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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 31, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we'll give it to you tomorrow. that's it for us tonight, tune in every night at 8:00 to the show that's a sworn enemy of line, capacity, smugness, and groupthink. "the five" is next from new york. ♪ >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly gill fold, juan williams, jesse watters, and lisa boothe, the five. ♪ >> greg: devastation from a tropical depression harvey continues in texas and louisiana, the storm and making landfall in the second time today after the i ventured back into the gulf of mexico. harvey is the biggest rainstorm and continental u.s. history and is responsible for over 20 deaths, a figure that is expected to rise. according to the red cross, over 30,000 people slept in shelters last night due to the storm
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appeared for the latest we go to steve harrigan in texas, what you got? >> where in texas now, we're going to try to drive to beaumont. it gets to be about 7 feet deep behind me and there are frogs jumping all around me right now. throughout the day we've seen volunteers with flat bottom boats, going door-to-door. for those who want to stay in their flooded houses, bringing out medicine and canned goods. what happened here has been tremendous. 49 inches of rain in just five days. when you get that much water here that quickly, entire towns have become islands. we saw two men going out in a boat here earlier, they're going to scour lake. the entire town is cut off by water, no rescuers have been there yet. we don't know what we are going to find. that's the real worry here, when this water begins to receipt,
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what will we find? real concerns about casualties going up in places like beaumont. back to you. >> greg: know what else takes a hit when disaster strikes? opinion slingers like me who are sidelined as we become like you witnesses to real news. if not fake news, real news. when all you have are visuals of human misery and human spirit, who needs me? the only thing that matters is helping the helpless. as real news of routes, identity politics, kathy griffin, they returned to where they belong. toys in the closet, suddenly outgrown unforgettable. shallow minds can to survive a flood although some have tried. slate called the heroism that we've seen a myth, climate change apostles use crisis to mock skeptics, academics joke about karma. the media knocks melania for who she and knocks mr. trump for his
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lack of empathy. what did emotional exception get you in katrina, mayor nagin shouted emotionally on tv. what about all those buses left unused and then ruined by him or the red cross being delayed entry into new orleans? ultimately he went away, nagin is in jail. president bush want to be remembered for turning the other cheek, both blamed him for their errors. it's too soon to judge mr. trump on this but you know what's coming. just weeks ago, the media it used an evil act and charlottesville to indict america. now he arrives to repudiate that notion. writing a perspective that had been wrong for so long. we aren't with the media says we are, divided, hateful, evil. the news has been telling us for years has been dispelled in just a few days. there is no room for a spin when you see those rescues with your very own eyes. americans are what those
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pictures are, selfless, color-blind, inspiring. the news may be bad but for once it shows us who you really are in times of crisis. good. before that was great. >> greg: thank you, my job is done. it's a cliche but it takes a specific trying experience to put everything in perspective. >> absolutely. the media wants to divide this nation, we saw it as you mentioned with charlottesville. when we see the images from harvey, when you see texans group together, you have the cajun navy, people from across the country going to texas to help these individuals in need. i think what it demonstrates and underscores, we are more united as a nation and we are divided. as you mentioned, color-blind, people helping each other regardless of race and religion, those questions aren't asked.
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that is america. it's these images that we've seen. i fully endorse your monologue and i think it makes a lot of sense and that's what needed to be heard. >> greg: i want that on the back of my book. it's a welcome relief from what we see on the news but it must frustrate some people because you can't spin this. >> jesse: there's an old saying that the picture is worth a thousand words. when you see these pictures out here, the viewers can't but help feel humanity and see the truth. the media needs images and pictures to cell stories. when there is images, there's a vacuum. from the media can doctorate, they can edit their spin. they can add fake news. they are in a scandal. the irs scandal or russia. there's no video. the media comes in and they push their own agenda and leave it up to your imagination.
