerated students, are performing better in high school when they come out of those tracking situations. we look at the data. we have a lot of members that are researchers. we use research and storm strategies. >> tucker: okay. it does feel like politics is entering math like maybe that would be the last place politics should be since it's inherently nonpolitical. doesn't have to do with opinions. it has to do with facts.
11:55 pm
>> i agree with you. we are not advocating for politics and mathematics. >> tucker: when you said social just tis had a role in it -- okay. connie, i appreciate it. thanks for coming on tonight. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate the opportunity. >> tucker: thanks. if you look at the numbers in the newspaper, the american economy seems pretty great. a lot of people don't feel like it is pretty great. a lot of people are worried about the state of the u.s. economy. why is that? after the break, we'll show you a disturbing statistic that might provide a hint of what is actually going on in this country's economy. stay tuned. whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor.
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>> tucker: we just teased that economic data before the break that shows the american economy is really like right now, he talks too long and ran out of
12:00 am
time, sorry about that. we'll give it to you tomorrow. that's it for us tonight, tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that's a sworn enemy of line, capacity, smugness, and groupthink. "the five" is next from new york. ♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly gill fold, juan williams, jesse watters, and lisa boothe, the five. ♪ >> greg: devastation from a tropical depression harvey continues in texas and louisiana, the storm and making landfall in the second time today after the i ventured back into the gulf of mexico. harvey is the biggest rainstorm and continental u.s. history and is responsible for over 20 deaths, a figure that is expected to rise. according to the red cross, over 30,000 people slept in shelters last night due to the storm


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