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when something like this happens and as devastating as it is, there's something so brutally honest about what we are seeing, it's just hundred 80 degrees different from what we have been hearing in the last couple of months under president trump. a lot of myths have been busted that texas is racist. false. you see blacks saving whites and vice versa. of texas to mike texas hates immigrants, they put of a story that people were checking ids, also false. americans are always helpless in the victims but 90% of these people are pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. the left says we spend too much money on the military, a lot of these helicopters from the coast guard, very expensive, they are saving a lot of lives out there and they're not running on solar power, the running on diesel. president trump can't run the government, i think the coordination has been spectacular. if you're a republican president you're always going to get criticized. bush was produce criticized for
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flying over katrina, president trump criticized for landing in the aftermath. president obama golf during the bp oil spill, he golfs during the flooding in louisiana last year the press praised him. now it trump lacks empathy because he didn't go put his arm around and cry with a survivor. i'm not so sure that's what counts. it boils down what liberalism is. liberals care about showing people that you care about their lives were republicans just want to save lives. >> greg: do you think that watching this stuff will change the minds of anybody who are already in a divisive mind-set. anti-fire is good to watch this and say it gee i am a loser, i walk around and of the skies all day and beat up people, you know what i'm taking this off and i'm going to find a job. >> kimberly: they're going to shed their cowards masks and hug everybody. you bring up a point about the
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president people criticizing him for not going to the victims. people understand the practicality and what happens when a president comes in like that, especially devastation that's already suffering. they have to shut down such a large perimeter that really changes the game. it prevents people from getting their lives saved, from getting food, housing, all of the above. you have to be smart about how you handle it. you come into do your job and see it up close and personal, but you are not an impediment in terms of being able to get the resources they need. thereby creating further public safety problem. impacting in a negative way. i think the president handled this very well, there have been 3,000 new stories about how bad it was if he had made a misstep. the most they can claim, the first lady had heels on during one portion of it. if that's what they had to seize on. i am encouraged once again by
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something like this, terrible devastation that you see going on. people come together, carrying other people on their back. trying to carry them to safety. that's this country when we are at our strongest, not when we are divided. or try to pull it to mock us apart because of partisan ideology. >> greg: you see candlelit vigils and hashtags on twitter. a lot of that stuff is done to feel good about what you see here is people just doing good. i think that changes the way people view america. this horrible oppressive place, how oppressive is this. you see people coming together. >> juan: i think your premises off i've never viewed america is a horrible place. >> greg: i guess you're talking about the left. >> juan: i don't think that's true. what strikes me in this whole conversation as i think we are all responding to the criticism
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of president trump for lacking empathy. not one word about the victims, specific to the policeman who died, he thought that might be appropriate, these are republicans. instead you see trump standing on top, saying what a crowd, what a turn out like it's about him. it's not about him, it should b be. spill into actions not matter quite smart >> juan: it should be in the spirit you're talking, we see people who are making sacrifices, great sacrifices, putting themselves at risk in order to help others. i'm not doing what president bush did in hurricane katrina, he is congratulating his cabine cabinet, he's saying this is different, we've got this under control, this was the worst rainfall ever. what about the folks that greg has been talking about with mark
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in that both that you could see right there, what about the people who are struggling in the convention center, the people who can't get through who are hungry. >> lisa: he's helping them by doing his job. you know whose opinion matters in this courts markets governor abbott of texas. the guy who was tasked with rebuilding his estate, you know what he said about president trump and his administration actions clutch marquee give them an a+ from the president on down, and a+ in a job that they're doing and working with him and working with the state saying, he gave the declaration that he asked for emergency money faster than he's ever seen any president in the past due. that's what matters, the fact that we have a president who is acting, who was taking decisive action and who is helping governor abbott hand in hand to help the individuals in texas who so desperately need help right now. >> juan: i'm all for president trump get any credit he deserves.
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i just think that when you have a situation where fema steps up and i think about 30,000 people are being housed, i think you see people reacting much better than we did during the time of katrina. is this the moment for finger-pointing or blaming a past president courts mark no. this is how you see president trump say this is what i measure myself against? >> lisa: you're saying you don't want to point the finger but that's exactly what you're doing. >> greg: what you're referring to is a mannerism that a competitive person in business does. he wants to do a great job, he's going to do a great job, let's listen to him. >> president trump: to those affected by the storm to but we are praying for you and we are here with you every single step of the way. i know for the people in this room, every step of the way.
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to those americans who have lost loved ones, all of america is grieving with you and our hearts are joined with yours forever. >> greg: any complaints on that? >> jesse: this is exactly how he's going to be judged on results. he is going to be if things continue with gdp growth, with the stock market, job creation and wages. he will be judged on the econom economy. people in four years are going to say he's got some personal drama, he fires everybody, it's chaos, he said some things that are offensive, he tweets all the time. i'm going to vote to reelect. it's the same exact thing with this hurricane. he writes about how well a recovery is good to do, he doesn't do the window dressing like the left praises obama for. he's going to send them the money, he's going to send the resources and the coordination up to this point has been spectacular. >> kimberly: what really
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matters to people who are suffering in texas, they know the real truth and who's been there to provide in the time of need by providing resources. >> greg: for just one point before we go, i was watching trace gallagher report from a black hawk helicopter. he's reporting the news for a thousand feet in the air, i would throw up. i just realized i'm not a reporter. this is as far as i'm going to go in life, sitting here reading things. before we almost threw up the time we made you go on the kaya kayak. >> greg: i almost throw up on it "the five." i'm a very weak person. >> jesse: lisa, be careful. >> greg: coming up, a big controversy about how pastor joel osteen responded to hurricane harvey, that report is next. >> this notion that we would turn people away or we weren't
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it's easy to say there's that big building, there's not using it. >> jesse: pastor joel osteen is facing a harsh criticism for not immediately opening up his church for hurricane harvey. it's now open as a shelter and he's pushing back against all the flack he's been getting. when you first heard the story the other day that joel denied people entry into his church, what did you think immediately? >> greg: the instinct is to join the mob because it feels good. when i mean the mob, i mean the new moral majority which is twitter and facebook. if it's replacing the old school moral majority. if you scrub, they are on you. it feels really, really good because it's an easy target. people who never say a word about isis will say a word about televangelists because they are extremely wealthy, they fund raise, there's a lot of things that aren't good about it.
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the argument they didn't need us, it's not a great argument. i have to say he is correct, i think the whole story may not be out about this. if you have a built in cynicism about televangelists and, that will shaded the way you look at the spirit i grew up with swaggart and baker, you have this built in skepticism. that kind of informs you. he might be completely innocent, he might be absolutely right. that's why you cannot jump dome i could judge the mob on twitter. it's the new morality and that's inaccurate as every other kind. >> jesse: if trump isn't going to be the villain, the media needed a villain. this guy rich, white, christian televangelists. >> a lot of southerners are fond of mega-churches. , it specifically provided him and his family a very opulent
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lifestyle. the problem is people went out and researched and said wait a second. the churches unscathed. what are you saying about the flooding? maybe he was worried about the church getting trashed. it is a place of worship. how would jesus want it used? open the doors, take and those that are your poor, the dirtier we come of that are your suffering for the children, the elderly, those heart are infirm and unable to care for themselves. perhaps he is doing the right thing now, but maybe he regrets. we all make mistakes. >> juan: i'm with greg, i was shocked to hear you speak so explicitly about fund-raising off the elderly. >> greg: i had a mother who was very religious and i think of all those people for those decades. >> juan: you hit right at the heart of it. the problem i think for a lot of
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people like me, i'm a churchgoing christian is that joel osteen with his prosperity gospel hardly ever talks about jesus or the things that kimberly just talked about. if you're a good person you're supposed to prosper. what if you are suffering ? the clouds open up on your head in houston. that doesn't mean you're a bad person. and then of course you've got this very prosperous church sitting there in a very rich ma man. it's tough for a rich man to get into heaven. why can't he open up doors to that church, it's sitting right there. there was reporting on the ground that said the floodwaters weren't here. then you start to think what's going on, is he being honest and straightforward or is he just trying to defend his reputation. i'll leave that to him, i don't want to pick on him in any way. i just hope that what he's saying is true. when you see someone stand aside in a moment of need, that is a
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condemnation for a christian man. >> juan: >> jesse: it was a p.r. debacle, he was probably not thinking it was going to be something had to deal with. i don't know if he dealt with it appropriately. if you tweet something that is wrong, everybody sees it and then you tweet an apology or correction and no one sees it, this could be one of those situations. >> kimberly: you okay? it felt like projecting. >> lisa: there is a course in expectation for churches, to give back to their local community particularly at a time like right now and so many people are in need. they've now taken in 300 people. they are using the church as it is distillation center, back in 2001, they gave refuge to 5,000 people. i think if all the people spent as much time talking about him and criticizing him and actually focusing on the victims, we'd be in a much better place. i think it's sad right now where
12:24 am
people are using this storm to malign people they disagree with. i think that's what's happening with him, that's what's happening melania trump and her stupid heels. what woman doesn't have different pairs of shoes? i wore sandals on the way over here and it changed into heels. joel read going after president trump saying he lacks empathy using this storm to malign someone. or trying to drive it some sort of climate change political narrative with it. let's focus on what matters is kimberly said earlier on the show. that's the victims of the storm. he is doing right thing now. i don't know what the truth is, i'm good to take his word for i it. let's focus on the people who need help. >> greg: i think the problem was twitter, it's replacing actual action. when people see a tweet that says pray for the people but there's no action there, people immediately sense hypocrisy. i think that was a bad move.
12:25 am
he should have been doing some thing else. >> juan: he's got to take responsibility. when people say what was the response from the church and a response from the church initially was to tell people who were calling, call the city. that sends a signal. even if social media is a mob, i can tell you. at some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions. i think he has not been clear and direct in saying here's what we did and here's how i took responsibility. >> kimberly: one sermon in particular we talked about not having a pity party. good advice right now, he's taking it on the chin but open up your heart and the doors of your church. >> jesse: president trump on the road today touting his plan to put more money in your pocket. we'll analyze the situation directly ahead. you won't see these folks at the post office.
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they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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♪ >> lisa: president trump plans to reveal his plan to lower taxes for working americans. >> good to see you, this is president trump taking on the swamp, the entrenched special interest like the fact that the tax code is complicated full of loopholes, it helps them over the middle class. this is the very reason that we have not had major bipartisan tax reform since 1986. cutting the corporate tax rate as low as 15% from the current 35% and brought back some of the populist rhetoric from the campaign. the president saying he wants to
12:31 am
see individual tax cuts go to the middle class. on the left and the right, he almost immediately found opposition, and coulter, chuck schumer saying that this is going to help wall street not main street. the president should focus instead on illegal immigration, stop pretending this is about letting families keep more of their family. half of americans don't pay taxes, this is for wall street. schumer saying the same. if the president wants to use populism to sell his tax plan, help the middle class and not the top 1% first. the president rejected all that inset is now time for the democratic leaders as well as the republican leaders to step up to the plate, get this done. >> president trump: i think congress is good to make a comeback, i hope so. i tell you what, the
12:32 am
united states is counting on it. >> the president's taking some heat for being very light on the detail. white house officials are amused by that because they say when health care failed they got blamed for trying to jam a specific legislation down congress' throat. john mccain and others said let congress work its will, go through regular order, with the committees start working on it and build momentum for it instead of forcing them to do it. now they are doing that on taxes. if you take the lead and they are getting criticism here at the white house that they are not laying out the details. >> kimberly: thank you for that printed >> greg: and for corporate tax relief but i'm for tax relief for everybody including liberals liberals. liberals target republicans. they target republicans with taxes. they taxed small businesses, they tax firearms and they tax awesome rich people. they target republicans, we can do the same to liberals, weak wt
12:33 am
tax yoga classes, independent film starring james franco but we don't do that because we are better. everyone should agree to this. one year tax holiday, collect no income taxes for an entire year. it will add 3.5 trillion to the debt. it's at $18 trillion already. it was 34 more? why not? >> lisa: and because it ultimately helps, to have math on this? >> greg: we have morning money to spend, the economy will explode, everyone will be happy couple will be in debt because were already in desperate >> lisa: speaking engagements. >> juan: i don't know what to say, i imagine if you want a second one. come on. you've got to have some sense of
12:34 am
community, you do pay taxes. >> sales tax. i said income tax. >> lisa: wears herman cain when they need him. fox news said 70% do not believe tax reform is going to happen this year. the second thing to say is >> jesse: all of those people are in the sentence. >> juan: when we were asked as you can see on the screen, look at this period of 49% say it yet, 46% say no. what is going on here? 78% not likely to happen. this is striking to me because you have a high percentage of republicans with overwhelming numbers of independents and democrats. >> kimberly: is that more about congress? they haven't been putting forward any legislative agenda for the president whatsoever. i think it's more of a
12:35 am
projection of congress not getting anything done. >> juan: the presence of promised on health care and set the congress as delivered. in this case i think tax reform is so central to what he promised during the campaign. >> kimberly: midterm elections and for his success going forward should he seek reelection. >> lisa: it was senator mike leavitt said if we don't get a tax reform done, we are dead. that is absolutely true. they promised health care, they promised tax reform, they did not deliver on health care, they have to deliver on tax reform. it's going to be complicated, the reason why this hasn't happened in over 30 years is because it's incredibly complex. i think that republicans are better off with tax reform than health care because health care was very complicated to try to message to the american people because you're not really actually substantially reforming health care through the reconciliation process. putting pressure on a red state
12:36 am
democrats, going around to all the ten states where democrats are seeking tough reelection. >> jesse: i'm very disappointed in the president's tax proposal. when i interviewed him, he said it was going to be a historic a tax cut and it was going to be reaganesque. now i'm reading there only dropping the tax, top brackets from 39 to 36? that's nothing. and now i'm hearing they might not even drop it at all, they might leave the top rate at 39 quarts mark that's not a massive amount of tax relief. that's nothing, that's not good to stimulus growth either. this is our money. we made the money. >> juan: stop. you're making me crazy. jesse! wait a minute. trump is doing right, i'm jesse watters, trump is terrific, and i can't believe that this guy this lefty, this, he is sitting here, this
12:37 am
anticapitalist. >> jesse: we had federal receipts, i think we can afford to keep more of our own money. the government wastes it on work and corruption. trump said he was going to bring down the top rate on corporate taxes from 35 to 15. now i'm hearing just 25? >> juan: did you just break up with potus? >> kimberly: "watters' world" will write again. he's exactly like ross in friends. nancy pelosi has had it with one far left wing group, working to have that story next.
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>> juan: over the weekend members of the far left group nt physically assaulted trump supporters at a demonstration in berkeley, california, . [shouting] >> juan: the actions were so outrageous that even nancy pelosi, the minority leader of the house has been renouncing the group releasing a statement that said the violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation and the perpetrator should be arrested and prosecuted. i think for a lot of people at this table to say we always beat
12:43 am
up on nancy pelosi, she's a liberal left. i think you guys are going to agree, am i right? >> lisa: i'm happy, i think this is great, we can all agree on this, admit the obvious, they're against people on the left, they are against people on the right, they are a dangerous, violent group that should not be condoned or tolerated by anyone. this is great. she is abandoning any sense of hypocrisy in this statement that she's relieved dominic released i'm happy for her. >> juan: i think democrats have been slow to do it nancy pelosi just did. she's going to follow the democratic consensus but here she seems to be setting something apart, what's going on? >> jesse: i hope some of her colleagues take heed of what she did and follow along. you want to know why they don't condemn this type of left wing of violence? it's because reporters never ask them to. let's give you an example, if
12:44 am
there's a tea party guy and he gets into a fender bender. every reporter on capitol hill will go into every single elected republican official and say what you think about this right wing road rage? and then they would have to answer for it and it would become a story. what happens is these left-wing reporters covered for the democrats and i don't have to to condemn own. you want to know why the democratic leadership hasn't said anything about this? there are no democratic leaders, besides nancy pelosi, who was at? chuck schumer? nine of the time democrats on the street don't even know who he is. that's why they're not condemning it, there's no leadership. >> juan: terry mcauliffe, the governor of virginia was asked after the events in charlottesville. he was reluctant to condemn. could it be that democrats think people are going to equate antifa with a white supremacist of the neo-nazis when in fact they don't believe that antifa
12:45 am
is moving toward the mainstream in influencing american politics in a way at the moment we see from the white supremacists >> lisa: i said on "america's newsroom," where is barbara lee who represents berkeley and where it's nancy pelosi. a day later she puts on a statement, it's good to know she listens to make him a text my advice, i'll have more advice later throughout the night. it exposes a couple things. it exposes the hypocrisy of the democratic party who sat here over the past couple of weeks and said we denounce hate, we denounce violence in this country but the only person we've heard from his nancy pelosi. terry mcauliffe couldn't even bring himself to say no, antifa is bad. it exposes the bias in the media because jesse is absolutely right. where is the media going to democrats and asking for statements, putting them on record. i do support or not? it exposes their bias because
12:46 am
they were more than happy to use a hate group which every republican under the sun denounced and try to malign the republican party in the president of the united states. shame on democrats and shame on the media. >> kimberly: there's also republicans and people in congress that have not been ousted either and they should. they didn't want to be tied to income of the don't want say anything about it. >> juan: interesting piece in "the washington post," the fact that you had one group that's associated with the but to have another group that's associated with the communists and both historically have killed people. >> greg: it's a great point, the statement that nancy pelosi made is a complete no-brainer which is what she was good at it printed i do have to congratulate her, i'm glad she said it because we should condemn all violence on both
12:47 am
sides. who said that first? and got yelled at? let's not go there, but we know who said that he was was right. let's also be clear, this is not a protest group. it's a violent group of county cowards. a protest group does not hide behind masks. you know what group hides behind a mask? the kkk. the antifa is the new kkk, those are the only two groups i can think of that wear masks beside kids on halloween. they go after, they attack people and they know they are doing wrong which is why they wear the mask. if they were doing something right, they wouldn't wear the mask like the kkk. they are the antifa kkk, let's call them that from now on. >> juan: at liberal senator dianne feinstein is saying she hopes donald trump will be a good president. we'll tell you what that's all about when "the five" returns. i didn't know where i was from ethnically.
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♪ >> lisa: senator dianne feinstein was speaking to a
12:52 am
friendly audience in her hometown of san francisco yesterday when she had some surprisingly positive things to say about president trump. >> look, this man is going to be president most likely the rest of this term. i just hope he has the ability to learn and to change. if he does, he can be a good president. that's my hope. >> lisa: she later released a statement clarifying her remarks and criticizing president trump for his response to the white nationalist violence in charlottesville. are we so divided us a country that when she says something positive, she feels the need the next day to say something negative about the president? >> juan: i don't think she said anything negative or positive, i think she said what we are all hoping. it wasn't an all out condemnation, it wasn't what the left wants, the left is in fury
12:53 am
with president trump, i think what she said is almost pedestrian, i hope that he can learn, i hope that he becomes a matter man in a better president. i must say that the notion, the things that she touched on, charlottesville, the pardon. what i'm seeing for example a fox pull out, 56% think trump is tearing the country apart. when you get this senator, the much specked senator of san fra, saying i hope he can do well, i think there are a lot of people who overreact, i think that's what happened here. >> greg: it was interesting, scott adams talks about the fact that there are two movies going on in the united states when it comes to trump. one side sees hitler, the other guy sees a decent guy who might actually be a good president. she stepped out of her movie and that's why she was in that other movie. she burst of that share dilution. she was supposed to say he's
12:54 am
evil. she was supposed to say he's impeached, instead she spoke like a rational human being. she stepped out of that movie, that's why everybody freaked ou out. >> kimberly: i've known her for many, many years, she's my home town mayor and senator, i like her very much personally, very hardworking, she's well respected amongst her peers. i thought what she said at the commonwealth class was good. it was mature, reasonable, rational thing to say. we all wish for the president to do well. what i didn't like is that she went ahead and criticized, mea culpa because people criticized her. she didn't do anything wrong when she said that at the commonwealth club. she's stronger and smarter than that, i wouldn't have caved tha that. >> before she said as something positive about the president which is what we never hear from the democratic party, she was talking about how president trump is going to need republicans on tax reform. we have someone like claire mccaskill were president trump it just was says she may be
12:55 am
inclined to work with him on lowering the corporate tax rate. do you think there's any semblance for the democrats realizing worst fund-raising was seen in forever, very long time for the democratic party. is there any semblance were democrats might work with republicans on any of the stuff, tax reform or anything else. >> you would like to hope so, if you can get along with any republican is probably trump. he's a populist, he could probably cut deals with democrats on a per structure, health care, and tax reform. if she goes to the dark inside she's going to get primary, that's what they are all worried about. juan misread the pole about people saying trump is tearing the country apart. i think it they said tearing it up. >> juan: this is so important. tearing it up. in a good way.
12:56 am
>> juan: on the old man at the table, tearing it up that's the way old people talk about dancing. >> kimberly: you just saw jesse got back together with
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> greg: that's it for tonight, our thoughts are with everyone suffering from a
1:00 am
devastating damage caused by hurricane harvey. we'll be right here at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, if you can't take it, don't forget to set your dvrs. "hannity" is up next you're not going to want to miss that. to c work of the first responders. "special report" begins now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. it's extreme southeast texas and southwest louisiana's turn to feel the wrath of tropical storm harvey. the re-energize remnants of the deadly hurricane dumping several inches of rain in that region on top of the drenching already received. authorities believe at least 23 people have been killed since harvey made landfall. houston saw the sun a bit today but the city is still inundated from the worst tropical rainfall event in u.s. history with thousands of people seeking shelter. steve harrigan joins us from


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